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The final scene of Book 3- as it should have been!

Dear interviewers that interviewed Tarjei and Henrik at Gullruten

What we wished you asked them:
• what was their favourite scene to shoot?
• was it hard for Henrik to play bipolar and did he have to do a lot of research?
• what is the best thing about working with the crew and cast?
• where do they see their characters in five years?
• were there any difficulties in filming the last season?

What we got:
• do you like making out with each other?
• say a pickup line!
• why doesn’t Tarjei have Instagram?

watercolor tips and tricks

some tips and tricks that have seriously helped me in excelling at watercolour

1. PAPER WEIGHT. for the love of god do not use any paper under 110-120 lbs to paint with watercolour, a very VERY wet medium that will soak clean through the paper if it’s not thick enough (most paper pads sold at craft stores have the weight listed on them. printer paper is around 20 lbs, sketch pads will be about 60 lbs, IDEAL watercolour paper 140 lbs+). i use only 140 lb paper for my serious watercolour works. canson and strathmore are my favourite brands

2. there’s no need to have very expensive watercolour paints, but it is important to use something better than crayola. my dad gave me a 24-pan windsor&newton watercolour set when i was 8 and these are still the paints i use today (i was a very careful child, but i never even had to replace my paint pans after almost 10 years either, so this brand, while super expensive, lasts and earns my gold star.) some other cheaper options are: x and x

3. if you’re going to be using watercolours, prepare to use WATER. so many people forget this, but it’s so important to realise this media is meant to look translucent, so you should see the paper through the paint. if you can’t see it, then you’re using the paints as if they’re gouache or acrylics, so try using more water and work with lighter colours.



quite overused in watercolour but it’s so freaking cool it can be pardoned. *remember for all of these effects, you have to use lots of water with the paint for it to work!


you have to be very careful here because the second image can turn into the first if you use too much alcohol and it soaks through the water and paint gets in the spot, so be sure to experiment plenty before using this!!

but yeah you can use whatever clear alcohol you can find and it does p much the same thing


okay while the darker skin tones are more easily achievable with browns and additional yellows/blues/reds to bring out the undertone, light skintones are hard as hell to make with watercolour because it’s hard to even think of what to mix. think no more!

YELLOW OCHRE + ANY PURPLE = perfect skintone you can play around with. adding more of yellow or purple will give you either cool or warm skin tones you can build up on and layer until they’re the proper value. remember to use purple/cool shadows with skin in compositions with normal lighting!


and finally to repeat my previous post, use PAYNE’S GREY instead of black for a richer, darker colour in your painting. don’t use black unless your entire composition has warm colours, but even then, try to use a very dark brown instead of black.


finally, it’s very important to mention this: never use the white watercolour they sometimes give you. EVER. EVER. dilute your paint with water instead to get a lighter value, or else you’re not using watercolour to its full extent (which is something you might struggle with if you’re used to using acrylics or oil)

that’s all i can think of at the top of my head, but if you have any questions or need further brand recommendations etc, feel free to message me!

Here’s a drabble

He wishes she would again embrace him like a beloved brother. But he’s no longer her brother and he deserves her disdain. Jon and Sansa. ~1150 words

Gahh, here’s a 30-minute drabble drawn from unused sentences and my constant anxiety over Winterfell’s grain supplies? Someone really should stop me. 


He had killed the boy, and did ugly necessary things in becoming the man.

And the greater the war grew, the more ugliness it entailed.  

He knows it is an unspeakably ugly thing to ask of her.

She shouldn’t have to do this, but the necessities of war required it.

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hmm i forgot to bring this up a while ago!

i’m still here, just quiet, very quiet! especially now since i’ve got a job (audible but quiet gasp) uh anyway! i’m just tired most of the time and i should be a better mod but like. wow. i’m so drained lately

here’s a pic of my dog to make up for it


i never thought i’d stan a group other than shinee, but they’ve done it. Nu’est has made it into my shinee filled heart and i don’t mind in the slightest <3 

Hey if u guys play Ninja Blazing you should add me ID: 634,308,486,917 

i got the waifu team ;) 


Alexandra & Gorka | Jive to ‘Proud Mary’