actually such an amazing woman


I was on tumblr when the mako mori test was created as a concept, I saw the posts that lead up to it and like THE LEVEL of misinformation. 

The Mako Mori test was originally created in response to white feminism trying to fuck over pacific rim “because it didn’t pass the Bechdel test.” Thus, if your description of the Mako Mori test doesn’t have the word “woman of color” in it then you’re using it wrong. The test was created to address the issue that not all representation is the same for all women. To address that what is cliche and mediocre for a white female character might actually be amazing for a Japanese female character. 

 So if you apply the test to a white woman, you are missing the whole damn point. And if you use the test for imported media like anime or kdramas, you are also missing the point. It is not rare for a Japanese woman to have a character arc central to the narrative in an anime, like it is for a Hollywood blockbuster, because it’s from Japan. 

 Honestly, I’m amazed at how often informational posts about all the tests completely drop the “woman of color” part when describing the Mako Mori test, even though it is absolutely integral to its purpose.

if u listen to nick’s language, you can tell he’s still quite uncomfortable with actually approaching the idea of rachel’s blackness — like, saying “yeah i know she’s black, but i like her because of XYZ”  isn’t actually being like, “yeah, she is an amazing black woman. “ idk i’m not saying it right, but it seems like the kind of thing that people say when they don’t really know how to approach any racial issues outside of “i like this thing and that’s what’s important right :D “

Using Sakura as a Cupid to BRAINWASH Naruto as if he had no clue about LOVE when obviously he knew about love more than Sakura who knew nothing but SQUAT!

They used poor Sakura as a Cupid as if Neji wasn’t enough sacrifice to make Naruhina to be possible (which it wasn’t basically NEJI died for nothing) to brainwash Naruto as to thinking he doesn’t know ANYTHING about LOVE! Excuse me my Naruto before he got corrupted knew everything about love and was going on the RIGHT PATH choosing the RIGHT GIRL who He laid eyes upon right from the beginning who turned out to be a beautiful and amazing woman who actually CARED AND DID for him dearly too! SAKURA WAS JUST LIKE KUSHINA! Naruto right from day 1 cared about people, the only one that had emotions for even enemies, and for younger kids and adults. He knew everything about Sakura and said what attracted him to Sakura was her drive to be noticed by Sasuke… He didn’t get attracted to her because of rivalry for SASUKE….they both wanted the same thing… To be NOTICED by Sasuke…THEY HAD SOMETHING IN COMMON THAT THEY COULD RELATE TO ONE ANOTHER TO! THATS WHY ALL THROUGH THE MANGA THEY GOT ALONG. THEY HAD THE SAME GOALS AND THE SAME PURPOSE…TO BE STRONG AND BE NOTICED BY SASUKE. FREAKIN TEAM 7 MAN!!

As soon as Naruto married Hinata his whole individuality, purpose, character, and existence was ruined. Studio Perriot and Kishimoto ruined their own story and I don’t care if I am salty to the rest of the Naruto Fandom I’m the TRUE NARUTO FAN! I cared for my characters more than NaruHina and SasuSaku ever will!

Freakin Team 7
Team NaruSaku
Team SasuNaruSaku
Team SasuKarin
Team SasuNaru

Ok but the Machine hired a woman to take care of John.

How amazing is this show that it actually accepts that a woman can take care of the leading male “hero”. The Machine wouldn’t just choose someone who can’t do that.

POI IS THE BEST FREAKIN SHOW EVER! I love all the females in the show and they ALL are so BADASS! 

Seriously I think we should give endangeredslug a big round of applause. Not only did she help run rcij but she wrote 3 amazing fics for it as well.

When one of the Santa’s had to back out for personal reasons she didn’t even hesitate to offer to take on the fic. And then she wrote me a fic too because she thought I deserved one. She did this on top of her own actual assignment.

This is one amazing, wonderful, talented woman and she is an absolute gift to the fandom. I’m so glad to be able to call her my friend.

Everyone give it up for Sluggy.

its actually fucking amazing how one woman literally writing a series of words in a complete rut at the time can create such a buzz all around the world and ignite so many people and save people’s lives and generate all these fans; people who write thousands of fanfics and create art and make harry potter inspired jewellery

she constructed the entirety of the wizarding world and inspired a whole generation originating from this tiny thought from when she was on a fucking train