actually the only thing i ship on this show

I’d love to find a few more Sherlock-centric blogs to follow. My only real criterion is that you actually enjoy the 221b multiverse.

I’m talking any Sherlock adaptation here. Doyle. Granada. BBC. Ritchie. Gay Ifdoing their thing. Russian Holmes. Elementary. 

You don’t need to be uncritically in love with the show. I love me some criticism of the showrunners, characters, whatever - so long as you’re actually enjoying being critical. If it’s done in fun, out of love, that’s fine. That’s actually great.

And I’m talking Johnlock, other pairings, non-shipping, whatever. Sherlock sleeping his way across London vs ace!Sherlock vs anything in between. My favorite thing is when other people let me see the world through their eyes, letting me slip into their shoes and seeing what they love.

If you have someone you think I might enjoy (yourself included!) please drop me a line!

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even tho its unfair i'd take the white half of an interracial ship being reduced to a ship prop over the person of color (which is waaaay more common in fandom and the media too,,, the white halfs of a ship de facto have a defense squad anyway)

i see what you mean, and agree

white characters usually do have a defense squad, while poc get bashed over doing the exact same things or being actually better??? lmao. when it comes to how fandom treats interracial relationships, i’ve only just started observing it given my only previous fandom (supernatural) was a mayo shitshow where there were barely any poc to begin with and definitely not any interracial relationships that lasted over an episode (since they had close to no poc to bash in that show, women took all the shit).

i’m not sure my previous experience would be of any use here anyway, ‘cause anime is the complete opposite of a western tv show in a conservative network lmao. what i’ve observed isn’t so much yuri being reduced to a ship prop (not saying there isn’t any of that, maybe i’ve just been lucky. i never go into general tags so i have that going for me lmao) as being whitewashed af. it’s like they absolutely love him as long as they can pretend he’s a white boy. most who have a white character as a fave i’ve seen either absolutely adore yuri and want to see more of him as a person aside from the ship (like me and my hos) or detest him and want him written out of the show (which is absolutely ludicrous for obvious reasons lmaooooo).

i think the fact the show is largely told from yuri’s PoV (as it should) makes it harder for people to ignore his personhood, while the same can’t be said for victor. of course, it’s preferable for a white character to be taken at face-value rather than a poc one, but it’s also not ideal? especially when it’s such a wholesome character like victor, who does have some disprivileges like being gay* and depressed? like even for someone with yuri as a fave, how can you simply not give a fuck about victor’s development? the guy is who yuri is in love with? you don’t want more of the man your fave is literally supposed to marry?

so yeah, when i say it sucks victor seems to be creatively neglected, i’m by no means saying he should have priority over yuri, the poc protagonist. it’d just be nice to get some background for him, because he is a main? white side characters like popovich, jj and yurio have tons of background info, so how come victor doesn’t?

* felt like adding a disclaimer because some may use the “yoi universe has no homophobia” to counter that. first of all, this whole conversation is about privilege and how characters are treated by fandom on that basis. so the fact in-universe yoi has no homophobia (and by logic no racism) literally doesn’t matter. and second, the yoi universe is controlled by real world people and has real world fans. this means real world people are making the choice to not care about this gay character beyond the size of his ass his design or the fact he’s half of a ship, and that’s um kinda messed up.

Zuko and Katara did everything a couple would do actually, they trusted eachother, fought, ate, cried and slept near eachother. Only thing they didn’t do is be intimate on a physical level. But their relationship is very deep and intimate on a intellectual level. Their love and care for eachother is undisputable. I have seen many other shows with canon couples who don’t have the relationship that Zuko and Katara have, which is based on the mutual respect and understanding of one another. And that is why I ship them so hard.

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Second thought on Dagobah shenanigans: Bro has heard rumor that Mark Hamill actually argued with George Lucas about the X-Wing thing; Luke knows he needs to get back to the Rebel Alliance eventually and wants to, so he shouldn’t give up on pulling his only ship out of the swamp, why not do a montage of his repeated attempts and eventually success to lift it out of the swamp with the Force? But Lucas was all “lol no Luke gives up and Yoda shows off.”

Bro and I agree with Theoretical Mark Hamill so we’ve decided there’s an offscreen argument between Luke and Yoda where Luke wants to make a pulley system out of these trees and vines and secure his ship before starting training. But Yoda, who has a spent a long time on all his swamp topiary, refuses, and insists Luke can just pick it up with the Force and not ruin his Bog of Eternal Stench Solitude’s landscaping.

And therefore Luke’s “I give up I can’t do it” isn’t about pulling the ship up at all, just about pulling it up with the Force. Yoda hauls it up onto dry land because that last slip under the murk it just did means Luke “I grew up fixing farm equipment” Skywalker is about to hack up all these plants and make an actually pulley system to save his ticket outta here.

Discourse already on Villainous needs to stop.

all these people shitting on villainous for stupid reasons like

“the people working on it are problematic!!”

“The desgins look like deviantart ocs”

Rant under cut.

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im fucking screaming if i see another post that says that jughead jones is gay and ace (which is an actual thing that people are) when he canonically has no sexual or romantic interest in anyone im going to punch someone. like!!!! gay ace people do exist!!!!!! but!!!!!!!! that does not change the fact that jughead!!!!!!!!!!! doesnt show romantic interest in anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! and its funny!!!! how people only seem to acknowledge the existence of gay ace people!!!!!!!!!! when they want to ship that person with someone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when its disrespecting a canon aroace characters sexuality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jughead jones is the most high profile aroace character in existence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stop taking that away from us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just because his asexuality is the only part of his identity that has been directly stated in comics does not mean that you get to push romantic attraction on him when he has canonically said that he doesnt get crushes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that he doesnt want to do the romance thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that he doesnt get romance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fucking stop erasing his sexuality just to further your shipping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

STARS: Why a Lars/Steven fusion is possible

Following the latest episode of Steven Universe “I Am My Mom” Steven leaves home for Homeworld. Now that could mean a lot for the final season. But more importantly LARS IS STILL ON THE SHIP!!!! Yeah guys get ready for a whole world of trouble. I know a lot of people are asking themselves “Why Lars?” and is he gonna die? [Due to a photo going around of Steven crying while holding someone who’s has a striking resemblance to Lars. (Maybe not striking but you get it.)] Now the next episode of SU is called “Stuck Together” which could be a nod to the episode “Alone Together” the episode in which we met the fusion Stevonnie. We could get to see a Steven Lars fusion! and it’s actually very likely. Like Connie, Lars has a connection with Steven. I mean I’m pretty sure his connection with Steven has existed long before Connie and Stevens. (Now I’m not speculating that they have a romantic connection. More of a Platonic or Familial connection.) Lars and Steven have been through so much together dating back to Lars and the Cool Kids and since then their relationship has certainly received a lot of development. Lars in a way has sort of been an Older brother to Steven and before you go off about how Lars is a terrible person. Hear me out. Older brothers don’t always show their love for their younger brothers especially in my experience. Lars is a complex character who cares a lot about what people think and how he’s perceived. He scared of letting anyone see who he really is. Especially people he really likes. Steven has always tried to show Lars that it’s okay to be yourself. In the latest episode we actually see how much Steven wants Lars to realize that (did you see the disappointment when he saw the cake in the trash) to all my people screaming for Lars character development. We’ve actually seen it! It has happened on several non consecutive occasions he’s become really comfortable with Steven since the beginning if the show I mean Steven spent time in his body for gem sakes! So the potential is all there. Lars is still on the ship and probably terrified. He’s thinking what if he can’t get home what if he never sees his friends or family again. But more importantly WHAT IF HE DIES??! Steven is most likely certain that his gem will be shattered upon his arrival on Homeworld. They’re both terrified and thinking the same things. They’re the only people that they know at the moment. They’re stuck together. They have to look out for each other now. (More like Steven will look after Lars) Steven has to get Lars back home. Because Not everybody should have to suffer at the hands of Rose Quartz. What will they do? Now the fusion will most definitely be accidental. Like Stevonnie’s emergence. But one can only wonder what kind of person Stars will be. If we take into account Smoky Quartz. The fusions with Steven always seem to have some kind social conflict. Stevonnie’s anxiety. Smoky’s insecurity We can only wonder what the complicated often misunderstood sometimes an asshole Lars was contribute to a fusion. I think it would be cool if Stars was a tad overconfident. It would be such a shocker considering their components. Stars wouldn’t have the burden of carrying the stress of their counterparts. They could likely be ready to fight especially if Steven and Lars have the same motivations. Though it’s lovely in theory and I welcome the possibility. if we even get a chance to ever meet a Steven Lars fusion it would probably be short lived. Cause knowing Lars he would freak out and disrupt the harmony. But it is still possible and I want it. So I’m biased.

Things I hated and liked about I am My Mom

I am My Mom, the full episode is on Youtube. I just watched it and here are my immediate thoughts.

Things I hated:

Lapis and Peridot are nowhere to be seen in the conflict. Being barned means no involvement in the plot whatsoever it seems.

Aquamarine.  I entirely dislike her right now. She looks childish, she acts childish and she has a princess-like ego. It’s so obvious the show’s gonna redeem her based on these things that I wanna scream.  Aquamarine’s weapon concept was cool though. That’s the only thing  I liked about her.

Topaz didn’t get a single line. She did whatever Aquamarine said quietly.

Aquamarine and Topaz’s dynamic 100% mirrors Peridot and Jasper’s but this time with more staleness.

Garnet did not use her Future Vision to prevent these two from arriving here. Crewniverse, do you even remember that she has future vision or…?

The show totally discarded it’s previous message about Steven and Connie needing to be jam buds who work together. When they were all facing off against Aquamarine and Topaz, they kept fighting separately. Even Connie said they should fuse but instead Steven took a few minutes to whine about how this was all his fault.

The gems were very ineffective in all this which I’m highkey bitter about.

They left Lars on the ship. Lars is an ass to Sadie for the one millionth time but it’s framed as a Larsadie moment.


My done-o-meter increases when the show tries to say that Steven off-handedly talking to Peridot about the humans he knew was apart of the plan of gathering humans for the zoo. Not only is this the show trying too hard to take the blame off the Diamonds, but this means the zoo was planned for the beginning. THE. ZOO. WAS. PLANNED. FROM. THE. BEGINNING.

My done-o-meter is fuqqing obliterated when the show also has Steven deciding to be his mom’s scapegoat meaning that yes the show fully intends for its audience to be ok with the fact that Rose using Steven as a scapegoat is a good thing. The narrative framed it as if Steven was making the right choice.

This I liked:

Topaz, actually? I wasn’t expecting to like her but I did,.

My wife Alexandrite came back!

Jamie being over dramatic.

Aquamarine fuqqing punted Pearl into space, I’m not kidding. That was hilarious.

Garnet saying “I like me.” That was too pure. Garnet x Garnet is the only pure Garnet ship, it’s canon.

Connie is tall again in this episode, we’ve been given a blessing.

Stop With The Hate

I see too many LuffyxNami shippers being way too aggressive with other shippers and vice-versa. A bunch of ganging up, name calling, and insults between different ships IS NOT something I support in my blog or in my shipping fandom. It is nothing more than BULLYING. I think shipping should be something that everyone can enjoy. People have a right to support whatever ship they like and people don’t have the right to bash someone for it.  

There are ships that I do not like and even hate, but I try my best to not bad mouth other ships and shippers in my blog because it’s about respect. Even if the other side is not showing any respect towards you, you should just ignore it or try to show some respect towards them because it makes you the bigger person. Don’t give me that bullshit excuse of “We have to defend ourselves”. That answer is UNACCEPTABLE. If you want to defend your ship, then make posts that builds supports within your shipping fandom and NOT to argue against other shippers that oppose your ship. It will get you no where. I don’t want to hear “It will make them and their ship look stupid because they can’t defend their ship and bring support for our ship.SHUT! THE! FUCK! UP! Leave the other shippers alone because at that point you are only trying to make yourself feel good by putting other people down.  I understand that some people do not do anything, but still get hate and all I can say is just ignore the haters or you can simply block whoever is harassing you.

 The kind of shipping I like is showing actual moments, hints, and development that shows why I think my otp will happen. Whether you think your ship will happen or not you shouldn’t care what people say because what matters is what you like and want (unless Oda says otherwise).

Remember these are only fictional characters. People shouldn’t obsess on One Piece or on pairings. You have other things in life you should prioritize on. If you obsess, then you could end up getting depressed when things don’t go your way. I made my blog as a hobby that I can peacefully enjoy. A lot of the time people should just go with the flow in One Piece and just accept things that Oda gives the readers and not complain because he is the author of the series.

 If you felt mad or offended by my post, then GOOD because all that says is that you have bullied someone too and you are upset that someone had pointed out the actions you have done.

I hope people can ship in peace again and stop with childish nonsense because this doesn’t make supporting pairings any fun. I hope this post helps people of all kinds of fandoms.



 P.S. If I didn’t tag your pairing, then feel free to tag in.

I’ve been processing why I feel like Jennifer Morrison leaving Once feels so bitter sweet. I’ve come up with two reasons.

In regards to Emma, it’s kind of like someone dying after being in a coma for a long time. Emma was already gone in many ways, but now it feels so final. Because even though we knew she wouldn’t likely ever “wake up,” now it is final and certain that there is no chance of redeeming what became of her.

And then there is Swan Queen. Without Jen, the show is good as done. Like her or not, without Emma a 7th season just won’t make sense or do well. So in this I am also seeing the end of the series. Since I don’t actually watch the series I won’t exactly miss it. But I’ll miss knowing it’s there. And, more importantly, the inevitable truth is that with the show off the air, Swen will eventually begin to dwindle. That is what saddens me the most.

I’ve shipped a lot of things in my life, but I truly feel like Swan Queen was and is something truly special. I hope I’m not the only one who wishes to keep this ship sailing as long as possible. Because, as many have said, Swan Queen was always ours in spite of the show. So I hope this fandom will not go quickly or quietly into the night.

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Top 5 bnha ships? Top 5 hq!! ships?

!!!! Starting with HQ!:

1. (Obvs) Kagehina

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2. YakuLev

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3. KuroTsukki

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4. BroTP = Noya and Tanaka

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5. And it’s a tie between UkaTake and KyouHaba

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Now, as for BNHA…I LOVE that anime. Like, top 5 easily. However, right now I’m only into shipping 

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They are my fave for sure. Tragically I’ve only had time to give the show one watch-through, but it’s on my list to be rewatched so hopefully I’ll find love for Iida and Todoroki. The awesome thing about BNHA is that it’s SO naturally amazing, that I don’t “need” ships to enhance my enjoyment of it (One Punch Man is similar, and actually so is Haikyuu for me but…the ships just happen so naturally….sigh.)

Thank you for the ask, anon :D !!

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I don't think any people who ship Stalia and Marrish can say they're better than us stydia fans. Both of those relationships are wrong and disgusting! Stydia is so unique and genuine. Shelley and Ryan are both so...Ugh. I know Dylan made a mistake, but at least Holland hasn't! Btw You won't always have a come back!

I don’t get half the things that come out of the mouth’s of Strdia shippers! 

Unique and genuine - THEY’RE COUNTLESS SHIPS WHERE A BOY HAS A CRUSH ON A GIRL WHO IS TOO POPULAR FOR HIM AND THEY END UP TOGETHER!! IT IS OVERUSED!!! Why can’t girls and boys just STAY best friends? It used to be one of favourite BROTPS, not OTPS.

If Stalia is disgusting, I MUST BE TOO! Stalia was wonderful, they anchored each other when they were both vulnerable, they guided each other out of the dark they both were in, Malia being a coyote for years and Stiles’s experience with Void, they needed one another. 

If Marrish is disgusting, because he is 24 and she is 18!! Then you wouldn’t be a fan of my parents, my Dad was 22 and my Mum 25 when they met, same age gap!! They now happily married with three kids, no one ever judged them for their age! WHY? It’s not wrong!! THE AGE GAP IS FINE!!!!! NOT PERVERTED.

So Shelley Hennig is problematic??

The worst thing I can find that she has said and done was this: 

“I feel like people don’t get our love, because it can be kind of aggressive and that’s how Malia shows affection.” 

OKAY! This was shown in the show, she was a coyote for years, it is taking her time ad this is Malia’s view on STALIA, a ship she is in; this is addressed in the show, the most aggressive Malia has actually shown in the punch, which was her anger from Stiles ruining her home. Then with the spooning, she turns him over, she was still learning when and where she needed her powers, that’s what Shelley was addressing here.

And Ryan…the only thing I can find that antis hate about Ryan, is the fact he admitted he likes to be naked, which is natural and he is most likely being a funny puppy for behind the scenes .

Moving onto Dylan…yes, he has done something terrible. but it wasn’t just him, it was the whole cast of the film thinking they are funny, when they are actually being complete idiots! Making fun of a culture is freaking terrible, but 20th Century Fox is famous for covering shit up so they don’t get a bad image, most famously with Dylan’s accident last year, telling everyone he was fine and then having to reveal he nearly died. As a media studies studen, I have learnt about cover-ups and 20th Century FOX is one of the biggest, so it likely when people got angry about this, they told the cast to shut up and not say a thing, so that’s why he never said sorry or the rest of the cast.

And one to my favourite point from you…..Holland Roden is the most problematic member of this cast:

- Made a prison rape joke

- Made transphobic jokes 

- made horrible comments about West Africa

- She supported cultural appropriation

- When Daniel and Crystal split up, she said “don’t shit where you eat” and she’s dated Ian Bohen, Colton Haynes (before his coming out, of course) and Max Caver. 

- Made Islamophobic comments

- She did address this all, but only justified what she said, instead of apologising!

Have a good evening!!!

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I only have one simple question, but I fear the answer will not be an easy one. Question: CAN THIS CLUSTERFUCK BE FIXED? Or have we moved beyond that point? I'm just trying to figure it all out. And where l go from here. TY

Oyyy… difficult questions today.

Well, the answer is I am not clairvoyant and cannot tell you whether this can or will be “fixed” nor what will happen.

However, I can take a few wild guess, mind you, I am probably dead wrong on all of it.

Q: Can this clusterfuck be fixed?

1.  The short answer, imo, is NO. They can attempt to rebuild their image for some of the fans and for that I will refer you to a great post made by @flocklander. However, I don’t see how for some fans it would even be possible to go to how it was before and I suspect some fans they will never get back.

2. Fear not, this will all soon be forgotten, be yesterday’s news, and people will stop talking about it and move forward. 

3. Many will tune in for S3, there are some iconic scenes that book fans want to see, such as Printshop, Turtle Soup…

4. With S3 in September the show will gain new fans, most likely. These people will never have seen what we have seen and their normal will be that Sam and Cait are not together, are dating these other uninspired characters and are great actors and friends.

5. The fan-base will simply change.The faithful book fans will still be here, but the show fans who were lured in by Sam and Cait (or book+show fans) that saw something special and magical may be replaced by fans who are far less invested in the whole thing and may not go the extra mile to raise funds, RT and tweet, vote, reblog etc.

6. The new fan-base may consist of people who think the show is good, but not that good, who think the actors are good, but not great and who might actually be annoyed by external noise from a sub-section of the fan-base shipping the actors with some unknown SOs that nobody cares about or has ever heard of.

7. As for the current Sam only fans, who are now in love with MM, I have a distinct feeling that love will not last. They are not really her fans, they are only her fans because it was important to kill the image of SamCait and she served that purposes well. As SamCait shipping dies, I suspect they will get tired of MM as well.

Feel free to disagree, as I said, this is just my guess…


and also oh my fucking GOD i did NOT realise the episodes were like AN HOUR LONG?! But like the animation makes it worth it???
also Lance is the fucking best? Also like now I see why people ship Klance? 1000000000000% with them on that one and I’m only one ep in.

To sum up: a lil corny, the robot thing is a little weird? But like the show is fucking awesome.

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Remember in 3.22 when Oliver was married to Nyssa & locked the team in a cell with a deadly virus. OK. Remember in 3.23 in the final moments, in room full of people Olicity reunited. Pacing is something Arrow doesn't bother with much, they can have a battle royal, guest star fueled ep & reunite Olicity in 60 secs. Fun fact: One of the promo pics from 3.23 was of the "I want to be with you" scene we didn't even realize it at the time. I am with you, the reunion is upon us & I am ready!

This “only two episodes” thing is baffling me too. Like… since WHEN is that a problem? Y’all remember 2x21? Oliver getting caught in the cave in with Laurel? Look how that season ended. Two episodes is cake

Actually that’s like LITERAL cake. Birthday party! And we have the still showing them all googly eyed at each other. 

It’s gonna be fine

‘I Love You’: a man’s perspective

I haven’t made the rounds yet this morning, but already last night I’ve seen multiple posts that seem to want to either downgrade or erase the meaning behind Sherlock’s words to Molly Hooper. I find it insanely amusing, because had those words been to John Watson, people would be wetting themselves, but because it was for Molly, people are climbing all over themselves to again deny this character her actual fair due.

My husband, who watches Sherlock with me, had some very interesting perspectives on The Final Problem. He tends to read the show textually, without shipping or all the other nonsense we as fandom people get into.  I tend to trust what he says only because he has no ulterior motives, like zero. Even my own ship doesn’t really mean a damn thing to him. He knows I love it, but he’s not swayed by my reading or my desires at all.  

His reading of The Final Problem was that this was Eurus effectively unlocking the original Sherlock Holmes.  This was Sherlock’s sister, bringing him home, just as he was bringing her home.  To do that, she had to undo what she did when she took Victor Trevor away from him at that young age.  She took a little boy who was filled with bright, wonderful, hot emotion, and she made him lock that away.  She made him like her, and to my husband, it seemed like that was never what Eurus wanted.  

The scenes inside Sherrinford were about systematically making Sherlock face each single, major emotion that he’s refused to feel all these years: anger, fear, sadness, and above all…love.  And no, I don’t mean love for your best friend, that’s already been addressed, and that was already the easiest thing for Sherlock to unlock in himself. He basically did that in S1.  Sherlock loves John, his best friend, just like he loved Victor.  The parallels are spelled out for you in the clearest of ways.  

Sherlock’s locking away of his ‘sexuality’ was already broken open in S2 with Belgravia.  Irene Adler represented a part of Sherlock that really, really wanted out.  It was confusing as hell for him, as we saw, but he still managed to deal with it.  Sex is sex is sex.  It’s meaningful, and at the same time, can also be meaningless.  I personally never saw Irene as meaningless, far from it.  But I do think her special place in Sherlock’s “unlocking” was more physical than emotional.  Hence, we were reminded of this by the moan of her text tone. I personally think Sherlock’s sexuality is firmly unlocked at this point, no need to revisit it again and again.  Something that remained hidden though, very deep down, was Sherlock’s ability, willingness and understanding of a deeper love, and what that means.  This is where Eurus comes in.

The scene with the coffin was very carefully done, both by the writers and on the part of Eurus’ planning.  In fact, if you listen carefully to Eurus’ words, she states exactly why she did it: you lost, look what you did to her, look what you did to yourself, all those complicated, complex emotions, emotional context.  All of those things are things people feel when they love someone (romantic love, since I’m sure I need to spell it out for some viewers).  You feel elated, but you also feel scared.  You may also hate yourself because you probably feel the person you love deserves BETTER than you.  Should you act on it or let them go find someone better.  Do you have the strength to give up parts of yourself for them?  Do they have the strength to give up parts of themselves for you?  It’s scary as hell, y’all!!

 My hub says, to him, the first time Sherlock says ‘I love you’ to Molly Hooper, he didn’t mean it…or at least Sherlock thinks he didn’t mean it. Then, the second time, he did mean it, and he knows it.  That is why he smashed the coffin…that was perhaps the biggest emotion he’d locked away, and he was consumed and confused by it.  For a man who has spent decades pushing love away, it came roaring in within 3 minutes, and he couldn’t push it away. Eurus wouldn’t let him push it away, and more importantly, Molly Hooper wouldn’t let him push it away. That’s why she turned the tables on him and made him say it first.  She inadvertently helped Eurus, which I’m sure was her plan all along (if you believe she’s as much of a supernatural badass as she’s shown to be).

My husband’s purely textual reading of Sherlock’s smashing the coffin with ‘I love you’ on it is that he DID mean it, but he wasn’t sure what that meant to him, and it scares him, greatly.  He said that looked like a man who was pissed that he LOVES.  He spent his entire life working at not loving, and here he is, loving this woman, but now he isn’t sure what to do about it, because he’s not even sure what that really means.  He doesn’t understand it…yet.  Love like that is incredibly strong, true love I mean, not “Hey let’s bone” love.  He said that wasn’t the actions of a man who doesn’t really care.  He said, as a man, if I had to get a woman to say that and I didn’t really love her, I wouldn’t care as much.  I surely wouldn’t care enough to smash an entire coffin to bits with my bear hands.

Lastly, my husband said something I thought was incredibly interesting about how he reads Sherlock.  He said he thinks the reason Sherlock hasn’t really pursued any other relationships with women, not seriously that is, is that on some level he really knew he loved Molly, but that he felt HE wasn’t good enough for HER.  He thinks Sherlock, for all of his arrogance, actually doesn’t think he’s a good man.  He knows Molly Hooper deserves a good man, someone to love her exactly how he thinks she should be loved, and he’s terrified he ISNT that man, or he CANT be that man.  His rage at smashing that coffin was basically anger at himself, anger at himself for loving this woman who really deserves more.

So, from a man who views this show with as much pure text as possible, he thinks that “I Love You” was real, but he thinks Sherlock simply doesn’t know what to do with it, doesn’t know what it means.  He said love is the scariest thing, especially to someone who’s lived closed off.  He’s had an upbringing that, without going into details, was a bit devoid of emotional support from people he needed it from. That means that learning how to show love was incredibly, incredibly difficult for him.  Trust me, I’ve been here for the entire thing.  It took years for him to learn how to show it.  It took me years too…in fact I still have massive trouble with it. People who’ve lived not understanding how to love since young childhood…it takes us a very long time to learn how to do it.  

My husband and I are not the kind of people who go on romantic ballroom dancing dates and snuggle on the Tunnel of Love ride.  We’re just not those kind of people…but we do love each other very much.  We have our way of showing it that works for us. There’s no one else I’d rather trust my mind, body and soul to.  That was first built on friendship, then trust, then love.  For us, I think that’s kind of where Sherlock is starting to head.  We may not ever see that adventure, as that’s not what Sherlock’s story was about.  But, finding how to love, that was his story, and Molly Hooper is an irreplaceable part of that.  No one can deny that, not ever.

so you like riverdale? cool great awesome! must be nice not to have one of your identities totally erased for entertainment wow so much straightwashing (the only thing why i keep watching is archiekins and the pussycats) and yeah i get it it’s not the comics it’s cw’s tv show but hey imagine if someone actually cared about aros and aces amiright and i’m not trying to stop you from shipping bughead ship it go ahead but you know keep contributing to asexual erasure thank you very much and yes i’m fucking educated asexual people can have relationships i know that but i am asexual and you now reminded me that by your standarts i’m not important i’m not valid i don’t deserve representation you can call me hater but only because you aren’t able to realise when something is wrong but i’m happy for you that you have the representation you deserve and can enjoy watching this forced hetero relationship in this amazing tv show

some aus
  • ‘you’re a celebrity incognito trying to hide from paparazzi and you’re sitting right next to me and i’m the only one that recognizes you’ au
  • ‘someone starts a rumor that we’re dating so let’s turn the tables’ au
  • ‘you made an obscure literary reference and i’m the only on that got it’ au
  • ‘we were both late to class and walked into each other in the hall and oh god do you have a concussion? i’m so sorry’ au
  • ‘oh my god you’re my ex’s other ex’ au
  • ‘we’re both actors and keep showing up for the same auditions’ au
  • ‘i keep overhearing you make fun of me so i finally try to stand up for myself and it actually had nothing to do with me at all i’m sorry i never meant for this to happen’ au
  • we’re both teachers and all our students ship us’ au
  • ‘i kissed the wrong person on news years’ au
  • ‘i’m yelling to my friend about how attractive this celebrity is and then plot twist you’re the celebrity and in front of me wtf’ au
  • ‘the only two people in the movie theater’ au
  • ‘we showed up at a party wearing the same exact outfit. this is awkward.’ au
Why Iris matters to me

There’s a reason Iris and Westallen are so important to me. As a Black girl, I will naturally gravitate to the person who represents me on-screen. I like seeing Black women get more visibility, more room to play different kinds of roles, and in fact, shine in central roles instead of being in the periphery. I am nearly 30 years old and it’s only in the last decade that TV seems to have woken up and realized that Black women can be leads, can be love interests who are cared for and adored, can be both action heroes and soft and feminine, can be independent and vulnerable at the same time.

Before Iris, there were two Black female leads I absolutely loved but who didn’t always get the love and respect they deserved from fans or even the show. Joss Carter (Taraji P. Henson), and Lacey Porter (Kylie Bunbury).

Detective Joss Carter, Person of Interest (CBS)

To me, it seemed pretty obvious that Carter, an attractive older woman would be a natural love interest for the lead character, John Reese. They had great chemistry together, and their interactions would range from the downright hilarious to the deep, solemn and intimate – and this was all as friends. On any other show featuring an exasperated detective working with an unorthodox man in a suit, these two would have been clear endgame (Mentalist, Castle, Lucifer), but POI producers claimed that romance didn’t really fit this kind of show. I took that at face value, even as lost romances drove both the male leads in the show. A ship featuring the two men sprang up, and I saw that phenomenon in action (slash shipping as a way of circumventing the black female lead). But for the most part, the two shipping fandoms actually coexisted peacefully.

So the show kept teasing, kept having them flirt, kept having this thing dance right to the edge of romance, without ever going there. Jim Caviezel, though, definitely played his character Reese, as if he was in love with Carter. To the point that he initiated an unscripted kiss in one of their final scenes together. Some parts of the TV audience exploded with indignance: where the heck did that kiss come from??, they bellowed. They had never seen anything remotely romantic between the two characters ever. Either they had been blind, or they had simply never wanted to see it. This, like Sleepy Hollow, also suffered from the “Can’t men and women just be friends? They are my brotp. So tired of romance in every show.” complaints.

Only after Carter died did they explicitly refer to her as someone John Reese was in love with. Another lost love to add to his angst. If only he had not been so hesitant (he, or you POI writers?). And only after Carter died did the show seemingly change its mind about romance, having a full-blown romance between two of the main female leads. But hey, that’s none of my business.

Let me say though, that Carter was very well written during her tenure on the show. I grew to like her more and more over the seasons. I started off pretty ambivalent, but Taraji won me over. Even her relationship with Reese, defined only as “whatever this is” was a joy to watch. She was an important member of the team, with relationships with all the other team members, plus her own nemesis later (not a whole lot of her home life but still). But even though POI was brave and innovative in other ways, it always seemed a bit too scared to go there with Carter and Reese. Her death was an ignominious end to a fantastic character, was done just for shock value, and turned a good number of fans off the show for good. Also, the show had always been a hybrid sci-fi/police procedural but losing Carter upset that balance, and the sci-fi aspects became more prevalent, alienating other viewers. The show’s ratings never recovered.

Lacey Porter, Twisted (ABC Family)

Lacey Porter was a lot like Veronica Lodge in Riverdale: a spoiled princess with a huge heart and a complicated home life. She was a third of Twisted’s main trio of erstwhile friends, which also included reformed juvenile killer, Danny Desai (Avan Jogia), and earnest loner, Jo (Maddie Hassen). The show was supposed to join Pretty Little Liars as an ABC family guilty pleasure. But inconsistent storytelling (they got a new writing team between the first and second halves of season one, leading to a significant drop in quality) was it’s main downfall.

The first half of the season did get a couple of things right. The suspense was there - did Danny really murder his Aunt as a child, or was he covering up for someone? And what about the fact that a girl died just as he got out of juvie and slinked back in town? It was great. The other stroke of genius? Danny and Lacey. Danny had Barry Allen levels of thirst when he saw Lacey again for the first time in 5 years. Like he drank her in every single time he saw her (btw, in real life this can be creepy as heck, but on TV, well).
Anyway, the two actors had amazing chemistry, and fell in love head first, with Lacey moving from suspicion and wariness to total conviction that Danny was innocent.

In the second half of the season, the new writers broke Danny and Lacey up, and #PoorJo’s unrequited crush on Danny was finally… requited. “It’s always been you.” He says to her, which made little to no sense. Danny and Lacey had heat. Danny and Jo reminded me of custard.

The show threw away one of its strongest assets. An overall mess of a second half spelled doom for the show and it was gone with a whimper. But for a while, Twisted had given us an interracial relationship featuring two POC, and given it time and attention. Kylie made Lacey as lovable as Camila makes Veronica, but unlike Veronica, we didn’t get to see her home life very often either. We had an entire episode about her family that took place at her younger sister’s birthday party. And the show didn’t even bother to cast a girl to play the sister. Lol. I mean, come on. Try. In contrast, we saw Danny and Jo’s home lives in every episode.

Iris West, The Flash (CW)

Now back to Iris. The difference between these shows and the Flash, is that the latter has been clear from Day One, that Iris is the love of Barry’s life. Unlike POI, they actually took the plunge, and unlike Twisted, they have stayed consistent throughout about their endgame. You can’t know what it means to see this woman be earnestly and wholeheartedly loved like this, by a superhero. She’s the Lois to his Superman, and it’s not a role I had ever ever imagined I would see a Black woman in.

It’s not surprising that there are haters. There was a predictable whitelash. Iris, like many Black and female characters, was under increased scrutiny at every turn, and many times criticism turned into vitriol. And although crackshipping is all over the show (Cisco x Peekaboo ♡), only SB was insidious enough to replace Iris in her own narrative with the closest white girl.The ship was crowned before anyone had seen the GG and DP act opposite each other, on the show or even in the first trailer. But it was formed after Candice Patton was cast as Iris. It pained me to think that there were people who were so repulsed by this beautiful Black woman that they would make up a ship with literally nothing to go on and then make so much noise about it, that people began to think it was real. I sometimes see posts saying that they ship SB out of love for them, and not hate for Iris. Some joined the Flash fandom years after the premiere and can claim ignorance. But, regardless of whenever they joined, the beginnings of the ship were rooted in anti-black racism, and I don’t think 3 years has been enough to actually distance it from that. I’m a fan of live and let live because there will always be a diversity of opinions, but we can’t be disingenuous while we are at it.

Now, the writing on this show is nowhere near POI quality, and I have said a lot in other posts. The only thing I will point our here is that in Season 1, because Iris didn’t know The Flash’s identity, the writers had to construct an entire world just for her (CCPN). That season, we saw journalism progress from a class project, into a hobby, into a genuine interest and then flower into a passion. Without CCPN, Iris would barely have been in the show since it mostly took place in STAR Labs, and the Police station.

Since then, it seems that because Iris is in the know, the writers aren’t working as hard to build her own world around her, which is sad. I’m glad she is more visible, and I am glad that she and Barry have the romance to end all romances (he proposed twice!!!), but I hope that the writers will remember next season that Iris’ career matters too. It’s part of that representation that we value so much. Who are the major black journalists on scripted TV? I can’t think of any off the top of my head. There is still a lot of story to tell with respect to Iris’ professional and even social lives.

So, yes, I have experienced some fandom foolishness around Black women. I have seen writers give their Black female characters half-baked story lines compared to some of their white counterparts. I have seen shows underestimate the draw of these Black women to their own detriment (looking at you, POI and Sleepy Hollow). Iris West, for all the shortcomings in her writing, sits in that TV Black Girl Hall of Fame, for being a demonstration that black girls can and should be adored, loved, uplifted and protected.

I can’t believe I have to write this post, but March is just around the corner and i trust like 3 people in this entire fandom so

Why Yurio’s birthday doesn’t give you an excuse to ship him with adults, the mini essay

From information learned from the creators, we know Yurio’s birthday is on March 1st. However, his birthday passing in the real world doesn’t age him in canon. This is actually shown really well in episode 9, which aired after Yuuri K’s birthday and everyone celebrated him turning 24, but since the date hadn’t passed in the show, he was still 23.

Only canon time and dates can affect characters. Things like birthdays are more of fun tidbits for the fans. 

So until March first passes in canon, Yurio is still 15, ie a minor. Because you all love “the age of consent in Russia is 16″ line guess what he’s not sixteen.

But let’s say, for… some reason that canon time continues even in the real world, and Yurio does turn 16 on March first (five days from when I’m writing this). He will have literally just turned 16. And I’m speaking as a minor here- the entire “well he’s legal now/wait until he’s legal” thing you guys have going on severely creeps me out. He was a minor the day before. One day doesn’t magically give him the full rational brain of an adult.

Just because he’s 16 and it’s legal doesn’t mean it would be okay for adults to date him, especially if they knew him as a minor

In conclusion (tldr)- only canon can age characters, so yurio is frozen in his age as 15 sometime in December. Even if he was turning 16, using that as an immediate “well its fine now!” is creepy