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ok ok off topic but, I follow your instagram, and whenever I scroll through my feed my son watches and sees your prompto pics. He thinks you're really prompto who is like his favorite character. Would you ever consider doing personalized fanvids?




*runs around screaming excitedly*

okay I’m back haha This is the single greatest thing I’ve EVER read??? A CHILD thinks I’m ACTUALLY Prompto??? This is the greatest thing ever??? (Dude me too Prompto is DEF my favorite character I FEEL) um Absolutely! I’m not sure how I would be I’m definitely open to the idea for sure! We could definite;y talk about this absolutely! I’m always open to trying new things and if it helps keep a child’s dreams alive i’m absolutely honored! It would be my privilege! 

(Also low-key never think any of you guys actually follow me on insta so now i’m like super happy that someone does???)

#38: Isn't This Amazing?

Request: Hi! Can you do a JeffxReader with numbers 38, 43, 48, and 56, please?

Requested by: @newsameoldmistakes

Pairing: JeffxReader

“How much longer?” you complained to your boyfriend, Jeff.

“Just a little bit longer! Quit being a baby.” he laughs back at you.

He randomly called you today asking if you were up for an adventure and you were hesitant to say yes. Nature wasn’t really your thing especially climbing a hill with god knows what crawling through the tall grass. You ended up agreeing to go because he sounded so excited and you couldn’t say no to him.

You’ve been hiking for twenty minutes now and you were getting tired and really sweaty. The sky was clear today and the sun was blaring down. Luckily there was a slight breeze making the air cooler. You were still miserable nonetheless.

You snapped out of your thoughts when you noticed Jeff taking off his shirt and your heart sped up as you saw his very toned and muscular back. You bit your lip and smiled because you can’t believe all of that was yours.

“Where are we even going?” you ask him and he looks back at you and winks. He refuses to tell you what you are doing here until you get to your destination.

“I told you it was a surprise, Y/N.” he cheekily smiled and you rolled your eyes.

“It’s so hot and I’m getting tired.” you pout as you stepped on a few twigs causing them to snap. You screeched as a huge spider crawled out from underneath the shattered wood and grabbed his arm. He couldn’t help but laugh at your dismay and you blushed, embarrassed by your over reaction.

“Here.” he said and bent down signaling for you to get on his back which you happily accepted.

You climbed on his back and wrapped your legs around his weight and your arms around his neck lightly.

“Can you at least give me a hint? Or tell me why you want to take me here?” you ask desperately and he chuckles.

“Well, Clay actually showed me this spot and I thought it was the greatest thing ever. So I decided why not take my girl up here to enjoy it with me?” he explained and you smiled as you kissed the back of his neck.

“I’m sorry I’m complaining a lot. I just wish I would’ve known we were gonna hike or else I would’ve been better prepared.” you reason and he nods.

“That’s okay we are almost here and then we can take the short cut back to the car.” he stifles a laugh and you playfully hit him.

“There was a shorter way of getting here!?” you exclaim and he laughs that beautiful laugh that made you fall in love all over again.

“Oops?” he shrugs and you sigh.

After a few more minutes of walking he sets you down and you are faced with the most gorgeous view you have ever seen.

“Wow.” you breathe.

“Isn’t it amazing?” Jeff asked you and you could barely bring yourself to reply. You were captivated by the view of the town below you.

“It’s gorgeous, Jeff.” You reply and sit down on the edge and embrace the breeze and sunshine as your mood was instantly lifted.

“Yes, you are.” he whispered and you looked at him, blushing.

He gave you a sweet kiss and wrapped his arm around you as you both looked out at the scenery before you.

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Is it bad that as a proud slytherin girl my hHufflepuff and Ravenclaw friends have now gained slytherin tendencies? I mean it's helped my little Puffy be more confident and stand up for herself and my pretty Raven to be more critical in her thinking. Sometimes I feel like a bad influence, but I've helped them get rid of toxic people in their lives. Just wanting to be a good friend after all we've been through together.

That is actually one of the greatest things ever I think there is a lot we can learn from people in other houses.

Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You
Raúl Esparza
Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You

Raúl Esparza singing Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You from Jersey Boys,

AKA the actual greatest thing ever

♫ “And let me love you, baby, LET ME LOVE YOU” ♫


(Disney’s Hercules because the actual Greek Mythology Hercules is… yikes not a fun AU)

Kara is a demigod cast down from Olympus/Rao, adopted and raised by mortal human parents, and eventually tasked with protecting the Earth and mankind / becoming a hero to ~prove she’s worthwhile~. She can only contact her mother in her mother’s temple, and even then it’s not her real mother, it’s just a sculpture of her mother (at one point she laser-eyes her mother’s statue and takes half the temple with it oops). She goes from Zero to Hero (just like that!) (when she smiled the girls went wild with oohhhs and aahhhs)

Cat is “Catherine. My friends call me Cat. At least they would if I had any friends. So did they give you a name along with all those rippling pectorals?” Jaded and cynical (well… pragmatic) and full to the brim and then some with snark, she’s been hurt by the world before but she underneath it all she has a good heart and eventually Kara becomes her own personal hero who teaches her to have hope and see the good in people again, while Cat is able to provide Kara with a sense of normalcy and humanity in her life of Heroic Duty.

Cue music: [I Won’t Say I’m In Love.mp3]

And even though she’s completely mortal and breakable, Cat is willing to throw herself physically in harm’s way to protect Kara; ultimately Kara rescues her from Hades/Astra (banished sister of Zeus/Alura; though unlike Disney!Hades, Astra’s not actually Bad, she’s just trying to save the Earth but going about it the wrong way… well. Non, with Indigo’s encouragement, is kind of the Disney!Hades—“I have a whole cosmos up there waiting for me… with, hey, my name on it.”). Anyways, Kara rescues Cat (and THE WORLD) and proves she’s a True Hero, but she turns down a chance to be reunited with her parents in Rao’s Light/on Olympus to live out her life on Earth with her human. The gods still put a constellation of Kara up in the sky :)

Maybe the Underworld = the Phantom Zone or something, Cat gets taken there and should be trapped for all eternity but Kara goes and pulls her out, even though nothing about her powers says she should be able to do so. OH AND the Titans that Hades releases = the Fort Rozz prisoners. (Zeus imprisoned the Titans, Alura imprisoned the criminals in Fort Rozz; when they escape they’re hellbent on revenge)

BUT ANYWAYS BACK TO THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. Literally LITERALLY if you take any Hercules/Meg interaction and just insert Kara/Cat, it works, you don’t need to change a damn thing:

Cat: [watching Kara beat the shit out of a alien/monster/bad guy] Is Supergirl here for real?

Kara: Are you, uh, all right, Miss, uh…
Cat: Grant. Catherine Grant. My friends call me Cat. At least they would if I had any friends. So did they give you a name along with all those rippling pectorals?
Kara: [stammers forever]
Cat: Are you always this articulate?
Kara: Kara. Zor-El. My… My name is Kara Zor-El.
Cat: Kara Zor… huh. I think I prefer Supergirl.

Cat: Well, you know how men are, they think “no” means “yes” and “get lost” means “take me, I’m yours” … don’t worry, Scully here can explain it to ya later.

(n.b. Alex and J’onn jointly take on the role of Philoctetes)

Kara: Can I give you a ride?
Cat: I’ll be all right. I’m a big tough girl, I tie my own sandals and everything. Bye-bye, Supergirl.
Kara: ………… bye.
Kara: [hearteyes] [dreamy sigh]
Kara: She’s somethin’, isn’t she, Alex?
Alex: Yeah. Oh, yeah. She’s really somethin’—a real pain in the patella! Earth to Kara! Come in, Kara! Come in, Kara! We got a job to do, remember?

J’onn (early on, as Hank): [singing] So you wanna be a hero, kid? Well, whoop-dee-do. / I’ve been around the block before with blockheads just like you.

Kara: You know, when I was a kid, I would have given anything to be exactly like everybody else.
Cat: You wanted to be petty and dishonest?
Kara: Everybody’s not like that.
Cat: Yes, they are.
Kara: You’re not like that.
Cat: How do you know what I’m like?
Kara: All I know is… you’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met. Cat, when I’m with you, I don’t feel so alone.
Cat: Sometimes it’s better to be alone.
Kara: What do you mean?
Cat: Nobody can hurt you.*
Kara: Cat? I would never ever hurt you.
Cat: And I don’t want to hurt you, so… [leaning in] let’s both do ourselves a favor and… [CLOSER] stop this before we…
Alex “Cockblock” Danvers: All right! Break it up! Break it up! Party’s over! I’ve been looking all over this town!
Cat: Calm down, Agent Scully.
Alex: You’re already on my list, so don’t make it worse! [turns to Kara] And as for you, ya bum, you’re gonna go back to the DEO and you’re gonna be put through the workout of your life!

(*okay so maybe AU!Cat has been a little more hurt by the world and is a little more sensitive than canon!Cat generally is, though tbh pull from how Cat is when Adam first comes to National City and you kind of get this)


Cat: What are you doing? Without your strength, you’ll be killed!
Kara: There are worse things.

(though for Kara this is just fundamental to who she is, she’s not referring to feeling betrayed by Cat or whatever Hercules/Meg drama happens in the Disney movie; the worse she’s referring to is simply sitting by and watching people get hurt, she has to try with or without her powers)

Alura: Kara, we’re so proud of you.
Kara: Mother.
Alura: My daughter. You’ve done it. You’re a true hero. You were willing to give your life to rescue this woman. For a true hero isn’t measured by the size of her strength, but by the strength of her heart. Now, at last, my daughter, you can come home.
Cat: Congratulations, Supergirl. You’ll make one heck of a god.
Kara: Mother, this is the moment I’ve always dreamed of… but… a life without Cat, even an immortal life… would be empty. I wish to stay on Earth with her. I finally know where I belong.

Funny story!

I’m seeing a few funny story posts around tumblr and I thought I would add my own. 

So in my college there’s this wonderful goody two-shoes who acts like an angel and a total sweetheart all the time, right?

Occasionally she will come over to me in my class and start a conversation with me and I don’t really mind tbh

So the other month, a friend of mine told me that she’d wrote a status on facebook (I don’t have her on fb so I didn’t know) saying something about hating people who ignore her (I think it was something like “Can’t stand people who ignore you… Just say hi, it’s basic manners”)

Now, naturally I assumed everyone in college knew I was deaf, it’s my third year here and I know everyone fairly well. Clearly, not everyone knew.

Anyway my friend decides to play along, see if he can get a little bit more out of her, I mean her status could have been aimed at anyone, really.

He comments asking who this is about, and she says it’s someone in our class, so that really confirmed everything really. He comments things like “oh yeah, it’s totally rude when people do that I totally know what you mean” and of course no one knows that he’s reporting back to me and that we’re both laughing at the whole situation.

Then other people comment too, “oh yeah I know who this is about” “oh I once asked her what time it was and she ignored me” “I said hi in the corridor and she blanked me” etc etc. And I’m sat here reading these comments like “great, let’s see who we can add onto the ‘I don’t like you’ list”

So eventually, after they’ve all finished bitching about me, my friend decides it’s time to drop the “d” bomb.

He comments “oh by the way, she’s deaf”

The status was deleted 5 minutes later.

Since then, miss goody two-shoes hates me. She’s never tried to talk again and she glares at me all the time. I don’t really kind, I just kind of smile smugly at her.

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What if Scotts biotics like actually stopped one of those pillows like instinctly and he didnt know or realize. Alec would just be "yes!! I knew it Ellen. It worked!MY Science worked!!!" And he just ups the ante with Scott. "It's training Ellen" as he chucks the throw pillow in little Scott's face with unnecessary force. Ellen just done with this craziness. That's not how Science works Alec.

STOOOOPPPP oh my god poor Scott. Scott’s like eight fucking years old and has NO IDEA what’s going on.

I imagine Scott’s childhood involving Alec is a lot like this gif:

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Ellen suffers. Her poor son. Sara doesn’t even get the same treatment. Alec says it’s because Scott makes this face when the pillow hits him. A delayed response. A delayed scrunchy face. He blinks real slowly then his nose gets all scrunchy and his brow wrinkles. Takes him a while to process that his father just chucked a pillow at his head.

One day, at twelve years old, Scott finally taps into conscious biotics and launches the pillow right back. It nearly knocks Alec out. And Alec has never been more proud. And the look Scott gives him could kill.

“Alec, that’s not science. I’m a scientist, Alec. A biotic scientist.”

“Okay, Ellen, look. Just because I don’t have a  fancy fucking degree doesn’t mean I don’t know my shit. You’re not the scientist of everything. This is obviously a branch you don’t know about.” Anything to justify chucking pillows at Scott.

What i spend my afternoons on everybody. 
Tag yourself, i’m a worried dad.

Can’t wait for some chick of our generation to become president and be like:
“I know for a fact that the earth is gonna be hit by a big ass comet!! @dicksucker365 posted it on tumblr!!”
“Albert, I can’t make it to our meeting with the National Security Council next week. There’s a Harry Potter convention I must go”
“If I’m the first lady, my wife is the second?”
“We’re just a couple of lesbians ruling the world”
“Back in our days, Supernatural was the greatest show ever”
“Superwholock was actually a thing”
“Sherlock and John were so in love”
“Destiel is still not canon"

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title: wake up call

pairing: dean/cas

rating: explicit

word count: ~1.5k

tags: handjobs, blowjobs, grinding, pwp, dirty talk (if you squint)

summary:  This was definitely, definitely strange. The last thing that Castiel remembered was going to bed with Dean, not Balthazar or Meg or anyone else who would wrap their arms around his waist and press themselves right up against his back like this. But Dean Winchester had his entire fucking body wrapped around Castiel’s, arms winding around his waist and legs intertwined with his own, and to be perfectly honest, he didn’t know exactly how to feel about it.


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best friend to boyfriend: woozi
  • woozi was that little kid who wanted to sit by himself and draw rather than play with everyone else
  • one time you hurt your leg on the playground so you had to sit and rest while your parents tried to comfort you but you were wailing and crying and no one knew what to do
  • lil woozi just walked over and sat next to you with handed you his coloring book and some crayons
  • you were sobbing bitterly and he just patted your shoulder and said “it’s okay”
  • you scribbled all over this page of a dragon and eventually calmed down before you thanked him and gave back his stuff
  • you both saw some other boy fall over and woozi just laughed….woozi no…..
  • he may look like a gumdrop but he is a very salty gumdrop
  • he’s still very quiet and reserved but he can play ten different instruments, compose his own music, sing, dance, rap…..what can he not do……he could take over the world if he wanted to not that he hasn’t thought about it
  • he’ll sit next to you during lunch hour at school and doodle or write in his composition book
  • you guys don’t have a lot of conversations beyond small talk but he enjoys your presence and you enjoy his 
  • whenever you two went over to each other’s houses you would probably be reading a book or drawing something or looking at your phone while he fiddled with his guitar or wrote in one of his countless notebooks and there would be music playing from his stereo
  • not a lot of talking would go on but it would be peaceful and chill
  • woozi still laughs at other people’s pain but not at yours
  • one time you were having a rough morning and at lunch you were practically crying into your sandwich and he didn’t show it but he was devastated
  • he had no idea how to comfort you so he rubbed your back and said “i’m sorry”
  • it might not have been much but for you it was enough that he cared
  • he realized after then that he cares a lot more about you than he thought he did
  • he’s not one to fall in love at the drop of a hat so he’s v v nervous and just like !!!! what do i do !!!!
  • his acts of love for you are very subtle
  • like if you guys get coffee or lunch together he pays for your stuff
  • sometimes he’ll leave notes in your locker or inside your textbooks like “hope you’re doing well” and “fighting” awee
  • and he got a lil more cuddly, like he’ll lean his head on your shoulder or loop his arm around your waist or hug you when he sees you and when you leave
  • he found out your favorite song was “i’m yours” by jason mraz so he took it upon himself to learn it on the guitar
  • it was literally the only song he listened to for an entire week; even if he wasn’t practicing it he would sit or lie somewhere and close his eyes and listen to the song while thinking about you and it makes him feel so calm
  • finally he mustered up the courage to play it for you while you were at his house one time
  • he was like “mind if i play something i’ve been learning”
  • and you were like “yeah totally”
  • the second he played the first note you knew exactly what he was singing and you were like !!!!!!!!!! oh my gosh that’s my favorite song !!!!!!!!!!
  • and he performed it so beautifully, you like his version the best
  • when he finished you were like THAT WAS SO AMAZING and he got super flustered and said “thanks”
  • and then he was like “…….so can i be yours?”
  • and you were like “what are you talking about?”
  • he was internally screaming the entire time but he said “i really like you and i kinda wanna go out with you…… will you?”
  • and you were so surprised bc this was so unlike him but you were like YES
  • he was so relieved that the worst was over and you guys were together now
  • you’re basically his muse now, he’s filled pages upon pages with songs about you
  • cuddling with him is the absolute greatest, like it’s just you and him holding each other tightly with your heads nestled into each other’s shoulders and your limbs wrapped around each other’s bodies…..good stuff right here
  • he’s so dang comfortable with you, he just talk about anything with you or show you his music and not have to worry so much about how you’ll respond bc you love him
  • and woozi loves you so flipping much  
Sakura Hair

Sarada: Mama, can I ask you a question?

Sakura: Sure

Sarada: Why is your hair pink?

Sakura: I was born like this.

Sarada: That not much of an answer…

Sakura: ha ha… I ask my parents your grandparents about that when I was your age too.

Sarada: What did they say?

Sakura: Well it a very old story like over 400 years old.

Sarada: (Eyes sparkled with curiosity) I want to hear it!

Sakura: Ok, your grandfather side of the family is where I got my pink hair and a old story that connect to that.

Sarada: (listening closely)

Sakura: Our ancestor was a Traveler who have seen the world. He saw the world with an open mind and a kind heart. He saw tha beauty in even the most sadness of places. He gave words of wisdom and encouragement but if that wasn’t enough he would take action. He would help build up homes that have fallen and find important items that belong to the dearly departed and give them to their living family and friends to help them move on even if it only a little it was still a right step to recovery. He never gave them his first name but he did tell them his last.

Sarada: What is his first name?

Sakura: It was Kei ()

Sarada: that means…

Sakura: Yes, that means blessing since his parents had trouble conceiving him. When they were 23 the mother felt unwell and couldn’t eat many different types of food at the time realizing she was pregnant it was consider a blessing for them so they name they new born son Kei.

Sarada: Amazing.

Sakura: During Kei travels, he actually got lost in a big forest and that was the greatest thing that ever happened to him.

Sarada: What happened to him!?!?

Sakura: He met her of course. There was a lake with a waterfall think that he might have finally found a way out. When he got there there was a woman taking a bath there. This really surprise him that he fell backwards making a loud noise that caught her attention. She got out of the lake put on the first layer of her clothes on and check it out.
When she saw him she reach out her hand to help him up. Kei look up at her and saw that her hair was pink. After he got up and apologize, he ask her what was she. Do you what she said.

Sarada: What?

Sakura: she smile and said her name is Sakura and she a Cherry Blossom Fairy. She was so beautiful and unique that he ask her to marry him on spot. Both of their faces was so red but that didn’t change the fact that he have already fallen in love with her. She couldn’t make up her mind so she ask if they can take it once step at a time and this made him unbelievably happy. After a year of traveling together they got married and have a child together. I’m actually the third child in our family to be born with pink hair and the second after her to be name Sakura.

Sarada: That so amazing MAMA!

Sasuke: It really is.

Sakura: Sasuke-kun!?

Sasuke: So I also marry a one of a kind. (Putting his arm around her)

Sakura: eh!?

Sarada: Mama, Papa, Now I want a little brother and we should name him Kei.

Sakura: Eh!?

Sasuke: That not a bad idea, well Sakura we should get started than.

Sakura: EH!?!?