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When you think your crush is unrequited but it turns out she actually likes you back

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So, first Toby tells us that he felt Flint had a very satisfying end and then he says it was an open ending. I guess he chose the happy one. What do you think?

yeah he chose the happy one as the ‘true’ one as did everyone that truly understands this show

at the end of the day anyone that is invested in this story and loves these characters and understands the relationship between flint and silver chose to believe the happy one. purely because its the one that feels right and its the only one that makes sense. after all they’ve been through together, after seeing that relationship develop on screen.. to think that john would kill the man he loved makes no fucking sense whatsoever. he has always chosen life over death, since the beggining. he could have killed billy but he didn’t, he couldn’t. he couldn’t even kill the man that tried to take away the two people closest to him. he simply didn’t have it in him. and that was just because billy used to be his friend. so you can imagine why im completely bewildered by how some people can believe this same man killed flint. john loved him. he loved him so much. the only reason he chose madi over flint was because his romantic feelings were repressed. he didn’t realise that these feelings were there. he hadn’t realised ‘that’ about himself yet. and the writers literally confirmed this. toby confirmed it too about flint, that his romantic feelings for silver were ‘buried deep’. that he was the ‘love of his life’ but never accepted it as romantic because the pain after thomas was too much. but the feelings were there. they were real.

toby said that silver was ‘the one he needed most of all’. how could that make any sense if silver killed him on that island. flint needed him most of all because silver gave him peace, he gave him thomas. he allowed him to let go of flint and bring mcgraw back. if you can truly see that, there should be no doubt in your mind that he actually killed him. honestly ‘can’t you see it?’ has never been so relevant right now. if you’ve been watching two points in space at the same time, if you’ve been paying attention to everything thats happened and everything the writers and toby have said you should be able to see clearly how silver truly ended flint.

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