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Okay, but like, there’s this part in Dear Evan Hansen when Evan basically tells his mom that she would hate him if she knew that he tried to kill himself, and like…this scene spoke volumes to me. Because how do you tell someone you were thinking of ending your life? It’s terrifying. I’ve been there. And Ben Platt did such a fucking phenomenal job in this role that if he doesn’t win the Tony for best leading actor in a musical, I might actually cry.

Been a while but im thinking about MSA headcanons.

So its a common headcanon that Lewis for whatever reason cant eat. Not just that he cant digest food, but that he cant taste it. But at the same time all other senses are perfectly intact. He can still see, feel,smell and hear. So why is just that one sense missing?

So im throwing some ideas out there. All senses are perfectly intact and he can taste food fine (which I think might actually be canon/semi canon since bens drawn lewis drinking a soda :V) But being that hes dead he cant digest it so he has to pull a Casper movie with the food and get rid of it later. Though more politely then the ghosts in that movie of course.

The more angsty idea is that none of his senses are intact. The world appears VERY differently to ghosts. Muted sounds and colors, almost like how living people see ghosts. So to a ghost the world looks kinda like this

Living people end up looking kind like the ‘ghosts’ to them.
Except for other spirits and maybe the spiritually sensitive, who might look like this to a ghost

they kinda stand out like a sore thumb. Which ya know, would attract ghosts to them :V

idk im just was throwing ideas around as I was thinking about how often I see and have even written the whole ‘lewis cant eat thing’


Ben: Depression

Your depression started up again last night, you’d spent hours crying. You’d spent even more time numbly staring at the wall trying to convince yourself this wouldn’t last forever. You’d managed to get through the night, but you were completely exhausted by morning. The weight on your chest was unbearable, your throat and eyes were as dry as a desert, you didn’t even want to breathe. Your eyes burn as you try to focus on the clock. 7:34 am, middle of the bloody morning. You groan and turn, shielding yourself from the sun. You close your eyes and try to sleep for the hundredth time, at least sleep deprivation was on your side. You feel your body loosen and just as you see the bridge into sleep, your phone vibrates on your nightstand. You ignore it, it was probably BEN asking if he could come over. Leading him to believe you were asleep was easier than explaining why you couldn’t bare being around anyone today. Another vibrate, he was nothing if not persistent. Another notification comes in, you squeeze your eyes closed even tighter. You hear one last text come in before there is a knock on your bedroom door. You remain quiet but the door opens anyway.

“Hey! Y/n, the fucks with not answering me!” BEN says playfully, walking over to you. You push yourself deeper into your bed, willing him away. He plops down on your bed and audibly groans.

“Babe come on, wake up I’m bored! Entertain me” He says, his playful tone turning flirty. You feel him place a hand on your shoulder and slowly move down to your ass, but you remain quiet. He huffs and gets up, walking over to your windows. He violently throws the curtains back, sunlight flooding into your room. You try to groan but no sound comes out, everything inside you hurt. Ben bounces over to you again and sits on top of you, forcing you to move onto your back. Your face hits the sun and you cringe, your dry and cracked lips parting in protest. Your puffy face now exposed to BEN, he stops.

“Jesus baby” He whispers, sliding off of you. He lays beside you on the bed.

“Can I…can I touch you? Is that okay?” BEN was well aware of your depression, he knew your boundaries and knew how to respect them. Some days you wanted to be held, some you wanted to be left alone. Today, you need him. You slowly nod and within a second his arms are around you, pulling you into a warm embrace. Your face buries itself into his chest, his familiar scent surrounding you. He stays quiet, feeling guilty for being annoying.

“You can talk to me if you need, you know that. I’m here for you baby, I’m with you through it all” His soft quiet voice whispers to you, being your strength. You began to cry again, some from sadness and some from relief. He gave you hope, you never felt alone with him. You muttered a small “Thank you” and he pulled you in tighter.

“I’m here till the end, baby. I promise.”

You two must have laid there for hours, you actually got some good sleep while laying with him. You did eventually wake up, but he was gone. A pang of sadness hit your heart, fearing you had run him off. You hear a bang from across the house in the direction of the kitchen, followed by a few curses. Despite your current mood, a small smile flickers onto your face. A few minutes later your door creaks open to show a slightly distressed BEN with a tray in his hands.

“Oh good, you’re awake.” He says smiling, coming over to you. You sit up and he places the tray on your lap then sits beside you.

“I uh…I made you some lunch, well I tried to make you some lunch.” He laughs nervously and rubs the back of his neck. You smile again at your dork of a boyfriend then turn your attention to the tray. On it was a bowl of soup, some chips, your favorite drink, and a slice of pie. You took a spoon full of the soup and groaned, you could tell BEN was waiting for you to tell him you hated it.

“God BEN, this is great. I needed this, thank you.” You see his face light up and he grins, causing you to giggle.

“Thank god” He laughs and leans back, watching you eat. He loved making you happy, even the slightest smile on your bad days was enough for him.

“I can turn some Netflix on if you want?”

“Oh, Yes please” You say and he nods. He gets up to grab the TV remote and you smile slightly to yourself. You had such an amazing boyfriend and friend, today might actually not be that bad.

Poison Ivy’s Independence

Guys, this needs to stop. I get you’re excited about the solo Harley movie and possibly getting Ivy in as her girlfriend, but you can’t just reduce Ivy’s character to just being tied to Harley. She has a long history in the comics (even longer than Harley) and she should have - no, deserves to have - a chance to establish her character in the setting beyond Harley’s story.

Look, I get how a lot of you are about Ivy being with Harley in the DCEU, but can we just take a step back here and consider the fact that she needs to establish herself as a character? I mean, she has been around longer than Harley. Her first appearance in comics was in 1966. Harley’s first appearance was in 1992. And that wasn’t even her first appearance in comics - let alone, the main DCU!

Yet so far, Harley has two full solo series before Ivy, and when Ivy finally got one, it was a miniseries and not an ongoing one. And Harley even appeared in the first issue! I think that seems a little unfair that Poison Ivy had to wait fifty years in comics to finally get a limited run and yet Harley was fresh off from BTAS and got an ongoing series a few years after her first appearance.

And thanks to certain writers (*cough cough* Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Connor *cough cough*) and a certain part of the fandom, she’s turned into nothing more than Ivy’s girlfriend who happens to have a thing for plants. Yet those same fans get angry about Harley being reduced to nothing more than “the Joker’s girlfriend.” Hypocritical much?

While the crappy writing is definitely a big component, it’s largely inspired by the fanbase. And since the fanbase accepts her being Harley’s girlfriend and not much else, that’s what the writers will make her.

It’s a pretty telling sign of how bad it is when this is an actual panel in her solo miniseries:

If even she’s sick of it, you know it’s bad.

And I think it’s a humongous insult to her character to only have her introduced in the new DCEU as Harley’s girlfriend. She deserves a proper portrayal in film independent of Harley’s story. Especially after… *shudders* the last time she was in a movie… She needs a fresh start. And that fresh start shouldn’t just be as Harley’s girlfriend. She’s a well-known character in the fandom. Let this be an opportunity to introduce her as something much more than a footnote in another character’s story.

Yes, it’s good for Harley to have a relationship with someone other than the Joker. Even though I prefer that ship, I’m well aware of the fact that he’s an abusive piece of crap. But I think that her well-being shouldn’t be at the expense of Ivy’s characterization. Maybe Margot understands Harley’s character, but that doesn’t exactly guarantee that she knows about Ivy’s outside of her connection to Harley. And even if she does, the fandom perpetuating this narrow view of Ivy doesn’t exactly help.

“But how would you actually go about doing that?” you might be thinking. Well, Ben Affleck’s Batman movie is potentially coming out before Harley’s. That would be a good place to introduce her. Even if Deathstroke is gonna be the main villain, that doesn’t mean Ivy couldn’t be included. Heck, they could be villains of equal threat level. Establish her character before you pair her off with Harley. And when you do, don’t just forget about all that characterization.

So come on, guys! Let her at least be her own character! Even if she’s gonna be paired up with Harley later, at least don’t let her defining character trait be her ties to Harley. She is one of Batman’s most dangerous foes. She is a complex character that deserves to be shown as such.

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Please write that meta! I'm tired of people trying to prove Kylo and Anakin are alike because they are both "whiny".

Okay since you asked so nicely, anon. Y’all know I’m super invested in Anakin through the lens of Tatooine, and here’s the thing:

Ben started out with everything Anakin ever wanted.

He was born free.

(I’m gonna give that a line to itself because it’s huge. Like I cannot overstate the importance of this. Ben was born free.)

He had a family who loved him, and a family he was allowed to love in return. Again, that’s huge.

His friends and family were also free, and he could interact with all of them freely.

He grew up in a world that was (as far as we can tell from TFA alone, anyway) largely at peace. The war between the First Order and the Resistance that’s currently tearing the galaxy apart seems to have really only gained headway after Ben turned. And if that’s the case, that also means

He could be reasonably assured of the safety of the people he loved.

And look, that’s it. That’s literally everything Anakin ever wanted.

But it’s more than that. Ultimately, I think their approach to power is fundamentally different, so much so that the similarities between Ben and Anakin are most surface ones, imo.

I know some people are going to disagree with me here, but in my reading, Anakin never actually wanted power. What he wanted was power to.

Power to free the slaves. Power to save people he loved from dying. Power to end the war. Power to have some measure of control over his own life.

Anakin’s tragedy is that he sought that power in the wrong place and in the wrong way, and found himself a slave all over again. But I think it’s important to note that his motivations are not inherently wrong.

Does that excuse what he did? Absolutely not. But I think it does make his redemption more possible. Luke’s struggle was mainly in convincing his father that it was possible to break away from his Master and be free. The Vader we see in ROTJ doesn’t even particularly seem to want to be on the Dark Side - he just doesn’t think there’s any way out.

Ben is very different.

Now, what we know about Ben so far is that he had everything that Anakin ever wanted, and for some reason he gave it up. We don’t know why yet, but we do know that Rey says his greatest fear is that he’ll never be as strong as Darth Vader. And we know that Ben actively wants to be fully of the Dark Side, and is disgusted with himself whenever he fails to be so.

So, going solely off of TFA, it looks like what Ben wanted was not so much power to, but simply power.

Which, among other things, is going to make his redemption a lot more difficult, I think.

(Now, I also strongly suspect that Ben is brainwashed, and if he is, then much if not all of this may very well be moot. But we’ll have to wait for the next movie for that.)


The Book Thief -based on the novel by Markus Zusak

Anon submy

“What exactly is the point? What is the end goal? You can’t actually help Ben.”  "You might be helping people, but at what expense to others?“  ”How the hell do you know he lurks? That sounds like delusion…“

Gosh Gator, did you hit a nerve?  They seem to be more obsessed with you than they are BC.  

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Why I Will Never Sacrifice the Chargers

Demands of the Qun is a quest that I didn’t like from the moment I started it. First of all, the Qunari offering an alliance just sounded too good to be true. And you know what people say about things that sound too good to be true? They generally are. 

I’ve seen a lot of theories and ideas on it. I tend to disagree. Honestly, I think the whole endeavor is a test for Iron Bull. I know it sounds crazy, but while the alliance is offered, I think it’s secondary to the Ben-Hassrath’s true true objective: find out whether Iron Bull is Tal-Vashoth.

Hissrad. Liar. This is what Gatt calls Iron Bull. While, yes, it has to do with his job as a spy- I think it’s more of a warning that the Ben-Hassrath has an idea that Bull is lying to them. That after playing the role of Tal-Vashoth in Seheron so long, he’s succumbed to the lifestyle and he isn’t giving them full reports on the Inquisition like he’s supposed to. Yeah, Qunari hate Vints and they would want to prevent them getting their hands on more red lyrium. But there is no reason they actually needed to involve the Inquisition, other than the guise of the offered alliance.

I wish I had the dialogue at hand, but Gatt implies (or outright says, if anyone could help with this, I’d really appreciate it) that the Ben-Hassrath is already suspicious of Bull. The bullshit assassination attempt (if you save the Chargers) tells me that they really knew all along that he was Tal-Vashoth, and just needed the confirmation so they could cut him off. Why cut him off?

Simple. He’s been sharing their information with the Inquisition already. The Qun never agreed to an alliance, and it seems obvious to me that they wouldn’t be happy with Bull sharing any of their secrets with the Inquisition. It would also seem to me that Bull either didn’t have sufficient intel on the Inquisition to report back, or he was leaving information out of his reports to the Ben-Hassrath because, hell, he might actually believe in what the Inquisition is doing.

Of course, there’s always the option that I’m completely wrong.

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