actually really really early


Bran + empathy and selflessness


You said for the entire run of season two, [Luke] was like the alpha male. He was the guy who could get it done. No matter what you needed, he was gonna be your man. He was like the glue that kept his family together, and with them kind of scattered to the wind […] You have the strong leader type who is crippled. And he can’t do anything. He’s just…helpless in the middle of the river, just waiting to die


Introducing the characters of True Love  Sweet Lies

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Gifset per Fringe episode - 1x02

I have to live with the fact that I didn’t see him for who he really was. I have to live with the feeling that, whatever awful things he did, I should have stopped them. I mostly just wanna take a shower from the inside out.

Fanart Sketch;

Lucy Heartfilia
Fairy Tail

Phantomrose96 wrote a part two of her fanfic based on my previous picture and I loved it so much I just had to draw a scene from it.

Sorry if we scar anyone.

First time drawing him
 *draws him 27 times in a row with expression cycling* *combusts*

"From the trucker’s description, the shape he fired on could conceivably have been a mountain lion."


"The National Weather Service last night reported atmospheric conditions in this area that were possibly conducive to lightning."


"It is feasible that the truck was struck by lightning, creating the electrical failure."

"It’s feasible."

the x files 1x17: E.B.E

Phanniemay 2014: Transformation / Under Appreciated

Jazz had always been hard working, self motivated, and just a tad obsessive in whatever she did. That used to mean she was a straight-A student with the highest score in the history of the CAT who worked on her college thesis for fun. And that was still true, but after she found out about Danny’s powers, she channeled that energy and at least half of her all-nighters into helping him however she could: distracting their parents, discovering which inventions actually had a chance of working, making sure he had a decent breakfast every once in a while, keeping the first aid kit stocked at all times, and coming up with extensive psychological profiles on major threats like Ghost X.


Kyuhyun’s reaction when Ryeowook wished for a girlfriend xD 

i love the natsuiro pv because it’s fun and sunny and about nico

except for this part

like nico wtf are u doing




Do you know what I would do when monsters came into my dreams? I’d try and scare them. I’d scream and yell until they were afraid and ran off. Then they leave you alone. You have to be worse than them.