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i’m not the only one who’s daydreams go dark, right? like yeah sometimes the scenarios are fun and comfortable but i never hear anyone talking about dreams where they get into fights, where they’re being hurt or having horrible feelings and these daydreams feel worse for me because i am feeling everything that my dreamself is, and i can never stop them, and it’s horrible, but in the tag all i see are people talking about the good stuff and idk am i alone in this?


okay so let me tell you about my love for those sunglasses

Cosplay at Hanami on sunday! I blame Ishido-Shuuji for this, ahaha~ Cosplaying as Seitei was a whole lot of fun, even though almost nobody recognized me (who knows GO around here anyway /sob) Might wear this again in the future  Ψ(´▽`)Ψ Let’s just ignore the fact my basic skincolour is basically Fubuki okay

Cosplay © me
Fotos © the marvelous Pfuetzchen


Band of Killers: Fire

Deidara always managed to set something on fire by “accident”, so he was banned from touching anything explosive. He still managed to get his hands on some “ingredients” once- his best explosion yet. So they gave up and made him drummer XD

I actually have a whole story about Sasori as well, but haven’t drawn it out yet… Will get to it eventually.

Check out my Band of Killers tag for more stuff!


Who are you? Alex. From? Sheffield. From? Eng… Shef… Arctic Monkeys!

Oh man remember when I thought I would scan all my recent art and upload it what a joke

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Is anyone apart from the person below doing stelena forever meme? I can't find any gifset in Stelenaedit tag :( I thought more people would participate..

Probably because a lot of people are busy these days, with university,friends and stuff like that. But I’m gonna do it once I get my laptop back :)


I’ll be participating too, but as Natalie made a point of, I’m busy with uni right now so it’s finding the time to actually sit down and gif. But I’ll try and get started ASAP.

- Shannen

I’ll participate, too, but I had a crazy busy week followed by a crazy busy weekend so I just need to find the time first. :)


well i guess im doing this again once and for all lol why tho

fkin tagged by this burger eating bastard (ily tho): @burgers-1776

name: esther 
nickname: esti, commie bastard, socialist scum, white trash (lol), fake american, “ee-van” or “aiven”, est-her (this is actually true and literally everyone says my name wrong.. annoying shit), vlarambae and many more lol.
zodiac Sign: cancer 
height: 170 cm
ethnicity: swedish/american white trash (im sorry)
favorite Fruit: lemons (obviously.. i love sour stuff)
favorite season: winter but i still have my birthday in the summertime so it’s kinda hard to answer this one tho.
favorite book: i dont really read books lol.
favorite flower: sunflowers are nice.
favorite color: dark red, sky blue.
favorite animals: sheep tbh.
average sleep hours: 5-7
cats or dogs: cats. 
favorite fictional characters: ivan braginsky (ofc), ive kinda started to like alfred. f. jones more but only because he can be cute sometimes.. karkat from homestuck is cool, also john egbert. wirt too.
number of blankets in the house: not enough.
dream Trip: maybe go visit poor alfred someday lol 
tagging: @lvanbraginsky, @literaltrash-posts, @america-louis idk do it if you want guys 

I was tagged by @donutsfordylan and @rebsgrrl  Thank you so much ! :D 

  • name/ nickname: Karina/Kari/ K 
  • last song i listened to: Ticking Bomb - Aloe Blacc
  • first fandom: Truth is I can’t really remember…I been into so many 
  • book i’m currently reading: currently…Criminology books for University 
  • worst thing i’ve ever eaten:  Dried apricot,you know like raisins but not grapes but apricots … I actually couldn’t even swallow it..had to spit it out once I tasted it..
  • favorite places:  My room or anywhere in the woods…just surrounded by lots of trees,any trees. 

I’m tagging @man-slaughter @pumpkin-pie-phil @tedbundystuff @ericselection @sexualklebold  and anyone who likes this kind of stuff :D 

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Hey, I was wondering if you could recommend some Hatoful Boyfriend blogs? It's a surprising small fandom and I wanted to make sure I had checked out as many blogs as I can.

I’ve been putting off answering this for a few days because the truth is, I don’t actually follow a ton of hatoful boyfriend blogs (gasp!), I just go through the tags every few days and queue all the art i like / that is appropriate. Often a lot of artists don’t post hato-exclusive content, which is fine! But it may clutter your dash if you aren’t interested in the other stuff they post about.

but that’s probably not the answer you were hoping for so I’ll try to link a couple blogs that contribute to the tag regularly


and of course you should probably follow @moa810 if you haven’t already!

feel free to reply & contribute blogs (including your own!), but if you want to get more hatoful in your life, the #1 thing I’d suggest is to track the tag!

Hello again everyone! I’m still in hiatus but I can’t stop looking at Miraculous stuff!; I was scrolling through the Felix and Bridgette tag and saw that no one had put up them actually being happy together so… Once again, my friend Amanda drew this wonderful picture of Bridgette and Felix from our RP. The picture they’re holding is of their baby…that’s in Bridgette’s stomach…which they both created….with consent… So….enjoy? I guess?

tinfoilrobot replied to your post: I’m just trying to live a decent life why did a…

I once made the mistake of trying to look up content relating to Missy. Turns out adding the word ‘Master’ to my search did nothing to remove the vast quantities of porn in the tag :{

I go into the Missy tag regularly and it’s the only time I’m grateful that I don’t have enough bandwidth to have images turned on in my browser because wow is that tag full of porn

Shout out to my bro @princezzie for tagging me in stuff always, you’re amazing  🐝

RULES: Always post the rules. Answer the questions asked, then write 11 new ones. Tag 11 people to answer your questions, as well as the person who tagged you

1 - How is babby formed? 

I heard you have to fill out a form, send it away then in 9-10 months it arrives in the post
2 - What’s your favourite thing about yourself? 

Fuck if I know bruh
3 - Favourite season? 

Autumn, or spring maybe
4 - What is your least favourite colour? 

Lime green
5 - How many push ups can you do? 

I just did 45 but my arms started to ache
6 - What’s your favourite flower? 

I like roses, they’re pretty
7 - Do you trust horses?

I can’t trust something that I can’t look in the eyes, you just can’t trust them
8 - What is your opinion on bees? 

They are wonderful, soft and need to be protected
9 - Pears or apples? 

Apples are pretty great
10 - Did you shower today? 

11 - Would you be a good teammate, should the Zombie Apocalypse happen?

I’d like to think I’d be pretty great, but then again I’d probably over sleep and die

My questions:

1. How was your day?

2. What’s heavier, a kilogram of steel, or a kilogram of feathers?

3.   Would you rather fight 1 Danny Devito sized duck, or 100 duck sized Danny Devitos?

4. What’s your favourite animal

5. What are your top 3 songs at the moment?

6.  Top 3 TV shows?

7. Favourite colour?

8. What superpower would you have and why?

9. Do you believe in ghosts?

10. What inspires you?

11. What is something you like about yourself?

I tag: @the-human-stain-k @5horrorprinces @this-is-your-universe @pizzarollmom @yourinfernalmajesty1 And whoever else!


And now the nerd room! That’s our ‘comfy corner’ so of course you’ll find Sterek there, of all places. And above the desk, so it’s seen right as you enter the room and as I’m working those two dorks can help keep me motivated. (;

Thank you to the artists who drew these lovely works of art!! THANK YOU!! 

The top piece in the last two pictures, 'Always on my Mind’ was done by the talented Finduilas on society6, but I can’t seem to find a tumblr account. If anyone who sees this knows if they have one, let me know so I can tag properly! Thank you!!