actually really love this song

okay but what if jungkook used to tease jimin by not calling him ‘hyung’ because he wants Jimin to see him as someone equal as him not as the youngest member in the group, because he don’t want jimin to love him as a baby brother he don’t want jimin to love him because he is cute and because he is the youngest among them, because he wants jimin to see him as a man that he could love and could love him back too so thats why he always making fun of Jimin also thats why jungkook works out a lot because kids are not supposed to have muscles right? kids are not supposed to look sexy right? that way maybe his jimin hyung will look at him as a man

Les Cactus [Jacques Dutronc Cover]
  • Les Cactus [Jacques Dutronc Cover]
  • The Last Shadow Puppets
  • Rock en Seine 2016

Les Cactus | Rock en Seine

I’m back from vacation! Which means I can start trickling in all my comics/screenshot redraws from the bomb *-*

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  1. This is not about us - Banks
  2. On Purpose - Sabrina Carpenter
  3. I’m into you - Chet Faker
  4. Lost Boy - Troye Sivan (actual so happy my boy made the cut)
  5. Draw Your Swords - Angus & Julia Stone
  6. I Feel Bad Now - Cub Sport (shout out to the anon who recommended them to me)
  7. Pity Party - Melanie Martinez
  8. Naive - The Kooks
  9. Call your girlfriend - Robyn (I can’t deal with how damn happy I am this made it ahhhh can you believe???) 
  10. One - U2

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Just ignore this if you don’t wanna do it or have already done it ⭐️ 🐼


♪ No one will win this time
I just want you back
I’m running to your side
Flying my white flag ♪ 


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Would you ever consider singing "Dead Mans Party" by Oingo Boingo? 🎤

..Well, it’s not a bad song, you know. Very fitting for my appearance also, though of course I’d have to alter it to fit our style of music.
If my brother could cover “Missionary Man” - why not?


Me:  *listening to music loudly in the car*

My iPod:  *plays Sugar We’re Going Down*

Me:  Oh, hm, this song, maybe I should skip it - I mean it’s kind of old, and it’s not their best - people might hear it and know what FOB trash I am, oh god, I should turn it dow- aM I MORE THAN YOU BARGAINED FOR YET I’VE BEEN TRYING TO TELL YOU ANYTHING YOU WANNA HEAR ‘CAUSE THAT’S JUST WHO I AM THIS WEEK

I came walking with the wind to watch the cactus bloom. 🌺 

Idk what to do with this song other than to be overcome with how glaringly klance it is (In a way can we just Duran Duran our way through the entire ship??? What…)

I mean, come on:

The choice for you is the view to a kill.
Between the shades, assassination standing still.
The first crystal tears
Fall as snowflakes on your body,
First time in years,
To drench your skin with lover’s rosy stain.
A chance to find a phoenix for the flame,
A chance to die, but can we

Dance into the fire,
That fatal kiss is all we need.
Dance into the fire
To fatal sounds of broken dreams.
Dance into the fire;
That fatal kiss is all we need.
Dance into the fire,
When all we see is a view to a kill.

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i really love springday so much but that song is actually very triggering for me and i dont know how to deal with that? i feel bad for getting this sad when so many seem to be genuinely happy

dont listen to it if its triggering to you

your reaction to the song is valid, dont feel bad. what music you listen to is 100% your own decision