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I think it's a little tricky. I mean Gemmas reaction yesterday. It is pretty obvious that these 2 men were together at some stage. I find it very hard to believe that they were always only friends. So when someone says Larry is real. What does that actually mean. That they are together now? Have been? Either way. Fans are not just taking it out of thin air and she knows that. So her reaction must have a different reason.

Everyone around the boys: No, Larrie isn’t real, you constantly take everything we say out of context to try and keep it real, please leave us alone.

All of you Larries:

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It's interesting that the Hales trust Stiles so much. Yes, he annoys them but generally they count on him for important things. Peter, when he was less crazy in s1, actually offers him he bite and is generally impressed by him. Stiles has saved Derek multiple times and Cora even seems to tolerate him. I wonder if Talia was alive if they would have liked him too or would be concerned that so many of her pack gravitate to him.

And it’s interesting because none of the Hales that Stiles meets have any reason to be actually trusting of anyone at all, and yet they trust Stiles. 

I think if Talia were alive she’d be incredibly suspicious of this boy she keeps hearing about. The one who makes Peter and Cora smirk like they have an inside joke. The one who legitimately makes Derek laugh in a way she hasn’t seen him laugh since before he lost Paige. I think she’d be on the phone to Deaton, asking him to check that nobody was using a spell to put half her pack in thrall. 

And then I think she’d invite this boy over for dinner. And he’s not at all like she’s expecting. He’s clever, but he’s not at all suave. He’s funny, but mostly at his own expense. And fine, yes, he’s as adorable as he is annoying. 

She sends him home with a container full of homemade cookies and a promise to come back next week. 

She likes him. 

And, like Laura points out, it’s going to be hilarious watching Peter, Derek and Cora all compete for oblivious Stiles’s attention. 

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Steven Universe Psychonauts Au.

Okay so:

Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl are camp counselors. Greg is not psychic but works at the camp and does a lot of various jobs.

Pearl mostly teaches psi-blast. Amethyst handles basic braining, because she gets along the best with the kids. I suppose Amethyst in this AU doesn’t actually shapeshift but is really, really dang good at using confusion or selective clairvoyance to mess with how people see her.

Garnet teaches both pyrokinesis and the psi-punch (technically that’s a default skill in Psychonauts? but. someone’s gotta teach impressionable kids how to punch things with their brain)

Steven technically has taken all the camp classes? He just. lives here. So he keeps attending anyways. He’s kind of terrifyingly psychic. Mostly he talks to flowers and animals and is like… the only person who is friends with the telekinetic bears.

Connie and several of the other Beach City kids are new psychics.

Homeworld is… some kind of organization on the other side of the lake operating out of Thorny Towers. YD sure isn’t stealing anybody’s brains. Nobody is totally sure what the things roaming the area around the tower are except that she made them and the bears and mountain lions are terrified of them.

Nobody’s totally sure what YD is up to but she would appreciate it if Whispering Rock just left her alone with her whatevers. That’s a scientific term, by the way. Everyone who works for her uses it. (She grudgingly adopted the term after everyone else did, but she’ll still complain about it from time to time)

Lapis lives in the abandoned village at the bottom of the lake. Nobody is totally sure how she got there… or how long she’s been there. It doesn’t help that Lapis is not really clear on what year it is when she’s first encountered. Hydrokinesis isn’t a normal psychic power. She may or may not be a ghost but between levitating and that freaky business she does with her eyes she does a very good impression.

Basically Lapis in this AU is Linda except instead of a giant mutated lungfish she’s possibly a ghost and at bare minimum older than she looks and has been under that goshdang lake for a long time. And just wants to get left alone.

Also unlike canon nobody had any idea who she was there until Jasper and Peridot accidentally hit her with a submarine.

Lapis was fine. And mad. But fine.

Jasper and Peridot work for Yellow Diamond. Jasper is a psychic and a pretty dang good one all things considered, though her preferred combat maneuver is just headbutting things into submission. “People focus too much on the strength of their brain, and overlook the strength of their skull. Oh, you’re the strongest psychic in the nation, who cares, I haven’t met a forehead stronger than mine.”

Peridot is an incredibly weak psychic but with her mechanical aptitude and four prosthetic limbs she’s able to amplify her powers impressively. That said, she still misplaces her limbs a lot. If you’re dealing with Peridot you get really used to finding disembodied machine limbs lying around. She also wears safety goggles on a regular basis because Jasper’s whole thing about foreheads has made her worry about the sanctity of her own skull. (Not because she thinks Jasper’s going to happen to it, but, just. it’s a good idea)

I feel like you could do something interesting with the idea of psitanium and what if there was some kind of weird thing about implanting psitanium directly into people’s bodies to create stronger psychics but I’m not totally sure. 

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In light of Amy Schumer still being considered a thing against all conventional wisdom, I've decided to go around and remind people of a far more charismatic comedian: Rita Rudner. Even for those that don't find her material funny, she just comes off as too nice to actually hate, so she at least earns some sympathy laughter.

Ah!  I love Rita Rudner!  She was one of the comediennes that inspired me growing up.  I used to watch her on Comedy Central, back when the network wasn’t total garbage (I miss those days).  It almost seems these days that people forget that female stand-ups have been around for decades, and that there are many established comediennes in the business that are being overlooked in favor of no-talent hacks like Schumer.

There are a lot of funny ladies out there that have never needed to be forcefully gross for attention, nor needed to try to appeal to extremists in a pretend gender war.  They got by on actual talent, and never needed anyone to fluff them up with ridiculous articles about the first time they wore red lipstick.

Amy Schumer is a slimy tick bloated on fake, pumped-up media hype that’s being forced on the public as some sort of gift to both comedy and female representation. 

Go watch Rita Rudner instead.

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Did Riskua slip up sometimes with references from her past life? Or some culture clashes? Like, not often, and she's mostly grown out of it, but she'll start laughing at seemingly random moments and isn't quite sure why it's funny at first. Or do accidentally do something that's considered rude to One Piece people or use a word that doesn't actually exist there and then get confused when people react?

“Jesus Christ!” 

“Huh? Hey, ‘Skua, who’s Jesus?” 

Grimacing, the redhead runs a hand through her hair before she smiles sheepishly at Luffy. 

“He’s a legendary figure who could walk on water, multiple fish and stuff, kinda like a ninja.” 

“Oh, like that Sora comic guy?” 

Recalling the imported comic they’d stolen during one of their visits to Goa, Riskua nods. 

“Yeah, exactly like that.”

“Oh… Why’d’ya wanna talk about a ninja?”

“Never mind, Luffy.”

“How’s the drawing going, Sabo?”

“Pretty good,” the blond teen answers, scratching at his chin as he stares down at his sketchbook. 

“I’ve got some sketches of Ace and Luffy when they’re doing stuff, but I wanna get some of you too. To document our time on Dawn before we all set off.” 

“Gonna draw me like one of your French girls?” 

“…what’s a French girl?” 

“I am wasted on you, I really am.”

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They clearly have abandoned all that has been established from past seasons this season. Why she wouldn't immediately be suspicious of him just leaving is so damn dumb. I'm so freakin over this storyline. It's stupid and makes no sense. This is all they could come up for them, like seriously?

I was actually on board until the promo. Like everything was fine until the BS line in the promo. Like Killian needing a night to himself after what she said makes sense. But for her to jump (seemingly instantly?) to “I need to move on” when she KNOWS they are True Love just feels fake. Like do they really expect us to believe that?

They are doing Emma a gross disservice with this storyline. After all the ways and times he’s found her, she thinks THIS is the end? Makes no sense. If they don’t fix that by the end of the episode (even if Killian’s not back yet) then I will be super pissed.

Honestly, after the way the Jekyll and Hyde thing ended, I really thought they would have to destroy or banish the EQ in some weird magical shenanigans. But the show actually did something clever, something I didn’t think they were capable of doing anymore. They saved Regina and the Evil Queen with love.

They remembered that hope is a powerful thing, and that Regina has had a lot of good personal growth. And they used it to create the best possible ending. Regina won’t go all evil again just because she has some of Queenie’s darkness in her, just because she still has that voice that tells her to hate herself and makes her lash out at the world. She’s stronger than that now. In return she gave her old self exactly what she needed. Acceptance. She looked her past in the eye, all the parts she wanted to physically cut out of her soul just a few weeks ago, and said “I love you.”

How many of us have that strength? How many of us need to do that for ourselves and haven’t figured out how to get there? How many people are struggling with hating themselves and wishing they could carve out the parts they don’t like?

That’s some powerful television. That’s what this show can do when it’s good. I’m filled with hope we can carry this through the rest of the season.

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But if Larry is real then why would Gemma be rude to us out of her own will? There were times when it could be blamed on 1DHQ encouraging her to do it but I don't think it's the case now. Gems is actually insulting us because she wants to. Just because someone was annoying. Would she really do that if H&L were in a relationship?

it all comes down to why would she be rude to us in particular out of the wide array of candidates like for example matt who’s been creepy towards harry for ages

Sharing (Final Rose)

“You know,” Fang drawled. “I think you look very good in my clothes.”

Lightning chuckled. She was wearing Fang’s sari and not much else. Her own clothing had met an unfortunate end at Fang’s hands, and she wasn’t in the mood for marching around naked, however much Fang might enjoy that. “I thought you’d prefer me in no clothes at all.”
“Well, yeah, but you in my clothes is good too.” Fang grinned. “It means something in the Yun clan, actually.”

“Is that so?” It was at times like this that Lightning envied Lumina. Her younger sister could simply create Aura construct clothing with her Semblance. Sure, it wouldn’t look very normal, but people were used to huntsmen and huntresses wearing weird clothing. “What does it mean?”

“It depends on who is wearing it.” Fang sat up on the bed. Unlike Lightning, she hadn’t bothered to put any clothing back on. She bit back a grin at the way Lightning’s gaze immediately snapped to her exposed body before the pink-haired woman looked determinedly at her weapon, which she was tending to. “In the Yun clan, you’re expected to let your family borrow your clothing if it fits. It’s a way of showing solidarity with your family, and it lets everyone know that you’re doing well enough to spare some of your clothing to your family. Vanille would have worn more of my stuff back when were younger, but most of it was too big for her.”

“Vanille isn’t exactly tall,” Lightning replied. “Although I guess she could make her own clothing.”

“She made her own everything, pretty much,” Fang said. “Half the time when I was earning money from hunts and missions as a student, I’d be giving it to her for whatever her latest scheme was. I was a bit sceptical at first, but…”

“Vanille knows how to make money,” Lightning said.

“Yep. You won’t understand why she needs to build a bigger, better robot or who even wants a bigger, better robot, but she’ll find someone who does and sell it to them for a truckload of money, which she’ll use to build even more robots as well as take care of everyone else.” Fang studied the weapon in Lightning’s hands. Gun blades weren’t exactly her thing, but it was interesting to watch Lightning work. She had such talented fingers. “I’m not ashamed to say that Vanille is better with money than I am. Oh, I’m not bad with money. I know how to save and invest wisely, but Vanille is on another level.”

“I know.” Lightning sighed. “The first time Lumina got to see how much money Vanille’s little company made each year, she fainted.”

“Little?” Fang shook her head. “That little of company of hers is already big, and it’s getting bigger every year.”

“It was a figure of speech.” Lightning tested her gun blade’s transformation. Perfect. “Now… about wearing your clothes…?”

“Ah, right.” Fang got up and sat behind Lightning, wrapping her arms around her and leaning her head on Lightning’s shoulder. “Basically, the only time someone who isn’t already a part of my family would be wearing my clothes is if they’re a very, very close friend, or if they’re going to become a part of my family.” Fang kissed Lightning’s cheek. “Essentially, if you went outside in my clothes around the Yun, not one of them would try to hit on you or flirt with you. Those clothes are a statement: you’ve agreed to be mine.”

“Yours?” Lightning nudged Fang with her elbow. “That’s a possessive way of putting it.”

“You’re calling me possessive?” Fang tightened her hold on Lightning. “Was I the person who pointed a gun at someone at a bar and threatened to shoot them if they didn’t back off.”

“They were hanging all over you.” Lightning frowned. “And you’re the one who threatened to spear Summer if she didn’t stop hugging me.”

“She should stop.” Fang scowled petulantly. “Because you’re mine now, not hers.”

“Yes, yes.” Lightning sighed. “So… if we go back to Oerba, and I wear your clothes, everyone will know we’re together.”


“Okay.” Lightning shifted, pushing Fang onto her back and straddling her. “Then I’m going to hang onto this sari. I’ll need it the next time we head back to Oerba.”

The renter in our basement fucking hates me. She keeps texting us saying how shocked and appalled she is at my disrespectful behavior because she can “tell” when I’m the one “stomping on the floor”

She decided to start blaming me because it was a way to bitch about being able to hear other people living in the same house without pointing fingers directly at her landlady. Because she’s a coward.

She’s making all kinds of comments about the building “not being up to code” on sound proofing (it is up to code, it’s got extra insulation to block sounds actually). She snidely talks about her “friend who is a judge” and threatened to call the police to make a sound complaint… in her own residence…

She sent us a video of “proof” of how noisy we are, and it was a shot of her door to the rest of the basement where you could hear my 6 year-old niece playing on the other side. Riveting stuff. I’m imagining this crotchety middle aged lady seething with rage while she films a door, livid that she can here a child playing.

I havent spoken to her in six months. I havent even seen her. I spend most of my evenings in my room on the opposite end of the house. She texts these long angry paragraphs almost daily to complain about me.

Just fucking move out already PLEASE

Gif not mine found on Yahoo What? - Dean & Sam Winchester x Reader (Winchester sister) Part Of: Ana’s Shit my patients say challenge @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms Prompt: Weed can fix this Warnings: drug and alcohol use language Summary: Y/n is Sam and Dean’s sister she’s actually Sam’s twin, and she’s the strangest Winchester she’s a hunter and she has some strange ways to heal wounds and stress.

Y/n is the Winchester sister she’s actually Sam’s twin sister, not identical obviously. She’s the odd ball in the family, she was also a hunter, but she mainly did research. Sam and Dean had finally convinced her to move into the bunker. She used to live in an apartment but since Lucifer was on the loose they all felt safer together. She moved in the room next to Dean’s and across from Sam’s. Her first night there they got her favorite dinner which was pizza and beer. “So this place is huge, my room is bigger than my whole apartment, and that kitchen is awesome, I don’t cook, but if I did I’d use it” she said. “Dean tries to cook, he makes great burgers” Sam said, “oh yeah, I don’t remember dad ever cooking, did he, Dean” she asked. “The only thing dad could cook was cereal” Dean said, “ha must run in the family” she said. After a fun night of reminiscing Sam went to bed, Dean kept drinking and Y/n took a bottle of rum to her room. The next morning Sam went on his morning run, and Dean was reading the paper. Y/n came walking into the library with an empty bottle of rum. She pulled out a chair and sat down and laid her head on the table, the bottle by her head. “Damn you look like shit” Dean said, “thanks Dean” she said flipping him off and sticking out her tongue. Sam got back from his run and came into the library, he saw her sitting at the table. He walked over and put his hand on her back, “you okay, you’re not sick or anything are you” Sam said. “No I’m just hung over” she said. “We’ve a case, not far from here, you ready” Dean said, “yeah are you coming Y/n” Sam said. “No she’s staying here, she’s too hungover​” Dean said. “Weed can fix this” she said getting up and going to her room, “while she’s gone let’s go” Dean said. They snuck out and left without her, Sam felt bad, but he knew Dean was right she was too hungover. Y/n came back into the library and she didn’t see her brothers, “Sam, Dean, are you here” she called. They weren’t there so she lit her joint and started smoking. She went to Sam’s room, he said she could watch Netflix in there, she binge watched South Park. South Park was always funny, but it was better with weed. After her joint been awhile she started to get hungry, she went to the kitchen. She found pizza from the night before, chips, popcorn and pie and beer. She sat at the table in the kitchen pigging out and drinking beer. Sam and Dean returned from the hunt, “does that smell like pot” Sam said, “I told you, she said weed” Dean said. They went into the kitchen, “hey my boys” she said, “hey Y/n, are you high” Sam said. “Yes I said weed could fix it and it did” she said, Sam rolled his eyes, “I use beer it’s not that” Dean said. “I guess not” Sam said, “yeah weed and beer can fix most things” she said.

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I'm probably not the only one who's wondering about this, but where is Mymble in your "The Young Gardener" comic? It's just that she is mentioned in one scene by Snufkin/Pipo but doesn't feature in it anywhere else. So I'm a little confused by the plot line, and I do apologise for that. Is it possible you could like give us the plot line so then the story makes a bit more sense? That would be a big help.

Oh, so you want more information about the Mymble? I am glad because the pages I work on will talk about the Mymble actually. It’s normal that you don’t understand all the plot for now. I have so much things to say about the Joxter, the Mymble and Snufkin/Pipo and how they ended like this.

Anyways, I am sorry if it’s confusing for now, but I swear it will be more clear. (And pssst, I didn’t even start publishing my comic in the right order, you are actually in the middle of the story) IT WILL BE MORE CLEAR I SWEAR!! :’^D

Real talk, remember Teenie Beanies? Not only were they introduced at the height of the Beanie Babies phenomenon, but these smaller, and most likely even cheaper to mass-produce premiums were even more sought-after than the normal Beanie Babies! Some McDonald’s locations actually ran out of them before the promotion was over!

I was a kid at the time, AKA the target audience for Beanie Baby consumption. I kept the tags on a few of mine, but I usually cut them off…the toys are more cuddly without tags, after all. Even I thought this was kind of nuts when it was happening.

Years later, in college I was talking to a friend who had moved to the US from Africa a few years back. I was joking about the “crazes” she’d missed and realized how silly the Beanie Babies madness was.

That’s not to say I’m not proud of my Beanie graduation owl collection, of course.

Page XXIII My Thoughts

I LOVED this episode!!!! I started crying when the mirror showed Regina as the person she hated most and didn’t stop until it was over. I was sooooooo proud of Regina. I thought this episode really showed her full redemption. Regina chose love over hate. She realized that love and hope are strength not weakness. Her love for Henry, her Robin, and her friends made her strong enough enough to not only redeem herself, but the EQ as well. Her redemption came full circle. I thought it was quite beautiful actually. And I’m not at all upset about the EQ getting her happy ending with ww Robin. I think with Regina’s actions that this was the best way to tie up her storyline since she used the shears and reintegration wasn’t possible.

The CS scene was heartbreaking!!!! I’m so glad that Emma found out the truth, but not the way she found out. And Killian’s anguish was brilliantly portrayed. Not that we expected anything less! And as we all knew Emma was upset that he didn’t trust her and come to her instead of hiding it and trying to burn his memories. Not about the action itself. And giving him the ring back and pushing him away until he found that man again is exactly what she needed to do. It was exactly what HE needed in order to, I believe, find that man again and FINALLY forgive himself. And NEMO!!!! The father that Killian never had. Such beautiful scenes between them!

I thought this was an absolutely BRILLIANT episode and it was brilliantly played by Colin, Lana, and Jen.

This is my first time writing down my thoughts like this about an episode, so if you disagree, that’s fine. Just please be respectful of my thoughts and impressions.

Today was a bit rough, so I decided to draw. I haven’t drawn anything for ages, and Krita was being mean, so I ended up turning to Medibang to draw. It was…a lot easier than I last remembered using and it felt so nice. Probably gonna use this as my main for now.

In any case, I sort of started as a doodle of Eras, and then I ended up drawing Gaster, and eventually I just drew up all the skeletons I have. 

This is actually the first time I drew Sansy, and he and I are pretty happy with it~

And it’s also the first time I showed Onyx~she’s a little shy~

It’s really nice to draw again ;;

From left to right, Gaster, Eras, Sansy and Onyx