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" Hey, what about this one? Oi! Watch the claws!" Killian held up the twisting black ball of fur, grinning widely as she pawed at his bangs. "She's kinda cute, don't you think?"

The idea had been a novelty at first, an amusing notion but not one that he’d taken seriously until much later…3 am, to be precise, when the mental image of a sweet little bundle of fluff curled up on the foot of the bed refused to leave his mind. The text to Killian had more or less sealed the deal, the younger man’s excitement so contagious that Guy had barely been able to sleep that night.

When they’d seen the kittens, all tiny little things with squinting eyes and soft little “mews” as they explored their surroundings, his heart had melted. He didn’t know exactly what a munchkin was, but the name was rather self-explanatory, and the short, stocky legs that left them hugging the floor beneath them completed the picture. They were, in a word, adorable.

The tiny black kitten with the soft blue eyes that had marched right over to Killian and proceeded to attempt the long climb up the leg of his jeans had brought a beaming smile to Guy’s face, and the warm glow that settled somewhere in the center of his chest at the sight of Killian cuddling her left no doubt in his mind, they’d found their kitten.

“She’s beautiful.”


by 水野 環

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OOC question here. I'm sorry but I can't remember if you ever mentioned your name. I understand if it's supposed to be a secret though. Just curious.☺️

Sam ^_^ 

(Pictured below, the cutest Witch Sam to actually ever exist) 

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I really think that they may come out in Daniel’s birthday, which is the 16th of December. If they don’t, it is going to be a really cute vlog anyway! Imagine Joey and Daniel kissing under the mistletoe!!

PS: look at Daniel’s hand please, I want to die! I was thinking earlier this week like, they cant do anything that suprises me anymore, like the hair rubbing is just so common and stuff like that. BUT, this picture actually killed me, heart-eyes Daniel, his hand, EVERYTHING about this picture is perfect!!