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Selfie adventures feat. The Bergara Brothers and Shane Madej

(Also, look at Ryan’s face! Ryan Bergara = actual cinnamon roll #confirmed)


We only have all this by God’s grace. Without the love of his people, a king is nothing.

NDRV3 Boys - Sleeping with S/o (Fluff)

I think I’m going to combine the two of these, if you don’t mind! And aaAA I’m so sorry it’s been so long! It’s been a tough week of travelling and staying back for Sports Day ;-; - Mod Rantarou

Saihara Shuuichi:

  • You both spent the evening outside, visiting different places you had wanted to see.
  • By the time you got back, it was late, so you invited him to stay the night.
  • He was slightly shy about it, but seeing as you refused to let him go, he agreed to stay.
  • He was already red when you invited him to stay over, but the blush grew when you told him you two would have to sleep in the same bed.
  • He went into the bathroom to freshen up and attempt to get rid of the blush on his face.
  • You two weren’t doing… anything inappropriate, but the thought of him being able to sleep next to you was oddly intimate, though he was secretly really happy that you didn’t mind it.
  • When he got out, he found you resting on your bed, eyes that were half closed darting towards you with a smile on your face.
  • His blush had returned, along with the warmest smile.

Rantarou Amami:

  • You two were just talking on his sofa, when he noticed you were a little tired.
  • He offered to make you a hot drink to keep you awake, denying your (true) claims that he just wanted to make another drink for himself.
  • He didn’t notice how quiet you’d gone while he was in the kitchen.
  • When he came out with the drinks, he found you with your eyes closed, breathing evenly.
  • He almost dropped the glasses right there and then.
  • You looked so cute he could feel his heart beat right out of his chest.
  • So much for Mr Cool Boyfriend.
  • He carried you to his room, but as he turned to leave, you, half awake after he almost dropped you going up the stairs, pulled a little on his sleeve and mumbled for him to sleep too.
  • If anyone asks, he did not smile like a child in a candy store and immediately jump into bed next to you.

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okay but what if jungkook used to tease jimin by not calling him ‘hyung’ because he wants Jimin to see him as someone equal as him not as the youngest member in the group, because he don’t want jimin to love him as a baby brother he don’t want jimin to love him because he is cute and because he is the youngest among them, because he wants jimin to see him as a man that he could love and could love him back too so thats why he always making fun of Jimin also thats why jungkook works out a lot because kids are not supposed to have muscles right? kids are not supposed to look sexy right? that way maybe his jimin hyung will look at him as a man

anonymous asked:

How about a scenario where one of Coran's experiments go wrong and it ends up turning the paladin's s/o into a child? How do they react/ what would they do?

Hooooo boy, I hope Coran is prepared for the lecture of his lifetime. Paladins are Not Happy.

Also I dunno how old you are imagining them?? You’re saying child, but I raise you “toddler”, like 2-3. Just imagine them each holding a little bab ok I live for this shit.

Coran asking you for help with oddities around the castle wasn’t unusual. The poor man was constantly overworked, trying to keep the old machine working as well as it had back when it’d been originally created, and discovering things about the new planets the team visits. So, as someone who had plenty of free time while the Paladins ran about, you’d gladly offered up your services.

It had been routine so far. Coran was just testing out a few of the samples that Pidge had collected from the last planet the team had passed by, idly poking around the lab tables while you assisted him with anything he could need. It was rather quiet, and your job as sample sorter/secretary was growing a bit tedious and your mind drifted.

Not like you could really take that many notes when Coran would simply mumble things in Altean, scribble something down in his own notebook, and continue with his work. Eventually you began to doodle, lulled by the gentle scratch of your pen across the digital notepad, idly tilting the vial nearest you this way and that in its stand.

An odd noise caught your attention, just beside you. The vial you’d been messing with had begun to shift into an odd, ominous purple from the original light orange it had been, hissing softly like trapped air was trying to escape.

“Er, Coran?” you began, when the vial exploded.

Everything went white. Agony bloomed out from the center of your chest, down to your toes and to the ends of your hair. It surged through you, like an all encompassing flame. Once the white faded, it was blessed darkness.

Coran found you, once he recovered from being thrown backwards, passed out on the ground. Sort of, anyway. It was more like a tiny, two year old version of yourself, wrapped in a bundle of your clothes, tiny chest slowly rising and falling. It was an effort to keep himself from shouting in shock when he saw you lying there, and he’d taken a moment to steady his racing heart.

How… how did that explosion..

Shaking it off, Coran knelt beside you. Slowly, and ever so carefully, he scooped up your frail body into his arms, tucking you close to his side. His hand worried along your neck, rubbing against the tense muscles there, marveling at how small you were. But worrying about how this happened would have to come a little later. For now, his priorities were: clothes, food, and telling the Paladins.

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Last Week Tonight

An 8th year Hogwarts story set in 2017

“Malfoy’s at it again.” Ron fell down in his favorite armchair in the eight year common room with a tired yawn, before sending an accusing glare at Harry.

“What? I didn’t do anything!” Harry threw his hands up and with that accidentally knocked his ink bottle over. He cursed loudly.

“Well then why is he constantly fucking laughing every time I wake up? He only started doing that since you began dating him.” Ron glared at Harry again, though a little less intense so as Hermione crawled on his lap with two cups of tea.

“Well that’s still not my fault. I told you we don’t sleep together, and besides even if we did he wouldn’t be laughing about it.” Ron pulled a disgusted face as he eyed Harry’s smug grin.

“Harry,” Hermione cut in before they could start arguing even more, “why don’t you go check out why he’s laughing? That seems more like your task then Ronald’s anyway.”

“Fine,” Harry sighed defeated, though he didn’t actually mind. Draco looked adorable when he laughed and he’d been dying to find out where Ron had been complaining about ever since the ginger man started whining about Draco’s laughter. “Though I still don’t get why you don’t just go check yourself if it’s so annoying.”

Ron sputtered with a bright red face, and Harry didn’t need to know what he tried to say as it was more than obvious by now. He wanted to pester Ron with it just a bit more but decided that it wasn’t worth it as Hermione mouthed that he had to go now.

“Draco? Draco what are you doing in there?” With more than a little caution Harry pulled the curtain away, again regretting that he hadn’t switched with Ron at the start of the year. Now he was stuck with the shenanigans of Dean and Seamus while Ron was stuck with most of the snakes, but now that he and Draco were dating Minerva refused to let them switch.

Suddenly an arm reached out to grab him and pull him onto the bed.

“You have got to see this Harry it is the most hilarious thing ever.” Harry was nothing short of flabbergasted as his eyes went from Draco’s face, covered in laughing induced tears, and the muggle television that hung on the other side on the bed. The image on it was frozen and showed a middle aged man in a suit behind a desk, with an image on an orange guy next to him. The words above it read Donald Trump, President of the USA.

“Is that a muggle TV?”

“Yeah of course it is,” Draco seemed puzzled by Harry’s surprise, “this is Last Week Tonight by John Oliver. It’s amazing to see how those muggles fucked up.” To underline his words Draco wiped away one of his laughter tears. Then he pulled Harry closer and dragged part of the duvet over him.

“Excuse me but how did you get a working muggle TV in here?” Harry was still looking between the TV and Draco, not understanding a single aspect of what was happening.

“Oh Millicent installed it for me, her father is a muggle technician. And we got the wifi up at the start of the year already but it has only been up and running here since last week.”

Draco looked at Harry. “What? I was supposed to start liking muggles now wasn’t I? The internet is the easiest way of doing that.”

“I… I…” Harr stammered. It was all a bit much on the early morning. He glanced at the TV one more time before settling his gaze on Draco. “I am so confused right now.”

Draco snorted, but gave him a sympathetic smile as he noticed that Harry did not see the humour in the situation. Then he ruffled Harry’s hair and pulled his face into the crook of his neck. “I’ll explain it later, but I’d like to finish the episode first okay?”

“Sure,” answered Harry weakly, pressing his face deeper into Draco’s deliciously soft hair. Yet another thing he did not understand. How could hair be that soft?

Life was weird.

Check out the show Last week tonight here (please do it’s hilarious and inspired me to write this)

Imagine Woozi laughing at the other members’s hilarious antics when they show how happy they are after he treats them to a meal.

i feel like this is the only one that would cooperate with tumblr since the others are full length videos but the concert was so fucking amazing and afterwards we met all of them, i repeat, all. of. them. it was totally worth the wait to stand out in the cold for ages to meet them and i really hope we can do it again soon. ps- i’ll post my pics with them later!

Benji as your boyfriend

A/N: It’s been a while since I’ve been doing these things, but I really want to get back on track with it

Originally posted by aceyng

  • Get ready for the cheesiest boyfriend ever
  • I mean it, it can vary between extremely sweet and romantic to just become cringey
  • He does sweet things like buying you plushies of souvenirs if you’re not able to see him for a bit
  • But he is also the type to taste a dessert at a restaurant and be like:
  • “Wow, this is so sweet …”
  • And in your mind, you’re like: Benji don’t. But he does it anyway
  • “Sweet just like you, my love.”
  • He’s joking though (not really cause he actually adores you)
  • Always puts his arm around you in public
  • Or uses you as an armrest
  • Cause he’s just sO TALL
  • And him being so tall always leads to extremely lovely cuddles
  • He insists on being the big spoon because he likes that you feel protected that way
  • But he finds it very cute if you big spoon him sometimes because the size difference is just so charming
  • Rap battles in English
  • If you’re ever listening to classical music or watching a music with a famous soundtrack, he’s just like “oh I know that one!”
  • So he pulls out his violin and starts playing it for you and it’s the most soothing thing
  • He also likes singing for you while holding your hands (told you he’s cheesy)
  • He sometimes invites you to B.I.G’s practices
  • But if Heedo or Gunmin start dancing sexually he’ll cover your eyes
  • “Benji, I wanna’ see!”
  • “No, you don’t.”
  • Dating Benji includes having Junghoon as your hilarious uncle/dad
  • And the other members as your weird brothers
  • One time when Benji was being an MC and you were in the audience he saw you and spaced out, forgetting it was his turn to speak
  • He’s just always so mesmerized by you and he’s not afraid to show it
  • Also I think this boy is a total dom and that he likes being in charge in the bedroom (feel free to challenge him though, it will cause a higher intensity)
  • *Cough* anywaaaaay back on track
  • Totally the type to make you go to fancy dinners, like those where you have to wear a suit or a dress
  • And you’re like “Benji, this menu, this is too expensive.”
  • But he just brushes it off like it’s nothing
  • Because he really loves you spoil you and make you feel good about yourself
  • A reason for why he gives you a lot of heartfelt compliments
  • He just likes so many things about you
  • He also remembers many little things
  • “How did you know I loved this?”
  • “OH because you told me on our third date when we went to that little café outside of town, remember?”
  • You didn’t remember but he sure did
  • Cause he’s a little sweetheart who loves you  

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Kagami, Tsukishima, Oikawa, and Akaashi are frustrated that their crush always looks away from them. But one day when she turns away, she faces a window/mirror; they catch her reflection and discover she only does that because she's trying to hide her blush from them (cuz she likes them too). Headcanons about what they'd do next please?

i’m sorry this is late love but i hope you like this!


  • The minute he sees you blushing, he feels confused. 
  • He really sucks when it comes to a girl’s feelings so he will be slow on why you’re doing this. Which is why he’ll ask you flat out “What’s wrong? Why won’t you look at me?” 
  • His tone might sound a little harsh or loud but that’s usually how he gets whenever he’s frustrated and cannot find the answer to something. 
  • Once he finally realizes what is happening, he will feel stupid and will leave right away.
  • Although he’s just going to sort his thoughts out and yell at himself for being an idiot. He will come back for sure and make sure to properly ask you on a date.
  • He likes you, you like him back. He’s not gonna stand still.


  • He’s never been one to not notice the little details. Out of the many things he’ve noticed and ignored, this is something he cannot ignore for any longer. You’re one he cannot ignore even if he wanted to.
  • He was getting a little annoyed by not being able to look at your face so he wasn’t gonna sit for any longer and watch.
  • “I like you.” he put his hand gently on your face and made your eyes meet his.
  • As cool as he was trying to be, the minute his eyes met yours his cheeks failed him and he was blushing too.
  • “I…I-I like you too, Tsukki.” 
  • Suddenly his name was his favorite word to ever exist.


  • He would have teased you long ago about this and called you out but you were special and he needed to make this moment special.
  • He saw how you could barely meet his eyes these past few days and though it was cute at first, it now makes him really miss you.
  • He always thought he was better at actions than words to be honest.
  • After finally calming his rapidly beating heart, he calls out your name. 
  • He puts a hand on your chair and pulls you closer to him. Without wasting anymore time he slowly leans in for a kiss.
  • Watching your eyes then your lips to make sure you’re alright with this, he finally puts his lips on yours.


  • It’s really hard for him not to smile whenever he’s around you, even if it seems like he doesn’t smile much.
  • But seeing you like this is making it even more harder. You look so cute and adorable. And even though he is actually feeling just as shy as you are from the inside, seeing you like this made him rethink that.
  • Someone here needs to be the more confident one and spill it out but he’ll do it in his own way.
  • “_____” he calls out your name. “Do you wanna come and watch me play on our next match?” he offers you a small smile.
  • He knows the two of you like each other and thinks it’s obvious enough so he’d rather not be too direct and take his time without rushing it. 
  • From now on his eyes will only be for you.
Monsta X Reaction #24 - Their s/o has a resting bitch face

anon asked: Monsta X reaction to their s/o having resting bitch face? Thank You! :)

Hyunwoo: He doesn’t even notice honestly. He just has this instinct to be able to tell your actual emotions by looking at you instead of being tricked by your resting bitch face. He has a really positive outlook on absolutely everything, including people.

Whenever someone points out that you look upset he’s just like “huh?? what? but they look so happy to me right now??”

Originally posted by hyungnu

Hoseok: He’s super chill about it, but he also has a slight fear that you’re lowkey mad at him if you’re silent for too long. So whenever you sit with your resting face on, he grabs your attention somehow and he’s just kinda waves at you like *gif* in a silly and cute way to make you smile.

When you end up giggling (because you will, I mean look at this cutie) he laughs back and starts goofing around with you to see your beautiful smile even more.

Originally posted by wonho-be-mine

the rest of the members are below the cut~

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Tiny You, Big Dallas

Requested by an anon

Summary: Dallas dates the reader, who is really small, and just overall really cute.

Warning(s): None

  • He bends down just to be Extra and look you in the eyes.
  • If you’re shy/intimated by him it makes it 10x cuter from his perspective.
  • He’s not even the tallest one in the gang he’d pay actually money to see you standing next to Darry.
  • Will pick you up and sling you over his shoulder.
  • If you’re making a cute face he’ll pinch your cheeks or ruffle up your hair.
  • Swat his hands away while he’s doing that and he’ll swoon.
  • Dallas gets aggravated when he can’t reach your butt because you’re so short and he’s so tall.
  • Because of your height he makes sure you stay at home during rumbles, he doesn’t want you getting trampled or hurt in general.
  • And he thought Johnny was puppy-like, he’s convinced you’re an actual puppy.
  • Frequently uses you as an armrest.
  • ”Shit, if you stopped growin’ a couple inches back I coulda used you as a foot rest.”
  • He jokes about it and teases you a lot but it’s honestly just because he thinks it’s adorable(though he would never actually say that.)
  • Is baffled by the petite section of clothing, “but it’s so small.”
  • He’s the kind of dick that would purposely ask the waitress for a seat at the tall tables just so he can watch you struggle to get on the damn chair(and then come to your rescue and boost you up.)
  • Instead of your butt being near his crotch while spooning it’s in the middle of his stomach and he finds that frustrating.
  • You’re the easiest person he’s ever tried to cuddle on a couch and that is amazing, it almost makes up for when you spoon, almost.
  • He’s amazed at how flexible you are and just how many positions you can put your tiny body into like?????
  • Everyone teases him because you look like a cross between a pixie and an angel and that’s just totally NOT the type of girl they imagined would end up with Dallas.
  • He lets you sit on his shoulders at concerts/events where you can’t see.
  • Absolutely loves his sweaters/shirts on you because they go down to your knees.

On the plus side, even though I wanted Rebecca to have Chrissie by her side when she gave birth, at least she gets to have Aaron Dingle, who although probably clueless, has THE biggest heart in the whole village, with her and ‘helping’ her out. 

No joke, I can feel the comedy potential from here. Rebecca being like “Aaron, the baby is coming” and Aaron just… blanking… 

Aaron suddenly being A Lad. Who knows nothing about women. And will probably pat Rebecca on the shoulder like, okay, well, you take some deep breaths and everything will be fine. Aaron just completely UNDERPLAYING the fact Rebecca is about to birth a tiny human. Rebecca trying to keep her cool and smile through the pain because Aaron is a sweet man and she feels bad for him that he has to be here with her, but actually wanting to smack him because he is RUBBISH at this. And this is THE WORST possible scenario for giving birth. 

Aaron being like, well I will ring for help, and Rebecca shouting that IT IS COMING NOW. NOW I TELL YOU. 

Rebecca is going to be almost breaking Aaron’s hand because she’s squeezing it so hard and Aaron will just be sitting there like WELL THANK YOU ROBERT FOR PUTTING US BOTH IN THIS SITUATION WITH YOUR INABILITY TO KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS 

And they will have a genuine bonding moment and start to form an ACTUAL genuine friendship, because even if you don’t like each other (I’m lying, of course Rebecca likes Aaron), you have to have at least some amount of understanding between each other after you have delivered a small human in the remotest part of the Yorkshire Dales together

Prompt: Hello! May I have hcs for bakugo, midoriya, and todoroki with an s/o that’s chill and cool but is actually pretty motherly to her little sister and any other kid who comes to her? I hope you have a good day!            

Requester: Parental Anon

Originally posted by tobiasjc


○ Not really fussed. S/o can deal with the little brats however they want he doesn’t care much

○ Might get a bit irritated if s/o is spending too much time chatting to random children who approached them

○ Bakugou’s good with s/o’s sister though. Like if s/o is spending a lot of time with her or whatever he doesn’t mind as much since that’s family

○ Saves a lot of kids a scary experience though. Bakugou definitely isn’t good with kids so it’s good if s/o is there to deal with them when they approach

○ Thinks it’s kinda cute if he sees his s/o playing around with their younger sibling but wouldn’t tell anyone

Originally posted by osakaxkobe


○ Surprised at first. His s/o usually isn’t so involved and he didn’t expect them to have this side to this extent

○ He thinks it’s super adorable though. It actually makes his heart swell whenever he sees his s/o with kids

○ Probably takes mental notes on how s/o deals with kids in case he has to save them one day, once he becomes a hero

○ Might remark on her motherly trait one day but probably gets flustered trying to compliment her about it

○ An older Midoriya would turn beet red thinking about how s/o might be with children of their own

Originally posted by izukus


○ Simply put, he thinks it’s really sweet

○ People who are good with kids are a bit of a weakness of his and he falls a little more in love with s/o every time he sees them interacting with one

○ He’s not so good at himself either so whenever a child-fan comes to talk to him he leaves it to s/o - which is absolutely partially an excuse to watch them be cute with kids

○ Sometimes he’ll take s/o’s little sister out to the park or something along with s/o

○ Kinda glad that he still gets to experience his s/o’s cool side when they’re alone. He’s glad to get to know more sides of them

Will walked in the door at his usual time. Nico wasn’t usually home before him but there at the doorway were his boots.

He was about to call out Nico’s name when he saw him. He was sitting in the living room with his head resting on his own shoulder and a blanket wrapped tightly around him – completely asleep.

Nico looked pale and he was shaking ever so slightly. Will walked straight up to his boyfriend with a smile on his face thinking he was adorable for having fallen asleep like that. The Lord of Darkness was actually very innocent and adorable even though he would never admit it and he’d get upset if you said it. Then it hit him like a freight train, all the pieces adding up, why his boyfriend was home early, why he was wrapped tight in a blanket, why he was pale and shaky. Nico was sick.

Will bent over and kissed Nico’s forehead finding an incredible dry heat exuding from him. “Fuck…” He swore quietly, though it didn’t matter that he was quiet with his profanity, the son of Hades was already waking up.

“Will? You’re home already?” Nico asked in a groggy haze.

He sat down next to him and pulled him close,.“Yeah, I am. Nico, you have a fever.”

Nico hummed in response. “I know. That’s why I’m home. I threw up at work.” He leaned his overly warm head against Will’s shoulder. “It was horrible.”

“Why didn’t you call me!?” Will asked, totally floored.

“Didn’t want -hic- to worry you…” He swallowed thickly at the end of his statement.

“Neeks? Babe, are you okay?” He eyed him warily, he was almost certain Nico was about to throw up.

Nico nodded and swallowed hard. “m'fine….just… just…” With no more warning than what Will had already noticed, Nico pitched forward with a sudden gag. Will got up quickly to go grab a trash can but by the time he got back Nico had already thrown up on himself and the carpet in front of him.

“Oh gods… I- uuuUUUURRRRGGGHHHH!!” He pitched forward again sending a fresh wave rocketing out onto the carpet and himself.

Will was too stunned to move for all of a second as he watched Nico get sick again. He shook his head to clear his thoughts and rushed forward with the waste bin and put it under his chin. He took to rubbing Nico’s back soothingly and offering him encouragement and sweet words until he was done.

By the end of the session Nico was shaking almost violently and he had tears leaking from his eyes. Will wasn’t sure if he was actually crying or if it was from exertion, at least, he wasn’t until Nico spoke in a shaky, tearful way. “I am so sorry about the mess!” He wailed, “I’ll clean it up, I’m sorry.”

“Like hell, Nico. You’re going to bed and I will clean up.” He started untangling Nico from the now soiled blanket, careful not to make more mess in doing so. “Do you feel better?” He added softly.

“Not really… but at least I don’t think I’m going to be sick again in the immediate future.” He mumbled, leaning into Will again. He was never more cuddly than when he was sick or upset about something that was not Will himself.

Will hugged him and placed a kiss on his warm temple. “Let’s get you cleaned up and in bed. I’ll come clean this up and then I’ll come take your temperature. Okay?”

Nico just nodded, cuddling further into Will’s chest.

top shelf

“You.” She pointed directly at the undeniably cute but lanky one of the two, before realizing that was just a little abrasive by the look of confusion on the two boys faces. “Sorry.” She apologized without looking like she meant it much. “I just really need your help.”

…Or, Lydia enlists a tall, cute, boy to help her get a book.

(dedicated to ufb / on ao3 as well)

Lydia didn’t know what she expected, but she was still annoyed. The reason she always came to this tiny bookstore was because it was quiet and mostly empty, especially on a rainy day like today. However, that was her very problem now, eyeing the fourth volume of the latin book series she was reading at the very top of the shelf. And she needed that book. And was a good several inches above her. Unfortunately for her, it was untouched up there (where all the other books no one else but geniuses like her buy reside as well), and she barely reached 5’3”. She also cursed herself for wearing flats today, like her heels would help that much. (The clerk wouldn’t be much help either, a brunette girl who barely hit 5’5”).

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