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When fake husbands show up at CAA events, interesting comments are made...

We promised we’d be back with tea, and here we are.

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Our friends at CAA had a few things to say about (quoting) “oh, that man she pretends to be married to” showing up at their event.
Needless to say, no one who matters at CAA believes the farce, as they all know Mr. Tony G. as well, and they consequently know enough about the truth to just brush that Nnasty man aside as a “nuisance”.
The best part, though, were the comments about why he was actually there. His…shall we call it eagerness? Didn’t go unnoticed.
To quote one of our CAA friends “He wasn’t there with Kerry, he was there for himself, he was just desperately trying to make contact with people who weren’t interested in him in the least”.

What can we say, CAA isn’t a place where people don’t know who’s who, and he isn’t anyone that matters, other than for “annoying cover-up purposes” as one other CAA person said.

Everyone loves Kerry, but they were clear that she’s taking it too far:
Another guest of the event put it more bluntly: “When everybody knows that you’re with Tony Goldwyn and have been for years, and you have two children together, it’s pointless to keep on shoving down people’s throat someone like this man, who doesn’t even bother to look presentable for our event. I get her fear to tell the truth, but come on.”

Oopsie, Kerry.

All in all, a great event for everyone.

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tell me why every straight ship of sakura sucks

oh i actually have an answer for this one 

sakura’s story is most interesting when read as her rejecting men from her life as a necessity - ideally in reference to lesbianism but like, ill take “strong independent woman” or w/e lol it’s still a better option. 

she starts out the series as clearly really really struggling w femininity. she does everything she can to be cute and likable and reserved - she’s a fucking ninja but she doesn’t feel like she’s allowed to show aggression

this is imo best illustrated by inner sakura - bc we can rly see all the personality she’s repressing in favor of being likable. 

here’s the important part though, she’s most worried about being likable to boys. this is of course shown w her crush on sasuke, and how she always sizes herself down to try and not annoy him. but with her attempts to impress kakashi - a male authority figure, i’d say the same applies. don’t get me wrong, i don’t think that means theres a romantic element between her and kakashi. what im referencing here is the experience for pretty much all young girls and the different pressure we tend to feel from adult men. i won’t go too much more into it rn but. if ur a girl, im sure u know what i mean lol 

she never shows this problem with ino, able to openly insult her and show her rough side. all references to femininity around ino are either 1. when theyre much younger children, and ino is supporting her in that even tho she might not meet conventional standards she’s still likable and adorable, and 2. when they’re playing up their attributes to appeal to boys. 

and overall this is really really detrimental to sakura. her part 1 character is hurt by this insecurity, and internalized misogyny is really obviously to blame imo. 

i think for this reason i like seeing her arc as breaking past that and not caring at all about the opinions of men - and this is rly relatable to me as a lesbian who’s had to work to not worry about the male gaze, and i think that extra layer gives her a lot of dimension!

obv im not a fan of rly any str8 sakura ship, but since sasusaku is the canon one, i do have an example from is specifically i wanna bring up.

i DONT like seeing sakura like this. its sad! she’s a confident rough and tumble girl and we never see her act like this in part 2 until sasuke comes back. to me this reads like he’s just opening up her insecurities again and its upsetting. :(

let sakura date girls! thanks for coming to my ted talk

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so back to xf content: what's your favorite season finale? Why? and which one is, in your opinion, the worst (obviously not counting season 10...)? Thanks :)

Thank you for the XF ask! Yay! Okay, let’s get to it..

The Worst Seaon Finale (I’m doing it first because I don’t want to dwell on the awful): The Truth. A summary of the incoherent mess the show had become.

Favourite Season Finale: This is actually pretty tough. My first thought was Existence because of this iconic moment:

But when I think of the rest of the episode, it’s not my favourite. I wanted Mulder to be there for the birth. Mulder and Scully were separated during most of the episode. The story was weak overall. So I’m going to revise my decision to….

Requiem. I really love this episode. I love that Mulder and Scully are on the same page from the very beginning. They are intimate, bonded, happy. They poke fun at the auditors together. The lean on one another for support. They are protective of one another. And, at the time this aired, we weren’t yet beaten to death by the nostalgic parallels with The Pilot. We got Marita and Krycek. We got The Lone Gunmen. We got a good, emotional scene with Skinner. We were simply spoiled with the rich MSR:

The shoes. Perhaps my favourite moment in the whole damn series?

And this. Raw emotion. Mulder and Scully being an actual couple.

And of course, this stunning revelation, perfectly scored by Mark Snow and perfectly delivered through smiles and tears by Gillian Anderson:

How about you (all)?


From the beginning to the end ~
I’ve been talking about my art and asking for references, but I’ve never showed any sign of progress…
Here is a little practice for my jimin poster ~

Thank you all for your assistance. Idk how long it’ll take me to actually finish a colored piece…I’m lazy…

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i actually love the fact that kristen works a normal 9-5 job. it just shows that she's not trying to piggy back off scott's internet presence. and i love that even though she has a youtube channel she doesn't post a lot cuz it just further proves my thought that she doesn't really care about all that stuff and she really does care about scott.

yes!!! Kristen loves her job bc she’s always wanted to be in the fashion industry and she’s living out her dream while Scott’s living out his. she’s the best

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have you seen american horror story? If you havent i think you should really take a look at the first season because one of the episodes is based on columbine and i want to know your thoughts on it :)

I’m actually a huge fan of the show and I’ve watched every season so far!

The first season is defiantly the best in my opinion. Tate Langdon is such an interesting character, I think the writers did a really good job at orchestrating him. His traits are almost a perfect balance between Eric and Dylan.

Tate relates to Eric because they are both emotionally manipulative, do things compulsively, and are pathological liars. Tate is especially manipulative to Violet, this is seen when he tries convince her to skip school all the time just so he could be with her, causing her to get in trouble. He acts out without really thinking, (like almost everyone he has murdered on show, he only murdered because they were in his way) he does things on the spot without thinking like what Eric use to do. For instance, when Eric smashed Brooks’ windshield not caring about the consequences afterwards. But then he lies straight to Brooks’ mom’s face as he’s apologizing, then he gets stunned when Brooks’ mom calls him for being a liar. Similar to when Tate is trying to apologize to Violet’s dad for the harm he’s done to his family towards the end of the season, in which Violet’s dad applauds him and calls him out for great acting/lying. 

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How he relates to Dylan is (the quite obvious one) that their both hopeless romantics. That’s why Tate is so obsessed with Violet. The only thing that matters to him, was her. But to Dylan his standards were “My happiness. Her happiness. NOTHING else matters.” It seemed like Dylan wanted to die with his soulmate, just like when Tate tried to convince Violet to commit suicide with him. Dylan was also in this psychological battle within himself. Being a good person, but his desires wanted him to be bad. While Tate’s was the opposite. He was a bad person but his desires wanted to be good (for Violet). Dylan mentions in his journal, “…I’ll finally not be at war with myself, the world, the universe — my mind, body, everywhere, everything at PEACE in me — my soul (existence)” 

Tate Langdon defiantly stands out because he’s the kind of character everyone wants to hate yet love. It’s weird to see the similarities that Tate has with both Eric and Dylan. I know this is probably a longer answer than you expected but I thought doing an character psychoanalysis would be interesting. (: 

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you're the best!!!!!!!! the actual best!!!!!!!!! i've been wondering about that for quite a while, whether it would be possible to send togashi some sort of fanmail to show him appreciation. but there's the language barrier and other complications so i wasn't sure. i'd been thinking about sending you an ask since you seem knowledgeable! thank you SO MUCH for even proposing something like this, it would be so amazing if we could all work something out together!!!!!!! togashi deserves all the love

oh my gosh no problem!! i have no way of guaranteeing he’d receive it (shueisha would need to forward it to him but like… they forward fanmail all the time so i don’t see what the issue would be?) but i think just trying is important?? and besides it’s a good way to inspire fandom content and appreciation for togashi/hxh, so it’s all win-win as far as i’m concerned!

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[1/4] You know that scene in the finale when Sam walks into the room to Kelly’s corpse on the bed and he looks so so so sad and he gently closes her eyes? Yeah, that scene destroyed me. I didn’t even realize that I could possibly love Sam more than I already did but there you have it. Kelly is one of those characters that I fell for fast and hard (like Magda) and she had been breaking my heart the entire season starting from what Lucifer did to her, to her captivity with Daegan, to her …

[2/4] … attempted suicide, to her trying to be a good mother to a child she will never know and finally her death. And through it all a lot of people, in the show and in fandom, only saw her as the packaging of “a possibly dangerous thing” but hardly ever as an actual person who has been dealt a real shit hand and is trying to do her best. Even the discussion of morality in striking preemptively at an innocent to prevent possible future danger was mostly revolved around the kid, not her. She [¾] even got some hate for the whole “I want my kid to be born special” thing even though, personally, I think from her POV, at that point, it made perfect sense. (I also absolutely love that it was Sam who came up with a solution to eliminate the possible threat while preserving her and her kid’s life) So those scenes in the finale with Cas and Mary where she was treated with kindness and support are precious to me and made me really really happy but the few seconds with Sam just killed me. 

[4/4] And sure, the others might have done the same, but that deep sorrow carved into his face (BLESS JARED!) and the quiet tenderness, not just in the act, but in the way he looked at her and closed his eyes for a second like he was reeling from the loss and there was just a humanity and a love and a softness emanating from him that I just … UGH!!! Sorry I’m rambling, but I really love that scene! Wish we got a few powerful seconds like that when/if Sam found out about Magda’s murder …T_T

Absolutely agreed, Anon, and well-said! 

That scene was so quietly painful. I enjoyed Kelly as a character quite a bit. (And Magda, of course! My poor baby.) Even when we as viewers were lamenting the decision she made, I respected her determination even in the face of her own death. That’s a heck of a choice to make with your eyes wide open.

I do wish the show had acknowledged the horror of what she went through, though. The consent issues in this show are pretty gross.

I loved Sam’s research montage where he figured out a solution, too! That was just lovely. Also, Sam and books = OTP. ♥

Yessss Jared Padalecki is a boss and the way he chose to play that scene was wonderful. It’s striking that he had just lost his own mother for a second time, and he lost her the first time when he, too, was an infant. Much like Mary, Kelly faced death to protect her child. I wonder if Sam thought about that as he closed her eyes.

Also, whyyyyy did the show never let Sam figure out what happened to Magda? It’s far too late now for him to find out. 

I feel like I should bake the SPN writers a cake and painstakingly write the dictionary definition of continuity on top of it for them to enjoy. -___-

All hail king Julien appreciation post

I’ve always loved King Julien from the Madagascar movies, and from the penguins show. I just didn’t expected him to be such a loveable character in this new series. Like, at the beginning it is all fun and games, but then you get to know how Julien actually loves his kingdom and his people, and he looks forward for ways to make them happier and for them to have a better life. He doesn’t always make the best choices, like giving them money or building that wall (OMG the parodies of American society on this show!). But he tries his best, he wants them to be as happy as possible. And the show just keeps getting better and better, the story keeps getting deeper and you get to see support characters developing, like omg Ted, I know it is not stated on the show and he even supposedly is married to Dorothy, but I feel in my heart he loves boys, he’s kind and gentle and soft and cute and he shows us that it’s ok for a boy to be that way. Among great jokes, lovely plot twists, amazing character development and a great message, this show have touched me deep in my heart.

All Hail King Julien!

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Oh. *scoots away* (It's actually great though, it's one of the few realistic depictions of a kid dealing with grief. Which is so fucking important.)

But it’s so good! At the end everyone moves on! It shows kids how to move on with their lives after the death of a loved one!

I had already dealt with grief when my sister’s best friend died in a car crash by the time I was old enough to read it. I mean I’m sure it sure helped others but I’m not reading it ever. Nope. Uh-uh. I’ve gone twenty-six years without reading it and I’ll go twenty-six more.

New shot game for The Enemy series

The every time Andy shows up in the book and only gets recognition for being that kid in the background who has a big nose take a shot.

Two of Pentacles


“The Two of Pentacles signifies balance and adaptability. I chose to illustrate Yuri because of his struggle to balance doing what other people think is best for him and what he really wants to do. And as we’ve seen with his WTTM skate, he finally decided to stop just performing according to other people’s wishes, and bring balance to his life by skating his own choreography to a piece that he chose. WTTM also shows just how adaptable he is. As for the design of the card, I decided to stick to the themes of the actual tarot card, showing Yuri balancing the two pentacles, against a background of ocean waves that symbolize the turmoil in one’s struggle for balance. Color-wise, I went with pinks and purples as a nod to WTTM.”

Back to artist list.

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watching for the first time this season, I've just been keeping up with everything via tumblr, and holy shit the acting is actually atrocious, I'm not sure how they've all managed to get progressively worse over the year (bar Janel and Troian, and Shay has just stayed the same) I mean I dunno it might be just the dialogue but I feel like the delivery is just so weak and cringey

I thought the acting in the last episode was the best it’s been in a looooong time. Janel and Troian save the show every week (with help from Vanessa this week too). Shay has actually improved for me which is annoying because she waited until the last ever season lol.

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Seen an ad for Reese Witherspoon's new movie Home Again? I have & I can't stop imagining freshly separated Tony going out with friends to celebrate his 40th. Meeting hopelessly attractive, charming Steve, who's 25 & fun & *interested*, so Tony takes him home to have spectacular sex. Steve & his friends (Bucky/Sam/Nat/Carol) end up *staying* b/c Bruce & Jarvis are The Best & know great potential, meanwhile Tony's friends are like HIT THAT LIKE A WRATHFUL GOD & ARE YOU OTHER LOVELY PEOPLE TAKEN?

Well I haven’t actually but now that you’ve said it and after watching the trailer for it I can’t stop imagining it myself, thanks. Aaaah, lovely age gap that would really have Tony going through a crisis and he’s constantly doing things and never showing anything wrong and Witherspoon’s character is almost the genderbent version of Tony if he had blond hair and had children (which now he does!) so let’s bring in Peter and Harley and have this show on the road!!

Ships, I see ships everywhere. Steve’s young friends hooking up with Tony’s older decent of age friends and they can all go through a crisis together and show that true friendship is never letting your friends do anything alone. Join them in their wonderful ideas and see what they’re going through. Ah, love. <3 

Shall Rhodey be shipped with Carol, or go three with Sam and Clint? I’m all for either one. 

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i just thought of a fun plance au: sky high! it'd be super cute with lance being the son of the best hero couple (and his powers showing up way later than everyone else) and pidge being his childhood best friend who can control plants and is way more powerful than anyone gave her credit for! plus you'd get keith as the fire guy (who has an immediate rivalry with lance), and hunk would be adorable as the character that turns into a guinea pig^^ where do you think the others would fit? ~sleepyhunk

Ooh!!! I love this !!! I actually rewatched sky high a few months ago so I can still remember all the characters decently enough.

Coran is DEFINITELY the teacher in charge of the sidekicks who used to be the mc’s parents sidekick.

Haggar would be the villain who was a nerdy girl from decades ago who aged herself down to stay young.

I actually don’t know where I’d place shiro and allura because I would see them as heroes in this au since their characters very skilled and trained in vld. Heroes are pretty much all bad guys in the movie but I guess they could be heroes who aren’t bad ???

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top 10 favorite events or periods in history (in no particular order)


Thank you Dreamworks for the magical girl/boy robot lion animu my heart has so desperately craved.  

@misterpoofofficial Thank you for voicing Allura. Legit my fav person in this entire hell fandom. 

@foxxyopal Thank you for drawing the ending art! U da best <33