actually thought it was one of his movies at first

we may be hollow, but we’re brave

Summary: Even had insisted they spend the night before their wedding apart, because he’s dramatic as fuck, but he ends up calling Isak anyway. Isak doesn’t even try to hide how endeared he is.

Words: 1,248

Isak groans as he adjusts the pillow under his head for the thirtieth time that night. It’s the first time in weeks he’s had to fall asleep without Even, and it’s fucking with him bad. Once upon a time, he thought he’d outgrow this urgent need to have Even next to him, touching him, just being with him always. But after a year together, he feels the exact same desperate ache for Even as he had when they first met—when real love, the kind that comes naturally with Even, still felt like a fleeting fantasy. He’s more or less accepted that forever is in his grasp now, but being without him when Isak could so easily drive over to Even’s parents’ place and crawl into his bed, still feels like the worst kind of self-inflicted torture.

He’d whined to Jonas about it for a good two hours earlier, until Jonas had threatened to hand over best man duties to Magnus instead. Isak had been scared enough to shut the fuck up, but not he’d just pouted silently instead. “I can’t wait until Even marries you, this whole engagement has brought out the clingiest, sappiest parts of both of you,” Jonas had complained.

“Do you really think that it’ll get better after we get married?”

Jonas considered this for a moment, before burying his head in his hands. “Fuck, it’ll be even worse.”

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British Puns and Greasy Hair: Part 2

Cole Sprouse X Reader X Tom Holland

SUMMARY : First day in set with fresh-face Tom and stone-cold Cole. Read about how Tom dilutes you in his terrible jokes while Cole finally confronts you.

A/N: Thank you for the overwhelming love and support ! If you wanna be in the taglist, just request :)


“No, Tom. It’s pronounced kra’sant”




“Okay, nevermind.” You give up your attempt in trying to get Tom to pronounce croissant.

“What?” he takes another bite of the delicious croissant, “Quackson.”

You burst into laughter  at his pure childlike behaviour, as you take a bite of your own croissant, “Quackson, it is.”

You’ve just wound up giving Tom his first tour around the entire set and you’re now bonding over croissants in the small stall set for the cast members to grab a bite or two. Everybody loved Holland. He was really courteous and cheeky with his high-pitched british accent, constantly making everbody laugh, he even pulled a spiderman lift for one of the crew members!

“Don’t you have any shoots today?” he questions, taking the final bite off his quackson.

“I do, actually. But Mark gave me some time out since you needed a ‘tour’”

“Actually, I didn’t” he chuckles cheekily, wiping the crumbs off his face.

“What do you mean?”

“I came here the other day too,” he continues laughing,”I know everything,”

You squint your eyes in confusion,”Then what was all that ‘I’m so lost, help me’ about?”

“Ah, I was just bored. I don’t have any shoots until 3pm. Boredom, darling” he winks.

You roll your eyes. You can’t believe Tom just wasted half your day because he didn’t want to be alone when you had been hoping to get off shoot early today.

“You’re SO annoying,” you hit his arm as you head inside for your shoot,”I’m leaving”

“Hit a nerve there, darling” he loudly calls out as he watches you leave.

“Don’t call me darling, you quackson”.


“And CUT!” Mark loudly blurts,”Good shot, Lili and (Y/n)”

You smile in response at Mark and grab yourself a bottle of water. Throughout the shoot, you and Lili remained professional. The atmosphere was obviously a tad bit weird but you didn’t let it get to you.

“Hey (Y/n)” Lili suddenly approaches out of nowhere.

You almost choke on the water at her sudden approach. “Uhm, hey Lil’”

“Okay I’m just going to say it. I’m sorry for what happened, uh, you know what I mean,” she sighs, “(Y/n), you know that I, uh, we, would never do anything intentionally to hurt you, right?” she rubs your arm.

Her use of the word ‘we’ made your stomach sick.

Guess she and Cole are really one now.

“Lili, it’s completely-“ you pause at the sight of Cole abruptly walking towards the two of you.


You quickly free yourself from Lili’s grip, “I’m just going to,”

Not even a fraction of a second later, Cole grabs your hand again.

What’s with people grabbing my hand today?

Lili’s eyes widen at the sight of Cole holding your hand.

“(Y/n), please just hear us out. You can’t keep avoi-“



“TOM! OVER HERE!” you immediately call Tom the second you see him from a distance. Tom happily smiles and walks over to you. What a cutie.

You let go of Cole’s hand. “I’m not sure you guys have met yet. Tom, this is Lili. And that’s Cole,”

Tom smiles warmly at the two of them, “Betty and Jughead!” he quickly leans in for a small hug, Cole not looking comfortable at all.

“Aw, so” Lili is the first person to initiate the conversation, as always, “ How did you guys meet?” referring to you and Tom since you two look pretty close for someone who’ve just met!

“Oh, we don’t really-“

Tom quickly interrupts, “Aha! May I take this one, my darling?”

You roll your eyes. He continues, “I actually happened to save this Lil’ Miss I-pretend-I-can-park-so-well from her crippling fear of photographers this morning,”

You hit his arm, “Hey, why are you dissing my parking skills?”

“Oh, come on, you couldn’t eve-“

“Crippling fear of photographers, oh really?” Cole repeats Tom’s statement.

“That wasn’t what I,” you forgot what you were going for. Cole must’ve thought you were referring it to him since he’s a photographer himself.

“LILI! TOM!” one of the crew members call out, “YOU’RE UP NEXT!”

“Oh gosh, my first shot. Wish me luck,” Tom looks way too nervous for someone who’s just had a hit movie released.

You chuckle and stroke his arm lightly, “All the luck in the world to you, Quackson”

He snickers at your use of his famous nick-name,”Thanks, darling” he leaves with Lili.

English people and their use of darling words on a daily basis could be very misleading and dangerous.

Speaking of danger, with Lili and Tom gone, that leaves only you and Cole.

“Can we please talk?” Cole asks once again with a softer tone.

You try to avoid his gaze as you had been since this morning.




You’re sitting at the edge of the patio overlooking the beautiful LA sunset. You’re used to watching the sun go down with Cole. It used to be one of your favourite things to do. You always felt serene and calm, but not this time. Right now, your heart is beating out of your chest. Cole is sitting right beside you. Usually, you would have a comfortable silence but this time, all you can feel is anticipation of what Cole might say- and you’re not sure you want to hear.

“I’m guilty,” Cole finally speaks out,”I can’t and won’t deny what I’ve done. There’s not a day when I don’t regret kissing Lili, (Y/n), please believe me when I say that-“

You turn away fom him,”Cole, you don’t have to do this. I forgive you, okay? Let’s just forget what happened and move on,”

“But that’s the problem, I CAN’T” Cole increases his tone, “I can’t move on, (Y/n). I can’t forget what happened. I can’t forgive myself for what I did to you. I can’t move on. I’ve been waking up every morning with the thought of you. I wonder how you’re doing, if you’re okay, if the paparazzi are bothering you too much, if you have any nightmares at 3am, I can’t get you out of my head, (Y/n). My stomach feels sick everytme I think of someone else doing everything I used to do,”

You don’t know if you heart is fluttering because you’ve finally heard his piece or if it’s breaking because you know you can’t trust him, let alone survive him, a second time.

“You’re my home, (Y/n)” his voice weakens as Cole wipes a tear from his eye.


You flashback to all the sunsets you chased with him and all the sunrise you woke up to, with him by your side. All the premieres he took you to, holding your hand tight making sure you were protected, all the nights he stayed up on the phone with you, all the songs he had sung for you at 3am even though he hated singing, all the Sunday brunches you had with his family, all the love he made you feel.

And then the hurt.

How he dismissed all the rumours about him and Lili which one of the crew member had been telling you. How he made you feel so bad about yourself for not trusting him. How he kissed Lili’s lips knowing how much it would hurt you, break you.

“You were my home too, Cole” you sob,”for a very long time”

“(Y/n), please don’t do this,” he tries to hold your hand but you resist.

“But you can’t be my home anymore” you quickly get up sobbing and rush to leave.

“I’ll wait for you, (Y/n).”

You pause for a second before running abruptly from him again.

It took everything in you not to run back to him and hug him with all the love in the world. It was probably one of the hardest things you had ever had to do. But you know better than to run back to someone who did something you would’ve never even thought of doing, without the slightest care in the world.

Cole is obviously very sorry, you can see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice. But it’s going to take a lot more than just hollow words to win you back.

Although, right now, you’re not quite sure you want to be ‘won’.


“Blimey!” Tom gasps,”And here I thought the show was dark”

You had just told him about the thing between you, Cole and Lili since he wouldn’t stop pasturing you about it. It has only been few days since he joined the cast but  it’s surprising how much information he has gotten out of you. 

Right now, you’re standing outside your front yard. Tom had dropped you home, much to the dislike of Cole, since the shoot ended quite late today.

“Yeah, whatever” you roll your eyes.

“How are you holding up?”

“I mean, I’m getting used to it”

“Hmmm…okay. Thank you for sharing, I know I-”

You cut him off, “Tell me a fun fact about you,”

Tom goes into a deep thought, “Okay, here’s a fun fact about me, I can dance”

He immediately makes himself comfortable in the middle of the street and starts twirling like a ballerina.

You burst into loud giggles, “Tom! Stop that, my neighbours will see you, you mad person!”

Mama raised a bad boy. He starts singing like he’s in some kind of musical,

Do you hear me I’m talking to you, across the water..” he grins and offers his hand FOR A DANCE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET AT 11PM.

“No way, I’m not-“ your attempt to avoid dancing with Tom is dismissed as he immediately takes hold of your hand, all the while, calmly singing, “..Under the open sky, oh my, baby I’m trying”

Tom, being the perfect facade of a hopeless romantic, twirls you around and around and makes you dance around the entire neighbourhood.

You’re no dancer. You don’t even think that that would qualify as dancing but you had the time of your life laughing and trying to run away , and failing each time, and dancing horrendously with Tom.

By the time you reach your front yard again, after all the dancing, you’re panting like hell! Clearly out of breath and terribly exhausted.

“How are you,” you pant,”still so active?”

“I’m Spiderman, darling, I have a lot of stamina,”

“You’re really annoying,” you blurt,” but that was really fun”

“Ah, you’ll get used to it. Anyways, I’ll get going now.” He moves forward for a hug but you resist, “No! don’t hug me, I’m sweaty.”

“Trust me, you’ve smelt worse” he pulls you in for quick hug.

You hit arm,” Can you be a little less annoying, Mr Quackson?”

“Only if you weren’t so beautiful even with all the sweat dripping down your face at 11pm” he answers while getting into his car.

You roll your eyes. “Quackson.

You get into your house with the tiniest of the tiniest butterflies in your tummy. You haven’t felt that in a long time. And you’re not sure if that’s because he called you beautiful or because you have a kissing scene with him tomorrow.



A/N : I’m just going to ask the question you’ve been dreading - Team Cole or Team Tom?


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Crush, crush | Reggie Mantle x Reader (Riverdale)

Pairing: Reggie x Reader.

Summary: A little imagine. A small encounter at the school’s library can lead to something more.


Originally posted by ryan-coogler

Can you imagine, being a long time friend with Archie, Betty and Jughead but having a crush on Reggie since day one. You know you and him will never be a thing though, Reggie was the school’s bad boy and his previous girlfriends were all so stunning and gorgeous while you were only you. At this moment, we were at the library studying for an exam that was giving you an hard time. You decided to take a break and look at something other than your books. That’s when you noticed Reggie, in the background, looking at you. At the library? Really? you thought. He was more the kind of guy you spent his free time on the football field. You immediately looked at you books again, but you could feel his gaze on you. Does he even know I exist? He was just probably wondering who was the freak seating in front of him. But then, when you decided to go back to what author was saying, someone cleared their throats next to you. You raised you head and the Reggie Mantle was in front you you, the only separation was your desk for the day.

“Hey, what’s up?” you almost chocked. His voice was so soft but still so masculine. It was almost like he was shy?

“Oh.. hey.. fine, studying I guess…. and you?” You stuttered, and you felt your cheeks reddened.

“Can I seat?” It was almost rhetorical as he sat while asking this question.

“Yeah.. of.. of course.”

There was a moment of silence, one being too shy to talk to the other.

You started panicking, what did he want? You hope he wasn’t going to ask about helping him with his homework. You weren’t in a chick list movie, the nerd and the bad boy wasn’t an actual thing. So, when he started talking again, you were still wondering why he was there.

“ You know.. maybe..” he said. You could help me was the sentence you were ready to hear. “We could go out sometimes.” You almost had a panic attack. Reggie Mantle asked you on a date?

At first you thought I was another round of the playbook, after all, he was one of the player but he accepted. You didn’t notice the fact Reggie was almost dancing on his chair and the giant grin he had on his face. Reggie had finally his ultime girl crush on a date, this girl was you.

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Can you pls write about Candy going to sleep in her boyfriend house for the first time(can be nsfw and fluffy if you want...)??

That moment when you were going to post your finished work but then DELETED IT AND WANTED TO KYS-//shot

yeah so I accidentally deleted my first headcanons? AND GDI I MISS THEM ?? these are my second headcanons ?? And I forgot half of what I wrote - especially on Lysander’s part. Who knows, maybe they’ll be just as good ? Not super NSFW, actually ?? kinda like hints so - not under the cut. Anyways, enjoy.


  • Tries his best NOT to remember the first time Candy came over to his “house”.
  • Honestly,, Nath isn’t very ready to sleep with Candy ? coming over, sure but sleeping,, 
  • Babies Candy a lot like; “Do you need help” or  "Would you like for me to get this for you?“ 
  • White often follows along, don’t let her be the third wheel.
  • Majority of the time spent is in the living room
  • Cleans up after activities, regardless if Candy wants to help or not, he can’t stand when his house is dirty.
  • Binge watches movies and some crime documentaries, honestly he can stay up very long.
  • Good at making popcorn for their movies tbh
  • Doesn’t initiate the makeout sessions, not intentionally at least-
  • All calls are going to voicemail.
  • Gives very loving kisses, especially surprise ones.
  • Tolerates the window being cracked at night, other than that - no.
  • White cuddles on Candy’s lap a lot, Nath has given some “playful” glares.
  • If Candy’s scared of White, he’d try to assure her she doesn’t scratch and she’s well-trained. 
  • Makeouts are usually in his room, on his bed, for “more space”
  • So many damn pillows, all full of feathers.
  • The windows are NEVER open during spring,, he will honestly DIE if they’re opened
  • Tbh if Candy falls asleep on him, he tries his best not to move and interrupt her - he’s kinda shy to it.
  • Would nearly fall back if Candy wore that nightie, tries to maintain himself. “Y-You’re going to wear that to bed..? Not like it’s a bad thing j-just more of a question…" 
  • Unlike last time with his boxers he’d wear some pajama pants and some white tank top.
  • Holds Candy very close to him, he’s just loves feeling her warmth and her close to him.
  • Goes to sleep about a half hour later, kinda has trouble sleeping.


  • Might be canon that Castiel lives near Candy, possibly a few blocks away. 
  • Doesn’t feel awkward being around Candy, what’s there to be awkward about.
  • Prays that his parents don’t call or even go NEAR the home, he will HONESTLY pull an Episode 32 on Candy-
  • Demon is super playful with Candy, he’ll pounce on her when she comes walking in.
  • Actually cuddles a lot more than Candy expected ?? He’ll have his arms around her waist, just towards him while watching their movie.
  • Not answering his phone because it’s "dead”. 
  • Plays with Demon in the backyard, gets Candy in on it too.
  • Has no shame in telling her some kinky jokes about her pajamas, no pajama is safe.
  • His place is decently cleaned ?? Might be some clothes here and there, but the majority of it is clean.
  • Can’t binge watch movies, he can’t make it through without falling asleep
  • Plays his guitar for her sometimes, but gets embarrassed if Candy catches him singing in that low voice of his–
  • Smacks Candy’s butt occasionally, lmao what’s gonna stop him?
  • Orders take out, he can cook but he’s just lazy so - take out it is.
  • Demon sleeps a lot though, Castiel usually plays with him minutes after he wakes up cause he’ll be asleep for the rest of the day.
  • Makeouts are usually on the couch - he doesn’t care where, as long as it’s happening.
  • Wears his ponytail up, he’s that kinda guy that gets hot easily.
  • Always kicks the blanket off, Candy doesn’t need to battle for it.
  • Hopes that she didn’t pack her bag, wants her to wear his clothes.
  • If Candy was wearing that nightie, Castiel would actually be impressed with it, not red at all. Just a smirk as he says; “…Oh my, such a bad girl…whatever happened to that little girl, Candy?" 
  • Wears his red boxers to sleep and some black tanktop. Cassy looks sexy af with that ponytail too.
  • Candy would have to sleep on his arm while his body is sprawled out, they’d have some good sleep on that big bed of his.
  • Sleeps in mere minutes, he’s just "poof” - gone.


  • Possibly lives with Leigh? 
  • Leigh left by himself (his own choice), to leave Lysander and Candy alone.
  • Probably answers the phone, probably doesn’t.
  • Flustered thinking about sleeping with Candy, figures he shouldn’t worry so much about it.
  • Is pretty nervous about her being over in general, this isn’t just some sleepover with Castiel.
  • Thinks of this as “the most precious, beautiful, amazing person in my life sleeping in my home with me”.
  • Often asks Candy what she’d like to do, doesn’t have many ideas for the ideal date at home.
  • Honestly would rather LEAVE home on a date, feels a little trapped being alone with Candy in such a casual area.
  • Talks about his childhood a lot though,, brings it up in one of those deep conversations
  • Doesn’t mind if Candy walks in on him singing in his room, thinks she should knock though.
  • Would probably offer going to the movies and some dinner date - he can’t stay at home like this,,
  • Likes seeing Candy hang out with Cuddles, he has a picture or two
  • Such a dad to Cuddles even alone with Candy, checks on Cuddles often just as much as he checks on her.
  • Very bold, actually. He starts the makeout sessions
  • That type of guy that would wear some long sleeves and shorts not to be too hot or too cold.
  • Let’s be real his house, like himself, smells heavenly too. 
  • If Candy wore the nightie to bed, Lysander would be a little red but smile. “…Seems as if you’re always beautiful, Candy.”
  • Can’t really cook, but has some microwavable things to make.
  • Feels better a few hours later, doesn’t feel nervous as much as he did before.
  • Cuddles is gonna be in his lap if they’re watching movies, no buts - Cuddles makes the choices here. 
  • Would wear an un-buttoned long-sleeved shirt and some shorts, similar to what he wore at the beach. But sexier for some reason.
  • Candy would probably sleep on his chest and Lysander would have an arm around her, just comfortable.
  • Sleeps in about five minutes, doesn’t take too long.


  • Probably asked his parents and Alexy to leave somewhere, just anywhere but home at that time. 
  • His mom honestly made a kinky remark about Candy spending the night and he nearly died inside.
  • Isn’t very nervous but his first thought was “Where’s Candy gonna sleep?”
  • Didn’t even think about her pajamas, whatever she’s wearing he’s sure she’ll look good in it.
  • It’s always gonna be fun at his place, there’s no awkwardness what so ever.
  • A lot more fun with him than it is intimate, he’s super chill with this.
  • Had a nerf battle and gave Candy a darth vader helmet for protection. He didn’t wear one because he’s a rebel ™
  • Didn’t realize he was gonna actually SLEEP with HIM until she told him…then he got embarrassed.
  • Plays video games with her and watches comedies and some horror movies. 
  • If Candy beats him, he doesn’t really care. He’ll get over it…the next hour.
  • Makeout sessions usually happen on the bed, he doesn’t care where it is - as long as they’re fine with it.
  • Can’t really watch a romantic without wanting to barf tbh, please don’t.
  • Favorite thing to do is hold Candy from behind and attack her cheek with kisses.
  • Y'all already know this boy will have tickle fights to the point where her eyes water, he’s probably tickled her sides when they played games to win.
  • Shows Candy some tricks he taught Rocket.
  • Honestly, his house is nicely decorated - his mother being an interior designer. 
  • Actually has a lit room ?? A desk, laptop, nice bed, some action figures (like the ones you get from buying video games), and posters. 
  • If she was wearing that nightie, he’d stop in his tracks. He’d be very red but try to throw some kinky comment in there; “…You must not think that’s dangerous to wear around me, Sweetness."  hOT DAMN
  • Wears some black starwars t-shirt and black boxers.
  • The most intimate it’s going to get is him having Candy sleep on his chest and him being sprawled out in some awkward position, he gets too hot during the night.
  • Out like a lightbulb, super tired.


  • Is actually ready for this, he’s been wanting to take this relationship to the next level gdi.
  • Cleaned the whole house before she came, not like it wasn’t very clean before - he’s gotta do it.
  • Gave himself a victory fist when she accepted, half of him hopes she understands he wants to sleep with her.
  • So happy, probably hugged and kissed her when he let her in. 
  • Cookie would be excited to see her, probably would try to pounce on her a bit.
  • Makeout sessions are usually in his room, he starts them off of a complement he’s given her.
  • A lot more submissive than he is dominant, no lie.
  • Cleans everything after they’re done. Doesn’t matter if she wants to help, regardless, he just does it to do it.
  • Would honestly leave the house, probably go on a walk with her and Cookie - probably to a nearby park to play at.
  • Tries to bake with Candy. If Candy can’t bake, he’d try to teach her how to bake with him. 
  • Is such a proud mom when she bakes something. Even if she fails, he’ll be proud she tried.
  • Would be ontop of Candy if they’re cuddling, he’d rest his head on her chest and she’d pet him. Just silence, really.
  • Would honestly give Candy too many sweets, especially cupcakes.
  • Takes some pictures of Candy and Cookie together, it’s like one of the cutest things to him.
  • Plays video games with her that Armin gave her, mainly fighting games. Lets Candy win sometimes.
  • Gives her a lot of kisses, gdi he’s been waiting for a day just to hang out with her.
  • Will ignore the phone as if it doesn’t exist, better to text him. 
  • Has a calm colored rooms, consists of light brown and green colors. Has one of those neoclassical desks, a pretty big bed, and loads of pillows on it. He’s got his own stuffed bear.
  • If Candy wore that nightie in front of her ?? Good god, he’d be very red, actually. Y-You’re gonna…G-Goodness…you’re just…so beautiful,“ 
  • Honestly, he’d wear a loose black tank top and some green boxers. He looks no different but he still looks adorable.
  • He’d have his arms firmly around her and she’d probably have herself pressed against him, her arms would probably be loose around him.

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for the StarkQuill prompts: One of the moments that really stuck out to me in the movie was when Ego told Peter what he had done to his mom, and how he had the first proper reaction to BS fathers in probably the history of the MCU: He started shooting at him. so yeah, Tony and Peter bonding over crappy childhoods and crappy birth fathers, but how Yondu and Jarvis (the real one) were actually really awesome step-dads. :) (That's probably a mess but i think the idea shows???)

!!! This was one of the first thoughts that went through my head! YAS I HAVE FOUND MY PEOPLE - I liked how this came out so much that I posted it on AO3.. Find this drabble on AO3

“My father killed my mom.”

“I spent years thinking my father killed my mom. Turns out it was my ex-boyfriend’s best friend.”

“I shot him when I found out,” Peter added. The bottle clinked as he tipped it, sloshing more alcohol into their glasses.

Tony tilted his head. “Funny, so did I. ‘Cept I shot the best friend, not my father. He’s dead.” He sighed and picked up his glass.

“Mine is dead too,” Peter said, but doubtfully. “That’s… good?”

“It’s good,” Tony agreed, staring into his glass. He wasn’t drunk enough. “My father used to hit me.”

“… You had a shitty father,” Peter said. He was doing a remarkable job of trying not to sound angry. Mostly he just sounded like he really needed to go to the bathroom.

“So did you,” Tony said. They looked at each other and then clinked their glasses together in a silent toast before throwing the shots back. It burned on the way down, but it still wasn’t enough. Some days, Tony felt like it would never be eough.

“I used to get really mad that my father wasn’t around when I was a kid,” Peter said, several shots later. “Now I think I was lucky. ‘Cause I got a Yondu instead.”

“What’s a Yondu?”

Peter sighed. “A tall blue asshole who told me he wanted to eat me,” he said sadly. “And not in the fun way.”

Tony reached out and patted Peter’s cheek. It was harder than he’d expected to find said cheek, but he managed eventually. “I’d eat you in the fun way anytime.”

“Thanks, babe.” Peter turned his head, sloppily kissing Tony’s palm. “I wish I’d realized sooner that Yondu was a good dad. I grew up thinking he hated me. I thought he only kept me around for convenience.”

“I knew my Jarvis loved me,” Tony said thoughtfully. “I guess I was lucky.”

“Your Jarvis?” Peter pointed to the ceiling.

“No. The real Jarvis. Edwin Jarvis. He loved me,” Tony said again, because he thought it bore repeating, and went to take another drink from his glass before realizing that it was already empty.

“You’re worth loving,” Peter said, wholly serious.

Tony knew he was well and truly drunk when he had to blink back tears. “So are you.”

Peter nodded. “I guess I have to be. Yondu died saving my life. I wish I’d said…” He trailed off, like the magnitude of what he wanted to say was so much that he couldn’t fit it into words. Tony understood.

“I wish I’d said, too,” he said. “I wasn’t there when Jarvis died. I’m a bad son.”

“Me too,” Peter said. He picked up the bottle - or was that the second bottle? Third? - and refilled their glasses. “To bad sons and good fathers.”

“To good dads,” Tony said softly, and Peter swallowed and nodded.

They toasted.

“Hey princess” part II - Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request(s): -  I neeeeed more flirty Jeff imagines!!!! Maybe with a kiss at the end? The rest is completely up to you😘

-  Can you please please please do a part two to hey princess. 

-  do a fluffy Jeff but please don’t let him die

-  for the jeff atkins imagines can i get one for his and the readers first date. like they go to rosie’s or the movies. anything really as long as it’s super fluffy. thank youuuu

You saw Jeff waiting by your locker at the end of the day. 

“Finally” he said with a smile.

“Aw, poor Atkins. He thought I wasn’t coming” you mocked. Jeff laughed. Oh, God, that laugh…

“Actually, yes. I was afraid you could change your mind about this” you smiled, he was so cute. 

“Of course no. I’m ready, are we walking to Monet’s or…?” 

“My car. Follow me to the parking lot, princess” he said with a funny voice, making you laugh.

The journey to Monet’s was really nice. You discovered that he was a huge fan of Oasis, just like you and you learned that his favourite song was ‘Don’t look back in anger’. Then you two had a playful argument because he said Liam was better than Noel.

“C’mon, Jeff. Noel is the one who wrote most of the songs. He is a lyrical  genius” you said while exiting the car.

“Princess, I really like you but Liam Gallagher is God to me, so you have to stop or you are gonna break my heart” he said, opening the door for you.

“Oh, who knew that Jeff Atkins could be a gentleman? But if you think it’ll help, stop trying. Noel is the best one” Jeff let out a loud laugh.

“You are gonna be the death of me, Y/N”

You two found a place to sit in the corner. Monet’s was full of people from the school and you really didn’t want rumours about you and Jeff dating to spread. The corner was perfect.

“I’m gonna order. What do you want, princess?” he asked.

“Coffee and cake for me please” You said with a sweet smile. He smiled back at you and went to order. You were feeling relaxed in the car but now you were starting to feel nervous. Really fucking nervous.

You’re in a date with Jeff Atkins. Jeff, your crush since you were around ten years old. You never thought you’d ever have a chance with him but here you were. C’mon Y/N, do not screw this up. 

“What are you daydreaming about? Don’t tell me you’re already fantasising about me naked, Y/L/N?” you were so lost in your own thoughts that you didn’t sae him come back from the till.

“Stop dreaming, Atkins”

“You always say that. What do have against dreams, huh?” he joked.

“Actually, I’m always dreaming. My mum says I should be more realistic” you explained. You were always daydreaming, most of the time about Jeff.

“Reality is overvalued” he said. You agreed.

“What’s your dream? he took a long breathe.

“I want to be a professional baseball player. But I don’t know if I’m good enough”

“Dude, you’re awesome at baseball” you said “I’ve seen you play. You should apply to Vanderbilt. They have the best baseball program in the country”

“How do you know so much about Vanderbilt?” he looked impressed. 

“My dad loves baseball. We watch it together so I know a lot about it” you winked at him.

“Can we get married already?”  you laughed. 

The afternoon had passed quickly between jokes and laughs. You learned a lot about Jeff, he was really nice and he cared so much about his family and friends. 

As the clock struck 7, you both knew that it was time to go home. Jeff parked outside your house but you didn’t move from your seat.

“So… I had a good time” “I lied” you both spoke at the same time. You looked at him confused 

“When I told you that I only have one dream. I lied, I have two”

“Oh, okay. Well,  what’s your other dream?”

“ To kiss you” 

“Dreams should come true, don’t you think?” you smiled, getting closer to him. Jeff didn’t hesitate to lean it.

Kissing Jeff made you feel a mix of emotions. You felt something explode inside you, and its better than anything you could have ever imagine. 

“God” he says as you two broke away “you are amazing”

“I know” you tried to play it cool but your hands were shaking and as soon as he noticed it, he took your hands into his and smiled.

“So.. what do you think about a second date, princess?” 

“I say yes to that. And yes to the third and the fourth and…” he interrumped you with another kiss.

Oh, man. That boy was going to be the end of you.

It didn't happen at once ( a destiel short story)

It didn’t happen all at once. So one could never look back and say that, that moment was the turning point. In fact it happened slowly and gradually, the years of tension and unresolved questions and curious looks wrapped together, came forth and slowly uncoiled themselves. So it was never really a big surprise for anyone of them.

Sam was busy searching for some sort of solution for their current case. The trio had returned earlier that afternoon dirty and unsuccessful. Dean was annoyed, Castiel was frustraited and Sam was just tired.

The bunker was covered by a blanket of complete silence, when Sam got up from his seat to get some fresh air. These sort of cases where there wasn’t any sort of lead or the clues were jumbled up were the worse. They just involved days of untouched beds and bottles of alcohol.

Sam walked out the door, momentarily glancing at Dean and Cas who were with their own books in their laps, feet dangling off the couch. Sam couldn’t exactly pinpoint when he noticed the change in them, because, there had always been a certain type of closeness between them. Call it their time in hell together or the human-angel interspecies relationship or just the two them being them. But in the last couple of months, they had developed something new.

It’s when Sam started noticing these things that it made all the more sense.

How the touches had become frequent, the stares had become longer. How Dean just knew these little things about Cas, like how Cas developed a liking to take warm showers before bed (despite no need of having to take one) so Dean would make sure to make his showers were quicker so he wouldn’t finish all the hot water. Or how Cas liked his toast a little crispy from one side and soft from the other, so Dean would go through all the effort of grilling Cas’ toast on a frying pan to get them right. Or how after Cas commented about loving flowers as they passed by a woman’s garden during their hunt, so they would often find a new flower pot in the balcony of the bunker every two weeks. No one commented on these things, they just left them unsaid.

Though Cas returned all these gestures in his own way.

In the last few months Cas had figured out Dean’s taste in music and movies. So it was no surprise when they occasionally had a movie night (like an average domestic family) after a successful day of hunting (not like an average domestic family) and it would be Cas’ turn to chose the movie he would always pick one of Dean’s favourite movies. At first Sam thought that Cas did it entirely for Dean’s sake but then he realised that Cas actually enjoyed them. Cas would occasionally make references related to the movies or quote something sarcastic during the moments when he would be sassing Dean. Dean would stare, dumbstruck, while Sam would be laughing, clutching his stomach.

Cas had even started cooking a few things (learning simpler meals from his growing collection of cookbooks). But it was surprising for both of them the morning the two brothers came down to make breakfast and were greeted by the sweet smell of apple pie.

“You’re kidding” Dean had spoken, eyes wide and mouth agape.

Startled by the sudden presence Cas just held up the pan looking nervously at both of them “Pie?”

Dean had raced towards him, grabbing the hot pan, not even caring about it burning his fingers. Sam was sure he hadn’t seen Cas any more nervous in those few seconds Dean took to taste the pie.

“This is awesome” Dean had said before digging in for another bite. Dean wasn’t much for compliments but Sam had seen the pure delightful grin the comment had brought on Cas’ face.

Cas had started making pie every weekend from there on.

So it was safe to say that Sam wasn’t surprised when he came back an hour later and saw Castiel resting his head on Dean’s shoulder.

One of Dean’s arm was around Cas’ back and the other was in his lap holding the remote. The TV was turned on, one of the episode of whatever show they were catching up on. Sam didn’t miss the way Dean slowly turned his head and placed a gentle kiss on Cas’ head. He didn’t miss th way Cas laced his fingers with Dean in his lap, and he surely didn’t miss the content look on their faces as they tried to find happiness in what they could have in this life.

The End

(Please tell me how it is)

Virgil was sitting in the living room, reading Pitch Black sympathetic fanfictions of Rise of the Guardians. He’s hated the actual movie since it came out, but the one time he brought it up to the other Sides, Roman dismissed him as being unfairly biased. As Virgil sat on the couch, nose buried in his phone, Roman entered the room.

“Do you mind if I watch something in here?” He asked.

Virgil just shrugged, and Roman went to put a movie in. Lo and behold, it was Rise of the Guardians. It was the first time since Accepting Anxiety that Roman had even thought of the movie, and he’d been reminded of it when Patton mentioned something about the Tooth Fairy. He hadn’t even considered anything to do with Pitch Black, the boogeyman being the farthest thing from his mind.

Virgil glanced up at the T.V. when the word “Darkness” broke the brief silence of the beginning of the movie. When he realized what it was, a nasty feeling began to grow in the pit of his stomach. He wanted to leave, but he held off for a while. If he left right after the movie started, Roman might ask questions. Especially since Virgil had said he was okay with Roman watching a movie in here. And Virgil was in no mood to start an argument with Princey. After a couple of moments, Virgil allowed himself to get up and wander into the kitchen to grab some leftover pizza. Only when he was certain that Roman’s attention was fully fixed on the movie did he slink back to his room altogether.

When Pitch Black first showed up, something felt off to Roman. Something about this scene was bugging him in a way that it never had before. He’d always hated this scene, what with Pitch coming in and ruining a perfectly good dream, but something was different this time around. He glanced over to where Virgil had been sitting, but he wasn’t there anymore. Of course he wasn’t. How could Virgil have been expected to realize that when Roman asked if he could watch a movie, the movie he planned on watching was one that Virgil hated? Why did he hate it again? It had been so long since Roman had watched the movie, and longer still since he and Virgil had fought about it. The longer Roman watched, the more he remembered about his and Virgil’s fights. He began to feel ill when he realized that Virgil had been right all along.

“Virgil?” Roman’s voice cut through the solitude of Virgil’s room, hesitant though it may have been.

“Yeah?” Virgil didn’t look up from his scrolling.

“You were right.” Roman looked down at his feet, sounding as though it pained him to speak those words.

“About what?” Virgil was intrigued now, and he had finally looked up from his phone, intending to meet Roman’s eyes, only to find them cast to the floor.

“Rise of the Guardians. It got fear…all wrong.” Roman looked up at last, just in time to see Virgil smile the same way he’d smiled when Roman told him that he made them better.

“Glad you finally figured it out. But we should probably move to neutral ground if you intend on continuing this conversation.” Virgil got to his feet.

“Right! Of course!” Roman returned to the living room, Virgil following suit.

They sat in the living room, Virgil venting about the movie, and Roman agreeing with the ferocity of someone who has just discovered that they’ve been lied to. Unbeknownst to either of them, Patton had entered the kitchen while they’d been in Virgil’s room, and was still there when they returned. He had no idea what had just happened, but he knew that Roman and Virgil were bonding, and he couldn’t have been happier about it if he tried.

ok i’ve been thinking a lot abt the promo for 2x15 and the part where magnus comments on alecs snores so i just wanted to write a little smth just bc it stuck to me

- the first time magnus and alec share a bed, they’re both exhausted after a hard day
- alec is so exhausted from demon hunting and what not he literally doesn’t even bother being polite he just makes himself at home and falls asleep
- alec completely lets his guard down and not even realizing it starts to move around/snore
- magnus is shocked bc his guarded shadowhunter? stiff, insecure alec?? snoring?? being a cover hog?? trying to snuggle?? whom
- at one point he wakes up a little more into the night and there’s alec, snoring away
- he’s shocked as would be expected and as he falls back to sleep, and his last thought is “maybe this one won’t hurt me”
- the next time they fall asleep together is while watching a movie
- alec is oblivious to anything pop culture and magnus tries his best to fix that
- alecs head ends up in magnus’s lap while magnus strokes his hair
- he’s so tired and peaceful he just passes out
- magnus is a lil shook bc damn he actually just fell into a deep ass sleep omg baby
- and of course. alec starts to snore
- magnus had thought maybe he’d dreamed the little snores the first time or maybe alec was a lil congested
- but here his love is, snoring away
- at this point he knows he’s fallen in love with alec and he just sighs, content w himself and alec and his cute snores
- when alec wakes up, disoriented and confused at around 3 am (magnus asleep too) he’s def shook
- he wakes up magnus and he’s like what just happened
- and all magnus says is “you snore”
- he’s a lil taken aback bc he didn’t mean to blurt it out but when he sees alecs insecure face about to apologize he’s like shoot
- “it’s cute. the snoring. i like it.”
- and alec just blushes and says “i do Not snore!!”
- from then on it becomes a Thing where magnus compliments his snoring in diff places w diff people and alec just Denies it while turning millions of shades of red

Come back... Be here

Dylan O’Brien x Reader

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A/N: I have been wanting to write this for an insane amount of time and yestereday the words just slipped, like it was truthfully meant to be written. I’m hoping you will like this just as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please give me some response, okay? I don’t kill me if you cry. I did too.

A huge thank you to my piggie @dylan-trash-tbh for reading this and telling me to post it. Love ya.

Warnings: angst, fluff, mentions of sex, alcohol, cursing. that’s all. plus, it has been on Taylor Swift’s song “Come back… Be here”, so if you want to listen while reading… It would be nice. 

Word Count: 4760

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anonymous asked:

May I request some headcanons on how Bakugou, Kirishima and Todoroki would react if they realize that they have a crush on the reader ? 💞

Hey Sweetheart 🌌 Thank you so much for your ask! 💕 I had really fun while writing it 😃

Also, first piece of writing I did with Kiri 😍 I’ve been on a Kirishima train for the whole week

Bakugou Katsuki

  • Catches himself staring at you during classes, actually thinking that you’re not the ugliest shit out there. Urgh~ did he just really think that? But the way your lips curl into a tiny smile, every time you answer a question right is fucking cute and you’re really smart, that’s so sexy
  • During training battles he would throw some advices at you whenever he thinks it’s necessary. Everyone is just like ‘was he just casually being nice?’ “I’M NOT NICE, YOU’RE NICE” “Ahem, Kacchan, this is not really an insult?” “SHUT THE FUCK UP STUPIDHEAD”
  • There would come this day, when he lies in his bed and he can’t wrap his head around other things than you. He would have this kind of conversation with himself ‘Okay Katsuki, who are you shitting here? Everyone else is shitting you, you should at least be honest with yourself’


  • It would accidentally slip out while he is talking with his mum and she would tease him a lot about it, urging him to ask you out on a date
  • Now we’re getting to the root of the problem, he has not really an idea about how to be nice to girls, because he never considered something like a ‘love’ interest (A little secret, this word still makes him shudder a little). When he finally brings himself to ask you out on a date, it’s not really an ask, it’s a demand and because he is trying to curse less, he is a stuttering mess

Kirishima Eijirou

  • Kirishima has been friends with you for a while now. You’re smart, you’re casual and just fun to be around. He really loves your cheerful personality! Watching movies with you, sharing funny memes, cracking lame jokes-
  • Wait? Did he really think he loves your personality? It is love like in bromance ‘love’, right? You are both sharing the same manly ideals, right? Okay, actually thinking about you is a lot about your contagious laughter and the way your boobs are bouncing when you’re dying because he cracked a super lame joke
  • The first time he has those thoughts, he instantly flushes, his cheeks tinted in the same color as his hair. Afterwards, he has some trouble looking into your eyes
  • You are one of his best friends and he doesn’t want to ruin it. Unlike his usual bright self, he tries to put some distance between the two of you. He is really confused and doesn’t know how to handle this situation. After all, he doesn’t think he’s such a great person, what if you don’t like him back? What if he ruins this relationship you both have established?


  • He will cry some – not so manly- tears because he is really in despair. He knows that keeping you at distance will eventually lead to the same result as a failed love confession

  • He asks Bakugou about his opinion and he really says something useful? You’re just a fucking not so manly pussy if you don’t have the guts to tell her


Todoroki Shouto

  • Likes being around you because you make him feel comfortable. He doesn’t even see the need to cover any of his opinions
  • He loves listening to you and your stories, even he if sometimes has no clue what you are talking about. Only hearing your voice calms him down and he can get lost in it, to the point where you will stare at him “Todo-kun, are you listening?”


  • One time, he fell asleep while you were both sitting on your bed. When he woke up, you were sleeping next to him, your chest rising up and down slowly, your face covered with the most peaceful expression he had ever seen on you. He suddenly felt a warm feeling blossom in his chest, which he couldn’t really classify
  • To be honest, he needed Deku to realize that what he felt was ‘having a crush’ on someone. He never had the time to consider what it feels like to harbor feelings in a romantic way for someone and thanks to his (scum of a) father, he never experienced what real love between two individuals looks like
  • He suddenly gets really flustered whenever you’re around, but he decides that he should probably confess to you. First, he can’t stand the feeling of acting all awkward when you with him; second, honestly nap time with you it’s just the greatest thing ever
i got asked about bluepulse headcanons on curious cat and thought they were good so im putting them here

1) when they get older Bart becomes the taller one
2) jaime goes to college, bart sticks with the hero business full time, they get an apartment together and frequently do chores while dancing to songs like gasolina and mambo no.5 at full volume, somehow making doing the dishes and vacuuming into a full fledged musical (you know the scene in selena gomez’s another cinderella story? yeah.) jaime hates dancing in public but bart is good at loosening him up, maybe even convinced jaime to get on the dancefloor at a teammates wedding, if only for one song
3) bart knew he liked jaime since he was like 13 and had to Deal With It until Jaime caught the fuck on. They didn’t actually start dating until Bart was 17 and jaime was 19, but jaime started crushing on bart a year before that.
4) everyone on the team would joke about jaime and bart being “relationship goals”/everyone knew they were in love before they did, so when bart and jaime finally did get together they didn’t tell the team out of spite/because they thought it’d be funny to see how touchy feely they could get before anyone figured it out
5) jaime’s parents basically gave bart their blessing before they even started dating
6) jaime loves classic movies like jurassic park but bart hates movies in general. early on in their friendship they’d figured out that “netflix and chill” wasnt their deal, but once bart walked in on jaime watching a telenovela (one his “mom watched all the time and its not like i actually Like this haha”) ((it was Teresa)) and was for some reason entranced. He thought it was ridiculous and asked Jaime every five seconds to translate what was going on, so watching cheesy soap operas in spanish became one of the few things they could watch together
7) Jaime is a dog lover to his core and while at first Bart was neutral, Jaime convinced him that Holy Shit Dogs Are Great and they frequently yell “HEY LOOK! A DOG!” if they see one in the middle of a mission, even if its covert
8) both have No Sense Of Fashion/would wear the same thing everyday if they could. they thought it’d be funny to show up to a formal dinner for the league in tshit tuxedos. tim nearly assassinated them both on sight
9) they do phone calls a lot for small things like “im at 7-11 what do you want” “hot dog” “k bye”, which a lot of ppl find weird because “its easier to just text”, but jaime gets a lot of texting anxiety/prefers to hear inflection in someones voice and bart literally cant fucking read most words
10) fave hangout is the el paso desert late at night (they usually try to catch the sunrise and then sleep late in the afternoon). lots of impromptu makeouts or long ass rants about life at 3am

Shipping [TodoDeku]

A/N: Boku no Hero Academia (Todoroki/Deku, lee Todoroki) -  29. “Is that my name written on your notebook?” - My first TodoDeku fic, I got some more prompts with them and I was actually planning on combining some, but maybe I just need some excuses to write more for this pairing :) So here’s one of them. Hope you like it!

Summary: The sports festival has sparked a hero-shipping trend, and Deku is totally up to date. Most of all for his own favorite ship, featuring no one but himself and his semi-finals partner Todoroki. 

Word Count: 2243

The sports festival had started many things. Not only were random people talking to Deku now, recognizing him as if he was some sort of famous celebrity. 

No, he was like a real celebrity already. Everyone of them. They were not only being talked about. They were not only being shown on TV countless of times, but of all things that fascinated him the most: they were being shipped. They were becoming an internet trend.

Shipped. Hero-shipping! Like, pairings. Hero-pairings, all from just watching the sports festival broadcast. Seriously? Fans were crazy! It was only a matter of time, a little bit of it, before fan art and fanfiction started to spread on the world wide web. 

Deku was guilty, like probably everyone was, of googling his own name. Seeing what they were saying about him. Drawing about him. Writing about him. 

It was flustering, honestly. He was hiding his mobile phone under the table as he secretly read some fanfiction during class, one of his secretly most favorite pairing and it was so embarrassing: himself and Todoroki. They were one of the most famous ships.

Seriously, people apparently interpreted their battle, the way he encouraged Todoroki, each and every shot of them together, as something romantic. He, Deku, Midoriya Izuku, was being shipped with the almighty Todoroki, the sports festival’s #2. And he liked it.

Todoroki cupped Deku’s cheek and looked him in his eyes. “Midoriya. I love you. I’ve realized that I love you. How do you feel about me?” 

Deku was blushing seriously, his lips playbacking the answer he would give him and he blushed even worse when he caught himself thinking that he’d easily tell Todoroki he loved him too. 

Well, love was a big word. But he cared for him, admired him, thought he looked… attractive… Wouldn’t mind…y’know…

He swallowed and quickly put his phone away before Aizawa-sensei would catch him. And before his face would explode because seriously, he couldn’t take much more of the Todoroki x Deku shipping thing, and it was only one week after the festival. One. Week.

“Hm..” he muttered to himself as he scribbled something on the cover of his legendary hero notebook, quite unconsciously. He just couldn’t help but wonder if just like with movies and TV shows, if they would also get their own shipping name actually. Probably. If things were already escalating like this in a week…

“Todoroki,” he whispered silently, and he wrote his name on his notebook. Under that he first wrote ‘Midoriya’, and thought for a moment. Todomido? Todorokiya? Midoroki? No. He crossed out all of his attempts, and even his own name. He then wrote ‘deku’ in place and he felt his own breath hitch.

“Todo…deku…” he mumbled, writing the name under all the failed attempts, and he underlined it with a satisfied smile.

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Johnnyx reader x Dallas smut...


Johnny liked you, it wasn’t a secret to the gang, they had found out when the crush first started. He would always blush when you called him cutie, or hugged him, or even looked at him for more then a second. Yes they all knew their little Johnnycakes was head over heels, everyone did, except you. But the gang didn’t know as much about Johnny as Dally did, Johnny told Dally everything, and so when Johnny told Dally of his dilemma-Dally took it upon himself to find a way to help him.

The wind was chilly that night, you were making your way up to Buck’s. Dally had invited you, and having nothing else to do, you took him up on his offer. Now you weren’t much of a drinker, or partier for that matter. But you didn’t mind Buck’s music, and figured you could just shoot some games of pool with Dal. Upon entering you were met with the smell of smoke and alcohol-and the sounds of talking, laughter, glasses, and Hank Williams. Shuffling through the crowd you made your way over to the pool tables and let out a sigh of relief when you saw they were somewhat empty.

“Hey there pretty lady, come here often?” You heard a husky voice ask as an arm wrapped around your waist. Looking up you were met with the deep brown eyes of Dallas Winston.

“Hey Dally, how ya been?” You asked hugging him for a moment.

“Pretty good, though better now that you showed up” he winked, you laughed and shook your head. You were used to Dally’s playful flirting by now, he knew you liked Johnny anyways. He was the only one who you told about your secret crush. You set up the pool table, and you and Dallas began to play.

Six games later you were up by two games, which Dally wasn’t very pleased about.

“How the hell?” he asked you, to which you only laughed before shooting another ball into a pocket.

“If you would quit staring at my ass you could maybe play” You told him, it was true, Dallas had been staring at your body all night. Not just his usual playful flirting, this was something more. You were a bit confused, you would have been lieing if you said you never thought of him that way. But that was before your feelings for Johnny. Sweet little Johnny, he was one of your best friends, you talked to him all the time, saw movies together-you were pretty much always by his side…It was really no reason you loved the boy.

“H-Hey guys” You heard that soft shy voice say, and at first you just thought your mind made it up, your thoughts having been on him and all. No, it wasn’t until Dally spoke that you realized Johnny was actually there.

“Hey Johnnycakes, glad you could make it” he said ruffling his hair, which Johnny quickly smoothed back down.

“Hey {y/n}” He smiled, that blush already forming on his tanned cheeks.

“Hey cutie” you smiled back as you hugged him. Dally laughed and said he was gonna go get Johnny a pop, leaving you two alone.

“So what are you doing here? Didn’t peg you as a bar type” You laughed, Johnny looked down at the ground for a moment before answering.

“I’m not, Dally invited me” He told you, something in your brain clicked…Dally was the only one who knew you liked Johnny…That boy was not trying to set something up, was he?

“Here ya go Johnnycakes” Dallas said, returning and handing the soda to Johnny. You returned to your game and beat Dallas for the third time that night.

“Beginners luck is all” Dallas scoffed, you just rolled your eyes.

“How is it beginners luck when that is the third time?” You asked smirking, earning a laugh from Johnny.

“You’re just mad cause you know I’m better” You stuck your tongue out at Dallas.

“Oh ya your better, ain’t done one thing that took guts in your life, but you’re better” Dally replied setting up the table again.

“Hey I’ve done stuff!” You told him, he just smirked and looked at you.

“Name one” You thought for a moment…Ok so maybe you had always played it safe, but still.

“See told ya” he said, turning back to the table.

“You wouldn’t even do something on a dare” he added

“Oh ya? Dare me then” You told him, hand on your hip as you waited.

“Kiss him” he smirked when your face when red.

“W-what?” you asked

“You heard me, if you are so bad and not afraid of a dare. Kiss him” he said nodding over to Johnny, who at this point was as red as a tomato.

“A-Alright” You stuttered as you took a step and closed the gap between Johnny and yourself. His eyes met yours for only a moment before you leaned in and captured his lips. He was hesitant at first, before you felt him lean into the kiss as well. You were about to pull away when you felt his hand rest on the side of your neck, his other on you waist, and his tongue running across your lips. Smiling, you gave in and let him have access-though you were a bit surprised by his boldness. His tongue played with your, enticing it in it’s game as you noted that he tasted like cigarettes and coke. You hadn’t even felt your body backing up, but you soon felt the hard wood of the pool table hit your lower back.

“Whoa kids, get a room” Dallas laughed, causing you both to snap out of your little world. Johnny pulled back first, his face red as he tired to catch his breath-you were sure you looked the same in his eyes. The next half hour was spent filled with awkward silence between you and Johnny, except for a few flirty glances. Though it seemed that Johnny and Dally had their own silent conversation going, as they would both glance at each other before looking off into the crowd. When the bar started getting more and more full, you could see the uneasiness in Johnny, and you supposed Dally could see it too.

“Come on, lets head up” he spoke as he put the pool stick down and made his way to the stairs. You and Johnny followed, happy to be away from the ever growing crowd of drunks. Dally led you to the biggest room on the second floor, and once you entered, the music blaring downstairs became muffled.

“This room is huge” Johnny noted looking around.

“This bed is huge” You laughed as you jumped on it, bouncing slightly. Dallas and Johnny shared a look, before Dallas smirked and walked over to you.

“Hey {y/n}, remember when I say you ain’t done one thing that took guts in your life?” He asked sitting beside you.

“Ya and I proved you wrong” You told him

“Na you just did a dare, but I got an idea how you can prove me wrong” he told you, his smirk growing wider.

“Oh? And what is it?” You asked, honestly curious.

“Have a little fun with me and Johnnycakes tonight” he told you, his smirk never leaving, even as your face grew hot and red.

“W-What?” You asked, stunned by his statement.

“Come on {y/n}, Johnny likes you too, and I know you told Evie you wanted to have a romp with me” he told you, this time you and Johnny both flushed red.

“Dally she ain’t got to if she don’t want to” Johnny said stepping closer to you both. Even in such an awkward situation, he was still a sweetheart. Your thoughts wondered for a moment. Johnny liked you back? You could feel the smile before you even knew it was there. You were ok with the idea of being with Johnny, and it was true, you had told Evie when you first joined the gang, that you wanted at least one romp with Dallas.

“O-Ok” you told them quietly, both of the boys stopped the conversation they had been having and turned to you.

“R-Really {y/n} you don’t have to” Johnny started, but you shook your head, smiling up at him.

“But I want to” You told him, earning a chuckle from Dallas.

“That’s more like it {y/n}” he stated before pulling you to him, crashing his lips on yours. You were shocked at first, but soon leaned into the kiss as his tongue pushed past your lips, exploring the new territory before wrapping around your own. You felt your jacket being slipped off of your shoulders, before hands began crawling up your shirt, soon massaging your bra clad breasts. You moaned in his mouth as he worked your body, soon pulling away to rid you of your shirt. You turned your head as Dallas began trailing rough kisses along your neck his hands never leaving your breasts. Opening your eyes you saw Johnny watching, his lip almost bloody from how hard he was biting it, smiling, you grabbed his jacket and brought his lips to yours. One of his hands rested on the bed behind you, while his other landed on your upper thigh as he kissed you. You moaned in the kiss when Dallas bit your soft spot and Johnny’s tongue rushed in to play with your own. You hadn’t even felt your bra being taken off until Dally’s lips left your neck to trail down to latch onto a hardened bud.

“Shit!” You moaned, breaking the kiss as your fingers tangled in Dally’s hair. Another moaned bubbled out of your throat when Johnny’s lips attached to your soft spot. You felt Johnny’s hand leave your thigh, soon pressing against your clothes heat. You groaned at the feeling, you head falling forward. You opened your half lidded eyes to see Dally’s hand leave Johnny’s, and then it suddenly clicked. Dally knew Johnny was a virgin, and he was helping him. You soon felt Dally’s mouth leave your breasts and travel back to your neck, his hand taking it’s place. The hand against your heat slowly made it’s way to the button on your pants, undoing it, before traveling inside your panties.

“S-Shit Johnny” you breathed as his hand skimmed over your clit while it made it’s way to your wetness. His fingers ran along your folds, your core soaking them in no time, before he began to ease one inside you. Your breath caught while your fingers tangled in his raven hair. He began pumping, slowly at first, and you can’t help the moans that leave you. Dallas pulls away and begins to take your pants and panties off. Johnny’s hand speeding up due to the more room, and you couldn’t help but throw your head back when you felt the rough suck on your clit. Looking down you watched as Dallas’s mouth teased your body, Johnny watched as well, his hands faltering only for a moment. Dallas soon left your body completely, standing up as he began to undress. Though your body wasn’t left for long as you felt another rough suck on your clit along with another digit being added to your pounding core. Johnny picked up where Dally had left off and Dally smirked at the fact. You could read the “kid is a fast learner” thought clear on his face. Johnny picked up his pace and had your eyes rolling back as you felt your release coming to it’s peak. You let out a moan of his name when he began flicking his tongue over your clit, successfully pushing you over. He watched as you slowly came down from your high, his fingers slowly coming to a stop while you tried to catch your breath.

“Way to go kid, you made her cum first” Dallas smirked while Johnny blushed at his statement. You couldn’t help but laugh lightly at Dally’s remark as you grabbed Johnny’s jacket and gently pulled him back to your lips. Dallas began fingering you next, entering a third digit as he stretched you. He told Johnny to go ahead and undress, stating that the real fun was about to start. You rocked your hips in time with Dally’s fingers as you watched Johnny undress himself, letting out a small whine when Dally pulled his fingers away. He chuckled and brought you up to stand beside him, he told Johnny to sit back on the bed. Johnny did as he was told, backing up until his back hit the wall. Dally then smirked at you and with a remark of.

“You know what to do” he held your hips and bent you over the bed. You looked up at Johnny, his brown eyes wide as he watched your every move. Gently, you wrapped your hand around him, watching as his breath caught in his throat, before spilling into a moan as you began pumping him. You ran your tongue along the vein before gliding it over the slit, Johnny grabbed the sheets tighter as he watched you wrap you lips around him, taking him in your mouth.

“S-Shit” he groaned when you hollowed your cheeks and gave a rough suck. You could feel Dally’s finger running along your core, before you felt them leave, soon being replaced as he began sliding into you. He let out a few grunted curses when he settled inside, your warm slick walls clamping tightly around him. You on the other hand, had let out a moan at the fullness, and Johnny’s hand tangled in you {h/c} locks when he felt the vibrations. Dallas didn’t start out slow and gentle, and you hadn’t honestly expected him to, this was Dallas after all. Your body jolted forward at his first thrust, causing you to deep throat Johnny. When he pulled away you did as well. This went on as Dallas set the fast and hard pace, holding your hip with one hand, as the other reached down and played with your clit. By now both of Johnny’s hands were knotted in your hair as he guided you along him, his hips bucking every now and then while he moaned your name.

“Shit!” he moaned when you let out a loud moan around him. Dallas smiled as he began hitting that spot inside of you more often, causing your moans to become louder. You could feel your release coming again, Dally’s pace on your body making you peak faster then you had hoped.

“{y-y/n}” Johnny moaned, you could tell he was almost spent as well. You let out a light yelp when you felt your hair being tugged out of Johnny’s grip, your head tilted back as you released him.

“Not yet” Dallas grunted, still holding your hair. You were about to ask him what he meant when you lips were captured in a heated needy kiss. Dallas let go of your hair and Johnny’s took their place as your tongues battled. The kiss was only broken when you let out a scream of Dallas’s name, your release finally coming as you trembled and tried to keep your body up. You heard Dallas moan your name before you felt his body slow to a stop. You felt him back away from you, slowly pulling himself out until you couldn’t feel him anymore. The room was quiet for a moment, as you laid down, nothing but the sounds of panting, before you heard jeans being zipped.

“I’ll let you kids have some time to yourself” Dallas said picking up his shirt as he looked at Johnny, then you.

“It was fun {y/n}” he smirked and leaned in to kiss you, before standing and leaving.

Johnny looked down at you, his breath was just as fast as he kissed you, trailing kisses down your neck while he settled between your thighs. He looked up at you, asking for permission. Even after all you guys had done, he still wanted to know you were ok with this. Smiling at him, you nodded. He slid into you easily, your previous actions making it easier. His pace was so different from Dally’s. Johnny was slow and soft, he trailed soft kisses down your neck and back, capturing your lips in a gentle embrace. Dally was a romp, simple as that, Johnny though-Johnny made love. You could feel it in every kiss he gave, every gentle caress, every soft “I love you” whispered. But you could also tell that he was holding back, your previous actions on him had his body yearning for release. Right now you could see the amount of self control he had to stay that soft slow pace.

“Johnny” you moaned, earning a sudden hard thrust.

‘So he really is that much on the edge of losing that control’ you thought

“Johnny..Ahh! F-Faster” You moaned, your hands grabbing at his back while you wrapped your legs around his waist. He didn’t need to be told twice, his body wasn’t letting him even think about turning down your request as it sped up. His control had slipped and he knew he wouldn’t get it back. Not with the way you clawed at his back, or the way your head was thrown back as moan after moan left you-and definitely not with the way your hips rushed forward to meet his.

“D-Damn…{y-y/n}” He moaned against your neck as his hands reached under your arms, hooking around them as he grabbed your shoulders and brought you down harder against him. Your moans were louder now, while he sped up a little more, bringing you down onto him when..

“Johnny!” You screamed as he hit that spot inside you, Dallas had told him about it, said if he found it to make sure he didn’t lose it again, and he was about to make dang sure he didn’t. One of his hands left your shoulder as it grabbed your hip, holding you steady as he thrusted into you, hitting that spot every time.

“S-Shit! Johnny..Ahh! I-I can’t!” You begged as your vision began to blur for the third time tonight, Johnny didn’t mind though, he honestly didn’t know how much longer he could hold his own end at bay. The way you were pulsing around him had him shuddering and yearning to give in to his body’s needs.

“Then don’t” he groaned in your ear as he kissed and nipped along your neck, sucking hard on your soft spot. That was all it took as you released once again, throwing your head back as you screamed his name. He soon followed, your walls clamping around him sending him over his own edge as he called out your name. The room spun for a moment, the air feeling electrified as you tried to catch your breath. Your ears rang and your eyes were hard to open.

“I love you” you heard a breathy voice whisper. You could only smile, your heart now pounding from not only the sex, but from knowing the boy you loved, loved you too.

“I love you too cutie” You smiled up at him before he leaned down and kissed you. He slid out and laid down next to you, holding you in his arms as your breaths evened out.

“I have to ask something” You told him, as he hmmm’d in response.

“How come Dally set this all up?” The room was quiet for a moment, before Johnny spoke again.

“I told him how much I liked you, and how I wanted to…”

“How you wanted to what?” You asked, a playful smirk on your lips

“You know {y/n}” he said blushing as he avoided your gaze. You both had pretty much just had a threesome, and yet he was still so shy to even talk about it. This boy was gonna kill you from cuteness overload.

“Come on Johnnycakes” you smiled, nuzzling into his neck.

“I told him I wanted to make love to you” he stated, you could feel his cheeks heating up as you giggled.

“H-He said he would help me out, set something up…Guide me through it” he added looking away again. You smiled and turned his face to look at you.

“I’ll have to thank him then” You told him smiling as you brought him down for a kiss, that soon got quite heated.

“Hey Johnnycakes” he smiled against his lips

“Ya {nickname}?”

“How about another round?” you asked, his face going red before a smile appeared on his lips, before they captured yours once more…Lets just say that you two didn’t leave Buck’s that night.


Just an authors not- I found this on I didn’t write this myself I do write smut though so just send in requests.
I didn’t know wether this is on tumblr or not and thought it was great so I shared it. Credits to the person who wrote this if your on here, hope you don’t mind.

I just watched The Mummy, ya know, the new remake, and yeah it’s not the best movie and i understand the bad critics but it’s actually a pretty cool movie, well, but that’s not what i’m wanting to talk about, i wanna talk about FUCKING HENRY JEKYLL.
There’s this thing no one knows about me. I’m total trash for anything Jekyll & Hyde related and at first I was like ‘ok why does this dude calls himself henry jekyll, that’s totally not his real name’ and then he transformed into Hyde aND I LITERALLY SCREAMED “IT’S EDWARD HYDE” and I bet everyone heard it and thought I was some weirdo which i totally am.
Sorry but I need to share this I just have alot of feelings about Jekyll and Hyde rn I’m trashy trash trash sorryy

[170728] Kyungsoo was mentioned by Director Oh Sungyoon during “Underdog”Stage Greeting

Fan Accounts from animation movie <Underdog> Rough-cut Premiere and Stage Greeting during Seoul International Cartoon Animation Festival (SICAF 2017)

– After the director watched movie <Cart>, he only had his eyes on Kyungsoo. His acting was very good, when he saw Moongchi, he thought of Kyungsoo immediately and hence chose him right away, and even thought that Kyungsoo’s a genius. 

– The director shared that after watching movie <Cart>, he only had his eyes on Kyungsoo, and thought that he was a genius. It was awkward during the first voice recording, so he praised him a lot more during the second voice recording. After receiving the compliments, Kyungsoo did great. 

– Till date, animation movie <Underdog> have had three voice recording sessions, Kyungsoo was awkward with the director during the first time, so the director praised him during the second time. After receiving the compliments, Kyungsoo responded saying that he will do his best. 

– The director shared that he only had eyes for Kyungsoo after watching movie <Cart>, and that his acting is really good. How can a child that sings and performs be so good at acting too? Is he a genius? When producing animation movie <Underdog>, Kyungsoo came up in his mind and so he decided on him there and then. 

– The reason why Kyungsoo was chosen to voice Moongchi, is when the director watched movie <Cart>, he was impressed by Kyungsoo’s acting. Isn’t he a genius? The Moongchi’s character looks like Kyungsoo too. They match each other. At the first recording, since they each were awkward, it was hard to record. But for the second recording, since the director gave many praises, seemed that it worked well. 

– When choosing the actor for the character, it’s based entirely on acting abilities and suitability; nothing to do with whether the chosen actor is news worthy. Previously for animated drama film <Leafie, A Hen into the Wild>, he had issued scripts with individual scenes for actors to dub, but that seems to have limited possible ad-libs and freeplay from the voice actors, so this time round, he only issued a synopsis instead of a script. 

– Voice recording for the animated movie will continue, and it seems to be done up to about 50%.

– The director said, they did one round of recording after he gave a script without individual scenes. They continued after script of individual scenes were given, and they recorded yet another time to add on the parts that they’ve missed. Recordings are expected to continue.

– The director shared that he’s actually keen to produce animation movie <Underdog 2>, as he’ll like to see how the characters continue their lives. It will also be shown on *ScreenX and will have another continuation.

– From the rough-cut, there’s one Kyungsoo’s line that lingers in memory and apparently this line will be the theme of the movie.

– A little spoiler, the animation drawings and syncing are nice. Moongchi is a cooler Border Collie than my first thought. Kyungsoo showed an amazing and new side of his voice that he never shown before.

P.S. ScreenX is a new theatre offering by CGV and provides a new immersive experience for movie audiences. By projecting images onto the side walls of the theatre, ScreenX developed the world’s first multi-projection system within a theatre setting.
Video Clip on ScreenX:

Fan Acct Cr: twitter @tick2boom2, @dyozyagi_0112, @1993_112, @doh_haru, @aesop_do, @xoxo_klein, (2017.07.28)
Chi Trans: weibo @Nacho_都暻秀资源博, @
大眼嘟企鹅 & @都暻秀吧_DohkyungsooBar
Eng Trans: twitter @doyeolove_aya / tumblr @bonjourtoaya​ & twitter @enthralleddd 
Fan Account Consolidation & In partnership with: IG @channel930112

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I just wanna see some super fluffy domestic Sid/Geno where they have like six kids (honestly happiest thought ever: imagine 6 sweet wonderful happy smart kids like Avery. Everybody's in awe of the C/M children they are all perfect) and they love it and they play hockey and they have family movie night and they cook dinner together and also their sex life has been obliterated. Like it's been actual months and they're both so happy but also Geno's dying. (1/2)

He catches sight of that ass in sweats one day and walks into a wall. All of his kids laugh at him. It’s almost like way back before he and Sid first started dating and the sexual tension was cranked to about a 98% except every time they try to carve out some time for themselves they end up getting glasses of water and tucking kids back in and it never works out? Anyway they eventually get a kid-free night and Geno’s so excited he almost hurts himself getting undressed. (2/2)


they go for a 15-day family vacation which basically means no sex whatsoever so by the time Sidney, tired from unpacking and tucking three kids in bed (Geno took care of the other three), asks Geno if he wants to shower together for the sake of literally just showering (Geno is also visibly exhausted), Geno feels himself getting hard.

“Seriously?” Sidney’s can barely keep his eyes open. He thinks he’s squinting, and he doesn’t know how attractive he looks at the moment. Probably not very. “Geno, you can barely stand up.”

“I know, I know,” Geno grumbles. He’s palming himself like he’s trying to will down his erection. “Is just…15 days and I’m not even jerk off.”

“Maybe tomorrow,” Sidney says.

“Run bubble bath?” Geno asks hopefully.

“We’ll both fall asleep and drown, probably.”

Geno sighs. His husband is usually right. 

SasuHina “Rookie Nine-Nine” AU

Okay, so I’m a Cheater McCheater pants that combined days 4 (Lawyers), 5 (Kleptomaniac) and 6 (Library) into one…

This is my Konoha PD AU (blend of real world/Naruto-verse) that will get developed into an actual story on AO3. Enjoy! 

The streets were blocked off and barricaded, but that didn’t stop a crowd of villagers from showing up–cell phones out and voices excited–as they pushed against one another for a better view.

Sasuke snorted dismissively as he passed them. He would never understand people’s fascination with other people’s pain and misfortune.

Snippets of conversation filtered to him as he made his way towards the S.W.A.T van and the familiar indigo glow of his partner’s hair against the siren lights.

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la douleur exquise (2)

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10


Tomorrow was your first day working as Sehun’s assistant. You were very nervous as to how this was all going to work out considering your past with him. You turned around restlessly in your bed as your thoughts wavered towards him again.

3 Years Ago

You had barely started your first year of college when you met him. You were both scared and excited to start walking the path that would lead to what would become of you in the future. He was just an ordinary young man trying his hardest to make his way up in the business world.

You always cheered him on and he did so for you as well. To you, he was the perfect man. He was everything you could have asked for in a man and more. He was your very first boyfriend and he never judged your inexperience when it came to relationships. Instead, he found it rather charming.

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