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Dear Writers:

Please, please do not import foreign words that describe mundane things your language does have its own words for.

So, you’re writing a cute story about, say, an American couple travelling through Provence. It’s all slightly exotic, and very characteristic, and you want to describe that. You want to convey the spirit of the thing. I get that.

But if you’re going to write how “they entered a lovely little épicerie where elderly patrons ate their customary fromage and saucissons hanged from the ceiling”, then you are not including any interesting local colour. 

You are trying very hard to exoticise very mundane things because you failed to observe any actual local colour. You are yelling “they were in France, btw!” and going “have I mentioned this was in France?” and generally being silly and pretentious.

There are totally valid cases of foreign words introduced into prose. These are usually words that the main language does not have in its repertoire. So while it makes sense to say that they had apéritif, it does not make sense at all to say they had a “repas” when the word “meal” is perfectly available.

Thank you.

self-rec meme

tagged by @thelioninmybed! this was surprisingly difficult, but:

as the sun - almost ten thousand words of Sauron getting his own way, this does exactly what I wanted it to do and was also seriously fun to write. Featuring Sauron’s A++ decision-making, angry makeouts with Celebrimbor, and not very much torture, Celebrimbor should really stop making such a big deal about that part.

Alizarin - the Noldor invent chemical dyes, but, like, it’s funny? Feanor wrecks the Telerin economy but only accidentally and without really noticing. Featuring a very large quantity of sea-snails.

a light burning out - listen, I can’t help it, I have feelings about Sauron, okay? I still can’t tell to what extent this is actually good as opposed to just hitting my own buttons really hard, the “experimental” tag is on there for a reason, but this is me trying to Do A Thing and it certainly Does That Thing. May be worth reading if you like fancy imagery and language stuff, and/or if you are horribly overinvested in Sauron as a character, put me down as “unfortunately, both”.

(I think most writers I know have already been tagged, but feel free to steal it and say I tagged you if anyone reading this wants?)

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So do you think he'd be the type to bring up the whole daddy thing on his own? Or would you bring it up? Or would it kinda catch you both by surprise and you'd have a silent communication thing like, "Oh... that..."?


I think it’d be one of those things that would develope throughout the relationship. Slowly you’d notice that dark twinkle in his eyes every time you push his buttons. And he’d realize that your moans and whines are always a little more uninhibited when he’s rough with you.

And there’d be one night where you’re being a bit of a brat, maybe at dinner you keep teasing him–stroking his thigh, biting and running your tongue over your lip, licking and sucking on your fork a little too suductively with each bite.

And as he’s handing over the valet ticket, you take the opportunity to whisper in his ear that you’re not wearing any panties. The flaring of his nostrils is his only response, and the car ride home is entirely silently.

You’re back at his in a flash, and before you know it he’s around the car and at your door. He offers his hand to help you out, but he doesn’t let you go far as he pins you against the door.

“What d'yeh think yeh doin’, angel?” His voice is low, hard and heavy with lust as he strokes your check with the back of his pointer finger.

“What do you mean, Harry?” You feign innocence well, almost too well and if he weren’t so horny, he might actually be concerned. But the way you’re looking up at him through your lashes with that doe eyed stare…He can see right through it and knows that you’re nothing like the angel you appear to be; no, you’re an insatiable fiend in the sheets and a brat in public when you’re craving his skin on yours.

“Why yeh been pushin’ my buttons all night? S'like…Almost like yeh…”

“I want you to punish me…? Daddy…?”

And that’s it; the hard, far away look that darkens his emerald green eyes as he envisions all the ways he wants to punish you, hear you moan and whine all night, anything to hear you say it again.

He pushes off the car and frees you from his hold, coaxing you forward and toward the house. His hand rests on the small of your back, fingers curling around your side and giving a promising squeeze. “Think we should go inside and see what Daddy wants to do with his filthy girl.”

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How does Team Instinct operate exactly? Spark is the leader, but he looks like the carefree type that like to avoid work and go cuddle with Go instead. Go seems like the serious one that ends up doing all the work for Spark lol

Actually Spark is a hard worker, he is carefree but he gets the job done like the leader he suppose to be. He does display affection to Go even though it time to work. Go is actually quite lazy and when he gets the chance he won’t do the work, but he’s working hard for Team Instinct because it for Spark, even if he doesn’t want to.


Some of you may or may know the guy

Silently uploading them pics for ya when you dont even have the bother to do anything, and actually put effort into doing so, there aint a bad thing you can say about that because uploading to e621 sometimes…can be a very dirty job in my opinion

Like fucking hell i dont even want to talk about it, the things he has to go through each day, man i dont know shit but i can only imagine.

This is well, YOU GUESS IT! His zoosona, yes. And yeah, there is a reason why it’s hard at first to identify the gen- yknow what, doesnt matter.

I appreciatecha jakkie,

Also, i’m going to be cameo-ing all sorts of zoosonas into my upcoming projects! I’ll be doing a lot more of this

I gotta get my shit straight first though, i’m in a bit of a tight spot right now. Heck.

Thats an…idea.

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hiiii can I just say that I love your account it's absolutely amazing, but more than that I love all your tags?? like I always check what you guys have to say about the photos and for me it's a part of what makes this acc so good :)))

I’M SMILING IRL!!! This is the cutest message omg. I know a majority of us tag the photos we post and sometimes we go HARD (I’m always typing in all caps oops), but to know you enjoy it and can probably relate sometimes– makes me happy. ^^ Sometimes I actually look at replies and reblogs to look at everyone else’s reactions/tags, too! And thank you so so much for this message, and for supporting our blog~ It’s moments like this that make me feel closer to you all, no matter where we’re from, who we are, or what we’re going through in life right now. We have such a great community going. ;u; Sorry this got really long but this made my night and I just had to let it out! Have a lovely week. <3
- Kristi

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why did you say that the thing cengiz said about it being difficult to show love feelings to sana keeps u sane? i thought it was pretty rude of him :( i mean, iman is so lovely.... it just felt like a lowkey diss at her

nooooooo i didnt see it as throwing shade or anything at all, first of all it confirmed that yousef does indeed love sana, and second of all, it IS hard as an actor to show emotions that you dont have. iman is lovely, BEYOND lovely, but there’s a difference between liking a person platonically and actually being in love with them. he has to act as if he’s romantically and sexually attracted to her, which is hard when you aren’t, even though you do like that person platonically. 

several times this week i’ve seen a picture at what i think is mcm london and it turns out to actually be fanime or some other american comic con. all the independent retailer sections at conventions all look the same. do you think they exist in a shared liminal space and if you look hard enough you can teleport to a different con entirely to the one you entered?

it always amuses me that countries during the late 18th century were going through all kinds of upheaval like you have america declaring independence and building their democracy and the french revolution yadda yadda birth of modern western democracy and the beginnings of industrialisation and the industrial revolution in england and shit

and then theres the white settlement in australia

which is just…

trying very fucking hard not to fucking starve and die 

and that, my friends, is fucking hilarious

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top 5 all-time favourite songs?

this is so hard because there are so many songs that deserve a top 5 !!!

mr brightside - the killers

the nutcracker suite - tsjaikovsky (waltz of the flowers is just aaaaah)

fitzpleasure - alt-j (honestly just everything from alt-j)

no surprises - radiohead

old flames - us royalty

I actually just looked through my spotify playlists, there are too much songs that i like so this list is by random choice

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AAHH LUMI (I'm so sorry am I sending too many asks? I hope it doesn't bother you seeing me around and telling/asking you stuff or that it seems I seek attention or shjfsf it isn't anything like that I swear qAq) Okay so in Jack's last video of Ben and Ed, right where he says "Highfives all 'round" (22:44) his face looked so much like the angry faces Anti does/shows. Jack looked angry and he stared right at the camera. I thought it'd be fun to point out and see what you thought about it :'3

Absolutely no bother at all. Although I do apologize for not getting to this when you sent it; Ive been kind of…I dont know, spacey? It’s been hard to give asks the attention they deserve and I”m sorry about that.

Yeah, it did! I actually had to stop the video and rewatch that bit because I got major Anti vibes from it. Especially with the tone of voice he was using. ;)

Tbh at this point I think Jack MIIIGHT be playing around with us because he knows the fanbase is always on the lookout for anything even remotely Anti-like, but hey..I’m not complaining ya feel

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hey so I don't think I qualify as a small studyblr anymore but I really want take part in this network! I think it's super cool what you guys are doing and I would love to support small studyblrs in any way I can! do you have any suggestions?

Ahh this is totally what we’re looking for!! <3 Thank you for reaching out :D

Well, first off, please note that our definition of “small” is under 1k, but that’s not a hard n fast rule. Some people consider small under 5k, under 10k, etc etc. It’s all relative!

However, getting to your actual question, there are lots of ways that you can help out!


  1. Follow our Net (shameless plug) @smallstudyblrsunite!! And reblog the things that we reblog! Because everything we reblog is from small studyblrs, so this is a great way to support ^^
  2. Follow small studyblrs! Our member page is a great place to start, but you can literally find them everywhere. They’re probably following you right now :D
  3. Spread the word about small studyblrs! By reblogging their content/intro posts/babbles, you’re helping them connect with the community! Here are some of the tags I look through when I’m filling up my queue:
    #studyblr intro
    #small studyblr
    #new studyblr
    #studyblr community

    tip: instead of looking under “most popular,” look under “most recent” so that you can see the newer posts c: they tend to be made by small studyblrs!
  4. Find ways to interact with your followers. Blog rates, blog compliments, blog contests, ask games, follower of the week, etc! Bonus points if you end up following them back and getting to know them as well. 

If anyone has more tips, feel free to add to this!
Thanks for the ask <3
~Aisa (@studypride)

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hi admins!!!! i really love this blog and what you guys do <3 i think i speak on behalf of all yr followers that we really appreciate you guys' hard work finding fics for us n everyth!! idk if i can do this but wanna share a fic i read it's by blanket_kkik n it's called "you want a mint?" and it's a band fic n the author used the infamous "you kno i kno" yoonmin moment n i askdjghajkdg!!! do u kno more yoonmin band aus ;_; thank u so much in advance

thank you for the rec, I actually read this one recently and loved it :) 

“you want a mint?”

some more band aus: 

Ass Fires

All Hail The Heartbreaker

Hey There, Guitar Man

-admin n

carajay1317  asked:

Congrats on 1k you deserve it!! For the ask, 15 and kurodai?

Thank you so much!! An anon requested the same number for KuroDai haha…it is clearly made for them.

15. Laughs when the other trips

Daichi. Always Daichi. But this is not to say that Kuroo is rushing to Daichi’s aid when he trips either, he’s just quieter in his mocking. He’ll smirk and be looking at Daichi with an obnoxious, knowing smile when Daichi faces him, whereas Daichi will laugh out loud if Kuroo is the one to trip. This delighted loud bark, like he’s somehow surprised, even though it’s happened so many times. Kuroo is all legs, after all, and sometimes it’s just too hard to keep them in line, which of course Daichi actually finds adorable. He’s been known to call Kuroo Bambi, and if Kuroo actually loses his balance completely and falls to the ground, Daichi is not above sitting down with him and kissing his knees while he teases him.

(Send me a ship and a number!)


so hard to please, but she’s a forest fire: a happy quinn season three mix [youtube]  [playmoss]  [spotify]     

i. 1, 2, 3, 4  - feist | ii. hearts and flowers - lamb | iii. clearest blue - chvrches | iv. the child is gone - fiona apple | v. she’s so hard - the jezabels | vi. you - seinabo sey | vii. love and loss and love - lydia cole | viii. liability - lorde | ix. i don’t want to let you down - sharon van etten | x. love u forever - jenny lewis | xi. don’t go home without me - lights | xii. i’ll still be there - brandi carlile

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I put it under a cut because jfc it became an actual fic - but, then again, we all should expect this from me by now, eh? <3

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noemiettenotmainblog replied to your post: Why is the promo team so bad at their job?? They…

The bright side is that they are not spoiling anything about the plot, and the stories of the other characters

Honestly, that’s what I like about this situation. We have zero ideas about the whole Sebastian plot, how Valentine is involved at all and mostly, we have pretty much no idea about what Malec is up to this season. And as annoying as this might be that they “neglect” them so hard in the promos and all, at least we will be actual surprised this time.

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Is it tricky dating when you have absolutely zero interest in having sex? Like, I feel like for most people no sex ever would be a deal breaker. When's a good time to broach a subject like that? Are there any concessions you'd be willing to make, such as an open relationship, so the other person can still have a sexual outlet? Sorry if these are all very invasive and personal questions, I'm just really curious.

no, you’re right, it is hard – it’s really hard, actually, which is why i’ve never been in a relationship that lasted more than like six months lmfao. for nearly everyone in the world it is a complete dealbreaker and i’m not sure if or how i’ll ever find a way around it because i really don’t want to make any concessions, like i would definitely not be comfortable with an open relationship but i’m also not the sort of person who would lie back and think of england so that kind of leaves me stuck. and i know it’s selfish but it’s also just like, a very fundamental thing about me that i don’t know if i can change. like it’s not just that i don’t want to have sex, it’s that… i don’t understand… why anyone would want to? i can’t get to that mental space. and because it’s such a huge turnoff to other people, i try not to mention it until i absolutely have to, because i know it’ll immediately lead to the guy being like “lmfao bye.” and i like this guy SO much, i don’t want to have that happen again, but… i don’t know

but i also don’t want to think too much about it just yet because like, our first date was two days ago, i don’t want to start planning for The Future of Our Relationship until i know if there um, is one. but yeah no the immaculate life is really tough.

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when you take screenshots, do you take more than the ones you pick for your posts or do you know exactly the angles you want going into the scene? And if you do take more - do you just delete the ones you don't use?

oohhh i absolutely take more than the ones i post! honestly when taking screenshots i take WAY more than i need to and then compare them afterwards to pick out the best ones; even if i think a particular angle will work, most times i accidentally find a better one! i very rarely go into my scenes knowing which angles i want to shoot from :D

and yes, i usually just bin the ones i don’t use. i actually delete all my screenshots after i post them, cus if i kept them i’d have hundreds, and i need the hard drive space!!!!!

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This may not be similar to your situation but i went through a break up last december and it's the kind where you really don't want to break up but you know that's what you have to do. It was really painful and I'm still sad about it to this day... Losing someone from your life that you really care about is an extremely hard thing to go through. Whatever situation you're in, just surround yourself with things that distract you from it and know that things will get better. xx

thank you, that is actually. i’ve never gone through anything like this so I appreciate all the kind messages more than you know. you’re all so wise ⭐️