actually this guy is already in the highest office of the land

tomorrow never happens

Sabo knows he shouldn’t. He really does. He knows it’s a bad idea and entirely unnecessary and probably stupid, but he brushes past the Marines in the doorway just enough to bump into them anyway.

“Beg pardon,” he says, tilting his hat down both as an apology and a distraction, then slips out the door. It shuts behind him and he chuckles, opening the wallet he’d palmed. Huh, rather a lot for a Petty Officer on shore leave, actually-

“Oi, you there.”

He looks up, already disappearing the money into an inside pocket and the wallet into a sleeve. “Hmm?”

And that, right there, is the reason this was a really bad idea. There’s another Marine coming towards him, and this one’s wearing lieutenant’s stripes. “Give that back,” he says, and Sabo takes one moment to blink and decide how he’s going to play this. Well, he is supposed to be laying low, and they are in public, so…

“What?” he asks, furrowing his eyebrows and spreading his empty hands.

“The wallet,” the lieutenant says, stopping right in front of him.

Sabo tries to sidestep because he doesn’t really want his back to the door. “What, my wallet?”

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Joker Imagine - Not strong enough

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Your P.O.V.

This heist was easily one of the most dangerous we’ve ever done. Joker, my boyfriend, and I had planned to go to Arkham Asylum and help out a few psychos just because we had deals with them. Arkham Asylum wasn’t to mess with so instead of feeling cocky and excited, I was worried.

The military helicopter slowed down and the doors opened. We were supposed to sneak down a rope so we could enter the building from the roof. His henchmen got down first and then we followed them. My heart was stammering in my chest like a beast as I held onto my gun. It was night and dark. The city was far away from this isolated place. Everything seemed so dead.

A group of henchmen picked the locks and then we were ready to go inside. I followed J as we ran inside the dark halls. In the highest level they only had a few offices and stuff like that so no one even noticed that we had broken in. ‘’First team go from West, two floors South’’ J gave out demands and pointed everywhere with his hands. His henchmen, dressed in insane outfits just nodded and headed to their places.

‘’Y/N and I will go through the East corridor with team 2. Frosty will lead team 2′’ J told everyone. I took a deep breath and then followed J. We hurried to the stairs and the big group of henchmen were right behind us. From the stairs I saw the other level and guards in front of cages. I was actually scared. ‘’Y/N, take half of the team and go the other way around’’ J whispered to me and made sure his henchmen heard me. I nodded and then took a deep breath. ‘’C’mon’’ I told the henchmen that were following me before leaving J. I gave him one last glance and saw that he offered me a pretty red smile. Damn I loved this man.

We sneaked to a corridor without prisoners or guards. No one could see us now, not even J. ‘’This is a perfect chance’’ A henchman broke the silence, causing me to stop. ‘’Hush’’ I put my finger in front of my lips. The henchman dressed in an eyeball mask pointed at me with a gun. ‘’You’re changing the Joker. You don’t deserve him’’ The henchman told me lowly, making a shiver run down my spine. If I fired, the other henchmen would shoot me. I was trapped.

Tears stung my eyes and I was completely helpless. Then he pulled the trigger and I felt a bullet piercing my abdomen. First it didn’t really hurt, but when I felt blood gushing out of the found, a stinging pain took over me. The guards heard us and they ran here from behind. ‘’Hands up!’’ An Arkham guard yelled, but I was frozen by shock. A stinging pain took over my body and I fell down on the ground , landing on my back. J’s henchmen defended themselves by shooting the guards, but the guards shot them. 

They were going to frame the guards for my death. 

I couldn’t die!

I could hear more gunshots coming from our side and that’s when I saw J’s team with of course my boyfriend ahead. He was shooting the guards and looking around with worry. I tried to speak, but the pain took over me. I was pressing my hands on the wound, feeling hot blood on my fingers. Tears ran down my face and I was struggling to breathe. ‘’Y/N!’’ J yelled as the gunshots stopped. He was looking for me, but he couldn’t see me from the floor. His henchmen stepped aside and the rest made sure that more guards wouldn’t come. Then J saw me.

‘’No..’’ He whispered and got down on the cold floor right next to me. His red lips parted and I saw how scared he looked. ‘’ baby..’’ He tried to speak, but he was too shocked to think straight. Suddenly he ripped off the sleeve of his shirt and pressed it against the wound. It hurt like hell, but I knew it would help. ‘’Don’t give up now..okay? Do you hear me?’’ He gulped and looked into my eyes. My vision got a little blurry and I knew I wasn’t strong enough to survive.

‘’I-I’m sorry..’’ I whimpered and then gasped as the pain got worse. ‘’You’re not going to die!’’ He yelled and sounded like he would start crying. His henchmen changed looks and I knew that not everyone could be bad. ‘’I’m going to kill every fucking guard of Arkham-’’ J started, but one of his henchmen cut him off. ‘’Boss, it wasn’t an Arkham Guard’’ Someone said, but I was too dizzy to recognize the voice. I watched as J froze and seemed to loose his mind.

‘’ of you little fuckers shot her?’’ He growled darkly and made a shiver run down my spine even tho he wasn’t angry at me. At least he would know who pulled the trigger to kill me, because I felt like I wouldn’t live to tell him. My eyes felt heavy and my breathing got slower and slower. ‘’Someone fucking shoot him! Now! Kill him’’ J yelled and started to lose his temper. No one moved.

‘’Who is it? Speak up or you’re all dead!’’ J warned them and seemed to be dead serious. Something happened and the next thing I knew was that J had shot the eyeball guy. He fell on the floor, left in misery by being shot in the crotch. J wouldn’t let him die easily. ‘’Listen doll..Stay strong, okay? I’m going to get you help’’ J got back to me and cupped my face while pressing the cloth against the wound with his other hand.

‘’G-Go..’’ I tried to tell him with my last energy. Suddenly I felt something wet on my chest. I looked up to J only to see him crying. I had never seen him crying, never ever in years. Suddenly he picked me up and started walking back. ‘’Retreat!’’ He yelled loudly and seemed to panic. I put my hand on his chest and then nearly shut my eyes. ‘’Let me go..Puddin. I’m p-pretty much..dead’’ I managed to say, feeling like I was already dozing off to an eternal sleep. 

‘’I can’t leave you to die’’ He growled. I gave him one last look before closing my heavy eyes. My heart started beating slower in my chest and everything became one big blur. Before I knew it, my entire life flashed before my eyes, from being a baby, a kid ,when I graduated, my first love, the day I met J, our crazy shit and this moment.

‘’I love you’’I whispered and suddenly my entire body lost sense. I was like a piece of jelly in his arms now as darkness seemed to accept me.

Some thoughts on fear of what this country will become with Tr**p in charge

I’ll be 44 in a few months and I’ve seen a few Presidents in my time. None perfect, politicians never are. Never will be. I watched 9/11 happen from work. Lived with the fuck yeah, Murica! Sentiment that gripped hearts & minds. I was affected by Reagan’s false Welfare Queen myth that still won’t go away. My mother even more so as she nearly lost SSI benefits.

I’ve lived through all the Bush’s in office. All of the fucked up things they have done while in power. Yet I didn’t fear as I do now. I know I said I woke to a dystopia when I saw who’d won. I was going for dark humor, but considering what we’ve seen so far? Not a joke. The things that he’s done already, scrubbing off all traces of Barack Obama’s two terms from all White House places, is a sign.

It’s not the first or last. This is not a peaceful transition of power. This is scorching the Earth, salting it in hopes we forget. The White House YouRTube page was barren of everything within the last 8 years before the day was out. Save the Inauguration video. [It autoplays as a warning]

The Whitehouse dot gov site gives you the POTUS and VP first encouraging you to sign up. Make America Great “Again”. It’s not for us anymore. The office of POTUS is the ultimate service job. To serve the people of this country. Yet it’s now about the bully at the gate. I’m not a political analyst or pundit. I’m speaking from the heart. Going by what I’m seeing happen in the country I call home.

Right now, I’m afraid. Not just for me. For everyone in mortal danger once they gut the ACA. For everyone barely scraping by. I’m afraid that the arts will suffer. Angry that there’s already moves being made to defund the Arts. To defund creativity. I’m afraid that we are going to wake up to a dictatorship in name if not law as things are done incrementally in the hopes no one noticed. I’m afraid we’ll see World War 3 begin under Tr**p’s regime. Not hyperbole, I am genuinely afraid of this happening.

I’m actually embarrassed that he was elected. I am angry that so many chose to fall for lies, chose to put a vile man in power. For the first time in nearly 44 years, I am ashamed, angry & embarrassed to say who the POTUS is. I might just say I’m Canadian until 2020. Fears aside, I am trying to have hope. It’s hard, really hard now that the swearing is done, the seventh seal opened.

More than anything, I’ll #RiseUp, do what I can to resist. Be strong & work harder than before. Giving up isn’t an option. Before I go start my day, actually get out from this blanket roll. Let’s remember how we got here. For those who want to pretend that this is an anomaly, a blip in how things work.

This guys entire campaign has been built on fear of the other. The idea that a black man made us less than great as he lead the country. His lies, his bluster went unchecked by the media who took him seriously. Who did not check him with facts & dispute lies. He fed on the racism that lurks in the hearts of those who felt like they’d “lost their country” with Obama as POTUS. He used thatvfear and hatred. That wrong fitting suit of feeling left out to pull them along by the nose. And they went willingly to intellectual slaughter.

He played on their false pride of not being great because a white man was not in the highest seat in the land. He also got white women to cape for him, somehow. Even after “grab em’ “talking about forcing himself on women? Still went to bat for him. So let’s stop acting surprised this happened, still. Don’t forget the nearly 50% of eligible people who didn’t vote & 3rd part split. Y’all aren’t off the hook either. But it’s done. He’s sworn in and unless impeachment happens (G*d let it happen) we’re stuck.

So let’s get to work, resist, fight. We’ve got to. Hell, survive out of spite if it helps. But don’t give up. Please

Last thing. If you read all that & came away with but I’m a good white person, how dare you?! Then you need to think before you reply to me. If you can’t read someone’s thoughts and fears for what’s happening without making it about you? Re-evaluate yourself. Don’t start no shit. I’m not a patient person on a good day. It’s not going to be a good day until we get him out of office. So watch yourself & your responses. Discourse, discussion is fine. Disagreement too if you can do so without being an asshole. It’s possible, shocking I know.

But derailing that whole thread with white guilt, re-centering hurt feelings over my fears for surviving gets a block hand. That’s it, that’s all I got for now. I’m gonna try for productivity after some coffee, what about y’all?