actually there is a really sweet song that inspired this

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pls tell us all about the extra stuff Harry at Auradon to show he's in love with Uma

okay, hear me out: the isles of the lost obviously isn’t a place for love, pda or any type of affection so harry at auradon is Thriving.

and let me just mention my favorite hc which is that everyone’s already suspicious about harry and uma’s relationship bc of the Hook Incident™ where some curious student asks harry if they could see his hook or whatever and he makes a huge deal about it (evil threats included) and it’s pretty clear after that that touching harry’s hook is one of his pet peeves and will probably lead to some level of violence. so everyone is shook when a few days later, uma grabs the hook from harry and instead of immediate retribution, he just smiles fondly at her.

so the entire auradon population are already eyeing the two of them without harry’s xtra-ness.

said behavior includes:

- walking uma to the only class they don’t have together despite the fact that it’s all the way across campus and he ends up ten minutes late to his own class

- glaring and hissing at any student who has the nerve to try and insult uma (there are very few and even fewer after harry starts playing ‘harmless’ pranks on said students at night)

-more than one student has seen harry sneaking from his room to uma’s late at night and when he’s caught, the poor person that finds him only gets an unrepentant grin and the job of watching his room for the rest of the night to make sure he doesn’t try again (he does, at least three times)

-other students have seen harry, gil and uma chilling in the garden with harry making lovesick puppy eyes at uma while (to the shock and awe of said students) he runs his hands through her braids and puts them in a bun, ponytail, pigtails, etc all while cooing at her lovingly (yes, lovingly)

-harry almost fights a teacher who gives uma a failing grade on one of her tests and it’s only after uma (who had no idea harry went to confront the teacher) comes into the room to see harry restrained by a bunch of students and lays a hand on harry’s shoulder does he stop struggling

-the petnames? they never end. every other sentence ends with a “love, cap’n, beautiful, sweetheart, darling, angel, queen, etc.” people rarely hear harry call uma by her name

-lets not forget that harry is probably ridiculously jealous of any prep guy (+ girl) that tries to approach uma bc thats his ‘best friend’ and no one deserves her, especially not some privileged auradon kid so when any brave soul asks uma out on a date (after hes rejected) harry will do something petty like turn all his clothes pink or leave him dangling from a flag pole for a few hours

-he also probably spends a good hour picking flowers from some restricted auradon garden (i havent watched descendants 1 but if theres a garden where no one but the royal family is allowed to be he’s sneaking into it and getting flowers from there bc uma deserves the best) he presents these flowers to her at the end of every day when they finally meet up

-uma is pretty unapproachable to most of the students in the beginning and harry has that whole charming (but dangerous) personality and some students made the mistake of asking him about uma and his entire expression lights up and that student is trapped while harry sings the praises of his “fearless, clever, inspiring, did i mention beautiful” captain.

-harry also actually sings about and to uma. the songs are always goofy and flirtatious but one or two students have reported hearing harry sing really sweet and soft love songs to her as the moon reflects off the lake i conjure in my mind for this very scenario late at night

Bad Reputation

Author: @dylan-trash-tbh

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Words: 3,8k

Warnings: bad parent stuff.

A/N: my sweet Lele asked me two weeks ago if I could do a song inspired fic to Shawn Mendes - Bad Reputation and I said “of cooourse” I started it 3 times and deleted it every time. Plus : I never wanna listen to that song again. ❤️ @golddaggers iloveyou

Also: I’ve got a prompt request from @parislight - I really hope you like it :)


Originally posted by imaginesofeveryfandom

Stiles knew who Y/N was long before he actually got to know her. He saw the Y/H/C haired girl in the halls of Beacon Hills High, mostly walking alone. Her head held down to avoid eye contact with her fellow students. It was like most people new who she was but nobody was actually friends with her. Y/N kept to herself during the school days, the weekends whatsoever were a different story. You would meet her at every party, always happily dancing to the music, drinking and laughing. She was like a whole different person and Stiles always wondered what kind of girl she really was. But he never really had enough courage to approach her. The seventeen year old boy loved nothing more than to solve a mystery. What he didn’t know was, that she would become the biggest mystery he would ever try to solve.

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New To Do List (July Round)

Hi lovelies! Well we start saying that this was an remarkable round, we are both extremely happy with all the requests, you guys sent amazing ideas that got us really excited to write. But since it was so awesome it is also really hard to let go of some of those ideas. 

It is really important that you know these requests will most likely be posted in a couple of months (at the end of September). Just so you know, it will be a long wait but we hope its worth it.

To everyone whose requests didn’t make it we are immensely sorry, we truly wish we could write it all. We want you to know that a request not getting chosen doesn’t mean you did it wrong or that the request was bad, that’s really important because we don’t want you feeling sad or disappointed. Let’s enjoy the scenarios.

To everyone whose requests made it congratulations!!

Without anymore chattering and blabbering here it is:


  • Hybrid Cat AU
  • You decide to have a pun/joke battle to see who’s funnier
  • Scenario based on Bad Reputation by Shawn Mendes
  • Angel AU where he doesn’t really remembers he’s an angel and kind of lives as a mortal
  • You go to Jin’s place for the first time and Jjanggu sees you as a better playmate than Jin
  • He’s your best friend but he secretly likes you. He puts sweet notes and presents in your locker pretending to be a secret admirer + Scenario inspired in the song Best Friend by Jason Chen
  • HP AU when you’re forced partners in potions and divination class + Hogwarts scenario where the reader is a Ravenclaw pureblood and Jin (also pureblood) is from another house and they’re both really competitive with each other
  • You’re his romantic interest in a drama and he actually has a crush on you, he tries to act cool but is a mess of nerves in front of you
  • You argued so you ignore Jin for a while, but he brings you food every night to keep you alive because you can’t cook
  • You’re both actors and are secretly dating, he becomes uncomfortable when you’re asked to kiss your on screen husband at the drama and he gets you alone on the break and gets possessive


  • You go chill at the dorm with BTS and then lay down in bed with Yoongi.
  • Bad boy Yoongi is soft for you and helps you + Yoongi and you are childhood friends and he’s mean to everyone except from you.
  • Scenario based on Taylor Swift’s Wildest dreams + Titanic AU.
  • Under My Skin Pt. 3
  • Artist Y/N and photographer Yoongi.
  • You leave your abusive boyfriend and Yoongi protects you + you call Yoongi when you feel like you are being followed and he goes to protect you.
  • You start having trouble in your relationship because of Suran + Your relationship gets comfortable in the bad way and Yoongi meets someone + He’s being neglecting your relationship and getting closer to a coworker but not cheating.
  • Maze Runner AU.
  • Mermaid AU.
  • You compare Yoongi to your cat because of his sluggishness but when you bring him to meet your cat they don’t get along.
  • Toxic relationship based on Charlie Puth’s Attention.
  • Daddy’s Girl Pt. 2
  • Hogwarts AU. Slytherin Yoongi and Slytherin Y/N.
  • You go swimming and he see’s you in a bikini for the first time + you go to a chill date.
  • Prince AU based on Thinking of You by Ariana Grande.


  • Make You Believe Pt. 2 (CEO AU)
  • You break your leg when drunk and call Hobi
  • You study in the same art college, he dances and you play piano + Hobi is a sunshine and she’s basically the opposite (gloomy skies, the pale moonlight) but they manage to just understand each other
  • Vampire AU, you notice that hoseok is starting to act weird and couple weeks later you find him drinking blood
  • Angel AU where you’re Hobi’s guardian angel who always appears and helps whenever Hobi is going through a hard time
  • You get invited to a year-end party and when you get tipsy, Hoseok takes you home
  • You got reader go to a night drive to the beach + having a movie night as best friends and you end up falling asleep on his chest


  • Soulmate AU where  you can feel what the other is feeling both physically and emotionally
  • You show up at his house crying and he comforts you until you fall asleep + Namjoon helps a girl on the verge of depression
  • You’re a preschool teacher who had a one night stand with Namjoon but then finds out that he’s actually one of your student’s father
  • Got injured during tour and the members call you to take care of him
  • He got drunk at BBMAs party and cheated on you with some bimbo girl



  • Scenario inspired in the Lie MV
  • Jimin likes you but you’re really shy because you never had a boyfriend before
  • You’e an army and your bias is taehyung but you’re dating Jimin so he gets jealous
  • You are neighbors in an apartment complex and he really really likes you but you think he’s just trying to annoy you
  • Both of you go to a haunted house
  • Reader and vampire prince Jimin are dating and they have a super silly fight, so Y/N decides to wear silver jewelry to keep him away


  • Steel Hearts Pt. 4
  • The Spark Between Us Pt. 2 (Doctor AU)
  • You Can Be The Boss Pt. 2 (CEO reader AU)
  • Hogwarts AU where they start out as rivals but end up having feelings for each other
  • First day after your honeymoon, it was your first time so he was really sweet the night before
  • Taehyung gives the reader silent treatment because of an argument that they had



  • Rumor Has It Pt.2
  • He’s basically a bad boy trouble maker who everyone is scared of but secretly has a crush on a shy artist girl in his class
  • You get upset because you can’t fit into a lot of cute clothes since you’re a bit on the curvy side and at the end he treats you with ice cream + Comforting his s/o, who’s a lil plump, feeling insecure after seeing Jungkook surrounded by pretty model-like girls at a party
  • Fluffy honey moon scenario with jungkook in Bali or Maldive + Morning after their first wedding night and it was reader’s first time
  • Hogwarts AU of y/n being a Hufflepuff and Jungkook is Slytherin and they just are perfect for each other
  • You go to see your grandma with him because she’s dying and she gives you her blessing

“You really believe that your dear prince Noctis will come and save you, huh? He won’t and he never will.”

Uwahhhhhh! It started as a dare from Fran ( @chocobaes ) and I just….. hHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh. So yeah…………

BUT WAIT! What’s this? There’s more?!

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Hi c: May I request headcanons for the kh cast on how they would behave around their crush that has a resting b***t face and therefore looks rather intimidating but is actually really sweet and shy? I would really want to know how they would approach them o///o And also thank you a lot for making this blog!!! I really love it so much and all of your headcanons are so good and funny ♡♡

Hello! Thank you so much for your kind words. :) I’ve been seriously lacking in the creativity/inspiration department lately, so these are a bit rusty, but I hope you enjoy! 

Sora – Would straight up pull a silly face, crack a reaaallllyyyyy corny bad joke, bust out into song, anything (no matter how embarrassing or extreme) to get that person to smile. It’d be pretty hard to maintain RBF around Sora for long. =)

Riku – Would try to play it cool, but he’d definitely be sweating it a bit on the inside. He’d observe his crush for a while and try to figure them out from a distance, but, being as to-the-point as he is, he’d eventually just approach them and try to engage them in casual conversation or something (which, let’s be honest, is code for stumble-all-over-himself-and-be-a-nervous-wreck-inside-while-trying-to-maintain-his-dignity-and-composure).

Kairi – Would probably find her crush’s serious exterior endearing, because she’d be pretty quick to figure out that it was just a front they were putting on. She’d be playfully teasing around her crush (but also kind and easy to talk to!) in an attempt to get them to open up a little/feel more comfortable around her.

Roxas – Would be fairly nervous, but, more than that, genuinely interested in the person and what was on their mind. Good at picking up on interpersonal cues and reading into the feelings of others, he’d probably get a sense that his crush was just shy/uncomfortable and get them to open up slowly by asking them about themselves, paying them a sincere compliment, using self-deprecating humor to make them laugh, etc.

Lea – Wouldn’t be very intimidated by the person’s demeanor at first, if at all. He’d view it as an entertaining challenge– Actually, the harder it seems to get his crush to come out of their shell, the more interested he’ll be in pursuing them. With his wit, charm, smooth moves, good looks and nonexistent modesty, he’d be pretty confident that he’d win them over… Eventually.

Xion – Would be super nervous about outright approaching her crush, but, on one of her spontaneous bold impulses, she might! It’s more likely that she would try finding excuses to spend time with them, and her way of focusing intently on them while they were speaking, of totally cheesing smiling brightly in their presence, laughing a lot, etc., would end up giving her away. =)

Ven – Would be sort of like a Sora-Kairi-Roxas-Lea blend. Not quite as silly as Sora, as coy as Kairi, as intuitive as Roxas, or as cocky confident as Lea, but Ven is genuinely good at winning people over without even having to try. He’d approach his crush in an easygoing manner, probably inviting them to do something fun with him. (And honestly, I mean, how could you say no??)

Terra – Wouldn’t be entirely sure how to read the person, possibly taking their demeanor as a sign that they didn’t like being around him or that he’d offended them in some way. He’d be nervous, for sure, but he’d pull a (just-barely-successful) Riku and pretend like he wasn’t. He’d try to impress his crush from a distance at first, or look for an opportunity to help them out with something, and then attempt gauging their reaction from there.

Aqua – Would be nervous, but she’d steel herself against the fear of possible rejection and at least make an attempt to get to know the person better. She might tease them good-naturedly to break the ice, or engage in some playful sarcastic banter with her crush if they seemed to respond well to it, but she’d most likely approach them by asking if they were okay, smiling warmly at them, or giving them some words of encouragement.

Namine – Would be so nervous! She probably wouldn’t know how to approach her crush directly (not for a while, at least), so she would do things in hopes of getting them to approach her. Out of everyone, she’d be the most likely to just observe the person and daydream about them for a while before initiating anything. She’d be a lot like Xion, Roxas, and a bit like Kairi (but more subtle).

Vanitas – Would definitely see the person’s demeanor as a challenge, but if he was set on winning them over, he’d be relentless in his pursuit. He might get sort of hot and cold about it but he’d always approach things with a lot of intensity. If his crush doesn’t like him back or wants him to back off, then they’re going to have to be very clear about it, because he’ll view anything else as an obstacle to be overcome.


So a while ago someone requested a rock star/band AU and this honestly just sounds s o fucking nice I had to do it so to start us off, as he always does, is our beloved cutie with the nicest l ips, Kim Seokjin aka Jin

  • Okay but just thinking about this is so nice I’ve actually talked to my friends about this bc I just need it
  • First I ha v e to do visuals bc I love visuals it’s always fun to think about how they’d dress and style their hair and all of those fun things
  • Just think about this for a second
  • All black!Jin !!!!!!!!!!
  • Jin with the black hair in the Japanese version of Danger now that was some good shit that was so beautiful it’s probably one of my favorite looks on him tbh
  • Messy black hair, tight black jeans, those big black combat type boots and a t-shirt there you go
  • He somehow makes it look really put together and amazing even though it’s literally just a t-shirt and jeans but like Jin’s one of those people that casually makes a cheap t-shirt look like it’s designer
  • His hair is that styled messy look like he does kinda smooth down some parts but he also kinda just runs his hands through his hair a bunch until it does the thing he wants it do
  • Bc I mean have you ever seen Jin with messy hair it’s su ch a beautiful sight I need more of it I need all of it
  • Jin would be the singer
  • I feel like Jin has one of those voices that could carry a lot of emotions but it can also be that perfect soft voice for a slow song but also just a nice voice for verses like I honestly just love his voice s o fucking much
  • He’d lowkey be able to play piano but it’s rare to see him playing it since he prefers being able to interact with the crowd and put his focus onto his vocals
  • But every now and then, the fans get a glimpse at him playing piano in the studio or just when he’s bored bc he’s waiting for someone to come in so he can record
  • He’s on social media a good bit (Instagram king)
  • We all know how beautiful Jin’s selfies are like 10/10 tbh
  • He lo v es talking to fans and goofing around with them like he’s done those things on twitter with the filtered pictures and that’s really fucking cute I love it
  • Lowkey mom of the band like he doesn’t even mean to he just does it naturally
  • “Jungkook get your ass down from there before you break something”
  • “Namjoon put the damn guitar down you already broke one of the string, leave it at that dONT TRY TO FIX IT JUST LEAVE IT”
  • “Everyone wake up or I’m burning all of your toast and hiding the butter”
  • Writes really fucking sweet messages on the fans’ albums when he’s signing them like sometimes they go back with a cute lil inspiring message to read when they’re down, sometimes they go back with a bad joke just bc he’s one of those people that actually makes dad jokes kinda funny bc he just cracks up while telling them
  • Is a total cinnamon roll off stage but then a badass on stage like in between songs he’s just giggling and playing around but then the second the song starts it’s all ni C E
  • Like he just does the thing with the smirk and the look in his eyes but then when it’s a slow song, he just puts so much emotion into it and you can just tell the song means so much to him
  • Like you know when an artist really gets into it and they do the eyebrow furrow and close their eyes and you just kn o w they’re connecting to the song, that’s Jin and it’s so beautiful to watch
  • He would be the type to be dating you long before he started the band like high school sweethearts type of shit so pretty much from day one everyone’s known about you and him since he doesn’t really hide it
  • But he also doesn’t brag about it, he has that balance of hey I’m taken while also not rubbing it into anyone’s face or focusing only on the fact that he’s in a relationship
  • Bc BTS’s music irl has a really beautiful message and band!BTS isn’t any different so Jin also wants people to focus on the actual music itself
  • Plus I see Jin as leaning more towards private when it comes to relationships like every now and then, he’ll post a cute picture of you two together 
  • But when he does post it, people lose their mind bc it’s so cute he’s always so happy around you and they can see it in his eyes
  • They do see a lot of you two in the studio, the occasional snapchat story of you bringing the boys’ food randomly bc you know they’re working so hard
  • There’s also a few pictures that the boys take of you two cuddling up to each other on the couch while Jin writes and those are just adorable everyone loses their shit when those are randomly put up onto the band’s instagram bc he looks so cuddly and cute and honestly Jin just seems like such a good cuddler sigN ME UP
  • There are also a few moments where he confirms the rumors that certain lil love songs are dedicated to you, which makes everyone “awww” and even you get a lil flustered backstage bc that’s so cute it’s too much cuteness for your heart to handle he’s too precious and sweet
  • “This next song is dedicated to my lovely love, I promise tonight I’ll make you that dish you love so much to thank you for giving me the inspiration to write this song”
Well Deserved

Rating: T (a swear or two & aaangst)

Word Count: 2.7k

Summary: The Bellas just won the World’s. Chloe and Beca are asked to stay behind for an interview (…cue sexually-charged argument). 

A/N: I’m a firm believer of the headcanon where Beca is completely oblivious 90% of the time because she’s so far away in her own world. Also, that Beca and Jessie had a typical college relationship that lasted 4 months of freshman year not 4-fucking-years, sheesh.

They won.

They were going to be reinstated. DSM in their mesh shirts and leather skirts with fire-breathing CGI and aggressively in sync dance moves lost to the Barden Bellas. Take that, John. Gail. Fucking Dean of Student Affairs. They won.

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As someone who's never read your smut which 3 should I read and why?

1. Coming Undone - It’s a solo Harry one-shot and one of my favorites because I believe it’s something that could (and probably has) actually happened! A must read if you’re going to one of their shows.

2. Afire Love - This one is really sweet and cute and I had so many emotions writing it. It’s inspired by the song by Ed Sheeran and I’m really proud of this story.

3. Taming Wildfire - This one-shot is my first attempt at a threesome and features the Styles twins. An oldie but goodie!

You can see my full masterpost here.

“go get a room guys”

a requested pt2 to “he’s got a crush on you”

You x Woozi ft. Dino

“Y/N! Welcome welcome!” Dino opened the door for you, as you struggled with the take-outs Dino made you get for him and the others.

“Where do I put the food?” You frowned, looking around the kitchen which was basically in a mess.

“Hmm…” Dino hummed as he locked the door and began pushing all the plastic wrappers to one side, making just enough space on the kitchen counter for the take-outs.

You noticed Woozi coming out of the bathroom, with a towel draped on his shoulders, and his now purple dyed hair (gotta keep up with his hair change damn) was obviously freshly washed.

Woozi look up to see you and gave you polite smile before heading to his room.

“Alright, now I’ve finish up the essay and I just need you to read it through for me!” Dino explained as you walk behind him to his room, but your eyes fixed on the closed door of Woozi’s room.


Dino took some of your advice and was making amendments to his essay, which left you staring at the ceiling while laying on his bed.

Then you remember what Woozi promised you just the day before. You took a quick glance at Dino’s extremely focused figure before, creeping out of his room.

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