actually the worst lighting in the world

working on a team with other programmers who are not students with a grade riding on this and who have taken all the same classes as you and who you can talk to in person every day and who are subject to individual evaluation…

is making me reconsider my “#world’s worst programmer: the life” tag in light of how apparently everyone else is clearly world’s worst programmer

The burning would be the worst thing. For what would seem like an eternity and two minutes at once, it would be Lupin’s entire world, and perhaps the worst thing that he’d ever felt. Falling and burning at the same time, lava in his veins, molten wind rushing through the torn bits of his body as it disintegrated, and he fell, fell, down forever into the depths of a place where no light shone and there would be no mercy.

And then, as if none of it ever happened, he’d find himself in a bed. The very bed he’d just fallen through, actually. The room was the same, except it wasn’t day out anymore. Some wild storm raged just outside the window, blowing rain sideways in a torrential downpour. But it seemed like he was safe from it, inside this familiar place. And beside him, there was Fujiko. Unmolested and just as beautiful as he remembered her. She was asleep, curled up on her side in a racy little number complete with garter belts and lace. Except for the storm outside, everything seemed peaceful.

Maybe it was just a dream?

it makes me so sad and a bit angry that this world is not fair at all bc there are so many wonderful people and lovely persons, kind souls and human beings that are actually a blessing to this earth, but they don’t see it themselves. like, they even feel like they’re the worst, not lovable or worth something and it makes me so sad? they don’t deserve to hate themselves? they should be able to love and feel good about themselves, i want to hug everyone that feels bad, you know? i hope everyone reading this is doing fine and knows how much light and beauty they’re radiating. i love you so much and hope you’re having a good day.