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Boom. 2500 followers (well 2600 when I’m typing this omg stop guys)! Like thats crazy. That’s so many people. Like, a lot of people. 

So first,  quick shout out to @she-who-nailed-it because she is an amazing person and even though we haven’t talked a lot she was the one who got me to start actually writing some stuff and she’s just a really nice person to talk to and she also writes amazing things and they make me happy so go follow her okay.


So I am a poor as heck college student with the new semester coming up so should I be doing a giveaway? Nah. Am I? Sha. But it’s small so I can’t feel THAT bad. I dunno I just like to make people happy.


1. It’s a giveaway for my followers who actually follow me because of my blog, not just for a giveaway. I can’t stop you from following just for the giveaway but I mean, come on man, have some heart. But yeah, must be following, please and thanks.

2. US only, which sucks I know and I feel like poo but like I said I’m broke and international shipping is like a bajillion dollars. Not all of us can be Nifflers. 

3. Reblog this for three entry’s and like for one entry (so you can be entered up to four times). Pretty much what I’m going to do is enter your names into a generator and then have it pick for me. And I’ll post a picture for proof so you know I’m not cheating. 

4. Multiple reblogings dont count because spamming your followers isn’t nice. Be nice. Spread love. Do giveaways so I can enter them. 

5. This ends on the 9th of December around 10PM EST because that’s when I get paid and it’s better to do these things with money. 

6. Please be 18 or older or have your parents permission because giving strangers your address is never a cool thing I mean people die like that sometimes, I imagine. Also, you kinda have to give me your address so I can send you stuff so be cool with that.

7. Lastly, I think, I dunno I might edit this if I think of something. When I pick the winner I will give them 24 hours to claim it and they MUST have their ask box open so I can walk right up in there and send them a holla. Like, I supposed I could message you too but ask boxes are much more fun. So if you don’t like it open just have it open on the 9th just in case. 


You can choose from:

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So yeah. Fun cheap stuff that make me happy and will make you happy too. 

Happy Holidays my dudes.

NewtAFidoScamander out!

“We can share it though,”

Inspired by We’re Only Good For the Latest Trends by queenjameskirk on A03, 

Find them on tumblr @troubledthoughts 

Friendly reminder that the words of percival graves at the end of the movie are not the words of the actual percival graves. We have zero clue how graves feels about the statute of secrecy or other wizarding laws in America but I think we can safely assume he believes in them since he’s the god damn head of the department of magical law enforcement and an extremely respected auror and close confidant of president picquery. So just. Keep that in mind. We actually have no idea the current status of graves, though we can assume he is alive so he could continue to give grindelwald information and (probably) hair for the polyjuice potion (though this is what we are assuming since it’s the only way we know about for one wizard to impersonate another). Anyway. Yeah.

Friday morning

Surviving the first week back in the classroom - though I tell you - I’m exhausted every freak’n day.  

Running has been coming along, got a bit of rain at the tail end of last nights jaunt.  18 miler on the Backbone for tomorrow - then  hang out downtown with friends.  Beast mode.

It looks like we’ll be drying out for a bit, but I actually have been enjoying the rain.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild is coming out March 3rd!  OMG!

That’s it for now - enjoy the day!!

You know, I actually had the thought that Max might have potential to become the Activity Club’s ‘beast tamer’ in a sense. Even with his cynicism and how he acts toward his sister as the big brother sometimes, he has a good connection with his family, he shows his compassionate side with PJ the ghost and strikes up a relative kinship with Lefty, and his quick adaptation to tolerance with the spirits around Mayview and his home. Not to mention his whole reasoning with keeping Scrapdragon even though it has the potential to kill him eventually if left out of strict control. Also, with what we learned with Zarei’s taking on the ghost train as a tool. You don’t necessarily have to have the same color as a spirit to use it in a tool. It can be a decent amount off color and still be usable. Max’s black spectral energy is stated to be very common. That can also work to his advantage in a potential communion with multiple spirits, assuming black is as common among spirits as it is with spectrals. Plus, black isn’t necessarily a color so much as it is a shade. If my theory is correct, Max could have the potential to connect with a lot of variations of spirits due to the spectral energy colors. Going off the shade vs color theory, Max might be able to connect with a greater multitude of spirits so long as he can manage to discern how dark a shade a color of spectral energy has to be in order for him to allow a spirit to feed off of his efficiently. Or at least that’s my theory about it.

black-rose4  asked:

Lets go Skyrim themed, shall we. Any headcanons to share about any of your ocs?

Sure!! Lesse here… we’ll start with Jadukh.

  • Is an excellent smith and could easily make a living doing that if they didn’t find it so boring.
  • Has three girlfriends - Jenassa, Serana and Brelyna.
    • Actually lives with Brelyna, though.
  • Binds.
  • Is rather humble; where Signy has an armory and trophy room to show off things she’s collected or beasts she’s killed, Jadukh instead chooses a library and extra storage.
  • Asks questions first.
  • Doesn’t care about the civil war one way or another; they’re more concerned with the vampire threat and mercenary work.
  • If they existed in a modern AU, they would listen to a lot of metal, wear a leather jacket, and have their septum pierced.
    • Honestly they probably have their septum pierced anyway I just can’t find a mod that allows that. 

Onwards to Signy.

  • Absolutely uses her status as Dragonborn to get through red tape.
  • Has so many artifacts collected. So many that she can’t display all of them. Aela just rolls her eyes about it.
  • Worships Talos, but is also susceptible to Daedric influence, particularly Hircine.
    • Does not care for Hermaeus Mora at all and thinks Apocrypha is the worst possible place to be ever.
  • Asks questions later, which has been a problem more than once.
  • Is aware of Jadukh’s existence as another Dragonborn (perks of actually training in the Voice, I guess? I haven’t worked that out yet.)
  • More open-minded than your average Nord.
  • If she existed in a modern AU, she’d listen to folk stuff (like Faun and Runaljod), be a flannel/denim lesbian, and probably ride a motorcycle.
The Author Proposes An Alternate HC Personality for a Character That Hasn’t Appeared Yet

This blog has been mostly assuming that Aziz turns out like his father: athletic, reckless, and more than a little too prone to jump into action for his own (and everyone else’s) good. I realize that this is highly stereotypical, coming from the fact that he is a prince, his father, and his being a known Tourney player, but Ben proves that you can also be mild-mannered and calm most days while still being an absolute beast on the field.

Even though all my headcanons are going to be using the above interpretation of Aziz, I’d like to propose a different interpretation of him, valid until we actually get a canon version of him:

Aziz may look strikingly like his father, but his personality is almost exactly like Jasmine’s. Aside from the stubbornness and determination shared by both parents, he is well-spoken, intelligent, and witty; a born politician, diplomat, and negotiator; and prefers to use his great abilities of persuasion, coercion, and sometimes manipulation into helping the less fortunate, and outsmarting the few people left in Auradon that are willing to sugarcoat deals that are just slightly better for them and worse of for the other guy.

He is a shameless flirt, though this is more for practice than any honest desire to be a womanizer; he simply sees his famous grin, his good looks, and his endless repertoire of incredibly smooth comebacks as just another way to make the world a little better, and oftentimes, get what he wants.

Make no mistake, however: whenever he’s pushed to his limit or sufficiently angry, all the tact and restraint he shows disappears and you should be prepared for a shouting match with one of Auradon’s sharpest and most devastating duelists, one who sees few lines he’s unwilling to cross in the name of winning an argument. And though he has more patience for opposing opinions than most, once his limit is reached, he’s just as prone to ignorant, emotionally-charged arguments as any bigot.

He also very, very, very much hates being wrong because of his history of being right most of the time, and being proved objectively wrong oftentimes has him going through all five stages of grief. Ultimately, however, protecting his ego is a temporary priority and expanding his worldview and being objectively right is his longer term goal.

… Even if he can be an ass for the couple of days he’s unwilling to believe he’s wrong.

anonymous asked:

I love all those quotes actually but where is the first one from and are there any more u like?

it’s from little beast by Richard Siken. and yes i have more that i like:

- “Come sleep with me: We won’t make Love, Love will make us.”

- “Loving you was like going to war; I never came back the same.”

- “So you attempt to hide your loneliness in public, to behave, in fact, as though you have too many friends already, and thus you hope to attract people who will unwittingly save you. But it never works that way. Your condition is written all over your face, in the hunch of your shoulders, in the hollowness of your laugh. You fool no one.”

- “Everybody is nothing until you love them.”

- “I wonder how many people don’t get the one they want, but end up with the one they’re supposed to be with.”

- “It is possible that longing for something is better than actually having it. I’ve heard it said that satisfaction is the death of desire.”

[TRANS] 2PM AERA May ‘16 Interview

「For 5 years, we received a lot of love from our Japanese fans」– (Jun.K)

Though they are called the “beast idols,” they are actually a group of good young men who are polite and playful. 5 years since their Japanese debut. For them to welcome the next 5 years as 6 members, they made a big decision.

Entering the room where the interview will be held, Jun. K greeted us from afar while standing on tiptoes. During the photoshoot, Nichkhun was asked by Junho who was beside him to give distance. Nichkhun pantomimed making a wall and pretended to be lonely. Ninagawa Mika, who was turning the camera, murmured “Cute!” unconsciously.

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Why We’re Here

Yesterday was a good day in Tumblr Land, though like apparently several other friends, and as has now been the case for quite some while, I’ve been plotting to either actually take a break, or simply tell Tumblr, thanks it’s been real.   Then a funny (good) thing happened this morning.  I woke up, and at least partially fueled by the addictive nature of the beast, I checked in and practically the first post I saw was an excellent poem from one of my favorite young warriors triciasarmiento and a wonderfully kind effort from sublimestrawberryangel.  Without attempting to write either’s life story, suffice it to say they’ve been through things that none of us would wish even upon the worst of our enemies, and yet here they were, suited up and showing up with love.  It reminded me that as much as I like to whine and complain, absolutely none of my problems today are life threatening, and all combined probably wouldn’t stack up favorably against an anthill.  Nope, nothing to complain about in my world today, and yet still I wonder, why are we here?  Maybe exactly as it is in what I refer to as the “real” world, we all need, desire, and even deserve a safe place where we can both give and receive love.  Yes, it’s most definitely about the love, and I for one at least believe that’s why we’re here, and last but not least, I am most grateful to have all of you with me.