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Carter's birth? More pregnant Nico?

Anon 2: Could you do a fic where Nico and Will find out Nico’s pregnant?

Anon 3: Could you maybe do something with pregnant Nico?

Anon 4: Have you written a fic where Will and Nico find out that Nico’s pregnant? If not, could you?

“Nico?” Will winced in sympathy at the sound of his husband throwing up for the umpteenth time. He hadn’t been feeling too well lately, and originally, Will chalked it up to the crappy weather, but it had been almost three weeks and Nico was still rushing off every morning to empty the contents of his stomach. He didn’t like to eat much either, and since Nico was already a rather frugal eater, it was even harder for Will to make sure that he was getting enough vitamins and protein. Nico had yet to let Will take him to the hospital, but Will was absolutely ready to go. He had been sick and miserable for much too long.

When he walked into the bathroom, Nico was sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall and holding his stomach. Will frowned, crouching down beside him before setting the back of his hand on Nico’s forehead with a frown. “No fever. This is really weird Nico, you’ve been sick for almost a month now but without a fever. Nothing I’ve done has helped you. I seriously think it’s time we take you to the hospital.” Will was ready for Nico to dispute, to argue with him that he was fine, but when Will’s statement was only met with a sigh, Will knew Nico truly felt terrible. It was a true testament to just how bad Nico felt if he was willing to let Will take him to the hospital.

“Go get my shoes,” he mumbled from his spot on the floor.


Pregnant. “What the actual fuck, Will?” Nico didn’t sound happy in the least, and Will couldn’t really blame him. This was the absolute last thing either one of them could possibly expect from Nico’s constant sickness. There were plenty of diseases that had gone through Will’s mind when he thought of Nico’s symptoms, but he had never even considered morning sickness.

“Well, that’s a bit of….hmmm, uh, surprise?” Will finished lamely, and Nico looked like he was going to jump off the bed and strangle Will. He hadn’t really processed the information at first, but once the doctor congratulated them and let them alone in the room, Will had become quite giddy. Nico was pregnant. With their child. Will had never even considered the possibility of having his own child with Nico before. There had been some discussing once, a long time ago, but they both had forgotten about it a few months later.

Now, though… Now Nico was pregnant with their child. They were going to have a baby. “Thank you for that, William,” Nico replied sarcastically. “What I meant was, how?” Will couldn’t help himself, he was high on the realization that he was going to have a kid in seven months.

“When a daddy and another daddy love each other very much and one just happens to have a reproductive system,” Nico’s eyes widened as he sat up, throwing the standard hospital pillow at Will’s head. Will laughed at Nico’s blush, silently pleased that he could still make his husband blush after so long together.  “We’re going to have a baby,” Will sobered, kissing Nico’s forehead.

I’m having the baby, you’re just along for the ride.” Nico quipped with a grin, making Will laugh again. It was a nice change from seeing Nico hang his head in the toilet.

“Fair enough.”

Two days in a row!

NDRV3 Boys & their s/o: Boys finding out that s/o is a cancer survivor Headcanons

Anon requested “Hello! I have a request for you, but feel free to ignore if you’re not comfortable writing about this. You see, I’m a cancer survivor (thyroid cancer) and I was wondering how would the NDRV3 guys would react learning that their s/o is a cancer survivor? Thank you if you write this!”

Of course I don’t mind writing this! By the way, Anon, I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but you are admirable for being a survivor imo! Cancer is a scary thing tbh, and that you survived it is really strong and admirable! Tbh I am not good at saying motivational stuff/positivity, but I hope you understand I mean!! And I hope this alright! I don’t have much of an idea how it is with this whole thing after a cancer therapy and how it is to be a cancer survivor, so I hope these headcanons aren’t stupid, offensive or anything… Thanks for requesting! – Mod Chiaki

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Rats: A Supercorp fic. (on AO3 as well)


“Holy shhhh– oh oooooooohLena! LENA!” Kara screams.

Lena is moving before she even realizes it, thousands of possible scenarios flashing through her mind. She barrels around the corner from the kitchen where she was making dinner, spatula still in hand, only to find Kara on top of her dining room table, cowering in fear.

This not how Lena pictured this night going.

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This 16-Year-Old Made an App That Exposes Sellout Politicians

With US politics swimming in so much corporate money that it’s pretty much an oligarchy, it can be hard to keep track of which particular set of lobbyists is trying to milk more cash out of healthcare, fossil fuels and other very important issues from one week to the next.

But thanks to 16-year-old Nick Rubin, keeping track of just how much politicians have sold out has become a lot easier. He created Greenhouse, a new browser plugin which operates under the motto, “Some are red. Some are blue. All are green.” The plugin aims “to shine light on a social and industrial disease of today: the undue influence of money in our Congress.” It sounds like a bit of a lofty aim for an app, but it’s actually pretty simple and effective—it provides a break down of a politician’s campaign contributions when that politician’s name comes up in an article. It is currently available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari and is completely free. As you can imagine, reading about how your Member of Congress voted in a recent health bill becomes all the more enlightening if you know how much money the health industry showered him in at the last election.

I spoke to Nick Rubin about the plugin, politics and what he calls the “money stories” behind what you read in the news.

VICE: Hi Nick. So how did you come up with the idea for Greenhouse?
Nick Rubin: Back in seventh grade, I gave a presentation on corporate personhood and ever since then I’ve been really interested in that issue. I think the one problem is that the sources of income for members of congress haven’t been simple and easily accessible when people have needed it. More recently, I’ve been teaching myself how to code and I thought that something like Greenhouse that puts the data at people’s fingertips would be a perfect solution. It really is the intersection of these two passions of mine—coding and politics. I made it after school and on weekends on my computer.

Why the name?
Well, green is the color of money in the US, and house refers to the two houses of Congress [the Senate and House of Representatives]. The name also implies transparency; greenhouses are see through and they are built to help things thrive.

Where did you get the information on the politician’s donations?
It uses the data from the last full election cycle which was 2012. This is simply because it’s just the most complete set of data that we have. But, the browser does provide access to the most up to date 2014 information by just clicking the name of the politician on the top of the window or link in the popup. So the 2014 data is just one click away.

I’m intending to update the data as a whole later in the election cycle as the 2014 contributions are more complete. These are updates I’m currently working on, as well as thinking of other ways I can expand the tool.


Local Carnival
Utah, USA

Ok, quick note: Foxes are legal as pets in Utah. They’re not common, but they are legal. I own one myself, and am something of an authority on the species. Because of this, and the friendly demeanor of my fox, I’ll often help out at city historical celebrations and summer carnivals. With my fox on a leash and harness, I’ll walk around with her, and generally let people get photos with her and learn a little bit about foxes in general.
The last carnival I worked at turned out to be one of the most mind numbing. I had made a simple circuit of the carnival, pausing to let people get photos with me and the fox, or of the fox (her name is Jade) by herself. We’d just stopped to sit down and let her have some water when a lady and her young son approached.
Lady: That’s a cute little dog, what breed is it?
Me: Ah, Jade’s not a dog ma'am.
Lady: Oh I know, yes, we all think they’re people in fur coats. Still, what breed is that? She looks like a mix of a couple. Little mutt?
Me: Again, Jade’s not a dog. She’s a fox.
Lady: (suddenly giving me a shocked look) A fox? But that’s illegal!
Me: Not under state law it’s not. Foxes are perfectly legal to own.
Lady: But they carry diseases and things like Rabies!
At this point, Jade looks up from her water and gives this curious little trilling sound she does when she’s, well, curious. I reach down to ruffle her ears, and true to fox form she gnaws on me. It’s actually called mouthing, and isn’t really hard biting. Just a soft gnawing. It’s a fox’s way of showing affection.
The lady sees this and screams “you’ll get rabies!” and then hauls off and KICKS Jade hard. She flies back a bit, cries out in pain and then hides behind me. I quickly pick her up and cradle my baby before screaming at the lady. Security had noticed the exchange and quickly rushed over, wanting to know what’s going on.
Lady: That damn vermin bit him! You need to shoot it. He’s got rabies now!
Me: She kicked Jade, she was just gnawing on me, and the b****h kicked her! (Jade at this point is whimpering in pain.) I want her arrested!

The security guard looks to me, then the woman and tells her to come with him. She refuses, screaming on about how she had saved me and again urges the officer to shoot Jade before she gives rabies to anyone else. Then she fires off a gem of “If you won’t shoot that thing I’m taking your gun and doing it myself!” Well that’s enough to get her quickly arrested, trussed up and in cuffs. Jade ends up going to the emergency vet for a checkup, and though bruised from the experience she at least didn’t have any broken bones. Lady ended up having to pay for it, and found herself perma banned from the city park for cruelty to animals.
I still work the carnivals with Jade, though I keep her much closer to me, and have a security escort. We still run into some people that don’t understand, but thankfully none have tried to kill her while I’m there. Though I suspect the armed security guard has more to do with that than my scrawny butt.

What’s this rolling down my face? Tears of disappointment? No, it’s -why it’s urine from where I’ve just dunked my whole head in the nearest toilet in an angry rage.
This is my message, and it’s for you, Supernatural writers.
I started being interested in Supernatural in May 2014, when I stumbled across a picture of Dean Winchester on a mainly Sherlock Instagram account I was following. Shortly afterwards, I watched a few episodes on E4, where they show episodes a season or so behind the ones coming out in the States. That’s the curse of being an English person watching American tv shows. At the time, they were showing season 9. I seem to remember the first one I saw was the one with those strange fat-sucking monsters, and Donna, ie. one of the two best sheriffs ever. Soon after that, I followed a number of Supernatural Instagram’s and Twitter’s, and I discovered this amazing thing, something I’d already half thought myself. Destiel.
The greatest love story never told.
Wanting to keep up with Season 10, I found a (not entirely legal) way of watching the new episodes as they aired. I developed a hatred for monster of the week episodes (good god, aren’t they awful?) and discovered more about these three amazing characters.
Sam, Dean, and Castiel. I don’t have a favourite out of Dean and Cas (sorry Sam, you’re in third-ish place, pal) and the dynamic between them fascinated me. At that point I was watching the show from an ‘outsider’ position; I followed a few fan accounts but not more than 3 or 4, I didn’t read or write fanfiction, I had no idea who played any of the characters (in the UK, if you say 'Misha Collins’ people just look at you blankly). I realised several things.
One: the eight seasons I’d missed clearly contained a LOT of either queer baiting or intentional romantic (sexual?) build up for the angel in the trenchcoat and the tough, domineering hunter.
Two: the whole show was like nothing I’d ever seen before. It had a truly 'American’ feel that I liked, despite being told as a child that McDonalds came from the States and therefore they were all EVIL.
Three: there were some very talented actors.
Four: there were some very talented writers. Certain episodes are gold, take, for example, the only episode not from in season 9, 10, or 11 that I’ve watched; The French Mistake.
After a while, I got more into the Supernatural fan base. Being a new fan in the black hole that is the Supernatural 'fandom’ is a bit like buying a horse; they hide all the bad bits, like bog spavins and partial blindness, until you get it vetted and you realise that the 'sound, good to box, show, and hack’ horse that you were going to buy is actually a 25 year old ex-riding school pony with cushings disease. What I mean, for those of you with no knowledge of horses, is that I didn’t see the bad bits at first. In an attempt to integrate, I made an anonymous fan account, not linked to my personal.
On the inside, I could see it all; the vicious fights about ships, the insults towards fans and cast that frankly bordered on abuse and harassment, and the way in which some people were just so rude and appallingly ignorant of how far their words could travel in the great expanse of the Internet. #SPNfamily. Yeah, right.
But I also discovered the other side of it; the brilliant weirdness that is Misha Collins, the kindness and incredible acting of Jensen Ackles, the caring and sharing nature of Jared Padalecki, and the rest of the cast, leads, regulars and all, from Kathryn Newton to Kim Rhodes to Mark Pellegrino. Also the creativity of the fans, I saw, was novel.
Season 11 took too long to arrive. One long summer of sweating (I dislike the heat) and then, it finally arrived with a couple of episodes which I enjoyed, not because of any good writing, but simply because I was so pleased to see the cast back on the screen. The Darkness (not the band) was an idea I didn’t like. The first episode saw Cas under Rowena’s spell, and Dean meeting the overtly sexualised Amara. It was then we all felt that this wasn’t going to go well. The next few episodes were all right; the zombie things and all that stuff at the hospital was great, and I actually thought it was going somewhere. Silly me. Then Sam cured himself with a burning marshmallow and it all seemed to get forgotten. The best episode came next, my favourite episode I ever watched; 11x4, The Bad Seed. Directed by Jensen, with Dean and Sam working together to save Cas, I thought it was all fixed and they’d spend the rest of the season together. It was a Destiel heaven, that ep, and directed by Jensen himself. I was insanely excited.
The reaction from some 'Wincest’ (If there’s one thing I can’t stomach it’s incest.) fans was to abuse Jensen’s Twitter, and complain they wanted 'more bros’. The only way you could get more bros in that show would be to have 49 minutes of them sitting in the Bunker doing case research. What show have they been watching? I felt hopeful though, as that scene where Cas was cured was brilliant (that face touch. Give me a shoulder to cry gently onto). Baby was another episode that I really liked. It was funny and inclusive. Whoever wrote that deserves a medal. The comments from certain people about that episode made me want to ban anyone from using the words 'brothers’ and 'supernatural that we know and love’ in the same sentence, though.
Then we get to Plush. Despite it being a monster of the week episode, I really enjoyed the idea that was 'toyed’ with there. I love clowns. I’m not going to lie; the creepier the better. It was a filler episode that wasn’t a pointless one to fill up the season.
Just My Imagination was good too. Funny, cute, and interesting for Sam’s storyline, which has been one of the only things worth watching this season.
Now though we have this train-wreak, this atrocity, this disgusting piece of badly written and created television.
I have several issues with it. Firstly, the title. Oh Brother Where Are Thou? Are you kidding me? Make it You, to start with, if you’re not going to use Art instead of Are. It sounds wrong. Also, which brother are they referring to? No time was spent where one was looking for the other, except about 20 seconds of Sam ringing Dean and him not answering because he was too busy off snogging Gods bloody sister, the Darkness who’s probably killed roughly 100 people by now.
That’s the bit that made me really angry. We saw Amara grow from a tiny baby, become steadily more sexualised, and now, when she’s fully grown, she makes out with Dean. It’s disgusting. I’ve got nothing against Emily Swallow, in fact I think she’s a good actor, but this? It shows a lack of consent and, worse, proves what I’ve been trying to ignore ever since I started watching Supernatural; Dean is a shallow character, driven by a need for both control and acceptance, and governed only by his massive sexual appetite.
You can forget about it in his tender moments, like when he saves innocent people, sacrifices his life for his brother and the world, when he says “Cas!”, his voice cracking slightly with fear and a submerged need. But I can see it painfully clearly now. The writers have written him to destruction.
It ties back to the 200th episode. It seemed good at first, a shoutout to the large and passionate fan base, but then, when you look into it you realise it’s almost mocking. “You can have your version of things, but we won’t listen or put it in the show. Hell no. We’ll humour you with this episode, and then we’ll be back to ignoring you.” Now, we see that, although they all know what a majority of the 'online’ fan base wants, and must be aware of how they’ve written and acted the last 8 seasons, they continue to write Cas-less episodes and do nothing with the build up they’ve spent years either intentionally or accidentally creating. And this with Amara. It’s like they’re trying to cover their ears, sing lalalalala very loudly and feast their eyes on that hetero kiss they’ve shoved down our throats. Because Destiel will never be canon, and this is something I know almost for certain. The truth is sad, and yet it exists. I wish it didn’t, but it does. It’s not because of homophobia. I don’t think any of the the writers are homophobic, but it’s just something they’ll never do, because they’ll risk upsetting their 'floating viewers’, the ones that make all the difference to the ratings and viewings. Also, they’ll upset the minority. Remember the way in which the photographs of Jensen and Misha play fighting and the paragraphs about them on the convention website were taken down when some fans complained? They were replaced by a photo of Jensen and Jared, with a separate one of Misha.

I’d just like to credit the outstanding acting of Mark Pellegrino for Lucifer. He really saved the ep, and I think he may have been channeling the 'spirit’ of a certain joker. (Obviously you can’t channel spirits. They don’t exist. I know that.) Also I’d like to commend the excellent acting of Mark Sheppard and Ruthie Connell. And, although they are in very few eps, Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster (is that spelt right?) on their great characters.

It’s time, writers. Do something, something big, something new. Surprise me. It’s a challenge, you know. You’ve spat on my last remaining hope for the show. Now you need to hand me the sanitiser to wipe it off.
And now, as this took me over two hours and a lot of neck clicking to write, I’d appreciate a read and a reblog. Cheers.

Supernatural writers: Make Destiel canon. I dare 'ya.