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How To Read Fluff 101

1. Go to bed (fool everyone into thinking you’d actually sleep early)
2. Read.
3. Gently lay down your phone, tab or whatever device you’re using.
4. Embrace blanket to your chest.
5. Roll and lie on your stomach.
6. With your face on your pillow, let out the screams, giggles and stuff.
7. Once you’re a bit satisfied, roll and lie on your back.
8. Pick up phone/tab etc.
9. Repeat steps 2-9.


december 17 // 2016

I’ve decided to take a break from Christmas themed spreads and made this pink flowery one. The lettering in the top right is actually a printable sticker made by @tomi-letters ( I’m sorry I keep tagging you everywhere :D)

I haven’t been much active recently because of all the work I need to finish before the end of the semester, but I promise once this madness is over, I’ll answer all of the asks and post more frequently! :D


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imagine if any of the animated DC projects that jaime’s been in portrayed him as the kind, compassionate, complex hero he is, showing his fun and light-hearted side and his emotional, moral side equally instead of falling deeper into the stoic latino bad boy stereotype. imagine if

probably-tryingtoohard  asked:

Hi! I have an Instagram myself, and although I practice an (extremely stringent) "if-you-steal-art-I-unfollow" policy, I know that doesn't really help the stealing problem--one follower lost is probably nothing to these accounts thriving off of stolen work. Instagram doesn't seem to have an option (trust me, I've looked) for stealing other people's content. How can I report someone for taking art? (Gosh, you have no idea how much those people tick. me. off.) Thanks!

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Knowing that people like you exist is honestly the ONLY thing some days that keeps me from leaving this fandom and all its art theft issues. Bless you, my comrade <3 <3 <3

3 Things You Can Do To Fight Art Theft:

1. Comment (without harassing). Many art thieves try to pretend they “don’t know” who the artist is, or that they “don’t know” reposting isn’t allowed (even when it’s written right on the image). Calling them out by posting a link to the original, tagging the artist, or even simply stating ‘this belongs to [ARTIST] and they don’t allow reposts’ is sometimes enough to get an art thief to delete a repost (to avoid copyright strikes). 

2. Link the artist. Send us a link so that we can report the art as stolen. You can also make a notifying callout post (again, careful not to harass) if it’s an account that steals from a lot of artists. However, dealing with tons of people treating you and your art like dirt can get really stressful (I know it’s ruined my day more than once), so sometimes you can also…

3. …Report “on behalf of the owner”. If you know an artist absolutely doesn’t allow reposts (for example, me), you can save them tons of time and stress by filling out a copyright claim on their behalf. All you need is a link to the original (most of my stuff is in my /tagged/my-stuff tag), and to tick the box that says you’re ‘authorized to report on behalf of the copyright owner’ (actual wording varies from site to site). When making a report, it’s absolutely vital that you know for sure the image was reposted without permission. I never give permission to repost (especially on Insta, Pinterest, WeHeartIt, etc.), so any of my art you see there is stolen, and you can report it. Buttons to look for include “report”, “this doesn’t belong on ____”, “this violates my intellectual copyright/terms of service”, and sometimes “inappropriate content”.

One advantage that art thieves have over artists is that there’s only so much a single artist can report (or emotionally handle) in a single day. Art thieves take advantage of that to get away with stealing. But if we all band together, we can take stolen posts down, get repeat offenders’ accounts deleted, and make this fandom a happier, fairer place to be.

Btw, thank you SO much to my followers who always have my back, and who I always see doing these 3 things above. You guys are ANGELS and you don’t know how many times a message like this, or a comment defending my art, etc. has kept me from jumping ship (and just not posting my art online anymore). You guys are so awesome, and I’m so grateful for each and every one of you. <3 <3

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Hamilton Fics

Character x Reader

These are just your friendly neighborhood imagines with all our favorite Hamilton characters! Enjoy (:


These are just your friendly neighborhood imagines with all our favorite Hamilton cast members (May also include Rafael Casal and or Luke Paqualino at some point)! Enjoy (:



These are fics that are much shorter, the length of mine vary, but usually, they are under 300 words. Some are character x reader/cast x reader, others are character x character.


This is a fairly well known AU in which John Laurens becomes a ghost after dying, this is my written take on it (:

Mistletoe Series

This was my holiday series of December 2016. Each of these is about 100-400 word ficlets involving mistletoe, except Alexander’s, which is about 1600 words.

Important Updates on this Blog

Most Recent Fic

Huge Stupid Crush (Daveed Diggs x Reader)- You’ve been down in the dumps ever since “this guys you liked” went out on a date with another girl and Diggs makes it his mission to cheer you up.

Beautiful Flames is Gone! (for the time being)

It was once on my blog, it no longer is! Don’t worry, it’s not permanent, I want to finish writing the series before I post it. It’s mostly due to poor planning on my part. But anyway, I want to be able to actually go back and change previous parts as I write, dadadadada, boring stuff. But yeah, all of you who asked are still on the tag list, hopefully it’ll be coming out soon but it probably will take a long time to write all that.

Upcoming Fics

Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader- Requested, Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader, Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader- Collaboration with @hamilton-noodles, Beautiful Flames, Rafael Casal x Reader- Series/maybe just a super long fic idk yet, Jordan Fisher x Reader- Requested, Maria Reynolds x Reader (Angst).

Don’t worry, guys I’m not working on these all at the same time *sweats nervously*

If you’d like to be tagged in any of the upcoming works, let me know!

Here’s my ask box if you have questions about any of these updates!

My Other Blogs!


This is where I post character x character fics! I mainly write for Leggy (Lafayette x Peggy) but I will also write for other ships.


To quote my bio: “I don’t know what this blog is. All I know is that I really love Tom Holland.“


This is my main blog! It’s shitpost galore but follow if you choose! :)

Never really talked about it this way, a convo made me think: how much are people aware about Wakfu and its fandom? How many people feel lost, confused, out of touch. Some don’t even know what Wakfu is, although it’s mostly what I post here.

So let me explain and tell about the tumblr Wakfu community a little! \o/ Like it’s my own home and I show you, here’s the living room, kitchen here, bathroom here. x’D I’m one of the oldest fandom members that are still active, and my blog receives a decent user flow, so I thought making such a post would be fun and helpful.

A standard introduction: Wakfu, along with Dofus and several other products, is a part of cross-media called Krosmoz, vizualized by the super talented french guys, Ankama.
Cross-media is: several animated series, short animations, a film, comics of many different styles, and, of course, games. I’m primarily on the gaming side of the community, though I watched (and rewatched) all the animations. Here you can find and watch/read most of the media for free. Other titles can be easily googled.

What initially drew my attention, is this trailer. It was my “door” into the Krosmoz universe. Ankama’s visual style is just flawless, they had me the moment I saw it. So, if you’re hearing of Wakfu for the first time, give this trailer a shot.

If you’ve been around for a while but feel there’s no fandom or it’s too tiny or scattered, check out the Wakfu tag. It’s still alive, even to my own surprise.
When I joined in 2012, there was something like a cozy family that played the mmo, roleplayed and talked about their characters. Those people are mostly gone by now, but they made the best first impression for me. Lately, there was a noticeable activity increase and new user flux, so I thought it’s the right time to make such a post. The tag lives again, yay! \o/

Everyone’s up to their own business, but sometimes you see a few posts tagged as Sacrier Saturday and such on. I saw people being confused and asking what’s that, uh.. It’s just an unspoken tradition started by hell knows who. :D A fun, silly little celebration.
There are, to my knowledge: Masqueraider Monday, Toddler Tuesday, Feca Friday, Sacrier Saturday and Sadida Sunday. (psst you can come up with another day idea)
They’re unofficial, fan-driven, recurring mini-events. You draw, talk, post any type content about a certain thing on a certain day. Visit the respective tag to see others’ stuff and feel good, that’s just it. <3 

Recently I had a talk about artists, how barely visible they are. This post’s initial purpose was to actually give a spotlight to my favorite Wakfu artists, so that they can get the love they deserve, and people can find more cool creators to follow.

Off the top of my head. Mid to high quality art, those who post at least once in a while. There’s actually more awesome peeps and hopefully you’ll find ‘em. C: You can reblog and add your personal favs!

loverofscythe | atomic-soldier | followthechick | shushuccubus (may contain nsfw) | eniripsa | deviched | nat-just | robotrigger | flora-fatale | hua333 (may contain nsfw) | davidohdrums | awful-fortune | ony-b | thingsofthebrain | sailorleo | wakkass | mini-amiya | my bff aketan, of course :9

If you’re not okay and want your name removed from the list, just message me >////< I wanna spread the love, you guys make me happy whenever I see you in the tag. You might not even know how much I adore your arts and OCs because I mostly never crawl out of my shell and communicate. Let this post be an exception. I love your stuff and you’re the best. <3 Keep rockin’!

You Are Worth Me Changing Myself (Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley imagine)

You promised yourself that you wouldn’t be caught up in anybody remotely close to being like Jon Moxley, but when you come face to face with him at work once again, you can’t help yourself… Especially when he swears he’s changed… A lot. This is the second part to Love the Way You Lie. 

Word Count: 2,121 words.

Warnings: eh, there’s not many in here actually, mentions of fluff, cursing

Tag List: @flawlessglamazon @neeadinghugs (yo, just hit me up if you wanna be tagged in my stuff) 

When I got rid of Jon Moxley, I hoped and prayed that I would never encounter him again. But the Fates apparently has a personal vendetta against me. I was working out at a Crossfit gym when I met the lovely Seth Rollins. He was charming, dashing, and such a heartbreaker. 

At first we were fuck buddies. But still, Moxley and I’s toxic relationship came back to knock me in the forehead. I broke it up and luckily for me, Seth is all about understanding situations like that, so we became best friends and over the years, our bond only grew stronger. And when he finally got called up to the main roster of WWE with his close friend, Roman Reigns, and one kid that he used to feud with a lot down in FCW that went by the name of Dean Ambrose. 

Seth tried on multiple occasions to get me to meet Dean but every time I was free, he was busy, and every time he was free, I was booked to the max. Like I said before, the Fates have a personal vendetta against me, I swear it. Ask Seth if you would like verification. 

And somewhere along the way, Seth had managed to get me a job with the WWE as a backstage interviewer. It was totally cool with me until the night that I had started working and I found out who Dean Ambrose really was. 

“(Y/N)!” Stephanie chirped as she turned to the corner and spotted me. I gave her a huge smile then declared, ”Thank you again so much for giving me this job, Mrs. McMahon, I’m so grateful for it.” She waved her hand at me and assured me, ”It’s fine. And please don’t call me Mrs. McMahon. Makes me feel old and wrinkly. Steph is fine, okay? Now, you’ll be interviewing the Shield boys, which is Seth Rollins of course, Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose. They’re all pretty laid back in real life but they will be acting like complete and utter… Well, how do I put this kindly so I don’t offend anybody in this situation… Entitled dickfaces who only wants to serve justice to the world. Good luck tonight.”

I nodded and thanked her before I touched up my makeup and hair then turned and begun running over my questions that I had prepared mentally for this interview. I sure as hell didn’t want to mess up my first night at this job, because that would just be flat out horrible. 

“Miss. (Y/L/N). You’re up in five minutes.” a fellow stagehand informed me before hurrying off to complete another task for another employee. I turned and began taking deep breaths while waiting for the Hounds of Justice to show their tails. When I caught sight of the blond hair, that’s when my breath caught in my throat. He had changed.

 His blond hair was slicked back and instead of his eyes holding nothing but unkempt madness, they were now cold, calculating and filled with an underlying sense of insanity. But I still felt the slight jump of excitement mixed with overruling panic. I felt a little dizzy on my feet and my hand slammed against the  wall then he froze in place as well. 

“(Y/N), we’ve gotta start filming now or the entire show will be behind.” I nodded in acknowledgement then met the three men halfway and I took a deep breath before plastering a smile on my face. The interview went as smooth as it could get, with Jon- Dean burning a hole through my head as I chatted and asked questions. Seth and Roman shot each other many looks, especially when I forced myself to ask their friend a question, and my teeth clenched together. 

“Um, you wanna tell me what that was about?” I heard Roman hiss to Dean as Seth cupped my cheek and forced me to stare blankly up at him as he asked me several questions about my current mood and mental state. But instead of me answering any and none of his questions, I just shrugged and muttered, ”It’s nothing, Sethie, just my nerves. I’ll be okay.”

“Hey, you know you can talk to me right?” he asked, brushing his thumb over my cheekbone. I nodded and hugged him before making my way back towards Steph’s office where I asked her where I was needed next. It turned out that the Fates decided that I could be granted one miracle in my life and she told me that one of the other interviewers had showed up and was more than willing to take over my position for the rest of the night. 

I hurried back to the hotel and jumped in the shower before washing my hair and body in record time then got dressed, still freaked out by tonight’s events, but that’s when I heard the rapid knocking at my door. I froze and shuffled closer to look out of the peephole then screamed, ”Go the hell away, I have no desire to even look at your stupid face!”

“(Y/N), can we please just talk about this? Please? I swear to fucking God, I’ve changed!” he insisted, knocking again. His voice was raspier than I had last heard years ago and I almost gave in but instead, I ignored his pleas.

“Dammit, I know you can hear me, doll. Just open the door and we can talk.” I couldn’t help it. Something in my mind insisted that I opened that door at that moment and demand an apology for the months of agony that he put me through, and I would then agree that we was both abusive to one another before shoving him out of the hotel room again. Only, it went the exact opposite way of what I had predicated. 

When I opened the door to begin yelling at him, he cupped my jawline and cheek before crushing his lips to mine in one of the softest kisses I had ever experienced.

 “God, I fucking missed you. I’m so fucking sorry for all the shit I put you through. I-I, when you left me, I realized that I cared for you. It was more than that though. I was in love with you. And now you’re here.” he panted as he pulled away from the kiss. I blinked once at him before hauling back and punching him across the bridge of his nose. He cursed and held his nose before blinking a couple times in return at me then declared with a small smile grazing his pink lips, ”You always did hit harder than most of the guys I know.”

“You have some fucking nerves,Mox! We practically destroy each other and when we end up meeting up again and you ask to talk to me, you just spring a kiss on me? Are you fucking crazy?” I demanded, crossing my arms over my chest. I knew he wasn’t the only one at fault but I still held quite a bit of resentment towards him and I wasn’t just ready to forgive him. 

“I mean, according to like everyone that I’ve ever went against in a fight, they end up calling me a lunatic so I guess you could call me crazy. And I don’t go by Mox anymore. Like, three months after you fell off the face of the Earth, Sami and I fell apart and I stopped going by Jon Moxley. I don’t even like hearing it.” he muttered, rubbing the back of his neck. I sighed and shook my head then started to walk towards the mirror that hung on the wall, not even bothering to shut the door on my way there because I knew he was determined to talk and when he was determined to do something, you might as well not fight him on it. 

“You look gorgeous.” he pointed out as I stared into the glass. I shrugged and looked down to where the necklace was dangling around my neck into my cleavage. It was a silver crescent moon with hints of blue glitter splattered over the metal. He had bought me it the same night in which he found the two cats. 

“Mox, you idiot. We need a litter box if we’re going to keep these two.” I screamed, cleaning up the tiny pee puddle that Logan had left behind before I went in search for Storm. He gave me a sheepish smile as he turned the corner with his hands tucked behind his back then remarked, “It’s a good thing that their box including the necessities then, isn’t it?”

My eyes slanted into a look of suspense and I stepped closer then warned, ”I swear to fuck if that’s another cat, I might have to murder you.” He chuckled at my death threat and entered further into the room before he replied, ”Good thing for me that it isn’t another cat then, because I kinda value my life, ya know what I mean, doll?” I nodded and waved my hand in a circle to signal my desire for him to move this along then he stated, “In order for me to give this to you, you have to turn around.”

I groaned and turned around, my eyes closing as I sensed his arms wrapping around my neck, then shivered when I felt the cold metal hit my skin, but I still kept my eyes closed, no matter how excited I was to find out what it was. When he finally whispered in my ear that I could open my eyes, I looked down and gasped at the simple beautiful in the necklace. 

“Mox, it’s wonderful! Thank you so much!” I exclaimed, capturing him in a tight hug. He chuckled and returned the embrace then muttered,”Yeah, I saw it and it reminded me of you for some reason. Maybe it’s because you’re pretty and it’s pretty.” I smiled and kissed his cheek as Logan and Storm circled in between our ankles, causing us to share a laugh.

“You kept it after all the shit we went through.” he choked up,  eyes glued to the reflection of my necklace. I shrugged and murmured in return, ”I couldn’t seem to bring myself to get rid of it, ya know? Too many damn memories.” He sighed and claimed the arm chair beside the couch then scratched the back of his head before he replied,” Yeah, I know how it feels. You wasn’t the only one who was that ruined by that relationship, you know?”

I nodded and turned to face him when he looked up at me then I said,”Yeah, I know. But why are you here, Dean?” He sighed and ran a hand through his unruly curls that I missed playing with before he stood up again then answered,”I miss you. So fucking much that it hurts to see you. I want you back, (Y/N). I want to start again. I want to try again. I’m different, I swear. I’ve changed. Please just give me another start.”

I ran my hands through my hair then sighed and looked at him with a bit of a blank look before I tilted my head a little as I spat out,”How many girls since I left you slash kicked you out of my life?”“None.” he answered automatically and I sensed the truth in his words then asked, ”And you completely changed?” 

Dean nodded eagerly, hopping to his feet in front of me, then shrunk down to his one knee and exclaimed, “I swear I have. I’ve never hit another woman and never gotten into an actual fight unless the guy deserved to get his ass beat.” I snickered a bit at the tail end of his sentence then pinched the bridge of my nose and met his pretty blue eyes as I declared, ”Alright, fine. Last chance for you and I. Don’t make me regret it.”

That was eight months ago. Now we’re standing under an arch with Sasha Banks, my best friend since elementary school, and Bayley on my left while Seth, Roman, and the one and only, Sami Callihan on Dean’s right as the pastor declares ,”By the power vested in me by the state of Nevada, I now declare you two man and wife.” Cheers explodes around us as Dean dips me into a breathless kiss then I grin against his mouth when he finally pulls away. 

“See, I told you that I had changed.” He mocks, smirking at me. I roll my eyes then mumble,”Don’t push you luck, I will divorce your ass in a heartbeat.” He chuckles and kisses me again. That’s when I realized that he really had changed for me.  

The Kent sketches from earlier today! I’ll tag everybody in the final post once they’re cleaned up/actually lined, but this is what I accomplished on the 4 hour drive to Las Vegas from the Grand Canyon!

(Some of these Kents are from @abominableobriens fic “Out of Gas”. There is also a Swoops/Troy in there.


Band of Killers: Fire

Deidara always managed to set something on fire by “accident”, so he was banned from touching anything explosive. He still managed to get his hands on some “ingredients” once- his best explosion yet. So they gave up and made him drummer XD

I actually have a whole story about Sasori as well, but haven’t drawn it out yet… Will get to it eventually.

Check out my Band of Killers tag for more stuff!

“She does miss the blog, and she is planning on coming back. She will tell the story she began telling, too, just not in a ‘comic’ format, as it is clearly not enjoyable to her.”

“Generally, she will try to update the blog in a way that works best for her. Hopefully, she will have figured it out by April. She is planning to be mostly active during Spring break and Summer– so, if you can, please be patient for a little while longer.”

((Aaah, I’ve been receiving a few questions about whether or not the blog is still alive, and here is your answer! Basically, I can never be consistent with anything I do, please bear with me here :’D

I’m definitely planning to be more active here, though! There’s still lots of stuff I could do with the blog, and besides, I do miss being on here– it’s just a matter of not being lazy for once and actually drawing replies. Now that Spring break is near, I’m thinking of changing the theme, writing out some pages, and generally sorting out the mess that is this blog. Then I’ll get to answering stuff again! This is my last year of freedom, and I wanna spend some more time here before having to put most of my time and energy into studying ;v;

Again, thank you for being patient, and I’ll see you soon!))

Eheh, thank ya all so much for liking my super random contents. X’D 
Especially my previous post on Gabe. Pffttt wasn’t expecting so much notes on it. Caught me by surprise. Also I think it’s kinda just my concern but I feel I should say this first just in case. (I’ve also been reading the taggings as well) 
I actually don’t do NSFW contents( if you are expecting things like sexytime) so erm if you guys are following me for it, sorry to disappoint. It’s just my own personal reasons & preferences. Just thought you guys should know beforehand. The closest I’m willing to toe the line would be the teaser/suggestive kind. I don’t consider topless/studies to be nsfw btw. Also I don’t care about how ya all tag my stuff, it’s just my concern if you’re expecting those contents from me. Apart from that I actually like reading tags, it’s extremely interesting to gain feedbacks on. Chuckles*  And thank you once again for all the supports! <3 

For Royai Week 2017 (Day 2 - Black tie.)

Warning: The mama!Hawk is strong with this one.

This came to me after reading @intoxicatedeuphoria’s translations of the Prince of the Dawn game. Not outright based on them, but one sure can tell where the idea came from, and some headcanons did seep through.

“I thought you might want one of these, Alphonse.”

That was a lie. In truth, the idea hadn’t been Riza’s, but she could recognize it as a good one. Among the many things Alphonse Elric had come to need after getting his body back, a bow tie had never been on the list. And neither did Edward think owning two could come in handy.

A missing bow tie wasn’t the only mishap among the confusion, the arrangements, and the general chaos prior to Emperor Ling’s first official visit to the Amestrian East. It wasn’t even what had brought Riza to the hotel the Elrics were staying at. Winry, who had been invited by the Elrics as a plus one, had come directly from Rush Valley the day before the event. The dress the brothers had brought her from home was appropriate, but she hadn’t thought of asking for shoes. She’d called Riza at the office, her voice bordering in hysteria, and Riza had to quietly inform her that her own shoes would be a few sizes too big. She’d managed to get a decent pair for Winry after Rebecca caught wind of what happened, and took it upon herself to ask around HQ.

Roy had only pressed a bow tie into her hand.

“Give this to Alphonse while you’re there,” was all he said.

Winry was almost ready in her own room, the shoes fitting well enough. So Riza followed her General’s orders, as she usually did. Awe washed over her as Alphonse’s face lit up at the sight of the piece of cloth Riza had extended to him, any trace of shyness evaporating into thin air. Alphonse, his clothes pristine, eyes bright and smile wide, would surely want to thank Roy and his uncanny gift of foresight, if only Roy agreed to let his softer side become apparent to the boys.

Unlike him, Riza couldn’t always help it. Her chest swelled with pride as she let her eyes linger on Alphonse’s smile a little longer than necessary. Behind those soft gestures laid the same strong will that had once shielded her from what seemed like certain death. The Elrics were her brothers in arms, if only not by blood, in full right.

“Thank you, Captain.” Alphonse began untying the black necktie he was wearing.

“He never really needed to dress up for any of these events when I was a State Alchemist,” Edward intervened. He was only halfway through getting ready. Riza had to resist the urge to frown. “We just… forgot.”

“It’s quite alright. You can keep it, Alphonse.” Roy hadn’t said that, but he might as well have.

“Yes, about that…” He still held the bow tie in his hand. “I have never worn one of these.”

“Here. Let me help you.” As she did, she briefly explained to Alphonse her every movement. She worked slowly, even as memory was sharp, and the result was promptly examined in front of a mirror.

“Awesome, thank you!” He adjusted the corners of the newly formed bow. “Where did you learn how to do this, Captain?”

“When General Mustang began sending me on dangerous missions, he insisted I learned to act and dress like a man. I can’t say I have done that in my career.” She smiled. “Being a woman has proven useful.”

That was only a half-truth. Roy would sometimes do her hair in new ways, and she would practice exotic knots on his ties. Fixing each other up was an odd little habit of theirs, for they seldom fell into the temptation of hugs and kisses. She’d given up on those little pleasures that day, in order to be at the hotel on time.

Edward laughed.

“Why would he think you’d be better off acting like a man? That’s ridiculous.”

General Mustang can be a jealous man, Riza would’ve wanted to answer. But she said nothing.

“Brother!” Alphonse scolded. After a brief silence, he added, “I think Brother meant to say that General Mustang has odd ideas sometimes.”

Once again, she kept quiet. Her grin widened slightly, eyes fixed on Alphonse’s tie. Her mind was far gone from that hotel room.

If only you knew.

anonymous asked:

Anytime I read fic where Dean calls Cas "angel" as a pet name, I think of Cas confusedly calling Dean "human".


That’s the hilarious version. There is also the potentially owie version– if Cas has recently fallen (especially if it wasn’t his choice to do so), and Dean’s trying to be comforting or reassuring and calls him angel, it might have the opposite effect… at least until Dean can explain that Cas will always be his angel, and then he might salvage that one, but ow…

Let’s go back to the humorous version I think I like that one better.

Or when Cas does eventually choose to be human, if Dean called him angel Cas would just roll his eyes and remind Dean that he doesn’t actually think that’s a compliment, after all he did choose to be human. :P

anonymous asked:

Do you have a list of resources you trust for someone who is brand new to spirit work and astral travel but wants to learn? There seems to be a lot of conflicting information out there.

Hello, Anon! I do, actually! Instead of a masterpost format, I keep my list(s) of resources under several organized tags (linked below). Note that these resources aren’t exhaustive and, of course, my lists are always growing, so you may want to check back once in a while. Everything reblogged under these tags has my personal stamp of approval, for as much as that’s worth.

  • Astral Stuff (all things to do with the astral in some way or another)

  • Spirit Work (all things to do with and know about spirits and entities)

  • Cartomancy (there’s some spreads in here specifically for spirits)
  • Personal Tips (my tag for tips and articles I’ve written on this stuff)

And finally, just a quick note on your concern regarding all the conflicting information out there. I know it’s super confusing and even frustrating when you’re wading through that stuff, but oddly enough, I don’t think it’s so bad to have conflicting information

To be clear, I’m not saying (by any means) it’s all good or “right” information. I’m just saying… it’s worth reading anyways. If it’s do with technique, try different things and throw out what doesn’t work with you. If it’s philosophy, take note of what rings true for you personally in this moment. Just remember it’s okay if you change your mind about that later. If it’s theory, well, keep perspective: spiritual theories ≠ divine truth. Be wary of anyone who tells you otherwise, and especially of anyone who discourages free thought.

Good luck, Anon! I hope the resources will be helpful. <3

  • Dirk *pulling out a crumpled list*: i'm going to tell you all of my secrets.
  • Dirk: I once forgot to brush my teeth for 5 weeks
  • Dirk: I didn't actually sell my last car I just forgot where I parked it
  • Dirk: I don't know who Al Gore is and at this point I'm too afraid to ask
  • Dirk: when they say 2% milk, I don't know what the other 98% is
  • Dirk: when I was a baby my head was so big scientists did experiments on me
  • Dirk: I once threw a beer at a swan and it attacked me
  • Todd: ⚆ _ ⚆

i’m not the only one who’s daydreams go dark, right? like yeah sometimes the scenarios are fun and comfortable but i never hear anyone talking about dreams where they get into fights, where they’re being hurt or having horrible feelings and these daydreams feel worse for me because i am feeling everything that my dreamself is, and i can never stop them, and it’s horrible, but in the tag all i see are people talking about the good stuff and idk am i alone in this?