actually they are old but i've never used them

I’m so tired of seeing these post floating around tbh. “why did y'all let topp dogg flop” is why.

first off, Topp Dogg has never flopped. Just because they haven’t reached their deserved success doesn’t mean they have flopped. A flop is when something or someone is a complete fail. Someone or something who never makes any achievements and stays at the bottom. Since when has that been Topp Dogg???

Idk about you, but I see my boys making vast improvements. Their popularity has gained, their rap and vocals have gotten better, their dancing is still amazing, and they’re better than they were back with Stardom. There are still some hiccups but never ever have they been a flop. Topp Klass would never allow that to happen.

Yes they’re underrated, we know that. But that’s not stopping us TK from rooting for them 24/7 and putting in our best effort to make sure they don’t actually become failures like people think they are. Do you know how often we worry about them disbanding??? We put in so much effort and time to make sure that will never happen. So don’t you ever refer to Topp Dogg as a flop or even imply that they are. Its insulting to them and us real toppklass.


Before & after. The old bookstore sign wasn’t actually partially floating in midair, they were connected lots and I just couldn’t be assed to reconnect them for two shots.

The cafe is essentially a better-decorated version of itself. The bookstore, on the other hand, is completely redone. It has a better layout (and I think looks more like a real bookstore) than it did before despite now being on a smaller lot, and is theoretically functional if I ever have a sim buy it.

I’d also like to remake the shops to the right of the bookstore, but half of them are owned businesses, so it’d be kind of a pain.

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Hey! hope this doesn't get lost in the comments.. but have you ever had any flop arts? How do you deal with them? (by that i mean pieces u started but never finished) bc i've been having a lot of those :-)

this folder exists for a reason /cOUGH//

in my old asks, I would post WIPs and stuff to show you guys what I am working on but never got around in finishing them :(
Worse part was, someone actually stole my WIP and used it as their own idea.
which is one of the few reasons why I don’t post any more previews -.-

Flop arts come and go. 
If you can’t complete them or don’t like them, then just let it be!
Make a new one! It really doesn’t matter :D!
Art is there to be enjoyed and have fun with~
(but don’t make it into a habit that you don’t finish one at all)

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Felicity has a thing for superhero panties. Take what you will ;)

(I’m laughing so hard omg! I have so much superhero themed underwear, it’s a little ridiculous! Also this is complete and utter crack oh my god.)

He notices the running theme pretty early on in their relationship. There’s that silver sports bra she likes, with the shield emblazoned on the front, the black panties with ‘god of thunder’ written across them, the iron man bra… You get the idea.

But it’s not until she starts babbling excitedly about some new movie that she’s apparently been waiting years for, that he finally fits the pieces together. She’s so shocked that he’s never heard of these ‘Avengers’ people, that she sits him down and makes him marathon watch superhero movies with her. That’s when he can finally put faces to the names and symbols he so often comes across on her underwear.

He makes a mental note to ask her about it sometime, and lets himself get drawn into what he has to admit, is a pretty good movie.


“Is there a reason you have so much superhero themed underwear?” He finally asks one morning, holding up her latest purchase, a pair of lacy Spiderman panties.

She blushes and hops out of bed, quickly grabbing the garment out of his hands and shoving it back into a drawer. He’s still watching her with a raised eyebrow when she turns to face him, so she sighs and idly wonders how red her face can get before she no longer resembles a human being.

“It amuses me.” She shrugs. “It’s like an inside joke, people who see my underwear will just think I’m a total geek…” She smirks at the thought before continuing. “Little do they know I’m part of my very own crime fighting team.” She says the last phrase in an overly dramatic voice before giggling and looking up at him to see how he’s taken her explanation.

“People who see your underwear?” He asks, his eyes narrowing dangerously. “Who sees your underwear?”

She quickly places a hand on his chest in a placating gesture before hurrying to explain.

“No one! No one like that… Well, I mean I did start wearing them before we were together so…” She breaks off when she sees the look on his face. “Right. I just meant like…  Actually I’m not really sure what I meant. Never mind.”

She changes the subject, and the topic doesn’t come up again until two weeks later. When she opens her underwear draw to find dozens of pairs of custom made Green Arrow panties, in all shades of the rainbow, each with a pair of crossed arrows and the name written across them.

She laughs so hard she has to sit down. But her old superhero underwear doesn’t get much use after that.


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