actually this might be ben

you might think that kylo ren’s actual name being ‘ben solo’ is an on the nose exercise in ironic naming because luke’s greatest failure as a mentor and a jedi was a kid named after the man who trained him in the ways of the force, but actually it’s an on the nose exercise in ironic naming because kylo ren is a wonderfully snotty little shitheel incel with high pants on whereas obi wan kenobi, historically, got laid more than anybody else in the galaxy

Okay, but like, there’s this part in Dear Evan Hansen when Evan basically tells his mom that she would hate him if she knew that he tried to kill himself, and like…this scene spoke volumes to me. Because how do you tell someone you were thinking of ending your life? It’s terrifying. I’ve been there. And Ben Platt did such a fucking phenomenal job in this role that if he doesn’t win the Tony for best leading actor in a musical, I might actually cry.



“Hellooooo my lil delights! Did ya miss me?~ Fret not, I’m back now and ready to entertain ya again. I’m feelin quite refreshed and…re-energized again so to speak~ So don’t be shy to talk with me again <3…Oh before I forget, Ivan is still here to. Go pester him if ya wish, maybe convince the bugger to push on some proper clothes or something.”

Horrible Thought

Kylo Ren awakens in the middle of the night, with Hux standing over him with a blaster. Hux plays it off as soon as Kylo wakes up, but Kylo knows he was trying to kill him in his sleep. He knows that’s he’s no longer safe, not even in the first order. The kid is already PTSD from thinking he was gonna get killed in his sleep once before, now he doesn’t know if he’ll ever get back to sleep. Hux leaves, and Kylo desperately tries to activate the force bond with Rey, because he needs someone, anyone, to talk to. But she doesn’t answer him. And he is really, truly, alone.

It’s Genetic

Leia: [opening the door to let Luke in] Luke! Happy Life Day – oh. You brought him, huh.
[Anakin’s Force Ghost peers out nervously from behind Luke, waving weakly] 
Luke: Leia, he’s our dad. I know you guys haven’t always had the best relationship but – 
Leia: He killed my parents. He tried to kill me. And my husband. Oh, and you, by the way, in case you’ve forgotten. That’s a little worse than missing a few of my softball games.
Luke: That’s fair, but…he eventually saved the universe! And he saved me! You like me, right? 
Leia: [unimpressed] I guess
Luke: And I…I like dad. He’s been helping me become a better Jedi…and look how great my hair looks these days! 
Leia: [rolling her eyes] Yeah…your hair does look pretty good.
Luke: See? So let’s just…all sit down together and maybe get to know each other a little more. [puppy dog eyes] It is Life Day, after all. 
Han: Leia, just let them come in already…you don’t want to listen to Luke complain for the rest of the night.
Leia: [annoyed] All right, come in. [to Anakin] You sit…over there. Please try not to murder anyone. 
Anakin: [nodding] Of course, I won’t be any trouble, I’m just…happy to be here with my family. 
Luke: Great! Oh, and of course we can’t forget… [opening the door again and motioning to someone to come in] 
Leia: Oh no, I’m not hosting any more of your guests, Luke, thanks. [she starts to close the door on Obi-Wan’s Force Ghost] Uh. H-hi. [to Luke] Who is this?
Luke: [whispering] That’s Ben Kenobi! 
Leia: [eyes widening] This is Obi-Wan Kenobi? 
Luke: [nodding] Yes? 
Leia: [swallowing hard, smoothing out her dress and smiling] Hello, General Kenobi. It’s – it’s my pleasure to host you here in my home. 
Han: [furrowing his brow] 
Obi-Wan: Oh, the pleasure is entirely mine, your highness. [he kisses her hand] I was so very fond of the Organas, you know. It’s lovely to see you. 
Leia: [blushing furiously and giggling] Oh well…you know…I heard so many wonderful stories about you growing up, just w-wonderful, and I’d always wished we could meet, and I could hear stories about you and my father from back in the day…please, come in, sit down. 
Anakin: Uh, yes, Obi-Wan, why don’t you come sit down next to me? You know, Obi-Wan spent more time with me than with anyone else during the Clone Wars. 
Leia: [pointedly] Yes, but that didn’t end so well for him, did it? [turning back to Obi-Wan with open adoration, clasping his hands] General Kenobi, by all means, take this seat over here by me and tell me everything. I’m sure you must have so many amazing stories to share. 
Anakin: [annoyed] Obi-Wan, are you sure you wouldn’t rather sit over here? By me? We could tell everyone about that time we rescued those refugees –
Luke: [miffed, patting the seat next to him] Uh, actually Ben, I was hoping you might sit over here and tell some stories about me when I was a little boy on Tatooine. [to Anakin and Leia] You know, he devoted his life to protecting me. 
Anakin: [pouring himself more wine, increasingly agitated] He almost left the Jedi Order in order to take care of me, you know. He would have left it. The thing he cared about most of all. He’d have left it. For me.
Leia: [curtly] Without the involvement of him and my father, Bail Organa, none of us would be here right now. And also this is my house, and so I get to set the seating chart. [smugly] General Kenobi sits by me. 
Obi-Wan: [flustered by all this attention] Really now, everyone, perhaps if I –  
Luke: [whining] But he was my mentor!
Anakin: [standing up] He was mine first
Luke: [throwing down a napkin] Well I never betrayed him! 
Leia: [grabbing Obi-Wan’s arm] I never even got to spend any time with him thanks to you two idiots! It’s my turn
4-Year Old Ben Solo: [walking in in his Life Day pajamas, making a beeline for Obi-Wan and clinging to his leg] Mine! 
Han: [slowly pounding his head into the dining table] 
Chewbacca: [gently pats Han’s back and pours him another drink]

The losers club as things my friends have said

Bill Denbrough: I’ve been spending so much time with Ben that I’ve started reading poems, for FUN!

Beverley Marsh: Make my own moneys and spend it how I likeys

Eddie Kaspbrak: Aww shucks, E.T doesnt actually stand for Extra thicc?

Ben Hanscom: Pretty odd is not an album ok, it’s a lifestyle

Richie Tozier: You want me, the queen of sass, to stay quite? Nah Hun not happening

Mike Hanlon: And then I’m like, Helloo! My ancestors called, they want their culture back!

Stanley Uris: Raise your hand if your mutuals are a bunch of idiots who get themselves into shitty situations every day but you love em anyways


Pennywise: Man I really hate kids

The losers club, collectively: (someone they don’t like asks them for a favour) HOW ABOUT NOO

Reddie: “I love you”…..“I love me too”

Been a while but im thinking about MSA headcanons.

So its a common headcanon that Lewis for whatever reason cant eat. Not just that he cant digest food, but that he cant taste it. But at the same time all other senses are perfectly intact. He can still see, feel,smell and hear. So why is just that one sense missing?

So im throwing some ideas out there. All senses are perfectly intact and he can taste food fine (which I think might actually be canon/semi canon since bens drawn lewis drinking a soda :V) But being that hes dead he cant digest it so he has to pull a Casper movie with the food and get rid of it later. Though more politely then the ghosts in that movie of course.

The more angsty idea is that none of his senses are intact. The world appears VERY differently to ghosts. Muted sounds and colors, almost like how living people see ghosts. So to a ghost the world looks kinda like this

Living people end up looking kind like the ‘ghosts’ to them.
Except for other spirits and maybe the spiritually sensitive, who might look like this to a ghost

they kinda stand out like a sore thumb. Which ya know, would attract ghosts to them :V

idk im just was throwing ideas around as I was thinking about how often I see and have even written the whole ‘lewis cant eat thing’


Ben: Depression

Your depression started up again last night, you’d spent hours crying. You’d spent even more time numbly staring at the wall trying to convince yourself this wouldn’t last forever. You’d managed to get through the night, but you were completely exhausted by morning. The weight on your chest was unbearable, your throat and eyes were as dry as a desert, you didn’t even want to breathe. Your eyes burn as you try to focus on the clock. 7:34 am, middle of the bloody morning. You groan and turn, shielding yourself from the sun. You close your eyes and try to sleep for the hundredth time, at least sleep deprivation was on your side. You feel your body loosen and just as you see the bridge into sleep, your phone vibrates on your nightstand. You ignore it, it was probably BEN asking if he could come over. Leading him to believe you were asleep was easier than explaining why you couldn’t bare being around anyone today. Another vibrate, he was nothing if not persistent. Another notification comes in, you squeeze your eyes closed even tighter. You hear one last text come in before there is a knock on your bedroom door. You remain quiet but the door opens anyway.

“Hey! Y/n, the fucks with not answering me!” BEN says playfully, walking over to you. You push yourself deeper into your bed, willing him away. He plops down on your bed and audibly groans.

“Babe come on, wake up I’m bored! Entertain me” He says, his playful tone turning flirty. You feel him place a hand on your shoulder and slowly move down to your ass, but you remain quiet. He huffs and gets up, walking over to your windows. He violently throws the curtains back, sunlight flooding into your room. You try to groan but no sound comes out, everything inside you hurt. Ben bounces over to you again and sits on top of you, forcing you to move onto your back. Your face hits the sun and you cringe, your dry and cracked lips parting in protest. Your puffy face now exposed to BEN, he stops.

“Jesus baby” He whispers, sliding off of you. He lays beside you on the bed.

“Can I…can I touch you? Is that okay?” BEN was well aware of your depression, he knew your boundaries and knew how to respect them. Some days you wanted to be held, some you wanted to be left alone. Today, you need him. You slowly nod and within a second his arms are around you, pulling you into a warm embrace. Your face buries itself into his chest, his familiar scent surrounding you. He stays quiet, feeling guilty for being annoying.

“You can talk to me if you need, you know that. I’m here for you baby, I’m with you through it all” His soft quiet voice whispers to you, being your strength. You began to cry again, some from sadness and some from relief. He gave you hope, you never felt alone with him. You muttered a small “Thank you” and he pulled you in tighter.

“I’m here till the end, baby. I promise.”

You two must have laid there for hours, you actually got some good sleep while laying with him. You did eventually wake up, but he was gone. A pang of sadness hit your heart, fearing you had run him off. You hear a bang from across the house in the direction of the kitchen, followed by a few curses. Despite your current mood, a small smile flickers onto your face. A few minutes later your door creaks open to show a slightly distressed BEN with a tray in his hands.

“Oh good, you’re awake.” He says smiling, coming over to you. You sit up and he places the tray on your lap then sits beside you.

“I uh…I made you some lunch, well I tried to make you some lunch.” He laughs nervously and rubs the back of his neck. You smile again at your dork of a boyfriend then turn your attention to the tray. On it was a bowl of soup, some chips, your favorite drink, and a slice of pie. You took a spoon full of the soup and groaned, you could tell BEN was waiting for you to tell him you hated it.

“God BEN, this is great. I needed this, thank you.” You see his face light up and he grins, causing you to giggle.

“Thank god” He laughs and leans back, watching you eat. He loved making you happy, even the slightest smile on your bad days was enough for him.

“I can turn some Netflix on if you want?”

“Oh, Yes please” You say and he nods. He gets up to grab the TV remote and you smile slightly to yourself. You had such an amazing boyfriend and friend, today might actually not be that bad.

Drift - [Reylo]

[WELLLLP I couldn’t help myself cause I am TRASH. I hope you enjoy my first Reylo fic!!!!!!! <3 Obviously chalked full of spoilers! And things I wish happened/ I also made some shit up since we don’t exactly know how the Force Bond works….. BUT ANYWAY THANKS FOR READING!!! I think I like it? Idk bros lol. Lmk <3

Pairing: Kylo Ren and Rey

Words: 1.7k

Warnings: spoilers!!!

Read on Ao3!]

Flashes of that fight were still fresh in Rey’s mind, playing relentlessly on a loop and as far as she could tell they had no intention of stopping. She’d see Ben’s face decorated serenely by the bright light of explosions in the distance– explosions he’d caused. She’d hear his question, and hate the answer she had to return. She saw it all, over and over again and she would never be able to change it.

Did all of this… was it all for nothing?

Rey looked at the reflection before her with pain and disappointment painted across her pale broken skin. Her brows were lowered in defeat with sweat and dirt decorating her forehead and chest delicately like a second skin. By the light creases beneath her eyes it was clear she was exhausted, but her mind was anything but tired. With each breath she drew in her chest rose and fell more hurriedly than the last; filling her with more confusion and rage than before.

This had been her first moment alone, her first few seconds of silence in days and finally she was free to feel it all. With the war, the near constant running and the rebellion being reduced to crumbs only hours before, she didn’t really have the time… and even though she knew what she needed was rest she wouldn’t. With so many unknowns and the only thing substantial to go on being hope, she just couldn’t.

Luke was dead… Snoke was dead… Ben Solo was dead, but the First Order wasn’t. Not with Kylo Ren as its new Supreme Leader. Not with nearly the entire rebellion reduced to ash, and those that weren’t having given up; abandoning their princess when she needed help most.

It really felt like the end of a long chapter, like even the hope they clung to was about to run out. But then she saw that hand again as it reached towards her slowly. She saw that hopeful look in Ben’s eyes and she could hear the way he nearly begged her to just take his hand… to just be with him. It was hard for her to admit even to herself that she almost had.

She released a sigh so heavy it seemed to weigh her down as she slid to the floor. She pulled her dry, calloused fingers to fiddle with the stray pieces of fabric at her side, fixating on one moment in particular and suddenly she was there again… She can almost feel Snoke’s grasp tightening around her entire body— that constricting force she couldn’t even attempt to resist. She could hear his thick syrupy words smothering her again, poisoning Ben’s mind like tar… she could almost feel the pain again too, his pain and hers mixing into one.

But the thing she couldn’t stop fixating on was the moment Snoke ordered him to kill her. The moment her eyes slid to his… and the moment she thought he might actually do it. ‘Ben…’ was all she’d said to him, but somehow she knew it was all he needed to hear and in that moment she also knew that he was hers.

She had someone with her- in her, connected to her on such a level that he was part of her now, and… he was gone. He chose power. He chose darkness over light… He chose darkness over her.

After releasing a deep sigh she pulled her legs up, shoving those thoughts as far away as possible as she wrapped her arms securely around her knees. It wasn’t as good as a hug exactly, but it was better than nothing. But no matter how hard she tried, those thoughts were persistent and wouldn’t allow a moments rest.

“Why…” Rey whispered to her feet, the sharp pang of heartbreak pulsing through her, further and further like venom spreading— each tump bringing more agony than the last. She exhaled slowly with eyes closed as she pressed her forehead to the tops of her battered knees. “why did you choose darkness over me?”

Then suddenly the room was silent as a deep stillness engulfed her, yet somehow that space was more comfortable than anywhere she’d ever been. The muffled voices from outside her room were eclipsed by the promise of what that stillness would bring.

Ben… and in that moment she didn’t know if she should be pleased or frightened, or frightened that she was pleased. Rey swallowed down the lump that formed within her throat, pulling her eyes shut denying the sharp fiery tears the freedom they begged for; ready for the sorrow that was sure to come, but not feeling the satisfaction of preparedness.

“I didn’t.” was all he said as his voice surrounded her with warmth like a blanket and she knew he was there— but she dare not look to his eyes.

“You didn’t?” Rey asked quietly, her voice insinuating as she pulled her head forward; its weight far heavier than she remembered. Once she saw him she felt her composure slipping like sand through her fingers and like all other times they’d met this way, she felt weak in his presence. But this she felt something else as well: sadness. “Is that all you can say to me… after everything we’ve been through?”

There he was standing just a few feet away… his face was burdened with eyes drawn dark in woe. All Rey wanted to do was scream at him, to tell him how much his mistakes cost them all… How much it cost them. But instead of saying any of that she just sat there in that dim inky silence staring up at him. That silence hung around them, and even though it acted as silence typically does the room was anything but still. It screamed with the voice of things unsaid and howled desperately for piety and absolution.

“I know it’s not easy for you to understand, Rey… That or maybe you simply can’t or won’t.” he paused for a moment to wet his lips as he look down at her, yet not on her. “But when Snoke… He was just using us. This– all of this, it’s not real. It’s just a trick.”

Rey’s lips trembled lightly as she pressed them to a fine line; her face hardening like stone. “You can’t really believe that.” she leaned back into the wall still not breaking his gaze once. Her eyes were pleading almost, begging for him to just trust her because she knew it was real, that they were real.

Snoke may have influenced their bond in some ways, but she refused to believe he created it. She could feel their connection coursing through her veins as if it were a part of her being and she knew without a doubt that it was real. They had something strong. Something powerful and raw… It scared her if she was being honest and not because he was the new Supreme Leader, and in all manner of speaking her enemy. That connection scared her because it was one of the only times she felt anything other than emptiness… and if Kylo were here now, surely there must be a piece of Ben left.

Kylo didn’t answer at first though which she half expected, he just stared her down as if he were still deciding for himself… battling with which answer was the correct one, but after a second he nodded just once and lied. “I do.”

“Why are you here then?” Rey nearly yelled, her voice demanding an answer, but she was only given more silence. It was clear by the face he made though that it hurt… cut him deeper than the scar decorating his face. He parted his lip to speak, but once again nothing came out.

Rey slid her legs beneath her, shifting her weight to rest on them as she gaze up. “How are you here if it isn't— how can I feel you all around me?”

He looked at her for a moment longer before releasing a breath of air and dropping to his knees. Even though he wasn’t truly with her she could feel the wave of phantom air spreading across her chest as if he were; chilling her to the core. She only had a second to wonder what that meant before she inched closer to him ending perfectly between the knees he sat atop.

“It’s not too late… we can fix this.” she slid her hand forward slowly towards the scarred side of his face. “You can do this.”

Kylo glanced between those hazel eyes as that deep-seated sense of purpose made its return. It was electric, overwhelming and just like Snoke had said a spark had indeed been ignited. But that spark told him one thing and one thing only: that Rey was it for him. That there were no lengths in the entire galaxy he wasn’t willing to go for her. And he knew that as long as she was by his side he could do anything.

For the first time in so many years he had hope… he had a home.

He held his hand just above hers with eyes lighter than before. He could feel the warmth radiating off her skin, and all he wanted to do was give in to the pull that was constantly pressing them together. But the pull towards the dark side was and always had been stronger… could he ever really be with her with that noose clenched so tightly around his neck? “What if I can’t…”

“You can, Ben. I know you can…” Rey pulled her lip between her teeth almost nervously as she glanced to his lips. “You’re not alone anymore.”

Then just like that Ben placed both hands to either side of her neck, gently sliding the tips of his fingers through the base of her hair… and he could swear he could really feel and smell her as he traced the lines of her face, memorizing every tiny freckle and scar as best he could. “Neither are you.” he leaned down placing his mouth to hers, and somehow even though they were lightyears apart they felt the ardent embrace as if they were in the same room.

When their lips parted that feeling lingered like a perfume only the two of them could smell, filling them both with purpose. They knew now without a doubt where their place in all of this was…


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Like Home to Me (Grocery Stores Part 2) {Ben Platt x Non-Gender Specific Reader}

request:  ANONYMOUS:I want ben to give it to me. you know what to do homie.

warnings: smut smUT SMUT

word count: 2k

You and Ben had moved in together two months ago, and it was pretty much the greatest thing ever. You were both adults with responsibilities, and you still got to sleep next to your best friend every night.
How cool was that?
Though you were both busy with your shows, you still found time to be together. Most of your days off were spent together at your apartment, baking sweets and watching movies, as true romantic goals would prescribe.
You were certain that you had it all. The best friends, the best boyfriend, and the best life.

What was even better than the companionship, though, was the sex.

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A New Theory on the end of TLJ

@gwendy85 @reylorobyn2011 @reyloismine @reylocharms @1captainswan1 @shwtlee4reylo @sleepynights-unproductivedays My friends! When I awoke this morning after see the very first Reylo fanfic called The Last Jedi(😂😜), it hit me what might actually be going on in this scene. Ben is Dr. Jekyll and Kylo is Mr. Hyde. Now both of them want Rey. They both want her to stay with him, but for very different reasons. Kylo meant everything he said about wanting Rey to stay and rule by his side. However, the Jekyll and Hyde scenario can be seen when he says “Please.” I think that was Ben talking. Not Kylo. He’s begging Rey to stay so she can help him keep fighting Kylo. But he can’t say it in full and out loud because Kylo is in the drivers seat and Ben seems to be tied up in the back seat. But Rey can’t see him. All she can see is Kylo. Ben is inside screaming “Rey! Please! Don’t Leave Me! Please! Help Me Fight Him! I Can’t Fight Him Alone! Please!” So here’s a prediction for Episode IX. Obviously the two’s Force Bond is very much in tact. It doesn’t matter that she (literally?) shut the door on him. They’re still connected and they’ll still keep having moments where they see each other. Some of them will be Kylo talking but others will be just Ben trying to reach out and convince her “Rey! I’m still here. Help me!” It will take a lot of convincing but she will come to see that it is indeed him. And maybe there could also be a moment where they almost kiss across the Bond but something interrupts of course. The final battle of the film will be… (pause for effect)





Rey and Ben vs. Kylo Ren! Inside his head. Rey will find a way to enter his mind and when she enters, she finds embodiments of the Ben persona and the Kylo persona and Rey and Ben will face off with Kylo Ren to try and end him once and for all! When he’s finally beaten, they wake up and that’s when they have their first kiss. Eh? Eh?

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Descendants 2 Theory

So at first glance, I thought that the ending of Ben suddenly being spelled by Uma was rushed, forced. But after thinking on it more, and re-watching it to see the things at first I did not see. That Ben had been spelled while in Uma’s clutches. Back while Ben was tied up, Uma does this:

Now, knowing that Ursula’s necklace could spell Prince Eric into doing whatever she said, I think the same was done to Ben. Now I know what you’re going to say, “but the isle of the lost has a barrier around it that prevents magic usage!” See I thought of that too. But you remember what Jane did, right?

And again, I know what you’re thinking, “but fairy godmother would have restored the barrier!” Yes, but it’s possible that she fixed it, but not completely. Which would allow some magic in, but be able to keep everyone there so that no one could escape. Now, obviously Ben wasn’t some walking zombie like Prince Eric. He seemed to at least show emotion and show that he knew who he was. Rather than stand there and answer the important questions needed. But, this could be because of how weak magic could be on the isle from the potentially weakened barrier. IF Uma spelled Ben with her mother’s necklace, it seemed to only slowly take effect.

If you notice during It’s Goin’ Down, Ben didn’t seem overly worried about himself? My friend argued that it was his training to be King, be calm in those sorts of situations, but the VK were pretty much literally going to feed him to the sharks. I’m sorry but King or not, that deserves some kind of reaction. But the second the wand was in Uma’s hands, anyone else notice Ben began to stare? Granted, it could have been because initially he thought Uma had the real wand. Even after that it was like he couldn’t keep his hands off of Uma. Yes during the fight he had no reservations about fighting Harry Hook, but he wasn’t spelled to be in love with Harry Hook, now was he? (Also, can we discuss just how UNF Harry Hook is? He has NOTHING on his father(the love of my life), but still, UNF) But Ben seemed hesitate on leaving. Uma also did not seem overly pissed that Mal was getting away. Like, annoyed? Yes. I’m sure Uma wanted her original plan to go off without a hitch. I’m sure she wanted some revenge on Mal. But she wasn’t in a hurry to get anywhere, like outside the barrier for instance?

After Getting saved, Ben, who went to the isle in the first place to bring Mal back, claims he loves her, and kind of insults her about the plan she originally came to Auradon with. (Although, let’s be honest, Mal’s plan(despite the bumps along the way) worked out almost perfectly. She just decided she didn’t want to be evil. But Mal could have released all of the villains and sided with her mother. Uma had a very bad plan that wouldn’t have worked(until she spelled Ben), Mal’s plan actually worked.) And Ben defended Uma, which, normal un-spelled Ben might have done. Ben just seemed very checked out the entire time. When he’s shown the finished art for Mal, Ben doesn’t care. Instead he asks Mal if she wanted to cancel. Now, thinking back to the first movie, and how Ben knew that Mal had spelled him, but still gave her a chance, you would think Ben would want once last try to show Mal that he loved her. Instead he barely looks at the art and point blank asks, “Do you want to cancel?” Again it seemed like he didn’t care at all. Like he spent the entire car ride thinking about how he was going to get Uma. And again, if Uma used her mother’s necklace on Ben while at the isle, the magic wouldn’t have been very strong. Which would explain why Ben was more himself than Prince Eric had been.

When Ben showed up to Cotillion, doesn’t it look like he’s wearing the pants you’d wear to the isle? They could have been just part of his costumer for the movie, but they didn’t look Kingly to me. They didn’t even really match his shirt. And I’m sorry, but Uma diving through the barrier? I REALLY DON’T THINK SO. She didn’t seem to be in a hurry to catch them, plus Mal had cut off the shortcut. The entire barrier didn’t come down to let the limo out, that would be WAY to risky. The barrier seemed to only open where the bridge was. And I’m sorry, but Uma either swimming to that spot or running? I don’t doubt as daughter of Ursula that she’s a good swimmer, especially since we’ve seen they have access to some water, but swimming around the island to the exact spot where the barrier would open? Uma running through the streets of the isle AFTER getting Mal’s spell-book and then running to catch the limo and dive out of the island? I’m not buying that shit. Ben went back for Uma. I’m sure he had help. Someone had to design that dress. (He probably went to the faeries who raised Aurora and called in a favor or something.) Besides, even if Uma found the spell book, even if the barrier was weakened after what happened, there is not enough magic to get Uma bot off of the island and to Ben where she could give him a magical love cookie. She could have made something to reinforce the spell she put on him, sure. But only using the book? I’m calling bullshit.

And if you come at me with, “the necklace didn’t break like in the Little Mermaid, how did the spell just break?” Um, true love’s kiss? Ariel never kissed Eric until the end of the movie, after the spell had been broken. And before then, Eric didn’t know that Ariel was the girl he was searching for. It’s possible IF Ariel had kissed Eric before the necklace broke, her kiss might have woken him up. However, that’s not how the movie went down. But in Descendants, Mal kissed Ben. And as Disney is always telling us, true loves kiss can break any spell or curse.

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i’m p sure it was a jedi/senator fic and multichaptered but in one part rey asked ben to undo her braids for her and ben gulped/swallowed?? then the author’s note was like if anyone read leia: princess of alderaan then u know the significance of rey asking ben this request... lol lmk how i remember this but not the actual fic

Hey! This might not be the fic you’re thinking of because Ben isn’t a senator in this one, but this made me think of  Footnotes by Camucia (chapter 9 in particular!)

Description:  Post TLJ. Rey is having an incredibly difficult time deciphering the Jedi texts, much less actually gaining any meaning from them. In a moment of frustration, she knocks over the final, unopened volume, discovering that someone has left some very insightful commentary - and poetry.

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Hiiiii, I'm not sure if you got my prompt or if tumblr ate it, if u did and didn't wanna do it/ didn't have time but in case but in case you didn't ! It was about mutual pining highschool stozier on Valentines day and the losers helping them confess/being done w them or something like that lmao (I think it was inspired by the mean girls scene where the school lets u send a cars or roses hahaha omg)

(I didn’t get it the first go around, I’m sorry! But I got it now and So glad you sent it to me!)

-Bill can’t pinpoint how he feels at the moment. Because Stan is truly his best friend, he’d do anything for that boy, but he doesn’t think he can go one more day listening to talk about how much he likes Richie and how Richie could /never/ like him back.

-Eddie is in the same boat so he understands, in fact all the losers understand to an extent. Richie will sit there sadly and talk about all the reasons why he can’t have Stan Uris. It’s getting out of hand.

-Both boys are so stupidly in love with each other but neither of them wants to believe that the other’s feelings might be requited.

-Ben is actually the one who comes up with the plan. Everyone has had enough and if Stan and Richie are too afraid to make the first move, the losers will just have to do It for them.

-”Do you really think this is going to work?” Mike asks nervously, Ben just shrugs in reply. “I don’t know, probably.”

-Mike is on the class committee. Which means he gets to help with dances and events and of course the valentines candygrams. Which are just valentines cards with a message and a packet of those sweet tart hearts.

-The first candygram Ben writes out is from “Stan” and it reads ‘I’ve always wanted to tell you how I felt. I’ve wanted to ask you out since middle school. Meet me at my locker after class if the answer is a yes. -Stanly U.’  

-”There is like a million ways this could go wrong,” Eddie says with a wince when he helps Ben write out “Richie’s” card.

-”We have to get them to shut up and finally go out with each other, it’s the only way we’re gonna get any peace,” Bev said with a sigh as she watched the boys write out the next candgram.

-’You have no idea how much I like you. If you feel the same way, meet me at your locker after our last hour. Richie T.’

-”I still think we should have went with ‘Roses are red, violets are blue, I’d do anything to blow you.’ That sounds like something Richie would say,” Eddie mumbles but by lunch time each boy would have gotten their message.

-Richie doesn’t his fifth hour with Stan, which is when Mike happily shows up with the Valentine messages. “Oh look Richie, you’ve got one too!” He smiles, giving it to the other. In reality Richie had a handful of admires but Mike isn’t going to put their plan in jeopardy.

-”One for you too, Stan,” Bill says with a smile in a different class room all the way on the other side of the school.

-Both boys go pale, then red, then pale again when they read the messages. Neither of them can believe and the whole day goes by in a massive giddy blur.  After class Stan bolts to his locker, nearly tripping over a few freshmen in the process.

-In fact he gets there a whole three minutes before Richie does. Richie just stares for a moment with the brightest and the biggest smile. And then he flings himself into Stan’s arms. And Stan can’t believe it’s really happening but he wraps his arms around Riche in return. “Happy Valentine’s Day Richie,” Stan says softly when the other boy pulls away some.

-”Happy Valentine’s Day, Stan,” Riche mumbles as he presses a kiss to Stan’s cheek. Both boys are too caught up in their own little world to notice the five people staring at them from around the corner.