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Mine’s Better (Auston Matthews)

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Can you do an Auston Matthews imagine when you are from Southern California (like San Diego area not LA 😂) so you always “jokingly” talk bad about AZ and then one day he post a video of you to arguing over which state is better and he posts it on Instagram and everyone thinks it’s the cutest thing ever.

Word count: 1171

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How you managed to end up in one of the coldest countries in the northern hemisphere was beyond you. After growing up in sunny San Diego, everyone was shocked when you decided to move to Toronto with your boyfriend, Auston. The move in itself was easier than you had expected. The two of you had a nice little apartment, a close group of friends that actually weren’t after being friends with the ‘rookie phenom’ known as Auston Matthews. You even enjoyed the city and your classes. The one thing that you couldn’t get used to, and probably would perpetually complain about, was how damn cold it was in Toronto.

You were used to waking up and seeing a beach outside your window, not five inches of snow. Where your feet were once adorned in either Chacos or nothing at all, you now had to layer socks and wear heavy boots. Your wardrobe that once consisted of nothing but t-shirts, shorts and bikinis were now replaced by cardigans, jeans and sweaters. Worst of all, your cute little convertible was traded in for a heated car with 4-wheel drive.

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Jared Leto (The Joker) x Reader

     Imagine being Jared’s girlfriend and he tells you he will play The Joker in The Suicide Squad movie.

        -He brings home the script and reads it every day. A lot of times he asks you to jump in and help him; you usually get Harley’s part.

      - When he rehearses the club scene, you like to sit in his lap, munching on a little sandwich. When he gets to the part: “You don’t want no beef?”  you pull apart a little piece of beef out of the sandwich and feed him. That makes him laugh and you get a kiss for being goofy.

       - He has to cut his long, beautiful locks for the character and you actually cry like a baby. You love his hair. He believes it’s the cutest, sweetest thing ever and he hugs you for a long time, promising he will let his hair grow again after the movie is done.

      - To compensate, he asks you to help him choose a shade of green for his Joker hair. You do, but you have no patience so you insist dying his hair yourself to see how it looks like. The bathroom is a mess afterwards but the end result doesn’t look bad at all and you are both happy with the outcome.

      - At first, he has a hard time talking with his metal grill and you make fun of him because he stutters, but somehow it makes him cuter. You tell him he looks like a sexy nerd. He can’t stop giggling- he is really not attempting to go for a sexy nerd look.

      -He is trying different make up combos for his character and you love watching the process. When he finally decides for the pale look with red lips, dark eyes and tattoos, you are thrilled: you really dig it. But something is missing. You grab your eyeliner and write “Damaged” on his forehead. Jared likes it so much he wants to keep it for the movie.

       - He likes to parade in front of you dressed as the Joker, trying to get your attention while you read your books. He tries different laughs and sometimes he sounds so annoying and you’re just like: ”Really??! Let me read my book.”

       -When you make dinner, he likes to sneak behind you and rest his chin on your shoulder, whispering in your ear: “Would you die for me?” (He knows you love this part). You smile: “Yes!”    “That’s too easy…Would for me?” You turn around to look him in the eyes. “Yes!” He grabs your waist,casually swinging you around:”Would you…get naked for me?”   He’s such a dork. “YES!!!!” You shout, jumping in his arms.

       - He works out like crazy because he needs to be in great shape for the role. You have to admit you REALLY enjoy that. I mean, he looks amazing anyway, but since he got involved with the movie you can’t stop yourself from wanting to touch him every damn second.

        - The time to start filming is coming closer and closer. Jared spends a lot of hours working hard, trying to perfect his alter ego. He walks, dresses and talks like the character and you have to admit you find him sexier that you expected. There is something very appealing about this badass he’s bringing to life.

        - One time, when he is practicing walking around the house, you have no choice but to stop him, push him in the bedroom and tell him to make love to you in character. He really turns you on. He doesn’t even think about protesting so he just jumps on the bed, huge grin on his face, takes his white shirt off slowly and growls: “Come to daddy!”  You feel you’re going to lose it so you don’t wait for a second invitation. You crawl on top of him and you whisper: “I think I just came, babe.”  He bursts out laughing, shifting you over so he’s on top on you.

        “Man, I’m good!!” he declares full of himself, covering your neck in kisses. “Well, since I’ve done my duty…” he suddenly says, trying to get off. “Come back here, Leto!” you say reaching your arms and pulling him back on top of you.

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literally the whump community is the cutest thing ive ever seen. ive never been a part of an internet community before and this is the best way I could possibly start out, you guys are the sweetest most supportive and understanding people, it’s actually a little ridiculous! and also a quick thanks to @fyeahvulnerablemen and @whumpgalore because i watched you two answering all these asks and talking to people for a while before i got the courage to make my blog and without ever talking to me you showed me how amazing this community can be so i felt right at home when i joined. bless you!!

I did it. 

It was only going to be a warm up drawing. Like just Dream!Sans, actually cause he’s the cutest little guy I ever did see.
But Nightmare!Sans provides good contrast in design because where Dream is a little more complex in design and light in color, Nightmare is just flat out black and simple and I love it.
I don’t know why I gave them the buttons (Fight and Mercy). Probably because it’s how I see them. I could be wrong. 

Took about an hour on this thing. Please don’t murder me.

These cuties belong to @jokublog, creator of the Underflesh AU.

Judge me if you want...

But the guy I’ve been dating for a little bit bought Oliver 2 little NC state outfits and a set of NC state pacifiers because it’s his favorite team and he wanted to get something nice for Oliver!!! That is actually the cutest thing ever and so thoughtful. I really hope that things continue to go well with him because he’s really awesome and understands 100% that Oliver and I are a packaged deal. 😊😊😊😊


so a modern royals au where jungkook is the crown prince of korea except he’s kind of a disaster who can’t keep himself out of trouble and seokjin is the tutor the queen hires to try and control her son and honestly seokjin starts out only doing this for the money but he can’t help but feel a little sympathy for this royal brat who just wants some room to breathe and jungkook can’t help but respect his gentle new tutor who still stands up for him even when he has no real reason to and no one’s ever had this much faith in jungkook in his entire life and yeah jungkook knows he’ll do pretty much anything so as to not disappoint seokjin (which may actually be the cutest thing seokjin’s ever seen)

10 Reasons to love Vernon

1) Though he is an extra loud dork at times he is actually the sweetest most quiet little bean

2) His smile could end wARS

3) He wears sweaters/hoodies that are way too big for him & it’s honestly the cutest thing

4) His voice is probably the calmest most soothing thing you’ll ever hear

5) Even though he is in the Hip-Hop Unit & is known for his rapping, he has the sweetest singing voice

6) That thing he does where his voice goes all high when he’s talking about something exciting

7) He is probably the biggest Harry Potter fanboy on the planet

8) His laugh is so odd & funny & he laughs at basically evERYTHING

9) He is very pro self-confidence & thinks everyone should love & accept themselves

10) The bubble thing. (YOU ALL KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT)

What I Loved About Age Of Ultron:
  • Clint being an adorable farm boy 
  • Clint living in an adorable farm house 
  • Clint and Laura being the cutest thing ever 
  • Clint’s kids calling Natasha ‘aunty Nat' 
  • Clint and Nat being bffs
  • Clint keeping a picture of his family with him during the fight
  • Clint giving Wanda a choice to fight like an actual choice 
  • Clint could tell she was scared and said that he’d find her brother if she didn’t want to fight and meant it 
  • Clint’s sarcasm 
  • Clint’s exchanges with Peitro like “You didn’t see that coming?" 
  • Clint going back for that little boy even though it could of meant death
  • Clint falling asleep right after the final battle was over
  • Clint (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
It's Liam's birthday and you better fucking believe I'm making a huge post about him

•Well first of of all Liam as a kid aka baby Liam was the cutest kid you will ever imagine. he wasn’t like those little devils you see running around OH NO he was an absolute angel (who embarrassingly didn’t learn to walk for the longest time because he kept falling)

•I’ve already made a headcannon about this, but Liam and Cole had lightsabers and would “fight” it was mostly Cole getting angry and Liam just swinging the thing around clumsily going “pew pew!”

•A little bit before he was taken to camp he was bored and wondered if you could actually slip on a banana peel and did it… Ended up fracturing his wrist. Harry didn’t question why he found his stepson on the floor clutching his wrist with a banana peel next to him

•One of my favorite things about Liam is that he never forced or pressured Ruby into telling him that she loved him and I look at that and just beg that Liam was real person

•Favorite moments include: socks scene, him falling on his face when he tried to fit in and play with the guys at east river, him creating their own AU, him being such a gententlman when meeting Ruby’s parents, and when he came up with the idea for a mini road trip, Tree house, etc.


•His friendship with Chubs is the type of friendship that when they watch a movie they shout out “that’s you!”

•Since Liam has the energy of a puppy, him having half a cup of coffee means for the next two days he’s jumping off the walls

•When Liam was really little he had the curliest blonde hair and it was adorable I tell you

•Liam Michael Stewart is real husband material 👌🏼

•When they are looking for houses they have to specifically buy one that has no stairs. Ruby has seen him fall enough she would rather just not have to visit the hospital every week.

•Liam’s style consists of at least something with flannel

•OH MY GOSH IMAGINE LIAM IN A SUIT I mean he would be miserable but JUST IMAGINE

•also add glasses to the last look and you basically die of the mental image

•He totally passes out in the hospital when Ruby is delivering

•I’m sure Liam holds the title of dialogue that caused the most pain to our hearts


•97% of Liam’s jokes are dad jokes

•Also 1000% agree with @liamdarlinstewart ’s post. Liam’s abs are fiiinnneee

•out of Ruby and Liam, Liam cried more at their wedding

•he also cries more in sad movies and Ruby always tells him to women up because there is no way she gonna say man up when women up is the same thing *snaps fingers*

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FUTURE HUSBAND (he’s real and don’t you dare tell me otherwise)


“Sam, we can’t just keep ignoring this. I know you’re angry, but maybe this isn’t really a bad thing…”

“What?! It’s not a bad thing that I can’t even look you in the eye anymore? You are my best friend Y/N, and I screwed it up.”

“Maybe I don’t want to be best friends anymore Sam.”

“What the hell does th-”

“Sam! What we had that night… I want that. The two of us, together.”

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For the Ultimate Ask: Your fave ship that has Kenny in it!

Omg thanks for actually asking me I didn’t think anyone would considering I literally have 7 followers lmao (I love all 7 of you, youre my pride and joy (even the one pron blog)).

My fav ship with Ken in it is easily Crenny, such an OTP!!!

·Who was the one to propose: Kenny, it was the cutest thing ever (in his opinion). Quiet and intimate (Craig isn’t a fan of public spectacles), he just kinda popped the question during the middle of a shitty movie. Craig thought he was kidding at first, but when Kenny produced a little box with a folded piece of paper inside reading ‘I owe you one ring’, he knew he was serious.

·Who stressed more over wedding planning: Neither, kind of. They both know it would be a small ceremony, and Craig couldn’t care less if it took place in a church or Kenny’s family’s garage. On the surface, Kenny looks as if he feels the same, but he cant help but double check the guest list every other day to see if they forgot anyone and to re-call the florist to make sure the flowers would still come on time.

·Who decorated the house: Kenny, Craig gave him creative freedom to do what he felt like to their apartment. His decorating consisted of random murals, mismatching furniture, and a 2nd grade soccer trophy on the mantel they don’t know the owner of—Kenny insisted it was a conversation piece.

·Who does the cooking: Kenny enjoys cooking so he does it when they’re not having take out (which they had more often than they’d like to admit). He was pretty good at it considering he took home ec. all throughout high school and made his family’s meals when they had the means.

·Who is more organized: Craig, he just has a particular way he likes to do things. Kenny calls him anal but Craig tells him if he wasn’t the one who organized their dresser, Kenny would just walk out of the house naked.

·Who suggested kids first: Kenny, he always wanted kids, but he was kind of scared considering his living conditions growing up. But once he realized he and Craig were established adults that had the funds to take care of a child he jumped at the chance. Craig would rather be surrounded by animals until he died, but Kenny tried slowly bringing home random children’s toys as some weird way to sublimely trick Craig’s mind into wanting kids. It kind of worked, seeing Kenny so excited sparked something in Craig, and before he knew it, they were signing adoption forms.

·Who’s the cuddler: Kenny is super touchy and always finds a way to lean up against Craig. But secretly Craig enjoys cuddling way more than Kenny.

·Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: The roles are pretty much equally shared, it’s not something the consciously think about.

·What’s their favorite non-sexual activity:  Watching cute animal videos on yt for hours on end. They enjoy it immensely while sober, but there was just something extra special about watching puppies play in a field when they’re high af.

·Who comes home drunk at 3am: When Kenny is coming home drunk at 3am its usually with his designated driver, Craig, at his side. Craig wasn’t much of a drink, he thinks beer tastes like piss.

·Who kills the spiders: Craig has no issues with killing bugs, but Kenny insists that he does it. Craig thinks Kenny just wants to feed his hero complex.

·Who falls asleep first: They both have shit sleeping habits and tend to go to bed around 1am or later, but Craig always seems to knock out first.

·A head canon: When they’re not together (at work, errands, doing their own thing, etc.) they text pictures of cute dogs they see throughout the day to each other with 50 emojis following the photo.

·Do they have any “rituals”?: Every morning Craig brushes Kenny’s hair out of his face to gently wake him up, and every night Kenny kisses Craig’s forehead before bed.

·Who has the most patience?: Kenny. Under that stoic mask Craig has a fiery temper only Kenny has the patients to deal with.

This was so fun!!! I’m glad I could do it!

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I hope the anon gives suggestions of who they wanna see f/f hc of but for the meantime... I just wanna share how much I love Nancy Wheeler, like out of the 3 main teens, Nancy is #1 in my heart~~~ And it makes me so happy! since a lot of female characters aren't written as well as male characters which makes it harder to connect with them (in my opinion anyways). Sometimes it'd make me wonder if I even actually liked girls or not b/c I'm not the type of person to get crushes (1/2)

on a lot of people or develop a lot of “romantic” feelings for so it can be difficult. BUT OHMYGODS. NANCY WHEELER 😍 and her insecurities, her awkwardness, her smarts!, her strength & perseverance! her fury&anger! And she has THE CUTEST LITTLE SMILE HOLY SHIT! and when she’s practicing shooting the gun, she did this little thing where she stuck her tongue out ever so slightly , 👏THAT HAD👏ME👏DEAD👏 And it’s just so wonderful b/c I can’t help the occasional sense of doubt but NAnCy🙏🙏🙏 And it’s also nice since Natalia Dyer is just a couple of years older than me, and overall just a relief finding a girl around my age to ~love~ like how I feel about characters like Peter M & Bucky (who are wonderful but it’s nice to like a celebrity/character who’s actually my age, ya know?) Anyways. I love Nancy Wheeler. This has been a PSA 💙💯💯💯😍🙏

i’m crying this is fucking adorable and i’m so happy that you found love in nancy

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Emma I just found out the cutest thing earlier today, the owner of the used bookstore I go to is married and has two little girls, we're pretty close and freindly and were talking about his yougest making messes and I brought up bath tub crayons (if you've never seen them they're literally big crayons that you're supposed to use to draw in the bath, but if you aren't extremely carefull they'll create the biggest mess EVER) anyway he told me he and his wife actually use them to leave notes 1/?

to each other all the time, and I just..,imagine domestic, parents!Sterek who have a bunch of lil babies and end up using the bath crayons WAY more than the kids do, they leave messages on the bath tub for each other whenever one of them goes into the bathroom for anything, they range from stuff like “You have the prettiest smile” and “Your butt looked especially good today” to doodles of Spiderman and “OMG X-FILES IS BLOWING MY MIND” to jokes and limericks and when the kids are asleep they play their favorite risky game “How many dirty jokes/comments can we leave before a child finds one?” and inevitably if either of them left something that the other didn’t see before one of the kids gets up for the bathroom and they find it then whoever left the dirty message has to do some stupid chore like walk the dogs for a week or be the poor looser who takes the kids to the dentist the next day or whatever.

Obviously they only play that game when all of the kids are too young to really read, the older their oldest gets the more creative they have to get with their words so they don’t ask questions, but by the time the oldest child gets to a reading level where they can identify their first cuss word they have to stop playing because it’s only a matter of time before she figures out what “I wanna tap that booty like a game show buzzer” means (incidentally that was the comment that made Stiles lose and have to clean the kitchen a few months ago). 

BUT ALSO here’s the thing about those crayons, if you don’t wash them off fast enough- or if you mark them on anything that ISN’T the bath tub- they don’t come off, they stain HORRIBLY. I was that kid that took the black crayon and drew all over the walls with it and I don’t think my mom got it all off for MONTHS, so just imagine that sometimes they don’t get to a message fast enough or they decide the message is so nice they don’t want to wash it off, so slowly the bathtubs become covered in little stained messages, like a real-time memory album, moments captured that are actually pretty insignificant and that makes them BETTER because it isn’t like looking back on dance recitals or anniversaries, it’s remembering when the new Beauty & The Beast movie came out and Stiles wrote a Sterek version of “Tale As Old As Time” on the tub, it’s remembering when one of the kids got stung by a bee and Stiles freaked out so much he cried and Derek comforted him, it’s remembering that Derek loves strawberry ice cream and that Stiles’ hair looked especially fluffy that one day, it’s remembering that it’s Derek’s turn to do the laundry and that Stiles was so sleepy one night he wrote a long message of incoherent words that fifty years later still stump the entire family as to what he was trying to say. 

And slowly the messages encroach over every bathtub, every shower, even the SINKS because they run out of room, they add on a new bathroom at one point with the excuse of having too many kids but everyone knows it’s just so they can fill it up with more messages, they spent twenty years sharing the two or three bathrooms they had in the house WHY ADD ANOTHER ONE //NOW//? But just imagine all of the really RANDOM messages that get left there and aren’t washed away in time because life gets in the way, “Why did I ever like Fred Flintstone? He’s such a poophole D<” “I'msosleepydereksendhelpnomoreslumberpartiesplzsleep”, “I’m craving pizza thanks to your big mouth Stiles- DON’T WRITE SOMETHING DIRTY”, “Abby learned that bad word she wasn’t supposed to know and now Mrs. Miller is mad at us” “What word?” “The one that makes Scott sad” “There are like 3” “The bad bad one that you didn’t know till you were 9 IT’S YOUR TURN TO CLEAN THIS THING STOP WRITING BACK”. 

It’s like the “leaving messages in steam” thing only cuter because you have the option of saving them!! 

I don’t know why I’m crying, because this is so damn amazing and happy. BUT THAT IS EXACTLY WHY I‘M CRYING. Can I please have this? Just…yes. This is it. This is the headcanon I want. This is the Sterek pokemon I choose!!! 

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pillow talk with mingyu please!

Pillow Talk with Mingyu:

  • the cutest thing
  • forehead kisses and cuddling
  • actually a little shy and giggly
  • his giggle is super contagious
  • sometimes he might not be in the mood to talk too much 
  • and just holds you w/ that cute pout
  • but when he’s talkative he’s very much so
  • tells you stories about really strange things that have happened to him
  • like literally these things would only ever happen to kim mingyu
  • promises to share his special recipes with you
  • but in turn you have to pinky swear not to tell anyone else
  • he never ever forgets to tell you he loves you before falling asleep

this new project is dope we get our own little office building thing idk to work in and it’s the cutest thing ever. also my new classmates are really nice and idk i probably looked like i was bored af the entire day but i actually had a lot of fun. how are you guys doing?