actually the most perfect

Based on @paperficwriter‘s Genos headcanon(s)!


drew some emperor penguins based of Penguin-san from Shirokuma Cafe, all voiced by the amazing seiyuu Hiroshi Kamiya \o/ 

Loved him as Penguin-san and since then I just keep finding him everywhere.

also trying new brushes o)-<

do you ever think about how robert and aaron literally wiped the floor with everyone at a couples quiz because they can basically read each other’s brains but emotionally they’re still the worst communicators I’ve ever flipping seen with my own two eyeballs

like why are they like this but also i love them??????

Dating Chandler Riggs Would Include...

Requested by Anon, hope you like it! <3

I actually had so much fun writing this, but it also made me really sad because this is actually the most perfect relationship ever :(

Hope you all like it loves, try not to die from the feels lol

REQUEST HERE! I do imagines and ships :)

-Mads <3

Dating Chandler RiggsWould include…

  • “Babe can I plait your hair?”
  • “Fine but only if you teach me how to plait yours”
  • Rehearsing his lines for twd with him but he starts to get really frustrated when he messes up a line or can’t quite get the delivery because he’s finally getting a proper plot line and more screen time and he doesn’t want to fuck it up.
  • You make him tea and just cuddle with him until he calms down so he can try again.

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I KNOW THIS QUOTE IS OLD BUT I STILL LIKE IT anyway i hope you had a merry christmas 

This is everything you need in life

  • young mick Jagger: jumpy singy lippy mgee
  • mick Jagger now: jumpy old singy wrinkle mgee
  • Lou Reed: h8 everyone also smokey eye on fleek
  • old Lou Reed: h8 everyone but now i'm old
  • young Paul McCartney: literal perfect eyebrows mcsass master
  • Paul McCartney now : literal biggest dork that ever walked the earth
  • young David Bowie: glittery baby; 95 pounds of compacted pure cocaine
  • David Bowie now: chill old man w possibly the most beautiful wife ever wtf
  • young Roger Daltrey: literal blonde angel; the most perfect smile
  • Roger Daltrey now: actual grandma
  • young Ringo: :^(
  • Ringo now: B^)
  • Me: Yeah, Severus Snape has his flaws, but that's also what makes him who he is, and I appreciate that. He's done some bad things and made some mistakes, but overall he is a good person. He's just a really great, complex character.
  • Me: ...
  • Me: Severus Snape is the most perfect person in the world. He is actually an angel. Most unproblamatic fave. Totally perf. Almost definitely a god of some type. Absolute 10/10. Amazing.
With Verdi, even histrionic writing for Violetta has a purpose. There’s always a dramatic reason for the coloratura, it’s not just virtuosity for virtuosity’s sake. In Act 1, for example, the writing gives an underlying sense of her hysteria - she’s between a rock and a hard place, she wants to love but can never have it. She feels so much confusion and it’s all there in the music. I also think the vocal writing in Act 1 is indicative of Violetta’s illness - there’s a panting quality to it, as if the illness and falling in love have caused her this breathlessness. The real difficulty for me, though, is the Act 1 aria ‘Sempre libera’. It’s just not natural for my voice, so it’s a case of taking a deep breath before I go on stage and hoping I can get away with it.
—  Renée Fleming on La Traviata in the 2/2013 issue of Gramophone Magazine

peace-love--empathy  asked:

I really ship Teddy and Victoire like my life depends upon it, like to the point where i actually get upset when he's shipped with other people haha. I was wondering if you could give me some of your headcanons about them? Who liked who first? How they got together? More assertive one in relationship? Their future careers? How he proposes? Or anything else

Sure thing!

  • When Teddy was four years old, and Victoire was two, he thought she the most perfect creature ever, and decided he was going to marry her.
  • Fast forward 20 years to when he is 24 and she is 22, and they are actually getting married, and Teddy thinks that she is still the most perfect creature he has ever seen.
  • Since Teddy and Victoire are the oldest of the Weasley-Potter clan, they were each other’s first friends, and know each other better than anyone.
  • When Teddy left for Hogwarts, Victoire cried for three days. Teddy claims he didn’t cry at all (although his Hufflepuff roommates say they heard some sniffling the first couple nights).
  • When Victoire finally got to Hogwarts, they remained best friends.
  • They each dated a couple other people during their Hogwarts time, although it was nothing serious. I think they both knew that they were meant to end up together, but were just biding their time.
  • They get together the summer after Teddy graduates Hogwarts, before Victoire starts her sixth year. They are goofing around in a little waterfall that’s near Shell Cottage, and had been flirting and playing around the whole time. Before they know it, they are pressed up against each other and are kissing, and suddenly everything is right with the world.
  • Teddy and Victoire keep their relationship secret for about a year, because they are worried about what all the Auntie’s and Uncle’s would say. 
  • Once they are discovered, they find out that the adults had been taking bets on when they would end up together. Victoire is not pleased. (Teddy is secretly overjoyed that they had been rooting for him all along.)
  • When Teddy officially meets Bill as Victoire’s boyfriend, he is so nervous that he almost pees himself. However, Bill just claps him on the back and tells him that there is no other boy that he would trust with his daughter with.
  • Several years later, Teddy asks Bill for his permission to ask his daughter to marry him. Bill just says that it’s ‘about time.’
  • They take a trip to Paris for Victoire’s 21st birthday, and come back engaged. Teddy asks her at favorite cafe, and she immediately says yes.
  • They get married on the beach at Shell Cottage, and it’s a small affair. Dominique is Victoire’s maid of honor, and Rose is her bridesmaid. James is Teddy’s best man, and Louis is his groomsman. The only guests are family members and close friends, and although it wasn’t the huge wedding that all the tabloids had been hoping for, everyone agrees that it was absolutely perfect.
  • For their honeymoon, they go to France (where else?), but they also spend a few days in Disney World, per request of Teddy.
  • Teddy works as an auror for a few years, and ends up teaching DADA at Hogwarts. Unlike the other teachers, he doesn’t live at Hogwarts because he couldn’t stand to be away from Victoire for that long.
  • Victoire works as a fashion designer, and opens her own boutique. Teddy models some of her designs for her, so that way she can see how they look on an actual human being. While she is in work mode, she bosses him around (Victoire has always been the more assertive one). Teddy doesn’t mind. (he secretly enjoys being bossed around by Victoire)
  • They have three children - Adelaide Nymphadora, Emilie Margeurite, and Remus Daniel. Teddy claims that the girls take after their mother, and therefore are the most perfect girls alive. Victoire says that Remus takes after his father, and therefore is the handsomest boy she has ever seen.

i’ve just thought of the most random au like. okay. bts in community au. vmin as troy and abed and jeongguk as random annie who starts living with them and understands what a bunch of dipshit nerds they really are. namjoon’s gonna be britta with his social justice speeches and seokjin’s jeff because jesus if he ain’t loving himself more than the real jeff. hoseok gotta be shirley who actually takes care of everyone and yoongi holy god - the most perfect pierce! like random jokes, doing some weird shit, g r a n d p a  and secretly adoring the group he’s in. i think i’m going crazy

So guys, I have finally stopped crying(ish) and I just want to talk about Episode 24 for a sec. More specifically, about how PROUD I am of Kara and Totty.

More under the cut, if you’re interested! 

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