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I love your blog and your Mysmes threads! I'd actually like to do a request, I think it would be interesting. What about RFA finding out MC is deaf? Thank you!

I’m actually taking sign language right now so this is somewhat relevant.


  • very shocked of course
  • you never mentioned in the messenger before!
  • after your first smooch, he tried to talk to you
  • you kind of know how to read lips but you were never good at it
  • and you awkwardly just sign to him
  • and he didn’t even know what you said ;;;
  • thankfully Seven knew so he had to play translator 
    • yes even on your first date
  • even takes lessons from Seven in exchange for cleaning his house >
  • it becomes a useful skill when he has deaf clients come in with their pets 
  • very involved in deaf awareness events with you


  • you made mention of it somewhere
  • but Jaehee sort of forgot
  • she was so excited to see you!
    • >//
  • she’s just talking and talking
  • and you just nod along, trying to stop her for a second because you didn’t catch most of it
  • you ask her if she forgot you were deaf
  • and she just stands there…
  • flushed
  • how embarrassing
  • thankfully Seven stepped in and helped translate for you
  • she didn’t want Seven following you two around everywhere so she has you teach her
  • it becomes really useful when you two are at the cafe


  • you told him pretty early on that you were deaf since it’s a piece of important information
  • and it was awkward when you went over to his apartment
  • but you two made due
  • you were pretty good at reading lips so it was incredibly hard
  • this marshmallow was such a dork because he was so excited to learn
  • very determined to tell you how much he loves you with signing
  • his acting skills make it all the better
  • if anyone dares to insult your disability
  • he’s got a few words to say
  • lw likes most of the RFA has no idea what you two are saying
    • you two could be talking about something nasty and most of them wouldn’t know
  • Zen signs to you to complain about Jumin
  • and this fucking starts signing back
  • wtf
  • Zen is shook


  • you thought it would be awkward when the two of you first met
  • or just in general, it was going to be awkward
  • but when you told him that you were deaf, he started to sign to you
    • uh like what
    • boy where did you learn that???
  • he took up signing as sort of an advantage when there were clients who were deaf
    • very smart
  • it made you so comfortable
  • this donut knew how to sign and that made you all warm and fuzzy inside
  • is very insistent EVERYONE learns how to sign
  • has the RFA learn and all his bodyguards learn
    • so they can communicate with you without any problems
  • overall he’s extremely supportive and just a sweet donut


  • found out during your background check yo
  • thankfully he’s found someone else he can sign to
    • not only do you know morse code and binary, you can SIGN
  • you didn’t even mention it, he just claimed that he can sign to
  • so you were signing to the camera in the apartment
  • and he told you exactly what you said to him
  • wowie!
  • he was even better than you were
    • and you knew the language your entire life!
  • becomes your translator for events and conversations in the RFA
  • is very proud of you though because you don’t let your disabilities hinder your ambition
  • which adds onto the very long list of things that he loves about you  (❤ω❤)