actually theres no probably in that

honestly, deku probably could have gotten into UA even if he didn’t get all might’s powers. like, sure, there’s no way he could have been in a class for future pro heroes, but UA offers support class & marketing too. he could have been great at marketing analyzing heroes is literally his Thing. the fact that no one in his life actually went “okay, i see you’re really interested in this, but we both know the main course isn’t the place for you, so why not do what you can in a different course” just shows how badly public school failed him


pay attention to meeeeeeee

MM characters and their phones these days smh

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Hi I'd like to point out Memories on Ice from the Yutra! Soundtrack sounds like a wedding march

“memories on ice

//gentle sobbing// the song is beautiful and nostalgic ohmygosh TTOTT <333 //on a side note, you guys should check out @weddingvowszine​ <3 lots and lots of viktuuri weddings it’s going to be wonderful <333

Local Vampire Hopelessly Charmed by Adorable Ghost, More News at 10

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1BitHeart: Main Characters

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Things that won’t be as accessible as before with net neutrality gone



friends from other countries or long distances



movies/shows (like hulu/netflix or other show/movie sites)

music (like ^^^ I mean sites or apps that store and make music playlists)



actual truths and not something our country is just saying to fear monger us


jobs that need the internet (small businesses will be impacted greatly)

i’m just gonna tell you all now: this tour is supposed to be really interactive (it’s in the name), meaning the audience will likely have plenty of chances to make decisions. for fuck’s sake, choose the cake scene this time.


Okay back to happier (?) topics - today’s prompts were firsts/future/tears !!!! and honestly that’s probably a happy set why did I go for this even we might just never know

I created the ayakashi and taught them words. I wanted to talk to them.


“So I had my avatar marry Izana because apparently you can do that” resulted in a child that looks a lot like his father but got none of that laid-back personality and a whole lot of pointless energy (which he uses, of course, for evil)

@iceychuu had a hand in some of this

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when solar’s leader unnie vibe comes out

NamJin Probably
  • *Somewhere on the rooftop like a cheesy anime confession scene*
  • Jin: so why are we here?
  • Namjoon: There's actually something I've been meaning to say.
  • Namjoon: Jin, I like you. No, I love you.
  • Jin: I feel the same.
  • Namjoon: Really?
  • Jin: Yeah, I love me too.
  • Namjoon: *sheds a tear* You should, you beautiful man.

Something I’m super self-conscious about is my inability to remember names.

I’ve heard about Autistic people not able to recognize faces (propoagnosia…I think I misspelled it…) but I have a really hard time recalling names of people I’ve met before. I’ve had friends or casual acquaintances where I’ve gone weeks or months without knowing their names, because I get too embarrassed to ask them to tell me! And it’s so frustrating, because obviously I know who they are, but I just can’t remember their name. 

I don’t know why, maybe it’s an association issue. Like the same way I know PLACES, but I can’t remember street signs or names of familiar boulevards/neighborhoods.etc, despite having lived in a place for years. That’s super embarrassing too, because then I think people will think I’m stupid and treat me like I’m a toddler when I’m not, I just cannot remember the name of the person/place I’m trying to describe.

If anyone else out there has this issue, please know you are not alone! I know how frustrating and alienating it can feel, but please know that you are not “stupid” or “infantile” for these issues! 

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The bible is incredibly edited. If it fits together, which is heavily does not, it's because someone arranged it to be that way. Books that didn't match up were discarded. It's nothing more than a collection of short stories, cultivated in a vain attempt to convince generations of people to pass judgement on others. There's not a shred of evidence a word of it is anything more than personal delusion. Believing is just buying into that delusion.

Actually, the Bible is the most authenticated ancient text known to man. What does that mean? A lot of things actually…

The Bible has the smallest time gap between the time it was first written and the earliest manuscripts we have. That is VERY important when we are dealing with ancient documents because it greatly increases probability of reliability. We are going to take a few moments to compare the New Testament to other ancient historical accounts that are considered trustworthy and reliable. I usually just link to this whole video but I felt like throwing in pictures this time because I’m Extra like that

By historical comparison, the earliest manuscripts we have of the New Testament were written in a shockingly short time span from when the original document was penned - a mere 50 years. But there is so much more…

Every single manuscript out of the 24,633 we have of the New Testament alone matches up virtually perfectly, which means they were copied, not edited. They were not perpetuated like a game of telephone, they are true to their original content. How does that compare to the works of other ancient text? Look how many we have of Caesar, Plato, and Tacitus in comparison to the New Testament:

The next closest in regards to the number of manuscripts we have would be Homer’s Iliad with a total of 643 manuscripts

That still leaves the Bible leading by 23,990 manuscripts.

The foundational points of Caesar’s life, the preservation of the Iliad, and the reliability of Tacitus’ writings are considered rock solid. We believe those events happened, we believe the stories told are ones the authors wrote. So why do we doubt the Bible which is FAR more trustworthy than anything else we have? 643 x 38.31 to be exact.

So internally it’s accurate, but what about externally? How do we know it is not simply the writers perpetuating a lie? Glad you asked! Next slide…

Apart from the Bible, we have 9 non-Christian outside sources and 33 Christian outside sources. That brings us to a total of 42 outside sources affirming the events and authenticity of the Bible. Compare that to the second place who would be Caesar of which we only have ten outside sources documenting his life.

We don’t doubt the events of Caesar’s life, we don’t say that there is no evidence to prove the words about him are true, we don’t claim that these other books are so heavily edited that we can no longer believe anything they say is accurate. So why do we doubt the Bible is true?

The Bible blows everything else away. It passes every test of authenticity by a massive amount. If we disregard the validity of the Bible, we have to discard everything we claim to know about ancient history because the Bible is the absolute highest standard for historical accuracy. That’s a fact. (You can watch the whole video including why the four eye-witness gospel accounts are important here)

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So I was reading through the entire anabasis tag and one of the things was talking about him using force lightning to start campfires and other stuff. For some reason I immediately got the image of him using the force choke to juice fruit.


A few years out from Anabasis, recovered Anakin makes a point of using a variety of Terrifying Dark Side Techniques™ for the most mundane things possible.

He starts campfires with Force lightning. Sometimes he re-lights the pilot light on the stove with Force lightning, too. (Once he tried using it to reheat food, but that ended…rather explosively. Which may or may not have actually been his intent, since it started an epic food fight.)

He regularly uses the Force to speed up cooking by chopping five or six different vegetables at a time. (Padme won’t let anyone else in the kitchen when he does this, even though Anakin insists it’s safe, because, well…floating knives.)

He uses the Force choke to juice fruit, to squeeze the air out of bags, and sometimes to wring out laundry. He’s also used it to pop water balloons over people’s heads.

He still largely channels his emotions when he uses the Force, so technically, by Jedi definitions, he’s mostly using the Dark Side. But it’s hard to argue that when what he’s using it for is to provide entertainment at a kid’s birthday party.