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Benedict saying he wasn’t sure how Mofftiss would be able to pull off s4, but then getting on board after hearing a more detailed pitch, makes no sense if the season were meant to be taken at face value. At face value, the season is: Mary’s past catches up with her and she redeems herself by taking a bullet for Sherlock, John grows angry with Sherlock for not protecting Mary, Sherlock puts himself in danger in order to snap John out of his depression and make them friends again, we find out Sherlock had a secret sister the whole time who killed his dog, which was actually Sherlock’s childhood best friend (and the sister reveal couldn’t have been a shock to Ben because it was in the version of the script for HLV sent to the Emmys).

Nothing about that makes you think, “Gee, how will they do that?!”

Unless the audience had wool pulled over their eyes in a major way somehow.

Redrawing some Ready Player One fanart from three years ago that I won’t link to because I am very ashamed of. Looking back at it now, there were a lot of issues with this book, but Aech was never one of them.

and yes she is signing ‘lesbian’ that was on purpose

also tumblr fucked up the quality so i recommend full view

Waiting for the right time

Dr. Hooper entered his home after excusing himself from his colleagues’ company; he promised them before he would attend the annual medical conference with them after finishing his day work, he blamed it on a very trying day at job causing a deadly headache.

He closed the door of his room with key, checking the window to be firmly closed.

He stopped in front of the mirror memorising how he looks like with his suit and mustache, with a heavy sigh he reached his wig taking it off slowly to reveal the long hair that kept underneath it, pulling the huge mustache off to let the small beautiful womanly features appear.

She went still, it was like she’s looking to a stranger she doesn’t recognize, she couldn’t remember the last time she stood in front of a mirror as Molly Hooper not as Dr. Thomas Hooper, the suit looked off on her after removing her mask, she went to wear a simple night dress and got back to where she’s been, studying herself like it was the first time.

She didn’t lie to her friends, it was a trying day at the morgue, but not because of the piles of works she had, she got used to that, actually she was living to prove she was the best, so when everything revealed like the plan was, they all would stand dumbfounded for months, that it would be the talk of society for years, that it would prove her case, her gender case, or at least help.

But today was different, she met him, she could feel he was her soulmate the moment she laid her eyes on him, she went silent listening to him deducing everything about the corpse laying in front of her, just watching him in awe, he was brilliant, he didn’t even give her a glance, or notice her appearance till Dr. Stanford introduced her to him as the best pathologist in Saint Bart he could work with, and introducing him as Mr. Sherlock Holmes, the only consultant detective in the world.

She wasn’t sure if he felt it too or not, panic rose in her veins, and her heart beats went faster, wondering if he did what would he do when he discovers her.

To her surprise he didn’t even get his eyes off the corpse, kept studying it, saying smirking he would take her Boss’s word for just now, she wanted to attack him with her words for his disrespectful answer, but she couldn’t find her voice, he turned to face his friend, it was the first time she noticed him, the rude detective gave him instructions to solve the murder case, but he seemed like distracted by her, he was narrowing his eyes looking to her with uncertainty, she didn’t give it much a thought, till he raised his hand to shake hers, all she could recognize from what he said was “interesting” with a face full with a huge smile, her mind wasn’t with him, it was with the man who rushed out of her morgue yelling at his friend, John was his name, to hurry up.

Her mind was recalling the whole situation like a book she reads, how her heart skipped a beat when she saw him, how brilliant he is, the beautiful color of his eyes that she didn’t know yet it would haunt her for nights in her dreams, his harsh words that questioned her proficiency skills.

He wasn’t affected at all, seemed like he didn’t give her even a look, she had mixed feelings thinking about that.

She looked to the mirror, running her fingers through her long –screaming her femininity- hair, deciding exactly what she would do about the new situation.

absolutely nothing.

She was fighting in a battle she can’t lose, it wasn’t hers to lose, she was fighting for all the wronged women of her generation; she was part of a big plan, a revolution to right the current situation to obtain their normal rights.

She silenced her beating heart, shredding one last tear for the life she could never have, holding her head high leaving the woman who glanced at her from the other side of the mirror, comforting her soul by thinking it is just the wrong time, maybe in another life.



It was his turn to look to her in awe. It was her all this time, how could he be that blind, that ignorant.

He knew he met his soulmate one day in this life, the mark was deeper now, but he could never remember when, he deduced that his mind found it as unimportant information and deleted it somehow, he was proud of himself, boring domestic life and a dull wife were the last thing he needed now and ever. The nearest relationship he had was with the adventuress Irine Adler, she occupied his mind for a long time with her case and her revolutionary personality, but she couldn’t occupy his cold heart.

She wrote to him after she left England, the last letter she told him she found her soulmate and she would stay in France, that was years from now.

He felt sorry for her, finding your soulmate would turn your life upside down, this woman couldn’t stay in a country for more than half a year, now she settled down just because she found someone she thought he will be the reason for her happily ever after.

He was glad for his situation in this life and the past lives he had, he was free to do whatever he wants whenever he wants without fearing anything, but sometimes he felt annoyed, it was like an unsolved case with the answer rubbing itself under his nose teasing him.

As usual he was right, literally right. The nagging doctor who turned his life into living hell with every case they worked on it together was his soulmate.

SHE was his soulmate, this brilliant stunning strong woman was his soulmate and he was as clever as a tire to notice her. He tried to find her after solving the case but she was vanished, he didn’t even know her real name.

The next day he stormed into the morgue searching for her, Dr.Stanford told him that the good doctor is taking the next couple of days off to get prepared for the conference he will host.

Those two days were enough to recognise some facts.

First he was stupid, second she was in danger with every day she spent in this disguise, yes it was for a noble case but it was her life in stake now, he felt unease with the thought, his heart was screaming at him to save her, his mind was convincing him it was a lost case, she would never accept, but he remembered Irine, she left it all for love, he knew it would take a lot of time to convince her to leave it all and run away with him, starting a new life where nobody would recognise her or could hurt her, he would sacrifice his current living for her, of course she would reciprocate.

He went to the conference, searching for her everywhere before it was her time to speak, he failed again.

She was at the stage and all the doctors and journalists who attended the conference gave their attention to her, he watched her, listening to every word she said with confidence, she made the whole place stunned with her speech, the hall filled with applause and cheering words for the brilliant doctor, but she didn’t get down, after all the voices died she looked to him.

He knew what she was going to do, but it was too late, before he could move she took off her mustache, than she pulled off her wig, the hall that was filled with applause less than a minute ago now was filled with shouting and harsh words ordering her to get down, calling her the worst names.

But he didn’t hear all of that, all he was focused on was reaching her and all he could think of that he couldn’t no matter how hard he tried, hands were holding him, prisoning him, he saw two police officers reaching for her putting her hands in cuffs, he screamed her name or at least the one he knew her by, she looked to them all demanding them to remember her as Dr.Hooper the woman who fooled them all, then she looked to him with sad eyes, he wanted to assure her that he wouldn’t let any harm come to her, that she will be safe, but the hands kept pushing him away.

He freed himself,went running after the carriage that carried her but his legs let him down.

He reached the police station yelling and asking for her, they told him the carriage didn’t reach the station, it never did nor did she.

It was the perfect plan, just like Recolliti’s, he thought.

It was the talk of clubs for years, the woman who fooled them all.

She vanished with no trace to follow, he knew now that the sad eyes weren’t out of fear, she was saying her last goodbye to him.

Leaving no trace didn’t stop him from searching for her for the rest of his life, he never lost hope.

The day he died he was laying with a peaceful smile on his face, promising himself he will find her in another life.

The present:

He got up with wide eyes and a forehead dripping sweats; panting heavily trying to catch some air for his desperate lungs, this wasn’t a dream, he thought

No it could never be a dream.

He got up in hurry and dressed up fast he didn’t even notice what he was wearing.

He stopped a cap and barked all the time for the fastest route that could make him reach his destination faster even by one minute.

She was wearing her coat to go home, she was desperate for a hot beverage and some food, it was a trying day at the morgue.

She heard the door opened and turned to see who’s coming in this late hour.

“Damn it Sherlock, I told you there is no parts available today, you didn’t have to come here to check”

He was just standing there, looking to her like he never saw her before, like she was a wild creature from an old book.

“Are you ok?” She asked concerned.

Before she could reach him she heard him saying one word


She went still, he said it in awe, with longing filling his eyes, he remembers.

She looked to him with surprised eyes for a moment, then, they were relieved and peaceful, her smile was dazzling, she straightened her back unconsciously taking the same position in the old church.




She didn’t know why she spoke in this moment, she could let another one explain, take the lead and she stays hidden in the dark, but it was like an internal force pushing her to show herself as she really is.

She knew he recognised her in the instant, not just as Dr. Hooper but as his other half as well, the admiration look in his eyes melted her heart.

All her partners’ eyes were on him, all of them but one, Lady Carmichael’s eyes floated between him and her, studying them.

Her ideal’s stares made her feel she could read her like she bared her soul under her foot, it terrified her.

Lady Carmichael narrowed the distance between them, asking her to come with her quietly.

They left the scene behind and took the carriage to their other bolt hole.

It was the first time they were together alone without the rest, hideous scenarios ran all over her head, the worst was that the good lady thought she revealed her disguise for the detective under a moment of weakness.

They reached the small house, her host offered her some tea then took the seat in front of her.

“You’re going to host the next medical conference” it wasn’t a question.

She sipped from her China “it will be the perfect time to reveal your real self” still no request in her tone.

She was shocked, that was not the plan, reaching one of the highest position at Bart before revealing herself was the real plan, and it was going better than expected, her career was heading up faster than any body thought.

“I don’t understand, the right time was with my name in the head chief of Bart’s office”

She was boiling with anger, she knew the day would come, but not that soon.

“Well it’s not an option any more don’t you think"her voice was cold.

“I didn’t…” the word choked in her throat, she was fighting tears.

“I didn’t uncover my disguise to anybody, I would never threat our case for any personal reason” she defended herself from an accusation was never pointed at her.

The lady’s eyes softened for a while with a hint of compassion, holding the young woman’s hand with one of hers

“I know my dear, I trust you, but can you trust him, that he will never be a threat for our society, for our cause”

Words failed her.

The older women straightened her back, gaining back her cold face.

“You will take the next days off, preparing yourself for the day, the carriage will take you home now”

The day they waited for had finally came, she was more than prepared for her role, mastering it, she walked to the stage with steady steps, looking to the hall from the height, journalists were crowding all over the place, a good sign.

He was sitting there, watching her with eyes full with worry, she ignored him.

After the aplause stopped, she prepared herself for the next, she picked another glance, his eyes were now wide with terror, he deduced what she was about to do, before giving herself time to think, she took of her mask, she didn’t trust herself for long time.

Lady Carmichael was right, they needed more than two fake police men, she could see him fighting with all he got to reach her, her screamed name on his lips ripped her heart, she looked to him for the last time, memorising his features, like she could ever forget.

‘Goodbye Mr. Holmes’ she whispered to herself.

They smuggled her out of the country, with a new disguise as Dr. William, she travelled to Africa, searching for solace and comfort there just like Dr. Watson did when his friend faked his death.

She found her happiness in helping the others who desperately needed her, dedicated herself for them till the last day of her life, she couldn’t deny that she missed him, dreamt of him, but if time went back, she wouldn’t change a thing.

Six years before he remembered:

she was eating her cold salad reluctantly when Dr. Stanford entered her office with hesitating steps.

“Molly I need to ask you a favor”

“No, Myke I won’t work with him, I saw Magy after she worked with him, she didn’t recover yet”

“Please, I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t urgent” he pleaded her.

She couldn’t resist him, he was like a father to her.

With a heavy sigh she got up, at least she was rescued from this desastereous plate.

She entered the morgue, he was giving her his back lowering himself to the level of the victim, what a freak!

“You needed my help?” She asked exasperated.

“Yes yes, the other one was just too stup..“he rose up to look at her and stopped dead, she didn’t move either.

His expression was screaming 


Hers wasn’t any better.

She stormed out of the morgue and ran for her life, her legs took her to the nearest lady’s room.

She was breathing hard, relying on the door behind her.

From the billions human beings in the world, it had to be this asshole, she thought bitterly.

Glimpses of a life wasn’t hers started to surround her brain, she was collapsing on the floor from the killing pain inside her head.

She remembered first.

She got out searching for him but he was gone.

He didn’t show up for another month.

When he did he made it clear he wanted nothing from her as a soulmate, that she would be better without him.

To his surprise, she simply agreed, with no argue at all, leaving him short with words and heading to her office.

She remembered every single detail, if this Sherlock was anything like the other, he would come to her, he loved her once, his voice screaming her name assured that, what will stop him from falling again.

It was just a matter of time, and she could wait.

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brunowritings  asked:


I’m not sure this is going to break your heart but I tried my best to angst it up >:3 hopefully it lives up to expectations! (ALSO THIS IS OVER 2000 WORDS AND I’M ABOUT TO CRY SO PLZ ENJOY!) @brunowritings

- Ghost


·         Battles with other stand users were unpredictable in every sense of the word, no matter how much information was known about the user very little can be collected about the stand until it actually reveals its abilities; caution was always the best way to go about these missions because it was the best chance to keep everyone safe, but it was only a matter of time before there was a slip up, and it came so at the ultimate price

·         The mission was supposed to be simple – every possible enemy that was supposed to be present was accounted for and Buccellati and the other Passione members were prepared to finish the job with as little trouble so that they could return to Passione’s headquarters; however as Bruno and S/O ensured that the enemies were no longer an issue

·         The enemy stand user had come out of no-where before any of them had the chance to bring forth their own stands and released a horrific screech, which in turn sent forth something akin to a shockwave, not strong enough to wipe everyone off of their feet but more than enough to have the Passione members bracing themselves against the sudden force; the moment the noise and shockwave reached Bruno a wave of disorientation hit him hard – he knew it had done something to him, but he wasn’t sure exactly what it was until he straightened himself up and scanned the surrounding area, preparing himself to confront the enemy stand

·         The stand was nowhere in sight however the user was not too far away from him, staggering forward as if disorientated themselves and Bruno brought out Sticky Fingers to take advantage of this fact before they too composed themselves, lashing out with his stand and taking them down with no issue whatsoever; it wasn’t until he’d finally retracted his stand that the change happened, it was almost as if the image of the enemy stand user was wavering like the reflection in a pool, flickering like a dying candle until disappearing altogether, revealing that it wasn’t them – oh god it was S/O

·         The deafening silence which filled the air was horrifying more than anything – S/O’s breaths had long since stopped as their death had been swift and they were frozen in place, curled up on the floor as if to protect themselves from the blows, and Bruno felt the realization that he had been the one to cause his partners demise crawl its way from his stomach up to his throat as he tried to force down the burning sensation which collected in his eyes; despite this though he wouldn’t cry yet, he’d ensure that the real enemy stand user learnt just what they had done, and it would be a long, long time before Bruno even considered giving them the release of death – he would be putting all of his anger into making the enemy pay

·         He wouldn’t cry in front of the rest of Passione but they all knew, the long nights he would spend mourning for his lost S/O and blaming himself left him mentally and physically drained by the time morning came and it was impossible to ignore the faint tear tracks which lined his cheeks perpetually; he would bury himself into his work as a coping mechanism – the breaks he used to take to visit S/O were now non-existent and his hours spent working would bleed from one day into the next without so much as a wink of sleep, even when Giorno manages to force him to pull away from his work Bruno won’t sleep, the lingering thoughts of his partner’s death keeping him painfully awake with the reality creeping back up on him – S/O was dead, and it was by his hand


·         Giorno prided himself on remaining rather composed when confronted with enemies both gangster and stand user alike, at the end of a fight he and his fellow Passione members would always come out on top and he and S/O would always be able to end their mission returning home together where they could rest up and relax until the next mission came along which needed their attention; of course there were the odd inconveniences but it was hardly anything which they couldn’t handle – after all when the two of them worked together they could be a lethal pair, it was almost as if they were untouchable – until they weren’t

·         They had cornered off the attackers at an abandoned building, fortunately away from any potential prying eyes as they fought – they needed to be rid of them as swiftly as possible before things got out of hand, however Giorno made sure that every person present on the mission exercised caution, if they could prevent any unnecessary injuries then it was best to do so

·         They had separated and spread out across the area to effectively take as many of them as possible, and Giorno had faith that all of his fellow Passione members were able to take care of themselves so he focused on using Gold Experiences abilities to wipe out any straying enemies; thinking nothing of turning all manners of objects into a variety of animals to send right back to the attackers, making swift work of taking down at least a handful of them at a time with the creatures alone and it didn’t take long before the last of them had been dealt with, however there was anything but relief upon doing so

·         Everyone had eventually come back together, albeit with a few minor injuries sustained but otherwise okay, however as more people returned the more Giorno began to realize that S/O was not among any of them, in fact in all of the chaos it appeared no-one else had last seen them since they separated either; this fact set the blond on edge as he turned on his heel and re-entered the building, apprehension bubbling in the pit of his stomach as his eyes scanned throughout the area ravaged by the prior fight before they finally landed on his beloved S/O, slumped like a ragdoll in the far side of the room as if discarded and he wasted no time in rushing to their side

·         Their stare was blank, void of anything that could remotely suggest they were still alive and it was painfully clear that they had perished during the fight, and yet it was only upon noticing the bites and marks which marred their body that the way of which they had died dawned on him – the creatures he had created using Gold Experience had not only killed their enemies, it had killed his S/O along with them; every single breath he took was heavy and quivering as he reached a hand out to close their eyes, using his stand to repair their damaged skin so that they looked untouched once more – it was futile of course and he knew in his heart they were long dead regardless of what he did he still healed all of their wounds, making them look almost as if they were sleeping as he took them into his arms and exited the abandoned building – he was not about to leave them behind in such a wretched place

·         Their death left a permanent scar on his mind, never allowing himself to forget that his S/O’s blood was on his hands and the months he spent wondering about what their potential life could have been like had he not been so carless – would they have been happy? Would they have returned home to spend the evening in one another’s company, falling asleep knowing he was there to protect them? Sadly the one they relied on to protect them the most had failed to do so, and he would never get to know the answer to these questions; every free moment he spent was something to honour or remember his partner in some way – visiting all of the places the two of them had travelled together and recalling the memories they shared there, keeping a collection of their belongings or items of sentiment to look back on, he would never fail to visit their grave whenever he had the chance, each time bearing a gift of some form which he knew they would have liked (such as their favourite flowers)as he would spend time simply remaining there, often losing himself to memories of them, clinging to them no matter how fleeting and perhaps recalling a few out loud as if his S/O was still there to hear them (perhaps because there was still a part of him which refused to let them go, desperately wishing from beneath a flurry of conflicting emotions that they were there to hear his words, and the begs for forgiveness which came with them)

Risotto Nero

·         Metallica was a deadly stand, that was a fact which simply couldn’t be argued – unless Risotto kept a firm eye on its range and whom exactly it was going to affect with its ability it would undoubtedly lead to a potentially lethal situation for everyone, target or otherwise; so seeing the state of his squad – so badly injured at the hands of a rival gang whom had come out of nowhere – he can already feel his anger bubbling dangerously with his stand itching to come out to cause some serious damage

·         He’d bark at his team mates to get back and outside of his stands rage as far as they can to be safe, and the moment they pass beyond the 10m mark he’s no longer holding anything back, ensuring that every single one of their opponents suffer through all manners of metallic objects – Knives, scissors, needles are just some of the few things he produces from their blood, nowhere near their vitals just yet, however even once they had all perished something didn’t feel right

·         Everything seemed to pass by in a blur, there was an odd feeling which overwhelmed his every sense to the point where he hardly recognised that something was touching him before he had lashed out with his stand , barely registering what exactly he was attacking until it was far, far too late to relinquish his ability before any permanent damage was caused; the haze clouding his mind was quick to dissipate and in seconds he registered that someone was in front of him, an almost disbelieving expression of horror on their face as they stumbled back momentarily before collapsing to the ground

·         It was S/O, they opened their mouth as if to say something but the only thing they could muster were a few pained gasps for air before they began to hack up blood, his stand had torn up their insides in the moments it had been active and it was clear they weren’t going to survive past a few minutes at most; there was no amount of medical care (no matter how quickly it arrived) that could make any difference, the most he could do was diminish the pain as best as he could by ensuring they didn’t move around too much, gently elevating their body enough to rest their head in his lap and keeping them as content as he could until they eventually passed

·         Risotto wouldn’t dare to move for a long while, simply cradling his S/O in his hold without a single word and anyone who dared to even direct his attention elsewhere was met with a cold stare until they backed off, eventually though they would have had to fall back – remaining in the public eye for too long ran the risk of getting caught and even with his reluctance

·         S/O’s funeral would be one held with only the members of La Squadra present (after all the assassins only had one another, there was no room for people uninvolved with Passione to come) and whilst small and brief it seemed to solidify that they were in fact gone – and it was because of him that they were no longer alive; from that moment on Risotto seems to completely shut off onto auto-pilot, he buries himself into their missions and ends up throwing aside all else other than his work even the basic human necessities; what comes as the most terrifying is when someone met his gaze – they’d find nothing, no emotion, no thoughts, no feelings – his eyes are void and hold no life anymore, and that alone makes it clear that his S/O’s life wasn’t the only thing lost in that battle

Direct Quotes from my Mother while watching Scream
  • “Ten bucks they’re going to make Stavo and Audrey hook up and we’re going to die because why”
  • Me: I like Emma and Eli. Mom: Eh. I still like Eli with Audrey. Me: ??????? In what world?????? Mom: I don’t know. Their hair is similar and they’re both pretty so I mean
  • “Do you think if she dates Eli Kieran will fix his hair”
  • “I bet she chloroformed him and she’s pretending to be tied up” *five minutes later when Audrey is not actually tied up and reveals she did, in fact, chloroform her best friend* “CALLED IT MOTHER FUCKERS”
  • “I’m so glad you have someone who loves serial killers as much as you on a TV show.” (thanks mom)
  • “It’s not Noah, Audrey or Maggie because I said so, so who’s next on the list of maybes?”
  • “Jake was such a fucking ass hole but I miss him so much. I love you Stavo, but you’re not Jake and I want him back.”
  • “Oh darn the creep teacher with an obsession with an underage child was tortured and died in a fire, what a shame”
  • *My grandma calls during an episode* “I’ll call her back later. Nothing is more important than Scream. Except you, I love you. But Scream.”
  • “Eli deserves better he’s too good for this town and I love him” (she cried at the finale omg)
  • and my personal favorite: Mom: *Audrey telling Emma she broke her heart* STOP FUCKING BITCHING AND FIND MY NOAH I DON’T CARE YOU CAN MAKE OUT LATER WHERE THE FUCK IS NOAH
You’re Not My Date

Anon Asked: Can I request a reaction where Ikon sees their crush getting ready for a date with another guy and she’s like super pretty and they’re jealous and give few jealous comments about it ? Thanks xxx P.S I’m the girl who requested “ I don’t mind ” reaction and I really loved it ! It sounded like something they’d say ^-^

I’m glad you enjoyed the last one! I hope you enjoy this one too!! 

-Admin Ha Seok


“Jinan oppa~, how do I look?”

“Your skirt is too short..”

Jinhwan would just sit there and play with his fingers while you got ready. He wouldn’t be happy that you were getting all dressed up for a guy that wasn’t him.  

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“Yoyo~, do you think he’ll think I look pretty?”

*mumbles* “I think you’re too good for him.”


“Nothing, you look gorgeous.”

Yunhyeong would sit there and think about what you’d look like if you went on a date with him?”

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“KIMBAB! Does this outfit look good or nah?”

“Don’t you think that’s too revealing???”

Bobby would try everything in his might to make sure that you’re covered up so that the guy you’re going on a date with doesn’t get any ideas of you.

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“Hanbinnie~ Does this skirt look weird one me?”

“Why are you wearing a skirt? You hate skirts. Wear pants.”

Hanbin wouldn’t like that you’re asking his opinion on something that didn’t involve the two of you,especially on a date.

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“DongDong, does this dress make me look fat?”

“No, it’s actually too tight… and revealing..”

Donghyuk would try his best to hide the feeling on being jealous but he couldn’t anymore. You were going on a date and trying so hard to impress another guy.

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“Help me pick out what to wear?”

“Why? Do it yourself? That guys not even nearly as good looking as me.”

Junhoe wouldn’t like that you’re asking his opinion on something that involved you dating some other guy. He’d be a complete bitch the whole entire time.

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“Chan Woo~ does this look cute?”

“No, Wear sweats.”

Chanwoo wouldn’t even try to help you look good. He’d just tell you to wear something extremely chill, like pajamas. Chanwoo wouldn’t even want you to leave he’d try to distract you with something like video games. Trying to act innocent and distract you with his smile. Fight Me Chanwoo

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Anonymous asked:

Do you have any advice for handling the “revelation” portion of a novel? I mean the big reveal when the main character goes “Ah, I’m actually a long lost princess! It all makes sense now.” Another way to ask is: how do you write plot twist scenes or character turning points without it sounding trite?

It’s really all about laying the groundwork ahead of time. What you want to do is surprise the reader, but in such a way that they look back and realize the pieces were in place all along. And, if your character is able to say “it all makes sense now,” you’re probably doing just that. The “all” would be all the little things that didn’t add up, but finally mean something when that last piece of information is discovered or revealed.

Your best bet is to start by figuring out what those details would be. You want things that don’t mean anything on their own, but which start to have more significance as each new detail is added on. For example, let’s say your character IS a long lost princess. Here are some potential clues:

1) Origin story doesn’t add up - maybe her adoptive parents say her mother was a beggar woman in the village who gave birth and left her baby on their doorstep before disappearing. But maybe the girl considers the fact that she has never seen beggars in their village, because the villagers are so charitable that they would never allow anyone to be down on their luck long enough to be considered a beggar. That would be a good first clue that something is off with the story. There could also be changing or conflicting information between each parent’s version of the story, or what she hears from other people. That would be another clue that the story is off–especially if there’s someone else who knows the truth, and they tend to clam up or make silly excuses when the girl presses them for information.

2) Discovery of origin objects - perhaps the girl is digging around in the attic one day and she discovers a chest containing a luxurious baby blanket with a silk embroidered name on it that isn’t her own name. There could even be something else suggesting that the owner of the blanket was of high status. Then, if she presses her adoptive parents about the find and they give her the run around, here would be two more interesting clues. None of the clues so far give away the fact that she is actually a princess, but they certainly would have the reader’s interest piqued. 

3) Gossip and Legends - maybe there’s a village legend whispered among the children or repeated over frothing mugs of ale at the local tavern. It all ties back to some terrible thing that happened at the palace, and how shortly thereafter, a mysterious man arrived in the village in the middle of the night, was taken to see the village’s mayor, and was never heard from again. Maybe some say he carried with him a small bundle, which some thought was a young bleating goat, but others swear was the head of a screaming banshee. Perhaps your character hears about this story, as it’s passed along during a harvest festival bonfire, and she poo poos it as a childish story. The reader might not even think twice about this, but if later it’s revealed that the man was actually the king’s best knight, and the screaming bundle was actually a baby–her–then the reader will look back and think, “OF COURSE!!!”

4) Random bits of information - there can be other information gleaned in a variety of ways, too. For example, maybe the king–the new king, the one who usurped the throne on that terrible night, who happens to be the brother of the old king–comes riding through the village on progress and someone notes that he has the same golden hair as the girl. Again, not super interesting in and of itself–lots of people have golden hair–but when taken together with all of the other information, it’s pretty compelling. BUT, it doesn’t outright spell out the truth. And, what’s even better is you can throw your readers off the scent a little, because maybe some of the really astute readers will have put two-and-two together by now. But then, what if the big reveal isn’t that she is the daughter of the usurped king and queen. What if it turns out she’s actually the daughter of the usurper, and he had her sent away to keep her from ever being able to challenge his throne? After all, if the legitimate king and queen had no children of their own, a disliked usurper could potentially be replaced by his own beloved heir when she comes of age. There’s your real plot twist! :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question may go unanswered. :)  

Unpopular opinion - Sherlock TFP Spoilers

Unpopular opinion… Especially after looking at the posts on this site. But I actually really enjoyed this episode. Yeah, okay, completely off the wall, and some parts were a bit iffy.

I loved the flashback with Moriarty and the reveal that Redbeard was actually his best friend. Okay they didn’t have to do what they did to molly hooper but for God sake people, they are trying to show how fucked up this woman is. After all, she spent over 30 years in (mostly) solitary confinement in a prison, with no contact with her family (other than Mycroft). I thought they wrote her exceptional well.

Mrs Hudson made me laugh as always.

The way Mycroft tried to make sherlock kill him so that he’d still have John, his best friend, like fuck! That really got me! In this one episode they have managed to show more emotion in both Holmes brothers than they did in 3 seasons. That to me is incredible and very well placed.

I love the video with Mary at the end with the montage of family. That is what this episode was really about. It’s what all three episodes have been about, I feel.

All in all, I don’t understand all the shit that people are giving it. I bloody loved it.

The Unseen Bankai: Some Predictions

As requested by madokaichimaru. :)

Here we are, in chapter 500-something of Bleach, and there are still many bankai that have not been revealed. We could just wait patiently for their reveals. OR we could spend our time guessing (fruitlessly) about what those unseen bankai might be! So here are my guesses as to what those unrevealed bankai might end up being.

1. Isshin: A cannibalistic bankai

All we know about Isshin’s bankai is that it takes a lot out of him - back in the flashback, Aizen commented that Isshin was too injured to use his bankai. This may just mean that Isshin’s bankai requires a lot of stamina or a lot of spiritual pressure. But I prefer to believe that Isshin’s zanpakuto is actually cannibalistic in nature: it grows in power by feeding off of Isshin’s blood. After all, his shikai already has one blood-based power. Why not vamp that up into a full-on “zanpakuto eats its host in order to produce its attacks” bankai?

The best way for this to be revealed: Isshin shows up in time to fight Liltotto, so that “eating power” is pitted against “cannibalistic zanpakuto.”

2. Ukitake: Steals your entire power

Ukitake’s shikai is reflective in nature: it absorbs attacks and then sends them back in a slightly altered state. Perhaps, then, his bankai will not merely reflect a person’s power, but will straight-up steal it. Perhaps if you get stabbed with Ukitake’s bankai, he will steal your entire power. And then use it to kill you.

The best way for this to be revealed: Ukitake uses his bankai against Giselle, thus taking control of zombie Hitsugaya.

3. Kyoraku: A game zone and “sudden death”

Fair warning: I do not believe I have the creativity to come up with a bankai as horrifying as Kyoraku’s hopefully will be. But I have heard the theory that Kyoraku’s bankai will create a “game zone” in which Kyoraku’s zanpaktuo will create the rules for anyone caught inside. That’s a cool idea. It does seem like Kyoraku’s bankai should be game-based, much like his shikai. So my only idea is a “sudden death” game - a one-move, deadly game in which either Kyoraku or his opponent must end up dead. I can see why Ukitake wouldn’t want him to use that.

The best way for this to be revealed: Kyoraku uses it to save Ukitake.

4. Yoruichi: Becomes an actual demon cat

Yoruichi’s bankai is a bit hard to predict, as we don’t even know what her shikai is. One theory, though, is that her ability to change into a cat IS her shikai - and that her zanpakuto is “missing” because she has, um, absorbed it or something. If this is true, then perhaps in her bankai state, she becomes a true demon cat: monstrous, bloodthirsty, murderous. Then Byakuya’s silly “demon cat” nickname will turn out to be a clue this whole time.

The best way for this to be revealed: Yoruichi uses her demon cat form to protect Byakuya.

5. Urahara: A death mist

All we know about Urahara’s bankai is that it is not suitable for training - or at least, that is the excuse Urahara gives when Chad asks him for some training. And despite Urahara’s tendency to lie, I like to believe he was being honest there: his bankai *isn’t* suitable for training (because it kills so very very quickly). Perhaps Urahara’s bankai is just a red mist that settles over a wide area…killing everyone and everything it touches. 

The best way for this to be revealed: Urahara uses his bankai to kill a bunch of opponents all at once.

6. Love: Flaming spiky bombs

Love has a pretty giant shikai - it’s this big spiky, cactus-like thing that he uses to smash his opponents. And he also has the ability to set it on fire. In bankai, then, this fire and spikiness could be combined into some sort of grenade power: Love lobs spiky, flaming, bombs at his opponents.

The best way for this to be revealed: Love actually shows up.

7. Kenpachi: An even bigger sword

I know that the general pattern in Bleach is “small-big.” Ichigo’s shikai is giant, so therefor his bankai is small. Soi Fon’s shikai is small, and therefore her bankai is giant. Unohana’s shikai is giant, and so her bankai is goo (I still don’t really get that one). But I just feel like Kenpachi will buck the pattern, and that even though his shikai is giant, his bankai will just be even MORE giant. Because that is how Kenpachi rolls.

The best way for this to be revealed: Kenpachi uses it to attack Ichigo just because.

8. Shinji: A more physical inversion

In shikai, Shinji transports his opponent to the “inverted world,” a realm in which everything is reversed: up & down, left & right, the direction of attack and the direction of damage, etc. Perhaps in bankai, this “inversion” ability takes on a more literal dimension. If Shinji stabs you with his sword in bankai, *you* invert: suddenly all of your organs and innards are on the outside, and you are dead.

The best way for this to be revealed: Shinji wins a fight. Against anyone. I literally don’t care who.

9. Aizen: Changes reality

This is not an uncommon theory. Since Aizen already has a godmode shikai that alters perception, the theory is that his bankai must alter reality. This assumes, of course, that Aizen has a bankai - there’s also the theory that his shikai is just so powerful that he never bothered to get a bankai. But that theory seems like less fun.

The best way for this to be revealed: Aizen uses his shikai to bring Ichigo back to life after Ichigo inevitably gets killed.

  • Most murder mystery stories: our followers don't know anything about this setting or these people so we can drop a few things that seem like obvious hints but we'll do our best to make the actual killer an absurd mystery so the reveal is a surprise to everyone
  • Ten Little Roosters: our followers have a disturbing level of knowledge about our history and personal attitudes so literally everything we do will be an obvious hint, we'll drown them in obvious hints and literally turn the viewers' assumptions into a plot element, for all they know we're lying and Joe the Cat is the real killer

anonymous asked:

Peter gets so angry with some villains at some point because they're going into a tangent about their lover betraying them or whatever, and just bursts out "WHY ARE ADULTS SO FREAKING COMPLICATED?!" and then promptly realises that he literally just screamed that in front of everyone in the middle of the day, in front of a live television reporter. He sinks to his knees in dismay and turns away from the villain, holding his face in his hands, mortified.

1. Peter shouting about adults being Extra is my favourite thing. Peter bitching out adult criminals for being petty and complicated and then trying to give them advice (which usually ends up being stuff like, “Then just STOPING CHEATING ON YOUR WIFE, Craig”). Please.

2. Peter getting VISIBLY FLUSTERED in the suit. Flapping his hands, and hiding his face (even though he’s wearing an all over MASK), and squirming, and just laying down on the ground. Laying on the ground mid-villain monologue. Villain: “Are you… are you okay, kid?” Peter: “I live here now. On this patch of asphalt. I live here.”

This is NOT okay.

So, earlier I said that I would write about the “UNCOUNTABLE loose ends” in this episode. But I do not only want to write about that; I want to get those shitty doubtful thoughts out of my system, too, because I’m aware that they are WRONG. Because Moftiss did it wrong. And we don’t and never have.

Yesterday evening truly devastated and traumatised me. I’m not joking here - I still feel like reality comes crashing down on me. And I’m aware that you all out there reading this post might feel the same. It’s a shame how things turned out. And there are countless reasons for that.


Where should I begin this? It’s painful thinking about it, but well, it is what it is, here we go.

At first, I want to talk about the time before the BFI screening:

  • Moftiss repeatedly stated over all the years that this show wouldn’t be about the cases but the relationship between Sherlock and John.
  • Everybody involved in the show promised this to be the best episode so far. And we believed them.
  • They protected it from spoilers vehemently (a promo picture was even removed from many blogs by the use of lawyers), so The Final Problem was the episode we knew least of.
  • They said that it would be “groundbreaking”, it would “write television history”, it would be “beautiful”, a massive “rug-pull”, “insane wish fulfillment”, “something that’s never been done before” and many other things.
  • Benedict said at Comic Con, “Love conquers all.”
  • Amanda even promised us a kiss via Twitter-emoji-hints.
  • Mary died in The Six Thatchers and The Lying Detective was all about reuniting John and Sherlock.
  • Arwel still tweeted elephants after The Lying Detective.

What else would we think but that The Final Problem would be about Johnlock?

Then, there was the BFI screening without NDAs and a lot of other weird things happened: The episode was leaked by Russia and Turkey within less than a day and the people involved with Sherlock twittered about it - “please, do not share #KeepMeSpoilerFree”. No lawyers at all. It felt so ridiculous. I didn’t watch this episode, because everyone said that it would be as absurd as the fact that it was leaked twice WITHIN ONE GODDAMN DAY - Clue-theory was swirring around. Nearly everyone was convinced that the leaked episodes and the one of BFI were fake. I mean, under given circumstances, who would not?

Nobody would stay that calm and be that careless with their “best” episode after being so protective about it, if there was no plan going on under the surface. Nobody would just go and say, “Oh, well, what bad luck! But hey, c’est la vie. Let’s inform all our followers about it and ask them not to share that information we just shared with THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE.” Nobody would say, “Just some days left, fuck the final sprint of keeping secrets now, it doesn’t matter anymore, does it, I don’t mind all the effort we took to create this season - oh, yes, and all the previous ones, too, sure. Even though that is ‘everything we’ve been building up for for the last seven years’.”

Oh, you’re telling me that this is exactly what happened? Oh, okay. I see. All plausible. Wait, WHAT?! olaenwoywehdaejf

I wanted to believe in Clue-theory so deeply. I still do. I still want to believe that our Dads are so clever. I want to believe that they love us as much we do(/did).

And then, yesterday’s episode aired. And it was already the first scene that told me that the next one and a half hours would be horrible and hurtful. Honestly, the first half hour I repeatedly felt the urge to cry, as I was forced to watch what the creators did to our beloved characters and show. When they brought in Oscar Wilde, I almost bursted out into tears. And everything was like a cheap joke, a not-so-scary version of Saw and The Ring. NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING really reached me emotionally, not even the reveal of Redbeard actually being Sherlock’s childhood best friend who was killed by Eurus. I was so caught up in the shitty, teary feeling that they messed up the whole series. And the ending … the ending literally tore my emotional life apart. Why is Sherlock visiting Eurus to save her twisted psychopathic psych? Why the fuck are they are playing a violin duett? Why are Mycroft and his parents there, watching like it was a redeeming moment? Why does the coded blackboard say that they trolled us? What do they mean by that? And why does Mary say that it does not matter who Sherlock and John really are, that all that matters is the legend, the cases, the adventures?

Everything in there is ridiculous and unreasonable. I don’t know where to begin. It’s better I leave it like that and point out some of the highlights:

  • Mycroft’s umbrella is actually a gun disguised as a sword.
  • John Locke cried blood red tears. (Me, too.)
  • Mycroft and Moriarty were in contact. Mycroft invited Moriarty to Sherrinford in order to give Eurus her … Christmas present - five unsupervised minutes with Moriarty. Moriarty and Eurus planned everything on from The Reichenbach Fall - predicted everything, FIVE YEARS. Within FIVE MINUTES. (Didn’t see that coming.) They even predicted that Sherlock would choose to shoot Mycroft. No more words needed.
  • The Three Garridebs were just adapted for the sake of … their names?
  • Eurus forces Sherlock to call Molly and make her confess her love for him. Molly refuses, saying Sherlock has to say it first. Sherlock says it - that’s what we get to see in the trailer #2. Why. Just why. I don’t ship Sherlolly, but even my heart was broken by that scene. Sherlock freaked out after that and so did I.
  • John was put in a well by Eurus and chained to the ground - but he could climb up a ladder as soon as it was put there.
  • Eurus was the fake girl on the fake plane. Btw, that girl was played by the same actress that has already taken part in A Scandal In Belgravia.
  • Sherlock “has always been the grown-up”?
  • Sherlock … “forgives” Eurus? He … “feels responsible” for her now?


Either Moftiss trolled us all along, being the worst LGBT+ supportive, queerbaiting sadists in tv history, or they’ve fallen victim to the success of their show, the heteronormativity, as Mary’s “Missed You”-message implies.

Either way, all that matters now is: We weren’t wrong. We believed in something. And as for me, I still do. I won’t stop that. Because this whole episode was created by heteronormativity. This is not the show, not the characters we’ve known and analysed for years now. And I think Moftiss are secretly aware of that, too. What I’m trying to say is: The Lying Detective even confirmed the drink code, the romance. That was so much. Nobody can take these triumphs from us. And TFP shouldn’t ruin the smart revolution we have built up with our knowledge, our minds, our beautiful and clever community.

I especially want to thank:

@quietlyprim: Thank you for your remarkable videos and sharing your belief with us. <3 You’re charming and beautiful.

@loudest-subtext-in-tv: You’re brilliant, your points are mind-blowing. <3 Never stop analysing and writing meta.

And @ all the others, TJLC and Johnlock-believers out there who may be reading this post: Never despair; you deserve so much better. Keep what this community gave to you - a family, revelations, emotional journeys, brain-stormings and so much more. I love you all. You can all be so proud of ourselves.


My amazing friend Nath gave me a prompt like no other :D

Marichat/Adrinette bc they make me weak

Marinette barely ever got sick she supposed it was because of her good luck, she sure lacked sleep and barely ate mostly just playing with her food, fork in hand pushing things around. But yet now with spring around the corner, the sniffles had gotten to her. She’d been distracted lately since Adrien had been flown to Italy for a five day shoot, meaning she lacked both him and Chat Noir. Adrien and her had became best friends after their reveal. Marinette actually being able to speak a coherent sentence and flirt back with his stupid (but sometimes funny) puns.

They soon after realized their feelings were mutual and started a relationship. Her mind was flooded with thoughts of him, how was he doing in Italy? Is he enjoying the scenery? How is the fashion there? She had sent a “Good Morning <3” text to her boyfriend earlier but she still hasn’t received a reply. Marinette sighed dropping her pen onto desk all motivation to finish her science homework lost. She rolled away from her desk in her chair a groan leaving her chapped lips.

“Why don’t you try getting some fresh air?” Tikki spiralled out from behind the raven girls hair. “Good idea Tikki, I definitely need to clear my head” Marinette bounced up from her chair and walked over to her closet snatching her pink trench coat off the hanger. She grabbed the red scarf Adrien had gotten her for Christmas from a small box and wrapped it around her neck. She told her Mama and Papa where she was off to taking a croissant to nibble on along the way.

“Awfully nice out” Marinette sniffled ripping a small piece of the croissant and handing it to Tikki who took the food happily. Her mind quickly traced back to Adrien. When she found out that sweet perfect Adrien was stupidly silly Chat Noir, she didn’t feel anything about it at first. They two didn’t talk for a while. Patrols were awkward and off balance and battles were hectic and longer than they needed to be. It would’ve stayed that way if it weren’t for Alya locking the two together in a classroom after school. Once fully talked out the two realized that they were partners… Friends. Of course both were upset about “just” being friends but they were glad they hadn’t lost each other completely. Clearly things had worked out, sometimes she was grateful for having a pushy friend. Marinette stood at the end of the sidewalk ready to cross when a tickle attacked her nose a loud obnoxious sneeze escaped her.

“I knew you were thinking of me!” Marinette looked across the street to see Chat Noir hanging from a lamp post. “Shut it Chat Noir!” She yelled joining him on his side of the street. The alley cat let out a chuckle as he slid down the post to meet her. Marinette tackled him into a hug catching him off guard. “Miss me princess?” He cooed petting her hair. She nodded into his chest breathing in his scent. The faint smell of his cologne was masked by his sweat. She didn’t mind it though she was used to it by now. Marinette sniffled backing out of the hug.

“What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be in Italy!” She poked his chest half jokingly half anger. “No border will separate our love” he grabbed her jabbing finger interlocking their hands. Marinette rolled her eyes a blush still grazing her cheeks. Chat laughed “They gave me a day off to explore Italy, but I rather be here with you” he smiled down at her adoration sparkling in his eyes. He leaned in for a kiss and as much Marinette wanted to take it the risk of being caught was way to high.

“You must be starving!” Marinette shoved the half eaten croissant into his chest causing him to pout. “Here i’ll take you back to my place and we’ll have some soup” she grabbed his leather clad hand and turned down an alley so he could let his transformation go. A bright green flash glared before Adrien stood before her. Marinette embraced him in a brief hug sniffling. “Is someone sick?” He joked squeezing her waist. “No way chaton” her voice muffled as she buried her head in his neck. “Lets get you home sniffles” he chuckled playing with her bangs. “Right after you” she smiled grabbing his hand.

babycharlie323  asked:

How do you confirm a calling to the ministry? What if you are just talented and have those skills, is it enough to lead others because you're capable?

Hi! Sorry to be so delayed in response, but you questions required quite a bit of thought.

Here’s my thoughts on the subject of calling to ministry: everyone is called to ministry, but a person’s specific ministry may not be located within a church organization.  Any job that a believer works can be a means of bringing grace to this world, so labeling some jobs as a “calling to the ministry” and others as “just regular jobs” really obscures what God intends for everyone (which is to live as Christ in every area of life).

As far as figuring out if you are supposed to seek positions within a church organization or elsewhere, I’d say the process definitely involves the steps most people use in discovering any sort of interest or passion. 

Obviously, pray about your calling.  You might be “capable” for leadership, but you also have to have your heart in the right place.  Is your desire for leadership to serve God and others?  Is there any component of selfishness to your desire?  Are you overestimating yourself?  Prayer often functions as a barometer of your character, so bringing your desires to God will reveal where your need his grace.

I also suggest evaluating your skills/talents in relation to the position.  Surprisingly, you might not have all the skills, but it does not mean you should discourage yourself.  Some skills are developed with experience, which leads me to my next recommendation. 

If you’re trying to confirm a calling, get involved in activities related to the calling to see if you will be comfortable in that position.  Volunteer, talk with people in those positions, seek leadership opportunities that use skills/talents related to the positions, and just gain experience in the area you are considering as a calling.  When I was in college, the only way I really figured out that teaching was the right fit for me was through the field experiences I had at local schools and the teaching related activities I pursued outside of my studies (tutoring, being a T. A., and being on club councils).  Basically, look for experiences that will reveal if your desires are actually the best fit for your Kingdom work.

Finally, I suggest looking into available resources about leadership (both for church organizations and for business in general).  Off the top of my head, I know there are a number of books on leadership from pastors and businessmen that you can basically find at most bookstores (or Amazon).  In addition, I know Relevant Magazine has a section of their site dedicated to leadership.  Essentially, my last suggestion is to become educated about leadership.  Regardless of what you end up pursuing, leadership qualities are valuable in any position and allow you to maximize your impact.

If anyone else has suggestions, feel free to leave a reply! Sorry to be so long winded in my response, but it’s a hard question and I have not had a Q&A post in a while.