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Guys my age

Pairing: Clint Barton x Reader

Warnings: Lots of smut, protected though, but smut. Wrap it before ye tap it.

A/N: My baby @imaginedaily asked me if I could write a little something for her and of course I said yes because she’s my baby and I love her and I’m guessing I’m a bit gay – okay, A LOT hehe <3 Inspired in Hey Violet’s “Guys my Age

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You got out of the shower with a white towel wrapped around your body. Andy Black blasting in the background, as loud as your neighbors allowed. Dancing around at the rhythm of the music, you took out clothing from the drawers and started sliding it on your frame.

Your music faded away and in its place, your ringtone rang. You looked at it and ignored the caller. It had been about four weeks since you’d been ignoring your lame ex; he wanted to get back together with you because he missed you very much but you felt completely disgusted by the idea. Someone told you guys your age were idiots and even though he seemed normal at first, he proved to be everything you were told he would.

Zipping up your leather jacket and turning the keys, you hit downtown to see what could the night life offer a single lady such as yourself. You came across a nice-looking place with some live music and seats near the stage to enjoy the music while being seated and drinking. As you made your first order, you couldn’t help but to look at the guy a few tables away from you. He was kinda hot in a rough way.

After exchanging glances at one another, he made the first move of changing seats next to you. His name was Clint, or so he said. Much older than you but not enough to be an old guy.

“And what is a nice girl like you, doing in a place like this?” He asked before sipping from his drink.

“What can I say?” you shrugged, “my ex-man done me wrong and here I am spending my nights talking to hot but old strangers.” A flirty smile drew on your lips.

“Ouch,” Clint took his hand to his heart in an offended manner, “don’t hurt your old man like that, kid.”

After some enriching music, conversation and drinks, you found that that Clint used to work in a circus and that he was more or less skilled at shooting arrows. You were rather impressed with that and you asked him to please show you how to shoot one, and after paying for the drinks, he walked with you back to his place which was not far from the bar.

The night was a bit chilly, but not enough to make you shiver. His conversation was just as fun and as relaxed as he was inside the bar with all the noise and the people around you. At first you thought he was one of those guys who liked pick up young girls because he couldn’t afford to be with one his age, but he seemed more like the guy who actually didn’t care if he was with one or not. Like he didn’t care at all of anything around him, really.

His apartment was entirely neat, and even cleaner than yours. You wandered around his living room while he took out some beers from the fridge for you to drink. You saw some pictures with him and two children, and lots and lots of other people.

“If it’s not too personal, who are the kids in these pictures?” You pointed at one of the pictures.

“My sister’s kids.” He replied, getting closer and handing you your freezing can. “Good kids.”

“And I’m sure they love their uncle Clint, right?” You mocked. “That’s sweet.”

“What can I say?” He shrugged, rising his hands along with him, “all people tend to love me the minute they meet me so… we all win here, right?” He opened his can and took a long sip from it. You saw how his Adam’s apple bobbed and suddenly he became even hotter than how you pictured him. You decided to take a good sip too and let yourself enjoy his company.

Two beers later you were on the rooftop trying to shoot arrows, but it was useless, you were not only bad at it, you were terrible; not a single one hit the bull’s-eye, nonce. He, on the other hand, was incredibly good. He was so damn good that he didn’t need to look at his target. He looked at you and kept talking while shooting.

It was like watching that Brave scene when Merida rejects the sons of the lords, only 10 times cooler.

“You have to relax. You have to be the bow.” He tried to explain. “Try screaming, at the top of your lungs,” you did as he told you but you only ended up with a sore throat, “did that work?” you shook your head. “I didn’t think so,” he rolled his eyes, “ok, now try shaking?” you did, but you only felt even more ridiculous and he tried hard not to laugh at you.

“Oh god, I’m done with this.” You huffed and handed Clint his bow and the arrow he gave you to try.

“No, come on.” He said. “Take my hand–” Clint reached out his free hand and you reluctantly accepted it— “now close your eyes and try to breathe with me.” His voice was soft, and it took you a moment before you started imitating what he was doing. You felt your chest expanding with the air income and with your hands in his, you actually felt much more relaxed.

He slowly got closer and closer, until you had his breath brushing your lips. Your mouth hung a bit open when you felt the proximity of his. It was pure gut instinct that took over your senses, and in a split second you were crashing your lips on his and pulling from his jacket to make the distance disappear.

His strong hands held your waist tightly, and his thumbs circled the uncovered spots of your skin. The bow and quiver fell onto the concrete floor and the night suddenly became hotter. His mouth molded perfectly with yours and his tongue gently slid to intertwine with yours. Somehow, you were not very interested in shooting arrows anymore.

He carried you back to his apartment and closed the door by pushing you onto it. You got rid of your jacket and top and Clint followed in suit, revealing a scarred but ridiculously well-defined torso. You went for his lips again as he walked with you somewhere in his apartment, soon you realized it was his bedroom.

He gently placed you over the mattress and started placing soft kisses along your jawline and down your neck. He clearly knew what he was doing and you understood why people kept telling that messing around with boys your age was a waste of time. Older men definitely knew what to do, where to do it, when to do it and how to do it. His pace was soft, unlike your ex’s who wanted to get shit done ASAP; oh no, Clint took his time with you, making you enjoy the pleasures of being with a man with experience.

Your breath got caught in your windpipe when you felt a pair of calloused hands near the valley of your breasts, he slowly pulled down the fabric of your bra, giving you enough time to react and tell him to stop, but you said nothing, and your silence only indicated the permission he had. You helped Clint by freeing yourself from the straps and unclasping it from behind. Just a little help.

“I could that on my own, (Y/N).” He teased, keeping his lips glued to the skin of your chest. “I am not like the guys your age.”

“Since you’re a bit older—” you gasped— “I thought you might need a little help, right?”

“Well, I appreciate that.” He looked up at you and nodded.

He kissed and sucked on the hot skin of your breasts; Clint also spread your legs wider to lay comfortable in between them and use them as support once his lips carried on their way down to the hem of your jeans. He quickly unmade the button and pulled the fabric down your legs.

You supported yourself with your elbows on the mattress as he pulled away your wet underwear with his teeth. His hot breathing was a terrible teaser and it was amazing, because in your life someone had taken such care of you. His tongue did wonders and you were sure that you were tearing up his quilt with your tight grip. Hope he didn’t mind.

In a matter of seconds, you were blissfully screaming the Lord’s name and pushing Clint’s head closer to you. It took you a while you fathom how good he was just by eating you out. You stared at the ceiling, trying hard to catch your breath.

“Better than younger guys?” he savored his own lips, smirking wickedly at you.

“Oh, most certainly. Guys my age don’t know how to treat me right.”

“It’s only about to get better.” He unmade his jeans, revealing a glorious shaft under the tight underwear, and before throwing them away, he picked up a condom from his side table. At least he didn’t need to be told to fucking use one. You made a mental note on the various reasons why older guys were better than guys your age.

He positioned himself in between your legs, teasing your entrance with his length and slowly pushed in. He placed his hands on both sides of your head and lowered his upper body to distract you from the terrible stretching feeling by placing soft kisses on your lips. You were rather confused by his love demonstrations, was this a plain fuck or was he… being tender?

You arched your back from the mattress and held on to his broad shoulders as he pounded harder each second. You wrapped your legs around his waist and dug your heels on his butt. You loved to hear when he grunted trying to reach a deeper point in you; he was not loud, and compared to you he was a bit silent, but the little moans that spilled on his lips sounded like heaven.

If your previous orgasm was amazing, this one was indescribable. You couldn’t recall coming so loud and so joyfully. You surrendered on the mattress while he helped you ride out the orgasm while reaching his own. You had never been the one to come first, let alone a guy waiting for you. Well, he was not a random guy, he was a man.

After pulling out, he placed a sweet kiss on your forehead, and headed to the bathroom. You started picking up your clothes to get quickly dressed and leave, but before you could walk away from the bedroom, he appeared in his pajamas (that only included a pair of shorts) and leaned on the door frame.

“You’re not staying for breakfast?” He asked. “I mean, it’s a bit late for you to go out there.”

“I can call an Uber.” You shrugged.

“I’m a bit of a sucker for cuddling,” he admitted, shrugging and walking to the bed, “why don’t you accept my invitation for breakfast and stay the night?” He patted the bed with a huge grin on his face. “You can take a shirt from the drawer; the first one.”

You sighed and did as he told. He was a bit right, it was too late to call an Uber and breakfast sounded like a great idea. You searched for a shirt you liked and that you could keep. A purple one with a red, white and blue bull’s-eye in the middle. It was big enough to cover your butt and you loved the way it looked on you. You even got whistles and cheering from Clint as you did a bit of modeling. When you were about to close the drawer, you found some dark, leather-looking clothing.

“What’s this?” You asked, holding the sort of sleeveless vest.

“Oh, it’s my uniform.”

“Circus uniform?” You asked again, folding the garment and closing for good the drawer. You slid under the covers and cuddled next to Clint.

“No, more like avenging uniform. I’m Clint Barton, by the way.” He smiled, kissed the top of your head and then called it quits by turning off the lights.

I’m the person who would cuddle someone and stay up with them all night to make sure they’re okay. The person that would bring breakfast to my girlfriend in bed because she was sick. The person that actually likes cheesy things, even though i don’t show it. The person that likes small gestures like handholding and forehead kisses. I’m the person who loves being hugged from behind. The one who acts like things don’t bother me but they actually do. I’m the person that would love to spend the night looking at the stars silently on top of the roof. I’m the person that would love to play guitar and even sing to my girlfriend, even though i’m shy of my singing voice. I’m the person who is overprotecting and cares more than I show. I’m the person who is actually pretty insecure but I’m good at acting confident.
—  I’m so much more than you may have thought

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Can you do 53 and 33 for Montgomery de la Cruz?

Hell yeah I can! Also bless your soul for requesting something and giving me something to do ily 💕

33. The door’s locked.

53. Take your shirt off.

The door’s locked,” Montgomery relays apprehensively, his head turning to glance at the girl standing behind him. 

“The fuck you mean it’s locked,” she hisses, pushing past him to see for herself. Sure enough the handle jingles tightly in her hand but does not completely twist. The music is too loud for anyone to hear them pounding on the door. She had come upstairs to take a breather from the party, not to get locked in Jessica Davis’s bedroom with Montgomery De La Cruz. 

“You gonna talk to me now? Ya know, since we’re kind of stuck in here together. Or are you gonna continue to avoid me?” he asks, leaning against the door with his arms crossed over his chest. 

“I’m not avoiding you,” her eyes drop from his face to the floor, voice wavering. Lying has never been her strong suit.

They had been partnered together for a project in biology, and much to her surprise they got along great. She was cold towards him at first, since her prior interactions with him had been him checking her out in the hallway and her rolling her eyes whenever she caught him, or when she would stumble across him getting aggressive with someone who did or didn’t deserve it. 

She didn’t want to like him. He’s a dick of the douchiest variety. But not always, not all the time. After many late nights of doing research he got comfortable around her and relaxed. He would crack stupid jokes and make lame puns that made her laugh in-spite of herself. He would randomly ask her questions like “what do you think about multiverse theory?” and “What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?” He would let her nap on the couch if she got tired while he continued to search for articles and would wake her up when he came across something that he found particularly exciting. He could be endearing when he wanted to be.

They got close. Closer than she could have anticipated. One night the previous week they were making final edits on the project, laughing about this and that. She can’t remember what he said, but she playfully shoved his chest in response and he nudged her shoulder back and she kicked at his leg and then they were rolling around on the floor when he quietly mumbled, “come here,” and she teasingly responded with, “I don’t think I can really get much closer,” to which he whispered, “I think you can.” And then he kissed her.

She’d be lying if she said she hadn’t wondered what it would be like to kiss the infamous Montgomery De La Cruz. He was a prick, but a gorgeous one at that. All of the eye rolls and shit talking in the world couldn’t change the fact that given the opportunity, most of the girls at Liberty High would sell their soul to kiss the devil himself.

It was sweet. He had pulled her flush against his chest and let his hands play at her sides while she climbed onto his lap, resting her one hand at the side of his neck and letting the other run down his arm. It wasn’t what she would have expected. But he wasn’t what she expected either. 

That was all it was. Just one kiss. Nothing more. He didn’t push it further and neither did she. When she pulled away he had this soft smile on his lips and a serene look in his eyes that she had never seen before. He looked so calm, so at peace. And it made her heart melt. 

But he was still Monty, and she knew what everyone in the school thought of him, and what they would think of her if this progressed into anything more than a one time kiss. It was hypocritical, to desire someone but damn anyone who actually got something. Nonetheless, she pulled away. Avoiding him since then. She didn’t want to be the type to care what other people thought, but they could be so damn cruel, and she had kept such a pristine image so far. 

“Seriously?” Monty snaps, pulling her out of her thoughts, “I’m literally the only other person in here and you’re still pretending like I don’t exist.”

“I’m very much aware of your existence,” she quips, sitting on the edge of Jessica’s bed. She notices a variety of colored sharpies on the nightstand.

“You’re just choosing to ignore it,” he rolls his eyes.

“I’m talking to you right now, aren’t I?” she raises an eyebrow, feigning casualty. 

He snorts, running a hand through his hair. “I’m all you’ve got right now, so it doesn’t count for much.”

“Didn’t think you’d care all that much,” she shrugs, leaning over to grab the colorful assortment of sharpies.

“I kissed you and then you started avoiding me like the plague. How could I not care?!” his voice raises in exasperation.

“Because you’re you,” her tone is serious as she looks him straight in the eye.

“Yeah, yeah my reputation sucks. I’m awful,” he glowers.

“Only sometimes. You can be sweet when you want to be,” she offers.

“Not sweet enough for it to matter apparently.”

Take your shirt off.”

“What?” he asks, taken aback. This conversation has taken an abrupt turn.

“I’m gonna draw on you,” she shakes the sharpies in her hand, “Gotta pass the time somehow.”

He’s somewhat startled and confused by the request, but his shirt still comes off as he makes his way over to the bed. He lies on his back as she straddles his lap, dragging the tip of a green sharpie down his side. She draws twisting vines with sharp thorns that could tear your skin if you got too close. But she also draws blooming roses that smell so sweet you can’t help but drift closer. It’s dangerous and beautiful, terrifying and inviting. It’s a lot like Monty.

“You’re sending out some mixed signals you know,” he looks up at her as she shades in a petal. One minute she’s ducking around corners to bypass his gaze and the next she’s straddling his half naked body.

“I’m sorry,” she mutters, her lip stuck between her teeth in concentration, “I like you, but your reputation is hard to swallow.”

He nods in understanding, watching her use him as a canvas. “Can I draw on you?”

“Sure,” her eyes widen a bit in surprise. “Where?”

“Your back,” he explains as she rolls off him and he sits up, switching places.

She turns away from him, sliding her shirt off and unhooking her bra before laying chest down on the bed. He picks up a sharpie and she feels the cool ink on her skin. A shiver runs down her spine at the sensation. It’s a large design that takes up a majority of the two sides of her back. It feels like he’s drawing wings. 

“Angel wings?” she asks, twisting her head at an attempt to get a look at him.

“Good guess,” he grins, nodding in affirmation. 

“Why?” she laughs, “Cause I’m so etherial?”

“Something like that,” he laughs, his one hand gripping her side tightly to keep her still. She likes the feeling of his skin on hers.

“Can you keep a secret? she asks, biting her lip as she waits for a response.

“What kind of secret?” he asks, sitting back so his weight isn’t holding her down as much.

She rolls over so she’s facing him, reaching up to place one hand at the back of his neck. Her lips press against his in the most inviting way, making his eyes shut instinctively as he leans into it.

“Yeah,” he breathes out heavily, moving to hover over her as his arms wrap around her back to press their bare chests together tightly. “I can keep a secret.”

*Sorry that turned out to be way longer than a drabble, I got a little carried away*

Want a drabble?

Imagine: First meeting Edward Nygma

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Requested by @taintedmarkerEdward Nygma x Reader: “Can you please write something with Edward ? He’s adorable :) and I love your writing ♡ Maybe something like he has to deal with a new Co worker taking miss kringles Job. And she gets his riddles or is just bubbly. Something that he doesn’t get" 

I hope you guys enjoy this, it took me a while to write i hope its good <3 my requests are open so feel free to drop by :)

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So I’m making a very pro Zack Snyder post right now because something I don’t see people acknowledge very much about him is how much all the actresses he’s worked with really like him and have consistently praised him.

This is Hollywood. A lot of actresses don’t have good experiences on films. Directors will belittle them, make them cry, put them in situations that make them uncomfortable, etc. So I have found it interesting for a while how much actresses who have worked with Zack clearly like him, because a lot of women in Hollywood will either call out unpleasant directors, or just keep silent about them, rather than saying anything bad. Zack’s actresses, across the board, seem to really like him.

Don’t worry. I have receipts. Let’s start with Sucker Punch, shall we?


Emily Browning repeatedly praised Zack on the press tour for Sucker Punch. She even went as far as to say he gave her her love of acting back.

“At one point I was [doubting that I would continue with acting] and actually this film, to be honest with you, is the one that’s brought me back and made me realize this is absolutely what I want to do. I have faith in this industry, if a movie making experience can be this positive and this much fun, then I can’t imagine ever doing anything else.”

For video reference, here’s a video of Emily and Abbie Cornish. They start talking about Zack at around the 5:00 minute mark.

“He keeps the set really fun and light and positive. I mean, obviously when we were doing our emotional scenes, he was really super respectful of that.”

Just wanted to point out from that what Emily is probably referencing there are the scenes of sexual abuse her character faces. You don’t think it would be asking a lot for a director to be respectful of those scenes and their impact on the women performing them, but unfortunately it sometimes is, and from what she said, Zack obviously is respectful of her while performing those scenes.

Jamie Chung, Jena Malone, and Vanessa Hudgens also praised him a lot here around the 4:30 mark.

Moving on to 300, Lena Headey was the female lead in that film (it’s worth noting that Zack expanded her role greatly from the graphic novel, where her part was extremely minimal) and she, like the others, had many kind things to say about Zack at the beginning of this interview.

“He’s so enthusiastic and it’s kind of infectious to be around that. And he’s got such a clear vision and knows absolutely what he wants to bring to the screen. So it’s great to have a leader like that.”

While on the San Andreas press tour, Carla Gugino, who worked with Zack on Watchmen and Man of Steel, expressed interest in working with Zack again in the DCEU at 1:07.

“I would go anywhere with Zack Snyder, do any movie with him and Debbie.”

So now for the DCEU actresses. We can start with Amy, as she’s said many sweet things about Zack. Most recently she discussed how it was difficult for her to see Zack take so much heat for BvS. It’s at around the 40:00 minute mark in this podcast.

“I just felt for Zack,” Adams says. “Zack’s like the nicest person ever, and to see him kind of talked about like that was really hard for me, because he’s really such a respectful director.”

There’s that word again. “Respectful.” Amy has been pretty candid in the past about working with directors who she didn’t get along with or didn’t treat her very well. With Zack, she’s only ever had nice things to say.

Now for Holly Hunter, she starts discussing him at the 1:00 minute mark.

“People have a fabulous time on this movie because the atmosphere is very creative, very respectful, and at the same time playful.”

Somehow I’ve gotten the impression that the women on his movies have never felt disrespected by Zack given the constant use of the word “respectful.”

So of course we have to hear from Wonder Woman about Zack. She starts talking about him at 1:38.

“He’s so women friendly. He’s very into women empowerment, and I think that for him, personally as well, it is very important to show a strong female on the big screen, that is equal to the other heroes.”

Lastly I’ll link Diane Lane’s interview, where she talks about Zack at 1:45.

“It’s so wonderful to work with Zack, who I trust implicitly, and has all the answers. It’s so wonderful to be able to trust him.”

So basically with this I wanted to say if you don’t like Zack Snyder as a director, that’s fine. No one is obligated to like a director’s movies. But I feel like the attacks on Zack Snyder have become downright personal, and that is ridiculous. I think it’s rather sad that a director that the media and some fans have decided to target is a director who treats his actresses with respect and clearly goes out of his way to make them comfortable and collaborate with them and actually care about the women in his movies.

There are not very many action film directors today who I feel care a whole lot about women, and Zack is one of the few, and I wish that was appreciated more. But instead I still see constant personal attacks that he does not deserve.

I’m rewatching Rogue One and Jyn’s character seems a lot more…consistent? in retrospect. It seems like she flip-flops between “I don’t care” and “I’m a rebel!” but I actually think it’s pretty clear Jyn DOES care, she displays it in her actions and clearly looks uncomfortable when she says otherwise. It’s a defense mechanism. She likes to think she’s the kind of person who’s disillusioned and is above being the good guy, but she’s a rebel and a hero at heart and just needed the right nudge to do the right thing. 

Another Snape Debate

I just saw a post that said Snape wouldn’t have become a death eater if James and the Marauders hadn’t bullied him.

Like no. Snape canonically already hated, found Muggles inferior to magical people prior to meeting James. When he meets Petunia and says he wouldn’t spy on her, ‘wouldn’t spy on you, anyway, you’re a Muggle’ and when Lily is crying on the Hogwarts Express about Petunia hating her, and Snape says ‘so what?’ and Lily replies that she’s her sister. Snape is about to likely say 'She’s only a Muggle’ but cuts himself off. And considering he’s said it before it’s probable.

He thought using Dark Magic (as Lily refers to it) on someone who is likely Muggleborn (Mary Macdonald) is ’…nothing…a laugh’ yet acts victimized when it comes to the Marauders—who don’t use Dark Magic. Also, considering Snape wanted to out his friend weeks/months prior to SWM, I get why James would have said 'it’s more of the fact that he exists.’ Snape was stalking them and went to the Whomping Willow on the night of a full moon when he already thought Remus to be a werewolf.

He came into Hogwarts knowing more hexes and curses than most people in seventh year did. Because that’s so innocent, right?

And it was a rivalry from day one. James wasn’t talking to Snape on the Hogwarts Express, he was talking to Sirius (he heard Snape tell Lily she better be in Slytherin, but that’s it). James likely grew up hearing how bad Slytherins were and says he’d leave. Snape makes a disparaging noise at James for saying he wants to be in Gryffindor, and when James asks him if he has a problem he sneers and insults Gryffindor house.

Snape cared more about power and not being inferior to anyone—be it James or his Muggle father—than he did about Lily. He could have given it up prior to actually becoming one, but he didn’t even think about doing it, did he?

I can write an essay on why James isn’t the cause for Snape being a prejudice person who joined a fascist group but that’s for another day.

Yes, bullying sucks. As someone who has experienced years of bullying, I know this. But while we can’t control how we feel when it comes to bullying, we can control what we do. Not being malicious people, not continuing the cycle. Not joining malicious groups. Snape’s decision was his own, no one forced him to join. He didn’t have family pressures like Draco or Regulus, he wanted to join.

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I really hate the feeling of being the only person who doesn't drink in my friendship group, so could I please the da2 companions react to a Hawke who doesn't drink? :)

Hey, anon, no worries, Mod Sarah doesn’t drink either. (I don’t like the smell or the taste of it).

Aveline: Fine by her. It’s healthier for them and keeps their minds clearer.

Fenris: He shrugs. More wine for him, then.

Carver: He sort of mocks his older sibling about it, and a few times tries to give them something alcoholic to see if they’ll actually like it.

Isabela: She’s mildly disappointed that they won’t drink with her, but doesn’t make them drink or mock them. “I don’t know how you go about without a drink or two to take the edge off, but whatever. That’s your right.”

Varric: He doesn’t mind or care, really. They’ll just be more capable of remembering his stories because they’re sober.

Sebastian: He praises them. “Good for you. The Maker smiles upon those who refrain from such things, for they lead to sin.”

Anders: He’s a bit surprised, but shrugs. “At least there’s one less person likely to wander drunk into my clinic, throwing up all over the floor…”

Bethany: She doesn’t tease her older sibling– she’s not that fond of alcohol, either.

Merrill: She doesn’t understand why anyone cares. “It’s just like saying you don’t like a certain food, right?” she asks, befuddled. “Why does it matter?”

Gotta say...

WHAT is WITH people raggin on either Sansa or Dany? Like if you like Jonsa, you automatically demonize Dany, and if you like Jonerys, you automatically rag on Sansa…WHY?

We got two amazing female characters with both negative qualities to their character as well as positive qualities.

I personally like the idea of Jonsa more, but I still love Dany, and cheer whenever she does anything, same as I cheer for Sansa. I don’t care who the fuck Jon ends up with, it’s incestuous either way lol

…actually lowkey ship Daensa >.> cause that SO much badass in one ship yo


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all jokes aside the fact that dan was genuinely upset at the situation with phil at the gym makes me really warm bc he's proven himself to be the kind of person that doesn't tolerate people hurting his loved ones and i think that's such a nice quality and he's such a good person and i love him dearly

phils video was meant to make the entire situation into something other people can laugh at but im sure something like that actually is upsetting to some degree like i would actually cry if something like that happened to me and i know id be mad if it happened to someone i care about a lot because it was more than just some bizarre misunderstanding, it was a shitty personal trainer who wouldn’t listen? dan getting genuinely angry over it made me feel emotionanal

Heroes and Legends (pt. 3)

Previous and Next

The Author leans back in his seat and turns to look at Wilford. The barrel of the gun moves to the place just between his eyebrows, and Author blinks slowly. “Is that really necessary?”

Wilford tilts his head to the side. “What if I plan on killing you?”

“If you wanted to kill me,” the Author says in a calm, measured voice, “you would’ve done it by now, and we both know that.” The corner of his mouth quirks up. “Now, will you get the gun out of my face?”

Wilford pulls the gun back, but it remains clutched tightly in his hand as if it’s there more for the sensation of having it than anything else. The Author reaches over and writes a sentence on a scrap of paper, reading aloud as he does, “A chair appears behind Wilford Warfstache, and the pink Ego feels obliged to take a seat.” Warfstache sits without even looking back to confirm that the Author’s sentence has come true, but when he lands in the cushioned armchair, he seems somewhat pleasantly surprised.

“You can just make things happen?” Author nods. Wilford squints at him. “Could you make me taller?”

The Author tilts his head to the side. “In theory, but my changes would only last so long, as long as I keep the illusion going.”

Wilford pats his hands on the arms of the chair. “Doesn’t feel like an illusion.”

“If it did, it wouldn’t be a good trick, now would it?” Author’s grin is somewhat unhinged, not that Wilford minds, but he can’t help but wonder what goes on behind those strangely sharp eyes. “I know that’s why Dark thinks he needs me around to reach… whatever goal he has for himself.”

“Dark has a one-track mind that way,” Wilford concedes, “but he’s saved my neck more times than I can count.”

Author notices the hint of blue in that statement, sadness with maybe a hint of regret. “He’s changing, though. You can’t stop that.”

Wilford jumps up suddenly and bounces around the room, pulling books off of shelves, flipping through them, and putting them back in other random places as he plucks up another one. “Funny you should mention that. It’s why I’m here, actually. You see, as much as I like to mess with Dark, put spiders under his pillows or hair dye in his shampoo, he is the only person in the world who cares whether I come home full of bullets or not.” Wilford pauses, shakes his head, and looks back at Author, still smiling. But the smile is a forced gray, a lie. “Can’t you help him somehow?”

The Author takes a deep breath and props his feet up in the chair that Wilford has just vacated. “The problem with Dark isn’t exactly something that one of my illusions can fix. As real as they seem, they’re still just a trick. I can’t make him change permanently.” Author leans against his hand and stares up at the pink Ego. “You must know that.” The gun flashes in Wilford’s hand, and Author notes how his fingers start to twitch. “You need a chance to blow off some steam?”

Warfstache shakes out his arms. “You have no idea.”

“I might have a way to solve that.” Author places a finger over his lips and smirks. “Want to know how I get material for my murder mysteries?”

Will’s eyes light up. “I knew I liked you!”


Dark doesn’t question it when Wilford disappears. It’s rare that the other Ego will hang around the house during the day, or even at night, for that matter. Sometimes they’ll go days without seeing each other, but Dark has a bad feeling about Wilford’s disappearance this time.

He’s flipping through Mark’s latest videos, unable to watch a single one for more than two minutes and fidgeting nervously. After a few more minutes of wasting time, Dark gets up and throws on a black jacket against the autumn chill and grabs the keys to his car, won in a “fair” game of poker. Wilford doesn’t drive since he’s mastered using his void to “poof” in and out of wherever he wants to be, but Dark still needs other means of transportation.

He rolls to a stop outside a particular YouTuber’s house and stares in the windows, unable to see anything in particular. It’s been a while since he’s seen his lovely creator face to face, even longer still since he’s tried to possess him. Maybe that’s what he needs, a good game of cat and mouse to get his mind off of Wilford.

But Dark just drives around the block once more and goes back home. By the time he gets back, Wilford is there, washing blood of his hands in the kitchen sink and singing along to some song he’s had stuck in his head for the last week. “Hey, MCR, guess what! We’re not having takeout tonight!”

Author emerges from the back of the house, his own hands freshly washed. Dark raises an eyebrow at the other man, but the Author just shrugs. “I just thought I’d make you two dinner. Do you have any objections to that?”

Dark shakes his head, continuing to watch the other Ego carefully. “No.”

“Good,” Author says. “Now, do we want Italian? Chinese? I can make a mean stir fry.”

Wilford claps his hands over his stomach. “I think the answer you’re looking for is: yes!”

4 times someone hugged Burr, and one time they all did

A birthday fic for @hubris-but-no-writing, based on her lovely headcanons over touch-starved Burr, here and here

It’s a little bit belated because I didn’t think of writing it until the actual birthday, and then I neglected to start it for another day. But please enjoy anyways! More below the readmore

–1: Hamilton

Alex had no problem admitting that he liked to touch people he liked. He enjoyed and was comforted by the act of physically affirming his friendships. Who cared, as long as the other person was okay with it?

Aaron, on the other hand, was more closed off than a bear trap on the subject. For the longest time, Alex assumed he was a no-touch kind of person, and respected accordingly. It was really only a matter of time though, before he slipped up.

“Finally submitting that report?” Aaron asked, turning his head slightly as Alex entered.

“Nah,” Alex fell heavily into the spare client chair Aaron kept. “I’m calling it quits, for once. There’s been a development that would take hours of work, and it’s already hours after work. Which reminds me that you should be going, too.”

Aaron blinked, then rubbed his eyes. “Alexander Hamilton, telling someone to stop working? Now I’ve seen it all.” He rolled his head, stretched his shoulders, and turned back to his laptop. “I’m almost done, don’t worry about it.”

Alex knew this would happen. He didn’t exactly have the moral high ground in this subject. “Well, if I’m telling you, then you must know how badly you’re pushing it. Come on, it’s after supper.”

“No one’s waiting for me at home, you know this,” Aaron shrugged, as if the statement wasn’t utterly depressing. Alex pointedly did not comment- Burr’s broken engagement wasn’t recent news, but it had been loud news. Aaron turned back to his work, eyes squeezing tight against the monitor glare and his own obvious exhaustion.

Alex considered letting Aaron be. It wasn’t like Aaron hadn’t done the same, when Alex was trying to drown his problems in work. But then, Alex was prone to snapping the second anyone tried to make him do something ‘for his own good’, and Aaron had understood that and simply tried to be there for the fall rather than control his actions.

It would be pretty shitty of Alex if he didn’t at least try to reciprocate. Alex dragged his chair over, sitting beside Aaron instead of across his desk. “I’m still working, Alexander.” Aaron warned, not even looking over this time. Alex took the chance to peek at his screen- his notes were riddled with red error lines, his sentences barely put together. A properly rested, 100% Aaron Burr would be disgusted by this quality of work.

Alex wasn’t sure what to do, in order to properly express his open support. So instead, he did what would have comforted himself. Leaning slowly towards Aaron, Alex slipped an arm around his side and pulled in. With their sides pressed together, Alex eased his cheek into Aaron’s shoulder.

It was at that point that Alex suddenly remembered that Aaron never physically touched anyone and was likely extremely uncomfortable with the contact. It was also at that exact moment that Aaron absolutely melted.

His shoulder sagged, and Alex’s head involuntarily slid to Aaron’s neck, which went boneless as Aaron’s head tipped back against his. He let out a gusty, pleased sigh and curled in towards Alex’s half-hold. His eyes slipped shut in contentment. Then he froze.

Alex was sure the universe had paused in that moment. Then, it was over as Aaron practically threw himself back. He scrambled, throwing his jacket on and his laptop into his bag. “I guess I’m heading home then, it is late after all.” Aaron’s voice was gruff, but completely unconvincing.

Alex let him run, leaving the door open in his haste. Slowly, a smile crept onto Alex’s face. Aaron didn’t hate physical touch. He was starved of it- and embarrassed by his own reaction.

Alex could work with that.

–2: Hercules

“Dude, I’m serious!” Alex’s voice was insistent through the phone. Hercules rolled his eyes. “Are you rolling your eyes at me right now!”

“How did you-?” Hercules started, then cut himself off. “Look, I believe that’s what you thought happened, but you probably just made him really uncomfortable and you should apologize!” Honestly, Aaron was such a standoffish person. The idea that he secretly craved basic physical comfort was ludicrous. Hell, Alex himself was the one who warned everyone how much Aaron avoided touching anyone!

Alex let a sharp huff grate through the speaker. “Herc, you weren’t there. He didn’t just 'not move’. He relaxed- hell, he more than relaxed. He straight-up melted into me and made this adorable little sigh. And then he ran.”

Hercules paused. Alex was actually serious. “And then he ran?” Hercules repeated.

“Yep, and just after he got all stubborn about working overtime, too. You know he’s been pulling a 'me’ lately.” Alex laughed, a note of well earned self-deprecation. Hercules understood. It took a lot to drag someone like Aaron from his work, doubly so if he was pulling an 'Alexander’- overworking to avoid his emotions.

“Just try it sometime, you’ll see what I mean.” Alex urged.

“We’ll see,” Hercules answered, and then hung up. He decided to think about it later.

That later ended up being only days after the conversation, after Lafayette managed to charm Aaron into visiting. He’d only agreed to come when Lafayette assured it would only be with him and Hercules- and Hercules wasn’t sure if he should be flattered or amused by that.

Aaron looked miserable. His eyes were baggy, his posture defeated. Already a small person, Aaron looked tiny with his small slump- a big contrast to his usually perfect, straightened posture.

“You alright?” Hercules felt obliged to ask, even though he knew the answer.

“Fine, just busy lately.” Aaron shot him a strained smile. The smile was no more convincing than the words had been.

Aaron looked like he needed a hug, specifically, one of Hercules’ signature bear hugs. Instinctively, Hercules pushed the thought away, because Aaron didn’t like to be touched. Then, Alex’s words came sneaking back. Aaron was touch starved, he needed the hug but would never ask for it.

If Alex was wrong, Hercules would kill him; but right now, his argument was too compelling to ignore. Aaron started making his way towards the couch, seeming to fold further into himself with every step. Hercules steeled his nerves and stood up before he could change his mind.

“Um, what..?” Aaron paused, peering up at Hercules with an uncertain crease of the brow. Hercules swooped in, seizing Aaron in the biggest, warmest hug he could give. Aaron froze for a moment, and Hercules felt a moment of pure panic- and anger, at Alex; but then the impossible happened.

Aaron made a soft, almost kitten-like hum as he went completely slack. His arms curled weakly around Hercules’ side, for just a moment, before sliding down. Aaron buried his head into Hercules’ chest and took a big, comforting breath. He exhaled softly, face pressing right above Hercules’ heart.

It was the cutest thing Hercules had ever witnessed. “Oh my god,” Lafayette whispered gleefully from the floor in front of the TV, video game setup completely ignored. The spell broke instantly. Aaron squeaked- an actual, real, tiny little squeak- and immediately started flailing for freedom.

Because he wasn’t an asshole, Hercules released his arms. Aaron sprung back with a full-face blush, gasping like he’d run a marathon. Hercules was wrong- this was even cuter.

“Sorry,” Hercules apologized, remembering the end of Alex’s story, where Aaron had run like the devil was after him. “I don’t mean to overstep, but it really looked like you needed a hug.” Hercules decided to be truthful, and prayed that Lafayette had the sense to refrain from teasing right now.

Aaron paused at the words, slowly composing himself rather than bailing outright. “Okay,” He said quietly. “I guess I did.”

Predictable, that Aaron would agree without making it clear if he was saying he looked like he needed the hug, or if he actually did need it. It didn’t matter though, because Hercules could see through it. Aaron had definitely needed the hug, and that changed everything.

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Mystic Messenger Au

Soooo… How about a MM Au…

… Where MC is actually Rika’s little half-sister?

(;;;*_*)MC never left the house. She’s a disgrace to the family, the product of infidelity.

(;;;*_*)Rika hated her, and tried multiple times to get rid of her. Suddenly, she stops. MC is confused.

(;;;*_*)Rika comes to MC with the idea of a new world. MC is scared, she doesn’t want it.

(;;;*_*)Rika convinces MC to come with her, says she’s sorry and she’ll be happy to actually be a sister to MC, and she only wanted a better world to her, her fiancé (who had no idea MC existed) and her little sister.

(;;;*_*)MC was the first victm of the brainwash. The first Minteye member… Well, she was going to be the first, but it didn’t work correctly. For some reason, MC resisted the brainwash at some point.

(;;;*_*)(;;;*_*)Because of that, one of her eyes is mint green, much more intense than Saeran. That’s why she never shows her eyes.

(;;;*_*)(;;;*_*)Also, the “experiment” made her have a twisted personality. She’s sweet and caring, but if she doesn’t like someone… Her revenge will be worse than the Devil’s punishment to sinners. Nothing really phisical, the mind is more interesting for her.

(;;;*_*)Rika goes back to hating MC, calling her a failure. She goes to the extreme of leaving an unconscious MC in a road, in the middle of nowhere.

(;;;*_*)MC is found by a gentle old lady and her daughters. They help her and accept her in the family. MC is happy, but there’s this small voice yelling to her how she should make Rika pay.

(;;;*_*)MC changes her surname and leaves her loving family to seek revenge.

(;;;*_*)(;;;*_*)The first thing she does is look for a job to send money to the old lady. Then she looks for a home.

(;;;*_*)One day, she finds the cellphone, and blá, blá, blá… She learns the apartment is Rika’s. Perfect. RFA? Even more perfect. Time to act.

(;;;*_*)(;;;*_*)The world doesn’t know MC before she changed her name, the documents lost in time, maybe never existed. So everything 707 knows about MC is from her new life.

(;;;*_*)The story follows Seven’s route, except they don’t fall in love, they’re really good friends (well, maybe Seven has a crush on MC).

(;;;*_*)In the end, no one dies. Rika goes to a madhouse. Saeran is finally home. V lets Jumin pay for the eyes surgery.

(;;;*_*)They all go visit Rika one day, who is not as crazy as before. She’s almost weird, which is good. C'mon, I don’t think she could ever be normal.

(;;;*_*)Then someone using the same robe Rika was using while “playing God” enters the room. The hood

(;;;*_*)(;;;*_*)“What kind of sick joke is that?!”, one of them yells.

(;;;*_*)The person walks slowly towards Rika, then… “Hello, sister. I hope you haven’t forget me after all these years.” Rika freaks out, crying, whimpering “Not you!"s and "Go away!"s. The hood falls.

(;;;*_*)MC smirks to her sister, mint eye (and one golden eye) glowing with wicked satisfaction.

BTS reaction: finding out who you think is the second most handsome member

Thank you for requesting, and sorry about the wait! xx

Jin/Kim Seokjin: 

He’d act pretty cocky, I think. Like “yeah sure. But I’m still the most handsome. I mean, look at me. You wouldn’t leave me for him.”. He is very confident in his looks, and I feel like he’d joke around like that every time the subject of handsomeness came up.

Originally posted by jaayhope

Suga/Min Yoongi: 

I feel like he genuinely wouldn’t care. He doesn’t give a shit about looks, so he’d just naturally assume that you don’t either, or at least that you care more about personality. So he’d probably be like “yeah, he’s handsome” and then shrug and move on.

Originally posted by badbitchmarii

J-Hope/Jung Hoseok: 

I think it would actually boost his confidence tbh. Like, he would just assume that you found at least some of the other members more handsome than him, so when he finds out that you think he is the most handsome one, he’ll just smile and be like “really??? You think I’m more handsome than Jin-hyung and Taehyung-ah???” and just focus on that, rather than who you think is the second most handsome.

Originally posted by hobipd

Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon: 

I don’t think he would care much, like Yoongi. He’d just acknowledge that that member is indeed handsome and then move on. But not because he doesn’t care about looks, unlike Yoongi, but rather because he trusts that you’re with him for his personality, and because he trusts the members to not try anything with you.

Originally posted by bangthebae

Jimin/Park Jimin: 

He would probably joke around a bit like “then I have to make sure he doesn’t get too close to you”. But he generally wouldn’t care much. He trusts you, and he trusts all of the members. He might get slightly worried if you suddenly got very close to that member, but other than that he wouldn’t have much of a reaction.

Originally posted by bangtanstole-myheart

I couldn’t find a good gif so enjoy some cute ChimChim

V/Kim Taehyung: 

He would be very similar to Hobi, I think. Like, Tae isn’t too confident in his looks. He doesn’t care about his looks, because he’s said that he doesn’t understand why he would be scared to look ugly. But he still isn’t too confident, as he gets very flustered and genuinely happy whenever someone calls him handsome, so he’d just be happy that you think he’s the most handsome one.

Originally posted by luniekyu

Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk: 

If any of them is getting jealous, it’s him. I doubt it though. He might joke around like Jimin, only to switch to a Jin-kinda jokes like “But I’m still the most handsome, so it’s fine”. I don’t think he’d care much though, unless you were like physically closer to that member very often, or chose to hang out with that member rather than with him.

Originally posted by nnochu

anonymous asked:

Cris, I think the article succeeded in what it was trying to accomplish, but considering this is coming out before Louis' single drops I expected there to be more excitement about his upcoming music. Instead, the author describes the tracks from Louis' album - playing in the background as "modest and rather lovely pop songs". That won't make anyone want to rush out and buy the album.

This won’t be the only promo tool, it’s just the opening salvo. The music will make people want to rush out and buy it, the article will just give people a reason to like him and feel good about who they’re supporting.

I mean, idk about you, but there are artists that I find so repulsive on a personal level that I don’t care how good their music is, I’ll never voluntarily stream or purchase their work. But the ones I like personally? Even if their music is just “okay” to my taste, if I REALLY like who they are, I’m more willing to support them by spending my time and money.

Getting people to buy music takes a lot of things into consideration, and encouraging people to actually like the artist aside from the music is just one of them.

just--a-pervert-guy  asked:

can i request akira,ryuji, ann and makoto, dealing with a blind s/o? like those little things that we see in movies the blind person slowly touching their face to "see" them, and this s/o is also a phantom thief, but they can see because of their persona who works like a sonar(you can think of mitsuru on p3) and the format i want is hc ok?

I decided to combine these two requests together since they’re talking about the same topic!

I’ll be having fun with this one, time for some fluffiness and possibly epicness from the blind S/O.

I spent a bit of time researching more information on the blind, I hope this is accurate!

NOTE: I wanted to write S/O’s awakening to their Persona first since I won’t write new awakening scenes with each character.


S/O’s awakening:

  • Even though they’re blind, they were able to and actually had a cellular phone of their own.
  • They mostly had to memorize the layout of the keypad. with some assistive technologies and built-in accessible functionalities, they were able to use the mobile phone to a certain extent.
  • It’s no surprise that this S/O knew the Phantom Thieves already, not their true Identity, but just them as “friends”. they wouldn’t reveal themselves to anyone else.
  • One day, S/O received a message.
  • They weren’t able to read what it said without some kind of technological advanced A.I. reading it for them.
  • “Mementos.” The message said.
  • They could feel the change in the atmosphere approaching, the air feels different, their body feels heavy, the sounds of people talking were replaced by eerie gushes of wind.
  • They had no choice but to shout out and call anyone, it seems they’re getting no reply.
  • The phone doesn’t seem to be working, they can’t find the keypad and all the built-in assistive technologies they prepared doesn’t seem to be functioning anymore.
  • They were walking around, they could feel the marble tiles underneath, mixed in with what seems to be.. veins..?
  • They slipped and hit the ground underneath, where they could feel the texture of rails.
  • “I-is this a station..? It’s awfully quite..”
  • They were walking around the place endlessly, S/O completely lost their common sense.
  • They couldn’t understand why the rails would have so many turns and dead-ends, and they could’ve sworn there was something similar to a large, locked metal door.
  • They kept shouting names, calling out to someone who would be out there. but all they were greeted with were faint sounds of humans screaming.. or was it singing?
  • Before they heard a growl from behind, they were frightened.
  • They screamed as the growl grew harder, they could feel the pressure of heavy footsteps the unknown entity was making, breaking through the wind and making a run for S/O.
  • That’s when they heard a voice in their head…
  • “You’ve made me wait long enough.”
  • “Darkness serves a purpose, to show us that there is redemption through Chaos.”
  • “But you mustn’t keep your eyes closed evermore.”
  • “You are only as blind as you want to be, we only see the world as we are, not as how it is.”
  • “Now, open them. see the world as I perceive it!”
  • S/O tears the mask at this point, and when they open their eyes, they can see what they thought was someone else, but it turns out it’s them.
  • They couldn’t believe it, they were seeing the world from their persona’s Eyes. but could still feel their actual body.
  • That’s when they screamed, seeing the hideous scenery around them.
  • They decided to confront their friends about the message in their phone, that’s when the others revealed their true identities. and S/O joined the Phantom Thieves as a secondary Navi.


  • He first met S/O at Leblanc, who came in for a hot cup of coffee.
  • They were walking with a crane, examining the surroundings and listening intently to the sounds around them.
  • Sojiro helps S/O sits down, and grabs them a cup of coffee without asking what they’d like to have.
  • Akira figured Sojiro knew the customer, and when he questioned him about it after they left, he replied: “They’re blind”.
  • Akira made a note to pay extra attention the next time they visit.
  • When they did, he’s the one who rushed to help them.
  • Gently grabbing them and helping them find the way without talking.
  • “You’re not Sakura-san, are you?” They said.
  • “How did you know?” Akira replied.
  • “When you pay attention to your other senses, you can recognize anything almost immediately. the way you walk, the way you held me, your touch.”
  • Akira was fascinated by how perceptive S/O was, and offered them a free cup of coffee, it’s all on him.
  • He introduced them to the Phantom Thieves after a while, they all were very friendly and welcoming, which made S/O feel at home.
  • As the days went by, he paid them much attention. helping S/O get in the coffee shop and memorizing the time-period of their visits.
  • S/O grew comfortable around him, and they were able to recognize him just by a touch of his hand.
  • Akira questioned the way he behaved around them, he knew it wasn’t sympathy that drove him to do all these things.
  • Plus, he believes a disability is not something you should pity people for, it’ll only make them feel worse.
  • He knew he had loved them, and to his surprise, they were the same.
  • S/O would gently feel his glasses, take them off and wear them as if they can see. Akira loves it when they do that.
  • he thinks they look cute with glasses.
  • and even though S/O’s vision is almost dark, they were able to catch glimpses of his face. how beautiful Akira’s face is.
  • The only time they’re truly ever able to grasp the beauty of Akira’s face is in the Metaverse, where they can see him clearly.
  • He always smiles at S/O’s Persona whenever they do something outstanding, knowing that S/O’s the one who’s gonna see it.


  • This baby boy met his S/O during the training back in the track team.
  • He’d notice an odd person sitting on the grass fields while he and his team were running around.
  • He had no Idea what they were looking at, sometimes, they seemed to look intently at him, following his traces. and other times, they just looked at some random point in the sky and smiled.
  • They were there day after day, even the days he wasn’t training. he couldn’t help but wonder “What the ‘eff is up with them?”
  • So one day, he decides to confront them. and to his surprise, they weren’t looking at him while they were talking. when he asked what they’re doing here every day, they simply replied with “I enjoy my senses.”
  • He was confused but realized there’s something wrong with their eyes.
  • S/O giggled quietly, and proceeded to say “I’m blind if you’re wondering.”
  • That’s when it hit him, he felt embarrassed for doubting a blind person of having a crush on him or something.
  • It was actually the opposite, he was the one who grew a crush on them.
  • No one had to confess, they both felt love for each other and before they even know it, they’re already in a relationship.
  • He’ll always be extra careful when it comes to S/O, He’ll carefully help them find the way. 
  • But more than anything, he enjoys carrying them on his back.
  • He’ll work extra hard on his body, making sure that he’ll always be strong enough to protect S/O.
  • S/O likes feeling Ryuji’s face, they feel the strong jawline of his. and his smooth but hard cheeks. They’ll touch his face slowly until they’re satisfied. but somehow the heat from his face progressively gets higher.
  • We all know the boy is blushing.
  • He enjoys S/O’s gentle and affectionate touch, caressing his cheeks softly.
  • even though S/O sometimes gets annoyed by Ryuji’s constant attention, they can’t help but let him be.
  • Ryuji understands that they don’t need him because they’re independent, but when he’s around them, he’s insistent on doing everything for them.
  • In the Metaverse, he couldn’t get used to fighting without looking at them.
  • Sometimes, he gets hurt just because he took a glance and “checked on them”.
  • The other Phantom Thieves scold him for being so worried about them, and keep reminding him they can see with their Persona in the metaverse
  • He’ll always talk to S/O directly, and they can see him through their Persona. sometimes, they wish they’d just take a long good look at his face from the front.


  • Their blind S/O was an artist, but not your ordinary type of artists.
  • They’d touch, hear, and feel the things then proceed to draw them on a canvas as to how they perceive it would look like.
  • Their paintings were very abstract, but they always get rejected by the museum or the art exhibit. saying the art is too basic or too bad.
  • Yusuke couldn’t help his curiosity, he went on to talk to them about why they’re so persistent on drawing.
  • That’s when he figured out they were Blind, which just made him far more interested. These paintings looked good, especially for someone who’s completely blind.
  • He tried his best to help them get into the art exhibit but to no avail.
  • He kept contacting S/O until they came on terms as working on partners, or even something more than that.
  • They accepted each other and loved each other to death.
  • He promised to help them create a piece that could get a place in a museum. 
  • he sympathizes with the fact that they cannot see the beauty of this world but envies them by how self-aware they are, and how their senses are on a superior level.
  • He’ll describe the object to his best abilities, using the more advanced vocabulary out there. Assuming S/O knows of shapes.
  • He’ll grab their hands and move them around the canvas, telling them to fix that and do this.
  • S/O likes grabbing his hands, they’re smooth to the touch.
  • With time, S/O gets used to hand movements, and are now moving them around as if Yusuke was with them.
  • He’d waste more of his tight budget to secure their happiness, and the phantom thieves end up paying for his food.
  • In battle, He’s actually glad they could finally see.
  • The two of them occasionally go to Mementos, where they paint.
  • and he shows them the paintings they’ve created while they’re blind.
  • He’ll treat them the same he treats normal people, just with slightly more gentleness, he doesn’t want S/O feeling shame from their disability.


  • She definitely was friends with S/O ever since they were little.
  • She never abandoned them and defended S/O whenever someone made fun of their disability.
  • She enjoys how profoundly detailed they are when it comes to tasting desserts.
  • It’s as if they have some kind of super-sensory powers.
  • They’ll critique the flavor, the texture, and all the other factors in extreme details. and they’re always accurate.
  • She feels they’re as insulted by overcompensating kindness, as by judgment. so she refrains from being too kind.
  • She speaks to them in a normal language, using her body to visualize and connect with them. even though they can’t see, S/O can feel Ann’s constant movements.
  • S/O enjoys being spoken to in this manner, Ann makes them feel completely “Normal”.
  • She appreciates how aware they are of their environment, and how much they can feel her love for them.
  • When she kisses them, they describe how that felt in profound details.
  • She can’t help but blush, they completely changed her insights on how life is. and she realized losing your sight makes you appreciate what you have left.
  • She’ll always think of S/O when she models, she feels empowered by the idea of showing emotions and giving off a positive Aura instead of looking good.
  • She’ll always show S/O her model pictures, and describe them to her best abilities. she succeeded in getting this far thanks to them after all.
  • In the Metaverse, they were quite surprised by how sexy good looking she is.
  • She couldn’t believe they could finally see her, and she’ll always depend on them & Futaba when it comes to navigation.
  • She always gets freaked out by the Idea of having your eyes on another body, hence why she compliments S/O for being so brave. It’s not their choice.


  • Being the honor student in the school, and the president of the student council, She is obligated to help each and every student.
  • One of the students, in particular, was a Blind one, and Makoto had to help them study many of the subjects.
  • A lot of teachers and students spread rumors about them, a delinquent, a criminal, and now a blind? Where is this school going to?
  • After hearing all that, Makoto did her best to be there for S/O. she was always ready to help even outside of school.
  • she’d read the texts for them, and inform the teachers to go easy on them behind their back.
  • She’d ask if S/O needs help, instead of forcing it on them.
  • She’d be completely honest with them, if they made a mistake she’ll scold, so they won’t repeat it again.
  • But she’ll be reassuring when scolding them, she doesn’t want to be too harsh. she loves them after all.
  • she understands they are as responsive and as engaging with the environment as any other human being.
  • If they succeed, she’ll congratulate and celebrate with them in an enticing way, but that doesn’t mean S/O gets to relax.
  • Soon after, she’ll start working hard with S/O towards achieving greater things, one of them being the perfect relationship between them.
  • In the metaverse, she’ll lecture S/O about how things work almost every time. It became a habit of hers.
  • Any mistakes S/O makes will not be tolerated. They can finally see and sense in extraordinary levels thanks to their disability fused with their Persona’s capabilities. And she’s afraid they might get injured.
  • In battle, she will accordingly wait for S/O’s opinion on the matter.
  • She’ll be trusting them very much, and she’ll do anything they say. no matter how reckless it may be.
  • She believes in the blind’s judgment, sometimes, she feels like their disability made them a better person than anyone else.

I got to play with a kitten! Today was a good day :3

More fanfiction ideas

A ray that makes you tell the truth.

Because it’s something a villain would actually want to buy. (unlike a love potion)

And also because it’d just be hilarious??? Like, Lair Lair moments of funny???


I honestly don’t care if it’s Flug or BH who gets shot with the ray, JUST THAT SOMEONE GETS SHOT WITH A TRUTH RAY

notactualusername  asked:

WildeHopps for the "send me a ship" askmeme questions wise... all of them o_o or which ever ones you feel like doing.

All of them?  Nice.  Here we go!

who is more likely to hurt the other?

Judy’s more likely to hurt Nick.  Not because she’s mean or anything, but because she’s a very strong person and I think she might say or do things without really thinking them through and end up hurting Nick’s feelings, or even accidentally hurting Nick physically.

who is emotionally stronger?

Judy.  Without a doubt.  Nick spent twenty years emotionally repressing himself, Judy faced her insecurities and overcame them.

who is physically stronger?

In general?  Probably Nick.  But I think he also has some mental hang-ups that don’t let him express his full strength so in practice, Judy. 

who is more likely to break a bone? 

Judy.  She’s reckless and acts before she thinks.

who knows best what to say to upset the other? 

Nick.  He knows all Judy’s hot buttons and in a single phrase could destroy her…but he never would.

who is most likely to apologise first after an argument? 

Also Nick.  He knows what it’s like to be right and never get recognized, so when he’s wrong he owns up to it.

who treats who’s wounds more often? 

Nick treats Judy’s wounds more, but mostly because Judy has wounds more often. 

who is in constant need of comfort? 

Nick again lol.  He’s lowkey an emotional crybaby who needs constant reassurance.

who gets more jealous? 

I think probably Judy.  She’s usually self assured but in her relationship she’s terrified that she’s not enough for Nick, that she’s too “rabbity”.  What she doesn’t realize is that’s precisely why Nick prefers her to vixens.

who’s most likely to walk out on the other? 

Nick.  If things get too heated he checks out.  He can’t handle full-blown knock-down drag-out arguments and will simply leave mid sentence if he thinks that’s where it’s going.

who will propose? 

Judy.  But Nick will already have a ring and a plan to propose when she does :P

who has the most difficult parents?

Judy, but not for the reason you think.  Her parents aren’t against them; on the contrary, they won’t leave the two alone about anything.  Constantly butting in for progress reports and gossip.

who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public? 

Judy.  Nick is one of the most physical beings you’ll find, but he’s self-conscious and scared people will react badly in public.  Judy ends up having to initiate all PDA.  But behind closed doors it’s all Nick.

who comes up for the other all the time? 

I’m…not wholly sure what this question means, but from the tone of it I’d say probably Nick?

who hogs the blankets? 

Judy.  She gets cold more easily, and she likes the feeling of being wrapped up.

who gets more sad? 

Nick.  He goes through periods of depression where he withdraws from Judy.  Judy usually thinks this is evidence that she’s not good enough, but it’s not that at all:  Nick simply has depression.  Though sometimes he gets upset that he’s denying Judy a family; no matter how much she tells him she doesn’t need kids to be happy, he still believes she’s losing something by being with him.

who is better at cheering the other up? 

Judy.  Not necessarily because she knows what to say, but because she cares and that caring helps Nick by itself more than she’ll ever know.

who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?

JUDY.  She hates his punny jokes (she actually loves them) and will slap him every time.

who is more streetwise?

Nick, for the most part.

who is more wise?

Judy in a lot of ways.  She’s wise beyond her years.

who’s the shyest? 

Nick, though you’d never know it by looking at him.  His outgoing personality is sheer bravado.

who boasts about the other more? 

Nick.  He likes to remind everyone who will stand still long enough to listen that he’s got the best girlfriend in the world.  It’s so bad that the ZPD has an ongoing daily pot wherein people take bets how many times he’ll boast about Judy.

Bogo usually wins.

who sits on who’s lap?

Judy sits on Nick’s lap most, mostly by virtue of size.  Nick accidentally sat on Judy once and while she thought it was great he was terrified he squished her so he doesn’t do that anymore.