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So what’s it all add up to? It’s hard to say. But me, I’d say this was a test…for Sam and Dean. And I think they did all right. Up against, Good, Evil, angels, devils, Destiny, and God himself, they made their own choice. They chose family. And, well…isn’t that kinda the whole point? No doubt - endings are hard. But then again…nothing ever really ends, does it?


“I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have any charms.” - Kim Heechul.

repressed crushes 

The Batfamily @ Christmas

Requested by an anon

Summary: Headcannons of batfam(including batmom)’s Christmas traditions.

-The Wayne Holiday Party is a tradition that’s so old if you stopped it for any reason the world would probably stop.

-When it was just you and Bruce on Christmas it was really actually boring.

-Especially when Bruce decided Batman was needed and you were left at home watching re-runs of Law & Order.

-Then children started coming into your household and everything just seemed…warmer during the holidays.

-In more recent years, especially with the varying backgrounds your children have you’ve started celebrating other winter holidays, mainly Hanukkah.

-Every year you buy the children holiday pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve night, a sweater to wear Christmas Day, and of course a new outfit for the Holiday Ball.

-Before Christmas you dedicate a whole day to making cookies and making it mandatory for all children to show up.

-It’s turned into a sleepover so the next day you all can team up and have a gingerbread house contest.

-Alfred usually determines the winner, but you also have all the guests at the Holiday Party vote as well.

-Sometimes(basically every year) your gingerbread houses have made the front page of Gotham News.

-Jason tends to hang around the manor more during the holidays and winter in general, mainly because he’s pretty sure it makes you happier(of course it does.)

-That and when he’s over at the manor it means he doesn’t have to heat his apartment.

-The only sad thing is how little you see of Barbra during the season because she’s usually having festivities with her own family.

-On Christmas Eve you all go to the pageant at the church and out to dinner afterwards.

-Before breakfast on Christmas morning the children are allowed to go through their stockings only, even though they try their damndest to look at presents.

-Christmas morning you get up and personally make breakfast, letting Alfred sleep in (though he gets up early anyways so he can offer his help to you.)

-Surprisingly Damian skips his usual morning routine and offers his help as well. Turns out he makes really good omelettes.

-After breakfast is when presents are opened and the living room is usually a disaster zone afterwards, Cass usually picks up the wrapping paper, having told you she enjoys cleaning up the wrapping paper, it’s easy to pick up and makes Alfred smile.

-Everyone sitting around in their pajamas and robes, coffee cups in most hands, smiles on all the faces, even if they’re simply faint ones.

-Holiday movies are watched throughout the month of December, though the family’s favorite is Bad Santa.

-Stephanie has been named honorary movie coordinator, always being the one with enough energy to jump up and change it. Also she just has the whole making popcorn, getting everything ready down to a science.

-Watching home videos of past Christmases, you and Alfred are tied for best video tapers. Dick and Tim are the absolute worst when it comes to taping family events.

-Dick just moves around too much and Tim occasionally forgets he’s taping and next thing you know a full twenty minutes is just film of a wall and audio of whatever was going on.

-Dinner is always your favorite, everyone sits around the table and you get to look at everyone’s smiling, content faces as you share the moment with each other and enjoy the food.

-After dinner soft holiday music is played while you all play with your new toys, chatting softly amongst everyone.

-That is, until a fight breaks out and usually Bruce grumbles, using that as his cue to go check on the city.

-And suddenly you develop an interest in Gotham’s safety as well…

Little Starship Captain | James T Kirk | Star Trek (AOS)

So Star Trek Beyond put me back in a Trek mood, and good thing too ‘cause I seriously need to do something about the fact I’ve never drawn Trek chibis until now.  O_o 

(more Star Trek art)

Jungkook probably...
  • Teacher: I gave someone a 0 on our exam last time.
  • Students: ...
  • Teacher: Jungkook, you got a zero.
  • Jungkook: what? Me? Why? I answered everything and I'm sure they're all correct!
  • Teacher: yeah everything is correct but yOU EVEN COPIED JIN'S FUCKING NAME
  • Jungkook: *faces and glares at Jin* well shit fam you told me to copy everything
Winter Love- Part 4

Hey guys!!! Finally here! This one is really short, sorry about that!


Word count: 736

Warnings: None

Originally posted by 107th-infantry

Nat and you prepare more dinner than usual, since Mr. Barnes has told you that Steve is also coming tonight. Quickly, you set up the table and go back to the kitchen to start bringing in the plates. Carrying the main dish, you smile politely at the family and Steve.

When the dinner is finally over, Winifred tells you and Nat to join them in the living room. The both of you agree happily and seat in one of the sofas. Steve finishes explaining a story about how he broke his arm last summer while climbing and Dot looks at you, a sickeningly, sweet smile plastered on her face.

“(Y/N), why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself? I mean, we already know everything about Nat.”

“Uh, my life is really boring, actually.” You try to smile as best as you can.

You cross eyes with Bucky, who is staring at you deeply, and you feel your heart tighten.

“Oh, c’mon!” Dot leans a little bit forward, her eyes looking challenging. “Just something… What about your family? What do your parents work as?”

“I don’t really talk with my parents.” Trying to avoid details, you look at Nat, searching for some help.

“I don’t believe you!” You shift your weight in your seat, feeling uncomfortable. “You don’t even speak with your mom? Who doesn’t speak to their mom?”

“I just don’t have a nice relationship with her.” Before Dot can continue with her questions, Nat stands up, taking your hand.

“I just remembered that we have some tea pastes left! We should probably bring them.” Nat smiles and forces you to get up, quickly taking you to the kitchen.

When you arrive, she looks at you apologetically.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, don’t worry about it.” You smile at her and she rubs your arm.

Nat grabs the tea pastes and you put some ice cream on a bowl and sit on the counter.

“Are you coming?”

“No, I’m going to finish my ice cream and go to sleep.”

“Okay, good night.”

“Night, Nat. And thank you.” She winks at you and leaves the kitchen.

After what feels like hours, you are devouring your third bowl of ice cream. Hearing a sound, you leave your phone next to you on the counter and look to the door. Bucky appears and you automatically smile.

“Hey there, Nat told me you would be here.” He smiles back at you and walks until he is in front of you. “I’m sorry about Dot, she shouldn’t have pushed you to explain that.”

“It’s okay.” You give him a small smile.

“It’s not, really. She was very rude.”

“Don’t worry about it, I’m serious. I have no problem in talking about my family situation, but she makes me uncomfortable. Just that.”

“Still, I’m sorry. I’ll told her to back off. Anyway, what are you eating?”

“Ice cream.”

“God, I love ice cream.”

“You want some?”

“Sure.” Bucky gives you a big smile and puts his hands next to your sides, his whole body leaning towards you.

You can feel yourself get tense at his action and you look for a while at his blue eyes, memorizing every single detail you can. You grab a spoonful of ice cream and he opens his mouth, ready to eat. Laughing, you put the spoon on his mouth and he slowly licks it off, making your cheeks go red. Bucky groans and closes his eyes at the taste.

“Such a good ice cream.”

“I know.”

He smiles at you and, in that moment, you feel like the whole world stops around you. No one else to bother you, just you and Bucky staring into each others eyes. His blue irises shine with force and they seem full of constellations. You can’t avoid your gaze falling to his mouth, his plump, red lips giving you a smirk that makes your head spin. You see how his mouth moves, but you can’t hear what he is saying, too focused on his lips moving slowly. Before you can process what he just said, he starts walking away. You close your eyes and take a deep breath.

“(Y/N).” You look at him as he stops in the doorway. “Come tomorrow and ski with us, you and Nat both.”

“O-okay. Yeah, perfect.”

He winks at you and finally goes away, leaving you with a head full of confusing thoughts.


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Who is your daddy?

Request: Heyy I really love your one-shots. Soooo could you do a one-shot where Dean discovers that the reader has a daddy kink and she gets a bit to bratty so he teaches her a lesson on how to behave Thanks! by Anonymous

Words: 1206

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warning: smutty smut smut, Daddy Kink, oral sex, rough sex, dirty talking, spanking, idek what I’m doing with my life, this got out of hand, I got out of hand, so NSFW

@crowlorevstiel @castiels-little-grace @angelus320 :)

A/N: spill me with holy water and burn me afterwards

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