actually puppy dog

Dating Them Would Include...


  • Fun Boyfriend™
  • seriously, you swear that you’ve developed a pair of abs from laughing so much
  • him constantly being a little shit
  • you eventually getting angry with him
  • “you’re hot when you’re mad babe”
  • calling each other cunt in the most loving ways
  • pillow forts in the living room because you’re adults !!
  • adopting tons of cats together
  • make outs galore
  • so many hickies
  • having sex literally everywhere
  • to the point where the two of you travel the world just to see how many places you can christen
  • him being highkey super possessive
  • and also highykey super clingy
  • you always making sure he doesn’t over work himself and de-stressing him
  • “thanks for taking care of me, cunt”


  • constantly making heart eyes at each other
  • because you’re so deeply in love
  • tOns of cuddles
  • always making each other laugh
  • especially when if you’re mad at each other; neither of you can stay angry for long
  • helping him with his music
  • SO much teasing
  • sexual and nonsexual ;)))
  • spontaneous dates
  • him secretly liking being the little spoon but won’t admit it
  • him lowkey being very possessive over you
  • if a random stranger started flirting with you he’d probably wouldn’t do much except stare the guy down until he left
  • he’d probably be very vanilla in bed
  • but he can also be rEALLY REALLY FUCKING KINKY
  • like holy shit
  • he’d probably call you some really cute fucking nickname like “princess” or some shit
  • but only in private because ew
  • even though he’d probably constantly show you off because “you’re just super fuckin hot”


  • having a lazy day like almost every day because you both hate doing stuff outside of the house
  • walking the dogs together and being super cute
  • he constantly needs to be touching you
  • whether it be a hand on your thigh, or an arm wrapped around your waist, or his hand clutched in yours
  • sex with him would be aMAZING
  • like fight me on this
  • you literally obsessing over his veiny arms
  • he probably has so many kinks that the two of you would try
  • spontaneous dates
  • like he’d wake you up at like 3am and be like “hey you wanna go get ice cream or something?”
  • the two of you LOVE going on road trips together
  • he’d probably take you with him when he goes australia with max because he’d miss you too much
  • even though he has a certain persona about him he’s an actual puppy dog with you
  • the only thing you normally wear around this house is his shirts
  • seeing you wearing his shirts being a huge turn-on for him; especially when you’re wearing just his shirt and some skimpy underwear
  • “you drive me insane, you know that?”
  • rough sex
  • slow sex
  • romantic sex
  • all kinds of sex
  • did i mention how amazing the sex is?
  • idk dude ian would just be an amazing boyfriend ok

I know everybody loves the domestic avengers and trust me so do I but pals… just picture the domestic defenders
Jessica and Matt bickering over absolutely everything that goes on in the flat because she is Grump Supreme™ and he just loves to egg her on and play devil’s advocate (and yes he makes jokes about that in his own mind)
Luke just kind of watching them like an older brother with one eyebrow raised and this little smirk on his face and Actual Human Puppy Dog Daniel Rand sitting by Luke and watching the bickering happen with this big grin because honestly he’s just happy to be there
They all do work together sometimes and they’ll sit in a circle around a coffee table, working one of Jessica’s cases and Matt handles a lot of the paperwork because he’s a lawyer and he’s the only one who really actually knows how to do paperwork well
Jess doesn’t have to worry about stuff in her office getting broken by angry clients anymore because Danny always covers damage costs even though she constantly tells him not to
For some reason Danny is really enthusiastic about trying to teach all of them kung fu? They never let him because he’s basically the baby brother of the group and it would be painfully weird for him to be teaching them things
Matt, Jessica and Luke all conclude that Danny needs to be introduced into all things pop culture seeing as he’s been away for fifteen years and they love watching (and yelling at in Jessica’s case) Game of Thrones while all sitting on this Insanely Comfortable Couch that Danny got them, and all 3 of them are insistent that Loras Tyrell is the spitting image of Danny but he refuses to believe it
Luke is a surprisingly good cook??? So as much as they like ordering in when they have a lot of work do so they can get down to business and absentmindedly eat at the same time, they also sometimes enjoy sitting at the table and eating a real meal together as a team (Mr. Catholic Guy Matthew Michael Murdock always prays before he eats, Danny quietly says a rite the monks taught back in K'un-Lun, Jessica literally just kinda says “GRACE”)
As much of a porcupine as Jessica is, she actually really likes Danny and, though she won’t admit it, begrudgingly likes Matt as well
They sit in silence a lot just working or thinking and they do it practically anywhere; sometimes they just go for walks around Manhattan and say nothing, part of the reason for this is that they’re on patrol and part of the reason is that Danny wants to see as much of the city as he can and the others can’t refuse him (especially when he looks down all sad with those big precious puppy dog eyes of his) since he consistently does so much for them
They don’t often get into legitimate fights but if they do, they always all go separately to Claire and she just sighs and sits them all down together and yells at them to work it out
And rarely, very rarely, in the quiet hours of the morning, they’re able to get off their chests the hardest things they’ve been through and they kind of pour out their pain to one another and it’s in those moments that they’re at their most like a real team of heroes, and big brash tough Jessica’s voice gets so so small and peaceful Luke gets furious and Matt weeps from eyes that can’t see and Danny, sweet pure ball of sunshine, cries the quietest, angriest tears there are
and then they go out and beat the crap out of criminals because there’s nothing more cathartic than justice

thefts of the heart (and flower)

; phan ;

summary / prompt ; “sometimes i steal flowers from your garden on my way to the cemetery, but today you’ve caught me and have demanded to come with me to make sure “the girl is pretty enough to warrant flower theft” and i’m trying to figure out how to break it to you that we’re on our way to a graveyard” 

Dan kneeled next to the new box, filled with yellow tulips. Newly in season, he noted, brushing his fingertips over one of the petals. They were beautiful, stuck in the perfect ethereal state between blooming and dying. 

The brown eyed boy smiled, blinking as the bright iridescent sunlight of that morning ricocheted off the nearby window of whoever’s house this was, blinding him momentarily. He tugged the strap of his overalls back over his shoulder, where it had slipped off of. They were far too loose, but that was the way he liked it. 

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ellychandlers  asked:

Berena and Dogs 🐶

It’s that face that Bernie pulls. Eyes large, dark, sparkling. Cheeks rosy from the dopey grin that pulls at her lips. A face that is entirely kissable and ridiculously sweet.

Then there’s the polar opposite. The gentle furrow of her brow hidden beneath her fringe. Eyes that twinkle for all the wrong reasons– sad, concerned, hurt. Mouth that pouts with a frown that Serena yearns to take from her, wants to kiss away the pain until she comes back to the glittering woman that she adores.

It’s Bernie’s puppy face.

Serena spends an awful lot of time wondering– in another life– what kind of dog Bernie might have been. A Spaniel, perhaps? It’s the ears, she decides, that remind her of Bernie’s frame of blonde curls. But the temperament just isn’t right, not quite. Maybe not a Spaniel.

Then… a Golden Retriever? No– a Labrador. Perfect. A classic. Athletic, strong, independent… A bit more conservative with their emotions. Loving.

And god, does Bernie have a lot of love to give.

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