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Being on the Avengers with Peter Parker would include..

- LMFAO y’all a bunch of headasses to begin with

- having the most precious relationship in the world

- A LOT of running around avengers tower

- and annoying tony

- taking dorky polaroids of one another

- becoming the iconic young duo of the avengers that is always talked about in the media

- being inseparable from each other

- reason behind that is that you two were the youngest in the team and felt a connection upon your first meeting

- always training together at headquarters

- (y/n) please don’t do that thing with your leg today’

- helping each other with homework

- natasha thinking that you two are the biggest dorks in the world

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A word about The Emoji Movie

Today Sony Animation’s The Emoji Movie opens in theaters. Now after seeing the trailers and the hideous Rotten Tomatoes score some people might be tempted to go see it “Just to see how bad it is”. Well to that I say, don’t.

The main reason being if you go to see it in theaters, even if it’s for that reason, you’ll be supporting the film, you’ll be giving the film money. When you give a film money that’s basically telling the film company that you’re willing to pay to see that movie, to a movie company that basically says “Yes, I want more of this please” and they’ll end up making a sequel and making more films similar to The Emoji Movie, which is obviously not what people want.

So unless you’re a film critic and it’s your job to see this film, or you actually legitimately think it looks good and want to see it (because I guess there’s at least one person out there like that (I won’t judge)), then don’t go see it.

To sum this up, I’ll leave you with the words of critic Jay Sherman.

god i feel so bad for being disappointed by that… i mean. i see a lot of people that are just upset because it felt so mocking. i mean fuck i’m a huge fan of the man and i’m just disappointed.

like jack made it seem like it’d be awesome and badass. and then. welp.

sorry guys…

edit: dont get me wrong. i loved  it with dark and anti. but it just felt so bland and mocking. or whatever.

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Zero judgement if you don't because you have a tendency to write romances, but do you have any plans for a canon ace character in any of your infinite novel plans Tumblr keeps shoving at you? (Also, my fav of those is probably the 2 bakers)

There are plans to include canon ace characters in my books. The plot outline for the bakery one has supporting ace background characters, as well as nb and trans. 

And I don’t necessarily think that writing Romance excludes one form writing ace characters as main characters either. Erotica yes, perhaps, because people have certain expectations when they pick up a book labelled erotica—which is why I tend to make the distinction between version X of this book is a Romance Erotica, and version Y is purely Romance with the focus on emotional expression through means other than insert bodily appendage into cavity C. 

You can write a good Romance and not have any mention of sex in it. Fanfic does it all the time. We just call it Fluff or Coffee Shop AU.

But I think if someone would write an Ace based Romance novel the way they would like to see it done, I’d very much like to read it. Hell, I’d help to edit it, if it meant getting more diversity out there in the genre. I get so many people going “I don’t read Romance but I’ll read yours!” and what I am actually hearing is “I know this is about vampires and werewolves, but your characters are not exclusively cis-het and trapped in toxic done to death tropes and I am HERE FOR THIS”

There’s a whole market out there going neglected. And I’d very much like to see it succeed. Anyway, sorry, that got away from me.

To answer your question succinctly: Yes. There will be canon ace characters in future works who are blatantly obvious and not just heavily implied. 

so…..there we have it, folks.

It was a good run. A fantastic run, actually. I read a LOT of comics and the New Riverdale Jughead comics were some of the best I’ve ever read.

I’m going to keep blogging about asexuality and Archie Comics but I’m really going to miss this comic, it meant a lot to me. Jughead was the first mainstream asexual character I encountered and I feel blessed that his asexuality was so well represented. Hopefully we’ll get to see canon ace Jughead in other comics in the future.

Thank you for coming on this short-lived journey with me <3

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Ok actually screw you bc your art hurt my emotions so much I read the freaking fic. And THAT hurt so much I had to see what the freaking show was and so I binged the stupid thing in like two days despite the fact that the website I used to do so probably blew up my computer with viruses and I AM HURTING BC REIGEN IS SUCH A GOOD GUY AND WHY ARE THERE ONLY TWELVE EPISODES WHY DIDYOUDOTHISTOMEEEE


Christian Yu x Reader: Let Me Explain - Chapter 6

Chapter 1: These Seoul Streets. | Chapter 2: Uninvited Guests | Chapter 3: Confrontation | Chapter 4: Who Wouldv’e Thought?| Chapter 5: Red Roses

Chapter 6: It’s Party Time

Word count: 5287 (I’m sorry lol)

Series type: Angst.

Warnings: Bad language and mentions of alcohol and consumption of it.

Additional Characters: DPR LIVE (Dabin) and mentions of other artists/fictional characters.

A/N: Thank you everyone for supporting the series the way you have, sadly all good things come to an end, this is part one to the finale. Please keep in mind English is not my first language therefore there might me some spelling/grammar mistakes

You can’t even explain how everything happened so fast. It’s been three days since that night, and it has also been three days since you’ve seen Christian face to face. You keep in contact through texts and calls and see him through late night face time sessions, but both of your schedules were too packed to actually meet up. Especially now that operation fake relationship is up and running.

After Christian attended that meeting at YG he had been so busy, being pushed around like the media puppet they made him to be. Christian explained that they wanted to get the important stuff out of the way first so that the public would keep paying attention to them, which was key for all of this to work. He told you it was temporary. That he’d be really busy for a week or two before things would slowly start to die down. It was exactly what you were afraid of. Every time he’d text you to ask you if you were okay with something you didn’t have a choice but to say yes. You had to. He was being considerate of your feelings throughout the whole thing, but you didn’t even put up a fight. Not even when he expected you to because you felt like you were secretly being watched by Hyung Suk. It made him question why you didn’t care anymore, but he didn’t have much time to think about you because he was kept busy. Christian was only trying to please and help everyone around him at the same time, neglecting his own work and relationships in the end. In some weird way you were relieved he was too busy to be with you. It made it easier to keep your secret. But you missed him. More than you expected to.

You could have predicted this. You could have said no when you had the chance. But now you’re glued stuck to a spot you couldn’t get out of because you were being blackmailed. You partially blamed yourself for this mess, thinking back to that night in the dance studio when you so childishly thought of this deal as a test for Christian’s loyalty to you. Would you have done differently if you could have? Absolutely. Can you now? Absolutely not. Not with all of these consequences. You weren’t only responsible for your own life if this video got out because of you, but also the lives of Christian, Dabin, Cream and the rest of the people affiliated with DPR. There was too much damage to be done with the truth. Damage that couldn’t be mended.

You nearly broke your brain overthinking the past couple of days and nights. You contemplated on whether to tell Christian or not, but you know you can’t. Not until you figure out a solution.

You had been coping with your emotions by shutting them out. Living on automatic pilot. It’s like you slowly tricked your mind not to care anymore, even though you do. More than anything.

You manage to smile at the Starbucks employee who handed you your two Americano’s. Saying a quick thank you. You hastily run to your car through the rain and put the coffees on the passengers’ seat. You drive to Dabin’s apartment. You hadn’t seen him since that night either. He texted you last night If you could come over at around 3 in the afternoon to listen to some of his new music. He loved to hear your opinions on his stuff because he knew you get to listen to new releases before most people, since you choreograph songs for many idols and solo artists. It unexpectedly made you an expert on new trends in kpop/khiphop.

You arrive at around 1:15 in the afternoon, you knew you were early. A little too early. But you were bored and way too happy to find some distraction with a good friend.

You ring his doorbell first, waiting for a good 30 seconds before you decide to bust out his spare key. He does it to you all the time, so you figure you could too. Maybe he isn’t home? Hence the 3 o clock time stamp you figured.

You clumsily enter, trying not to drop the coffee.

“Dabin?” you yell out kicking off your sneakers before you walk into his living room. No response.

You frown putting the coffees on his kitchen counter when you hear a door open. You turn around to see a half naked Dabin standing before his bedroom door, softly closing it behind him. You raise your eyebrows at him.

“Where’s your shirt? It’s 1 in the afternoon” you ask looking him up and down.

“Why…. are you here?” he asks wide eyed in a hushed tone.

“Uhm, you asked me to come?” you say crossing your arms.

“Yeah at three y/n. At three” he repeats, still talking in a hushed tone.

“Why does it matter, you’re always up at 10.” You say rolling your eyes. “And why are you whispering. Is Lori sleeping? Is Christian making you dog-sit again because he’s too busy?” you ask taking a sip of your coffee.

Dabin doesn’t say anything, he just stands there guarding the door to his bedroom when suddenly it clicked.

“Oh my god…Are you? Did you? Is someone here?” you stammer.

He closed his eyes nodding. He’s embarrassed, how cute.

Your eyes lit up, giving him a devilish smile “Can I meet her” you say enthusiastically.

“What!? Are you crazy!?” he says in that hushed tone again, frantically looking around for his shirt.

When you look around with him you see a trace of both male and female clothes paraded on the floor.

You snort trying to hold in your laughter when you see Dabin trying to collect both his clothes, and the clothes of the still unknown female.

“Is she still asleep?” you ask walking towards the couch to sit down.

He nods still trying to find something.

You adjust yourself on the couch, feeling something poke you, your hand searched for the culprit, pulling it out from under you. A bra.

“Were you looking for this?” you ask swinging it around in the air.

Dabin looks at you with his embarrassed/angry look and nearly jumps you trying to get the bra from your hand.

“Y/n I swear to god” he says pretending to slap your cheek. You just chuckle at him. Enjoying the fact that you got to tease him.

It has been too long since playful you took a step outside. You knew that coming here would result in a fun time, but you didn’t imagine it to be this type of fun.

“Who’s the lucky lady?” you ask taking another sip, crossing your legs making yourself more comfortable.

He sighs. “Remember Kang In Ah?”

“Kang In Ah, you had a crush on since middle school Kang In Ah?” you ask surprised.

“Yeah, I’ve been…seeing her” he says avoiding eye contact.

“Is that why you always leave early or bail on Christian and I lately?” you ask cocking your head to the side.

He just nods at you, combing his fingers through his hair.

You smile, genuinely happy for him. If anyone deserved to be in a loving relationship it was Dabin. You were especially happy because it was In Ah he was seeing, you always hit it off very well with her.

“Why didn’t you tell us? We could have hung out together.” You ask a little offended.

“I didn’t want to introduce her officially until things got serious, besides when do you or Christian have time anymore.”

Your smile drops hearing his name, and it didn’t go unnoticed. So much for your fun distraction.

You try to steer the conversation back into the casual direction. ‘Well…looking at the clothes on the floor I’d say things got pretty serious.” You say with a faint smile on your face, trying to conceal your true feelings once again.

“When is the last time you’ve seen him” Dabin asked sitting down next to you, you should have known those things don’t work on him. He knows you like the back of his hand.

You don’t respond biting your lip, looking to the floor.

He sighs. “You miss him, don’t you?” he asks fixing a piece of hair that was in front of your face.

You just nod, looking at Dabin. He gave you a warm smile, softy rubbing your back.

“Things will go back to normal in no time, you waited 2 years to actually be with him because both of you were too afraid to admit your feelings. Two more weeks won’t kill you right?” he says trying to make you feel better.

Oh Dabin. You know he means well.

“I guess.” You reply not knowing what else to say.

“At least you’ll see him tonight.” He says leaning back. “Maybe not in the way you want to but at least you’ll see him.”

Right. You almost forgot.  The first public appearance of the YuYu couple was tonight. Their couple name made you want to throw up, without exaggeration. Since everyone of DPR was going to be at the AOMG party tonight, so did you. It didn’t only mean you had to see Christian pretend to be in love with someone else, but it also meant that the chances of running into Hyung Suk quadrupled. You closed your eyes. You weren’t mentally ready for this.

“Hey” Dabin says squeezing your thigh. You look up to meet his eyes. “You don’t have to go If you don’t want to.”

Suddenly your mind flashes back to the letter Hyung Suk sent you.

If you, in any way or form talk Christian out of our little deal or form any type of threat, I will release the video online with a time stamp. Showing his disloyalty to Yura. Turning him into the bad guy. What a story that would be righ?

“No I have to go…It’d look to weird If I didn’t go. Especially since there will be a lot of people there who personally know Ian and me. Everyone thought something was going on between us, so if I’m not there I feel like I’ll make that more obvious” you say playing with your fingers.

Dabin pursed his lips together. “That’s damn smart of you to think off, but also very inconsiderate of your own feelings.”

“It’s not about me right now.” You say resting your face against your palm.

“Right, It’s about Yu-ra” Dabin says articulating Yura’s name extra strong, making you look up at him. He was mocking her.

“I still think her sudden change of heart is a little strange don’t you?” Dabin says looking at you, trying to read your facial expression.

“Well, I don’t know. I guess her whole story kind off makes sense?” you say not knowing where this is coming from.

“To me it kind off doesn’t.” he says.

“What do you mean?” you ask out of curiosity.

What is Dabin’s point of view to this exactly?

“I mean, even though things in her life are very unfortunate, she always manages to get what she wants.” He says shrugging.

You think about it for a second. She did admit she liked Christian.

Yura was being really nice to you. Maybe a little too nice? Would she have been nice to you if there was another way to solve her problems?

You shake the thoughts out of your head. You had enough to deal with as is.

“I don’t know Dabin. I really don’t. All I know is that Christian really wanted to help her out. He was the first one to notice that she was a descent human being.”

Dabin bites the inside of his cheek. “Whatever. I just hope it’ll be over soon so we can all get back to our regular grind. Christian has been so caught up in this whole fairy tale that he forgot to edit my latest video.”

You frown. “That’s so unlike him”

“Yeah, it’s also so unlike you to let this happen, but the day I figure out what’s going on in the both of your heads is the day world peace is declared I guess.”

You roll your eyes at Dabin. Getting up.

“Let’s do the whole music thing next time. I don’t think I could have picked worse timing.”

He jumps up smiling widely. “Finally! Something we agree on.” He says grabbing you by your shoulders, walking behind you to lead you to his front door.

He was desperately trying to get you out off here before Kang In Ah woke up.

“So, I’ll pick you up at 11.15 tonight”

“Eh okay” you agree as you were being rushed out of his apartment, quickly putting your shoes on.

He opened the door for you giving you a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks for the coffee y/n, see you tonight!” he says giving you one of his boyish smiles again as you step out of his house.

“…See ya, and next time I want to meet her!” you yell a little louder hoping it’d wake her up as he was already closing the door.

Dabin stuck his face through the little opening, giving you an angry look before closing the door on you.

You chuckle. Shaking your head at him.

                                                    - time jump -

You check yourself out in the mirror one last time. Dabin was already downstairs, waiting for you in the car. You take a deep breath. “You’ve got this” you encourage yourself looking at your attire.

You were wearing a black off the shoulder tight fitted midi dress that complimented your figure. You had minimum jewelry on so the attention would be drawn to your glammed up make-up. You put on your heels and grab your jacket just in case the weather would turn on you.

You rush down the stairs knowing Dabin was waiting for you. As you open the door to the passengers seat you were greeted by a whistle.

“Daaaaaamn girl, where you going?” Dabin says smiling, looking at you.

He knew how anxious you were about tonight, so he couldn’t help but lighten the mood. You chuckle smacking his arm. “Shut up.”

“Don’t forget I’m right beside you okay? He says starting the car. You nod at his words, feeling somewhat ensured with Dabin’s presence. You really don’t know what you would have done without him.

You talk about this and that, mostly about Dabin’s new music or gossip in the industry. After about 35 minutes you arrive at the club.

You got out of the car, smoothing down your dress leaving your jacket in the car.

“Are you sure you won’t need that tonight?” Dabin asks referring to your jacket putting out his arm for you to loop yours through. You start walking to the club shaking your head. “I’ll be fine.”

Your heart was beating super fast when you entered. Both of you avoided the red carpet, not feeling up to it. Dabin let go of your arm to hold your hand, squeezing it for reassurance. “Smile” he says through his teeth.

You do as he says as the man of the evening approaches.

“Ayee DPR gang wassup!” Jay Park says coming in for a kiss on your cheek and one of those ‘bro hugs’ with Dabin.

“Where’s the man of the hour?” he asks looking at you.

“I guess he’ll be here soon” you answer acting innocent to your best ability.

“He’s all up in online news lately though, did you guys know?” Jay asks leaning on a pillar looking into your eyes.

Dabin chuckled. “Of course we did. He’s family” he answers putting his hand over your shoulder.

Jay’s attention diverted to Dabin, giving him a nod. “Is he bringing her?” he asked.

Jay isn’t stupid. He was asking all of the important questions because he knew something was iffy about the situation. Jay had always seen you as Christian’s girl.

“Yes” you reply. “He told me he would.” You try to keep your facial expressions neutral. If you seemed just the slightest bit nervous or put off, you know the questions wouldn’t stop.

“Well I’ll anticipate their grand entrance. So many reporters are lined up outside because they found out they were both on the list. It’s crazy.” Jay says sniffing. “The rest of your crew is on the left side of the VIP area. I’ll let the staff bring some bottles to your table” he smiles winking at you.

Dabin was the first one to thank Jay with another one of their bro hugs. You do the same, giving him a quick hug, walking towards your table. The club wasn’t that packed yet, but a lot of eyes turned to the both of you when you walked to the VIP area.

“If this is what tonight is going to be like than I don’t know if I can handle it” you say to Dabin sitting down.

“People are nosey as fuck.” Dabin says annoyed. “We just have to act like we don’t know much. Let Christian deal with it. He wanted to do this so badly.” You bite your lip, somewhat agreeing with him.

You’ve never had this many people say Hi to you, trying to make small talk. Of course it was always about Christian and Yura. Your head hurt from all the fake smiles and fake story’s, so you decided to order something a little stronger than your usual virgin cocktail. The alcohol loosened you up a bit, so you started talking to people how you normally would, trying to forget the problem at hand.

It was now half past twelve. The YuYu couple still hadn’t arrived and it was making you more and more anxious as time went by.

Dabin was chatting it up with some Show Me The Money 6 contestants while you were seated beside a few female artists from AOMG and Club Eskimo who were gossiping away with each other. You didn’t really pay attention to what they were saying, too consumed with your own thoughts to actually hear what was going on. Suddenly all of their heads turned to the entrance of the club. People were talking louder and pictures were being taken. You just knew that had to be them.

You close your eyes for a second. Mentally preparing yourself for what you were about to see.

You look at them as they entered. Yura was smiling from ear to ear. Happily showing off her arm candy. She was dressed to impress, that was for sure. Christian’s facial expression was neutral. He looked good, maybe a little too good. He led her through the entrance. greeting Jay. You watched them as they said their hello’s. Your heart was beating like crazy, your eyes searching for Hyung Suk but he wasn’t there. You guess the universe seemed to be on your side just a little bit tonight.

Jay pointed to your table, probably telling him that the rest of us were seated over here and that’s when you made eye contact with Christian. He looked at you, and kept staring. Your heart dropped and you immediately look away, getting up.

“Excuse me girls, I have to pee” you smile at them as they let you through.

You struggle walking through the crowd as everyone’s attention was fixated on Ian and Yura. The alcohol in your blood didn’t make it any easier for you either.

You almost trip at least twice before you make it to the ladies’ room.

You open the door, happy to see it empty. You stare at yourself in the mirror suppressing the urge to cry and run away.

All of this has become too much. You close your eyes, only seeing the way Christian looked at you once you locked eyes. It’s like he forgot you were going to be there. He hadn’t even texted or called today either.

He’s slowly slipping away from you, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Without your knowledge a tear escapes from your eye. As you feel it go down your cheek you look up. Immediately wiping it away, trying not to ruin your make-up.

“It’s fine. You’re okay” you encourage yourself taking a deep shaky breath. “Let’s just find some distraction”

                                                   - time jump –

Dabin had been looking for you for the past half hour. He knew he couldn’t ask people if they had seen you. It’d be too obvious because you went messing the second Christian and Yura walked in.

After his second round through the club, Dabin decided to tell Ian.

“Bro.” Dabin says coming up closer to him. He paused when he saw that Yura was listening as well.

“Have you seen y/n? I locked eyes with her when I came in but when I looked back she disappeared.” Christian says worried.

“I was just about to tell you that I can’t find her either.” Dabin says frowning. “She won’t answer her phone when I call.”

Yura stayed quiet until Christian was about get up to leave and look for you. She grabbed his arm, pulling him back down on the seat again. He gave her a confused look and so did Dabin “Don’t you think it would look a little weird if you would leave me alone to look for someone else?” she says giving him a sheepish smile.

Dabin squinted his eyes at her. Of course she’d say that.

“This is y/n we’re talking about.” Dabin says. “You know, his actual girlfriend.” He gave her a blank look.

Yura’s eyes widened. “Don’t speak so loud!” she says shocked. Dabin saw the annoyance in her eyes, but Christian was a blind man when it comes to things like that.

Christian frowned at the both of them, not knowing what to do or say. “Let me call her.” He says.

Yura rolled her eyes while Dabin sat down beside him, putting his arm over Christian’s shoulder while leaning in so he could hear the phone.

                                            - your point of view –

Your phone lit up “Christian?” you read out loud.

You lean your cheek on your palm contemplating on whether or not to answer the phone, but your alcohol controlled brain already pressed the ‘accept call’ icon.

“Y/n?” you hear his voice. It was muffled by the sound of the loud ass music on the background. But you could recognize his voice through anything.

“Y/n where are you?” he asked impatiently as you didn’t reply.

“At the club” you slur your words. Your elbow slipped off of the bar, losing the support you were giving your heavy head. You lose balance for a second but regain your composure, giggling at your own clumsiness.

“Are you drunk?” you hear his voice again.

“What? She never drinks” you hear Dabin this time.

“Dabinnie!” you say excited to hear his voice.

You hear rumbling on the other end of the line and raise your eyebrows.

“Y/n” you hear Dabin this time. “Where are you?”

“in the club” you answer again, a little annoyed this time. Why can’t they just leave you alone? For the first time in the past couple of days you feel fine.

“I get that you’re in the club, but where.” He says like an angry father.

You look around, inspecting your surroundings. “It’s like…open air? Jesus It’s cold up here.” You answer slurring your words again.

“She’s on the rooftop bar” you hear Dabin say to Christian.

“y/n don’t move; do you understand.” Dabin says in a stern tone.

You nod as if he’d be able to see it. “Aye-aye captain.” You giggle.

You hang up the phone, resting your head on your palm again.

                                                   - meanwhile –

Christian wanted to come with him but he told him no. Yura was constantly breathing down his neck and he didn’t know what your drunken state would do if you saw either of them. Dabin promised to call Christian once you were safe and out of the public’s eye.

Dabin rushed back to his car to grab your jacket before he went to get you. He opened the door to his passengers’ seat, lifting your jacket from the chair when suddenly a red card fell out of one of your pockets. He frowned, not thinking much of it as he quickly put it into his pocket, running back to the club to come and get you.

He ran up the stairs, seeing you chatting with the bartender. Dabin sighed walking up to you, putting your jacket over your shoulders. “Let’s go” he says removing your shot glass from your hand, returning the new bottle of Soju to the bartender. “She’s had enough” he says putting a 50,000 won bill on the table to pay for whatever you had consumed. The bartender nodded taking the money, giving him back the change.

“Dabin” you ask staring into his eyes. “Did they leave?” you ask trying to get up.

Dabin quickly got a hold of your upper arm, making sure you were stable enough to stand. Which you weren’t.

“No y/n they didn’t leave. You did.” he says trying to make you understand. He had never seen you like this before. It saddened him.

“Shit! Do you think people noticed?” you ask worried.

He just shook his head “No, y/n.” he answers. He only gave you short answers. He’ll talk to like an adult you when you’re sober.

“Come on.” He says linking arms with you to support you. You carefully walk down the stairs avoiding crowded places or people you may know. The both of you finally arrive at the hallway where back exit of the club was located.  You see Christian standing there. Waiting for you.

You squint your eyes, trying to make sure if it was really him.

“Babe are you okay? Why did you drink so much?” he asks putting you down on a random stool in the hallway, kneeling down in front of you.

“Who babe? Me babe?” you ask pointing at yourself with a fake confused expression on your face.

“Don’t be like this.” He says looking into your eyes.

“Where’s Yura?” you ask him, fixing a piece of his hair for him.

“Y/n come on.” Christian says a little tired of your childishness.

Dabin crosses his arms, waiting for things to kick off between the two of you.

“What? Don’t you think I have the right to feel this way?” you say stumbling over your own words a few times.

“No. You don’t. I have asked you a hundred times if you were okay with this, and you kept saying yes. You didn’t even care! And now you do?” he says angrily.

“I don’t have a fucking choice Ian!” you yell at him this time.

“Yes you did! What are you talking about!?” Christian says getting up.

“Guys calm down. If people hear us we’re in trouble.” Dabin says putting his hand on Christian’s shoulder. “Don’t take anything she says too serious right now okay. I’ll take her to my place and let her sleep it off.”

“I want to go to my own house” You say giving Dabin a look.

“You don’t get to want anything right now.” Dabin angrily says looking at you.

It was like they were both ganging up on you. Where Dabin was usually on your side with things like this, this time he was on Ian’s. You can’t really blame him though. Even you knew you were being unfair. You cross your arms and legs. Annoyed at the both of them.

Christian sighs after having calmed down a bit by Dabin’s words. He looks at you a little saddened.

“Just…sleep it off okay, we’ll talk tomorrow about all of this.” Christian says kneeling down in front of you again, putting his hand on your thigh, trying to comfort you.

You look at him. “I can’t talk to you about this” you say looking away again as if he was supposed to understand.

“What do you mean?” Christian asks a little hurt.

“I just can’t. I’m not allowed.” You say out loud, and immediately regret it. You curse at yourself and the alcohol for making you slip up.

Christian and Dabin both looked at each other, unable to understand what you were saying.

“I think it’s time to go.” Dabin says, helping you stand up.

“I have to stay here.” Christian says. “I’ll be at your place first thing in the morning.”

Dabin nods at Christian. “Thanks man” Christian says giving Dabin a hug.

You look at them, but when Christian looked at you, you look away.

He walked towards you, making you look at him with his thumb and index finger on your chin. “Try to sleep alright?” he says trying to get you to look into his eyes, but you wouldn’t.

He sighs, pulling you closer to him to kiss your forehead.

You look at him as he did, and look away again, not saying anything.

Dabin took you by the arm. “Let’s go.” he says pulling you away from Christian who was also reluctant to go back to Yura. He just stood there, watching you until you were out of sight. He sighed to himself. He walked back to his table to see Yura on her phone.

“I was just about to call you, how is y/n? What happened?” she asked worried.

Christian sat down beside her putting his arm over Yura’s shoulder. “Let’s not talk about it okay?”

Yura smiled at Christian, nodding at him.

The ride to Dabin’s home was silent. You fell asleep after 15 minutes of staring out the window, giving in to your heavy eyelids.

You made a fool out of yourself tonight, you knew you’d deeply regret your behavior tomorrow when you woke up. There’s a reason why you don’t drink.

Dabin carried your sleeping state into the house. He put you down on his bed, taking off your shoes and your earrings, putting the covers over you. He sighed looking at you. “You know better than this y/n” he says shaking his head.

He walked back to his living room, ready to get comfortable on the couch to go to sleep. He took his phone and money out of his pockets to put it on his coffee table when he suddenly feels that odd red piece of paper in his hands again.

He remembered how it fell from your jacket and put it back on the coffee table.

                                                    - time jump –

You woke up with a pounding head and a dry mouth. You groan at the throbbing pain in your head and turn over to lay on your stomach.

You open your eyes, looking at your surroundings. Why are you in Dabin’s bed? You look around again. You don’t see him.

You remove the covers off of yourself, seeing how you were still dressed in your dress from last night. Something clicked seeing your attire and suddenly all of your lost memories came rushing back.

You panic a little, not knowing if you did anything else that would get you in trouble.

You curse at yourself rubbing your forehead.

You walk out of Dabin’s room, into his light filled living room.

You squint your eyes at the attack of sunlight and walk to his kitchen for a glass of water.

“y/n?” you hear Dabin’s voice. You turn around slowly, feeling like you were about to get scolded like a child.

“What the fuck is this!?” he angrily says, throwing a red card down on his kitchen counter.

You stare at it. Unable to take your eyes off of it. You only needed a fraction of a second to understand what it was.

You close your eyes. Fuck.

A/N - Chapter 7 - part two of the finale will be posted on Sunday July 30th.

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so Im a really young kiddo (14) and I wanna start an art blog and I was wondering if you could give me some tips/pointers?? I just think it would be kinda fun but idk what to actually do, and if It's even a good idea. I don't have a tablet or anything and I'm a bit self conscious but I think it could be fun, so thanks for the help when/if you see this :)

-make a cool url B) (that actually doesn’t matter but i dont have any ideas so :’))

-if you don’t have a tablet, maybe try traditional art?  and just post pictures of it :O

-remember that first 5 tags under the drawing are the most important

-be kind to your followers! remember they are people behind the screen!

-if anyone points out a mistake in your art, apologize and fix that mistake and try not to do it again (to avoid tumblr discourse and such)

-have fun and remember that having an art blog is a great way of saving your art for the future, that you can look back on!

-do it for yourself

-if you really want to capture attention, focus on fandom stuff for now, and then move onto original characters and such, people are usually more drawn into fandoms so ya

-crop your drawings!! 

-reblog those drawing request memes, with emojis or color palletes!

-be patient, tbh this is mostly abt luck, my art was overlooked most of my life until i started making animatics so idk, it might take a while before your art gets noticed

-if you’re insecure abt your art (like me) shitpost with your art and some fandom characters! it usually gets notes!! ppl love a good chuckle @ a meme

-try new ideas! practice a lot so you can improve and follow a lot of artists, including the smaller ones! seeing other people’s artystyles can really influence you!

-have fun! and remember it’s not a race

Retro Food: Gelatin and Aspic

Okay, so I’ve briefly gone over some of the basics of why 40s/50s food is the way it is. Very, very briefly. I’ll try to get more into things as we go.

I’m going to start getting into food now.

Now, I’m just going to give a brief warning, judging by people’s reactions to aspic, some of the pictures might gross you out. I’ll try to tag these posts as ‘retro food’ and ‘gross food’, though and… well, we’ll get into the nature of aspic in a moment.

I’m going to refer to gelatin as ‘jell-o’ or ‘jello’ a lot, because that’s the brand that was really exploding at the time, but we need to have a quick look at what gelatin is.

Gelatin is an animal byproduct that comes from the proteins of animal bones, skin, and connecting tissue. By boiling the hell out of those things, you separate the elastic proteins from them. Why am I mentioning this? Mainly because aspic tends to be seen as the weird outlier of ‘meat jello’ while ‘sweet jello’ is seen as the norm. The truth is, aspic came first in cooking and adding sugar and fruit flavour is newer. And while aspic has mostly gone extinct as a cooking choice in America, other places in the world still serve it (like Russia with it’s holodets).

Shown here: Holodets garnished with a shutterstock logo

That out of the way, let’s talk about the history of jello, because it spans back farther than just the 40s.

You know how you can buy Jello packets for like 50 cents at your local supermarket? Well, back in the day, the Victorian day, gelatin was considered a luxury item reserved for royalty and the very wealthy. That’s because gelatin was sold in sheets, and the preparation of gelatin was super difficult (they didn’t have fridges, so… y’know. Lil hard to get it to set). With time and the miracles of technology, gelatin became more available to the common man. The common man who recently became able to afford fridges.

Shown Here: Pork cutlets in aspic. Amazing. I can’t decide what to comment on, the amazing prospect of eating perfectly dome shaped food or that it looks like catfood suspended in a paperweight.

There’s two big things about gelatin. The first being it still had that lingering aura of being a luxury item. It was cheaper at this point, but being able to make it also meant that you had a fridge. It also meant you were able to afford expensive gelatin molds. Because yeah, those weren’t cheap either.

The secondary thing is, thanks to the war, people were huge on making food last as long possible. And gelatin was actually really good at that- anything you put into jello became encased in a protective jello shield. And since it takes quite awhile for gelatin to ‘go bad’, it helped preserve foods from bacteria for longer than they otherwise would have lasted. So you could nosh on your jello atrocity for longer than you would have otherwise. Yaay.

So those two things in mind, gelatin became pretty damn popular. Aspic has always been around, but it became easier to make, so you see aspic dishes as commonly as jello dishes. Knox and Jell-o were two big names in gelatin at the time, and are still around today.

What’s not around today, however, is some of the savory flavours of Jell-o.

So, naturally, you put a fish in it.

Vegetable, celery, tomato, and ‘italian’ flavored jellos are a thing that once existed but no longer do. Sadly, recipes that called for these gelatins can no longer be made. It also means that when you see green jello being used in a dish, it’s not necessarily lime! It could be vegetable or celery flavoured instead, which might make the flavour profile slightly less horrifying. It could also, in fact, actually be lime anyway.

It’s lime! Why.

Learning about retro gelatin food also drove me to learn what the exact definition of ‘salad’ was, because boy, none of this stuff looked like salad to me. Turns out salad basically means ‘mix of cold stuff’. Soooo… okay. Sure. It’s salad and everything I thought I knew in my life is a lie, but okay.

That’s all for this section, enjoy this collection of pictures of gelatin foods.


The famous ‘perfection salad’!

Look there’s a recipe so you can make this at home.

… why is it always lime?

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Hey, so sorry if you've already answered this (I didn't see it in your frequently asked questions) but do you ship/pair any characters from bnha besides tododeku? You're my all time fave artist btw

yeah i do!!

  • kiribaku!!! gotta love them sdhfjsdf
  • tsuchako,,,, HAROLD
  • momojirou gotta lov the girls
  • inatodo i blame @fumikage entirely
  • actually todoiideku is so pure and good wow ot3
  • iideku separately also
  • kinda ship todobakudeku
  • shindeku ???? im probably a subconscious dekubowl person now that i think oF IT????
  • guys idk i ship everyone w/ everyone as long as its healthy and loving tbh
  • except mineta he can go slip on a banana peel sorry thanks

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You're a theater actress, right? Because it seems like you use many stage technics, like very visible pronouncing of words (unlike many other RPers, I can almost always see what you say without reading the text, while other RPers often look like they mumble) and that's really good some times, though other times it get a bit too much, so maybe (just a tip, I don't want to come of as rude) tone it a bit down some times, especially in the very dramatic scenes if you want it to seem realistic. :)

(( OOC: I’m actually not, unless you count the time I was one of the workhouse boys in our shoddy school production of Oliver. Or that time I was mini Wishy-Washy in the local panto (smallest child in the school… typecast bullshit.) 

But noted on the pronunciation - and thank you for the constructive feedback, I really appreciate stuff like that! ))

Fiona Apple: My Happy Ending   Blender, December 2005
She started out as a fragile teen diva cavorting through videos in her underwear and melting down onstage. Now, after suffering through years of drama to release her dazzling new CD is the high-profile self-destruction finally behind Fiona Apple?

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It’s not perfect, but I needed to show my luv, okay? 😹 This is one of, if not my favourite boku no hero academia oc, he’s amazing and I could totally see him as an actual character from the anime, really, so good. Yes, this is Katashi and he was created by @kkumri (whom actually made me consider listening to kpop with her beautiful art, now I’m obsessed, thank you) 💜✨

All this Mutsuki hate is getting ridiculous

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen people say they want Mutsuki to die. In the early :re days you were all wishing the same thing on Urie, but are now worshiping his ass so why don’t you give Mutsuki a chance? I think I see a pattern here. You wouldn’t have your precious husbando now if Urie actually died back then like you wanted him to so maybe chill a bit? Or did you not learn anything? If you think Mutsuki is beyond redemption then take a good look at characters like Takizawa and Juuzou and come back to me, maybe we can bet money on this or something.

Why the hell would you wish for a character’s death anyway, I really don’t get this way of thinking. Mutsuki is seriously one of the few things that’s keeping the plot moving right now while Kaneki is sitting on his ass and playing house with Touka so I think Mu is doing great. Go my child, slaughter all your enemies, create more tragedy. That’s why we’re reading TG, aren’t we? Also, if you only enjoy characters based on how “good” they are, then you are reading the wrong manga and are pretty boring imo.

@mycroftrh i have so many feelings about this like everyone idolizes Howard Stark and treats him like he’s the greatest and like he deserves to be worshiped and adored and he did so many good things and never did a single bad thing in his life and paved the path for Tony’s success blah blah blah and in Iron Man 2 he actually starts to See just a little bit that the way that Howard treated him was really bad……… and then he sees that video that leads to him creating the new element for his heart, and immediately his progress sort of shoots back bc he feels like his feelings are invalidated, like his abuser did one good thing for him so he doesn’t get to be angry and hurt and doesn’t get to grow, so to see him regaining that progress and acknowledging it and using it to even be better to Peter than Howard was to him is so amazing and I will NEVER get over it

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Could you continue the Lucien pining after Pablo??? It was so good!!!!

WELL IF YOU SAY SO!!! (i really wanted to anyways) this is just an entire fucking fic lmao.

Lucien goes to Pablo’s concert.

He and Pablo had been texting on and off throughout the last two weeks, discussing music and their favorite bands, a few of which Pablo had even met himself. Lucien has always been into the indie scene more than anything anyways–if Pablo gets him tickets to see smaller bands instead of more mainstream stuff, it’s for the better.

At some point, Pablo confided in him that this would actually be his third show. He’s sent Lucien a few of his mixes to listen to, and by the time the concert rolls around, he’s super into it. Even if he didn’t know there was an incredibly hot tee salesman behind the music, Lucien actually finds the music growing on him; witch house has always been a guilty pleasure.

Now he’s a diehard.

“You made it!” Pablo greets him outside the venue where he’s already surrounded by a crowd of people. He has fans. Of course he has fans.

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did you see homecoming yet???

yes!!!! i adored it so very much and im kind of actually annoyed at how Good marvel’s superhero content has been this summer bc im actually excited for infinity war now even thought i shouldnt be because im setting myself up for failure!!! i KNOW theyre gonna disappoint me but do i learn!!! no!!!

jamesbdavis  asked:

I have a serious phobia of great white sharks and this blog makes me feel like I want to puke ( not because of the raising awareness that sharks are misunderstood and endangered, but because the sight of a great white actually makes me feel sick to my stomach). I'm fully aware shark need to be protected and I support the cause. Do you know if there is any way of getting over a fear this irrational when it comes to sharks?

I’m sorry that Great Whites make you feel that way! I would recommend focusing on reading more educational materials about these creatures. I believe there are ways to make a page read only so you do not have to see any pictures, if the pictures are what triggers your phobia. is a good site that makes any webpage into a text only page, I tested it on my page here. Perhaps becoming more educated on how these sharks help the ecosystem without having to see the pictures that the same time could help ease your fear. Unfortunately I know most fears and phobias are conquered by facing them head on. Look into your nearby city aquariums to get acclimated being near the variety of sharks they have, you won’t be seeing any Great Whites there as they don’t survive in captivity for very long at all. Sorry I can’t be more helpful!

So what d’you think Sly’s Interpol outfit looked like?

As we’ve already noted, the tiny glimpses we get of Sly and Carmelita’s relationship don’t actually reveal too much. For some reason, both Sly 3 and Sly 4 exclusively depicted them in formal wear. Which, in fairness, they both look pretty great in.

Now, personally I would pay good money to see them laze around in their pajamas, but that’s a separate topic. What I’m wondering is: what did Sly wear on the job?

Assuming he was allowed to follow Carmelita around, helping her crack skulls and… probably just spinning around in his chair and clicking and unclicking pens while she did the actual paperwork, he was (hopefully) Wearing Clothes. And for some reason, I don’t picture him in his usual shirt and hat. That’s his thief outfit. He’s a cop now. I feel like he’d want to make a bit of an aesthetic change, and Interpol might demand he do so anyway.

Obviously whatever he ended up with exposed his midriff, but aside from that, what d’y’all’all reckon?

feroluce  asked:

I'm sorry if this on your FAQ (I can't see it on mobile), but do you have a store or have you ever considered opening one? Cause your art is just wonderful and I would kill for that picture of Peach Boy Takenaka on a phone case.

Hey hi!!! i actually just opened one!!

i have a store on redbubble you can check my stuff out there!!

and Thank you so much!!!💙💙💙