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Sketch//Wonho//Part 4

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Your society was average; day to day life consisted of the same first world problems. But there was someone out there for everyone. Love wasn’t an issue…

Actually, knowing you had someone to love wasn’t an issue. Finding them was.

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here’s me slinking around on a chair from goodwill. actually managed to get some stuff on the walls, like this mirror, so it’s looking more and more like a dreamy writer’s boudoir. I’m planning on at least 1000 lights that will twinkle or just glow (I made a wish list). Can’t wait to paint (but what color!?!?) and ripping out this carpeting will be the best day of my life. (not pictures: giant pile of clothes because I don’t have a dresser)

anonymous asked:

betty cooper

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: kindness, selflessness, how caring and loving she is
worst quality: she bottles things up and one day she’s gonna go boom, lets people walk all over her
ship them with: veronica, jughead, archie
brotp them with: kevin and all of the above (maybe cheryl too)
needs to stay away from: her parents lol 
misc. thoughts: she’s a cupcake who has been going through some really tough shit and I just hope she is okay


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How's life? Anything happening?

Life has its ups and downs like it always does. I’ve been having major depressive episodes lately and I’ve been super stressed out of my mind but it’s not that bad. My best friend got a car a few days ago :0 which was exciting for the both of us! Right now I’m going through exams which is a pain in the butt, so I’m dreading this week. But all in all life is what it is. :p thanks for asking!! That actually means a lot to me tbqh 💚

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Hey I just wanted to say that I'm going through that whole "what is my life"/"I need to leave everything I know and move to a new town" kind of phase rn and your music has been really speaking to me lately. thanks

<3 I feel you & I’m glad my music could help.  It’s funny… I actually wrote a song a few months ago called “New Life” that also deals pretty explicitly with these feelings.  I don’t wanna give it all away yet, but the chorus is: “Should I get a new life?  Yeah right!”  

Sometimes moving is absolutely the best & right thing to do, although sometimes a change in perspective can help.  At the risk of sounding like a pretentious dodo, I’ll share this relevant passage from Kierkegaard’s “Either/ Or” that I came across the other day: 

“This rotation of crops is the vulgar, inartistic rotation and is based on an illusion. One is weary of living in the country and moves to the city; one is weary of one’s native land and goes abroad; one is [weary of Europe] and goes to America etc.; one indulges in the fanatical hope of an endless journey from star to star. Or there is another direction, but still extensive. One is weary of eating on porcelain and eats on silver; wearying of that, one eats on gold; one burns down half of Rome in order to visualize the Trojan conflagration. This method cancels itself and is the spurious infinity.”

The Black Cat

Summary: In which Dan Howell is gay, homeless, and also part cat, and Phil Lester is the nicest stranger ever.

Word Count: a whooping 9.3k!!!

Includes: an actual story, and of course, neko smut

this fic is for my best friend @ominousdan!!! it’s cayla’s birthday and without her birth nobody would be getting to see nine thousand words of neko!dan so please go follow her and tell her happy birthday in thanks (ily cayla i hope you love this and also me)

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ways to unwind

we all need ways to unwind and settle down. maybe you had a hook up that you regret. maybe your week has been terrible. maybe you just ran into your ex. life happens and sometimes we can take hard blows. here’s some ways to unwind and give yourself some tlc 💙

-take some aloe vera gel (preferably from the actual plant) coat your face in it. let it sit on your face for about 15 minutes before rinsing. you can also put cucumber slices over your eyes if they’re puffy. the aloe is very soothing and cooling especially if your face is red or irritated. it also gives your face a nice glow.

-asmr saved my life. literally. like sometimes i have days where i feel like doing nothing but watching a nice lady play with sand or tap on boxes or some shit. asmr videos make me fall asleep like 70% of the time. they’re the best. 10/10 would recommend.

-soothing background noise is very relaxing. my favorite sounds are here, here, and here. listening to white noise while reading a book or even just scrolling on your phone can calm you down a lot and make you feel more relaxed.

-spray rose water on yourself and on your sheets & pillows for a soft, calming scent.

-my therapist taught me this trick called diaphragmatic breathing. you lie down, stare at a spot on the wall (or close your eyes) put one hand on your chest and the other just under your rib cage, breathe in deeply through your nose, hold it for a few seconds, then breathe out slowly through pursed lips. as you breathe, focus on your breathing and feel the hand under your rib cage move up and down. it’s very soothing and can help you feel more grounded.

-clean up. as counterproductive as it sounds, cleaning can be a big stress reliever, not to mention when everything’s said and done you can lay down in  a clean room with fresh sheets.

-take any carrier oil you have on hand (coconut oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil, etc.) and mix it with lavender oil or jasmine oil (or any other calming scent tbh) then rub it on your chest and shoulders before laying down. the smell will calm you and can help you fall asleep.

-soak in a bath with epsom salt. cliche i know, but nothing is better than a bath when you’re stressing out, and the epsom salt will relax your muscles. 

-yoga can help you relax and stretch your muscles a bit. here’s a routine here & here

Nothin’ like a good old milkshake pozol date ♥ ♥ ♥

I have other things planned for the actual 14th, but in case helping my sister with her wedding shopping prevents me from completing the other stuff I wanted to do, consider this my early celebration pic. Happy chocolate-! I mean Valentine’s day!

Guys. Listen. One of these days you’re gonna be driving to Taco Bell or some shit and your best friend is gonna be sitting in the driver’s seat and she’ll have your engagement ring on her finger and you’re gonna be laughing about something and she’s gonna be talking and you’ll actually feel the hearts in your eyes when you look at her and you’re gonna be just so damn excited to spend the rest of your life with her driving to Taco Bell and shit because nothing is boring or bad when she’s there, nothing’s bad anymore because she’s yours.

I honestly don’t have many words to say here, or maybe I do, I don’t know.

Rise Up is a fanfic by @damn-man-ham-fam and it has turned out to be one of my favorite fics ever. I was able to become great friends with the author and she has been a very pleasant presence in my life since getting to know her. I talk to Ash every day, even if we don’t have much to say to each other. She has become one of my best friends, and I can say that with confidence. She’s amazing, and her fic was amazing as well. It ended a week or so ago (I have no concept of time anymore) and I’ve been working on this last hurrah since. I actually redrew it in its entirety because I didn’t like the first version. This one I like a lot better.

Please go read Rise Up. It’s so super good and amazing and AH. I couldn’t say more words if I wanted. I can’t articulate my feelings about this fic. 

Hey Taylor! My name is Fathma. I’m a swiftie from Houston,TX. I just wanted to tell you how much “mean” means so much to me. I can relate so much to it that I have to listen to it everyday. It was actually one of the first few songs I’ve heard from you. It’s special to me, and I wanted to thank you for writing this beautiful masterpiece.

I’ve only seen you once, but it was the BEST day of my life. I wish I could relive that day everyday. I could not stop smiling for a long time. It all started when I finally won tickets a week before the show. It took me exactly six months to win tickets since my family couldn’t afford it. When I won, I won tickets + backstage tour. I was stoked!! On the day of the show, I went to school with a huge smile on my face. I aced that spanish test then left school early to get ready and go to the stadium. When I arrived to the ticket booth, I opened the envelope and only saw tickets. I was shocked not seeing the backstage passes. When the doors opened, I ran to Taylor Nation. I really wanted to take a cute father + daughter picture with my dad. After we took it, I saw kevin from TN. I talked to him about been wanting this day to come. I gave him a letter for you and then out of nowhere he gave me front row. He told me not scream so I held it in. I was sobbing. I couldnt believe it. I enjoyed the rest of the show & you kept noticing me in the crowd with my heart dress and light up sign. You pointed and looked at me with a smile. It was the best day. I’m glad I got to shake it off with you on a wednesday night. I needed this. Thank you. #1989TourHouston

Later on I sent you fanmail in August to your Nashville fanmail address. It arrived there but I dont know if you got it. It was an early birthday gift & a letter for you and taylor nation. I hope you got it.

Then you had a show in October for F1 Race. I wanted to go so badly. Austin is only three hours away from Houston but my family couldn’t afford it. I was offered a single ticket but I couldn’t go without an adult. I was upset that the one show you did in 2016 was three hours from me. Atleast I was there virtually through videos.

Lastly, I was recently invited to see you in my hometown Houston for the Superbowl Preshow party which is twenty minutes from me! Sad part is that I can’t go since both people attending must be 18+. I’m not 18 yet. I wish I could go. Maybe this is a sign? Who knows? I hope we can reunite soon Taylor.

I just want to thank you for everything. Even though I might not be able to see you soon, just know I will always be supporting you. Thank you for everything. I love you with all my heart. Sending you huge hugs from Houston!

xoxo fathma :)



And I know that it’s so cliche, to tell you that every day I spend with you is a new best day of my life.


Valentine’s Day with Seventeen!

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sorry it’s been a hot minute since i’ve made a click and drag so here’s a short one for Valentine’s Day! Hope you enjoy~!

Thanks to @choiseungcheolsgirl for making the header and also for being the best gf in the world <3