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How about the companions and advisors reactions to learning that Mage Trevelyan Inquisitor was disowned for being a Mage (romanced too please)?

(This is actually part of my Inquisitor’s backstory, omg. So I’ve thought about this one).

Cassandra: While she agrees that sending them to the Circle as a child was best, she’s utterly disgusted with their family for acting with such disdain towards their own child. If she ever meets them, she’s cold as ice towards them. If Romanced: She’s mad, surely, but she calms down in the presence of her love, and she grasps his hands. “They have made the worst of mistakes,” she says, “for they abandoned one of the finest men in Thedas. I will always here for you, my love.”

Blackwall: He’s furious. “They disowned you for that? No good person does that. I’m sorry.” If he ever meets their parents, he’s abrupt and harsh with them. If Romanced: He’s twice as angry, if it’s possible. He can’t believe their parents were that rotten to their own child because of magic. “I’ll never abandon you for anything like that. I promise.”

Iron Bull: “That’s some bullshit.” he snaps. “I mean, I get sending you to the Circle, but they didn’t have to kick you while you’re down. Assholes.” If he ever meets them, he does his best to loom over them and frighten them. If Romanced: The reaction is largely the same, but he takes the time to comfort his Kadan however they like, and he reassures them that he wouldn’t do that to them, ever.

Sera: “What? They just– up and said you weren’t one of them just because of the magic-y shite?” She growls. “I mean, fine, go to a Circle for teaching, but taking the time to officially kick you out just because of what you are even though you’re their baby is… shite! Well, listen, you’re my friend, and you don’t need them, yeah? Friends are just as important.” She sends a letter to the Friends in Ostwick, who begin to torment the Trevelyan household. If Romanced: She wants to make it her personal mission to go to Ostwick and torment her girlfriend’s parents. She begs and cajoles to do so, to abate her anger. “Friggin’ noble pricks– they don’t deserve you.”

Varric: “Shit.” he remarks, appalled. “That’s– I’m sorry, Inquisitor. For what it’s worth, you deserve better. Remember that you’ve got friends, now, and I and the others– we’re here for you. And I’ve always got an ear for listening if you need it.”

Cole: He knew. He feels their pain, knows the sting of betrayal, and doesn’t know how to make it right. It’s a pain that can’t be easily dismissed. “They hurt you.” he says. “Screaming, crying, flailing as the templar pulls on my wrist, stop the bad man, don’t let them take me away, I thought you loved me! They don’t look at you as it happens, they’re not my child, a mage can’t be my child. If I don’t look, they aren’t real, and neither are their screams. They’re bad people. I don’t like them. I’m sorry they did that to you. We like you. We love you for you.”

Dorian: He’s utterly disgusted. He had heard of the way mages were treated in the south, but this… well, he knew a thing or two about being kicked out. “I’m so sorry. I… sort of know how you feel, but I wasn’t seen as shameful until I was an adult. You were just a child. Maker’s breath, your parents are monsters.” He offers them some wine and an ear for listening, if they ever need it. If Romanced: He’s absolutely livid. He hugs his amatus and kisses him, and whispers reassurances. They were both outcasts in their family; he could understand. He also tips off Sera to have her tell Red Jenny. They wouldn’t get away with this.

Solas: It is sad, but does not surprise him. The people of modern Thedas were so afraid of magic it drove them to do horrid things, and this is merely another example. He offers his sympathy. “It is unfortunate that they feared so much that they would abandon their own child.”

Vivienne: Like Solas, she is not surprised. It was, unfortunately, something that happened that wasn’t uncommon to many Circle mages. While she doesn’t disagree with the decision to send them to a Circle, the notion of wholly abandoning their child disgusts her. “I’m sorry, my dear,” she apologizes, “your parents are clearly not worthy of you. You are above them.” She gives Sera information about the Trevelyans, and sets out to ruin their social standing, at least to the point she can without hurting the Inquisitor.

Leliana: Her first question is if the Herald would like their parents to be handled. The Herald quickly refuses, and while mildly disappointed, she understands. “I’m so sorry,” she says, though she tries to not sound pitying, “one of the greatest sins known to the Maker is to abandon your own kin. They are therefore hypocrites, in all their piety, and should be ashamed of themselves.” She still sends spies to creep on them and discover any information that could be used to publicly shame them.

Josephine: She’s actually shocked and offended when she hears it. How could they do such a thing to their own child?! “Maker’s breath! That’s horrible! I– I am so sorry! No one deserves such cruelty.” She offers to listen, if they ever want to talk. Should the Trevelyans ever send a letter, she is very passive aggressive and cold to them when she responds. If Romanced: She first has the reaction that occurred above, and then she makes to introduce them to her family. She asks if she can tell them, and they welcome the Inquisitor with open arms, welcoming them into the family. “Just know,” she says after her excited family swarms them, “that you are a Montilyet now. My family knows you are a mage, and none of us mind. We will never abandon you, certainly not I, and no one else here.”

Cullen: He wishes he could say that he’s surprised, but he’s not. He’s met a lot of mages that this happened to. “I’m sorry to hear that. No one deserves that.” He’s not quite sure what to say, so he leaves it be. If he ever meets their parents, he’s cold and brushes them off. If Romanced: His reaction is largely similar, but he asks if she wants to talk about it at all. He also introduces her to his family, who accept her with open arms.

Hannibal set in Florence

I don’t think I’m actually able to write a proper resume about today, because I’m still too happy and emotional.

So I’m just gonna say that Mads is the sweetest and cutest and most patient person ever, he’s akìlso incredibly handsome and tall and his voice is amazing and omg I’m so in love.

Laurence Fishburne is very very reserved, but at least he waved and smiled at us while we were waiting and later from the car. 

Hugh Dancy is the worst. He acted like we weren’t even there all the time. He had all the time he wanted to at least fucking look at us while he was inside and he didn’t. And later, when he was walking towards his car, he didn’t even turned around to wave or smile or idk say something, anything. He was very, very rude, and we’re all were kinda disappointed, because he’s totally a different person on interviews and things like that. It feels kinda like a betrayal, even if it sounds childish like that. 

Anyway, Mads was worth all wait and the fatigue (I took a train at 7:23 this morning) and the cold (idk how I’m not feverish rn).

If you ever get the chance to see him, do it, because he’s seriously the best.