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Did you read the book of Be More Chill? If so, what do you think of Micheal?

book michael is a disgusting racist asshole who deserved to be abandoned by jeremy and i feel terrible for any girl who sleeps with him because they likely have no idea that he’s just fetishizing them for their race


Someone “borrowed” my copy of the Mysterious Benedict Society when I was in middle school, and I never saw it again… But I got a new copy for Christmas this year ^u^  I reread the first two books in the series and had a sudden urge to draw a few of the characters! Here’s Rhonda, Ms. Perumal, Number Two, and Moocho. 


Tam siblings, a true comfort in the face of death.

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Do you ever get annoyed when authors state orientation (ace or not) after the fact? Not that the Shadowhunters TV series should have made Raphael non-aroace, but Clare only mentioned via twitter and stated it was just a headcanon. (Weird since she's the author but whatever.) The average reader would have no idea. Like it's nice that it was said, but I wish it was included in the actual series/book/etc.

Absolutely, yeah. Word of God is the worst kind of representation, and often means less than nothing if it isn’t actually backed by in-universe canon. It always comes off feeling like a too little too late attempt to cash in on diversity points without having the mettle to commit to it for real, and it’s a trend I would like to see stop. 


#Englishmajorthings Nursey Totally Does

In honor of Nursey Week, here’s some headcannons of English major habits I firmly believe Nursey has engaged in.

  • Is willing to Fite You for a table at Annie’s during finals.  He literally can’t make himself write his analysis papers without a fancy coffee and the Ambiance™.
  • Owns so many nice journals.  He brings one back from wherever he travels, he occasionally treats himself to a cute new one.  All of his good writing is sandwiched in between class notes and on dining hall napkins.

  • Has adopted the rumpled artist stubble and beanie look partly because he thinks it makes him look hot and artsy, partly because sometimes he just forgets to shave/shower and he has more shame than to go around looking like Holster.

  • Sends all of his textbooks to the Haus because unlike some people, he can’t just get four massive tomes and call it.  He’s tracking down twenty novels and specific editions for a month from five different sites.  If he has to wait in the massive line at the campus mail center one more time, he’s gonna lose it.

  • Actually purchases all of his textbooks.  Dex, who is a firm believer in renting and (God willing) borrowing whenever possible, think it’s an insane rich person thing.  Really, it’s because the field is so goddamn self-referential he’s probably gonna have to quote freshman year readings in his damn thesis.

  • Wants dibs more than anything because having to move all of his growing collection of books every year would be the literal actual worst.

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Out of curiousity, do you have anything written about how her advisors/companions would react to Krem and Meliha dating? Or hell, maybe some random Inquisition scouts gossiping about the Inquisitor dating the Lieutenant of the Chargers. Banter, either out on the field or on the war council, scenes at the tavern, anything of that sort? I'd love to see what your take on that for these two would be.

The whispers start as soon as there’s anything beyond flirtation to talk about.

One courier sees the Inquisitor’s pinkie curled shyly around the Chargers’ lieutenant’s, and the rumor mill explodes. Every shy glance sparks another rumor, every smile three more. It doesn’t help that Iron Bull is like a proud parent, bragging noisily about his little “Krem Puff” stealing the Lady Inquisitor’s heart at every opportunity.

Vivienne brings it up first, of course, always at the forefront of any and every scandal before it even really starts. She’s concerned, of course, about the Inquisitor’s image. The Chargers are such a rough-and-tumble band of misfits, their reputation often precedes them, and Messere Aclassi is of Tevinter. Meliha soothes her worries as she is so good at doing, but also firmly puts down any protests she may have with a soft, earnest, “I will not be swayed in this, my friend. I will not put my heart on a leash for the sake of appearances.”

Word gets out about that conversation quickly enough, and then everyone feels they should offer advice. Josephine nudges them towards fancy vacation villas with not-so-subtle leaflets left on the Inquisitor’s, and Leliana offers little more than sly smiles and subtly inappropriate advice. Cullen offers only gentle smiles and congratulations.

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I came up with a terrible text graphic to keep track of who is sitting where in the car in each scene

I tried making it more car like (using “ ” to make headlights, stuff like that) but then I decide to keep it simple

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1) Favourite Superhero?

👉🏽 Wonder Woman (even though I haven’t see the movie yet 🙈) and Iron Man

2) Dream Vacation Location?

👉🏽 I’d love to visit Marracech or St. Petersburg. Just anything with a different, interesting culture!

3) Day or Night?

👉🏽 Night

4) If you were an animal, what would you be?

👉🏽 A bird or a feline

5) Best Book?

👉🏽 How am I supposed to chooooose 😩 Six of Crows is amazing! 

6) Worst Book?

👉🏽 I don’t actually have one for this… I have never read a book that was all around bad. 

7) Pet Peeves?

👉🏽 Talking with your mouth full, noisy eaters, slow walkers, people who treat my books bad (!)

8) Favourite bookish Girlfriend/Boyfriend?

👉🏽 Okay like favourite out of my bookish girl-/boyfriends or like someone who is a good girl-/boyfriend in a book? No matter which way I wouldn’t know who to pick… Dorian Havilliard is a goooood one

9) Romantic Comedies or Action Movies?

👉🏽 When it comes to Action Movies I’m picky and prefer Superhero stuff (Marvel, DC,…), so I’d probably go for a Romantic Comedy 

10) Three things you’d take on a deserted Island?

👉🏽 One of those bags that were magically expanded (like the one Hermione had in The Deathly Hallows) and I’d fit all my books in it. Then I’d also take sunscreen and a phone so if I get sick of that Island life I can call someone to pick me up.

11) Hogwarts House?

👉🏽 Ravenclaw and my hybrid House is Ravenpuff!

My 11 Questions:

1) Author you’d unconditionally buy anything from?

2) Favourite Flower?

3) What kind of Music do you like?

4) Hogwarts House (obviously)?

5) Star Sign?

6) Cats or Dogs?

7) Favourite Classic Novel?

8) Favourite Contemporary Novel?

9) Favourite Fantasy/Sci-Fi Novel?

10) Do you have a (celebrity) crush atm?

11) If you could change something in the world what would it be?

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Good lord how I miss 2012!

Is anybody having the same feelings?

The early seasons.

The Delena build up.

Nian dating.

The days when everything was fine.

Delena was my first real OTP ship and still is my favorite to this day. I learned what true love is through Delena and the sad thing is, I can’t think of this perfect TVD past without some bitterness.

Delena made this show famous. Delena won awards. I remember a time, where CW shows weren’t even nominated at the PCAs. Nina did the impossible back then.

There are always bad people in fandoms, but most of us DE fans would’ve not appreciated Nian hating on Paul, or Stefan, even though we disliked Stelena.

And now. Ian has become a complete douchebag, pushing his private business into the spotlight so that it interferes with he show. It’s one terrible thing to disrespect Nina, but it’s whole other to disrespect the thing that made you. I would love to see the ratings from the later seasons minus all the Delena viewers.

Even the Divergent Series used Delena once to advertise their movie franchise. A multi million dollar franchise used a CW show to advertise their movies. Ian Somerhalder who has never starred in any significant movie was used to advertise Divergent and why was that? Because of us.

An now all he can do is trash Delena and ship Bamon..which has nothing in common with Book-Bamon that actually makes some sense.

And the worst thing…now Kat Graham that I actually defended a few times back in the days is trashing Delena as well as Paul who is trashing Nina and Delena. They are all kissing Ians ass and it’s just hideous.

There were actually times where I wanted to go to a Con…god am I glad I never did.

Nina is lucky. She should never feel bad for disappointing fans when she left, because the truth is comng out more and more and it’s just horrendous.

And what does Julie Plec do? Nothing. Her cast ruins the show an she just obviously lets them.

I don’t even know HOW I will be able to watch season 8 and look at Damon without being disgusted by Ian.

This got a bit long, but who is missing the old days?

PS: No mention of Ians wonderful wife…because that’s a whole other topic that I just can’t get into without banging my head against the next wall.

The Defenders

Wow, that was okay.

Alright so let’s be honest, you have to watch Iron Fist to understand what is happening in this show. Matter of fact, the Defenders is pretty much the second season of Iron Fist that the show probably won’t get and if it does, it doesn’t deserve.

So I am one of the few black people on this Earth that actually likes Danny Rand the comic book character. Danny Rand has never been a huge problem with me as a super hero because he was always portrayed as this goofy character. It has never been endearing that he was this white boy who thinks he the main character in a 70s Kung Fu movie. In fact, this aspect of his character was usually pointed out as silly if not a little fucked up, but he never took himself seriously. Of course, those of use who read the Living Weapon can attest that angsty Iron Fist is the worst Iron Fist. And I actually liked the art of that book.

What Defenders does well to redeem this character was to do what almost every comic with Danny Rand in it does, mock him and take him less seriously. I noticed that most of the dialogue involving Danny was making fun of him. Everyone fawned about how amazing Danny is and shit in his show that it was refreshing to see people take him down a peg. Even his fight scenes are better choreographed, but I also noticed that he was not this unstoppable force that they portrayed him in his show. Like when  Elektra and Daredevil fought him, it was too standstill or they just kicked his ass because quite frankly, Danny may be good, but comparing what we seen out of Daredevil and Iron Fist, Matt Murdock is the more impressive fighter by far. Even Madame Gao gained back a bit of luster that she lost in Iron Fist because she actually was intimidating.  

Speaking of Daredevil, my problem is the inverse with my problem with Iron Fist. I like Danny Rand’s supporting cast outside that whole Meechum bullshit, but I do not like Danny. Colleen Wing was the saving grace of that show and that show sucked so hard that Colleen Wing has yet to make a comic book appearance. Like Marvel usually milks these Netflix shows and movies but Colleen Wing has yet to make a remarkable appearance outside of taking care of Jessica’s baby. But I digress, Daredevil. I like the character of Matt Murdock, but I hate his supporting cast aside from Elektra is more of an antagonist or foil. 

And that is my problem with Matt in this show. This was the Foggy Nelson Matt Murdock that makes no fucking sense. I cannot stand Foggy or Karen for that matter. Because you can see how everyone of the main Defenders supporting cast was super supportive and understanding while Karen and Foggy are the fucking wet blanket. Especially Foggy because he has this ego that makes what Matt doing seems trivial compared to what he does and I am like…this motherfucker brought down the Kingpin, ended corruption in Manhattan Pd, and reduced crime, and you want to get high and mighty about the righteousness of the process? Get the fuck out of here. I hated Foggy because it was insufferable how he just brushed Matt off as this destructive thing as if ignoring a cult of Undead Ninjas was something the police and the justice system could totally account for.

So Matt comes into this show ashamed of being a vigilante probably mourning the loss of Elektra and I was confused because I thought the conclusion of Daredevil Season 2 was that Matt was embracing the mantle, not running away from it.

Jessica Jones and Luke Cage were great even though I was confused as to how Elektra or any of them could take down either of them. I mean sure, Jessica Jones is not as durable as Luke, but she was getting knocked on her ass and beaten around a lot. And Luke was even more confusing because what took the force of cars to move him around, you have characters fighting him like he is a normal person and even pushing him back.

Regardless, it was a good show. Great action. And honestly, Elodie Yung is why filmmakers should cats people who can actually do the stunts in action films. She was easily the most fluent in her choreography and it showed.

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Tell me the truth, TT... did you ever liked Twilight?

(( OOC: I actually read twilight before it started becoming popular, and my thought was “Well… that was entertaining.” 

Usually after reading one book I have to finish the series, but Twilight didn’t catch my interest, so I stopped. Then when it became popular, I became an avid anti-twilighter, because WTF IS THIS TRASH DOING GETTING POPULAR WHEN THERE ARE SO MANY GOOD BOOKS OUT THERE!?

Also… Bella is the actual worst. 

But yes… at one point… I thought… “Meh, not bad”. ;) )) 

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5, 23, 27, 28, 53, 57, 77, 95

5. Tell us some funny drink story
I don’t drink

23. Is farting in front of people irrelevant?
If you can’t/couldn’t control it, it is. However I don’t think we can go and fart wherever we want, it’s disgusting you know

28. What was your last lie?
I can’t remember tbh. Actually I’m the worst at lying

53. What kind of books do you read?
Philosophy, psychology, classical literature, theory

57. What kind of people are you attracted to?
I don’t sort people but some aspects I like are book/film/music tastes, personality, face characters and sense of humour.

77. Favourite tv series?
I don’t watch tv

95. Share your favourite quote
“No veía gran cosa. No oía gran cosa tampoco. No me fijaba. En el fondo no estaba allí. En el fondo creo que no he estado nunca en ninguna parte.” —Samuel Beckett