actually such an amazing woman

Imagine your boss, Dean Winchester, flirting with you every time he can.

“And last but far from least-” you let a small sigh, looking at the door in case someone was coming “Mr Fury asked to see you.”

“Fury? As in Nick Fury?” Dean raised and eyebrow, his interest peaking.

“Exactly. It either has to do with the damage you and Mr Stark caused on your small trip around town or-”

Dean chuckled, leaning back in his chair “Come on (Y/n), we were drunk!”

“That does not justify it. On the contrary, it was reckless to go take his suits while being drunk.” you said with a pointed look and his smile turned into a softer one.

“You know-” he leaned forward so that he was closer to you “I love it when you care so much about me.”

“Mr Winchester.” you scolded softly, not meeting his eyes but still unable to hide a small smile from your face.

“I thought that by now we had agreed on that, sweetheart. It’s Dean.” he said, sounding a little disappointed.

“You know that can’t happen, Mr Winchester.” you mumbled, starting to place all of his files in place. Anything to keep you occupied from looking him in the eyes “I’m your assistant.”

“Well then we can arrange that. I could always fire you.” he gave you a cheeky grin as with wide eyes your head snapped to him.

“What?” you stood there frozen for a second until he started laughing at your expression.

“Just kidding. There’s no way on Earth I would fire my most trusted worker.” he shook his head “Besides, this enterprises would crumble down without you here to be honest.”

“Glad you appreciate my job then, Mr Winchester.” you chuckled with a small sigh of relief, shaking your head at your boss.

He rolled his eyes for a moment “That’s just not going to go away easily, is it?” he huffed, almost disappointed and you bit the inside of your cheek; still not looking at him.

“Wish it could.” you mumbled and saw him from the corner of your eye get up and walk towards you.

“You know it can-” you almost jumped at how close he had gotten without you realizing it, his breath only fanning over your cheek and his hand on your back “It’s all up to you.”

“Mr Winchester please-” you glanced at the door nervously “Someone might walk in. I just- I don’t want them to think I am taking advantage of-”

“Of who? Me? Sweetheart by all means, do so.” he gave you a boyish grin and you couldn’t stop a chuckle at his words, shaking your head.

“No. Of the time I spend with you. I- I worked hard to get this position.”

“I know, I saw it for myself.” he frowned slightly “That’s why you got the promotion.”

“Yeah, well if they see us like this they’re not going to think exactly that Mr Winchester. I don’t want people to assume I am here because I am sleeping with my boss.” you placed a hand on his chest, regretting it but still pushing him away. You couldn’t even dare look him in the eyes, you couldn’t take the heartbroken look on his face.

“But they don’t have to see us, if that’s the problem.” he suggested after a long pause and you frowned.


“I mean if that’s what you’re most scared of- we don’t really have to tell everyone. Let them find out on our wedding day.” he added with a wink and you couldn’t help but giggle at him.

“Mr Winchester-” you started with a small whine but you knew you didn’t have an excuse good enough. Honestly you were mostly trying to convince yourself that you couldn’t be with him than him in the first place. Besides, it was your own feelings you had been battling with mostly these days than your boss’s advances and flirty remarks.

“Come on, just give me a chance. You’ll see I’m not that bad!” he threw his arms in the air and you bit your lip.

“Mr-” you stopped yourself “Dean, I know you’re not.” you confessed looking him in the eyes “And I know that if the circumstances were different- I wouldn’t have hesitated for a second. Especially after such a surprise.” you added with a chuckle and he grinned.

“You like them?” he remembered the flowers he had sent to your apartment. One of his many attempts in getting you “Took my brother’s advice in it.”

“The flowers were amazing, really.” you admitted “But I was mostly referring to the sweets, especially the pie.”

“Well, that one was my idea actually.” he confessed, full of pride and you giggled.

“Oh I bet!” you shook your head with a laugh.

“Say-” he spoke up, a hand again being placed on your back “How about I take you out… for pie and burgers and we can make a fresh start?”

“Dean” you sighed “You’re not going to give up, are you?”

“Hell to no.” he confessed.

“May I ask you- why are you so interested in me? Up until a few months ago I was just one of the secretaries until I became your personal assistant. But still- nothing more.” you dared look him in the eyes, only to see confusion written all over his face.

“I think we’ve made it clear that you got this position because you are the only one that actually puts effort into their work. Plus, you’re the only one that knows me so well and doesn’t dress up on purpose to show off and turn me on.” he shrugged, before pressing you close to him “That happens either way.” he added and you rolled your eyes at his cheekiness.

“I’m only wearing a white blouse and pencil shirt.” you mumbled.

“As I said- too fucking hot.” he growled almost in your ear and for the first time you let him kiss your cheek without you pushing him away.

“Dean” the way his name left your lips was definitely something you weren’t planning on.

Dean grinned widely “See? Already getting there-” he licked his lips “Do you really want to know why I am so interested in you?” he said in a low rough voice “Because you’re special. Because every morning you have walked in my office, hair a mess, no make up on and clothes a little a little wrinkled with a few buttons undone-” he paused for a moment, his eyes roaming your body “I can only think of how gorgeous you look, and how I’d love to see this sight every fucking morning. Especially after an intense night of-” he paused grinning up at you, only to see a hint of red on your cheeks.

“Gosh I would so love that.” he breathed out huskily, his breath tingling your lips as his face stood only a few inches away from yours.

“I’m- I’m not that-”

“I swear to god, if you complete that sentence I am just going to grab you and prove you wrong right here and now in any way you can imagine.” he said with a slight growl and you swallowed the lump in your throat, feeling yourself shiver when his hands started traveling. You couldn’t deny you liked it a little too much.

“Do you even know the things you do to me when you lean over my desk?” he whispered, resting his forehead on the side of your head; his lips brushing past your ear “With those tight, black skirts. I’ve had such a fucking hard time concentrating during meetings just because of you. You don’t even have to touch me, hell not even say something and I know I am a goner. I can’t think straight when you are in the same room. And gosh, you’re not even doing it on purpose. You’re so clueless.” he grinned “So adorably clueless.”

“Mr Winchester” you whispered, fisting his suit jacket in your hand.

“And the way you say that- I hated it so much at first, it felt like you put a wall between us. I still do but at the same time-it sounds so innocent, so unintentional that you can’t realize how cute and hot it sounds at the same time.” he chuckled and you bit your lip.

“And as if all of that is not enough you- you are such an amazing woman. You actually listen to me when I need it, you try to understand me and you- you love rock too. You listen to me ramble about my car when my own brother always tries to make me shut up when I do. You actually know so much about me, every side of me, that no other woman I’ve been with has ever known. And that’s only because you are the one interested.”

“I can’t help it you know.” you whispered, looking at him through your eyelashes.

“I know. Trust me baby, I know.” he breathed out, cupping your face and before you had the time to react he crashed his lips to yours.

So yet another reason Wonder Woman really struck a chord with me is in the scene where Hyppolita discovers Antiope training Diana.

Because instead of doubling down on her original stance, she listens to Antiope. She doesn’t want to believe that Diana needs to know how to fight, but she knows Antiope is right; you can see the worry and the doubt in her face even as she says Ares may never return. And then, after wiping away a tear she finally agrees to let Diana continue training.

I keep coming back to that, and being quietly amazed that the writers did that, because so many times in genre movies and books women are shoved in these one dimensional boxes. Hyppolita, as the Matriarch, should have been shrill and controlling, and would certainly not have let herself be persuaded to see reason. We would have had a frustrated Diana continuing to sneak off with Antiope, while we the audience would low key hate Hyppolita for her willful ignorance. Instead, they gave us a complicated, thoughtful, fleshed out human being, who is not only allowed to be a badass warrior queen, but a loving mother who actually gets to show vulnerability and admit when she is wrong.


more domestic jake and amy that b99 should give us
  • every morning for about a week, jake and amy eat boiled eggs for breakfast because jake learned how to boil an Egg and amy is proud of her adorable chef boyfriend
  • when jake returns from jail and shaves his beard off for whatever reason, amy’s weeping her eyes out in pain, and jake promises her that it will grow back
  • it doesn’t grow back despite an entire month passing, and jake gets his hands on a bunch of fake beards that he wears to make amy happy– she ends up laughing instead because jake chose to hop under the covers with a huge handlebar moustache
  • every time jake and amy host dinner, amy still insists on cooking but she insists it’ll be okay because jake differentiates all the seasonings and spices for her so she doesn’t mix up sugar and salt
  • it works and jake and amy churn out decent squad dinners– although they make sure not to tell anyone that jake differentiates all the seasonings by conducting a taste test where he licks said seasonings off amy’s fingers
  • jake and amy catching all those shows on EPIX because amy’s a sergeant and jake knows he’s the luckiest man alive because the most amazing woman in the world actually loves him and watches tv with him
  • amy wearing any of jake’s plaid shirts or like any of jake’s clothes really we’re not being picky here

Queens of BMP: Her Majesty The Queen of Dres Van

The Legend

History will remember her as the sunrise that brought the dawn of a new Dres Van. Immortalized in soft hues of peach, old rose, and bursts of yellow - rendering her profile ethereal, almost near mythical as the nation commits the curve of their beloved Queen’s gentle smile to memory. 

Her arrival injected steel into the Royal Family’s spine, finally challenging the outdated bureaucracy that overstayed its welcome. Her indomitable spirit put an end to the sacrificial offering of a young mother’s tears in exchange for an ideal future sovereign, ripped away from her embrace a little too soon. She is both formidable and benevolent, the fresh rain on arid soil, the ember of warmth to a nation who is no stranger to the vast coldness.

He on the other hand will remember her through the sunsets. The silent witness to all the heartfelt vows they made. Vows that they have kept sacred and theirs alone even with the passage of time. He finds solace in the way the setting sun paints a dream-like portrait of the stolen moments they share in their cozy log cabin that perennially smells of freshly cooked rice, oatmeal, and lavender. He tucks away these pockets of happiness - these ephemeral gasps of life, to cherish with all his heart and to hold tightly, that not even Time can take it away from him. 

..and he will forever remember her this way. Bathed in soft colorful lights, made more magical by the dusk. A euphony of orange, blue, and mauve casting shadows in places he has reverently mapped out before. Bits of stardust settling on that perfect spot, as he commits the twinkle of her dimpled smile to memory.  

Queens of BMP Series: COMPLETE

Fandom Fic Rec


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First up a special shout out to one third of my heart, my wifu, my babe @aluxra! Though I may not paddle in the same fandom sea’s as my beloved that often, she is a talented writer and whenever our currents do cross I’m always amazed by her work! Seriously go check her out especially if you’re into Overwatch or Rise of the Guardians! She’s AAAA-MAZING! 

Now for more familiar nautical territories! 


@otppurefuckingmagic / Otppurefuckingmagic 

Why you should check ‘em out: Reading Sam’s work is quite often like recreating John Hurt’s chest busting scene in Alien but with more smiling and then begging for more. Sam knows how to build an emotional, beautiful story that’s complex and stunning in so many different ways and meanings…and then thrust her hand into your chest and rip out your heart, crush it and then put it back and you’ll thank her for the privilege. Joking aside Sam is one of the best and I wholly recommend you add her to your must read list if she isn’t already on there.

Which fic’s have stolen my heart: In the Sin Bin & Laughter Lines

@lecrit / Lecrit 

Why you should check ‘em out: Similar to the above individual Lu or Satan as they’re aptly named approaches writing in a way that leaves us all crying and clinging to their ankles begging for more. Lu’s work is heartbreaking and beautiful in equal measure and really digs into certain emotions and leaves you feeling a little raw afterwards. They’ve got some amazing stories on the go that balance the emotional suffering with some humour. 

Which fic’s have stolen my heart: Bright Lights, Small Town & Invictus 

@my-nameless-bliss / Nameless_Bliss

Why you should check ‘em out: Other than promoting the truth, Alec really does deserve nice things, they are smashing the gender roles and stereotypes with some emotional and epically beautiful stories. Seriously you will get emotionally involved in these stories so much because they’re written so god damn beautifully and so sweetly that it’s hard not to get hit right in the chest with the emotional upheaval and acceptance that Alec goes through, not to mention the understanding of both Magnus and Alec’s character that they seem to have. Every detail is stunning and well thought out and a joy to read. 

Which fic’s have stolen my heart: Alec Lightwood Deserves Nice Things

@abloodneed / Dour

Why you should check ‘em out: Regularly murder me, every time I think it’s safe to come back to life BAM dead again!  They write beautiful snapshots into the Malec life that are just amazing and so emotionally charged, it’s brilliant stuff. Follow them, you won’t be disappointed! Honestly their grasp of imagery and how to invoke emotions in the reader is breathtaking and you will cry, laugh and need to lie down A LOT. 

Which fic’s have stolen my heart: The Lesson in Magic & The Legend of Magnus Bane

@darquebane / Darque

Why you should check ‘em out: All though a more artistic queen, when she does turn her hand to stories she really nails it. No I’m serious, she does some amazing work and you should absolutely encourage her to write more because when she does she really brings her A game and that game is strong with the feels and the ability to pull you into a story. 

Which fic’s have stolen my heart: Touch Starved 

@theonetruenorth / Theonetruenorth

Why you should check ‘em out: Their stories range from short and sweet to beautifully crafted multiple chapters. Frankly if you’re not already subscribed you’re doing something wrong. They really hit those emotional notes and have some of the most wonderful descriptions I’ve read in fanfic. 

Which fic’s have stolen my heart: Not extinct enough &  When everything is too much

@magicandarchery / Magicandarchery

Why you should check ‘em out: Fluff and feels that’s this particular queen’s specialty. Honestly she’s helped me discover new fanfic tropes to complete obsess over. A true master of multiple genres, sometimes its soft and sweet and other times it’ll make you cry the emotions are so strong. Absolutely worth a check out and subscription!  

Which fic’s have stolen my heart: Home for Christmas & Drive: Chasing Stars

@sarcasticlightwood / wisenights

Why you should check ‘em out: I mean other than being one of the best people I know and an actual living embodiment of Wonder Woman herself. My great queen is an amazing beta who writes just as well! With amazing descriptions and so much emotion as well as a generous helping of fun and good feelings you really have not lived until you’ve checked out her works!  

Which fic’s have stolen my heart: An Intimacy with Mortification 

Other Fandoms

For this section I want to cover some special mentions, like people who keep drawing me back to old fandoms. 

@scifigrl47 writes the best and most amazing and heart string pulling and funny Avengers fic on the planet! Two words: flying Roombas

@stoneyboboney wrote a lot of amazing sterek fic back in the day and though they’ve since moved on to brighter pastures I still re-read their work whenever I’m feeling my sterek nostalgia coming on.

footloose writes the most wonderful and EPIC merthur fic and if you haven’t read either Loaded March or Shadowlord and Pirate King then you are missing out on the greatest storytelling of your life!

@buffycuddlespigs writes for a few of my favourite fandoms including the worlds cutest kid!fic for stormpilot and a mountain of some brilliant mcshep stories! Also she’s Scottish so well rounded amazing human being there!

@slamncram writes the most wonderful fitzward’s works I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading and she and her equally talented artistic girlfriend are keeping our tiny ship bobbing along!

…this is the end, beautiful friend…

To the people I missed I’m sorry sometimes my brain is not so great and I’m kinda running on a little sleep deprivation and caffeine overdose so pfft the neurons, they’re not firing on all cylinders but I really do love you as well!!! I promise!!!

All these people are incredibly talented and wonderful and you should absolutely check them all out and shower them with kudos and comments and show up in their ask boxes screaming your love for them! 

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Sas out x 

It’s been a year and Cursed Child is still destroying me

Okay, so on one hand, I understand all the issues people had with the Scorose bit of Cursed Child. Did it feel forced? Definitely. Unnecessary? A little. Completely underdeveloped compared with the Scorbus bonding? Absolutely. 

But one of my biggest issues after finishing CC was how Rose was basically written out of the story entirely. I am a firm believer that the Epilogue to Deathly Hallows ABSOLUTELY set up Albus, Rose, and Scorpius as the next-gen Golden Trio. So when Rose’s only role in CC was to be super judgmental and kind of nasty throughout 95% of the play, I was devastated. This was not the Rose I had been imagining in my head and writing fic about almost a whole freaking decade! (Well, actually, I had been imagining a Ravenclaw, but that’s neither here nor there.)

Which brings me to the Scorose issues. Like a lot of people, my belief in this ship came from Ron’s line in the DH epilogue. “Don’t get too friendly with him [Scorpius], though, Rosie.” I still feel that this was very much a hint towards the possibility of Scorose, and I will never not believe that that wasn’t what she intended when our amazing and wonderful author wrote that line. 

I was nervous when I heard that the story for CC wasn’t actually coming from JK Rowling herself, but from two other people. And again, being frank, the fact that they were men made me even more anxious. Part of what I had always loved about the Harry Potter series was that there were so many kinds of wonderful, amazing, evil, or just plain ordinary female characters. Like most women I talk to about the fantasy genre, female characters written by women just tend to be more realistic and less like a bad cliche or trope.

  *cough cough* anything written by Tamora Pierce *cough cough*

Reading CC basically confirmed all of my worst fears. Rose was gone, there was no Golden Trio, Delphi’s character was just a huge giant cringe, a collection of a decade’s worth of adolescent fanfiction wishes. And again, I’m not going to lie and say I’ve never spent an afternoon imagining that Voldemort had a daughter. It’s crossed my mind. It’s crossed pretty much everybody’s mind. But just because something is fun to think about  doesn’t meant it will necessarily translate into a full fledged character. Which is exactly what happened with Delphi. 

And then, the announcement that Cursed Child was actually CANON changed almost everything I’d ever imagined about the next generation. Ignoring the obvious issues with calling it canon (Time Turners, Delphi, and absurd Scorpius is actually the child of Voldemort rumors, just to name a few), what I really disliked about considering CC canon was what that meant for Rose and all of those next-gen golden trio ideas. Because if I have to except CC as canon, that means that more than half of the next-gen Hogwarts life is over, and Rose STILL isn’t friends with either Albus or Scorpius. I felt like I’ve been cheated out of years worth of potential Hogwarts stories. 

And of course, Scorose was almost entirely ruined for me. 

I’ll be honest: I’m still holding out hope that Scorose will happen. Not because I think that hetero-normative relationships are the only ones out there, not because I don’t think Scorbus would be insanely cute (I do), but because it’s been my OTP for almost a decade. 

But the rest of the fandom seized  Scorose as an example of everything wrong with CC. I’ve seen the words “shoehorned”, “forced”, and “unnecessary” used to describe it so many times that it’s actually painful for me to go near that part of this site anymore. So many things with the Scorose tag are just people complaining and dissing the ship, it breaks my heart. 

It breaks my heart because they’re not entirely wrong. My ship, my OTP, the couple I’ve held close to my heart since 2007, was so treated to carelessly and with so little thought in CC that I couldn’t bring myself to write Scorose fic for almost a year. Not only did Scorose become a running joke throughout the play, Rose was reduced to little more than a prop in Albus and Scorpius’s story. As someone who literally watched Hermione Granger go from a frumpy, buck-toothed goody-goody know-it-all to one of the most badass female characters in not only the series, but the entire fantasy genre, the way that Rose was treated in CC destroyed me. 

And the craziest thing of all is, I still want to see the damn play. That’s how much I care about this wacky, outrageous, heart-wrenching patchwork world of magic and friendship and love that one amazing woman created. (And also, everyone who actually has seen the play says it’s amazing and so much better than the script, and, really, I should hold off on final final judgement until I’ve had the chance to see the play for myself, right? Right??? *dies on the inside*)

But still. I am hoping so much that at some point we will get a real next-gen series that will go back and fix everything that went wrong in CC. And will I be rooting for Scorose? Definitely. Will I be disappointed if it goes Scorbus? A little. But will I not care as long as I get to see more of Scorpius “Cinnamon Roll” Malfoy being best friends with Rose and Albus? Absolutely. 

The Lady in Red (10/10)

Title: The Lady in Red (10/10)
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Fem Reader
Words: 977
Warnings: oh the feels!

Not many debriefings end with hugs, but this one did. Once Fury and Hill left, everyone in the room needed to wrap their arms around Y/N. She had become family to them too and their relief that she was staying was palpable. When everyone else had left, Steve and Y/N remained alone in the conference room. Steve was still processing everything that had just been said. Could he actually have her? This amazing, strong, independent woman, would she actually want to be his?

Y/N stood at the head of the table, waiting for Steve to move from his chair.

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As a woman you’ve already got a head-start in attention-getting—most people would rather look at a woman than a man, and actually I think they’d rather listen to an amazing woman speak than a man, even if society’s still got this way of keeping people conditioned to think men are more important. If my husband goes out to big events without me, people may say to him, “Where’s your wife? I want to see your lovely wife—not you!” I guess I’m cuter than he is. The point is that women have way more power than they realize.

People want to be wowed by you! All you have to do is step up and deliver—a great entrance, a glint in the eye, and either a dose of humor or a shot of drama will have a lot of people at your feet. I read a quote from a major supermodel a few years ago in which she describes how she exaggerates her persona to make a powerful impact. “Whenever I walk into a restaurant, I take advantage of the chance to make an entrance, dressing up, walking tall, acting a little snobbish, talking with my European accent.” She’s got it: She knows the qualities that make her stand out, and so she magnifies them just a bit, thereby commanding attention, turning heads, and making everyone talk.

—  Kimora Lee Simmons, Fabulousity 
Re: Diana's monologue/lesson at the end

(Not sure the exact words) *after seeing that humankind can be both bad and good and there is no black and white* “Every human has light and darkness in their hearts but it is only through love that one can choose to be good. People who chose to be good out of love are the ones who deserve to be saved/worthy of being saved." 

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(Patty Jenkins & the writers of WW nailed wonder woman’s true message. Kudos to Jenkins who made sure that this amazing line was believable and something audiences actually will rally behind through an amazing arch that sets up this line)

Please Be Happy

Hi can I request an angst were suho of exo cheated on his gf(which is the reader) and he try to make it up but in the end she will leave him for another / sorry if you didn’t understand .. I’m not good at explaining and also if your under pressure its OK you can cancel my request … Plus your writing is amazing .. I hope you’ll stay healthy and happy forever 💗”

Requested by: anon

Type: angsty

A/N: I’m sorry if there’s any misspelled (or mistakes) words

Enjoy 😊

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-GIF isn’t mine- can we talk about how good looking he is????????

You were casually going around the street with your friends. You didn’t have a casual day in such a long time and you were finally able to enjoy it. You had decided to hang out with your friends since your boyfriend was busy with work. 

You had decided to stop by a small café just to relax and enjoy the cool weather.

“This café is amazing. It opened a few months ago and I love it” Soomin giggles, sitting down at a table.

It has been an hour since you had been there with your friends. You were talking about everything and nothing. This is what you loved whenever you were hanging out with them. You didn’t need to have a meaningful conversation to have fun.

You started to be a bit distracted, your mind started to wonder. You were actually thinking about Junmyeon. You didn’t receive any texts from him for the last five hours. 

Usually he would’ve texted you by now. Whether it was about how was practice or when he’ll be home. 

You decided to send him a quick text to make sure everything was going well.

What you didn’t pay attention to was the little ‘ding’ you heard a few seconds after your text was delivered. 

You were to focused on what you had to do once you were home that your mind didn’t care about this little yet important detail.

What made you react was the other ding you heard when you had sent another text. 

This was just a coincidence - it had to be. No way he would’ve gone out without letting you know. You trusted him which is why you really decided to pay attention to what your friends were talking about.

You started to look around the little café. Your eyes found this couple. You gently smiled. It reminded you of your relationship.

“Oh my god, Y/N look! This dude looks exactly like your boyfriend?” one of your friend suddenly whispers. 

You didn’t answer, you simply frowned. 

How could she know how your boyfriend would look like? She didn’t spend time with him. The only moments she met him was at the little gatherings you organized a couple of months ago. 

You looked at the guy she was talking about. Only to found out that she was actually talking about the guy from the couple you were kind of observing for the last five minutes.

Well, she was right, this guy did look like your boyfriend. But you were ninety-nine percent sure that this wasn’t him.

Out of curiosity, you decided to text him asking if he was having dinner with you tonight. You pressed send and looked back at the same man. 


“That’s weird” you whisper. “What?” the same friend asks, frowning.

“It’s just- I don’t know.. I sent a text to Junmyeon and this guy received a text a few seconds later” you quietly explain.

“It could be him” she casually answers.

You decided to call him. You needed to make sure it wasn’t him. Especially when this guy was on a date with his girlfriend.

His ringtone. You were hearing his ringtone.

“Hello” you hear him say through the phone.

You opened your mouth. What should you say? Should you act as if nothing happened? Should you speak as if you didn’t see him sitting at the same café as you with this girl?

You quickly hung up. 

“Who was it?” you hear the girl ask your boyfriend.

“Probably a fake number” you see him shrug.

You knew he was lying, he had set a different ringtone for you. 

You quickly picked up your things, you couldn’t stay there. You couldn’t just watch your so called boyfriend, interact with another woman. 

You started to think about it, maybe he wasn’t cheating on you? Maybe they were friends?

Obviously, a few seconds later you saw them kiss. You clearly couldn’t believe it.

He was definitely cheating on you. This was what made you realize that you needed to leave as soon as possible. 

Your friends started to ask you too many questions. They were pretty loud which made Junmyeon looked into your direction.

You eyes met for one second. But you didn’t wait longer, you simply left as fast as you could. 

You couldn’t deal with this right now. How could he do that? Why would he do that to you? To your relationship?

You didn’t deserve this? You were sure that you didn’t. You were a good girlfriend, always taking care of him. 

Was she the woman he was going to whenever he was tired? Was she the woman he was staying with whenever he was at “work”? Was she the woman he was staying with whenever he was “too tired to come over”?

You looked down at your phone - fifteen texts and three missed called from him. Plus a couple of texts from your friends. They were probably wondering what was going on.

You put your phone in your bag deciding to forget everything. You wanted to go home as quick as possible. You needed to. You couldn’t stay outside knowing your boyfriend was cheating on you. 

You were now on your way home. You had relaxed a little bit. You started to rethink about everything. The small details, what could’ve helped you discover this sooner.

Why would he go out, in the public eye, with a girl who clearly wasn’t his girlfriend? Was he this stupid?

If you were even thinking about cheating on your boyfriend, you would definitely keep it low and private. 

You’ve been home for the past three hours. You didn’t do much other than packing his things. You didn’t even want to hear him out, you had seen too much and you clearly didn’t need any explanation. He was cheating on you end of story.

It didn’t take you long to pack all of his belongings. You weren’t living together so the only things he had left at your place was some clothes and a couple of products.

“Why didn’t you answer your phone???” you suddenly hear him ask.

What was he doing here?? You were sure you had locked the door from the inside, no one could come in even though they had the code.

“What are you even doing here?” you ask, in a deep and dangerous voice.

“I was so worried about you. I thought something had happened to you” he explains, walking towards you.

“I’m fine. You leave now and take whatever belongs to you right now” you quickly say.

“No, we need to talk about this” he quietly says.

“Talk about what? About you lying and cheating on me? About you being stupid enough to actually go out with this girl who you’ve been cheating me on? Junmyeon, I thought, I thought we were good. I thought our relationship was strong, healthy and without any actual problems. If you didn’t feel happy or something, you should’ve told me. We could’ve talked about it!” you start to explain.

“What happened there. This is- this was stupid. You are so stupid. If you were cheating on me, you could’ve as least made it in the right way. Not going around with this random girl! This is painful, Junmyeon. I didn’t expect you to do this. I thought you weren’t this type of man but I guess I was wrong. So please, leave! I don’t need any of your explanations. I know enough, please delete my number, delete everything related to me. Because this is what I’m going to do. Goodbye Junmyeon” you say, giving him his belongings and pushing him outside of your place before closing and locking your front door.

“Junmyeon please stop calling me. It’s been months now, why are you still trying to win me back. You know this is over” you tiredly explain, rolling you eyes.

“But I’m sorry. This was a huge mistake. I broke up with her, I want our relationship to be like it used to be” he explains.

“Goodbye Junmyeon” you say, hanging up.

You placed your phone on your coffee table before snuggling back to your current boyfriend. You had been together for the past four months and you were more than happy about it. 

It has been eight months since the last incident happened. Junmyeon kept calling and texting you. You had tried to block him but this wasn’t changing anything. He was using his friends’ numbers to contact you. 

“Do you want me to talk to him?” your boyfriend suddenly asks.

“What? No” you chuckle. “I know him, no one can change his mind. I just don’t know why he keeps thinking that ‘we’ are still a thing” you roll your eyes.

“Are you serious?” you laugh, walking down the street.

“What? Don’t I look serious?” your boyfriend, Jaehyun, smirks. 

“But this doesn’t even sound possible” you giggle, looking back at him.

He looked back at you before laughing. He had the cutest laugh ever. 

You were currently walking to a small restaurant you had discovered a few weeks ago with one of your coworkers. 

“I cannot wait for you to try this little restaurant. It’s so good I swear you’re going to love it” you smile, looking back at Jaehyun.

He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know what was the best solution to win you back. What could he do to make you come back.

He had decided to go for a walk. He didn’t want to stay at home by himself. All of his members were out so he didn’t want to feel lonely. 

It was around one in the afternoon, Junmyeon didn’t have anything for lunch, he didn’t really care. He didn’t have a regular meal in months. 

The only thing he cared about was you. You were always on his mind, no matter what. He didn’t realize how stupid he was to actually cheat on you. To him, you were the most amazing woman to ever exist. 

You were always there for him, no matter what. When he was sick, when he was happy, when he was tired, when he was sad. No matter how busy you were, you would always be there for him.

“I cannot wait for you to try this little restaurant. It’s so good I swear you’re going to love it” he suddenly hear the voice he was willing to hear for the past few months.  

He looked on his left, where he the voice came from and he saw you which made him smile.

A genuine smile, he had missed you. You looked so good, as always. You looked happy as well. 

He then took a few seconds to look at the person who was walking right next to you.

This is when he understood how you felt a few months ago. This is when he knew how stupid he was at the time. This is when he understood how much he had hurt you even though he had promised many times not to. 

His eyes followed you and your boyfriend. The way you interacted together, you looked like a young and innocent couple. 

He looked back at you, you were still smiling. He was happy to see you happy. He hated the fact that he wasn’t the reason behind your beautiful smile. 

He started to walk away, he didn’t want you to see him. He actually wanted you to keep this smile forever, no matter what.

Junmyeon had loved you. It would be a lie to say that he never did. 

The first time he saw you, he knew he had to talk to you. You looked so beautiful, smart, funny and kind. Everything he was looking for in a girl. 

Junmyeon had loved you and he had took you for granted. He had took your love for granted and broke his promise. Broke your love, your heart and everything you had.

“I’m so hungry” Jaehyun says, sitting down in front of you.

“Me too!!” you excitedly say, smiling. 

“I think you have a text” Jaehyun nods his head towards your phone which was placed on the table.

You had loved Junmyeon, it wasn’t something you could deny. 

You had loved him with everything you had. But he broke you, broke you heart and everything you had. 

But because you had loved him with everything you had, you heart forgave him.

And so did you. 

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