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Cardiac distress symptoms in women

In the wake of Carrie Fisher’s death four days after she suffered a massive heart attack, one thing that was reported by some news outlets was that she had been in “significant distress” on the flight. We don’t know the exact details of this, but in my experience as an EMT, it often means “hysterical woman having a panic attack and thinking she’s dying…*woman dies* …oops, guess she really was dying.” 

It is SO IMPORTANT to remember that many women present in what medicine considers an ‘atypical’ manner for heart attack, but it actually IS typical…for women. Women are more than twice as likely to die from cardiac emergencies, not because our physiology is that much different than men and thus gives us a worse chance at survival (it’s actually better if treated promptly and adequately), but because our symptoms are more likely to go unrecognized or to be dismissed entirely.

Thus, please take a moment to review and pass on this list of cardiac distress symptoms as seen in women: 

Shortness of breath - This is the most common one. If a woman, especially one without prior history of respiratory issues or shortness of breath, seems to be having trouble catching her breath and/or complains of such, pay very close attention. If she continues to feel winded after sitting or laying down, it’s probably time to call for help.

Feeling of impending doom - This can range from a sense of general unease to a full-blown panic attack. This one is extremely important, and is the symptom most commonly disregarded by doctors and hospital staff. If a woman tells you that she feels ‘not quite right,’ or like something terrible is about to happen, or that she’s about to die, LISTEN TO HER FFS. 

Nausea and “indigestion” - Also common. Heart attacks frequently present as a feeling of vague nausea or indigestion, but unlike typical heartburn, antacids and other OTC treatments will not alleviate the symptoms.

Hiccups - Unexplained hiccups, especially if seen with any of the other symptoms listed above, can be indicative of heart muscle that is being acutely or chronically starved of oxygen.  The exact mechanism isn’t known, but it’s thought that the enzymes released by the dying muscle irritate the pericardium and adjacent diaphragm, causing spasms in the healthy muscle. 

Fatigue - This is another commonly seen symptom, and is often overlooked or ignored as just transient tiredness. Many women having a heart attack will complain of feeling “flu-like” symptoms of nausea, sweating, fatigue, and shortness of breath, and they’ll lie down for a nap and never wake up. 

Lightheadedness - A feeling of being lightheaded or about to faint isn’t terribly uncommon in many benign conditions, and many women experience it on a monthly basis. However - be aware when it appears unexpectedly or unexplainedly, and/or with one or more of the other symptoms on this list. 

Sweating (diaphoresis) - Heart attack does funny things to the sympathetic nervous system, which is behind reflexes such as sweating and hiccups. If a lady is experiencing unexplained or excessive sweating, pay attention to anything else that might be going on with her. 

Tingling or numb extremities - A feeling of numbness or “pins and needles” tingling in the extremities can be an important sign that cardiac function is being impaired and those body parts aren’t receiving enough oxygen. 

Peripheral and/or central cyanosis - Often accompanies tingling or numbness, and is considered a later-stage symptom of cardiac distress and heart failure. Finger and toe tips will turn pale or blue first, and lips and gums after that. Important to remember that darker-skinned women may present cyanosis as ashen, grey, or darker purple rather than pale or blue. 

Back pain - Pain between the shoulder blades, in the cervical spine, or even further down in the torso or lumbar region can be a symptom of heart attack. Alone, it isn’t that suspicious, but if it’s unrelenting and presents with any of the other symptoms above, keep a watchful eye on things. 

Classic “crushing” or “tight” chest pain or pressure - Women DO experience this classic pain, too, just not as frequently as men do. This may be due to our higher pain threshold, or differences in blood volume, or maybe we’re just not sure because nobody’s bothered to really study it. Whatever the reason, some women do still experience the crushing or tightening pain, and others may experience less painful pressure or tightness that doesn’t seem to be relieved by anything.

Arm and jaw pain - Another “classic” heart attack symptom, and a bit more common than central chest pain. Unexplained pain in the left arm or shoulder, and on the left side of the neck or jaw, should not be ignored by anyone.


I only have a short window before my body changes…

…Yeah I’ll say.

My version of Older!Yurio dump.



to incur her  w r a t h  is to feel your very heart freeze in your chest

(sweats nervously) I have three Organization ships and this is one of them……….


Hey guys! :D

It is I, Silver, Queen of Sinners is back at with events! 

This one will function a lot differently than the last one.

I’ve been working and whatnot behind the scenes for the next event things and I figured this will be either a cool idea that will soar or one that will crash, burn, and fail miserably.

As of now, the current event start date is February 13th, which may change due to whatever is happening. Next, this is actually a commitment… it’s not a huge one, but if you decide to join, I really would appreciate it if you didn’t back out of it. Unless there is a huge issue, which hopefully there will not be, please try not to be like “oops sorry nevermind i dont want to.” It’s just a smol project for fun, but it’s vital that you don’t quit in the middle of it - teamwork is important in a community.

More details will be given out when the event actually happens - but for now, if you want to enter (highly recommended ;D), send in the following things to my ask box

- Your mun name

- ONE of your muses (if you have multiple)

- Out of digital art, writing, and traditional paper artwork, which are you able to do the best?

- Any days you will be away on a vacation / away from wifi/data

Please reblog to spread the word! Currently you can enter the event until February 12th. Any questions should be redirected to me! :) Thanks so much <3

Things I need in ToA The dark prophecy

1) Apollo, Leo and Calypso setting out on their quest… with Will and Nico too. Maybe because I am a total solangelo fangirl and I just NEED more Will and Nico in the next book.

2) Idk if it will be too soon or whatever but I really, really need Sally’s new kid to be born. Please, please, please?

3) MEG! I need Meg back! Please! I need her to stand up to Nero and come back! 

4) Solangelo… wait did I mention that already? Oops *evil grin* Oh c’mon! Every moment with these two in Hidden Oracle was a gift from heaven… well, from Rick actually but whatever!

5) More terrible… er, I mean WONDERFUL haikus :)

6) I know including Kayla and Austin in the quest would make too many people but I just need to see more of these two beautiful, BEAUTIFUL people!


8) I know we won’t be seeing the 7 again but I feel like I really need them all to show up at least ONCE to punch Leo in the face.

corbetts for @murdermage

i changed the way i drew his hair from last time to better suit his fc– would this work better? <3 also, if his eyes are usually closed like henry’s just lemme know– i just wanted to draw eyes lmao

…also if they’re not purple um. oops.

anyways my faves are actually cordy!corbett and olivia!corbett oops they look really good on him?? default, nowi, and maribelle also look pretty…

also given ur hcs, i can always do a chart with the rest of the first gen males later if you want! 

nebula-lester  asked:

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Eren: “Armin, look! We can get a burger!!!”
Armin: “Eren, never change, ok?”

(Actually it came out looking like I’m some lovesick puppy. Lol, oops. I was going for more of a “really, Eren? Omg…” kind of look but… I think my inner eremin fangirl came out instead…
Me and my buddy at lunch during spring Kraken Con. Please do not repost or remove this caption.)

100WTSILY #2

Request by: swansong321

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Hi, can I request number 40 with Bucky, and 37 with Civil War’s Spiderman please? Have a great day, and I love your blog :) 

Prompt: 37. “Can I kiss you?”

Word Count: 697

A/N: This is actually my first time writing for Peter, so if it sucks oops I’m sorry. This is actually proving to be really fun to do so plz send more requests I beg. 

    Your walked happily to the apartment building, rusty old appliance tucked under your arm. The sun was shining, you had actually managed to catch the train today, and on your way home, you’d managed to snag this only slightly damaged ancient piece of electronics. Knowing your boyfriend, he’d be absolutely ecstatic. He was always doing some sort of dumpster diving, spending hours and hours locked away in his room, fiddling and creating things out of anything he could get his hands on. You glanced down at the metal object in your hands, and besides the damaged exterior, you could imagine that the inside, what really mattered, was good enough. once again, you were fairly confident he’d be happy with absolutely anything he could get his hands on. He hadn’t been in school today, and while that wasn’t exactly a rare occurrence, it didn’t make you any less worried every time it happened. And so you figured you’d pay him a visit, and bring him a little present, to maybe lift his spirits. Your feet thudded on the pavement as you rounded a familiar corner, swinging open a heavy wooden door and skipping up the stairs, hand barely ghosting over the hand rail, and you couldn’t help the smile tugging at your lips. You twirled your key ring around your finger, sliding it into the door, and unlocking it, gently pushing it open with your foot as you hummed to yourself.
    “Hi Aunt May,” you chimed, setting your backpack down on the kitchen table and you could hear her turn to greet you. 
    “Hi (Y/N), darling. Here to check on Peter?” she asked, and though she had turned to you she hadn’t moved from the couch. 
    “You know it,” you giggled as you made your way towards the door, metal device still in your hand as you raised your first to the door, rapping three times before you heard a shaky cough, telling you to come in. 
    “Hey hon,” you smiled, letting yourself in, and almost immediately you could see the sick boy’s posture change as he rolled over and sat up to greet you, shaky smile on his face.
    “(Y/N)!” he smiled, wrapping the blanket tighter around his shoulders. You pulled his rolling chair and sat over beside his bed, softly running a hand through his hair as he smiled at you. 
    “How ya doing, champ?” you giggled, and he just playfully rolled his eyes, leaning away to cough a little bit. Your smile held a truckload of sympathy, and you just pushed yourself off your chair and back to the desk, where you picked up the device you’d snagged on your walk home. 
    “I got ya something,” you smiled, and he turned to you but you rushed to hide the object. 
    “No peeking, close your eyes,” you giggled as he held his hands up to his eyes, smiling as well. 
    “Alright, open!” you giggled, and he saw the device sitting in your lap and his eyes lit up as he gazed up at you in awe.
    “Are you serious? Where did you find this!” he smiled, cradling it in his hands, and you could see his mind whirring as he planned what he’d use the parts for. 
    “On my walk home. I’m the best girlfriend, aren’t I?” you smirked, and he practically jumped up and grabbed your shoulders. 
    “Can I kiss you?he breathed out, and you giggled, pushing him away a bit as he wrapped his arms around your waist. 
    “No, silly, you’re sick, remember?” you smiled, and he loosened his grip, pulling back with a pout.
    “Oh, yeah,” he sighed, looking dejected, and you quickly reached out and grabbed his face, placing a quick kiss on his lips before pulling back, watching him grin. 
    “If I get sick,” you started, reaching your arm back, “it’s your fault, okay?” you finished, poking him on the nose and laughing a bit. He smiled, retreating back to the bed and patting the space next to him. You sighed, crawling over to the bed and grabbing the remote, just content to be where you were at that moment. Who cared that you had twelve pages of algebra homework. 

Okay, just a small tip to writers who are writing fics in english for characters that are speaking french, please…. don’t write random interjections of “Mon dieu!” Because to be honest, nobody really…. says that. Well, under age 50 anyways. (Also, absolutely no sacre bleus like please just XD save yourself). If you’re looking for something kinda colloquial and not too vulgar, maybe try “mince!” or “la vache!”? Also if it works with the context, “ohhh làlàlàlàlàlàlà” if it’s more of an expression of like… a ‘oops’ sort of a thing. Same with “zut”. 
Mdr a lot of french slang is technically profanity but not really considered that way because… I’m not sure how to explain it actually. It’s a thing.
If it’s too hard to do that I’d actually advise leaving out the random french words because it’s just out of place. If the fic you are writing is in english, then we’re already under the assumption this is all happening in french, so having french interjections is weird because then the brain of your reader will go “oh the rest of it was in english and these two words were the only ones the characters spoke in french” when you were actually trying to convey that the entire thing was spoken in french. Not a big deal all around but it’s just a bit weird and I keep seeing it so… yeah. Ya know what I mean?

Michael: “But Y/N! He Looks So Cute!”


A/N: THIS ONE IS SO CUTE OH MY GOD BLESS YOU. Nah, but seriously, I think this is my favorite request. Please like and reblog - it would help me out a lot and I would appreciate it so much. Also, please send requests - I love writing things that you guys would actually want to read. Thank you!


“FUCK!” Michael yelled as he came around the hallway, stepping on a bunch of legos.
“Michael! The child?????”
Your son wasn’t really paying attention to his daddy but you still didn’t want him catching on to bad habits.
“Oops.” Michael said covering his mouth, giggling.

Michael made many slip ups throughout the day. To be honest, he just had a bad habit of swearing, and it wasn’t something that was going to break easily. You hadn’t been worried too much about it before, but your son was reaching the age where he was starting to pick up on new words. Your son was very smart as well, he could speak in broken sentences, so of course you were more alert now.

You were standing in the kitchen cooking dinner when little baby Clifford accidentally dropped a bunch of his toy trucks on the floor, followed by, “Shit!”
Your jaw dropped. Michael on the other hand, was laughing his ass off.
“Aw, c’mon Y/N, that was cute.”
“No, it wasn’t.” You argued (even though you actually thought it kinda was).

A few more minutes had passed and baby Clifford repeated himself, Michael once again laughing. You got on to Michael - telling him that his laughter was only encouraging the baby.

After several times of your son swearing, Michael finally gave him a stern look, “Okay now little dude, that’s not a nice word and you can’t say that or else Mommy will be really sad. You don’t want to make Mommy sad, right?” Little baby Clifford shook his head and crawled up onto Michael’s lap, “No, Daddy. I’m sorry.”

Michael looked over at you, mouthing “Aww!” before kissing little Clifford on the head. You couldn’t help but smile as well.

Exo Reactions To You Walking Funny The Morning After Rough Sexy Time

I’ve been waiting to do this for so long, & I finally got the request~ It actually turned out kind of awful, I’m sorry! Please mainly just look at the gifs because I did a horrible job on the dialoge. I don’t know what’s wrong with me :P xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *really feels bad & gets a little bit shy but feels slightly accomplished with his own performance*

Chanyeol: “Oh my god, did I do that? Oops.” *acting innocent & is actually a little bit surprised with himself*

Chen: *laughs forever, entertained by the idea that his dick is the reason why you can’t walk straight*”That’s my boy.”

D.O.: “Are you okay? I didn’t mean to do that…” *instantly feels bad, apologizes non-stop*

Kai: *laughs &  tries to not seem satisfied, even though he really kind of is* “I’m sorry. I didn’t know I got that rough.”

Kris: *looks you right in the eye, makes a smug face & then nods way too confidently* “You’re welcome.” 

Lay: “What’s wrong? What happened? Are you okay? Do you need a massage? I can massage you.”

Luhan: *doesn’t try to hide the fact that he’s pleased with himself & you can tell that he’s really enjoying it*

Sehun: *slightly tries to cover up the fact that he’s very proud but whispers yehet to himself when he thinks you can’t hear*

Suho: “Jagi, I’m so sorry. Are you okay?” *feels so bad that he almost starts crying*

Tao: *you think he might be a little upset about it until he walks away with a smirk & smacks your ass as hard as he can* 

Xiumin: “Let me know when you’re ready for part two, okay?” *winks like a little shit*

Part of Your World (Cover)
  • Part of Your World (Cover)
  • Derryn Shaw

Every sign in the universe pointed to The Little Mermaid pfftclifford 5sauciness so obviously I had to cover Part of Your World. This has always been one of favourite Disney songs and Ariel was actually my favourite Disney princess when I was younger so I guess it fits. Please ignore my American accent (I promise you I am British I just sing Disney in an American accent lol) and I’m sorry if I deafen you :)

Also, pfftclifford wrote a really good imagine based on The Little Mermaid. You should read it, it’s so good!!



Boueibu Background Characters - Part 2/???

Now let me tell you about sweater boy:

he is a lovely child who smiles at the cafeteria assistants and looks great in his school jumper.

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