actually really happy with how this turned out


My first animatic commission! I did not know that was a thing but hey hoo! This was actually really fun to do and the characters suit the song so much and im really happy with how it turned out :D 

Entering the spirit world.

The winter sunsets in Sweden are really strong and colourful. We timed it from inside the greenhouse trough the windows perfectly and I’m actually pretty happy about how this turned out.

Series: Legend of Korra
Cosplayers: Mie-Rose Cosplay as Korra & Toriiko as Asami
Assistant: @awesomesirmatti

Please don’t repost!

Feb. 15, 2017 | 9:48 AM PST

First time mindmapping.  I’m sort of happy with how it turned out, although I ran out of space on the left side of the paper and crammed in a whole block of text on emotion theories, which is not really how mindmapping is supposed to work.  I actually found this method much more effective than the usual outline/Cornell notes.  I’ll be making several more for the other chapters, and the final exam is tomorrow.  Good luck to anyone else taking exams soon!

Esther x


aesthetic: happy (late) birthday @henryblue!!!

“Aphrodite.” Annabeth said.

“Venus?” Hazel asked in amazement.

“Mom,” Piper said with no enthusiasum. 

“Girls!” The goddess spread her arms like she wanted a group hug. 

The three demigods did not oblige. Hazel backed into a palmetto tree.

on a lonely night,

was a blinding light.

a hundred leaders would be borne of you.

it’s been a while since i last drew kagepro, i miss my daughter aND NOW SHE FINALLY GETS A BOOK I AM SO HAPPY

plus jin coming up with a new song while writing her pov can’t just be a coincidence, maybe she’ll get an actual song now??? with a pv?!??


•july 23rd•
Hi! So this is my first post on my new studyblr account. I’ve made this to try and stay motivated through out the school year and because I love looking at everyone’s creations! Who knew notes and planners could be so pretty? :D Anyways, I started my bullet journal over a month ago and I love it. This is next week’s spread and I’m actually really happy with how it turned out. :))))))))