actually the worst lighting in the world

Reasons why I am actually Matthew Holt

- Had an anime phase

- Belives Allura is beautiful and the light of this world

- Fucking awkward dweeb (See: “um, sir”)

- the worst jokes. Just… terrible.

- Tried being emo once but was too innocent

- Knows random shit but can’t unlock a door

He’s such a mood and well worth the wait like shit Matt your too relatable.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk

Pants on Fire - Kai Parker smut

There was a moment of silence as a thud upstairs was heard right above the dinner table, a few curse words followed after a yelp of pain. The chandelier shook a bit and I blushed as I looked back at my family.

I swallowed. “Will you excuse me?” I bit my lip and rushed upstairs, my palms sweaty. I specifically told Kai not to come over tonight. My grandparents were visiting and they knew, oh boy, did they know, about what a misbehaving disaster Kai Parker was.

I opened the door to my room and spotted Kai stuck in my window, his ankle smashed between the pane and the actual window.

I put my index finger against my mouth to get him to be quiet. I closed the door behind me and locked it, helping him in.

“What are you doing here?” I whispered, blushing as he took a long look of my whole body. I was wearing a fuzzy sweater and some old mom jeans.

The light in my room was rosy from the pink light bulb in my lamp and Kai smelled like cinnamon. It was cold outside so he was kind of shivering.

“Is it wrong to want to actually see you?” He smiled. “You know, your one word texts aren’t exactly the kind of consolation I expect after our night of intimacy.” He raised his eyebrows, referring to the oral we exchanged the last time we saw each other. “By the way, you’re possibly the worst texter in the world.”

“Will you shut up? My grandparents, who hate you might I add, are right down stairs.” I put my hand on his chest as he pulled me into his body.

“That’s why you wore this?” He poked fun at the sweater I got for Christmas last year. “I’m not complaining, it’s definitely soft.” He pushed my hair over my shoulder, the cool steel of his rings making me shiver. He pressed sweet wet little kisses on my chin and jaw, lightly on my neck.

“Kai.” I pulled away, my breath caught in my throat. “Seriously, you should go.” My knees nearly gave out at the crooked smile he gave me next.

“Let me guess, they think you’re a little saint, hmm?” He ran his thumb over my mouth, his fingers dancing on the sensitive flesh of my neck. “Ill bet they’ve never even heard you utter a single swear word.” He said.

I’ll admit that when I first met Kai, I was amused at how much character he had. Character that my parents definitely wouldn’t like and maybe that’s what intrigued me so much.

“Sweetie!” My mother’s heels woke me from my trance. My eyes opened and I jumped into action. “Is everything okay?” She knocked at my door and tried opening it. “You know I don’t like locked doors in my home.”

I pushed Kai into my bathroom and slammed the door, running over to the door and unlocking it. “Hey, mom, I’m fine. I just had a st-tomach ache.” I swallowed.

“What was that noise earlier?” She looked around my room, precisely at the half opened window. I blushed crimson. I knew that she knew.

“Oh, it was the cat. The dogs must have chased her out and got her caught in the tree and she came in through the win-” I started and my mother stopped me.

“Please use the front door next time.” She said in the direction of the bathroom. I almost died.

“Will do!” Kai answered and I covered my face.

My mother patted my shoulder and gave me a quick goodnight kiss. “Goodnight, sweetie. We’ll talk about this in the morning.”

I closed the door after she left, swallowing the throw up in my mouth after nervously tucking my hair behind my ear.

“You’re the worst liar, too.” Kai came out of the bathroom applying some of my floral lotion on his hands. I rolled my eyes.

“That was so embarrassing.” I sighed. “You know, I can’t – do it – with you if my whole family is downstairs and they know you’re here.” I blushed.

He raised his eyebrows, an amused smile on his face. “Do what, my sweetheart?” He laid on the bed, grabbing my journal from the nightstand.

“Hey, give me that, you jerk!” I lunged at him, attempting to grab my journal back. He opened it up to a random page and I almost cried. “Kai, I swear, I’ll kick you in the nuts.” I said, swinging my leg over his waist to grab the book.

“Jeez, girl, what’s so secretive? Loving relationships don’t have secrets.” He said and I stopped struggling, staring at him.

He stared back up at me, his eyes so pretty, a perfect nose. My whole body warmed up a good five degrees.

He threw my journal aside and grabbed my face, rolling me onto the bed as he gave my warm mouth a languid kiss. My breathing picked up the pace, his hands on my neck.

“Oh, god.” Kai said as I wrapped my legs around his waist. He pulled my sweater up my stomach, pulling away so I could sit up and let him take the damn thing off of me.

I tore off the black jacket he wore and pulled his black shirt up, finally feeling his warm skin. I blushed as he resumed to kiss my skin, sucking patterns on my chest and being gentle on my breasts.

“You’re so fucking beautiful.” He groaned, pulling at my jeans. I arched my back as he took them off.

He kissed my mouth again, his hand tangled in my hair. I pressed my body up to his, craving the warmth of his skin against mine.

“Look at you, baby. So ready for me to fuck you.” He almost groaned. I hoped that my grandparents had left and my parents couldn’t hear any of this.

“Kai-” I started and my mouth went wide when his palm pressed against the apex of my inner thighs. He giggled maniacally, pulling my underwear from me and spreading my legs.

I swallowed as took off his jeans as well.

“You’re so cute, you know. All horny and warm for me.” He kissed my mouth again. I couldn’t breathe as he took off his briefs, grinning at me.

“Kai.” He shushed me, his finger pressed against my lips. He stuck it in my mouth and I tasted the cinnamon. Maybe he had been eating the cupcakes I baked for him last weekend.

Suddenly, his penis was touching me and my breath hitched. He looked into my eyes, running his hand down my body all in concentration.

“Are you nervous?” He smiled very small, his face close to mine as he got into position. His other hand rested above my head, fist in the pink cotton of my bed sheets. I wrapped my arms up and around his neck.

“Yeah.” I responded, my voice weak and not mine as he ran the tip of his penis lightly against my wetness.

“So am I.” He admitted. “May I?” He asked and I almost rolled my eyes. I nodded. He pushed himself inside of me and we both let out breaths.

I felt the muscles on his back contract and release. He let his arms give out and he held my hips, his mouth pressed against the shell of my ear, which was on fire.

“Aw, fuck.” He mumbled quietly as he slowly pulled out and pushed back in. “So-o good.” He swallowed thickly.

“Faster.” I blushed as I felt him smile against me. He pushed himself back up and thrusted his hips in rapidly. I let out a soft moan and covered my mouth, which did nothing because a second moan escaped my mouth and it was louder.

I almost screamed as he hit a certain place inside me that made a fire combust out of nowhere.

“Right there.” I let him know and almost floated off of the bed as he continued hitting the same place.

“Right there?” He grabbed my ass and lifted me up a little. I moved my hips against his like a mad woman. He almost couldn’t keep up as I strained to get myself off.

“Kai, Kai, Kai, K-ai-” I moaned and he kissed my open mouth, pulling me against him with his arm around my back, his cold rings making me arch it.

“Fuckin’ hell.” He buried his nose in my neck, his rapid breaths tickling me.

“I want to be on top.” I said quietly. He didn’t even blink before he rolled onto the bed. I sat on him, hiding my face in my hair as I pressed my hands against his chest and sprung myself up and down using the strength if my legs. He reached up to pull my hair back and grab my tits with his big, cold hands.

He watched me intently, little whimpers and moans coming from his open mouth. He met my movements, a drop of sweat falling from my nose to his lip. He licked it off and I closed my eyes.

“I’m – fuck – I’m coming.” I said quietly, my nails making red marks on his skin. I ran my hands up and on each side of his face, looking him in the eyes as he grabbed my hips and lifted himself up to fuck me harder.

I leaned over and let out a loud moan into my crochet pillow. He moaned under me, his mouth catching my breast. He licked my skin, helping me move against him.

We both stopped and I pulled away from my pillow, meshing my mouth with his wet one, hair in both of our sweating faces. I swallowed past the lump in my throat and my mouth opened to it’s full capacity.

He jerked up into me once more and I came as he did, his hips twitching. I bit my lip and closed my eyes, sighing shakily and getting off of him.

It took a while of laying on his arm there to get my breath in order. He pulled my bunny comforter over our bodies and played in my hair with his long fingers.

“You’re in love with me.” Kai said. I smiled a little, twisting his nipple lightly in between my fingers.

“Am not.” I denied weakly.

“You’re the worst liar.” He repeated.

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I absolutely adore your writing and was wondering if you could maybe do enemies-to-lovers hoshi?? ❤❤

  • you and hoshi work the same shitty job in sales for this company that sells like office supplies
  • and wOW do you and hoshi NOT LIKE EACH OTHER 
  • one would call it mutual hatred,,,although that’s a bit too strong even though once you poured a tablespoon of salt in his coffee and he covered your e n t i r e desk in post-it notes
  • and this is office war to the maximum 
  • everyone in the sales department knows about this battle,,,,,and everyone has chosen sides (also placed bets on who’d give in first)
  • so when you come into work ,,,, you and hoshi just give each other the usual glare and you’re like “let’s go seungkwan, we don’t talk to the lowest of the low” and hoshi drags jun behind him because “we can’t be one-upped by those morons lets go.”
  • and ,,,,,,,, everyone wants to know how it even started. why are you guys at each others neck. 
  • but you and hoshi REFUSE to talk about the Christmas party accident that happened when you first were just interns here
  • and 78% of everyone thinks you guys just had a really bad makeout session and now cant stand to look at one and other
  • (truth is hoshi called the cookies you baked half-par and you shoved a snowball down his shirt in the middle of dinner)
  • but long story short,,,,,you both call each other the devil and will never have lunch in 50 feet of each other. like if u see hoshi at the mcdonalds you bet your ass you’re gonna walk the extra ten blocks to the wendys. just how it is
  • and one afternoon you notice that you’ve run out of pens so you get up to go to the supply closet in the hallway and when you’re there you rummage around and hear the door open
  • and you’re like “oh sorr-”
  • but then you turn to see him. Satan Walking. hoshi,,,,,,,,
  • and you stop your apology and frown and hoshi just pushes his way inside, the door shutting behind him and it’s silent 
  • until you let out a scoff and reach to open the door to leave,,,,,,,,,,,but it wont open
  • and you stare at the doorknob and hoshi looks at you and is like “are you not smart enough to open it? here let me try-”
  • but when he does,,,,,,,,it’s obvious,,,,,,,,,you two are locked
  • fuming you turn to him and you’re like “look what you did you freaking genius you closed the door and got us STUCK” and he’s like “you’RE THE one who was fooling around with the doorknob and probably broke something don’t come for me.”
  • with your hands on your hips you’re about to say something when the lights flicker and ur like oh,,,,,,,,,,oh god now
  • and hoshi groans and you both start banging on the door,,,,,,but the supply closet is literally so far from the actual office
  • that you just slide down and you’re like whY of all people,,,,,,did it have to be you,,,,,,,,the wORST person in the world 
  • and he’s like oH you think im happy about this?????
  • and you both make faces at each other that you can barely see,,,,and you’re just like “stay over there. don’t come near me.”
  • hoshi pretends to gag and is like i wouldnt go over there if my life depended on it
  • and you both wait,,,,silently,,,,,,,for someone else to come by
  • and it’s dark,,,,,quiet,,,,,and cold,,,,,,you wrap your arms around yourself and tuck your head onto your knees,,,,
  • slowly,,,,you feel yourself get drowsy,,,,and hoshi seems to be saying something but,,,,,,,you’re off to zzz land
  • waking up,,,,,you find that you’re still in the closet,,,,but something is draped around you and you can see the lights are back on and hoshi is still on the otherside,,,,in just his dress shirt and you realize that whats keeping you warm is his blazer
  • for a split second you want to throw it off and go “what the hell?” but then you cling to it,,,,keeping you warm in the closet and you curse the fact that the AC is so damn high
  • a couple of minutes later the doorknob turns and jun opens up the door,,,,,only for you and hoshi to jump up and for a second jun is stunned
  • but then,,,,with a smirk he’s like “i knew it,,,,,,,,you were never enemies,,,,,,you were actually l~o~v~e~r~s,,,,,,,locking yourselves up in a closet tsk tsk”
  • and you’re like WHAT and hoshi is like junhui please you know
  • and jun points to the blazer around your shoulders and you’re like !!!!!!!!!!! we can expl-
  • but it’s too late jun is down the hall shouting out that whoever bet on you two secretly dating gets all the spoils because he just found you two rendezvousing in the SUPPLY CLOSET
  • you and hoshi both try to talk over him,,,,but everyone’s already enthralled throwing winks and wolf whistles
  • and you turn to hoshi and you’re like lOOK what you’ve done again and he’s like EXCUSE ME i saved your freezing butt in there
  • and everyone is chanting about how CUTE this lovers quarrel is and ,,,,,,,,,,
  • you and hoshi just storm out of the office,,,,,,,you throw his blazer back at him and without looking at each other you both turn and try to walk opposite ways
  • until you turn back and so does he and he’s like ,,,,,,,,,,, “listen-”
  • and you’re like “yeah i know, screw it they’re not gonna live this down.”
  • and without another word you pull hoshi into a kiss and ,,,,,it isn’t half bad
  • actually it isn’t bad at all
  • and its nice because ur still cold from the closet and being close to someone,,,,,,,,like this,,,,,,,and hoshi’s big hands,,,,,,,,,,,well,,,,,,,
  • you pull back and you’re like “it  could work.”
  • hoshi nods but then with his hand still around your waist he’s like
  • “i still hate you though and you’re the demon of the office.”
  • scrunching up your nose you’re like “HEY you’re no angel either.”
  • “,,,,,,,”
  • “let’s do the thing where we make out again?”
  • “,,,,,,,,yeah ok good plan.”
Beware the Ides of March

this isn’t the fic i intended to write today (or ever really) but it’s the fic that happened so

read on ao3

Bellamy doesn’t believe in any higher power, not really. He also doesn’t believe in fate, or coincidence, or any of those other things that people like to blame random happenings on.

But he will admit that if he did actually believe in any of those things, he would be fully convinced that they were laughing at his misfortune at this very minute which. Honestly, he would be too if not for the stab wound in his side. Stab wounds apparently make the whole laughing thing kind of difficult. Who’d’ve known.

“Would you just hold still?” Clarke huffs as she tries to clean the wound.


“You’re incorrigible.”

“And your bedside manner sucks, princess.”

She pinches the soft skin on the inside of his bicep and he yelps, glaring at her balefully.

It’s not like he wants to be here, sitting on the uncomfortable examination table in the ER, shirt off, and paper crinkling noisily beneath him each time he so much as breathes. No one ever wants to be in the ER, leaking blood all over the place because they were fucking stabbed in a mugging gone wrong, not even if the opportunity lends itself to a bout of truly morbid humour.

Just this morning he was telling his sophomores about the Ides of March and now here he is, living his own version of it. Again, he would be laughing except- stab wound.

Clarke is bent over his side, wisps of blonde hair escaping her braid and looking platinum in the harsh fluorescent hospital lighting. Her eyebrows are furrowed as she goes over the cut with antiseptic, and he hisses once more.

“That hurts,” he grunts, and then flinches again when she goes back in with another piece of gauze. Most of the bleeding has stopped, but there’s still a lazy trickle that she has to keep wiping up intermittently.

“Stab wounds tend to do that,” she deadpans.

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Daddy’s Eyes

Character: Negan (The Walking Dead)

Word Count: 4,056

Prompt/Summary: ‘I’m pregnant.’ (dialogue prompt) / Negan and his wife decide to have a second baby together.

Warnings: Very light smut.

Written For: Jessie’s 1K Follower Writing Challenge

Note: This is another one set in my pre-apocalypse AU… I swear someday I’ll write a story about Negan that’s actually set in TWD world, lol. Sorry I didn’t go all the way with writing the smut; I’m really not good at writing full on smut. And sorry for the odd title. I am the Worst at coming with titles for fics and often just use song titles.

Also, I may do a part two to this one where Lucille meets her little brother or sister, just because I think that’d be cute AF.

Tagging: @grimes-slut, @negans-network, @jdms-network, @hawtdiggitynegan, @fuckinjdm, @jeffreydeanneganstrash, @sweetsweetpeach (Want to be added? Send me an ask!)

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Another Carter?(2/?)

Summary : You’re Peggy Carters grand daughter, living as much as a normal life as you can with a giant secret weighing on your shoulders. What happens when you  ripped from your normal life, and thrown into the avengers hands?

Avengers x Reader (so far)

Warnings: Swearing , fluff

 { This Part is a build up chapter, between this one and the next a lot will be explained about the reader!}

 Marvel Master list

Chapter 1

 /n’s POV

“Come on Tony , any fucking day now .” You mumble as you scan the sky for any sign of your uncle. I’ve managed to stay off the radar this long, how did HYDRA find me ? You finally see a jet zoom through the clouds, moving to hover over the rooftop you’re currently pacing . Tony jumps from the opening , flying down to you in his iron man suit . He lands with a clank in front of you , his mask flipping up as he does . You place your hands on your hips , sending him a ‘wtf’ look. ’

“ well hello to you too dear. looks like the cats out of the bag .” He says casually .

You shake your head, sighing while you walk closer to him . “ Can we just get out of here .”

Originally posted by thesillybus

You leap up & wrap your arms around his neck. His mask closes, he tightly holds you to him as he lifts off the roof. You spend the ride trying to figure out how anyone could of Found out about you . Your grandmother had those files sealed in a vault the second the project was complete . The only people that knew of you and your capabilities are Nick Fury, Maria Hill , Clint Barton ,Tony Stark , and your grandmother . The files are only paper copies, nothing was entered into the electronic database . As far as the world is concerned , you’re just normal y/n carter , a nurse; or so you thought ,apparently the secret slipped .

  When you arrive back the To tower , Tony grabs onto your hand before you can step out of the jet . His suit was disassembled, leaving him in his t shirt and jeans. He tugs you to him in a hug, squeezing you roughly .

“ We are going to have to explain to the team . ” he warns you, his voice taking a calming tone.

 You sigh , shoving your face into his chest .

“ On the plus side, Barton is thrilled to see you !” He says, leading you to the elevators. When you first agreed to be the subject for the program , Clint was there with you . He was a high level agent , and he became your shoulder to lean on during the process .

  Your grandmother found an alternate serum , nearly matching Steves (minus a few elements). SHIELD would only administer it to someone who fit the qualifications , which are the same ones they held in the ‘40’s ; they didn’t want someone who was a good soldier , they needed someone who was a good person  - someone who wouldn’t take advantage of the new power but use it for good . Some one matching Steve Rogers heart , loyalty and ability to do what is necessary to save others . Sure there was many candidates, but Peggy’s mind immediately went to her granddaughter. You never understood why she picked you, you honestly believed your cousin Sharon would of been a better option.

 As you follow Tony around the tower ,you continue to think back to when you underwent Project EAGLE ( they got really creative, didn’t they? So lame ) . You were 22, it didn’t take much for your grandmother to persuade you . The world was in need of another savior, That was until they defrosted the original . The minute steve was found , you bowed out . You went back to your normal life , and you didn’t mind . There was too much stress on your shoulders , the weight of the world almost literally on your shoulders . You were some what relieved that they found him before you actually had to be a hero . The fear of  messing up ate away at you, it was quite different than when you use to beat up bullies as a child . The worst that could happen then was you’d be sent home , now though people’s lives , the world was on the line . Clint kept in contact for a while , but eventually faded out the longer your stayed out of the life .

  As you walk behind tony, the glass doors of the lab sliding shut behind you break your from your haze . You look up, eyes locking with beautiful light blue eyes . Oh shit , Steve Rogers .

Originally posted by stallingdemons

Before anyone says a word, you’re being enveloped into a pair of strong arms .

 You giggle , already knowing who is swinging you around . “ I missed you too Clint .”

  “ Hate to tell you kiddo, but -”

“ yeah yeah the secrets out . I kinda figured when I woke up tied to a damn chair old man .”

  He sets you down , giving you a stern look . “ There’s no staying out of this now Y/n, if hydra knows about you , it’s time to break out the hero .”

Originally posted by sssssssim

“ I’m sorry, but can someone please explain ” the man you recognize as Bruce Banner asks. You look around the room , sending a shy smile to all the avengers .

“ I suggest you take a seat , it’s story time !” Tony says as he rubs his hands together . You rolls your eyes ,

“ so are you telling MY story Uncle Tony ?” You question with a smirk .

  “ oh no darling , this is all you . FRIDAY, popcorn please ?”

You groan , hiding your face in your hands . Although Tony does help ease the tension ,it can’t completely erase the nerves of explaining yourself ; especially to the man that stole your grandmothers heart . You take a deep breathe, looking to everyone with an uneasy smile ,

“ so.. Any one here ever heard of Peggy Carter ? ”

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I used to want to save the world. To end war and bring peace to mankind. But then, I glimpsed the darkness that lives within their light. I learned that inside every one of them, there will always be both. The choice each must make for themselves - something no hero will ever defeat. I’ve touched the darkness that lives in between the light. Seen the worst of this world, and the best. Seen the terrible things men do to each other in the name of hatred, and the lengths they’ll go to for love. Now I know. Only love can save this world. So I stay. I fight, and I give… for the world I know can be. This is my mission, now.

Cat Nap

Notes: Here’s the Kitty!Diana fic I said I’d write. Took a bit longer than I expected but it’s done now. I’m thinking I might turn this into a cute mini series spanning Diana’s and Akko’s time at Luna Nova.

This is the fourth thing I’ve written for LWA so any feedback on the characterization would be fabulous.

Diana sighed as she finished up repairing the latest broken object someone had asked her to fix. If it hadn’t been right in front of her, a smashed flower box, it would have been added to the blurred stream of memories containing all the broken things she’d fixed in the last week.

The girl who had asked for assistance clapped excitedly, thanking her and gushing her gratitude. The words also became a blur, almost an exact copy of every other girls speeches to convey their thanks. So she simply smiled, feeling how plastic it was at this point, and repeated, like a cracked record, that she was happy to help.

And just as soon as the one girl left, another took her place, smiling sheepishly and giving the biggest doe eyes she could. Diana resisted the urge to huff. Honestly, did everyone’s competency just suddenly plummet over the last week. It felt like all she did now was fix others mistakes or did favours for overworked professors, when really all she wanted to do was take a nap. If she had the energy and the time she would have gladly studied or grabbed a book from the library to read, but it seemed everyone wanted something from her now.

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anonymous asked:

no. 20 *-* maybe solangelo?

#20- “When’s the last time you smiled?”

The pen held by an inked and tight grip scratched in a way that would most likely be described as both violent and unnecessary the couple of sentences his mind managed to come up with after what seemed hours of zero mental activity, erasing them from existence, resulting in him having to resist the urge to tear the page out of the main core for it to join all of its other fallen siblings positioned around as a constant reminder of past mistakes. Nico tried concentrating in his surroundings in an attempt to keeping his emotions born out of his frustration in check, task not that promising by the mere view of the general panorama.

The scent of recently toasted coffee that slowly made its way to his nostrils, unlike any of the other past occasions, didn’t bring peace to his soul nor did it slow down the rate of his heartbeat, if anything it made his breathing faster and sharper in a way the outside world was pretty much oblivious to, not that he really was expecting that from the others living beings sitting on tables nearby: whatever he would ask or require would be way too picky and therefore would be mostly ignored.

He didn’t blame the place, of course, it was not the fault of an unmoving building that his head didn’t feel like coming with brilliant or at least decent ideas to write down nor a way to properly put his messy thoughts into words; that didn’t mean the brown eyed wouldn’t be exceptionally mad simply by the mere existence of the universe, there was only much that he could do to realize steam that would be considered as social acceptable.

Nico was pretty sure his brain cells would quickly follow the example of the boiling water inside the metallic kettle he could hear at the distance, in the hidden section of the place that laid separated by a reddish door that seemed way too bright when compared to the general softness of the walls and decoration. He wondered how much would it actually take for him to end up succumbing under the strong pressure and stress inflicted strongly by himself.

“Here’s your order.” His thoughts were interrupted by the same voice he had grown used to hearing after months of attending the rather old fashioned coffee shop that had, in a way, become his hidden lair, the spot hidden from the outside world that usually brought upon him a weird sense of tranquility that the harsh environment of the outside never allowed him to have; that said day, however, a grey cloud seemed to follow him whenever he walked by, not having enough decency to stay outside of his sanctuary.

He looked up, separating his glance from the wrinkled pages scattered on the surface of the table, his eyes not taking long to meet a pair of blue irises framed by blond locks that shone like gold under the yellowish lights hanging from the ceiling, making it difficult to pull his stare from their curly figure.

Their interactions had begun before summer season made its big, and in some cases certainly anticipated, arrival, back when the other was simply a waiter that brought a general air of unprofessionally, managing to make his uniform look anything but polished and he was the difficult client whose attitude most likely managed to scare every other employee from the prospect of asking for his order.

They had had, once would even say, a rather rocky start that got to include, to keep it short, a considerable bunch of sarcastic remarks, not so memorable comebacks, spilled brewages and a close call of someone getting stabbed with a butter knife; however, even if the brown eyed wouldn’t say it out loud, he would certainly miss the interactions with the exterior personification of sunlight if everything were to suddenly disappear. If that were to happen with the blink of an eye, it would certainly be a change, although not one Nico would particularly like.

The sound of someone clearing up their throat brought his consciousness back to real life, soon finding himself in front of a served cup of the coffee his organism had grown fond to, accompanied by a small plate that displayed a pair of chocolate chip cookies. He was about to reach for one of the sugary treats when he noticed the shadow projected over a fraction of the table he was sitting at hadn’t moved the less.

“Want to hear a joke?” Will asked unexpectedly, breaking the Italian free from the hurricane of thoughts that had been waiting for him just around the corner of his mind, making him turn his head to look at the being directing his words to him. Nico was about to protest, even though he was certain some distraction would make the arrival headache he knew was already coming get delayed, he really wasn’t in the mood for any type of comedy. “What does a barista say to their Valentine?” He raised an eyebrow slightly, a little side smirk starting to appear on his face in anticipation before answering to his own question without a hint of hesitation. “Words cannot espresso my love for you.”

Before Nico could realize, a quiet, short laugh left his mouth as he rolled his eyes, no trace of real malice visible on his stare nor on his posture but rather something close to amusement. “That was so bad, one of the worst puns I’ve ever heard.”

Will smiled brightly, his eyes shining with unspoken pride that could easily rival the light the stars displayed above the head of the world at night. “Hey, it made you laugh, didn’t it?”

The smaller boy felt the corners of his lips tug up without him passing an order or command, almost as if they had a mentality of their own; however, even though he knew the muscles on his face were the ones making every single move, Nico couldn’t help but think the expression plastered on his features was actually product of iron hooks by the way tension began to accumulate on his cheeks in a rather painful manner. “Yes, because of how bad it was.”

Silence fell upon the scene as soon as the last syllable rolled out of his mouth, outsiders and spectators forgotten alike for his mind as the pair of vivid blue irises he had somehow grown attached to focused on his face, probably analyzing his considerably pale visage, which turned into a more yellowish coloration under the lights illuminated the establishment. Nico briefly considered intervening, being the one to pronounce his thoughts out loud first, breaking the vail of awkwardness surrounding the situation when the other spoke.

“When’s the last time you smiled?” The blond waiter ended up asking much to his surprise, not really having been expecting that kind of questioning at all. The blue eyed individual apparently translated his lack of response, both verbal as well as any physical reaction that might serve as an indicator that someone is still among the living, as a cue for him to elaborate his point even further. “At the most mundane things, the silly things that life that sometimes are considered way too dumb to laugh at.”

Nico raised an eyebrow slightly, his arms crossed but his posture missing the aura of defensiveness outsiders would have immediately linked with his image. “Do you always get this deep with all of the costumers?”

“You would say you are kind of a particular case.” Will said, his blue eyes avoiding the Italian’s curious glance as if the chocolate brown irises burned his insides or were to turn his entire being into stone before he even got to blink. The rather suspicious behavior did nothing but raise more questions from the deeps of his mind and, as a matter of fact, so did the almost unnoticeable faint of red that started to spread along the other’s cheeks, bringing out the small freckles that adorned his face. “You know, we are closing in an hour, maybe after that we could talk a little more? Perhaps outside this place?” The blond asked as he absently played with a loose thread coming from his apron, a not that subtle hint of nervousness present on his voice.

“Fine, with one condition.”

Will leaned closer to him slightly, his eyes shining like just polished sapphires. “What it is?”

“No more horrible puns, I hear a joke about coffee beans and I’m out.” He answered, cracking a little side smirk which, Nico was almost certain, showed to what extend his words were to be taken seriously. The dark haired felt his face warming out when a gentle chuckle escaped from the other’s lips.


pumpkinblake  asked:

🎬 bellarke + "you think the world is ending and i’ve decided to live everyday like it’s my last and now we’re just crossing things off our bucket lists” (no tomorrow)

Thank you for this amazing request! I admit this one kind of got out of hand and I could totally see myself writing this out as a multi-chaptered fic at one point (not now though lol) Anyways, I’m sorry if there are any errors. I did do a spell check but it’s not beta’d. This is just pure Modern AU fluff, enjoy! :) also i have only seen 30 minutes of No Tomorrow’s pilot so it’s probs not like it

Clarke Griffin knew the world was ending. She just couldn’t explain it.

Well, she could actually but whenever she went into the details of City of Light, and space miners and the nuclear death wave, also known as “Primfaya” people looked at her like she was saying “The world will end in 2012 because Mayans said so”. So she gave up on explaining. She just knew. And she struggled with that knowledge for a while. She was a pre-med student with great research skills and rich enough parents to put her through a well known research school and nothing more. The night she put all the pieces together was the worst night of her life. The world was ending in approximately 8 months and 4 days. Her first instinct was to save everyone. At the very least, to tell people and she started with her best friend but Raven just laughed. Again, Clarke was just a pre-med student who had read too many articles and accidentally stumbled upon some classified documents and now she knew all about hypersleep and plans to colonize the space and Bill Cadogan.

Well, that was roughly 4 months ago.

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Here’s my thoughts on the movie with as best a summary as I can muster, and before my thoughts can crystalize properly


Insultingly unoriginal

Every single tiny aspect of this film is: a cliche, directly stolen from another movie, a stereotype, an illogical mix mash of any of the above, or just ignored leaving a gaping hole.

I don’t… want to be offensive to anyone specific. I really don’t.

The audience is free to like what they like. If you like it, you have every right too. I’ll state my opinion but I can’t nor want to change your opinion if you genuinely choose to enjoy it.

As for the makers, I am going to be highly critical and mean and I’m really really sorry. I know what the industry is like right now. I know how much work people put into their assigned roles. I know how hard it is to keep a studio afloat when one movie can kill you and you need to get people in the theatre. What it’s like to get burned out creatively.

I won’t blame any specific person, I haven’t even looked them up

But here’s what the final product looks like top down


Soon-to-be-dated concept that panders to ‘the youth’ without even understanding why the youth like the thing, dated product placement that may have been fine during the writing stage, but is cringey four years later. Takes something enjoyed ironically and takes it way too seriously. Younger children don’t have phones or understand what ‘the cloud’ is, why are you advertising to them?


I went in with some logic holes the trailer introduced and some little things I would give them points for adding. They didn’t fix any of them and in fact introduced new holes.

World: A world that’s heavily given exposition through dialogue without giving any actual info, not having a shred of logic to the world. Not understanding how technology works. Or even how different emojis by different companies work! More plot holes than plot points. A plot that’s a rehash of cliches that don’t line up to each other. Pacing that’s all over the place. Spending time on things that don’t matter to the story. Death penalty without a trial. Worst of all, an ending that implies they’re all going to die within a couple years

Characters: Flat characters who just get flatter with time, cliches and stereotypes, insulting the target demographic by making them out to be phone zombies, inexplicable, unexpected and badly done feminism?

Jokes: Bad overused jokes that don’t follow proper beats and don’t land. Playing out jokes long after they’ve died. Jokes that are difficult to jump from when sometimes they’re based on random emoji objects and not the world at large.

The timbits were good and the cactus joke was good

Voice acting: Good actors selling their soul. Definitely heard some dialogue that should have had a few more takes, unless that was the sound editing, in which case

Sound editing: Want to make those two lines not sound like they were recorded three years apart?


Character design: Doing absolutely nothing with the source material except to make the lead girl look more like a lead girl and to make all the emojis look the same even though they look different on an actual phone

At least on an apple where they are heavily sourced from)

the main characters (obvious spoilers but still)


They all look the same in the movie

(Points for the lead kids being non white even if they were dull as rocks)

Modeling: the place where the arms and bodies connect look like stretched faces (even if they aren’t)

The school looked ok. Extra effort placed there so props.

Animation/ camera direction: No beats at all. Just constant fluid motion that makes the eye have trouble looking at what’s meant to be looked at. Just confusing.

Texturing: Looks like any other movie at best, skin pores-on-poop at worst

Actually the lighting was good. You guys get a pass

Also the visual world seemed to be trying to make the terrible world building make sense

Anything I actually liked about the movie was just putting bandaids on all the bad

I’m sorry. This movie sucks hard for someone who cares about originality and passion and giving kids and teens substance instead of robotic baby sitters. The sleek big- budget look makes it look passable but the facade is immediately destroyed

And that’s why it so insulting, more so than a low budget bad movie or a kinda boring movie

This studio knew they were making a bad movie and didn’t care. Didn’t at least try to make your price of admission worth it. They somehow managed to insult every audience member, from kids who don’t have phones and won’t understand it and will only like it for the pretty colours (but who cares because it’s just kids?), to teens who are depicted so negatively and incorrectly and as phone-obsessed, and adults who just know better and can pin everything to a movie they’ve already seen.

Maybe some people within the company cared enough to put at least some effort in it

But ultimately it was just to get you in the seats, what you do after that is none of their business

Cody Saintgnue

Originally posted by emwatsxn

You woke up with a big smile on your lips, Cody wasn’t sleeping next to you, but by the sound that were coming from the kitchen you knew he was there cooking. You got out, washed your face and walked to the kitchen. 

“Morning” you smiled as Cody turned around giving you one of his best smiles. 

“Morning. I made breakfast and there’s your coffee” he came up and kissed your cheek. “I have to run” and walked out. That was it, you did expect more since it was your birthday, but then you thought maybe he had something planned for the night. So you had breakfast and went on with your day. At work people said happy birthday to you and even had some gifts for you. Your day went on a great pace, got some birthday texts and call, but yet nothing from Cody, you even got birthday texts from his friends and co-stars, but still nothing from your own boyfriend. 

When you got home you took a shower and put on your best dress. By the time Cody was supposed to be home soon, so you sat in the living room and waited. Few more texts came, but you waited for Cody. Your phone started to ring, it was Cody, with a bright smile you picked up 

 “Hey babe,” you stood up as you talked to Cody, but what he said made you sit back down and feel unbelievably sad. 

“Hey, listen I might be home really late tonight. Like really late” he chuckled and you heard some music and yelling in the back. 

“Oh,” you didn’t know what else to say or even what to think. 

“Yeah, so don’t wait up, okay bye” and the line went dead, your hands feel down to your sides your phone slipped out of your hand to the floor. He forgot, he forgot your birthday, you had never been big on anniversaries but birthday has always been important to you and he knew that. That thing that hurt the most was that few weeks ago Cody was talking about your birthday, but on the actual date of it, he had forgot an it and went out drinking with his friends. He was the one who side he’ll be taking you out on your birthday, now you were sitting the living room all dresses, like a fool.

Part of you felt anger filled fire inside, but the other just gave up and that side won. You got out of your dress, took off the make up, ordered food and watched movies while drinking wine. It was now a minute away from midnight, the moment your special day will be over. Lifting your glass you said to the empty room right before the struck midnight

“Happy fucking birthday to me” and it was over. Feeling depressed, alone and so forgotten, you went to bed. When falling in a sleep filled with bad dreams, few tears rolled down your cheek. 

The next morning you woke up feeling as if something or someone was crushing you, opening your eyes, Cody was almost laying on top of you with his whole body. He smelled like alcohol a lot of it, so you pushed him off, got ready and went to the kitchen. There was some anger inside of from last night, and when you heard the shower the anger seemed to become bigger. Twenty minutes later Cody was coming to the kitchen. While Cody walked to the kitchen you had already ate, made coffee and was ready to leave. Lucky enough it was a work day and that meant you’d be leaving for work. 

“Morning” he said in a happy voice, Cody walked up to you and tried to kiss your cheek, but you walked away before he could get to your cheek. 

“Bye” one word and you were out the door. The whole day Cody tried to reach you, he called, texted, he even called your work, but every time you said you were busy. When the day was getting closer to an end he finally stopped texting and calling. There was this horrible feeling in you every time you didn’t respond to him, but you were angry. 

You took the long rode home, the whole time you tried to find a way to not talk o him. You were afraid that if you would start to talk to him, you’ll explode and that’s not what you want. Driving up to the house, Cody was standing by the door and the house looked dark. He saw you drive up and started to look nerves. 

“Why are you outside?” you walked to Cody and waited to hear the reason for his actions. Cody looked down then back up. 

“I’m so sorry Y/N” re finally had remembered 

“Who told you?” you kind of didn’t believe that he would end up remembering himself, but you were wrong.

“The moment you walked out the door without a kiss I knew something was wrong and then it hit me. I’m so sorry Y/N. I’m the world worst boyfriend” he slowly reached out to take you hand, and you let him. “Happy Birthday baby” no matter how upset you were about him not actually remembering your actual birthday, but it was nice to hear him say it. 

“Thanks” that thank you wasn’t as happy as you wanted and Cody felt it too. 

“Come inside” you saw  small show up on his lips. Cody walking into house at first it was dark, but then you saw some lights. Cody had decorated the living room in small lights, making it seem like your were standing between all the stars in the sky. In the middle of the room was a set table, with flowers and candles. It look so beautiful and you could see he had worked really hard on it. 

“This is for me” he nodded as you couldn’t stop smiling. 

“Yeah, I felt so bad about forgetting your birthday, so I wanted to do something special for you. I even cooked” the smile on your lips was there till the next morning. Cody had cooked an amazing dinner, he even got you a gift. It was a diamond necklaces the one you seen once and told him about it, and that was a long time ago. Cody might have forgotten about your actual birthday be he sure as hell did an amazing job to make it up to you. This was a birthday you knew you’ve remember for many years to come. 

theboyinthevideo  asked:

I'm a Ravenclaw and I find that LOTS of my friends are Slytherin but I don't have any Ravenclaw friends??????????

Slytherin and Ravenclaw make the best and worst friendships. They make the best friend duos because they can take on the world, but they also can be the worst duos because they have no one to keep them in check and bring in the light side. So I think you are totes lucky to have an abundance of Slyths in your life. I actually would say I’m the only one in my friend group who is part Gryffindor so maybe its like a thing that you don’t often make friends with people who are your own house because you need others to balance you out?

If you want more Ravenclaws in your life maybe you could try and pursue some activities that draw them out.

Fantastic Beasts And The Rift In The Plotline

It is a little late in the season but I am going to write this anyway. I recently rewatched the whole “Fantastic Beasts” movie and I came to this conclusion: I think that JKR made the worst mistake at the very beginning of the story. She did not clearly think through what kind of story she wanted to tell. Did she originally mean to write a light-hearted adventure about a magizoologist who travels around the world and studies interesting creatures in the style of Pokemon aka “gotta catch them all”? Or did she actually want to write a tragic story of a young boy whose powers were forcibly supressed and who literally turned into a dark cloud of pain and hatred, only to be mudered by his own kind? There are TWO parallel stories going on in Fantastic Beasts, and that is what harms the whole plot. Now it´s too late to decide which storyline to drop; the film was released a year ago. But if JKR´s really going to follow the second plot which involves Credence (which subsequently involves Dumbledore vs. Grindelwald), she should not have named the series “Fantastic Beasts”… because where are the beasts? There were like five. I am not being bitchy, I am being reasonable.

Cuddles and Shit. (John Laurens X Reader)

Prompt: 21, 31, 82, 97, 114, 189, and 241 with Laurens? I know it’s a lot so you don’t have to do all of them if you don’t want to but they all made me think of him being really drunk lol

21.“I might have had a few shots.”
31.“Kiss me.”
82.“Your hair is so soft…”
97.“Wow, you’re hot.”
114.“Be my wife.”
189.“I’m flirting with you.”
241.“Promise me you’ll stay.”

Word Count: 2,039

A/N: I love you guys for being so patient with me about this. I’m gonna try to get back to my fic a day or every other day schedule now, I just hit a really bad funk.

Message from Ham:
Laurens is not in driving condition but he’s alone at the bar by your house.

You sighed as you read the text. You had no doubt he was alone at the bar because Alexander had abandoned him their in favor of taking Eliza home. And you were tired, that was the whole reason you’d passed on going out despite Laurens blowing up your phone with sad emojis. But if something happened to the idiot you’d never forgive yourself. So you did your best to clean yourself up, smudging some Concealer under your eyes to hide the exhausted flakes of mascara from the day, grabbing your purse and keys and heading out to the bar.

It wasn’t hard to spot Laurens when you got there. It was even easier to hear him, though. You could hear him from outside. None of your other friends were insight, despite the fact you were sure that he had said Lafayette and Herc would be there too. That you were breaking up the gang by not coming. You guessed it was possible they’d found a girl to take home already. Maybe it was a lucky night.

“Y/N!!” He yelled when he caught sight of you. “You said you weren’t coming out!” He pouted, pushing through the last few people to get to you, grabbing you in a hug before you could duck away. He managed to wrap an arm around your head instead of your body, pulling you flush against his chest. “Woah. Your hair is so soft.” And then you were being pet as you fought to get free. Any other time he was welcome to run his fingers through your hair. Right now you were a girl on a mission to get his drunk ass home in one piece.

“Laurens, how drunk are you?” You laughed, pushing him off you with an arm that was pinned between your bodies.

“I mighta had a few shots.” He giggled, letting you go after another few moments. “No more than 6 though. Maybe like 14.” Well past the point of remembering this in the morning. “You finally came to drink we meeeee” John moved to hug you again, but you ducked out of the way this time, trying not to laugh at him.

“Nope, taking you home. Before you drink enough you end up hungover all weekend.” Rolling your eyes, you leaned against the bar that John had been sitting at.

“You take such good care of me Y/N. Don’t deserve you. Be my wife. Lemme take care of you.” John smiled, trying to kneel,instead losing his balance and falling back before you reached out to steady him.

“I can see you put a lot of thought into this proposal, Laurens.” You grinned, taking the arm you had caught and tugging it around your shoulders so John could balance more on you ask you started leading him out of the bar.

“M’serious. You know how good we’d be? M’romantic. Would cuddle you and shit. Yeah. Whaddya say? Marry me?” He turned his head, pressing a kiss to the side of yours.

Shaking your head, you decided to give in, entertaining him. “Sure John. Let me get you home safe and I’ll marry you.”

“Deal.” He smiled at you, and you had to push back the thought that it would be nice if he didn’t have to get this drunk to flirt with you. The two of you came to your car. You don’t think you’ve ever had to fight a grown man to put on his seatbelt.

His apartment wasn’t too far from the bar either, but you had no desire to be carrying John Laurens all the way to his place. It only took you about five minutes to get there, and about fifteen to get him actually through his front door.

“You need to drink some water,John. Maybe you won’t hate yourself so much in the morning if you’re a little hydrated.” You sat him down on the couch, moving over to his kitchen. You knew this apartment like it was your own.

Laurens smiled as he watched you. “You’re so hot. You know that? Wow you’re hot. And you’re already in wifey mode. John Laurens won the lottery everyone. “ He half shouted, gesturing around the room as if he was announcing it to a room full of friends.

“Come on, drink up.” You stood over him, handing him the glass. He looked up at you with a goofy smile on his face and if you weren’t so focused on taking care of him right now you’d melt.

“I have a condition”

“Who said this was a debate?” You raised an eyebrow. “Plus, didn’t I already agree to marry you?” You smiled,laughing a little.

“Yeah but you gotta seal the deal. Kiss me, Y/N. Then you can boss me around all night.” He nodded, crossing his arms like a child.

“I’ll kiss you when you’re sober. You’ve got bad breath right now anyways.” He pouted at that, and you made the best gesture with your head that you’d could to the water. “Now drink.”

With a grumble, he took the water from your hand, downing it in a few seconds.

“If you throw up I’m going to kill Alexander.” You noted, offering your hand. “Time for you to go to bed. You’re gonna need all the sleep you can get.”

He took it, pulling you down instead of using it as an anchor to stand up. You fell into him in with a laugh, wrapping an arm around his shoulder. “John Laurens, If you don’t get up and go to be right now I’m calling this engagement off.”

“Good. I haven’t even asked your father. I should practice that.” You rolled your eyes, tilting to the side so you fell on the couch he didn’t occupy.

“You owe me tomorrow. You’re buying Chipotle.” You managed to stand up, pulling his arm again. He was stronger than you, but still managed to act like you we’re pulling him up all by the strength of your own arms.

It was another twenty minutes of drunken protests. Somewhere along the way he’d gone down to one shoe and no shirt. You managed to translate half his words into english. But John had moved to the bathroom in his bedroom, and you were counting it as an improvement. Refilling the glass, you set it along with some advice on his nightstand.

“John, look how comfortable your bed looks. Couldn’t you just crash here and now?” You could. Given a soft enough pile of newspapers you would probably collapse there too.

“I can go all night, Y/N.” He insisted, trying to fight the yawn that came after it. “Will you sleep with me?”

“Excuse me!’ You took a moment to just react before actually thinking about what he meant.

“C’mon. I said I’d cuddle you and shit. Lemme be a good husband.” He pouted. It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to relax for a few while you waited for him to fall asleep so you didn’t have to worry about him running back to the bar. You waited for him to crawl in before looping the bed and sliding in the other side. “You’ll be here when I wake up, right?”

“John, I have my own place. I left lights on.”

He shook his head. “ Promise me you’ll stay.” He began to sit up and John Laurens on his feet was a danger to anyone’s mental sanity right now.

“I’ll stay. Promise.” You put your hands up in mock surrender. You could survive one sleepover at your friend’s place. When he was asleep you’d just move to the couch.

.That was the plan at least. Until you found yourself wide awake as the unwilling little spoon, John pinning you in place. Eventually you gave up, and closed your eyes. It had been a long night.

“Y/N?” John’s voice was quiet, but the confusion it was clear. “What are you doing here?” How had he woken up before you?

“You took that asprin, right?” You questioned him, more concerned about the hangover that seemed missing.

“Yeah, I did. Thanks for that, this one is killer. That was a hell of a night, huh? “ Laurens grumbled, letting you go and sitting upright.

“I’ll mean,you did ask me to marry you.” You shook your head, trying to wake yourself up “I was planning on staying on the couch til somebody caught me in a death grip under their arm.”

John blushed, laughing at himself. “I’m actually impressed you put up with me all night. Thanks for getting me home, Y/N. Got any plans today?”

“I reserve the right to slap you if you suggest going out and drinking. But no. No plans.” You sat up, shrugging at him

“What about food and some bad movies? I think I’ve got enough of a hangover to cover until Monday. “ John flashed you a sleepy smile, and this time you did let yourself melt a little.

“You’re buying. You know how many times you tried to convince me to kiss you? You owe me a burrito now.”

“Oh, c’mon. You know you wanted to. “ Laurens winked at you, and you couldn’t even hold your composure to throw it back at him, laughing at that.

“The hell are you doing,Laurens?” You asked through the laughter.

“I’m flirting with you. Can’t a guy flirt with his fiancé right after they wake up together?” He threw back at you with a smirk. You, in turn, grabbed a pillow to throw at him.

Maybe it wasn’t the most exciting day, but you got a burrito for lunch and spent the afternoon curled up with John, enjoying the closeness. He didn’t seem to regret any of his actions,though he made sure to apologize a few hundred times if he made you uncomfortable. But you hadn’t minded. Even sleeping with his arms around you, you hadn’t minded.

The dynamic of you two had just shifted, and you were sure you could both feel it. Something you hadn’t let yourself consider unless Laurens was so drunk any action was off the table. But here you were, both sober and still determined to maintain some sort of contact. But nobody was talking about it.

His arm was around you, and you fingers were tracing the veins in his hand, when you looked over at him to see he hadn’t been watching the movie at all.

“This is weird, right?” You ask, quietly. Your heartbeat picks up as you meet his eyes.

John nods. “But it’s a good weird? I kinda wanna kiss you right now.” He noted, and you smiled at that.

“I did tell you I’d kiss you when you were sober.” You shrugged, teasing him a little.

“Then you owe me, Y/N.” He shifted so he could close the distance if you gave the green light.

“Oh,just kiss me already. “ You laughed, closing your eyes as you felt his lips crash to yours. This felt right. You weren’t worried about what you’d have to figure out later. But kissing him felt so right. You let your hand come up and fingers weave through his hair.

When you broke apart you both had smiles plastered on your faces. “Wow.” You spoke, smiling up at him. “Your hair is so soft.” You smirked, and he rolled his eyes, shutting you up with another kiss.

My Type - Thor

Summary - Girl’s night quickly turns into Natasha playing matchmaker with you as her victim. She’s been trying to hook you up with someone for a while, will she succeed when she starts suggesting the Avengers?

Word Count - 503

A/N - Let’s go ahead and cross Scott off the list too. Let me know who you guys wanna see for part four since I already have someone for the next part!

Tony | Thor | Pietro | Sam | T'Challa | Steve | Bucky

Originally posted by thordaily

“No way,” you shook your head, rolling your eyes as Nat sighed heavily.

“Why not?” She asked, throwing her arms out in irritation.

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Why Can’t You See Me?

Word Count : 2040

“Hey Harry, have you-” You got up from your seat with your Potions essay in your hand and walked over to Harry. You knew that going to Harry instead of Hermione wasn’t the best thing to do but it wasn’t like you were actually going to take his advice anyway. To be honest, you just wanted to talk to him. 

“Isn’t she just lovely?” Harry interrupted you. 

You scowled and took out your wand from your skirt pocket. “I completely agree Harry. Let me show you just how lovely I think she is, Harry.” 

Ever since Cho Chang just looked at Harry on the train, he’s been out of it and annoying. Cho Chang this. Cho Chang that. You never had anything against her before and to be rational, you still didn’t. However under the circumstances of your crush being head over heels over a girl that can barely give him an ounce of her attention, you’d probably be at least a little irritated too. To add to the matter, it was upsetting that you basically poured all your attention onto him but still nothing.

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The reality is

There really IS no “Roman Reigns” debate. Those that extremely dislike him just don’t. Their mind is closed to any logic and they are just bullies. There is no debate in light of this. I’m not talking about “he’s just not my cup of tea” people, these ppl don’t really care if you like him or not. I’m talking about those who bully his fans online and omg he’s the worst wrestler ever.  

There’s no Roman Reigns debate at all. These people do not have the mental fortitude to engage in actual debate involving logic and other things. They live in a fantasy world where they’re 100% right and there’s just no debate there.

anonymous asked:

Can we have headcanons for DTK and it being your birthday? Preferred NSFW and SFW please. Thank you, queen.

I was feeling pretty good about this ask and I hope its okay without the NSFW for now? If you guys want it, I will make it with it, i’m a little bummed still and I want to make you all happy 

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