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Boyfriend’s priceless and precious reaction to their first win :)

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RFA +Saeran reacting to a girl asking female MC out

I know it took me ages to write and I’m so sorry but thanks for waiting T.T


  • You guys are attending a real life meetup with some other LOLOL members, but the meetup is really just a bunch of y’all hanging around someone’s house playing LOLOL together
  • There’s another girl there, and the both of you get along really well
  • Yoosung is so glad to see that you’re having fun at first, but after a while, his inner tsundere kicks in and he becomes a bit sour
  • Why isn’t she paying that much attention to me? I’m the one she loves after all.
  • He repeatedly tries to include himself in your conversation, but every time, the girl pushes him back out
  • Yoosung ends up in the corner of the room, a ball of bitterness, you can practically see the black cloud hovering around him
  • “Why are you even going out with him? I mean no offense but he seems a bit…possessive,” the girl comments
  • You see Yoosung flinch a bit, and you open your mouth to retort, but she continues
  • “So I think it would be a much better idea for you to go out with me.”
  • Yoosung lets out a hacking cough, having just choked on his own spit
  • Everyone is staring at you
  • “Uhh…well…I don’t think I can do that.  You see, Yoosung is the only person I’ll ever love, and although of course he’s not perfect, he’s the right one for me, and I couldn’t have asked for a better boyfriend. I’m sorry.”
  • She girl puckers her lips and sighs, a bit sad
  • She nods and continues playing her game, while you sense Yoosung’s eyes boring into your back
  • You can feel the sparkles in the air before you even turn around to look at his beaming face
  • You give him a double thumbs up, which he reciprocates with a wide smile
  • When the session finishes and you return to Yoosung’s apartment, he immediately snuggles you and giggles into your neck
  • “Hearing you say that about me makes me feel so much better about myself, thank you.”
  • Anytime.”


  • He had just finished performing an amazing show, one that ended in passionate song and tears
  • You go congratulate him, and you spot one of his co-actresses coming up to you
  • You’d seen her in several of his plays now, and whenever you two made eye contact, you would feel nervous because her beauty and talent were overwhelming
  • It almost feels like…a female version of Zen…
  • So as she makes her way through the crowd, your palms grow a bit clammy, and you’re trying to summon up the courage to say something, anything
  • Zen obviously takes note of her too, because he quickly clears his throat and opens his mouth  too greet her
  • But she doesn’t even glance at him. Instead, she grabs your hand, looks deep into your eyes, and said “I seem to have fallen in love with you, fair lady, I would please ask, may I have your hand in marriage?”
  • Okay yeah it’s definitely a female Zen
  • Zen glances at you in confusion
  • But you’re just as bewildered as he is
  • Meanwhile, the actress is staring back and forth between the two of you, eyes wide
  • An awkward moment passes before she suddenly lets out a small gasp, covering her mouth with a gloved hand
  • “Wait you don’t mean to tell me…that you guys are going out?”
  • Zen is brought back to Earth to reassert his dominance
  • “Yeah, that’s right,” he says with a proud smile, hooking his arm through yours
  • “Woe! Woe is me!” she cries out, drawing the attention of several people around you, before skipping off
  • She melodramatically spins around the stage once and disappears
  • “I can’t believe…I could have lost you to a woman!” he says as some sort of afterthought
  • Zen seems to think that now you’re twice at risk of getting ‘snatched away’
  • So he’ll look threateningly at girls too if they approach you
  • Zen  I hope you realize you’re scaring away your own fans
  • Next time you see the actress, she smiles at you and invites you to coffee
  • she explains that she’ll halt her advances on you, she merely thinks it would be a shame to not have an amazing person like you in her life
  • Therefore, friends
  • You two plus Jaehee becomes BFFLS


  • There’s this one female customer that comes back several times a week
  • But to be honest, she seems a bit shady
  • She’ll order, then sit at a table nearby and seemingly observe you work while trying to be sneaky
  • and by sneaky I mean she’ll haunch over behind her cup and peer across the rim of her sunglasses at you
  • When you look her way, she’ll pretend to be examining the grains of wood in the table, but as soon as you resume your duties, you just know she’s staring at you again
  • You talk to Jaehee about it one day
  • “Yes, I noticed the same thing, and to be honest, I’m feeling uneasy about it. Should we tell her to stop?”
  • You decide that that would be the best idea
  • So the next time she comes, luckily, there’s only one other person in the shop
  • “We know you’ve been staring at MC while she’s working, and we would both like to ask you to please stop, as it’s making us both really uncomfortable.”
  • Shady Glasses Lady sorta yelps and bites her lip
  • “I-I’m sorry…” she finally says, looking appropriately abashed. “I just…I just really like MC and I was wondering if she would be my girlfriend.”
  • You guys freeze for a moment, though Jaehee recovers in a heartbeat
  • “She cannot, because she’s already taken by me.”
  • “But-”
  • “No buts. She’s my girlfriend, and if you can’t accept that, I must ask you to please not return until you’ve taken care of your feelings.”
  • Muttering under her breath, the lady stomps out
  • You feel your heart beating in your throat
  • Jaehee getting so defensive is actually super attractive?
  • She sees you gaping at her and starts to ask what’s wrong, but you gently kiss her on the forehead and whisper a gentle I love you so much
  • Baehee wraps her arms around you and buries her face in your neck
  • I love you too.”


  • You’re waiting outside his meeting room, which had just finished
  • Business people stream out, and among them, you spot Jumin lurking in the back
  • He’s slowly approaching you, but before he can grab your hand, a woman wearing a neat blouse and a pencil skirt holds out a hand
  • Hesitant, you take it, going for a handshake
  • But she tilts her head down and plants a sweet kiss on the back of your hand
  • “I’ve seen you around this building several times already, and I’m captivated by your beauty.  Would you consider becoming my girlfriend?”
  • “Um..uh…I-uh…what?” you manage to stammer rather ungracefully
  • Jumin sees the hand kiss, but doesn’t hear what she says, so when he arrives, he looks quizzically at her your hand in hers, but otherwise simply smooches the top of your head
  • “Ah, I see. Is he your current partner?” she continues, turning her intense gaze towards him
  • “Yes she is.”
  • “Then, I would like to discuss a business deal regarding MC. I wish her to become mine.”
  • And thus begins some business debate about your net worth and assets either party would gain should you choose to become her girlfriend
  • Jumin’s not having any of it though, oh no
  • He’s mad
  • How dare someone try to take you away from him?
  • He gives her a chilling look, warning her to leave, before he whisks you away
  • As soon as you’re alone again, he holds you close to his body and says
  • “MC, might you please try to refrain using your powers of seduction on other people? Use them only on me.”
  • you do just that
  • It’s a steamy night


  • You’re at a flower shop for whatever reason with your man, and a small, quiet girl wanders around, rearranging bouquets, creating beautiful displays with a wide array of colourful blossoms
  • She’s the only person working there
  • Whenever you two approach to ask her a question, she only looks at Saeyoung
  • Maybe once or twice she glances your way, but immediately ducks her head and scurried away afterwards
  • Saeyoung’s grinning ear to ear, the bastard already knows what’s up
  • Sort of digs it? 
  • (not in a fetishistic sense, more like, it makes him so happy to see how other people fall for you)
  • He actually brings her to the side and tells her to confess to you
  • Which she eventually does, as an absolute blushing mess, fully knowing that you’re already taken
  • But better out than in, right?
  • At least that’s what Seven told her
  • She stammers so much you aren’t sure exactly which words she uses, but when she finishes, you pull her into a tight hug and tell her it’s okay
  • You guys don’t really become close friends, but every week a new bouquet of gorgeous flowers arrive at your door, with a sweet little message written on a card dedicated to you


  • He kinda forgot about the existence of lesbians and bisexual people and what they imply
  • until today
  • You’re out doing an ice cream run, and the girl serving you is paying extra attention to your cone
  • It looks like it belongs in a museum
  • seriously how does someone manage to make ice cream look so good???
  • You order two scoops, she gives you three, and adds special toppings for free hehe it rhymed
  • Saeran expects the same treatment, but he gets exactly what he ordered
  • What the fuck is this shit why does she get all the fun stuff and I don’t??
  • He angrily accuses her of favoritism
  • “Well I mean, yeah, because she’s the one I want to date.”
  • Saeran almost drops his cone
  • “Excuse me?”
  • “I mean, I like her, and I want to ask you out,” she says, turning towards you
  • Before you can say anything, Saeran has already whisked you away
  • He’s pouting, brows furrowed as he paces back and forth
  • He’s resisting the urge to go back and fight her, just because he knows you don’t approve of violence
  • Saeran’s talking to himself, about how people are dangerous, about how he doesn’t want to lose you, about how he never thought that someone else might fall in love with you
  • But gently, you walk up to him and boop his nose with your ice cream
  • A smear of chocolate sauce is left as evidence, but you teasingly lick it off
  • He shudders, forgetting his worries, and leans in for a deep kiss–
  • “Ya silly, we forgot to pay.”

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Hey if requests are open I was wondering if you could do a reaction to their s/o owning a lingerie shop and making her own lingerie and stuff? IF NOT DON'5 WORRY ABOUT IT PLS DONT STRESS YOURSELF OUT OR ANYTHING~~

Don’t worry, I’ll always do your requests~

Jin: Tries to pretend to scold you just because he may or may not have imagined you wearing one of your designs and he got himself flustered. “Wait, but like, really?”

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Yoongi: Doesn’t even seem slightly shocked but actually pretty encouraging. “I know you tell me to leave my work at work but….that totally doesn’t apply to you.”

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Namjoon: Okay, so he’s constantly saying he has perverted tendencies but I feel like he’d be the shyest. Constantly asking if you were just messing with him but when he found out you were serious he completely respects it. He’d ask to go to the shop with you but couldn’t stop looking at everything and wonder just how good it would look on you instead. 

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Hoseok: Would be completely amazed, seeing you head to toe in your own design. “Whoa, you made this whole thing? You’re amazing, Y/N!”

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Jimin: Don’t let his cuteness fool you, he’s gone completely dirty minded the minute you handed him the bag of your prototypes. “You wanna give these a try for me? It’s hard to picture it when they aren’t on someone..”

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Taehyung: Showering you in compliments on how talented and hard-working you are, almost puppy like. “I’m so proud of you~ Can I come visit sometimes?”

“You don’t think it’d be weird?” “No, It’s the shop my baby owns, why is that weird?”

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Jungkook: Get cutely embarrassed, titling his head like he always does when he’s uncertain. “You aren’t embarrassed?” “No, I think they’re all really pretty and it’s fun to make the designs.” “As long as you’re not modeling them…I guess it’s fine. That’s for me, okay?”

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let's talk about enjolras!!

• his parents are cambodian
• they moved to france when he was… ten, maybe??
• he doesn’t know where his dad got the money
• family gained wealth and status fairly quickly??? he doesn’t know how. also hopes it was legal.
• he’s trans — and he only really realised at fifteen or sixteen. his life was fairly sheltered, but he always endeavoured to learn more
• his parents didn’t have the best reaction. actually, they kicked him out for two months. he stayed at combeferre’s.
• always had a thirst for social justice, fuelled by where he came from
• started Les Amis de l'ABC when he was sixteen
• officially disowned at 18
• thought he was going to be a journalist and then suddenly switched paths and trained to be a lawyer. he was like 24.
• he labelled himself as homoromantic asexual.
• and then figured he was just… gay.
• the most stressful part was finding different pride badges.
• dated grantaire briefly at seventeen, broke up with them, and then dated them again at 23.
• which would lead to them becoming Serious
• they don’t marry though
• they don’t mind, either
• enjolras never stops but he also knows his limits and knows when to take breaks. can’t change the world on an empty stomach.


It’s pretty clear it’s ‘splash-proof’

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Can you please make a reaction with I.M (your best friend who actually has a crush on you) jealous because you talk too much for another boy who is your friend too?Sorry if it sounds nonsense or something :)

I.M getting jealous over you, his crush, spending time with your other guy friend

  • you and changkyun have decided to meet up at the practice room to hang out for the day
  • changkyun has recently figured out he had feelings for you, since whenever he saw you, he got mad butterflies as his palms got sweaty
  • but he loved that feeling the most
  • due to both of your busy schedules, you two didn’t have much time to see each other, except for today
  • changkyun was too excited to see you, and when you two met up, he engulfed you in his embrace, squeezing your frame tightly
  • when you two settled in at the practice room, you two decided to order some food
  • though, unfortunately, there were some other people hanging out at the practice room, and one of them was one of your good friends
  • while changkyun ordered food, you decided to go up to greet your friend and talk to him for a little
  • changkyun lifted his eyes up from his phone once he finished ordering the food, and he saw you laughing at playfully hitting a guy that changkyun was not fond of
  • his mood instantly went down, since today you two were supposed to be spending time together and catching up
  • jealousy was building up inside him, but he just focused on his phone
  • once you came back to him, his mood has changed and you have noticed, since it was quite obvious
  • Changkyun-ah, did you order the food? I’m so hungry!
  • Yeah. Is your friend hungry too? Should’ve ordered food for three.
  • changkyun mumbled without lifting his eyes up from the phone
  • it was so obvious he was jealous, but only because he wanted you to see it
  • Changkyun.. Why are you like this?
  • We were supposed to spend time today, just you and me, but yet you went to talk to him instead, ignoring the fact that me and you haven’t talked in over three weeks.
  • you were so surprised, but you knew he was right
  • your heart hurt, seeing him like this, so you stood up and took his hand in yours
  • Let’s go.
  • What? We just got here..
  • Come on.
  • you pulled on his arm and dragged him out of the practice room and towards the rooftop of the building
  • Let’s go somewhere where no one will bother us, okay? I’m sorry Changkyun-ah.
  • changkyun immediately blushed, trying not to let it show
  • It’s fine. I’m sorry for being an ass. Let’s not talk about it anymore. Tell me what you’ve been up to instead.
  • he smiled and ruffled your hair, his hand never letting go of yours

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Bad Girl Ch 21: Haneul The Woman Who Knows All

Okay this is a decently long chapter in Haneul’s, Taemin’s girlfriend and Jooyoung’s friend, point of view. I hope you enjoy the outer point of view and a bit of insight on Zico!

Haneul’s POV

I sigh pulling what little hair I have left into a pitiful pony tail that is barely as long as my fingers. A familiar song buzzes through my lips, filling my bedroom with the haunting tune. It’s a song that has been on my mind all day, weighing on my mind with both old memories and new worries. That poor little girl.

Jiho. Zico.

The strange dog that is always on her heels. I stop playing with my hair and let my hands drop into my lap. When will she figure it out? Will she ever even try to? Another sigh leaves my lips. She has to know that something isn’t right with this man, who I know truly loves her as a younger sibling but has a large amount of guilt in his heart right next to that love. I sigh.

“Three sighs in a row? Someone is deep in thought about someone else’s stupidity,” Taemin muses as he comes up behind me and wraps his arms around my shoulders.

I jump, “You scared me!”

He chuckles, “I was talking to you about breakfast, you were just ignoring me.”

“Sorry Pretty boy I’m just worried about some things.”

“What’s wrong?” The playful air around him shifts, his eyes focused on my face for any tell, something I won’t give him.

“Nothing really, it’s Jooyoung related, I don’t want to bother you with it.”

He groans, “How many times have I told you to mind your own business when it comes to that girl?”

I flick his nose, “She is lost in this big scary world, I’m just trying to help the little girl figure things out a bit.”

“How do you expect her to grow thicker skin if you are always shielding her from everything.”

“That girl has seen plenty, enough bad things have happened to her.”

“You have had worse,” He points out kissing my neck softly. “I don’t want you worrying about her when you have your own demons.”

I chuckle and pat his head, “I dealt with my demons long ago after an angel swooped in and saved me.”

He peeks up a frown set on his handsome face, “Speaking of which why did you invite him to dinner?”

“Why so hostile?” I muse, “He’s your cousin last time I checked.”

“That doesn’t I have to like him.”

I set a signature glare on him, “He saved me, I think that should be enough to earn him some kind of kindness from you.”

“I know but I saved you too.”

“As I remember I repaid that dept.”

He puffs his cheeks, “I know but-“

I finally stand up, making the tall man jump back, his hands are up, ready for whatever he thinks could happen. “But nothing. I still owe Yixing a debt, my life is his until my debt is repaid, I got down on my knees that day and swore that to him. I am nothing if not a woman of my word, remember?”

“How in the world could I forget some of the first words you ever said to me, a woman of her word,” He hums with a smile, kissing my forehead he sighs, “I’m sorry for getting you riled up.” Yet again I find his arms around me.

“I can’t be mad at my pretty boy,” I coo returning his hug.

“I have to get ready for work, any chance I could get breakfast?”

“It is almost three in the afternoon, what do you mean breakfast?”

He frowns, “”It’s not my fault we slept so late, I worked so late and I couldn’t come home until after midnight.”

“You are right, that wasn’t your fault,” He smiles triumphantly, though only for a moment. “But it was your fault that we were up until almost seven in the morning.”

“No it wasn’t! It’s fucking Onew’s fault for keeping me out all week. I haven’t been able to touch you in forever!”

I chuckle as his childishness, “How about I pay for dinner? Sound fair?”

“You know I’m not letting you do that.”

“Fine than, I don’t know what you want from me than. I’m going.” I twirl out of his embrace and rush out the bedroom door. I make it through our living room and reach the door handle to leave our apartment when he catches me. His whole body is pressed against my back, his one hand clasps over both of mine over the knob while his other rests flat on the door against my head.

“Are you sure you can’t cancel our plans for tonight? I don’t think I got enough of you last night.” He leans down and whispers in my ear.

“You got plenty.”

“Oh no my Hannie,” His hand finds its’ way to my midsection, his fingers caress the skin peeking out between my jeans and crop top. “I can never get enough of you.” A groan escapes my lips as his other hand drags up  my thigh, sending tingles through out my whole body. I need to get out of here before he can drag me back to our bedroom. With a smirk I let my head lull, resting it against the door making him think he as won, “How about we head back?”

“Yes Oppa!” I moan. His hands freeze, I can just imagine the dumbstruck look on his face but I can’t waste any time and slip out the door. Leaving my boyfriend to deal with the problem in his pants alone. I can’t shake the smile on my lips after playing the oppa card. Since Tae and I are only six months apart it’s not required for me to use it so I don’t, no matter how much he wants me too. Instead I use the word to my advantage to either stun him, like I did just now, or to make him cave to whatever I’m asking of him. His reactions are always the best, a chuckle actually leaves my lips at jus the thought.

I tuck my hands in my pockets as I stand in the elevator and press the button for the lobby. I mindlessly hum along to the song in the elevator and come back to my thoughts from before. Kim Jooyoung. She sure has found herself in quiet the bind. I step out of the elevator, greeting the ladies in the lobby with my usual smile before stepping out on to the chilly street.

“Noona!” A few voices call happily right outside the door.

“Holy shit!” I jump back against the door, my heart pounding in my chest.

“Sorry Noona,” The three boys apologize, bowing their heads.

“What the hell you guys?” I snap at them, “What are you doing here? Tae is upstairs.”

“Due to recent activities Hyung is worried for your safety and asked us to accompany you to your errands today,” Their leader Taeyong replies.

I roll my eyes, “That’s why he was trying to keep me inside.”

He nods, knowing not to even try lying for the stupid man upstairs.

“Well I’m assuming you guys are going to follow no matter what I say?”

The three nod.

I click my tongue, “Great. What the hell happened now?”

“The white dragon had one of the new gangs completely massacred after they kidnapped one of the younger members of BAP. A few of that new gang’s acquaintances are thinking of rebelling by targeting bigger organizations and pinning it on the black dragons. Hyung is worried you might be a target so he assigned us to watch over you until he get rid of them.”

I whistle, “My baby is a bad ass.”

Taeyong blushes, “I’ll be sure to tell the boss that.”

“Not Taemin, I’m talking about Joo, she’s really kicking ass.”

The three try not cracking a smile but fail.

“Okay, we should get going but I shouldn’t be needing you for too long. I’m meeting up with Joo in a little bit so we will have her guard dog watching over us.” I lead the boys down the street towards my first stop.

Ten blanches, “She is the one that started this, now you are going to spend time with her?”

“Didn’t you mommy ever teach you to become friends with the baddest kid on the playground so no one else will fuck with you?”

“Noona,” Johnny chimes in with his handsome smile, “I always thought that was you.”

I chuckle, “I am, but that little girl is making her way up there.”

“It’s a bit unfair don’t you think?” Taeyong mumbles softly.

I sigh, “In a way, yes, but I don’t wish the things I went through to get here on that poor child. No one deserves that.”

They all nod.

The walk to our first stop is completely silent, I pick up a few things I ordered from this little store and hand the foreign groceries to the boys. Next is some high class store Taemin always sends me to for dresses and other nice clothing that I only where to events. Again I hand the bags to my shadows before heading to our second to last stop. It’s a bit of a walk but no one complains until we reach our actual destination.

“Noona, do we really have to go in there?” Taeyong is blushing once again just looking at the sign above the door. I chuckle at their wide eyed reactions to my work place.

“Come on boys, there aren’t any dancers at the moment, you will be fine. You guys should come here some time, they specialize in foreign dancers, they are amazing, trust me.” We walk inside and are automatically greeted warmly by one of the many beautiful works, though she is clothed more during the day hours of the fancy, yet raunchy establishment.

“Hannie unni! What are you doing here? You aren’t supposed to be here unless we are closed!” Even though she is attempting to scold me she welcomes me with a hug.

“I know, I’m breaking the rules but I have body guards so I feel like it should be fine,” I wave behind me at the three boys that are towering over me right on my heels.

“Welcome boys to Seoul’s most exclusive gentlemen’s club,” She winks at them. They all turn bright pink.

“I’m not here to get them laid, I just want to check in, make sure we haven’t had any reports or issues.”

She chuckles, “Like we could with how strict you are with all the rules. You treat us amazing and the gentlemen are happy with clean girls who are also amazing in bed.”

“I just get worried every now an than since I’m never around anymore.”

“Yixing oppa and Taemin-ssi would probably murder you for being here now.”

I groan, “I know, I know, but I didn’t just come here for a check in,” I lean in closer so my shadows can’t hear. “I was wondering if you have heard anything about Block B lately.”

“You are the only person who really knows about them. I hear little things here and there but they are things you have already told me. You know you are the person everyone comes to for information, why are you looking around for them? Got someone you want to burn?”

“They’ve been laying lower for awhile, I have kept an eye on their leader but the others are MIA. If you see any of them around send them my way okay?”

“Of course,” She smiles at me, the boys shift uneasy with the conversation they missed.

“Thank you for all your help Love, let me know if anything happens or if I need to kick someone’s ass.”

She chuckles, “Yes Unni. Enjoy the life of a stay at home wife, I can’t wait until can do that.”

I blow her a kiss as I go. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be being a mobster’s stay at home girlfriend. It’s so boring for someone who used to be someone in this world too. Yes, I’m still a big player but not like I used to be. I am Haneul the woman who knows all. I am still her but my name can barely be mentioned without Taemin’s. I groan as I reorganize my thoughts to focus on the man I see coming out the skyscraper before me.


He smiles down the pretty little silver haired girl next to him, looking so much different than before. His gray suit is perfectly fitted, his blond hair is gelled out of his face making him look normal. The years have been kind to him. I remember his horrible dreads and ratty clothes, back when he was more of a street gangster. As they come our way we make eye contact, I don’t make my normal bitchy comments, too deep in thought. Does he know that I know who he is? We have never officially met on the crime side of our world but I know his other members, Taeil is an acquaintance of mine, a crazy bastard but he can get the job done. Kyung and I were close enough to the point where I could say we are friends but him, like the rest of his members, have been laying lower for a year or so only reaching out at random times. I always welcome his calls or meetings with a smile. I have a soft spot for the little girl getting closer by the moment but I don’t burn bridges for a soft spot.

“Unni!” She calls to me with a bright smile that has me returning one automatically.

“Hello sweet girl,” I coo bringing her in for a tight hug. Ignoring the guilty feeling for not feeling guilt about holding her small frame in the same arms that have hugged two of the men who have tortured her. My eyes drift to the dog standing less than a few feet behind her. I can’t imagine how guilt he feels for doing the same.

“Are you okay Unni? Is something wrong?” She eyes the three boys acting the same as her own guard dog, on edge, ready to jump into action.

“You started some trouble,” I muse ruffling her hair. “Taemin is just worried that is all. I told them that they could be relived when I caught you and your own guard dog. Would you like to go to dinner tonight? I have a reservation at a nice place in a couple hours, I figured we could go shopping in between now and than.”

“I would love to but I have go get home, I have plans with-“

I cut her off, “You’ll be able to cross one of those names off your list if you say yes. I already called Xingxing and had him reschedule your other plans, are you going to let that angel of a man down?”

“Xingxing? Angel?”

I chuckle, “Yixing and I have been friends for a long time, we call each other a lot of things.”

“I guess my only answer can be yes,” She laughs. “Come on Oppa, guess we are going shopping.”

Zico rolls his eyes, “Great.”

“I guess mine can take us if your puppy needs a rest,” I tease. He glares at me. I wrap my arm thru hers’ and drag her along, humming that song again.

“Unni don’t tell me you know that song too!” She nearly screams. “Everyone has been telling me how familiar it is but no one can place it.” If we weren’t in front of this little girl right now I know Zico would have his hands around my throat right now, his eyes say it all.

“I know where it’s from,” I answer honestly. It basically Block B’s anthem, they would play the tune when they would chase their victims, though it wasn’t played in her case due to Zico’s pervious time with the girl. Instead he did the opposite of their usual method, he hums the song to calm her though in the past they would use it to torment the victims they let survive.

“Where?” She asks excitedly.

I lock eyes with Zico, humming for a moment I sigh, “It just slipped my mind. I’ll try and remember and tell you later, okay?”


“Hey Unni,” Joo mumbles softly as we wiggle into opposite sides of the booth. We arrived at the restaurant at exactly seven o’clock, not surprised to find the boys not here. After a full two hours of shopping we changed in the dressing rooms at one of the shops we were in. I picked out a cute pink dress for her and some tan thigh high boots to go with it. For myself I found a black leather skirt and a nice black tank top with a deep V. Heels that lace up like ballerina slippers are the best part of my out fit, going all the way up to my knee. My black wavy hair reaches just blow my shoulder while Joo’s goes all the way down her back; I eye it with jealousy.


“Did you know what would happen when you sent me into the hallway that day at your house?” I can tell it took her a lot of courage to finally ask me the question that has been weighing down on her mind all day.

“Not 100% but I sent you out there because I knew you would get back to him that way,” I answer honestly. It was a bit selfish of me, I know that, but they would have found out she was the real thing at some point. I just made some point that moment. “Are you upset that I ruined your fairytale ending with Jiyong?”

She shakes her head, “It was good that I found out.”

“How are things with them?” I wonder, honestly curious about how all of that could be working.

She sighs, “It’s a bit of a hot mess. I’m trying to give everyone their time but it’s hard because I have things beyond them now.”

“How are you managing the whole daddy thing?” I question carelessly, not caring about the people near by casting us strange looks.

Her face turns pink, “How do you know about that?”

“I know everything,” I muse. Yixing’s kinky ass hasn’t changed a bit, as he best friend all know all of his kinks, though I didn’t imagine his brothers had the same problem.

“It can be a bit difficult at times. They are doing a lot better than I expected with me um, being big all the time but I see it sometimes where they wished I was acting little.”

“Have you thought of rewarding them for being so accept?”


I sigh, “You silly girl, how do you expect them to be the only one to bend? If you keep asking more of them without giving in return it’s only a given they are going to snap.”

She nods, “What should I do?”

“Give them a little.”

She doesn’t have a chance to respond before we are joined by our handsome dates. Taemin hugs me when he slides into the booth, his eyes drift around the restaurant, “Where are Taeyong and his boys?”

“I shooed them away awhile ago. Jiho has been watching over us,” I explain with a smile.

“Noona can take care of herself, you got her guards?” Yixing scoffs after hugging a cute looking Joo.

“If some little miss wouldn’t have started fights I wouldn’t be worried,” Tae glares daggers at her.

“We aren’t talking about that kind of stuff right now,” I snap. “We are having a good time, I have never been on a double date before, this should be fun, right Joo-ya?”

She nods.

“I hate sharing my time with you,” Taemin mumbles with his lips pressed against my temple. His arm rests on my shoulders, holding me close even in such a spacious booth.

“If it makes you feel better I feel the same,” Yixing matches Tae’s action, pulling Jooyoung basically on his lap.

We continue our playful banter through out dinner. The men never leaving our sides like they are glued to us, but Joo and I just smile. Having both Yixing and Taemin together is strange because even though they are a big part of my life they rarely ever cross paths but when they do it’s a memorable event, but I do have to say this is one of their better meetings. We are done with our dessert, about getting ready to leave when Yixing calls for all our attention.

“Noona, I was going to tell you this over the phone but this is something I need to do in person,” For the first time tonight he lets go of Joo and takes my hands away from Taemin to hold them in his own. “I want you to know that your debt to me is repaid.”

For a moment I think I heard him wrong until I hear Taemin cheering next to me. “Repaid,” I echo. Yixing nods with a big smile his arms return to their place around Joo.

“You have given me a reason to live again, I would say we are definitely even.”

“Woooo!” I basically crawl across the table to hug him, ignoring the looks from the staff, the only people still in the restaurant. “I can finally work again!”

“Like hell you are!” Taemin stops cheering.

“Why not? The only reason I stopped working was because you and Yixing made a deal that you would support me until I repaid him,” I stick my tongue out at him.

He stops to think of a good come back, giving Joo a moment to question, “What exactly did Yixing oppa do for you?”

I smile at the small girl, “He saved my life.”

I know she wants to know more but Taemin doesn’t want to get into it, he quickly begins dragging me out of the booth, “I think it’s time we start heading home before it gets too late.”

He shrugs off his jacket before wrapping it around my shoulders, “I guess, thank you all for granting me this wish. I hope you two have a good night.” I hug Joo when she gets out of the booth, followed by my arms wrapping around Yixing neck in a grateful hug. “Thank you.”

“You have done a lot for me over the years, I owe you at least this.”

“One last thing I need to give you,” I hold on tighter so I can whisper in his ear, “Beware those who hang around your little doll.” I lean away with a smile on my face, his eyes flick over to where Jiho is sitting across the restaurant. Placing a kiss on his cheek I add, “There is another, one with a fowler scent, maybe a pig?”

He leans away, his eyes wide, making me chuckle as I bop his nose with my finger.

“Keep those eyes wide. I won’t be watching after her anymore.”

reaction compilation #93

Finally, the fate of Ribbon Kid was revealed on page 61.

Thank you!

We’re glad you think so!

Well, actually–

One of the best reactions, honestly. (You can see more guesses of who this mysterious monster is here.)


Indeed. The page turned out to be a real heartstopper, huh? 

*Ba dum tss*

A femur minutes longer, and Chara may have not been so lucky.


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hi, so as a writer of both, I was wondering - what do you think is the biggest difference between Destiel and Cockles? I'm okay with whatever angle you choose to take this question from - that's interesting info too. love u (also, EN's not my first language, so if that didn't make sense I'm so sorry)

this makes total sense, dude, your english is perfect.

there are lots of differences between destiel and cockles so how bout i just list them all

  • sam and jared - there’s a big difference between probably suspecting all your life that your brother is not quite straight and just hoping that he comes out to you, and discovering that your best friend who you thought was straight is actually banging another of your best friends. sam’s reaction is more or less like “yeah i know” and jared’s is like “YOU’RE DOING WHAT NOW????????” 
  • polyamory - to me, cockles isn’t really cockles if it’s not jmdv. so, jensen’s relationship with danneel and misha’s relationship with vicki are first and foremost. whereas with dean and cas, it’s like it doesn’t make sense for them to ever be with anyone else ever. it’s a lot less complicated than being married and having a boyfriend on the side.
  • misha’s personality - i will say that misha and cas are both incredibly difficult to write, especially their dialogue. but the way they are difficult is SO different. cas is difficult because the show has not done a super great job of making his characterization consistent over the years, so a lot of his speech patterns, the way he reacts to things and his personality in general are all debatable topics. misha is difficult because,,,,,,he’s weirder and smarter and more awkward than i am. the responses misha comes up with to questions at cons are not anywhere in the vicinity of how i would respond. his humor is almost entirely based on surprising the listener, which is not easy to replicate. he switches from serious to goofy back to serious again with barely enough time to register that he switched. writing people like misha is like an algebra teacher giving u a calculus test and being like “well, u know algebra so u should be fine with calculus, too.” 
  • angst - there is almost no angst whatsoever with cockles. any angst with cockles is totally fabricated by us, the cockles fandom. in reality, cockles is pure and good and silly and funny. destiel is like the titanic of ships. 
  • i headcanon dean as strictly a bottom whereas with jensen and misha i don’t give a fuck who’s getting fucked as long as someone is getting fucked

me: this character is pretty cool, but I’m not sure if I really like them anymo – 

me: /sees @thetoxicstrawberry ‘s art/ 


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what are your best reaction gifs🤔🤔

I actually just made this gif of stingy from lazy town getting turnt and i love it but fuck that selfish nigga stingy…..Donald trump sidekick lookin ass