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Haunting Your Door

Here’s a short fluffy one to brighten your day :)
Genre: domestic fluff
Word Count: 1122
Summary: Simon and Baz have a fight. Simon goes to Penny for advice.

“Here’s your jumper,” Simon grumbled and threw the piece of clothing at Baz. The git didn’t even flinch, or look up from the book he was reading. Just a small movement of his arm made clear that he had acknowledged the jumper at all.

“Really? That’s it?”, Simon said angrily, even though he was aware that he was being childish. “How about a ‘thank you’?”

Baz raised an eyebrow at him.

“Have you really sunken so low that you need that kind of validation?”

Simon sighed in frustration.
“Can’t you just for once behave like a normal person?”
“You really shouldn’t have chosen me if you wanted normal, Snow.”
“Come on, Baz, you know how I mean it.”
“Yeah, well, maybe I don’t agree with the norm. Why am I supposed to say 'thank you’ for putting my jumper in the laundry? It’s really not that big a deal. And I don’t know why you’re making such a big deal out of this. It’s just laundry, Snow. No need to start a fight.”
“I’m not – I just – Argh.”

Awfully many sighs today. But Baz chose not to get suspicious just yet.
“You always eat our food, Baz.”

“Well, someone has to eat the peanut butter that you for some reason keep buying even though you’re allergic to peanuts and Penny hates it, otherwise it’ll mould.”
Peanuts – the only food, really, that Simon didn’t eat. Baz didn’t really get why he always had it in the fridge anyway.

“Don’t bring up the peanut butter.”
And the reason I keep buying it.

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oho this is Admin J . So uhm this is my first smut or even writing so spare my life … anyways lettuce read :’) !!!

Title : Studio
Pairing : Jikook , Jungkook x Jimin
Genre : Smut

Jungkook : Yah, Yoongi hyung needs you down in the studio ASAP. / read 5:28 pm /

Jimin : Ah, I’ll be there in a few~ / read 5:30 pm /

That was the first time Jungkook had even talked to Jimin. I mean it’s understandable when the person you’re jacking off to walks in on you right when you cum. Not that Jimin didn’t like it …. he fucking loved it.

Jogging down to the studio Jimin recalls what happened that night.

Waking up from a cold sweat Jimin layed panting starring at the ceiling.

Slowly drifting back to sleep Jimin was then jolted up by a familiar voice.

“Jimin ahh..” the sound moaned.

Letting curiosity get the best of him Jimin left the room heading for the sound.

“Oh…oh…J-Jimi-Jimin…Fuckk..Oh I’m gonna oh….” moaned the oh so familiar sound.

Jimin stood outside the door. Jungkooks room. After a couple minutes past with just intense moaning and groaning, Jimin bust open the door.

Only to be met with Jungkooks seed all over his hand and a picture of Jimin on his phone.

“J-J-Jungkookie…” Jimin whispered in shock.
From that day on Jungkook avoided Jimin at all cost. Whether it was at dinner, a day off, the studio, or even onstage.

Arriving at the studio it seemed as if all of the Bangtan Boys were there, except for one…. Jungkook.

“What the hell Jimin, what took you so long? I thought Jungkook had texted you to be here ASAP? ” Yoongi asked in annoyance.

“S-Sorry Yoongi hyung…. I’ll be faster next time! ” Jimin promised.

“Yeah yeah whatever anyways get your ass back in the recording booth, I forgot to fucking save the audio from Tuesday night….” Yoongi muttered .

Grabbing a pair of headphones Taehyung handed to him Jimin stepped into the booth only to be met with Kookie, sitting right below the glass so he wasn’t visible by the others.

“Jimin is something the matter? ” Namjoon asked form the other side of the glass, seeing the younger have a shocked expression on his face.

“Oh … U-uh, N-No .. Haha nothing’s wrong…” Jimin wearily assured them.

“Okay then…anyways we’re gonna start with track #5” Yoongi said.

Yoongi pressed the play button and the music started to roll in. Jimin just starred at Kookie sitting on the floor who was starting to unbutton his pants. Grabbing his erection he threw his head back moaning.

Jimin swore the tent in his boxers was so big it would’ve ripped them any minute.

“JIMIN. JIMIN. JIMINNN. CAN YOU HEAR ME. EARTH TO PARK FUCKING JIMIN. ” Yoongi yelled angrily from the other side of the glass.

“O wait what!? Yes Yoongi hyung!! ” Jimin startledly yelled back.

“What the shit Jimin you missed your starting line, are you sure you’re okay? ” Yoongi asked worried.

“Oh yeah haha sorry, let’s start again, I wasn’t paying attention. Don’t worry it won’t happen again! ” Jimin confidently yelled.

Giving him a couple more glances, Yoongi started back the music again signaling him that he’s about to start.

Freeing the bulge from his boxers, Jungkook grabbed his member slowly stroking it up and down. He looked right up at Jimin biting his lip.

This time tho Jimin didn’t miss his part. He confidently sang it all while he watched Jungkook pleasure himself.

“Okay let’s take 10! ” Yoongi yelled on the otherside.

“In the meantime you can go and take care of that. ” Yoongi smirked pointing at the enormous bulge forming in Jimins pants.

“S-Stop Yoongi hyung!!! G-Get out already…” Jimin shyly yelled.

As the boys left Jungkook stood up from where he was sitting, slowly making his way towards Jimin and backing him up to the wall.

“Let’s see what I can do in 10 minutes…” Jungkook seductivly whispered into Jimins ear while biting onto his lobe.

Jungkook slowly trailed his hand down to Jimins shorts. Pulling down the zipper he yanked down both his shorts and boxers letting Jimins now pre-cummed cock spring free.

Jungkook pumped Jimins cock at a slow and agonizing pace, watching as the elder rolled his eyes back and let out a long throaty groan.

“F-Fuck…” moaned Jimin.

Jungkook then slammed his mouth against Jimins, as their younger gasped for air at the sudden attack. As their tounges battled for dominance, Jungkook detached his lips making Jimin whine.

Chuckling his left hickies making sure the other hyungs would know who caused this.

“8 Minutes left…” whispered Jungkook going down and kissing along Jimins stomach.

Taking Jimins erection, Jungkook blew a breathe of cold air onto it making Jimins cock twitch and let out even more precum.

“Fuck Jungkook, just fucking suck my cock already! ” Jimin said angrily.

“….6 minutes left” Jungkook said licking the tip and the precum off.

“Just fucking hurry up before they come ba- F-FUCK NGHhhh..” moaned Jimin as Jungkook took his cock all the way down his throat choking on it and pumping the rest that he couldn’t fit in.

Gagging on his cock Jungkook moved his mouth an a rapid pace stopping everytime he felt Jimin near.

“3 minutes left, ” he gasped as his mouth left Jimins cock.

Taking his cock back in his mouth, Jungkook starts nibbling on the tip of the head and wrapping his warm & wet tounge over Jimins dick.

“Oh fuck Jungkook …. I-I’m gonna f-fucking,” Jimin gasped.

“1 minutes left…” Jungkook moaned, as he took back in Jimins cock hearing the boys footsteps approach.

Sucking his cock even further Jungkooks head moved up to look up at Jimin, they’re eyes met and Jungkook moaned onto Jimins cock.

At that Jimin shot his seed out, letting Jungkook choke on the 5 long squirts. Cleaning up Jimins cock he let out with a “pop”, pulling Jimins shorts back up he went back to give Jimin one last kiss.

“Time.” he whispered, backing up from Jimin as the boys walked in all met with Jimins shocked expression.

“Woah Jungkook when did you come here?” asked Tae as he plopped down onto the sofa.

“Hmm oh well I just got here actually, anyways I got some stuff to do see ya, it was nice seeing you Jimin…” Jungkook smirked as he happily left the room whipping off the cum on his lip.

“Jung fucking Kook..” muttered Jimin.