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so, like:

mccree finds out that hanzo actually loves halloween, its something that hanzo discovered after leaving the clan and being on the run, its a time of year where he can be anyone & satisfy his huge sweet tooth, so mccree devises a plan to seduce hanzo with halloween things. 

the major one being his rendition of “casper the friendly ghost” by replacing the lyrics with stuff about hanzo, and he calls it “hanzo the unfriendly ghost” because he’s not gonna beat around the bush about that - hanzo isn’t mean per se, but he isn’t friendly. other lines in the song include: “the most beautiful ghost around” “likes to fright adults and children alike” “cowboys he has a heart of gold” and everyone is just like omg this is never gonna work. they especially believe this because mccree is t e r r i b l e at singing - it does not stop him.

so it works. and hanzo’s all heart eyes over this buffoon who keeps singing this stupid song, but its the sweetest and most wholesome gesture hanzo has ever received while being courted/wooed. and he insists that mccree continue to sing the song to him whenever he wants even after they get together. mccree takes time to make up or improvise other songs so hanzo can have a whole playlist.


to buy the iwachan nendo to accompany my oiks one… or the others hmmMM

loljk too broke to get any of the new nendo /sobs/


This is sort of a mashup of several asks I got :D! Mostly people asking for reactions to certain AUs. It’s a scene from this timeline where little Papyrus has an “imaginary” friend.

AUs used:
Core!Frisk by me
Baby!Papyrus by various
Bromalgamate by @sushinfood and @moofrog
Genocide!Papyrus by various
Gasterblaster!Papyrus by various
Underworld by @coulsart
Possessed!Papyrus by @nostalgia-phantom
Octofrisk by @nirelaz​ (mentioned)

BTS REACTION: Them being insecure and you comforting them

@thewitchofthewillowtree Thanks for everything, you’re such a doll 😭.


He was on top of you, kissing you slowly, breaking the kiss only to remove his shirt. You were staring at him, taking in his beautiful face and body. “Everything about you is so sexy,”. Seokjin laughed, “Not my fingers”. Despite the fact that he meant it as a joke, you didn’t appreciate the joke because you knew he was insecure about them. You demanded his hand and after he gave it to you, you stared into his eyes and sucked them one by one. He watched you with lust and surprise on his face. “Like I said, every part is incredibly sexy. Because they’re apart of you, and I love YOU,”. Smiling his kissed your lips softly. “Thank you Jagi, I love you too,”.


You were watching Namjoon during his photo shoot, unable to tear your eyes from the gorgeous man in front if you. The sexy looks and smiles he sent your way made you eager to have him alone. So as soon as you entered your home, you threw him on the couch, straddling him. “You don’t know how sexy you are,”. He chuckled, “I really don’t,”. You could tell by his expression he meant it. “Why don’t you believe you’re good looking?”. Shrugging, he looked away from you. “I was always told by fans that I wasn’t,”. You slowly slid peppered kisses on his jawline “I happen to think you’re perfect,” you said looking into his eyes. He blushed and pulled you close for a deep kiss. “I love you,”.


The two of you were walking a fairly busy street at night, drinking coffee and talking. You were excited about pictures from his most recent concert and raved about how handsome and sexy he was. Chuckling, he made an off hand comment: “I’m not good looking,”. You paused and glared at him. “I am SO sick of you saying things like that! Matter of fact…”. You walked over to the nearest bench, stood on it, and screamed, “MIN YOONGI IS THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE!! I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM!! HIS EYES, HIS SMILE, HIS LIPS, EVEN HIS NOSE IS CU-”. Wrapping his arms around you waist, he snatched you down for the bench and covered your mouth. “OKAY I GET IT Y/N”. Pulling you along after him, he muttered a thank you as you noticed the blush on his face.


“The maknaes deserve to go on Hit the Stage more than I do,”. As soon as Hoseok said those words, you got upset. He had filmed for a variety show the other day and the episode finally aired while he was at practice. The words upset you because he always underestimated his abilities. When he came home and greeted you, you told him you needed to speak with him. He became nervous and asked why and you showed him the clip. “Why do you do this?? We all know you work harder than ANYBODY on the choreography! Dance is YOUR thing!! Jimin and Jungkook have plenty of other things. Let yourself have a chance to shine, okay?? STOP UNDERESTIMATING YOURSELF, YOU’RE AMAZING!!”. By time you finished you were yelling and he was silent. “Baby, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to yell I just…wish you’d believe in yourself a bit more sometimes,”. Wrapping his arms around your waist, he shook his head. “No, you’re right Jagi. I’ll be more confident, okay?”


He was distant all day and wouldn’t tell you what was wrong. It was late afternoon and you had finally had enough. You strolled into the bedroom and jumped on him where he lay. When he made no attempt to move you, you straddled him. “Ya! Park Jimin! You’re gonna tell me what’s going on RIGHT NOW. I’m your girlfriend, let me support you,” you demanded angrily. He sighed and pulled you into his arms, hiding his face in your neck. “I gained 20 lbs…are you disgusted with me?”. You didn’t respond, only pulled away from him and began to tug at the hem of his shirt. He started to object, wanting to be serious but you simply said, “Take it off,” in a tone he’d never heard you use. After he complied, you kissed him slowly and softly, tasting him throughly. Then you trailed wet kisses along his jawline, neck, and chest. You made sure you take sure to go excruciatingly slow on his stomach, placing kisses so gentle he found it endearing. “Jimin, no matter what you look like, I’ll always love you.But if you must know, you’re perfect to me,”. He began to get teary and he pulled you into his arms, not trusting himself not to cry if he spoke.


“Y/N, am I…wierd?”. You cocked your head at Taehyung when he asked you that question. “Did something happen?” you asked. “Well, the fans still tease me about being super wierd so I was just wondering if I should stop..”. You got irritated by that, “Stop what? Being yourself?”. Before he could respond you grabbed his shoulders and looked him in the eyes. “You just think differently than others. Even if you do act a little crazy sometimes, it’s not a bad thing, Tae. In fact, your crazy, overactive personality is what I love about you. So don’t let anyone stop you from being yourself,”. Smiling, he drew you into his arms, cooing about how cute you were, smoothering you in kisses.


“Take it from the top,” the man said with obvious frustration. Jungkook sighed, leaned into the mic and began singing the song beautifully. That is, until he suddenly cut off for the 6th time in a row. “You know what? I think we need a break. Take 10 everybody,” the man announced, drawing a hand over his face. He turned to you. “Please talk to him. Find out what’s going on,”.

You had come to Jungkook’s recording session for a new solo song to support him. But so far, he seemed highly upset and unsatisfied with everything— specifically himself. You watched as he threw his papers on the floor before sliding down the wall, sitting beside them. You came over to him, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Kook, what’s going on? You sounded amazing, why do you keep getting upset?”. He was visibly upset, a distant look in his eyes. “It’s not good enough. I can’t hit the notes I used to. My voice sounds a lot harsher too..”. Your eyes widen in surprise; you never knew he was insecure about the way his voice sounded, but then again, his voice WAS finally changing. You shook your head and held his head in your hands, forcing him to look at you. “Jungkook, your voice is changing so of course it doesn’t sound the same. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful. It sounds richer and actually those high notes were even better than Jimin’s,”. He chuckled softly at that. You took the opportunity to make him laugh again, because the sentimental stuff wasn’t really either of your things. You stood up and attempt to sing and dance “Cheer Up” by Twice. He laughed so hard tears formed, begging you to stop. You laughed along with him, sitting down again, going back to being talking. “Besides, if you really sucked, Yoongi definitely would’ve told you by now. But seriously…I believe in you Kook. You’re amazing and this song will be too. So you know, give it your best,”. He blushed, pulled you in his arms and shyly kissed you. “I love you,” he whispered.

things klance would be like in my opinion:

- the two still annoy each other without end but they usually laugh about it and actually find each other’s mistakes endearing and funny
- lance makes a lot of jokes about stuff and keith always laugh-wheezes at them, vice versa as well
- there’s a lot of laying their heads on each other’s shoulders
- lots of private story times at night about scary stories or just warm, family, childhood related stories
- lots of smiling into each other’s shoulders
- they take it slow because they’ve fallen so within their rivalry they need a lot of time to step back from it, they still make mistakes bc of that and from time to time hurt each other but they always find a way to forgive each other
- they’d have to be really in love to attempt that though
- regularly saving each other in battle and having come up with duel battle strategies they both can follow up together nicely (lance still needs practice to keep up with keith and keith sometimes gets impatient but they can endure and grow in it together)
- keith smiling so proudly and happy for lance when lance can finally get their moves right, lance and keith celebrating often their small victories together
- also everyone else is happy for them because at least two of them are happy.


February spits; not a lot for this month but that’s fine also you can totally tell which one’s the favorite

friends to lovers!johnny

Originally posted by jazzyjaemin

  • okay so 
  • johnny means a lot to me bc whenever i have a lot of anxiety i think of cuddling him
  • just bc he’s rlly big and i would disappear in his warmth
  • so johnny has a very special place in my heart
  • anyway to the au
  • in this au johnny isn’t an idol
  • he’s a business major at a local college
  • and listen
  • johnny
  • is a dork

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Our Little Secret (Part 2)

Bucky x Reader 

Warnings Swearing. This part is setting us up for what’s coming.

Summary: After your friendship with Steve ends, you’re sent on an undercover mission with his best friend.

WC 1980

AN It’s long. I’m sorry. I’ve never posted something that wasn’t complete yet so this is very … scary for me.

You had two days to prepare for your next mission. You asked - almost  begged - Director Fury to send you on the longest mission he had coming up and thankfully, he obliged. The bruising around your face worked with your cover and you were almost grateful to Sam for breaking your nose.

Fury was sending you to Europe with Bucky as your partner and you weren’t altogether thrilled about the pairing. You had nothing against Bucky personally, he was pretty quiet and mostly kept to himself, though the few times he broke out of his shell you found him to be funny and sarcastic but also deep, but… he was Steve’s best friend. You were worried it was going to be awkward. Especially since your cover was that of a rich heiress and he was supposed to be your newest boy toy. The broken nose was easily explained as a healing nose job and Bucky’s role would explain why he was always in close contact proximity to you but you weren’t sure you could pull it off.

Some rich family was dealing in arms and you were to infiltrate them via their younger son to try to gain intel since Fury wasn’t sure if it was low level arms dealers or something bigger. You were estimated to be there for a month which normally you’d consider too long for a single mission. This time, you were ecstatic to be out of the tower for a whole month. In fact, you wished the mission was longer.

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Torn Up (Part One)

Originally posted by leafbabies

A couple of disclaimers:  

1. I’ve never ever published an imagine before, and this is just the first part of many, so if you want to read more, shoot me a message and I’ll continue to post this story!

2. This is gonna be a big one. It’s already 15k words on the google doc, and I’m nowhere near halfway done, so I’ll be releasing it in parts if y’all want me to continue.

3. I’m not sure about the pairing yet, so in a couple parts if y’all have any opinions, feel free to weigh in!

Warnings:  Some foul language, probably rude jokes, ambiguous romance at this point… 

Parts Two through Five

The first time I tried coffee, I was convinced that it was the most vile thing on Earth. Granted, it was that super bitter, low-quality instant stuff. As I got older and tried higher quality beans and roasts, I fell in love with its complexity. Fast-forward seven years and there I was working as a barista in a quirky little coffee shop in downtown Toronto.

I had always wanted to go to college outside of the United States; I could never really stay contentedly in one place. The constant relocation that came with having parents whose jobs included constant moves was the most likely cause of my wanderlust. That, and the fact that I was raised in places like Germany and England, Texas and Canada. Out of the thirteen different places I had lived, Canada was my favorite; granted, it was Niagara Falls which was known for being very American. Canada was just foreign enough to be separate from the U.S., but Toronto was only seven hours away from where my parents had retired to in Indiana. They weren’t happy about me studying in another country, but conceded that Toronto wasn’t as bad as sending me off to Europe.

The stress of classes hadn’t quite hit me yet, as it was only three weeks into the fall semester of my freshman year at the University of Toronto. I was feeling confident enough to get a job at a coffee shop a couple of blocks away from campus and was enjoying the sense of purpose it gave me. I did however dread the idea that I would possibly have to give it up if my grades started to slip. Granted, the employee benefits of working at a niche little place like Espresso Yourself, along with the free coffee and flexible hours, it would be difficult to leave, no matter how tough my classes got.

After about a month of working at Espresso Yourself, I already had a few regular customers. Most of them were young professionals who would show up in immaculate suits and with purposeful, if not superior, expressions on their faces. While they all seemed to order the same three things, kind of like how they all wore variations of the same three outfits, I learned to predict whether someone would order real coffee or a fancy, sugary drink from the rest of my customers.

Adversely, the only two true regulars who didn’t show up dressed like they would kill each other for a job were two young guys who pretty much lived in Toronto Maple Leafs gear. Despite them being regulars, they never seemed to show up at the same time every day, but by their third visit I knew them by name and their orders by heart. Mitch was the shorter of the two and without fail would order a caramel mocha with extra whip. His friend Auston (double espresso, splash of cream) teased Mitch mercilessly after every order for choosing something so sugary and girly, to which Mitch complained that it was the only out of diet thing he consumed and that he was trying to put on weight anyway. The two bickered like frat boys. Or old women.

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@nd tumblr

I think it really needs to be said in a more formal way why mental illness Tumblr seriously needs to evaluate what they’re doing. Before I get into this, I wanna say that I know this is just a website and I have a choice in what communities I interact with, but when you are living in an abusive environment and you have nobody to look to but your abusers you usually go to social media. I went to Tumblr because it is the most accepting when it comes to mental illness to some extent, because people didn’t immediately judge me or hate me for my symptoms.

Note: sorry for the strange school-esque organization, i just did headings to make it easier to read for people

Anti-recovery and promoting unhealthy mindsets

For the most part, mental illness Tumblr barely promotes recovery or healthy coping mechanisms. Mi Tumblr (mental illness Tumblr) is mostly talking about symptoms in a unhealthy way and are just saying that suffering is a good thing. I completely understand that being mentally ill comes with a ton of negativity within yourself. It is healthy to talk about your problems, it’s good to be open and to reach out to others, but never promoting good vibes or good coping mechanisms in return is not helping. When someone is having any type of episode, they need help, maybe not immediately for some people because they are in too bad of a state to immediately recover from the episode (just listen to what they need), but they should get support and comfort sometime soon. It’s absolutely ideal to recover and/or get in the habit of healthy coping mechanisms. I feel that mi Tumblr isn’t helping us recover or creating a safe environment for nd folk by not normalizing healthy mindsets and healthy coping mechanisms, they are normalizing the suffering and unhealthy ways to deal with your symptoms. Most posts are just talking about our awful experiences and then ending it there. There is literally no support or comfort afterwards. I understand wanting to relate with others when talking about your mental health. It’s great to know that others are going through the same and you’re not alone, but just do not end it there, for your own health. Try to make a support system for each other with this person since they relate with you. Talk about it with people and try to help each other out. One more example I want to bring into light, is when people reblog others personal posts. Personal posts are for venting and it’s not made for others to spread, but people reblog it anyway for the aesthetic and are not taking the op’s feelings seriously.

I want to get this through with a lot of people that recovering or improving in controlling or coping with your symptoms does not make you invalid. It is okay to recover, it does not make you obsolete to the mental illness community.

Memes within the community 

I want to speak about the whole meme thing going on about mental illness. I can understand that joking about stuff can help you cope, but making mi this huge meme isn’t good for a lot of people. For nd folk, making these memes within the community makes them feel like it’s okay to suffer, like it’s okay and a laughing matter to be depressed or that “lmao i wanna kill yourself everyday.” People make all of these jokes and then say nothing about help and don’t express care for those who are suffering afterwards, it’s just a joke to them. It just promotes more anti-recovery for people. My boyfriend has had actual problems within the community where he would be feeling down and terrible and say “I feel depressed,” and people would actually laugh at him, because it’s a meme within the community to say “I’m so depressed,” or like i said earlier, “I wanna kill myself everyday.” I’ve had similar experiences where I would say “I want to fucking die,” or that “I hate living,” and I am actually entirely genuine and I feel suicidal as hell and people just laugh. People laugh, because they think it’s just a funny meme that everyone parrots in the mi community. It makes me feel disheartened and I regret being open about it because people just laugh within the community because they think i’m just making a meme. All of our feelings aren’t a joke and every nd person knows that, so don’t create these mi memes that we laugh at when they’re an actual serious matter. I understand venting with making jokes, I really do, but do not post it and make it go viral, just keep it personal if you need a way to say something without all of the heavy feelings carried with it. Saying a joke about your mi to avoid talking about the heavy feelings and just mentioning it in a not serious tone is not the best way to tell someone about your problems though. It should be normalized to talk about the heavy emotions when it comes to your feelings, you shouldn’t repress it with making a meme to mask what you’re really feeling. I can understand being afraid of disclosing something that personal to people and saying a joke instead, to sort of say something but not really be serious. Even though this makes sense, try your best to sit down with someone and really talk about your issues to avoid the awkwardness that the jokes could create and also avoid repressing your feelings. These memes about mi to me are just a way of repressing what we truly feel and I don’t think it’s healthy to do that. It should be communnity-wide to feel safe when talking about the heavy stuff and not ignore your feelings, bottling it all up.

Peer pressure

Mi Tumblr makes people feel like they should experience constant negative symptoms to fit in. (”You have to be this negative and upset to be mentally ill”) Having this pressure to be in a perpetuating negative state expressed so often in the community can make us not want to recover because they want to maintain their bad habits to fit in. If you end up recovering or noticing you’re getting better you’ll feel invalid and self conscious about this and want to get back to the unhealthy mindset that Tumblr promotes. I can absolutely vouch for this, absolutely. I have a bunch of mental problems and when I started to date my boyfriend I got a whole lot better about my mental health and I felt I was really starting recovery finally. I looked back at mi Tumblr and I started to get afraid I wasn’t valid as being mentally ill anymore and I started to get back to square 1 because of the lack of talk about recovery in the community. My boyfriend has had same experiences and I also talked to one of my friends about this and she said Tumblr has made her feel mentally worse ever since she joined.

Age groups

The majority of the mi community are minors and are really young in general, and I feel having all of the above normalized in this community is awful to teach these kids at such a young age. The friend I mentioned in the “Peer pressure” paragraph at the ending when I said “I also talked to one of my friends about this and she said Tumblr has made her feel mentally worse ever since she joined,” she is 14 y.o. 

Overall, just learning all of the crap from mi Tumblr is honestly really bad for the minors in the community. For those of you who cannot turn to anything but social media: try to find someone with the same problems as you and create a support system. Try to share coping mechanisms that could help or be there for each other whenever. Make support groups and try to steer away from mi Tumblr, it’s unhealthy as fuck. I could sit and talk about all of the awful coping mechanisms I have seen on this site, but that would be a whole new post. Don’t listen to that stuff, if it involves triggering you or making you upset or lying to yourself in the slightest, just don’t do it. Be safe and treat yourselves right and try to recover together and help each other out. Enough of this perpetuating negativity in the community.

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but like a tinder reveal tho
  • like have you ever just sat with your friends while you all swipe through tinder?
  • and like gush over the people you match with and laugh over dumb profiles and screenshot the people you know?
  • idk i feel like ladybug and chat noir would do that when they’re bored
  • like chat noir would automatically cheer really loudly whenever he matches (which happens a lot and ladybug’s like “what the hell he’s an actual dork these girls have no idea”)
  • and whenever ladybug matches chat noir leans over, squints at the profile, and jokes around with her and says stuff like “eh, whatever, my abs are way better.”
  • chat noir has like double the amount of matches that ladybug has (”jeez, are you famous or something?”) but ladybug gets so many superlikes and chat noir is high-key not surprised because if he could he’d superlike her too
  • but then one day they’re both swiping and ladybug freaking screams because Adrien’s tinder profile shows up in her stack and it shows that he’s less than a mile away
  • (LB: “oh my god, why is he out here so late?
  • CN: “HAHA. ha. um. hey. who knows? he’s a model, right? probably….model…type…..things.”)
  • and chat noir isn’t trying to be pushy but he asks her “sooooooo, are you gonna swipe right?”
  • all the while practically begging in his head for her to say yes, oh my god say yes, please swipe right, please do it, it would make this evening magical. 
  • and ladybug’s just like “ugh we probably won’t match :/” and chat noir’s like “the dude would literally be an idiot if he didn’t match with you.” 
  • so ladybug decides to screw it and swipes right and she howls because YES! IT’S A MATCH! WE MATCHED OH MY GOD I MATCHED WITH ADRIEN AGRESTE HOLY SHIT
  • and then chat’s phone buzzes immediately after
  • with a notification from tinder
  • because he has a new match
  • and it’s marinette
  • and he damn near drops his phone from the top of the gd notre dame
Fling - Dylan O’Brien

“No, we can’t do girls night tomorrow, I have a meeting Sunday morning I’ll actually need sleep for.” You sigh into your phone. You and your girlfriends were supposed to have a girls night complete with face masks, the latest gossip and a sleepover tonight, but it looks like both your friends are ditching. 

“Tonight just won’t work for me.. I’m going out with that guy I told you about.” Your best friend tells your through the phone.

“The mailman?” You frown even though she can’t see.

“No, God no.” She replies with pure disgust in her voice. “Last week, he took me to some shady old bar. He wouldn’t keep his hands off of me, literally everyone inside was staring at me.”

“Did him anyways?” 

“Well, yes.” She confesses. “I mean, after that horrible date I deserved to have some fun.” 

“Sure.” You mutter, a small smile playing on your lips, not at all certain you approve of her choices. 

“Tonight I’m going out with Adrian, the guy I met at the movies. He’s taking me to a fancy restaurant, I’m gonna make him order some fancy champagne.” Your best friend continues. “Sorry to ditch you but champagne sounds lots better than ice cream and pizza at your place.”

“Great.” You mumble, looking down at your shopping cart filled with tubs of ice cream, microwave popcorn, oven French fries and just about every choice of face mask the store offers. “Wasn’t gonna have pizza.” You even got cashews, which seemed appropriate since you’re basically adults now.

“Whatever, point is, we have these Friday nights every month, it’s not that big of a deal if we skip it just this once.” 

It is a big deal actually. Friday nights have been a tradition since college, when you first parted your ways.You rarely see your friends anymore since everyone is so caught up at work or with school. Friday night once a month is the only time you have together, but apparently it means more to you than it does to your friends. “Have fun with Adrian.” 

“Will definitely do.” Your friend giggles before you end the phone call.
Continuing to roam the isles, you decide to keep the oven fries and the ice cream, then move onto the candy isle. Eating away your feelings won’t do any good, but it’s not like you have something better to do now.

“Uh sorry.” 

You look up into a pair of slightly familiar brown eyes. “Shit.” You mumble when you realize you rammed your cart into him. “I’m so sorry.” You quickly apologize to the guy you seem to run into every time you shop your groceries. Not quite as literally as tonight, though. 

“That’s okay. Hi.” He smiles, “If I knew I was gonna run into you, I would have dressed a little nicer.” He chuckles looking down at his sweats, which makes you laugh because you’re wearing a ratty old tee shirt that reaches your thighs with a legging that may or may not have a hole that seductively reveals your dotted underwear. 

The guy moves his gaze to your cart. “Did you get dumped, too?” 

“By my friends, yeah.” You nod and roll your eyes. “It’s fine, I’m just gonna go home and –“ You stop your ramblings. “You got dumped?” 

“Yeah.” He nods. That’s when you realize you never did catch his name, which, by default, makes this awkward now that you’ve cut the topic of heartbreak. Especially since you’ve talked plenty times before (never much deeper than ‘Stalking me now, huh?’, ‘Fancy spotting you here again.’, and ‘We should carpool, probably.’), it has been going on for at least two years now.

“You should have a look at this.” He says as he hands you a magazine.
You frown as you flip through the pages, not exactly sure what you’re looking for until you spot a pair of brown eyes exactly like the ones focussed on you.

“You’re in a magazine?” Quickly scanning the pages, you catch that his name is Dylan. Which he told you before, but totally slipped your mind. 

“Next page.” Dylan says. “You probably want to read that.” He points out the picture at the bottom of the page, which makes you frown even more because it’s a picture of you. 

“What is this?” 

“Read it.” Dylan says, stuffing his hands into the pockets of his sweatpants. 

‘Dylan O’Brien… Teen Wolf actor… famous girlfriend Britt Robertson… cheating scandal.” 

“Oh no.” You mutter once it all adds up. “I’m so sorry, when did they even take those?” 

“Must have been last week. There’s about a dozen other articles out there, assuming you’re an actress as well.” Dylan sighs. “Britt’s freaking out. Remember that time she came in with me and the cashier just assumed we were shopping together.” 

You nod. “Right. Shit of course she would think this is a thing.” 

“It’s not just about this, though.” He shrugs. 

“I’m sorry.” 

“Not at all your fault.” Dylan shakes his head. “I’m sorry you’re all over everywhere right now.” 

“Yeah I kinda didn’t realize you’re an actor..” You mumble, quite embarrassed. 

Dylan laughs. “I know. I like that.” 

“I should have known.” 

“Now you’ve got something to do tonight,” he smiles. “There’s six seasons of Teen Wolf so you should be good for a while.” 

You laugh. “Yeah, thanks for the reference.” 

“Of course you could also go for a movie, just not one Britt and I are in together, that’s kind of awkward now.” He mutters. 

The both of you fall back into a comfortable pace, roaming the isles and filling up the cart. You don’t know how it happened that Dylan is now putting his groceries with yours, but neither one of you comment on it. 

He grabs hold of a few other magazines that feature the rumor, looking quite satisfied as he puts them in the cart. “We probably should get exchange these for - er - not melted ones.” Dylan chuckles as he puts the tubs of ice cream back in the freezer and switches them out for new ones. 

At the register Dylan takes it as his job to bag the items. When you go to pay he actually starts to laugh at you. “What? I throw a shitload of stuff into your cart and you wanna pay?” He raises his brows. 

“It’s fine.” You shrug. 

“Here’s my card.” He chuckles as he swipes it. “You’re too kind.” 

“I could have paid for that.” You say on your way out of the store. 

“You have like three things!” Dylan laughs again. 

“Still.” You shrug. 

“You deserve a free tub of ice cream on a Friday night.” He smiles as you walk out into the parking lot.

“Alright.” You roll your eyes, grinning. “Thanks.” 

Dylans smile fades away easily though as he notices someone flashing their camera. “Guess you’ll have an even bigger photo all over internet tomorrow.” He mutters. 

“Do they really follow you around everywhere?” You frown. 

“Since they figured out who hides behind the beard, yes.” 

“That’s horrible.” 

“That’s life.” Dylan shrugs. “Let’s give them something to talk about.” You shoot him a look of confusion, but before you can ask Dylan his lips are on yours. He’s got one hand on the small of your back, holding onto the shopping cart with the other. 

When you break apart there’s even more people flashing their cameras. Dylan smiles, quite accomplished with what he just did. “Now as for that movie, your place or mine?”

Convention - Rob Benedict Imagine

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*This is the surprise imagine that is well over 2,000 words!*

Your POV

“Can you tell us a story about your son, Connor?” a fan asks.

I nod, “Okay so, if you didn’t know I have a son. His name is Connor and he’s five and three quarters as he likes to remind me.”

People in the audience laugh as I roll my eyes fondly.

“Okay.” I think, “Um. Last week when I got home from filming it was about 9:30 pm and he goes to bed usually around 7. So when I come home I always go into his room wake him up and talk to him for about 30 minutes. Well last week when I got home he told me that he lost a tooth. And that’s a big deal. It’s his first tooth. So, he showed me and everything. So, I told him okay put it under your pillow that way the tooth fairy can get it and bring you something special in the morning.” I pause looking at the sea of fans in front of me. “So he did. So, the next morning I’m in the kitchen making breakfast. And he comes in upset. I asked him what was wrong and he tells me that the tooth fairy gave him five dollars. Now I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with that when he goes on to say that all of his friends who had lost a tooth had gotten one dollar and that it wasn’t fair that he got five. So, I tell him that the tooth fairy made a mistake and she didn’t mean to. He has the five dollars in his hand and goes mommy can I have a dollar. I tell him yes and then I ask why. And he says that even though the tooth fairy made a mistake it wouldn’t be fair to his friends so he wants me to have the five dollars and have me give him one dollar. I have never been so proud.”

All the fans ‘aww’ at the story. A large grin on my face.

I stand up from where I’m sitting, “I know, I know. Adorable little munchkin isn’t he. So, next question.” I point to a guy sitting in the fifth row with his hand up, “How about you?”

“Hi, my names Oliver. I was wondering who watches Connor or what his schedule is when you are filming?”

I smile, “Hi, Oliver. I love all the questions about my kid. I think we should talk about that for the next thirty minutes until Rob and Rich join us. Well luckily I get to take him to school. So he’s at school and then he takes the bus home to Vicki’s, Misha’s wife, since West and him are good friends and so are Vicki and I. Then about an hour or two later Rob goes and gets him and stays with him until I get home, usually that’s how things work. Which is nice because Rob, Vicki and me all live in the same neighborhood. So, it’s easy to get things taken care of. When Rob is in LA or filming usually Vicki has him or a babysitter until I get home.” I sit back down, taking a drink of water. Leaving out the fact the Rob doesn’t leave the house after I come home, he stays there. Where he’s lived for over a year.

I pick another person to ask a question.

“Hi, Y/N.”

“Hi.” I wave.

“I first want to say that I love your character, Ashley on ‘Supernatural’. My question is what is it like having a kid at such a young age?”

I laugh, “well I’m not that young. I’m 33. If you want to talk young ask Osric. Because everyone but Misha and Mark are in their thirties or lower. Rob just turned 39. He’s getting up there.” I joke with everyone. “I was twenty-eight when I had, Connor. So, once again not that young. It was hard because I was by myself. So, it was hard and it still is. I don’t regret having Connor. It’s definitely the hardest thing I have ever done though. Being a mom that is.”

A staff member picks a fan this time.

“Does Connor ever get to see his dad?” The fan asks.

I freeze for a moment before answering, “Sadly, no. Connor’s dad was in the army and before that he worked with my dad. I was with Connor’s dad for a few months and we broke up because he was about to leave. So, I found out four months after he had left that he died in combat and then two weeks later I found out I was pregnant. Sadly, Connor will never get to meet the amazing person who his father was.”

I pick another fan to answer a question.

“First I just want to say I’m sorry. And I was wondering if you would play Fuck, Marry, Kill?”

I look at my phone, “Hold on for like a minute because Rob and Rich are going to be joining me and then all three of us will play. How does that sound?” The whole crowd cheers. “Now one more question from the guy in the black, seventh no tenth row. I’m blind!” The fans laugh.

“Hi. Excuse my blindness.” I say to the guy.

He laughs, “It’s fine. I was wondering how it feels to go from being in three episodes to a series regular. Or more regular than Mark Sheppard at least.”

I laugh, “I don’t have my wallet. Thank you for that. It feels great. I was expecting to die. I still am truthfully. But, it’s amazing. Not only that I already knew some of the cast beforehand. So, it’s amazing. I think that is my favorite word.”

The guy laughs sitting down.

I look behind me to see that Richard and Rob haven’t shown up yet.

“Okay.” I sigh. “Looks like I can take one more question.” I point to someone further in the back.

“Hi, Y/N. I was wondering if you have any future projects coming up.”

“Hello, sweetheart. I do have a few. I’m allowed to talk about some of them too. So, while someone is hunting down Rob and Rich, I will tell you about them. First I will be starting a YouTube channel that’s going to have a lot behind scene stuff and when I’m not filming, my kiddo. Another project that I’m allowed to talk about is ‘The Walking Dead’.”

The crowd screams.

“Yes, that is right I get to be on ‘The Walking Dead’. I’m not suppose to say anything about my character except for this, Negan.”

The crowd screams again.

“Awesome you got them hyped up for us.” Rich says sitting down next to me, surprising me.

“Actually I was talking about ‘The Walking Dead’.” I tell him, the crowd laughs.

I look over to see Rob sit on the other side of me, he gives me a soft smile before looking at the crowd. “Hey guys! I hope you have some questions for us.”

“Hold on. I heard something backstage about Fuck, Marry, Kill. That’s what I want to do first.” Rich says.

The girl from before stands up again, “Hi so the options are Misha, Jensen, Jared.”

I laugh at the looks on Rob and Rich’s faces. “Hi. I already know. Kill Jared, fuck Jensen, and marry Misha. I would get to also marry Vicki if I marry Misha so that’s a benefit.”

“Why kill Jared?” Rob asks.

“I’ve heard to much about his sex life. I know to much, nothing would be a surprise. Jensen I’ve heard a few details same with Misha. Leaves more mystery for how they are.”

Rich shrugs, “Makes sense. And I have to agree with you, Y/N. Not exactly with your reasons but I agree.”

“Rob?” I ask.

“I’m in shock. But, I’m going to say kill Misha, fuck Jensen, and marry Jared.” Rob says.

“Anyone else got a round of FMK for us?” Rich asks. A few hands shoot up. “You in the blue dress. What are our options.”

“Rob, Rich, and Y/N.” The fan tells us. Handing the mic back to a helper before we can question her.

“Well then. That is interesting.” Rich says.

“No shit.” I say to him.

“Does anyone know their answer?” Rob asks.

I shake my head no, lying. I definitely know who I want to marry.

“I do. I will fuck Y/N, marry Rob, and kill myself after doing both.” Rich tells everyone.

“I’m sorry, Rich. I feel bad now. Because I’m going to kill you, fuck myself and marry Y/N.” Rob says, getting cheers from the fans.

“There’s a term that goes everybody wants to fuck themselves, so I think you know one of my answers. I’m going to kill Rich,” I pause to laugh. “Fuck myself and marry Rob. He practically lives me with anyway.” Well he does live with me but you guys don’t need to know that.

“Wow! My best friends just killed me so they could have each other. I don’t know whether to cry or laugh. I’ll do a bit of both when I’m going to sleep tonight, alone.” The crowd giggles at Rich’s answer.

“Alone? Is that what you call -” The rest of my answer is cut off by Rich’s hand over my mouth.

“You aren’t allowed to finish that.” He takes away his hand.

“Yes dad.” I say, sticking my tongue out at Rich.

“Okay. Anyone have a question?” Rob asks, ignoring us.

I lean my head against Rob’s shoulder, giving him a small smile when he looks at me. I turn to the fans and see one standing up, a nervous look on her face. I take my head off his shoulder. “Hi, sweetheart. How are you?”

“I’m good. You?” She stutters out.

I smile, “I’m doing fine. What’s your question?”

“My question is actually for you. I was wondering where Connor is right now.”

“I can answer this one!” Rob yells.

“Me too!” Rich yells, getting laughs from the fans and me.

“I will answer the question. Connor is currently hanging out with Uncle Misha. He was very happy when I told him that he got Uncle Misha to himself for two hours long.” My eyes on the girl who asked the question.

“Before we came out here. We were hanging out with Connor and Misha. I have to tell you. They are playing a really intense game of monopoly.” Rich laughs.

Rob nods along with what Rich is saying. “I think Misha was getting ready to throw the board across the room.”

Suddenly I feel something wrap around my legs. I look down and see Connor, his blue eyes staring at me. The ones from his father.  A dopey smile on his face.

“Mommy! Mommy! I beat Uncle Misha. He lost all of us his money and now he’s after me.” Connor explains, out of breath into my microphone.

I’m about to pull him into my lap when Rob beats me to it. A habit he hasn’t been able to break since Connor fell in love with Rob and vice versa. Setting Connor on his own lap. “So you won?” I ask him.

Connor nods, speaking into Rob’s microphone. “Yep. I kept on putting hotels on things and he kept on landing on them.”

I laugh, “Your uncle is horrible at monopoly and he knows it. It’s his own fault for playing that game.”

“Should we go beat up Uncle Misha?” Rick asks Connor.

Connor jumps out of Rob’s lap, “NO! That’s not nice. You’ll get in trouble. Mommy will ground you and take away cookies.”

Rob and me laugh at Rich’s face.

“Not the cookies!” Rich looks at me.

“That was Rob. That was all him. And I think he did it more for himself than anything. But, I will ground you.” I laugh, remembering that day.

I had just came home from shooting, earlier than usual. Rob was sitting on the couch, his head in his hands, shoulders slumped.

“Rob what happened?” I ask, my eyes scanning the room. Looking for anything out of place. I sit next to him.

He lifts his head up. Giving me a sad smile. “Connor hit a little boy at the park. And I didn’t mean to but I got mad at him. I didn’t yell but, I wasn’t very nice. I’m sorry, Y/N. You trust me enough with your son and I just screwed up!” he mutters, angry.

“Rob.” I chuckle. “It’s okay that you got mad. I’m mad. The one thing I’m happy about is that you didn’t yell at him. That would’ve made the situation worse. I still trust you and he’s grounded. You can decide another punishment for him to.”

“Really?” He asks.

“Yeah. Now why did he hit a little boy?” I ask, surprised by my sons behavior.

“Well he wasn’t really little. He’s older than Connor. The kid said something to Connor about not having a dad. Connor got angry and well punched the kid.”

I sigh, “I had a fun day planned out. Now, it’s mostly ruined.”


“Mostly.” I whisper, a smile playing on the both of our lips. Pressing my lips to his.

Connor nods with everything I’m saying.

“Okay. It might of been for my own needs that I took the cookies away. But, your mom grounded you.” Rob says to Connor.

“I’m fine with the grounding I deserved that. But, Dad you took cookies away. And not just any cookies, mom’s candy cookies. No one deserves that punishment.” Connor tells Rob.

I stop breathing. The word ‘dad’ slips out of his mouth like he says it everyday. Everytime he sees Rob. He’s never called Rob that. Not once in the two years Rob and me had been together. The word had not once escaped from his mouth.

I look at Rob in shock. Taking in everything displayed on his face. The joy and shock. The tears in his eyes as he sinks onto the floor, pulling Connor into his arms and just holding him there. I see from the corner of my eye Rich trying to help the stagehands close the curtains so the fans won’t see us. I hear a stagehand yell to him that the microphones have been turned off, as well as the fans screaming, right as I also sink to the floor.

Burying my head into Rob’s chest and holding Connor to the both of us. Rob’s arms wrapped around the both of us tightly. I can feel him crying into my hair as I try to hold back tears but fail.

I press my lips to Connor’s forehead. “I love you so much.” I release Connor from my grip, scooting away to give Rob and Connor a moment.

Rob kisses Connor on the forehead, the same place I did. “Connor, I love you.”

“I love you too, dad.” Connor replies.


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Here we are.
I legitimately thought this day wouldn’t be coming.
Who would ever think that I, a strictly traditional artist with a strange sense of humor, would ever make it to 1,000 followers??
And yet… here we are.
At 1,000 (actually as I write this it’s 1,004) followers.

I’ve done a LOT of stuff over these past like 7 months, I’ve taken sketch requests, done art challenges, doodled, screeched, flipped tables, worked on the Undertale graphic novel, laughed cried, and gaped in AWE when another 100 people showed up here in the dumpster.

Every single person who has joined has meant SO MUCH to me. The fact that more than 1,000 people want to see my work as I make it, want to join me for these crazy times down here in the dumpster… it means a lot.
I’ve never had a lot of a sense of self-worth or self-esteem, in fact, to be perfectly frank with you guys I have a pretty deep loathing for myself. But getting to share my work with hundreds of people every day, people who WANT to see it, has helped me realize that maybe I’m not as worthless as my brain seems to like to tell me I am.
So…thank you. Thank you all for joining me in this crazy mess we call Tumblr, and this hectic adventure we call life.

Now, it’s only right that I call out some people who have made a HUGE difference in my experience here. When I first started out on this site I didn’t expect to really interact with people or make any friends, but BOI was I wrong.

✨First and foremost, I want to give a big shoutout and thank you to my friend @rabbitpietale. Rabbit was the first person to take notice of and reblog my graphic novel, like, from the BEGINNING. That was back when I had 19 followers and appreciated every single one of them to all get out and back again. We’ve done an art trade together, we’ve shared silly ideas and gripes, and I’m so happy that we met each other and became friends.

✨SECONDLY, a big shoutout and enormous thank you to my buddy @reye-chan. He has ALSO been there ever since I was starting out with the graphic novel and such, and has been a huge support and an amazingly friend ever since we started chatting with each other. I appreciate every conversation we have, and he has given me some of the most obnoxious giggle fits in my life. I love running @flowisk-appreciation with him, and sharing art, and SO many things. 

✨The next person who has made a big impact on my time here is @kanaking. He showed up here in the early days too, when I was just starting sketch requests. We would send asks back and forth wishing each other good days, and then finally we took it to the IM chat and a fantastically hilarious friendship started out from there. We’ve done SO MUCH together and have had such weird talks, it’s been so much fun.

Those three are the oldest friends I have here, but I’ve also made so many more fantastic friends on this site, @peanutable, @sotorifico, @midluuna, @ksenya-the-artistic-cucumber@spectrumelf, @herrmann, @gigagoku30, @small-angry-ferret, @anyone I forgot HOLY GEEZ THERE’S A WHOLE FREAKING LOT!! And I’m so gosh dern GRATEFUL to all of them!! And all the REST of you!!! 

A big thank you to everyone who leaves notes on my work. A big thank you to everyone who reblogs and leaves comments and really nice tags (*cough* @messedupessy @kazzouli *cough*). A big gosh dern freaking thank you to ALL 1,004 OF YOU for coming here to the dumpster to follow me. I love sharing my work and my thoughts with you every day, and I am blessed to have such a large and supportive follower base.

Thank you for everything. I love you guys.

Thanks for 1,000, and here’s to many more!! You guys rock.✨


Another Writer

Word Count; 1805

A/N: hope you enjoy this! My laptop crashed once again and I lost my freaking request list, I really have to start writing that down on paper oh my god. Much love guys ️<3

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(^^ Betty is hella me oh my god hes handsome and hot and *incomprehensible muttering and heavy breathing* okay back to your paid programming lol)


     Sitting next to a boy who spends all his time writing is a little intimidating to a girl who also writes, although he doesn’t know. He concentrates so hard on the screen in front of him he doesn’t notice the clicking of my keyboard. I don’t write as much as him granted, mostly because he has a broad and interesting subject to write about. He has something to say that most people want to hear. Me on the other hand, not so much. I have a subject that is more personal, and outside of the public’s interest, my muse is more personal. The boy whom I sit next to while he writes will never know of my writings because he is the muse, and I can’t bear the thought of him finding out.

    Often, I watch him while he is busy at work, his brows furrowed in concentration. The screen illuminating his face, bringing some light into his blue eyes that the dim lighting of the diner tries to hide. I notice the small things, the way he bites his lip, the small sighs he lets out when he is stuck, the way his eyes dart across the screen repeatedly while he reads and proof-reads and double proof-reads his work. His little curls that poke out of his crown-shaped beanie and how they fall over his face, the small smirk that comes across his face when he is proud of what he’s written, and how he’ll always celebrate with another milkshake, usually courtesy of me because I always offer.

    I notice the flash of unsureness when I offer to buy his milkshake, he seems to get uncomfortable and feel bad when people buy things for him, but I insist. I notice we have the same conversation every time it happens, he gets his proud little smirk and I smile up from my own screen and laugh. “Did you like what you read?” I’ll ask, and that’s when his gaze captures mine. “I sure did.” He’ll reply, standing from the booth quickly, almost as if he’s trying to beat me up because he also knows what’s coming. “Oh, no you don’t, milkshake is on me.” And there’s the flash of unsureness I was talking about. “You don’t have to do that Y/N, I can buy my own milkshakes.” He’ll try to argue, but I’m stubborn. You’d think he’d learn not to try to fight with me on things like this, I stand my ground and I don’t ever give up. Although I admire his own persistence too, we are both stubborn I guess and I quite enjoy our little quarrels on stupid things.

     "I don’t want you to spend a dime of your money on a milkshake, you’re not in the best situation.“ I’ll say, trying to coax him to let me just buy his milkshake, and he’ll chuckle. "You aren’t in the best situation to either.” I roll my eyes and make my way to the counter. “I’ll survive Juggie, sit down and I’ll take care of it.” I’ll call over my shoulder, and he’ll reluctantly sit. Day after day this happens, and day after day I buy him his milkshake.

    It may sound like I understand this boy like the back of my hand, and on most things I do, but I still get confused. I notice things about him that I can never sort out, but it’s mostly because of my own doing. I notice the way he smiles at me, it’s different from how he smiles towards others. To normal people, he just gives his signature smirk, but to me, especially when we are alone, I get a smile. I can never tell if it’s because I’m his best friend, or if it’s because he likes me more than he likes other people, I wonder if it’s because he may replicate my feelings I feel towards him.

    Sometimes he’ll pull me away from the group while we are at school and they are all doing something the both of us don’t like, or just when he doesn’t think they’ll notice. He’ll grab my hand and take me to the Blue and Golds office, an empty classroom, or we’ll just leave school all together and go to Pops. Most of the time he’ll pull his laptop out once we are alone and he’ll start to write, making very small talk. Once I asked why it’s only when he is alone with me he said “I only write when I’m around you because you’re quiet and don’t ask me too many questions. Anyways, I like spending time with you.” That was all the answer I needed, but it still confused me in some way. Why doesn’t he like spending time like this with anyone else?

    Other times when he pulls me away, we’ll talk and catch up, or when the Drive In was still around, we’d watch movies. It didn’t matter which one we did, he’d still do the same thing, he’ll sit real close to me, and place his hand incredibly close to mine, although I’m sure it is just on accident. He’ll tell me what’s going on in his life, and I’ll sit there and happily and attentively listen. I’m always there for him when he wants to vent. I’ll tell him about my life, which mostly consists of hardships and he will do the same as I do for him. And without fail, he always places a protective arm around me, pulling me close into him which never fails to make me feel better.

    “Y/N? Earth to Y/N!” a voice called, pulling me out of my trance. I looked up wide-eyed at Jughead and he chuckled. “You alright?” he asked.

    “Yeah, of course. Are you?” I asked, and he nodded.

    “Yeah. I’m great.” he smiled, looking down at his screen.

    “Did you like what you read?” I asked, and he nodded slightly.

    “I sure did.” He said, quickly sliding out of his booth to stand up, but I was faster. I stood in front of his seat and pushed him back down into the seat, smirking down at him.

    “Oh no you don’t, milkshake is on me.” I stated happily.

    “You don’t have to do that Y/N, I can buy my own milkshakes.” He tried to gently argue, but I rolled my eyes and put my hand on my hip.

    “I don’t want you to spend a dime of your money on a milkshake, you’re not in the best situation.” I argue back and he chuckles.

    “You aren’t in the best situation either.” He replies and I chuckle and roll my eyes again.

    “I’ll survive Juggie, sit back and I’ll take care of it.” I say, making my way to the counter. I order Jugheads milkshake and sit at the counter, waiting. It takes a few minutes, but I patiently sit there, scrolling through my phone. Just then a text from Veronica pops up on my screen and I push the notification, bringing me to my messages.

Veronica :) – Hey, where’d you and Jughead go, we still have 2 periods left, or are you guys going to skip those too?

    I laugh at the text and reply, letting her know that I didn’t think me and Jughead were going to make it back for the rest of our classes. I’m brought from my phone as Pops sets a chocolate milkshake down in front of me and I smile and thank him, handing him the money. I take the milkshake in my hand and climb down from the stool, turning to make my way back to the booth. I look over to Jughead, and my heart stops, he’s on my laptop. I quickly make my way over to the booth and slam the milkshake down on the table and reach for my laptop.

    “What are you doing Juggie? That’s mine!” I say, pulling my laptop from his eye sight and closing it.

    “I was just trying to see what you do while I write, but it looks like you do the same thing.” He says smugly. I can feel as my cheeks turned crimson red, and I stared down at the table, unable to look at the raven-haired boy in front of me.

    “Well you weren’t supposed to know I write.” I say, and he chuckles.

    “I’m aware, pretty sure I read that in your… what are you writing? Are you going to publish that into a book?” he asked, and I shrugged.

    “I- I don’t know.” I say, taking a seat on my side of the booth. Jughead just chuckled again and I looked up at him, meeting his gaze. “I just write random stuff while you write your novel. There’s a lot more than just that.”

    “Well, you’re very good at writing.” He said, and I smiled.

    “Thank you.” I reply, glancing at my laptop. The seat next to me dipped, and I felt a body near me. I turned and saw Jughead sitting by me, smiling smugly.

    “So, you like me, huh?” he asked and I hid my face him my hands, laughing slightly to myself. “Because it sounds like you do, quite a bit actually.” I feel as his arm wraps around my shoulders and he pulls me into him, and I hide my face in his chest. “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about Y/N.”

    “Says you, you didn’t just have your longtime crush read a short passage about how much you like them.” I mumble and I feel as he chuckled.

    “Touché.” he said, and it fell silent for a minute. “Will you look at me, please?” I slowly raised my head and looked up at Jughead. “Why didn’t you ever tell me?” he asked.

    “I didn’t know how to.” I replied, and he rolled his eyes.

    “There’s a lot of ways you could have told me.” He said, looking sweetly down at me and I scoffed.

    “Its not just that easy.” I say and he nods, glancing down from my eyes to my lips, and then back to my eyes. Before I could register what was happening, I felt a pair of lips on mine, and I instinctively shut my eyes and kissed back. Jughead pulled away way too soon, and chuckled down at me.

    “That seemed easy enough.” He said, and I playfully smacked him on the shoulder.

    “Whatever Jug. If it was that easy, why didn’t you do that before?” I asked, and it was his turn to blush.

    “Again, touché.” he said, and I laughed, leaning into him again. He pulled his laptop around and started typing again, and I watched as words flew across the screen.

    “I’m really glad you read my story.” I mumbled, and he laughed.

    “I’m glad I did too.”

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Werewolf hysteria (Roman Reigns x Reader) Part 2 of 2

AN: Here is part 2!!!!! I should warn y'all tho, this is going to be absolutely filthy. Enjoy 😁😁

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We were currently in Roman’s hotel room. I was on the edge of his bed and he was standing directly in front of me with his big, tree trunk arms crossed over his chest.

He looked really good tonight, though. His hair was tied back in his signature man bun. A tight, light grey shirt adorned his upper half, and his dark blue jeans hugged his hips deliciously. I could only imagine what his ass looked like.

‘No! This is not the place or the time for that! Well, maybe the place, but definitely not the time!’ I scolded myself.

“Well, is there anything you’d like to tell me, kid?” Roman asked.

“Uh, no, Sir.” I answered lamely

“Okay, you’ve got to stop calling me that, kid. You’re making me feel old.”

“Well, then maybe you should stop calling me kid” I quickly clapped my hand over my mouth.

“Oh, so you can be fiesty, (y/n).” His deep voice rumbled, while slowly walking closer to me. I was shocked that he even knew my name. He stopped a couple inches in front of me.

I was looking everywhere but at him. He saw that I was purposely avoiding his gaze, so he grabbed me by my hand, again I might add, and forced my to get up off of the bed.

I grabbed onto his shirt, trying to steady myself due to how fast he got me up. I quickly removed them, though. I didn’t want my mind to dwell on how solid he felt or how good he smelt, so I tried to put as much distance between me and him as possible.

“Nuh uh, not so fast.” He stated, pulling me by my arms back towards him. I tried to avert my eyes from his by looking down at our feet, but that was a huge mistake. ‘Is….is he getting hard?’ I asked myself, shamefully feeling pussy come to life at the thought at getting this man hard.

Roman roughly grabbed my chin and pulled my face up so that my eyes could meet his.

His eyes where extremely dark now, almost black. I felt as if I was falling into an endless abyss while looking at them.

“Now, that I have your attention, (y/n), there is another question I’d like to ask you.” He seductively crooned out, leaning into my face so close our lips were basically touching.

I was visibly shaking at this point. One part from fear, another part from lust.

He let his lips lightly brush mine, before making his way to the side of my mouth, leaving a little kiss there while proceeding to kiss his way up my jaw and cheek to my ear.

“Do you want me?” He whispered so softly, I almost missed his question completely.

A fire starts low in my belly at those words. ‘Oh my God’ I think to myself. I began to feel him leave wet kisses on the side if my neck, sucking and slightly nibbling at the flesh like he was trying to leave his mark.

I tried to push him off of me, but he was just too damn strong.

“Uhhh, Roman?”

“Mmhmm…” He answered, distracted by the task of littering my neck with love marks.

“I really think you should stop.” Truth is I don’t think I could handle sex with Roman. Physically or emotionally.

“I’m just trying to give you what you wanted” he answers, his left arm slid across my waist, pulling me firmly up against him, while his other hand finds its way into my hair, slightly tugging so that more of my neck was exposed to his hungry mouth.

“But, Roman I really don’t think-”

“God, dammit!” He cursed loudly, voice filled with agitation. he finally released me from his clutches. “(Y/n), you are really pushing it right now. My cock is rock hard right now and all I wanna do is shove it in you.”

I was shocked by his words and more than a little turned on. I was still shaking though. Being scared and horny at the same time is very nerve wracking.

“Well. Have you ever thought that maybe I don’t want to sleep with you?” I asked, nervously licking my lips.

“Psssh, what woman wouldn’t want to sleep with me?”

I shot him a look of annoyance. I felt myself starting to anger at his words. ‘What an asshole’ I thought to myself.

I guess Roman noticed this, because he quickly tried to cover his ass.

“I was just kidding, (y/n). No need for that look.”

“No, you weren’t.” I insisted

“True, but that’s besides the point.” He quickly said. “Anyway, if you really don’t want to have sex with me, then why are you always watching me?”

I was silent. No way was I going to tell him why I watch him. There’s no way I could live down that humiliation.

The tension in the room was so thick you could cut it with a knife. I could tell he was getting annoyed with me at this point.

“(Y/n),” he started, crowding my personal space again, “If you really don’t want to tell me why you constantly watch me, that’s cool.”

‘Thank God!’ I think to myself as my body starts to relax.

“But, I should warn you,” He leaned all the way down until our faces where equal, “If I catch you staring at me again, I will dead ass fuck you right then and there.” He finished, slightly smirking at me.

Oh, I knew it was too good to be true. My body tensed right back up and I was having a hard ass time breathing.

I had to tell him why I was always watching him. I’d rather do that than potentially act out a porno in front of people.

“OK, I’ll tell you.” I mumbled out.

“Good girl.”

‘Asshole’ I think to myself. I clear my throat before I begin my explanation. “The real reason I’m always watching you…..” I trail off trying to find the courage to finish my statement, “ I do it because I think you’re a werewolf…” I whispered so quietly I could hardly even hear it.

“I’m sorry, did I just hear you say you think I’m a werewolf?“ Roman asked incredulously, taking several steps back.

I nervously nodded my head, my eyes back to being trained on the floor.

It’s silent for what feels like an eternity.

“How old are you? You look a little too old to believe in fairy tales.” Trying his hardest to keep a straight face.

“ I’m twenty-three, and its not just fairy tales! I have proof!“ I say, exasperated with his response.

“Are you on drugs? Or are you still hanging out with Bray? I honestly don’t know which one is worst at this point.”

I looked up at him with my mouth open. Did he really just ask me if I did drugs? “YOU, Sir,” I began,“ have no right to accusing anyone one of drug use, Mr. Failed wellness policy. And don’t you insult Bray that way. He isn’t that bad!”

Truth is, Bray is actually that bad. The only reason I would sometimes seek him out is because he knew a lot about supernatural stuff. Unlike me, he is mostly focused on the demonic, creepy side of the spectrum. The guy’s a total nut case, BUT he is a nut case who knows his shit.

After my earlier outburst, gone was Roman’s humorous expression. The room was stuffy with tension. I hoped I didn’t go too far with the wellness policy thing.

‘Fuck’ I think to myself as the silence stretches out.

All of a sudden, Roman starts laughing. Really laughing. Like gut holding laughter. What the fuck does he find so funny?

“Oh, sweetheart,” he starts, trying to catch his breath as his laughter dies down, “I really, really like this side of you.”

His laughter had stopped completely now, but he had a beautiful smile planted on his face. ‘Dear God’ I internally swooned, taking in his beautiful face.

“I like the quirky, sweet, and awkward thing you usually have going on, but this,” he says with a little laugh, “Is priceless.”

He makes his way back towards me until he is back inside my personal bubble.

“But I do like this side of you a whole lot more than the side that seems terrified of me.” He softly tells me, raising his right hand to tuck a stray strand of hair behind my ear, letting his hand lightly caress my cheek.

“Why are you so afraid of me, (y/n)?” Roman asked, looking deeply in my eyes.

Why was I so afraid of Roman? I initially wasn’t afraid of him. I had my reservations due to his high standings in the business, but never fear. I started fearing him pretty recently.

It was the night after his amazing promo with Cena. The audience ate up every line of it, so did the people backstage. Although it was great, it was easy to see that Roman was pissed off at Cena’s off script remarks. Roman responded amazingly in my opinion, but it was easy to see his agitation. He came backstage fuming, and I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I was hurrying to my makeup station in order to get one of the talents make up ready for tonight. Not paying attention to where I was going, I ran directly into Roman. If looks could kill, I’d be dead right now due to the glare he shot me. He let out a sound that was something only heard in nightmares. The growl left all the hairs on my arms and the back of my neck standing straight up. I didn’t like seeing Roman look so scary. He looked like a beast wearing a man’s face with that expression. What made it all the more worst was that he leveled me that gaze. I was used to being ignored or looked over, I could deal with that from someone like him. But for him to shoot me such a menacing expression, it hurt me deeply.

I don’t know why I was so upset about it. It’s not like me and Roman were ever close, but for some reason I felt in my very heart of hearts that I knew this man. As I’ve watched him over these past months I’ve been with the WWE, I’ve learned a lot about him. The pensive expression he has on his face when he’s trying to figure something out. The way his eyes crinkle on the sides when he smiles. The love he shows to the kid fans he meets, and the bashfulness he expresses in the presence of the older ones. Maybe I wouldn’t have been so upset if someone else looked at me that way, but that fact that it was Roman hurt me deeply because I admired this man so much. Maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, but I can’t change how that incident made me feel.

‘Oh my God, I think I like Roman.’ I admit to myself. Maybe it wasn’t him I was fearing this whole time. Maybe I was fearing him rejecting me.

“What’s wrong, sweetheart?” Roman asked worriedly, taking in my watery eyes.

“I think I need to go…” I quietly said, desperately wanting to go back to my hotel, crawl under my blanket, and cry at my own foolishness.

“(Y/n),” he started, reaching for my face again. I flinch at his movement. He studies me for a while with an unreadable expression.

“You know I would never hurt you, right?” Roman asked, securely grasping my cheeks with both of his hands, stroking the tenderly.

I searched his eyes carefully for any signs of deception. I found none.

I answered him by going up on my tippy toes and pressing my lips against his.

He seemed shocked by my forwardness. So was I.

It doesn’t take long for him to dominate the kiss. The intensity of it takes my breath away. I felt his tongue slowly, but deliberately lick across my bottom lip, before he began to use his teeth to nibble on it. My panties were already soaked. If he could make me feel this good with his lips on mine, I wondered what he could do with the rest of his body.

The kiss was starting to grow hotter and more desperate as time went on. His hands left my face and traveled down the sides of my body until they met my backside. He squeezed at the flesh there, and I let out a loud moan in the kiss.

He pulled away from the kiss, coming up for air. “Damn” he muttered, taking in my dazed appearance. “Take off that dress.” He demanded. I hastily slid the thick straps off the shoulders, and shimmied the tight, black material down my body. I was left in only my plain, black thong.

“God damn” Roman muttered, moving his hand to the definite bulge in his jeans, palming the length while taking in my almost bare body. Seeing him grab at himself because of me caused my pussy to throb uncontrollably. I started rubbing my thighs together to alleviate some of the discomfort.

“Sit down for me, (y/n).” He requested. I quickly followed his instructions, wanting to desperately get ride of the ache between my legs.

“Now since you made me wait so long before I could ravage you,” he begins with a wicked gleam in his eyes, “I think you owe me a little something.” I Watched Roman as he stepped out of his shoes and tugged his shirt over his head. ‘Fuck!’ I think to myself, looking at his broad, tattooed torso. He then proceeded to drop his pants and underwear. ‘Double fuck!’ I yell to myself, taking in the python that jutted straight up, resting snuggly against his toned stomach.

I’ve only had sex one time before this, and it was God awful. Hopefully the couple of times I watched porn will come in handy.

“What are you waiting for, (y/n), suck it.” He ended his demand by taking his right hand and sliding it in my hair and wrapping the hair around his fist. I nervously leaned forward and kissed the tip of his shaft. He hissed at this. ‘So far, so good’ I think to myself.

I bring my right hand up and wrapped it around his thick shaft. It felt heavy and warm in my small hands. I slowly started moving my hand up and down his cock.

“You’re killing me with this pace, babe.” Roman groans out as I continue to jerk off his cock slowly.

“Hey, this is only my second time having sex.” I admit. He must really think I’m a kid now.

I look up in his eyes at his lack of response, and almost orgasm instantly at the look he was giving me. ‘Did his eyes just glow?’ I asked myself. It was quick, but it definitely happened.

I felt his cock harden even more in my soft hands. He gently slid my hand off his cock. “Lay down for me.” He gently asked. I followed his instructions.

He picked up my left foot and presses a small kiss on the inside of my ankle. He trailed the kisses all the way up to the very top of my thigh, a breath away from the place where I needed him the most. He ghosted his mouth over to the top of my other thigh, licking up any moisture that was dripping from my flooded pussy.

Roman then proceeded to wrap his lips completely over my clothed covered clit. My back arched at the contact, mouth opened in a silent gasp.

“Since you’re basically a virgin in my eyes, I’m going take it upon myself to make sure you cum as many times as possible tonight.” He growled out, hungrily devour my clothed pussy. Before I knew it I heard a loud rip. I looked down my body to see that he ripped of the flimsy piece of fabric with his teeth. ‘Damn that’s hot’ I thought to myself.

He relentlessly dove back in, flattening his tongue against my pussy, slowly flicking the tip of his tongue against my opening. “Shit!” I swear loudly, having a hard time staying still. Roman draped my left leg over his right shoulder, and draped his arms across my stomach to keep me from wiggling too much. I had to endure the wicked things his tongue was doing to my inexperienced pussy. Before I knew it, I felt a wave of uncontrollably lust wash over me as he lightly bit my clit. My pussy quivered and clenched as I came all over his mouth and beard. He kissed his way up my body, and attacked my mouth with his once he made it to my lips. I could taste myself on his lips. It was driving me crazy.

As he was kissing me, I noticed something strange. Was his teeth getting bigger?

Roman pulled away, giving me a sinful little smirk. “I wanna see you get yourself off, (y/n). I used to fuck my own hand, thinking about you rubbing your little pussy thinking of me. Show me how you pleasure yourself baby.” Roman insist, slightly leaning back on his left arm, with his legs open and his right hand working on his huge cock.

“I don’t touch myself to get off…” I quietly admitted. “Then show me what you do.” Roman demanded, voice low and gravely due to the hand squeezing his cock.

I nervously grabbed the pillow behind me. “Fuck!” Roman groaned out as he realized what I was planing to do. I folded the pillow and then placed it a couple inches in front of him before I straddled it. The lustful stare he leveled me with gave me the courage to rub my pussy across the pillow to get off. It felt really good to get myself off while the object of my affection was watching me. Not to mention it was sexy as hell. I started humping the pillow harder.

“Does that beautiful little cunt of your’s feel good, (y/n)? You fucking that little pussy good on that pillow?” Roman asked, voice making my pussy even wetter as his hand started stroking his thick length even faster.

“Ahhh” I moaned out loudly, aching to cum, seeking the friction the pillow gave my clit. “Ohhh! I’m so close, Roman!” I moan out, rubbing my pussy faster and faster across the pillow.

“That’s it, baby! Get that little pussy off!” His words were my undoing. I let out a short shrieking sound as I felt my orgasm course through me like a current. My pussy felt almost numb now. “Fuck! That was so hot, baby.” Roman compliments, taking his cock off out of his hand. I smiled tiredly in his direction.

He crawled his way back toward my body. He removed the soiled pillow from under my legs, and licked the moisture from the pillow case.

“Lay down for me again, baby girl.” He gently says, placing the pillow to the left of our bodies. I lay my back against the cool sheets, and open my legs. Roman smiles at the invitation. He settled himself in between my thighs, his cock feeling hot and heavy against the inside of my thigh. He kissed my lips again, effectively making me yearn for more of him due to the tenderness of it. He grabbed me by my thighs and flipped us around so that I was straddling him. His cock still managed to look intimidating underneath the lips of my pussy as I straddled it. I began to rub myself slightly against it. Roman moaned deeply, grabbing my ass cheeks to guide me.

“I want you to ride my cock. Hard.” He emphasizes. I moaned heavily at his words. I put my hands on his hard stomach to lift my hips up. I felt him guide his cock to my throbbing hole. I slowly lowered myself onto his dick. Once I managed to get it all the way in, I felt as if the wind has been knocked out of me. My last boyfriend never filled me up this much. Not even close.

“Fuck your pussy feels amazing, sweetheart!” Roman groaned out loudly.

I carefully lifted my hips up, and then slowly dropped them back down to meet his hips. I did this for a little, trying to get use to the length and grith of his cock. Roman stroked my back understandably, helping me to guide my hips in a comfortable rhythm. As I got more comfortable, and the pleasure began to kick in, I started riding his cock faster. “Shit, baby girl!” I hearrd him say, while grabbing my ass, starting to control the pace more and more by rocking his hips up to meet mine and dragging me up and down on his dick.

I leaned forward, placing my hands on his shoulders as I attempted to ride is dick faster and harder. This position caused his cock to hit a spot in me that caused my legs to shake. “Oh, fuck!” I yelled out, as Roman bounced me faster up and down his fat cock.

“Fuck this” he loudly cursed. He flipped us over, and positioned both of my legs over his shoulders. He started slamming his cock in me, stretching my cunt deliciously. The tip of his cock was pounding into my cervix so hard, sparks of pain were coming from my stomach.

“Roman!” I screamed out a particularly hard thrust. “It’s starting to hurt!”

“Maybe I wanted to fuck you so hard your tight little pussy would hurt!” Roman growled out. He continued to stretch me to my limit, fucking my body into a lust filled haze. There was no place I wanted to be at that moment. The best place to be was on that bed with Roman’s dick brutally fucking me.

Roman reached in between my legs and roughly squeezed my clit. I screamed loudly. My pussy started convulsing over Roman’s cock violently. “Fuck, (y/n)!” He yelled out. I drenched his cock in my cum. I came so much it felt like I wet myself. My back arched into a perfect bow, my damp breast smushed against his sweat drenched chest. Roman started pounding my pussy harder. “Shit!” He gasped as his cock expanded inside me. When his cum started to fill me, his cock was twitching like mad inside me. I could feel it splashing against walls. He slowly kept moving his cock in me, trying to make sure every drop made it in my greedy pussy.

When he finally pulled out, I could feel his seed drip down my thighs. I was completely exhausted and sated. I felt the bed dip as Roman removed himself from me to cover our bodies with the bed covers. “Good ma-” I heard him start. I didn’t hear the rest because I fell asleep.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I woke up to Roman kissing my bare shoulder. He was spooning me. I turned around to face him and my heart clenched at the sight that I saw. His hair was sexily mussed, falling into his face. He gave me an adorable, sleepy smile.

A little later, I found myself in my same dress from last night, minus any underwear. Roman was showered, and dressed in a pair of basketball shorts and a plain black tee.

“I enjoyed last night a lot.” Roman said with a smile, leaning against the door frame of the hotel room door.

“I did, too” I said, smiling back at him.

“I really do like you, (y/n),” Roman stated, looking deeply in my eyes. “And I’d love to see where this thing goes.” He said motioning between the two of us.

I was relieved to hear him say that. I felt my cheeks warm at the sentiment. “I’d like that as well.” I answered, giving him a warm smile.

“See you later.” He told me, leaning in to give me a lingering kiss on the cheek.

“Bye.” I say giving him a toothy smile. As he slowly closed the door, he kept his eyes trained on mine. His eyes slowly started to glow a brilliant light gray. He gives me a devilishly handsome smirk as he the door shuts.

I felt my mouth drop open at what he just revealed to me.

“You son of a bitch!”


I hope you guys enjoyed. I’m sorry it was so long 😅 I get carried away sometimes 😳
The Serpent and the Bulldog - Reggie x Reader

Reggie x Reader


@idle-lanes @sgarrett49

Word Count: 3780

Warnings: Slight language

I decided to do a small Reggie Mantle series. It will probably only be 3 parts. Hopefully you guys like it. FYI - I will be doing another part to both Battles and Hidden Rooms - some of you were asking. Thanks for reading!

You bit your lip while thinking about it. You were getting somewhere with him. He was more emotional than you had originally thought, but still scared that he wouldn’t understand - that instead he would just think you were crazy.

“Y/N…hello?”, Reggie waved his hand in front of you.

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So I’ve been watching a lot of Let’s Plays to keep me company while I do stuff and today I was tuning in to Markiplier’s charity stream and people were posting their animals watching the stream with them so I put a photo of BB next to the stream on Twitter and they all actually looked at it and said they loved him!!

Amy was like ‘look at BB the rat!’ and showed everyone, Mark was like IT’S SO CUTE, @crankgameplays​ laughed REALLY hard at his dumb little face ♥

fucking markiplier complimented my rat

anonymous asked:


this art by @vanirasheiku is what made me start shipping monoshin ;; it’s such a good rarepair. 

  • sooo many shenanigans with shinsou’s quirk oh my god
    • it’s bc monoma never stops talking sdfdjsklfjl literally even though monoma knows about shinsou’s quirk it’s just a reflex to respond and he always gets caught in it
  • on the other hand: monoma copying his quirk ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
    •   it makes for some… interesting times
      • shinsou brainwashes monoma into doing something stupid, then later monoma copies his quirk and gets revenge
      • tl;dr theyre petty losers and i love them
  • they argue about cats 
    • monoma hates them bc they always scratch him (lol) whereas shinsou loves them and would actually die for them
  • once shinsou bikes over to a cheap store (he likes to bike) and buys monoma $3 croissants. he then bikes home and tells monoma that the croissants were cuisine specially ordered from a high end restaurant in France
    • monoma comments on how exquisite the taste is on his palette and blah blah pretentious cooking show stuff
    • shinsou can’t handle it and bursts out laughing
      • when monoma finds out why shinsou’s laughing he gives him the silent treatment for a week
  • they’re literally just having prank wars with each other 24/7?? sdfjlsdkfjkls
  • they’re p sweet when they actually do romantic stuff tho 
    • they like staying in at home a lot? 
      • monoma reads tintin comics on the couch and shinsou is curled up next to him taking a nap
      • monoma plays with shinsou’s hair kinda mindlessly as he reads
    • it’s domestic!