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I went and saw Saturday Night Live (S42, E15) and all I got was the best time ever.

Okay so I love it when people make step-by-step stories about when they went to SNL so I thought i’d make one myself.

I got tickets through the Twitter contest they had where you were suppose to send in an email about why you’re ‘the biggest SNL fan’. I sent mine in and got a reply about two days later that I had won! This was about a week before the show (insert panic-attack. Planning a trip from Sweden to nyc takes more than I week I can assure you, I don’t know how we got it all done time…).

Anyway! When we got to SNL the girls (‘cause they were almost all girls) working there were SO nice. I met the girl who had booked me and I thanked her and told her I was gonna name my firstborn after her. Another one recognized my name ‘cause I had replied to an email they had sent with a gif of Sue (Kristen Wiig) saying “i’m so freaking excited!” lmao.

You get wristbands, tickets, you go through security, you sit down in a waiting room and wait. After a while they start calling people like “purple wristbands come this way”, “people with the letter A on their tickets come this way”. And when you’re called you get in to an elevator with a bunch of strangers, then walk through a hall and then get your seats.

We were up on the grandstands sitting right in front of the stage where the musical artist perform which was great ‘cause you could see practically everything (some seats truly are crap, as Michael Che pointed out. I know I know i’m getting to that, stay calm) but you could also see alot of what was happening outside of the camera frame.

Lorne Michaels walked passed us down below and it was like seeing god. He would walk around, chat with someone, check his clock and then just stayed out of people’s way and let them work.

The house band open the show. Then Michael Che comes on and does stand up for a bit. There was this guy in the front row who kept giving sort of guy-tries-to-be-funny-but-it-only-comes-out-as-cocky sort of answers so Michael Che went all in and dragged his ass for attending the show by himself etc “you a weird dude, Tom”. People were pissing themselves laughing, he’s phenomenal at stand up (Tom was laughing too, I should add).
Then Keenan Thompson performed a song with Cecily, Vanessa and Sasheer and I figured/hoped Kate was gonna be in the cold open.

And she was! Leslie came out and sat on that bench first and everyone cheered and applauded her and she looked genuinly happy and surprised and waved at everyone. Kate came out and while everyone was waiting for the show to come on air her and Leslie kept mucking around and doing funny faces to eachother making everyone laugh. And then a woman (more on her later) started yelling 45 seconds! 30 seconds! 10! 5,4,3,2…. and we were live. It was thrilling.

Shorter fun facts about the show:

*If a person is in two sketches back to back a makeup artist etc. will come on stage, grab them and run, and I do mean RUN. Like if Lorne Michaels himself is in the way they will push him aside.

*Octavia was really good. She’s so talented and seemed focused but happy. Loved that I got to see a first-timer hosting SNL.

*Kate did all of the Kellyanne Conway bits live, non were pre-recorded. She would come out (right below where we were sitting! She truly is tiny you guys, like even tinier than she looks in photos) wearing slippers. And she would stand and wait for the sketch to be over and then she would kick of her slippers, get on her knees, they filmed her, she put her slippers back on and went backstage.

*Melissa Villasenor what an angel. I felt like we got to witness the first show where she really got the flex her muscles and show what she can do. The crowd was laughing so hard. I am convinced she’s gonna be the next big thing on SNL. Sidenote: the fact that they did an impression of Kate while Kate is still on the show truly shows what an actual star she’s becoming. Amazing.

*There was a woman working on the crew, I do not know her name and I do not know what her job is but goddamn she was cool. She seemed to be the coordinator of every sketch and would stay in frame talking to the actors until the very last second, and I do mean the very last. One time she literally had to throw herself out of frame, and seemed totally unfazed by it. Really made you feel how LIVE this show truly is.

*During the goodbyes Kate and Cecily hugged for 2000 years. Kate looked tired, I aint gonna lie. She wasn’t in any sketches except the cold open since she’s working on another film. I am quite sure she will leave this season and to have gotten to see her before she left truly was an honor and privilege (this was also one of the motivations in my email I sent in btw).

This was one of the best things I have ever done. To get to see how this show works irl was an absolute delight. They seem to have SO FUN doing this, all you wanna do is run backstage and hang out with everyone and braid their hair. And I got to here the “Live from New York!” LIVE. FROM NEW YORK.

Fandom Fic Rec


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First up a special shout out to one third of my heart, my wifu, my babe @aluxra! Though I may not paddle in the same fandom sea’s as my beloved that often, she is a talented writer and whenever our currents do cross I’m always amazed by her work! Seriously go check her out especially if you’re into Overwatch or Rise of the Guardians! She’s AAAA-MAZING! 

Now for more familiar nautical territories! 


@otppurefuckingmagic / Otppurefuckingmagic 

Why you should check ‘em out: Reading Sam’s work is quite often like recreating John Hurt’s chest busting scene in Alien but with more smiling and then begging for more. Sam knows how to build an emotional, beautiful story that’s complex and stunning in so many different ways and meanings…and then thrust her hand into your chest and rip out your heart, crush it and then put it back and you’ll thank her for the privilege. Joking aside Sam is one of the best and I wholly recommend you add her to your must read list if she isn’t already on there.

Which fic’s have stolen my heart: In the Sin Bin & Laughter Lines

@lecrit / Lecrit 

Why you should check ‘em out: Similar to the above individual Lu or Satan as they’re aptly named approaches writing in a way that leaves us all crying and clinging to their ankles begging for more. Lu’s work is heartbreaking and beautiful in equal measure and really digs into certain emotions and leaves you feeling a little raw afterwards. They’ve got some amazing stories on the go that balance the emotional suffering with some humour. 

Which fic’s have stolen my heart: Bright Lights, Small Town & Invictus 

@my-nameless-bliss / Nameless_Bliss

Why you should check ‘em out: Other than promoting the truth, Alec really does deserve nice things, they are smashing the gender roles and stereotypes with some emotional and epically beautiful stories. Seriously you will get emotionally involved in these stories so much because they’re written so god damn beautifully and so sweetly that it’s hard not to get hit right in the chest with the emotional upheaval and acceptance that Alec goes through, not to mention the understanding of both Magnus and Alec’s character that they seem to have. Every detail is stunning and well thought out and a joy to read. 

Which fic’s have stolen my heart: Alec Lightwood Deserves Nice Things

@abloodneed / Dour

Why you should check ‘em out: Regularly murder me, every time I think it’s safe to come back to life BAM dead again!  They write beautiful snapshots into the Malec life that are just amazing and so emotionally charged, it’s brilliant stuff. Follow them, you won’t be disappointed! Honestly their grasp of imagery and how to invoke emotions in the reader is breathtaking and you will cry, laugh and need to lie down A LOT. 

Which fic’s have stolen my heart: The Lesson in Magic & The Legend of Magnus Bane

@darquebane / Darque

Why you should check ‘em out: All though a more artistic queen, when she does turn her hand to stories she really nails it. No I’m serious, she does some amazing work and you should absolutely encourage her to write more because when she does she really brings her A game and that game is strong with the feels and the ability to pull you into a story. 

Which fic’s have stolen my heart: Touch Starved 

@theonetruenorth / Theonetruenorth

Why you should check ‘em out: Their stories range from short and sweet to beautifully crafted multiple chapters. Frankly if you’re not already subscribed you’re doing something wrong. They really hit those emotional notes and have some of the most wonderful descriptions I’ve read in fanfic. 

Which fic’s have stolen my heart: Not extinct enough &  When everything is too much

@magicandarchery / Magicandarchery

Why you should check ‘em out: Fluff and feels that’s this particular queen’s specialty. Honestly she’s helped me discover new fanfic tropes to complete obsess over. A true master of multiple genres, sometimes its soft and sweet and other times it’ll make you cry the emotions are so strong. Absolutely worth a check out and subscription!  

Which fic’s have stolen my heart: Home for Christmas & Drive: Chasing Stars

@sarcasticlightwood / wisenights

Why you should check ‘em out: I mean other than being one of the best people I know and an actual living embodiment of Wonder Woman herself. My great queen is an amazing beta who writes just as well! With amazing descriptions and so much emotion as well as a generous helping of fun and good feelings you really have not lived until you’ve checked out her works!  

Which fic’s have stolen my heart: An Intimacy with Mortification 

Other Fandoms

For this section I want to cover some special mentions, like people who keep drawing me back to old fandoms. 

@scifigrl47 writes the best and most amazing and heart string pulling and funny Avengers fic on the planet! Two words: flying Roombas

@stoneyboboney wrote a lot of amazing sterek fic back in the day and though they’ve since moved on to brighter pastures I still re-read their work whenever I’m feeling my sterek nostalgia coming on.

footloose writes the most wonderful and EPIC merthur fic and if you haven’t read either Loaded March or Shadowlord and Pirate King then you are missing out on the greatest storytelling of your life!

@buffycuddlespigs writes for a few of my favourite fandoms including the worlds cutest kid!fic for stormpilot and a mountain of some brilliant mcshep stories! Also she’s Scottish so well rounded amazing human being there!

@slamncram writes the most wonderful fitzward’s works I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading and she and her equally talented artistic girlfriend are keeping our tiny ship bobbing along!

…this is the end, beautiful friend…

To the people I missed I’m sorry sometimes my brain is not so great and I’m kinda running on a little sleep deprivation and caffeine overdose so pfft the neurons, they’re not firing on all cylinders but I really do love you as well!!! I promise!!!

All these people are incredibly talented and wonderful and you should absolutely check them all out and shower them with kudos and comments and show up in their ask boxes screaming your love for them! 

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Sas out x 

As a woman you’ve already got a head-start in attention-getting—most people would rather look at a woman than a man, and actually I think they’d rather listen to an amazing woman speak than a man, even if society’s still got this way of keeping people conditioned to think men are more important. If my husband goes out to big events without me, people may say to him, “Where’s your wife? I want to see your lovely wife—not you!” I guess I’m cuter than he is. The point is that women have way more power than they realize.

People want to be wowed by you! All you have to do is step up and deliver—a great entrance, a glint in the eye, and either a dose of humor or a shot of drama will have a lot of people at your feet. I read a quote from a major supermodel a few years ago in which she describes how she exaggerates her persona to make a powerful impact. “Whenever I walk into a restaurant, I take advantage of the chance to make an entrance, dressing up, walking tall, acting a little snobbish, talking with my European accent.” She’s got it: She knows the qualities that make her stand out, and so she magnifies them just a bit, thereby commanding attention, turning heads, and making everyone talk.

—  Kimora Lee Simmons, Fabulousity 
The Lady in Red (10/10)

Title: The Lady in Red (10/10)
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Fem Reader
Words: 977
Warnings: oh the feels!

Not many debriefings end with hugs, but this one did. Once Fury and Hill left, everyone in the room needed to wrap their arms around Y/N. She had become family to them too and their relief that she was staying was palpable. When everyone else had left, Steve and Y/N remained alone in the conference room. Steve was still processing everything that had just been said. Could he actually have her? This amazing, strong, independent woman, would she actually want to be his?

Y/N stood at the head of the table, waiting for Steve to move from his chair.

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So I’m not sure if anyone else noticed this or I’m just imagining things…

In the opening prologue scene, it seems like the Prince is still a little unsure during the dance, even from the beginning, even as he projects this air of self-importance.

HOW Dan manages to convey this seemingly dichotomous dynamic, while still covered in gobs of makeup and without actually speaking, is amazing. During the dance, as he bounces from woman to woman, he manages to act both predatory and as a lost boy. The Prince seems equally intoxicated and distressed by the situation of being surrounded by all these women, none of whom he pays any serious mind to. Because no one has taught him how to treat these women with dignity–his mother died and his father was clearly a piece of work.

I am not condoning the way he treats the enchantress, because he seems quite comfortable dismissing her. I am merely referring to the dance part. As much as he tries to act to the contrary, the uncertainty and insecurity are always there, laden and nagging. While this opening scene further serves his foil with Gaston, what’s interesting to me is that I don’t believe The Prince was ever quite on the same level as Gaston. Sure, he was a jerk and probably did a bunch of other jerkish things to people before we meet him. But, and I’ve seen other commentary on this, the POTENTIAL for redemption is always there as well. That vulnerability he tries so desperately to bury at the beginning is the key to his salvation in the end.

Beauty & The Beast

So I just watched Beauty and The Beast and it was so beautiful. An awesome movie with a talented lead woman. And even more amazing Disney actually hinted a GAY man and a Happily Ever After with A GAY Couple!!!!!!!!!!! Like omg

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The upside of rejection

A buddy of mine was upset after a girl he really liked rejected his advances to go on a date. I know a lot of guys have either felt this pain, or are in fear of feeling it, and I’m sure the same sentiment can apply for women as well. The fear of rejection is one of the biggest hurdles some people face when they think about asking someone out on a date. I told him some things he said helped him out. So I’m passing them on to you.

There are, unbelievable as it may be, several upsides to rejection.

Firstly, rejection should not be a blow against your ego. If it is, then you probably aren’t mature enough to handle a genuine relationship anyway. People can reject romantic advances for whatever reason, and that list of reasons almost never includes destroying a persons ego. So don’t get upset if you didn’t get the answer you wanted.

Secondly, the option to opt out is why we “ask” people out and why we don’t “tell” people to go out with us. An answer is an answer. Sometimes a “no” is better than wondering what might have been, this is especially true for anyone who is scared of making that step of asking someone out. Don’t be afraid of the word “no”. Don’t let fear, rejection, and the fear of rejection tear down your confidence to pursue a person that you want to be with.

Third. If you really care about the person you are asking out, then respecting their answer, no matter what it is, reigns supreme. Don’t let a rejection force you to feel like you have to distance yourself from a person. I am still friends with several women whom I asked out who rejected me for one reason or another. I still care about their happiness, I wish them the best that life has to offer, and I am glad that some of them were able to attend my wedding, as I am also glad I was able to attend their weddings as well. I actually became better friends with one particularly amazing woman after she rejected me so she could go to an out-of-state University. We still hang out, she even asked me to be an usher at her wedding. And you know what, she ended up with a really great guy, so I’m happy for her.

I don’t have to wonder what might have been between myself and those amazing women. I had the courage to ask. And I got an answer. It may not have been the answer I wanted at the time. But as time went on I began to appreciate and respect that answer more and more. Don’t let the lack of a romantic relationship prevent you from enjoying a platonic relationship with a good person.

But you know what’s better than that? The amazing woman who said “yes”, and then said “yes” again two years later when I got down on one knee. I’m so happy I found her. She made every rejection and failed relationship I had in pursuit of finding her worth it.That’s the thing about rejection. The word “no”, regardless of the number of times you’ve heard it, completely loses it’s power after one person who you deeply care about says “yes”. You have to search for your true love, and you have to accept that you might not find them right away.

So don’t let rejection, or the fear of it, hold you back from searching for that person who will say “yes”.

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Do you have any SNS fic recs?

Sorry I took so long answering! I haven’t read any new fanfics in a while, unless they’re by an author I’m subscribed to, so this list is probably unhelpful (I’m sorry) 

- Write Me a Love Story by Narutophobia (Incomplete) 

This one is pretty entertaining from what I remember, I missed college!AUs and this one is good one if you’re into that. I also like the way the author handles both boys’ sexualities. 

- Professors and Football and Stalkers, Oh My! by jazthegr8 (Complete) 

I really enjoyed the dialogues in this one, the interactions, and specifically the Naruto x Sakura friendship (it’s SNS don’t worry). There’s also KakaSaku! 

- Target by Mythoughtbubbles (One chapter away from being complete!) 

I recommended this one before. Looooved it because it’s super dramatic and suspenseful, it stays pretty true to their core characteristics too, given their circumstances, which is important to me. 

- Corporate Secrets by Kizukatana (incomplete) 

Kizu’s newest! Anything by this woman is amazing actually. I HATE A/B/O AUs in any fandom, but she managed to write a story in that universe without including all the shit I despise about it. Highly recommend! 

- To Fight Monsters, We Created Monsters by MyThoughtBubbles (Complete) 

I LOVED this one, mostly because I’m a whore for Pacific Rim (which is what it’s based on) Also!!!!!!!!!! The author has confirmed they’re going to expand upon this story one day so YAY. 

P.S. I was originally gonna add some classic SNS fanfics, but since they’re a lot, I’ll probably make a separate post if anyone wants one. Hopefully I can still find 90% them (I used to save them, so I’m not sure if the authors still have them up on fanfiction) 

What You Should Never Say On A POT/SD Date!

This is going to be one of my rare ‘’shorter’ posts.

Again, a lot of my self help/ relationship advice doesn’t just apply to the sugar community. It applies to everyone that wants to work on their appeal, attraction and confidence.. male or female.

So there are four main things I would avoid talking about on a first date.

1) Weight

Sometimes, as girls, we have the tendency to bring up issues on our weight or body shape  or  body size. The problem with this is that it always comes across as insecure so just ignore that whole area. You want to exude confidence not insecurity. Think of it like this, when I say “Don’t think about a pink elephant” whats the first thing you imagine … a pink elephant right? It’s the same with your body. When you bring up something about yourself that you dislike, suddenly a man that may not have paid any attention to it before, now notices it.

2) Your Ex’s

In the beginning, when you are having a conversation with someone you are interested in and you are getting to know each other there is no room to talk about your past relationships. This is a new relationship so don’t go into old partners. Now i know that I will get asks from anons saying “well what do you say if he asks what your last sugar relationship was like”. To which my response is, even here, don’t make it about your past sugar daddies. You don’t need to start giving him information on what your previous SD did for a living or how he snored terribly. Simply layout what the relationship entailed, (like shopping, movies, trips, etc,) but it’s not necessary to go into the gory details.

3) Why you are still single?

When a man asks “Why are you still single?” or “Why don’t you have a sugar daddy yet?” don’t say “Well I just don’t get approached” or “ sugar daddies keep arranging to meet with me but then they just flake”. Because all this says is that you are UNDESIRABLE! So just avoid that topic by saying something more charming like “Well i just haven’t met anyone that meets the standards that I set for myself and for a relationship”. What this does is create a sense of worth and he now thinks “ ahhh, this is a high value woman”.

4) Rejecting Compliments

It actually amazes me how many people don’t even realise they do the following. Someone gives you a compliment on your hair or your clothes etc, and you say “ thanks but that’s not true because … ( there’s a hole here, I feel unattractive in this, I actually need to fix my split ends … you get the jist)”. Stop taking compliments badly. Just smile and say “Thank you”. After all, a man wants to compliment you but he doesn’t want to reassure!

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I'm in Paris so I went to Lafayette's grave and it was really cool but it actually reinforced my love for Adrienne. Like this woman was fkn amazing and I wish she was in Hamilton bc he loved her with all his heart and she was so cool and awesome and had such tragedy in her life but was still so strong. Adrienne fan club forever.

He was a terrible husband tbh.  And she was amazing and didn’t deserve it!  I love her.

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no no dude it's just that the fandom makes her out to be a Incredibly Great woman who like... actually wasn't that amazing irl

Yea but it’s better than the fandom reducing her to some lovesick girl who is sad about ham all the time and like, idk enough about real history to refute this but when judging the musical, shouldn’t you be looking at the musical characters (where Lin credits her with being the smartest and also gave her the hardest raps in the show)? Bc if ur going by real history then like all of them are awful