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Why does it seem like dazai has his own harem?

Well, maybe I’m not the best person to answer this, because I’m not Dazai’s #1 fan. If I have to be completely honest, it took me a very long time to tolerate him, even longer when it came to actually like him. 

I can’t deny that it’s true, everyone seem to have a crush on him and I wondered why, because I really couldn’t find an answer to that question, a reason for all of them to be so utterly obsessed with him. To me, he was just a dramatic asshole who was taking advantage of everyone’s weaknesses. 

But now I’m watching BSD for the second time, and maybe I found some answers. Dazai is like an upgraded version of Oikawa. He could be treated as the best character ever or as the most toxic of them all. 

They have so much in common if you think about it. Dazai is strong, perfectly aware of his abilities, scary, manipulative, the team mastermind, he likes to toy with people and he always acts according to an ulterior motive. At the same time, he’s probably the most charismatic character in BSD, he’s beautiful, a natural leader, charming, funny, sometimes even an adorable dork. In one word: irresistible. 

It’s incredible to look at the effect Dazai has on people: 

  • you have Chuuya who’s still fixated on him after FOUR YEARS, he says he hates him but at the same time he put his own life in Dazai hands literally the fist time they went back on a mission together (???????)
  • you have Akutagawa, for whom my hear aches every time. His only life purpose is to be validated by him and honestly Dazai look what you have done to this child, he’s permanently emotionally bruised 
  • you have Kunikida who’s constantly annoyed by him but at the same time he always gets along with his tantrums
  • you have Atsushi who thank god is the only one who seems to take none of his shit, despite having had his “Dazai phase” as well in the very beginning. (THE PINKIES IN THE ED HONESTLYYYYYYYY) 
  • you have Fukuzawa who’s quite fond of him too and lets him do basically whatever he wants
  • Even our constantly unenthusiastic Ranpo seem to to enjoy working with Dazai (tbh their relationship is quite endearing, I feel like Dazai has a soft spot for him somehow)  
  • The only person who had a normal relationship with Dazai was Oda but of course he’s dead

He may not be the official protagonist of BSD, but Dazai is for sure the center of everyone’s attention. Every turning point in the story revolves around him, every single thing that happens just follows his big mental plan. He has that attitude of his, he looks so carefree and uncaring that every time he shows some affection people feel like they’ve been blessed by some kind of god. 

To answer your question, I don’t know why they all love him so much. It’s just the Dazai effect, I guess. 

and he’s a fine pice of ass ok we can’t deny that I mean look at him 

Tiny bi rant time re: the YouTube LGBTQ restriction fiasco….it is very clearly Not Good™ but it makes me a little uncomfortable seeing some of the ally reactions on my dash? Just a lot of “I’m straight and I think we should ban straight videos!” etc. It’s not that those people are not well-intentioned, I 100% get that, but a lot of them add things like “we have enough of The Straights irl, the internet should be sunshine, daisies, and LGBTQ” which to me is just… much as I wish i was a shimmery mermaid dating another shimmering mermaid….LGBTQ is real, we’re just out here, we’re just people?? Saying “ban me instead, down with the Straights!” rings true of not really knowing what the implications of actually being silenced are; it’s not something to wish on yourself and saying that, at least in my eyes, kind of minimizes what that actually feels like. Anyways ily all very much!! I just needed to get my thoughts out 🥀✨

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holo! I stumbled upon your page looking for got7 fanfics and i found your Jaebum x Reader Who Are You series and i loooveeeeddddd it. I read the whole thing in one sitting >w<. Anyways, i was wondering who your bias wrecker is in got7, since i only know that your true bias is Jaebum. Also, what makes you fangirl the most over him?

I’m so happy you found me and loved Who Are You! :D Thank you very much for that :3

And actually, I have no bias wrecker in GOT7! I am a tragically faithful Jaebum stan and he keeps me securely in his lane at all times. But also, Jaebum IS my bias wrecker at the same time. When I first stanned GOT7, I was immediately drawn to Jackson ‘cos he was so loud LMAO. But when I got to know their personalities, Jaebum had me hook line and sinker ^^

If I were to list ALL the things that Jaebum does to make me into a puddle of nothing, I would be here all day. He’s honestly like - the ideal partner for my standards. This includes looks AND personality. He makes me calm, his voice soothes me, his big goofy smile and laugh never fail to make me grin for days on end,  he’s well spoken, his dumb jokes make me die with laughter, his lyrical talents blow me away and his body is perfect. And he has a beautiful mind too. Gah, I’m so soft right now *hides*

I wonder if I’ll be able to find a person like this~ I want Jaebum to apologise to me for setting unrealistic expectations of men whom I encounter in my real life LMAO.

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I agree that they did horrible things under that flag, but Imperial Japan is an important part of history we can’t afford to forget.

That is true and I very much agree. However, it wasn’t really appropriate of a pic considering this is more of a crack blog. Of course Hetalia is a parody of the human atrocity that is WW ll but I’m not really doing anything to parody Imperial Japan so taking it out seemed more appropriate. 

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I don't mean to start anything I'm just a new confused fan who was searching up Jackson and came across an article about Jackson having a nude video. I'm just very confused since I'm new fan and I just started getting into Jackson. I was hoping you could tell me if this was true or not 😕

oh my gosh? I’ve never actually heard about this… like this is my first time even hearing about this rumour so im gonna go out on a limb to say that its most definitely not true. maybe u could link me up to this article?

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but is it true that ACD couldn't make Sherlock gay because of the time period? Is this something that's been explicitly proved or just speculated? Thanks Steph :)

Hey Nonny!

Well, it’s speculated that ACD deliberately added queercoding to his stories! I’ve written a post about this very thing before!

I’ve also a small masterpost here with links to posts from people more educated on the topic than I am, LOL, because they actually studied this stuff. I googled, LOL. Check those links out too; they’re very interesting.

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me. (2 Corinthians 12:9)

The power of Christ in us is perfected in our weakness. Here we see another great paradox of the kingdom of God. In this passage, most Bible scholars believe the “weakness” Paul spoke of was a physical affliction of some kind—"a thorn in the flesh.“So often we pray for strength, when in actuality what the Lord wants is for us to remain in our weakness, utterly dependent upon him. We think our physical thorns will hinder us from serving the Lord, when in reality, the very opposite is true. They are perfecting us so that Christ’s divine power can be revealed through the window of our human weakness.

okay I saw a post wondering what Enjolras is canonically Good At? so here we go, it’s actually pretty impressive:

- knows French Revolutionary history inside and out, down to the last detail, like…how… do you know how hard it is to find decent FRev scholarship…how much nerd binging has he done on the subject? All of it. All the reading. He did it 

- can keep track of multiple contacts and schedule public events like whoa?? like maybe it’s just my introversion/brain damage talking here but I cannot even imagine having the kind of brain that goes “oh hey how about these NINE RANDOM HUGE GROUPS OF PEOPLE ? I know what their mood and schedule  and who would be a good guest speaker and I can line this shit up so it gets taken care of in ONE NIGHT friends and citizens, ALSO perfect internal map of the city so I know where everything’s going “??  Enjolras has that kind of brain , he can do that, frigging how 

-generally assessing people’s strengths 

- SUPER STEALTH mode and apparently freaky awesome night vision, can sneak through occupied territory at night in places where the lamps are out without getting caught DESPITE probably Glowing with Symbolism 

-pretty kickass improv public speaker? 

- can keep track of where everyone is and what’s going on  in active combat while actually fighting  like what is this kid’s freaky physical awareness superpower?? how can I have it 

- hits hard enough to break guns  can there please be more of Enjolras just punching a gun to death 

- can also hold a whole battalion  of armed troops at bay with a frigging stick 

(And while I realize some of these skills transfer to AU settings better than others I Live In Hope for the Coffeeshop AU that manages to invent a reason for Enjolras to WRECK FRICKING SHOP with a broom handle or something, WOULD YOU LIKE TO SPEAK TO THE MANAGER??  WELL **BUZZSAW NOISE AND NOW A TABLE IS IN SPLINTERS** plz consider the potential hilarity )

Things Enjolras is Canonically Bad At: 
-Getting out of the way of doors before they smack him in his statuesque butt 

- man can carry a whole barricade in his head but can’t step forward three inches before a door swings shut

-what even is an Enjolras

“One morning I sat at a table in the judges chamber. Sitting across from me, close enough so I could reach out and touch him, was Ted Bundy.

"He’s adorable” I thought. The first impression surprised me, as I’d imagined him being dark, brooding, and disdainful. He was actually very likeable…..“

- a court witness on seeing serial killer Ted Bundy

aline: i hear

aline: our man magnus attempted a snow white sleeping beauty kiss huh

alec: whomever did u hear this from ion recall

aline: the bisexuals have a gc too apparently and they spill somw serious TEA in there let me tell u

aline: helen tells me everythimg

alec: well it w as nice chatting w u i gtg

raj: sharing is caring penhallow

alec: dont

aline: magnus bane attempted an actual True Love’s Kiss™ on our very own alec gideon lightwood

alec: sto p


alec: K SHHHH


alec: SH UT


raj: im

alec: fuckdndodofff what did u wnat me to say

raj: IMddjdjdndn


alec: fuKCK OFD I hadnt even thiught abt it rlly

raj: horton he ars a bitch ass LIAR

aline: ALE XANDER????


alec: oh my go d

aline: here we go

raj: here we go

aline: raj shdjdbsbs im

alec: i gtg talk to him wtf






But I saw the theory that Han and Ben’s surname is actually Organa due to Alderaan having a matriarchal society. SO if Ben is redeemed, Reylo be endgame, the Rey Kenobi theory is true, knots get tied, and Ben Organa upholds his mother’s traditions, THEN he would take on Rey’s surname and become Ben Kenobi THE VERY SAME JEDI HE WAS NAMED AFTER ???!!!%*÷, $>@*$???

I’m sorry. Forget i said anything. I’ll just be having a heart attack in the corner.

Contrary to popular beliefs about Oikawa’s self-centered personality, he’s not the type to really take care of himself. He’s got naturally pretty hair and pretty skin and pretty face - he says he’s blessed by the Oikawa genes, everyone believes it to be true. 

But, again, he’s not the type to take time out for himself. He’ll cut his fingernails really short to handle the ball better and subconsciously bites what’s left out of anxiety. His hands are normally dry and rough, sometimes scraped if he landed wrongly on the ground from going after a ball; it’s a sad sight when you look at the bony structures of his wrists and his slender fingers that would, without a doubt, make his hands look beautiful if it weren’t for his lack of care towards them. 

The thing is that he doesn’t care what happens to his hands or his knees or his legs or his ankles - he’s focused on one goal and that’s to improve himself. He thinks he just needs his pretty face to get by so that his other imperfections are overlooked - and he manages to get by too, except with one person.

That one person that carries moisturizers and lotions in his bag, along with polysporin and bandages and tylenol and protein bars (and maybe milk bread, if he’s got the time to get some). He watches Oikawa flirt with danger, serve after serve, set after set, spike after spike. All until he feels it right in his bones that Oikawa’s about to hit his limit and he drags him out of the court, anxious but relieved. 

And in the silence of the locker room, Oikawa sits there in a blissful peace, letting Iwaizumi take his hands in his own and attempting to moisturize them, rubbing polysporin on the scrapes and cuts, whispering little warnings about overworking and not taking care of his body enough with furrowed brows. Oikawa lets his fingers wander around Iwaizumi’s jaw until his lips are kissing Oikawa’s hands - one by one, each finger, his palms, his knuckles. 

“Do they feel better?”

“Mhm, much better.”

Oikawa doesn’t really take care of himself, but he’s glad there’s someone out there that’s willing to take up the challenge. One day, he thinks, he’ll learn to love himself just as much as Iwaizumi loves him. 

Real talk about Team Skull’s grunts…

I’m very close to Po town in my playthrough and I don’t know the true intentions of Team Skull, but I know well enough who the grunts are: people who tried to achieve in life, only to be kicked down.

Those who I battled and spoke to are actually trying very hard to become better. Earlier Guzma mentioned they couldn’t be captains, rejected, ect. Which feeds into the idea that society spat them out for even trying to become better in life. 

I mean, for fuck sake I had a grunt tell me “IF YOU LOSE, DON’T GIVE UP!” as if giving me golden life advice.

They’re the kids and people who try applying to numerous of jobs and never get contacted again after an interview - even when they felt they nailed it! 

They’re the students who can’t get anywhere with their diplomas while being told ‘you need 5 years of experience’. 

They’re boys and girls, men and women, who just want to live life and just…BE GOOD AT SOMETHING!

Sorry if this is all cheesy and silly, but this is what I see in Team Skull grunts. And I feel them in a deep spiritual level. I’m sure almost everyone does here.

Little Sherlock being all: “Mycroft, I need to go up to the roof to watch Santa.” And teenaged Mycroft feeling very sentimental- after all, it is Christmas Eve- and not wanting to ruin The Fun for once… so, he actually gets the ladder and they clamber up together, out of sight from their parents.

And Sherlock watches Mycroft stagger around and yelp “Sherlock, careful!” when they’re on the roof, and Sherlock laughs, “Don’t worry, I know he’s not real, I just wanted to come up here. It seemed cool.”

And Mycroft is just the picture of Outrage: “You little horror, you know what I’m like with heights!”

swiftysketch replied to your post “@swiftysketch Why do you people condone a human being hitting another…”

The man in the video said he’s not one and is in fact despised by the very people that you are grouping him with. Unless you can show me actual proof of his being a “nazi” I wont believe it. That said even if he is outspoken about his beliefs and he is a nazi does that give you the right to punch him for having different beliefs and ideals? It sure looked like you could have just gone up to the man and talked to him.

Well, he’s advocated for DISPOSING OF THE BLACK RACE. So no, I don’t think talking to him would be very effective.

Punching nazis in the jaw is an American Tradition and the height of patriotism. All true blooded Americans have a god given obligation to punch nazis at every opportunity. 

When the election actually benefits you in a small way

This election has really prompted people to show their true colors. Someone I considered a friend (albeit a very toxic one) for 7 years berated me with nasty text messages this morning. The reason? I had quietly unfriended her mother (whom she had recently reconnected with after being estranged for 10 years because her mother was neglectful of her and she had been removed from her mother’s home as a child). This was also a few weeks after she had blocked my grandmother on Facebook and called her a “bitch”.
This series of shoddily written text messages included name calling (slut, bitch, etc) as well as outlandish and inaccurate claims.

When it boils down to it this is what she meant; How dare I not set aside 10+ hours per week to drive over an hour and sit in her shitty apartment with her baby and her.
How dare I not text and call her every day and not know every detail about her life.
How dare I be comfortable where I live.
How dare I have a better job than her and a higher degree.
How dare I have a relationship that isn’t strained by constant screaming matches.
How dare I have ambitions and follow them. How dare I have other friends.
How dare I have close familial ties when half of her family refuses to talk to her and only one person in her family even wanted to attend her wedding.

The point is, because she felt a touch slighted because I didn’t want to be friends with her (admittedly) shallow and selfish mother, she felt the need to lash out.

The difference between me and her? I never called her a name. I never bashed her life or how she lives it. I never brought up the fact that she never finished school. I never brought up that she was fired for abusing residents in the retirement home that she worked at. I never brought up the many times she snuck alcohol into my car when I was underage and would have had my license taken away if we had been pulled over. I never brought up the countless things she has said and done to belittle me, my friends/family/SOs, my beliefs, and my career over the years.

My point is, don’t excuse peoples’ actions in the previous or following couple of days. People are not changing their personalities because of the election, they’re just showing who they really are. This election is just the catalyst.

I think Sunless Sea is way more horrifying than Fallen London.

Obviously, the mechanics alone make it more nerve wracking, with expensive supplies and tough resource management, an uncharted map with every captain, the way you actually have to fight or flee from monsters. 

But what really freaks me out, is the fact that when your captain dies, they DIE. FOREVER. In Fallen London, heck, anywhere in the Neath, death is a temporary inconvenience except in very severe circumstances. I have a theory about why this is, and I haven’t seen anyone mention it, so here it is:

When your captain dies, they probably become a drownie.

Which, I mean, that probably doesn’t seem that terrifying. But think about the true meaning of being a drownie at Zee. You drowned, lungs filled with water, slowly losing consciousness as you flail in desperation, filled with absolute panic.

And then, as always in the Neath, you wake up. Where? The middle of the Zee, probably. If you’re lucky, floating near the top. If you’re unlucky, or you were dragged down by heavy clothing or whatever else, the bottom of the zee. Lungs still full of water, in the cold, black, murky depths, you would desperately flail and drown again. And again, and again, until you could pull yourself to the surface. And there you stay, driven completely insane by the horrific ordeal you’ve been through, for the rest of your existence.

This is the fate our captains and crew risk every time they set to Zee. Honestly, I would rather be eaten than have my body go overboard to that endless torture.