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Do any of my other aces and aros out there find that everyone comes to them for relationship advice even though you're literally the worst person to ask about love?

actually, one of my previous friends yelled at me for trying to give them relationship advice bc I “had no idea what love is” & they were really kinda rude about it but yeah

i just hate how impulsively extroverted i get when i’m out in public or around people i want to impress, because the second i’m alone all i can think about is how annoying they probably thought i was or how i dumb i sounded


she’s a handsome woman // panic! at the disco


Person 1: 2016 is the worst year ever

Person 2: I think 1665 was worse, when there was a massive plague that killed millions of people


Person 1: 1665 is the most horrible year ever

Person 2: I beg to differ, 33 AD was worse, Jesus our Lord and Saviour came to an awful end causing distress and doubt in so many people who feared their lived thereafter 

33 AD

Person 1: This is the worst time to be alive

Person 2: Actually, I think that-

Person 1: Fuck off Abdul, I don’t have time for your shit


Guys just admit that you hate the game because it didn’t end the way you wanted. Your ideal ending is “ I HOPE ??? SURVIVES I LOVE THEM THEY’RE MY FAVE!!! ” ending. Just because your faves didn’t survive doesn’t mean that this game sucks. Or the personalities of the characters being fake doesn’t make this game bad. You are just judging the game by the characters. “Ouma is actually a good person? OMG IT SUCKS WORST GAME EVER! ” , “ ANGIE DIES BECAUSE OF ??? EWW WORST CASE EVER THIS GAME SUCKS! ” , “ IT’S ONLY A REALITY SHOW? KODAKA SHOULD STOP MAKING DR ” So what if it is a reality show!!?? HE JUST TRIED TO MAKE SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT AND TOOK A HUGE RISK AND BECAUSE HE TRIED SOMETHING DIFFERENT WON’T MAKE THIS GAME BAD! NOT EVERY GAME HAS TO MAKE EVERY SINGLE DEATH MEANINGFUL! NOT EVERY PLOT HAS TO MAKE YOUR MEANINGLESS “ OMG I HOPE HE SURVIVEEEESSS ” DREAMS COME TRUE! He tried to start a knew plot. Aren’t you already sick of “ DESPAIR YES KILLING GAME YES ” plot? The tv show plot is amazing and he wants to create a new Danganronpa as the title implies *NEW* DANGANRONPA V3! And you just can’t see it! GIVE THE GAME A CHANCE! Of course there are mistakes but it doesn’t mean it is bad! STOP FANGASMING AND LEARN TO DIFFER YOUR DREAM SURVIVORS FROM THE QUALITY OF THE PLOT!!!

The worst part about nostalgia with an eating disorder is that you know you weren’t happier when you were sick. the nostalgia isn’t telling you that you were happier, it’s just telling you that you didn’t have to deal with things the way you do now in recovery. 

When you were sick you could swat away these feelings and those memories and all those problems with a bag of chips or a jog on the treadmill or a few pills or a few hours more until you can eat. 

You didn’t have to think about the hard things, the things that hurt you most. Yes you still felt the terrible feelings and thoughts from those terrible things, but they were numbed, subdued. It’s telling you it was easier because in a way, it WAS easier. 

But that doesn’t mean it was better. And you know that, and the nostalgia knows that. But you can’t help but yearn for that subdued effect because you could “deal” with things so much easier….. by not dealing with them at all.

Recovery makes you face those things that you kept trying to numb and subdue. It’s hard and it hurts and all you want to do is turn back half the time. But you know, all the time, that it will never give you what you want and that the pain will never end there. So you either recover, or subject yourself to a life of pain.

*Johnny Depp,accused of domestic violence but it was never actually proven*

Twitter and Tumblr:OMG he’s the worst person ever,compares him to Hitler.

*Amber Heard,arrested for hitting her girlfriend in public,lied to authorities in Australia,was sued for breaching her movie contract and accused Johnny Depp of abuse but she never proved it in court*

Also Twitter and  Tumblr:OMG what a queen,what did we do to deserve her.

If this is not fucked up I don’t know what it is…

me: i am 110% totally stable enough to be in a relationship!!!

me: *gets attached to anyone who shows the tiniest amount of interest in me, doesnt stop thinking about them, gets jealous of literally anyone they talk to ever, wants to talk to them constantly and know what theyre doing all the time, is generally extremely clingy and dependent and not in a cute way*

me: im t ot tally r eady to b e int a relation ship i aam sooo heal thy y

Hi. I’m from Ukraine and I want to tell you something. this shit with election happened to us once. We had a strong and clever woman by the name Yulia Timoshenko running against Victor Yanukovich, the worst person ever. The Jerk actually won and EVERYONE regretted it. And he got Yulia Timoshenko in jail on false charges. Than we had the worse presidency which led to Maidan revolution. The only reason we got rid of Yanukovich it because we united and made him run to Russia with tail between his legs. Timoshenko was released from prison. Yanukovich is wanted for high treason.

“Trump can’t do all of this awful stuff, he will be checked” 

Yeah, sure. i hope it won’t take hundreds of people dead before you see, that limitations only work when people want them to.

Yanukovich’s actions’ aftermath is Russians invading Ukraine. 

I escaped from that shit, I came to America and hoped to be safe.

I guess people are not so different in different countries as everyone thinks.

Me: if there had to be an accident. This one was pretty perfect. No one else involved. No building property damage. We weren’t hurt*. The guy at waste management was super chill. Five star accident, although, you get like 4 stars.

Auntmurble: that is generous. I would give myself 3.

Me: yes. I’m very kind. Perhaps you’ve noticed?

Auntmurble: I have noticed!

*( I bit my lip. I might sue)

I stress wrote about the time a 5* Donnel in the 8th stratum almost wiped my team (Chrom 5*, Hinoka 5*, Jeorg 4*, Narcian 4*) to break from exam studying. 

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