actually slightly impressed

You and your girlfriend, Rosita, standing up to Negan’s remarks about the two of you would include...

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  • Even though Negan liked to claim that he was some savior who killed everyone who disrespected women
  • Everyone knew that wasn’t true
  • And he disrespected his numerous wives and all other women who he found even the slightest bit attractive
  • Even when they were lesbians
  • So when one day Negan comes to collect half of Alexandria’s stuff
  • And he sees you and Rosita - your girlfriend - holding hands
  • He can’t help but make some obscene comments
  • “Holy fuck! Are you two together? No fucking way! That’s great!”
  • “But, y’know, it’s kind of a shame. You two are hot as fuck.”
  • Neither of you saying anything at first
  • Because you were both in the lineup and knew the things Negan could do
  • But the two of you got angrier and angrier and Negan kept rambling
  • “I mean, Rosita, look at ya! If you weren’t a lesbo, I’d take you as one of my wives. And Y/N! Hot diggity dog!”
  • Rosita finally snapping
  • “You know what, Negan? I think you should leave.”
  • “Is that so?”
  • “Yeah, that’s so. And, before you leave, I think you should apologize to my girlfriend.”
  • Rick warning her to stop
  • Rosita not listening
  • “You want me to apologize? Me?”
  • Negan laughing it off
  • You stepping in
  • “I think you should apologize to both of us, actually.”
  • Negan being slightly impressed by your confidence
  • “Damn! Those are some beach ball sized lady balls you two got there!”
  • Rosita: “Yeah, yeah, lady balls. Are you going to apologize, or am I gonna have to do something I regret?”
  • Both of you going off after that
  • Lots of curse words flying around
  • The rest of the Alexandrians practically begging you to step down
  • Rick being completely done with both of you
  • “You two need to stop. You know what this man is capable of.”
  • Negan stepping in
  • “No, no, Rick. These young ladies are right! I disrespected them. That shit ain’t cool. Right, D?”
  • Dwight internally screaming for being brought into this
  • “… No.”
  • “Exactly! And what my boy Dwight here says goes! So, here it goes.”
  • Negan mock bowing while giving his “apology”
  • You and Rosita rolling your eyes
  • Negan secretly being impressed by the two of you
  • And even though he would never admit it
  • Negan decided that the two of you - especially the two of you together - could be a threat to his regime

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a blurb with luke or cal and you have a child from a previous relationship but they treat them like their own kid

wow this one really hit me in my feelings. I want this to be my real life honestly

You never dated much after your pathetic excuse of an ex boyfriend had left you and your newborn son high and dry, because he “couldn’t handle the pressures of fatherhood.” Your son always came first, and between him and your work life your social life consisted of small chat with the barista at the local coffee shop on your way in to work every morning, that is until you met Luke. You were in such a rush that morning that you didn’t even look up from your phone as you were going through your calendar as you walked through the threshold of the small coffee shop at the same time Luke was coming out with a piping hot cup of coffee in his hand. When the two of you collided his coffee spilled all over your blouse, and you dropped your phone which instantly smashed as it hit the pavement. You groaned in frustration at your now dripping blouse, and newly broken phone.

“I-I’m so sorry!” The tall, blonde boy in front of you stutters. “I-I’ll pay for your shirt, and for your phone. I swear!”

“It’s okay. It was my fault, because I wasn’t looking where I was going.” You admit bashfully.

“C-Can I buy you a cup?” He asks nervously playing with the black metal on his plump, pink lips.

“I should really buy you a new cup. I’m the reason yours is all gone.” You smile softly.

“I insist.” He smiles before holding the door open for you.

“Well thank you….? I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name.”

“Luke.” He smiles.

“I’m Y/N.”

“Beautiful name.” He compliments before stepping up to the counter. “A tall, caramel machiatto, please.” He places his order before gesturing for you to place yours.

“The same, please.”

Luke looks at you in disbelief for a quick moment before handing the cashier a crisp ten dollar bill.

“So, where is such a beautiful lady like yourself off to so early in the morning?” He asks as you wait for your drinks to be served.

“Work.” You groan.

“Ahh, where do you work?”

“St. Joseph’s Hospital downtown. It’s a-“

“Children’s hospital, right?” He finishes proudly.

“Yeah.” You smile.

“I used to volunteer there a lot, because I was in and out of the hospital a lot as a kid, so I wanted to give back.” He shrugs.

“So, um, Luke, what do you do?”

“I’m in a band, actually.”

Your eyes widen slightly. “Impressive.”

“Not as impressive as your work.”

“You already bought me a coffee. You don’t have to be a kiss ass.” You tease.

He places his hand on his chest in mock hurt. “Y/N! I am offended you would even think I’m being a kiss ass!”

“Two caramel machiattos!” A barista yells as she places them on the counter in front of you two.

Luke grabs yours and scribbles something on the side before shyly handing it back to you. You turn it to the side to see his number sloppily scribbled along the cup.

“Just in case you ever wanna catch a show, and see my mundane work.” He smirks before turning slightly. “It was great meeting you, Y/N.” He smiles before sauntering out the doorway.

“You too, Luke.” You call out, but are unsure if he even heard you before he left.

You look at Luke sitting on your couch happily playing legos with your son as you prepare dinner for the three of you when your phone begins to ring.


“Y/N, we need you to come in ASAP! We’re short staffed!” Your head of department, Lisa, orders.

“But, it’s supposed to be my night off!” You groan.

“I know, and I’m sorry. I’ll give you extra time off another day, but we really need you tonight.” She begs.

“Fine. I’ll be there in twenty.” You sigh as you hang up the phone.

You walk into the living room and smile at the two boys playing happily before clearing your throat to get Luke’s attention.

“Hey babe.” He grins.

“Hey.” You smile sadly.

“What’s wrong, babe?”

“I-uh-I was called in to work. Do you think you could watch him until I get back? I probably won’t be home until late morning, so I understand if you don’t want to wat-“

“Of course.” He answers.


“Yeah, I love him, and you, and I told you I’m always here for you.” He smiles, and you can’t help but lean down and kiss him quickly before quickly running to your room to change into your scrubs.

“Alright, baby, Luke is going to stay with you tonight while mommy works, okay?” You ask your son, but he just continues to play legos with Luke and ignores you. “Baby?”

“Mommy, can you please move? I’m trying to build my fortress right there, and your foot is in the way.”

Luke lets out a chuckle, and you smile softly at the two.

“Alright, goodbye my boys. Love you two!”

“Okay, bud, what do you wanna do now? Wanna watch a movie?” Luke asks.

“Finding Nemo!” Your son shouts excitedly before running off to his room and returning with his blanket and pillow, so he could lay comfily on the couch.

“Ah one of my favorites!” Luke chuckles before sitting near the boy.

As the end credits begin to roll Luke notices your little boy sound asleep on the couch. He smiles before placing his arm underneath the boy’s legs to pick him up and carry him to bed. He places him in bed and gets him all comfy, and as he turns to leave your son calls out for him.


“Yeah, buddy?”

“Are you going to leave my mommy?” He asks, and Luke’s heart nearly breaks at the vulnerability in the boy’s voice. He kneels by the bedside and gently caresses your sons head.

“No, of course not. Why would you think that?”

“Because Jasper’s daddy left them, and I don’t want you to leave us.” He explains softly.

“I’m not going to leave your mom, buddy. It’s the exact opposite actually. I’ve been wanting to ask you if it’d be okay with you if I asked your mom to marry me?”

Your son nods his head vigorously and a huge smiles appears on his face.

“Does that mean you’d get to sleep over every night?!” He asks excitedly.

“Every single night, buddy.” Luke chuckles before kissing his forehead softly. “Now get some sleep, okay? I love you buddy, goodnight.”

“I love you too, daddy.” Your son chirps before burying his face in his pillow and hugging his plush dinosaur tightly, leaving Luke a grinning, giddy mess at being called “Daddy” by your son for the first time.

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