actually to be honest

random things the houses did as kids:

Gryffindor: Touched stinging nettle out of curiosity and rode downhill on bicycles without holding the handlebars

Ravenclaw: Talked spelling the words backwards for fun all afternoon and loved jumping off swings while high in the air

Hufflepuff: Counted how long they could stay with their head underwater while in the bathtub got stressed when icecream melted on their hands

Slytherin: Climbed a tree and got stuck but were too proud to call for help so they sat there till someone came looking for them, always picked paper in rock paper scissors on first try 

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To be honest, I actually think it'd be worse if Dick had offered Tim the Nightwing mantle. While if this was the case, Dick and Tim's fallout probably wouldn't have happened or at least not be as bad as it was, Bruce would still come back, Dick would want Nightwing back and guess what? Tim is fired, AGAIN.

I get what you’re saying but listen.

The reason things were so bad for Tim is because all he did was lose, lose, lose and either have people brush off his grief and anxiety/depression or outright ignore him. The period following Bruce’s death was the worst period in his life, probably one of the worst experiences of loss an grief any of the Bats have gone through since he lost basically his whole support system. The point of offering Nightwing wouldn’t have been about the costume, it would have been about the attention.

By offering Tim Dick’s old costume, he would be saying “Look I know things are hard for all of us right now but Damian needs Robin. But I still love you Tim and I trust you to wear my costume and honor the name.” Instead of letting Tim feel lost and abandoned and have him run off on a crazy ass quest; Dick should have held out an olive branch in the form of the Nightwing costume. I think it would have been nice, Tim falling into a well established costume, a safety net, to cope without struggling with the identity crisis that came from the Red Robin costume.

Not to mention, yes, when Bruce came back and Dick took the costume back, it had helped Tim mentally and emotionally in the short term. Instead of being kicked off a building and forced to recover on his own, he was given a chance to find himself within his grief and put himself back together. Had Dick been more available for Tim during that period, I believe he would have been happy to hand over the Nightwing costume and finally be ready to look for his own solo identity. Because it wasn’t so much losing the Robin costume itself that hurt, it was the betrayal of handing over the costume Tim had given up everything for to the 10 year old blood son who had done nothing (yet) to earn the title by the big brother he once thought had his back. That’s the part that stung.  

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Honestly? I love that Rey/Daisy is being seen as sexy and beautiful. I have a similar body type to her's, and people constantly describe my body as boyish, mannish, unfeminine, ugly, and so on. It's like the only way to be sexy for some people is to have huge boobs and be super curvy. I'm glad that isn't the case here and Rey's athletic, fit, slim body and small boobs are being appreciated. It gives me and my severe body image issues an extra confidence boost. Sorry for the tmi.

No worries! That’s not TMI - it’s just you being honest, and I think it’s actually a lovely sentiment. It’s awesome that you feel more confident after seeing a woman with Rey’s body type depicted in such an attractive way. 

So guys, I was looking through the saphael tag because what else would I be doing, and I came across this very interesting anti-saphael post. Someone said that in the scene we are all basically dying about, it’s not really Raphael, its Clary. The person had a theory that Clary was using her shape shifting rune. When I first saw this, I was like, “WHAT IN TARNATION” but now it sort of makes sense. As much as I love saphael, don’t get your hopes up too much, because to be honest, what are the chances of Raphael actually cupping Simons cheek and Simon being happy about it? You never know. Oh, and trust me, if it is really Clary, I’m about to fight someone.

It’s too early in the morning to be this honest.

I actually feel good. It’s good to let people know who you are, I feel if people know and trust me enough, then they can start being really honest with me too, stuff like, “ Hey Dougie, that last joke was fucking shite” or “ I disagree with what you said you fucking Scottish bawbag twit, but I still like you….”

stuff like that

(someone actually kicked my arse yesterday)


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I'm definitely a fan of your work! And I gotta be honest, I'm actually really, really scared to read "Jealous". Nams is my bias wrecker and by what everyone is saying... I'm not mentally prepared to get my heartbroken yet... 😭 All right... whateva... fuq it. Here I go... Wish me luck! —undecisive anon

I hope you ended up liking it :)

Jealous made me realise that the more pathetic fallacy is there in a story, the more I want to read it

I hope you liked it!

Dee, I just wanted to drop by and say I love your works and this recent one is beautiful, it’s so beautiful. I’m so glad to see this piece :’) your writing is just pure beauty (like you (; )

Thank you so much!! I’m so happy to hear that :)

okay so idk what the f happened with this post bc it’s nowhere to be seen on my blog so here i am posting it again (no title as of yet, but it’s about simón’s birthday)

there’s even a part 2 | more of my sl ff | more of my simbar ff   

“I can’t believe we’re actually doing this.”

“Shut up, Jazmín,” she couldn’t either, to be honest, but she didn’t want to be discouraged of what she was about to do, “and help me find Lunita.”

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"Okay, this is fine, no problem at all," Dean mutters to himself frantically, hoping this would actually solve his problem.

Dean Winchester, Castiel.  General.

“Okay, this is fine, no problem at all,” Dean mutters to himself frantically, hoping it will actually solve his problem.

His problem being an honest-to-fucking god Indiana Jones-style trap.  

An honest-to-fucking god Indiana Jones-style trap that he is in the middle of trying to un-trigger while the floor beneath him rumbles and the walls of the room he’s in begin to scrape toward one another.  The door is already sealed behind him.  He’s got nowhere to run.

“Damn it.  Fuck.  Shit!” he shouts, giving up on tricking the mechanism.  

He jams the codex into his backpack and turns, giving the room a solid three-sixty.  Assuming the Men of Letters who built this place weren’t smug enough to believe they’d never trigger this thing by accident – which is admittedly a stretch – there’s got to be a failsafe somewhere.  All he’s got to do is find it.

His hands move over every inch of the book’s plinth, feeling for anything that might be a button or a latch.  When he doesn’t find one he drops to his hands and knees to check the floor, fingers brushing over tile in hopes of finding some irregularity.  Something, anything that gives or clicks or–

He rocks back on his knees.  Fails, just for a moment, to fight down the panic.  He lashes out at the plinth itself, shoving at it with his hands before getting up to kick at it.  Two hard kicks and it crashes over, cracking in three places on impact.  

Son of a bitch!

He’s gonna to die here.  He’s gonna die, Sam and Cas aren’t going to get the damn book, and without the book–

There’s a crash somewhere beyond the walls, and Dean’s head jerks up at the noise.  It’s followed by something that might be a voice – he can’t make it out – somewhere beyond the iron plate that used to be his way out.  

He’s just about to call out to whoever it is when the wall in front of him shatters.  

The shock of the explosion sends him scrambling back over the cracked remains of the plinth and he lands hard enough to lose his breath.  He’s still stunned when Cas steps into view, expression somehow both worried and stern.

Dean coughs, then groans.  He’ll be feeling this for days.  Still, he manages to give Cas a crooked smile as he reaches out a hand.  “Took you long enough.”

Cas rolls his eyes and helps him to his feet.

Could you take a look at this? The hand especially I’m trying to work on ‘em. The original had a tiny bit of animation but I’m not sure how to submit that so here’s a link:


Okay this is not what I was expecting

@drawinintherain you outdid yourself on this one. 

I wanna compliment you on the cat specifically, that part looks stellar. As for the person, as you said the hand needs a little work, mostly on anatomy of the wrist. The head itself… The ear is a little bit too far off? I don’t know it looks like it melted to the far right side of the head is all. The mouth is really wide, which actually helps in this case, if I’m being honest. It makes it seem creepier. Then there’s the one thing I notice alot in drawings, mine and other’s alike. The chin is kinda pointy, which is a stylistic choice in some characters and I’m not sure if that was the case here, but if not then there’s something else. Other things I can mention I like the background on it, and the colors match up very nicely.

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Please draw Cahir for the meme 😃

I’ll have to be honest anon, I don’t actually know who Cahir is. I did my best according to his gwent card.

from what I’ve gathered on tumblr, Cahir is a nilfgardian in denial who has a massive crush on Ciri.

Based on my idea for a new art meme, send me character and I’ll draw them wearing whatever outfit I have at the moment.


#This is an honest to god scene that actually frickin’ exists in real life #a sexually frustrated Killian Jones #standing in his kitchen #with his jacket off #and vest unzipped #talking about needing a cold shower #GOD IS THE REALEST OF REALS


Jean Valjean left the town as though he were fleeing from it. He set out at a very hasty pace through the fields, taking whatever roads and paths presented themselves to him, without perceiving that he was incessantly retracing his steps. He wandered thus the whole morning, without having eaten anything and without feeling hungry. He was the prey of a throng of novel sensations. He was conscious of a sort of rage; he did not know against whom it was directed. He could not have told whether he was touched or humiliated. There came over him at moments a strange emotion which he resisted and to which he opposed the hardness acquired during the last twenty years of his life. This state of mind fatigued him. He perceived with dismay that the sort of frightful calm which the injustice of his misfortune had conferred upon him was giving way within him. He asked himself what would replace this. 

do the writers and cast seriously have this view of us as squealing fangirls with a fetish who are just angry that their otp didn’t kiss when we wanted them to. like we’re compiled of thousands of queer people of all genders and ages who are actually really fucking intelligent and we do our research to back up our theories and predictions especially with queer theory surrounding the original canon and the tropes that media producers use to create a certain effect. we’re not just whining that our ship didn’t become canon, and we know the importance of representation within the media and how dangerous queerbaiting is