actually probably in a creepy way

When I was nine, possibly ten, an author came to our school to talk about writing. His name was Hugh Scott, and I doubt he’s known outside of Scotland. And even then I haven’t seen him on many shelves in recent years in Scotland either. But he wrote wonderfully creepy children’s stories, where the supernatural was scary, but it was the mundane that was truly terrifying. At least to little ten year old me. It was Scooby Doo meets Paranormal Activity with a bonny braw Scottish-ness to it that I’d never experienced before.

I remember him as a gangling man with a wiry beard that made him look older than he probably was, and he carried a leather bag filled with paper. He had a pen too that was shaped like a carrot, and he used it to scribble down notes between answering our (frankly disinterested) questions. We had no idea who he was you see, no one had made an effort to introduce us to his books. We were simply told one morning, ‘class 1b, there is an author here to talk to you about writing’, and this you see was our introduction to creative writing. We’d surpassed finger painting and macaroni collages. It was time to attempt Words That Were Untrue.

You could tell from the look on Mrs M’s face she thought it was a waste of time. I remember her sitting off to one side marking papers while this tall man sat down on our ridiculously short chairs, and tried to talk to us about what it meant to tell a story. She wasn’t big on telling stories, Mrs M. She was also one of the teachers who used to take my books away from me because they were “too complicated” for me, despite the fact that I was reading them with both interest and ease. When dad found out he hit the roof. It’s the one and only time he ever showed up to the school when it wasn’t parents night or the school play. After that she just left me alone, but she made it clear to my parents that she resented the fact that a ten year old used words like ‘ubiquitous’ in their essays. Presumably because she had to look it up.

Anyway, Mr Scott, was doing his best to talk to us while Mrs M made scoffing noises from her corner every so often, and you could just tell he was deflating faster than a bouncy castle at a knife sharpening party, so when he asked if any of us had any further questions and no one put their hand up I felt awful. I knew this was not only insulting but also humiliating, even if we were only little children. So I did the only thing I could think of, put my hand up and said “Why do you write?”

I’d always read about characters blinking owlishly, but I’d never actually seen it before. But that’s what he did, peering down at me from behind his wire rim spectacles and dragging tired fingers through his curly beard. I don’t think he expected anyone to ask why he wrote stories. What he wrote about, and where he got his ideas from maybe, and certainly why he wrote about ghosts and other creepy things, but probably not why do you write. And I think he thought perhaps he could have got away with “because it’s fun, and learning is fun, right kids?!”, but part of me will always remember the way the world shifted ever so slightly as it does when something important is about to happen, and this tall streak of a man looked down at me, narrowed his eyes in an assessing manner and said, “Because people told me not to, and words are important.”

I nodded, very seriously in the way children do, and knew this to be a truth. In my limited experience at that point, I knew certain people (with a sidelong glance to Mrs M who was in turn looking at me as though she’d just known it’d be me that type of question) didn’t like fiction. At least certain types of fiction. I knew for instance that Mrs M liked to read Pride and Prejudice on her lunch break but only because it was sensible fiction, about people that could conceivably be real. The idea that one could not relate to a character simply because they had pointy ears or a jet pack had never occurred to me, and the fact that it’s now twenty years later and people are still arguing about the validity of genre fiction is beyond me, but right there in that little moment, I knew something important had just transpired, with my teacher glaring at me, and this man who told stories to live beginning to smile. After that the audience turned into a two person conversation, with gradually more and more of my classmates joining in because suddenly it was fun. Mrs M was pissed and this bedraggled looking man who might have been Santa after some serious dieting, was starting to enjoy himself. As it turned out we had all of his books in our tiny corner library, and in the words of my friend Andrew “hey there’s a giant spider fighting a ghost on this cover! neat!” and the presentation devolved into chaos as we all began reading different books at once and asking questions about each one. “Does she live?”— “What about the talking trees” —“is the ghost evil?” —“can I go to the bathroom, Miss?” —“Wow neat, more spiders!”

After that we were supposed to sit down, quietly (glare glare) and write a short story to show what we had learned from listening to Mr Scott. I wont pretend I wrote anything remotely good, I was ten and all I could come up with was a story about a magic carrot that made you see words in the dark, but Mr Scott seemed to like it. In fact he seemed to like all of them, probably because they were done with such vibrant enthusiasm in defiance of the people who didn’t want us to.

The following year, when I’d moved into Mrs H’s class—the kind of woman that didn’t take away books from children who loved to read and let them write nonsense in the back of their journals provided they got all their work done—a letter arrived to the school, carefully wedged between several copies of a book which was unheard of at the time, by a new author known as J.K. Rowling. Mrs H remarked that it was strange that an author would send copies of books that weren’t even his to a school, but I knew why he’d done it. I knew before Mrs H even read the letter.

Because words are important. Words are magical. They’re powerful. And that power ought to be shared. There’s no petty rivalry between story tellers, although there’s plenty who try to insinuate it. There’s plenty who try to say some words are more valuable than others, that somehow their meaning is more important because of when it was written and by whom. Those are the same people who laud Shakespeare from the heavens but refuse to acknowledge that the quote “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them“ is a dick joke.

And although Mr Scott seems to have faded from public literary consumption, I still think about him. I think about his stories, I think about how he recommended another author and sent copies of her books because he knew our school was a puritan shithole that fought against the Wrong Type of Wordes and would never buy them into the library otherwise. But mostly I think about how he looked at a ten year old like an equal and told her words and important, and people will try to keep you from writing them—so write them anyway.

A bit creepy Psionic.

Oh boi, I spent way too much time on this, i basically re-drew whole face like three times. I probably should’ve done more about his attire and horns i guess, as those are not as detailed as face, but hell, at this point i just hate this picture, so yeah… gonna post in this state, I really need to move on to the next drawing!

It’s pretty much just an attempt to draw an actual face, so the rest of the drawing is boring as fuck. 

So the moral is - drawing faces is damn hard for me. Even with a reference (which I normally don’t use, because I was dumb and stubborn).

How Wanna One Would Confess

A/N: I have my most important exam coming up and instead I’m sat writing for you, you’re welcome (jk). I got several requests for confessions, so I thought I’d just do all the members in a blurb – I hope that’s okay!


Okay, so I feel like Jisung is the type who would straight up tell you that he likes you. Not in a neutral way, but one time when you were hanging out together. You’d be in a café together and he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling while looking at you, so you would ask him what he’s looking at. He would answer something like “you, because you’re cute” and after you thanked him for the compliment he would add “you know that I really like you, right?” and I swear to good he would seem so nonchalant about it, but on the inside his heart is beating faster than the speed of light until you tell him that you like him back.

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Sungwoon would be a bit more shy about a confession, even though he’d like to be all smooth about it. I think he would be really shy about the person he liked and probably ramble a lot and shallow half his words because he’s just in a daze when being with you. If you look extra good one day or if you’re being extra sweet to him then he would get really flustered and you’d ask him: “Is everything alright?” And his answer would be something like: “Yes, no – I don’t know, you make me nervous.” And then you’d be like ‘oh’ because you understand what he means and then have to save him from being such a mess.

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I don’t think Minhyun would be very nervous about a confession. Well, of course his pulse would be a bit higher than usual, but I don’t think he would really confess unless he was quite sure that you liked him back. If you’ve planned to do something together one day, he’ll show up at your place with a bouquet of flowers and tell you then. “Are these for me?” You’d ask and he would just answer with a simple: “Mhm, who else would I give flowers to?” And then he would probably do something really smooth like kiss your cheek or something and that would be his entire confession.

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Seongwoo would be a bit extra about the whole thing. If you’ve watched Produce 101 then you know about his playful, cocky image, which he would bring into a potential love life. The way he would confess would be to try to get you to confess first, by observing your reactions to any skinship he does and things he tells you. If he tells you that you look pretty one day and your reaction is to get shy, he’ll go in for the kill and say something like: “Are you that affected by compliments or is it just because they’re coming from me?” Followed up by cutting you off with: “It’s okay, I get like that if you call me handsome too.”

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Daniel’s confessions would be the sweetest and most cheesy things. I think he would probably confess without even realising it, it could be over text message or over the phone. You would kind of already know he likes you by the way he says he misses you or all the hearts he texts you, but the real confession would occur if you’re lying on the couch at your place and watching a movie. He’s the type to want to pull you on top of him for you to get comfy if you’re sleepy. He would then stroke your hair and then say: “I like this.” And pause for a while before saying: “I like us.”

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Would 100% be super cheesy and sing his confession to you. Not really grand, like on a stage while you’re in the crowd, but more like sitting you down and taking his guitar to show you a new song he learned. After singing, he would say it made him think of you and smile like an idiot. This is where you should come in and tell him that you also thought of him while listening or saying that it made you very happy so you can live happily ever after. Okay, scratch that last part, just kiss him or something.  

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To many people Jihoon may seem like a type of tsundere, but I think he really shows it when he likes being with someone. He shows he likes someone by clinging onto them or talking to them a lot. He’ll know himself how obvious his crush on you is and just assume he doesn’t have to say it straight to you. His friends would probably comment on how he likes you so much and ask you why you aren’t together yet, but you would just answer that it hasn’t really been brought up yet. After he finds out about this conversation, he’ll go straight to you and say: “If I knew I just had to ask if you wanted to go out with me to get to date you then I would have done it ages ago.” And boom, you’re dating.

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Okay, but, if you saw the show then you know he’s such an awkward little bean. He opens up so well after a while though, so how comfortable he is depends on how well he knows you. I imagine him being friends with the person he’s confession to first and trying to leave subtle hints here and there. The thing is, they would be too subtle to notice, it would be things like just brushing his hand against yours carefully or giving you a compliment about your hair or outfit or anything here and there. After a while he might be frustrated and just ask to talk to you alone. Then he would straight up utter the words: “I like you” just like that and wait for your reaction. If you’re anything like him, the answer might just be: I like you too.” And YAY, feelings conveyed.

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This boy would be so nervous to confess your feelings to you, mostly because he would be worried about your reaction to it. He would probably have to admire you from afar (in a non-creepy way, just some looks and eye-contact at times) before speaking to you more and more and getting to know you. When he actually gets to telling you that he likes you, it would go something like: “Uhm, I was just wondering if yiu, maybe, would like, possibly, want to go out with me? Only if you want to of course!” And he’d be all shy and scratch the back of his head while doing so.

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Would 100% absolutely and totally confess by accident. You could be out walking together, probably after buying some food or just walk to get some air or something. You would say something really dumb, either it being a bad pun or a silly question and he’d just go: “Oh my god why do I like you again?” And you’re like: “Uhm, you never said you liked me.” And then he’s like oh shit this didn’t go as planned, but he’d try to get himself back awkwardly and cover it up and pretend he totally meant to do it. Lastly, he would just hope for the best and that you like him back.

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I feel like Guanlin’s confession would be the most normal one. He would be a bit quiet and lowkey about liking you, but at the same time he’d smile and laugh at a lot of the things you say and just feel really at ease being around you. When he’s comfortable enough he would ask you if you liked him, rather than telling you he liked you. That would mostly be because it’s less nerve-wracking. If you said yes, he would smile really brightly and go: “Good, cause I also like you a lot.”

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Imagine finding Woozi asleep on the living room couch and while you thought of waking him up at first, upon seeing his peaceful sleeping figure, you find yourself entranced by his good looks till the point where you just stood there, lovingly staring at the boy who’s deep in his slumber.

fan-girl-queen  asked:

Hello you wonderful person💕 May I request how the RFA would reakt to a MC which has the habit to say out the context some really creepy random fakts. Like they where just casually eating and she start to rambling about really weird shit. Wtf MC how do you know this? ( Yea... I hope it make sense and I wish you an amazing day💞)

Awww you’re so sweet! This was fun to write. (There are links to the posts I got all the facts from)

-He was studying like a good little Yoosung so you were keeping to yourself so you wouldn’t distract him.
-You sat next to him, ready to answer any questions he might have.
-But you were getting kind of bored because he wasn’t in need of any help.
-And you were proud of him for it, but you were also getting bored.
-Your mind started wandering as he continued studying.
-”Did you know that ‘Ring-a-Round-the-Roses’ refers to the Black Plague?” you thought out loud. (x)
-Yoosung gave you the most confused face ever.
-”’Roses’ refers to the red marks that showed up on an infected person’s body. ‘Posies’ refers to the flowers people carried with them to protect themselves from the stench they thought caused the plague.” you explained further.
-”…Why are you telling me this?”
-”I thought it was neat.”
-There was a brief silence and an obvious mix of confusion and concern on Yoosung’s face.
-”…Okay,” he said before turning his attention back to his work.
-He was freaked out for a while, and the next day, you see him mention it to the chatroom.
-You might’ve ruined that nursery rhyme for him, but he still loves you.
-Just some of the things you say really freak him out.
-Poor thing.

-Zen was reading over some scripts, so you were trying not to bother him.
-It was kind of cute, seeing him mumble the lines to himself.
-You were next to him, reading over his shoulder.
-You’re not sure what it was, but something in his script reminded you of something.
-”Did you know that if you get decapitated, you can still be conscious for about 25 seconds after losing your head?” (x)
-Zen stopped and looked at you with a raised eyebrow.
-”It’s true.”
-”Okay…” and he went back to mumbling lines to himself.
-You scare him sometimes. He’s a bit worried about where and why you know this stuff.
-I guess it could be interesting though.
-He’s still worried for you.

-You were reorganizing around the cafe with Jaehee, which isn’t the most riveting thing in the world.
-You were paying attention, of course. You’d hate to mess something up and upset Jaehee.
-But your mind was wandering a bit.
-Jaehee had asked you to bring her the label maker from across the room when you suddenly asked “Did you know that there’s a fish called the Stone Fish that is the most poisonous fish in the world and if you step on one, you will die a very painful death within 20 minutes?” (x)
-She looks at you with so many questions.
-You shrugged. “I just thought it was interesting.”
-”…Yes, very interesting.”
-You then brought her the label maker.
-It was really random, but she was actually kind of impressed?
-So many random facts buzzing around that cute head of yours.
-She does wonder how you learned all these things though. She hopes you just found it on the internet, not from experience.

-You were sitting together in his penthouse, eating a very fancy dinner Jumin had prepared for the both of you.
-He was telling you about his day as you continued eating.
-You were paying attention to his story, you really were, but something he said reminded you of something.
-When he was done talking, he took a bite of food when you said “Did you know that scorpions can be frozen inside a block of ice for three weeks and still survive?” (x)
-He stops chewing for a second. When he finally swallows, he asks “How do you know that..?”
-”I don’t know, I just do.”
-He nods cautiously, confused.
-You act as if nothing happened and continued eating.
-It was really unexpected.
-Any time you mention another random fact, he just nods, or maybe asks a few questions to clarify.
-He would only ask that you keep the random (and creepy) facts to yourself when you have company or you’re in front of someone important. It might freak them out.
-He loves you though, weird facts and all.

-He was working. Very busy. Very dangerous.
-You weren’t allowed near him.
-But you were near him anyway.
-He was doing his best to just ignore you and hope you’d go away, but you were still there.
-”_____, please, I’m-”
-”Did you know that giraffes can lick their own ears?” (x)
-He looked at you like you were crazy.
-”Yeah, I know that. Why?”
-Of course he knows that. He’s a “super genius”.
-”I just randomly remembered it. It’s weird, isn’t it?”
-”Okay, okay, just let me work now, please.”
-It was secretly really endearing and cute.
-You were like a walking Fact of the Day website.
-Though some of the things you say he already knows, it’s cute hearing all these random factoids.
-You always have new facts too. You never say the same ones.
-fuck he’s in love shit shit shit

-You were relaxing together. V had been doing a lot of work for the RFA party and needed a break.
-You were sitting together in silence. He was on his phone, probably in the chatroom discussing the party.
-”Did you know the human body contains enough fat to make seven bars of soap?” you said out of nowhere.(x)
-His eyes become so wide.
-”I read that somewhere.”
-”Oh,” he smiles nervously.
-He goes back to his phone and looks it up for himself, and is disturbed.
-This boy loves you so much, but some of the things you say he could be perfectly happy without knowing.
-Despite that, he smiles to you everytime you say something new because he’s that good of a person.
-Even though it makes him uncomfortable at times, he deals with it for you.
-It eventually doesn’t bother him as much, as he comes to expect weird things to come out of your mouth.

-You two were talking and relaxing around the house. You were both relatively bored, so you were chatting.
-He was talking about his day,  Saeyoung’s latest annoying joke, something he saw on TV, that kind of thing.
-”Did you know that geckos don’t have any eyelids so they clean their eyes by licking them?” (x)
-He stopped.
-He’s actually so interested in all the random facts you have to share.
-He loves learning all these little details about things in the world that he will probably never need to know, but he’s glad that he does.
-I mean, he’s been sheltered his whole life. He likes actually knowing about things in the world.
-It doesn’t matter if they’re weird or creepy. They’re still interesting and welcome.
-Sometimes, he’ll surprise you with a new fact.
-And sometimes, you already know it, but you act like you don’t, because it’s nice to see him explain it in his own way.

Laundry Room

Summary: Peter and reader are friends but Spider-Man pays a visit and spies on her while she does laundry which may lead to accidentally exposing his identity.

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Warnings: Brief swearing & possible kissing

A/N: hi loves! this is my first ever Tumblr written fanfiction and i have a lot of mixed emotions about it?? it seems to go a little fast paced and it’s obviously not my best work but idk it’s whatever. i also wasn’t really planning on / having ideas for a part 2 but if you want one i’d be open to writing one :) hope you enjoy! ♡

Word Count: 1554

It was a cool Friday evening in Queens and Y/N was doing some laundry in the laundry room of her lovely apartment complex. Nobody in her building seemed to use it so she had it all to herself, letting her playlists from her music library softly play through her speakers as she folded her t-shirts. She seemed to be running out of clothes to wear despite the gazillion outfits she had tossed in the back of her closet and left to rot in neglect.

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Thoughts on trailer

- shut up little Littlefinger SHUT UP, you got a voice over in the last trailer and I’m sick of your divisive voice.

- Sansa’s was so salty that she didn’t get to be in the stride teaser clip with Jon, Dany and Cersei she took up half the final trailer with her own stride lmao

- if the leaks are true I’m guessing the first clip of Jon is him preparing to catch a Wight, JS: “com on lads if we want help from the leaders in the south we better catch a wight and drag it all the way over there to prove it to them” some guy probably: “ur grace wouldn’t it be easier to-” JS: “LADS”

-Cersei looks round: “who’s at the door” Jaime: “its Jon Snow and his Wight” Cersei: “tell him i’m out”. ok i’ll drop this now

- Daenery’s stroke of her map reminded me of the way Cersei stroked that septa and kinda like the way Jon stroked the chairs in Winterfell, parallels idk, maybe you just start to weirdly stroke everything in a seductive way when you become King or Queen

-Arya looking powerful on a horse, Jaime walking dramatically while back turned to the camera and LF looking as creepy af as per. Standard mid way through trailer shit right there

-when the previous owner of your new house leaves his ugly décor all over 

-guessing Jon is talking to Daenerys here, but even though the Starks did bend the knee to the Targaryens for many years, they didn’t actually fight together on any occasion right?? the Starks have always been very reclusive and kept out of southern wars right?? am I missing something, am I not nerdy enough I rlly try, I should probably read world of ice a fire at some point, I’ll read it when if you write winds George

-Tyrion looks pained, probably thinking about his inevitable family reunion, everyone’s looking forward to the starks loving reunion which is fair but the Lannister’s reunion with their little hate triangle full of blame and resentment may be even better

- Brienne and Pod were absent from the entire first trailer and most of the promo pics (apart from the occasional back of Brienne’s head of course) but now they appear, it may only be for a second and a half but never has a second and a half been so well spent they waltz in like the embodiment of medieval Batman and Robin that they are, well done guys, hope you get some actual lines this season Pod.

- Sandor’s made it north then. yay.

- really hope that wasn’t Greyworm being deaded, if it is and he also has sex with Missandei this season it will solidify that if anyone gets together in got either one or both of them will die soon after: Robb and Talisa, Jon and Ygritte, Renly and Loras to name but a few.

-yh okay loads of fighting scenes

- Bran: “Hodor’s dead so I guess i’ll have to get an actual wheelchair now”

- who’s the old man with Bran he looks a bit like bloodraven but he’s dead so…

- wtf Beric didn’t even need a fire to light his sword, how??? is he the prince that is promised or something he’s not even alive in the books ffs

- Daenery’s ships have wings?? babe I know you’re a dragon queen and everything but don’t you think you’re taking the aesthetic a little to far

- so Jaime is charging in a field on his own with fire everywhere looking kinda of manic, it looks like he might be trying to fight a dragon “ JAiME dO NOt try to fight a DRAgON you will get yourself KILLeD, r u mad son” god I hate my favourite character.  

- Theon and Asha Yara look like they just witnessed the firework display of the decade

- the last 10 seconds are so much I don’ t even know what to say

- I actually yelled when Sansa quoted her daddy, at least someone reads the books. 

-where’s Gendry

As a counter point to this post, how about Tony being the one trolling through heaps of porn on the internet, looking for something to jack off to, when he finds a porn blog on Tumblr with two of the hottest guys ever. At least he assumes they’re hot. Their bodies certainly are. They have washboard abs and he wants to lick them so badly. One of the guys is missing his left arm. (Tony tries not to think about how pathetic he is.)

He bookmarks their page and comes back to it every once in a while when he’s not in the mood to use his imagination much. Often he’s just too tired (and sad, sometimes) to think up a whole new scenario. It’s easy to imagine himself between those two men though. (Sometimes he imagines them as Steve and Bucky. He’s ashamed of himself but what’s new about that.)

Some Anon asks if they’d ever consider a threesome. Tony is thrilled to see the “Maybe if they’re the right person. ;)” they answer Anon with even though he knows there’s no chance they’d consider him, old and tired and still achy in the chest. Still, if they ever posted a threesome, he’d be able to imagine himself between them better.

Then an Anon asks for shower sex, and it ruins everything, because Tony—Tony designed every room in the Tower down to the paint colors. And he knows that bathroom, knows the tiles and the counters and sinks—knows that shower, because Steve and Bucky complained about how they didn’t need three shower heads so Tony had caved and gone in himself to replace the three shower heads with just one. Steve and Bucky have a porn blog. Oh God and Bucky never has his prosthetic on in the videos, maybe he hates it, maybe he was just too embarrassed to say anything to Tony about hating it because Tony had been so enthused when he’d given it to him.

Tony deletes the bookmark. (He shame-facedly bookmarks it again later because he’s a masochist apparently.) He can’t look Steve and Bucky in the eye without blushing anymore so he just avoids looking at them at all even though he knows that they’re concerned about him. He feels awful. He can’t explain that he’s found their porn blog. They’re obviously trying to stay anonymous. He’ll embarrass them if he says anything.

“Fix this,” Natasha hisses to Steve and Bucky one day after Tony awkwardly scuttles out of the common room mid-sentence with her after they walk in. They go to the workshop partly because Natasha terrifies them but mostly because they really do want to fix it. Tony skitters around the workshop so he keeps his back to them, babbling about how busy he is, and if they need something they can just leave a note with JARVIS, but then Steve grabs his shoulder, stills him, makes Tony look up at him, and quietly asks, “Did we do something wrong?”

And Tony can’t lie to Steve’s face, especially when Bucky is behind him and giving him puppy eyes as well, so he haltingly explains he’s—found their Tumblr. They stare at him blankly because why does that matter? They’re not ashamed. It’s kind of the reason they have it. Tony mistakes it as shock or numbness and hurries to explain he didn’t know it was them, and he’s deleted the bookmark (which is technically not a lie and he’s not going to add that he’s an idiot and went back and bookmarked it again) and he’s very sorry, and he’ll stop objectifying them and if they want him to he won’t even look their way again.

Steve and Bucky are appalled because—what? The fuck???? Tony doesn’t need to be so ashamed of seeing them; they’re the ones that put the videos out there in the first place. They inform him of this and then watch in horror as Tony just sort of… wilts and mumbles that they’re too nice, they kept it anonymous for a reason, and Tony ruined it, made it creepy. “We actually figured on Natasha finding it,” Bucky admits, but then pales when Tony wilts more and mumbles that they probably would have preferred that, because she’s young and pretty and—

“We expected her to find it and make fun of us,” Steve cuts in, and Tony goes silent, stays silent, but still looks relatively miserable. Steve turns to Bucky and they do that thing where they talk without using words, more eyebrow than anything, before they crowd him back against his workbench, clutching at him, kissing his cheeks and his jaw and his chin, over Tony’s fluttering eyelids and forehead and nose, until Tony’s responding noises are less confused mews and more overwhelmed moans.

“So did you see that ask we got about threesomes?” Bucky whispers later, pressing butterfly kisses to Tony’s ear and cheek and the corner of his eye. Tony snorts. “Who would want to see my body next to yours?” Steve scowls against his shoulder, whining, “Meeeee!”

(Tumblr loves Tony pressed between them, gushing about how beautiful his body is and how what he lacks in muscle is made up for in his glorious bubble butt. Tony is both flattered and mortified. Steve and Bucky are mostly just smug.)

13 Rules for surviving "It lives in the woods"
External image

Disclaimer: This list is completely unauthorized and will probably get you and your friends killed no matter what.

1. Be the hero of the story
Congrats, your chances of survival have just doubled. Unless you are a male, in that case you are likely the second to last to be killed.

2. Do not split up
Otherwise you make it easier for the monster to split you up even more - one by one into small pieces.

3. Keep an eye on your pet
If your dog is acting distressed, it does not want to go for a walk. Something is defininetly wrong, so beware. If your cat is acting distressed, it’s most likely a trap because cats are evil.

4. Do not investigate weird noises
It’s never the person or thing you think it is. Don’t call for them and refrain from stating loudly how not scared you are. Otherwise you will just be giving away your position.

5. Just ignore people facing away from you
No matter who you think it is or if they seem to be crying, you will not like what you see once they turn around and what they will do to you.

6. Run, but never run upstairs
This rule does not apply if there is a portal to a monster-free dimension in your attic.

7. Do not ever think you are safe
No matter how cozy a place looks, no matter how tired you are, always stay alert. If someone tells you “We’re save now” the worst is yet to come.

8. Do not trust children
There is always something wrong about children in these kind of scenarios, they are probably possessed. The same goes for children’s toys (dolls!).

9. Do not joke around
Monsters don’t think you are funny and they don’t care if you only act that way to calm yourself. Show some respect and take them and their evil doings serious!

10. Leave ancient artifacts alone
If you feel the strong need to read aloud in Latin from a creepy old book maybe just don’t do it. Also, don’t toy around with things that have cryptic symbols on them.

11. Always assume the monster is still alive
If you actually managed to slay the beast, don’t turn your back on what’s left of it. It will most likely be gone once you look back and it will be even more determined to end you.

12. Do not have sex
Horror movie rule #1. Be extra skeptical if there is no diamond transaction involved.

13. Always carry a huge sack of diamonds
Diamonds are known to be the only weakness of monsters and small, dark-colored garments.

Feel free to add to this list 😉

anonymous asked:

There is this meta about a traitor in Lotor's ranks and based on the trailer, I think there is. I think it's Narti bc she does have Haggar/Honerva's cat Kova. Also I think she's the same species Zarkon was based as (they have similarities) and she is blind. The only way she could see was through Kova and idk but her ability, mind controlling, screams HAGGAR. Your thoughts?

So… I’ve seen this theory aired several times of Narti / Kova betraying Lotor and IIRC, the biggest thing that started it is this scene in the season 4 trailer of a panicked-looking Lotor whipping his sword out and attacking something while three of his generals look on, and Narti is conspicuously absent.


I don’t buy it.

My primary reason analyzing this shot in particular is look at the others’ faces. Ezor looks the closest to alarmed- she and Zethrid have both been caught off-guard by something. But Acxa? Acxa is just sort of indifferently glancing over her shoulder like “oh, what’s that?”

None of them look anywhere near as distressed as Lotor, who appears to have gone from zero to fifty in terms of freaking out.

If this is “Narti and/or Kova was just revealed as a traitor” we would see very different reactions from the other three generals. These people are very close-knit, very personal. All of them trust Narti as much as Lotor does. With the expressions, here- it kind of looks like whatever this is, Lotor’s either wildly overreacting, or whatever it is, Lotor’s the only one who realizes the threat it poses.

If this is “Lotor is the only one who realizes Narti / Kova are traitors and is attacking” the other generals would still be freaking out because Lotor is trying to stab either their mutual friend or her seeing eye cat. Furthermore, Lotor himself would be reacting differently- like this, he’s just scared and tense. He doesn’t look especially betrayed or upset, just panicking.

As far as Narti and Kova in general being suspect… Our only reason to suspect Narti and Kova is Narti’s sinister-seeming powers, and Kova’s connection to Honerva and to the dark creatures. Narti is also described as having a “dark” past by the writers in a few interviews.

However, Lotor’s aware of all that. Lotor is a very tense person who doesn’t trust easily or let his guard down like that. There’s also the fact that, considering Lotor is the link Narti and Haggar have in common, Lotor’s the most likely way Kova got to Narti in the first place.

It also stands that as people have pointed out, Kova has the exact same color scheme as Lotor and his people… a scheme not shared by Honerva in the past or Haggar in the present. Speaking more seriously than that post, there: we’re supposed to consider Kova as a unit with Lotor and his team.

Narti is just as close to Lotor and the other generals as any of them. We see Zethrid playing with Kova, we see Kova present continuously as Narti’s companion.

The only things that make Narti suspicious are that she has creepy-seeming powers and we’re used to that creepiness being Proof Of Evil. However, to actually go through with that and make that twist happen, the writers would have to overlook a lot of the good work they’ve done making it clear that evil can take a lot of forms.

Hell, I’d argue that Narti is way less suspicious given VLD loves to do reversals where a lot of the real lurking threats here do not take the form expected of them. Slightly off-putting hospitality (s2e2), adamant insistence on peace and the preservation of life (s3e4). Narti, being unapologetically Kinda Creepy but treated as natural, normal, and par for the course by her coworkers, is probably not evil.

Another strike against Kova being a spy to me is: whether or not Haggar remembers her previous connection with Kova, she still has the ten thousand years of Kova being around after the fact. If Haggar thought she could count on Kova as a spy, she wouldn’t have risked the life of a galra general by sending him after Lotor.

Thematically, it also makes no sense that in Voltron, a show where success is heavily attached to how close you are as a team, to basically punish Lotor for operating as Voltron does and cultivating a supportive, close-knit team by having a spy among his ranks. Zarkon having spies makes sense because he treats his people like garbage. We’re introduced to Thace as an attachment to a loyal soldier, Prorok, who’s being systematically thrown under the bus by Zarkon. From that, Thace turning out to be a spy working for an organized resistance just makes perfect sense- we saw what happened to Prorok, that’d motivate anybody to rebel.

Why would Narti throw her lot in with the main empire over Lotor? She’s considered repulsive to the main empire’s awful racist standards and neither Haggar nor Zarkon have any intention of changing their tune. Conversely, even from a standpoint of pure pragmatism, she has way more to gain working with Lotor himself.

I mean, it could happen, but if that was the case- I would guess that Narti or Kova would not be voluntary traitors as much as it’s entirely possible Haggar might have tried to capture or use them, making them victims rather than perpetrators. 

if you seriously think that a 14 year old child has more power in society than a 39 year old adult because of “ageism,” then you’re a complete idiot. furthermore if you think that people are saying “adults can’t like things” you’re missing the point completely, probably intentionally. fact of the matter is, adults shouldn’t romanticize predatory behavior by indulging in rey/kylo bullshit or other various extremely creepy behaviors that they make excuses for by saying “oh it’s just fandom and fantasy it’s not actually real!”

if you actually are an adult then you have a responsibility to behave ethically. this is non-negotiable. there is no excuse for fetishizing abuse, misogyny, racism, et cetera. you must behave in a morally correct way for its own sake, for the sake of doing the least harm to other people, and for the sake of setting a positive example for children.

lastly, since fandom involves a large amount of sexual content, i wish to add that as an adult you should make a concerted effort to sequester your sexual behavior to spaces where minors are less likely to see it. this is not an unreasonable request, it is merely the appropriate way to behave.

similarly: for example, if you were in a public place without children, and you were talking about sex with your friends, when kids arrive in that space within earshot of you, the appropriate thing to do is to speak about something family-friendly so long as children are in attendance.

fun fact: simply watching the book of mormon musical does not make you an expert on mormonism/mormon people.

sorry to say but its super cringey when you recount times you’ve met “an ACTUAL mormon!!!!” or you create “poor confused gay mormon boy uwu” aus. like im not saying you can’t create a mormon au (more power to ya) but like the way you TALK about it is really weird. like replace “mormon” with any other religious denomination and you’ll see how strange it is.

Sherlocked USA write up and a discussion on my place in fandom after this

So first off, I’ll preface this by saying that this weekend at the con was a huge wake up call for me about how toxic the fandom can be. I mean, tumblr has always been a pretty negative place masquerading as a positive one, but after series 4, the Sherlock/Johnlock/TJLC fandoms have gotten out of control.

I had an excellent time at the con. I got to meet tons of new friends, met the guests, cosplayed femlock, bought beautiful prints and artwork, flew on a plane for the first time, visited the west coast for the first time, connected with people in really awesome ways, etc. I went to this event and had a very chill, fun experience.

And so there was a huge disconnect for me when I realized that this event I was enjoying was being torn apart in the fandom in real time, that people who spent considerable money and effort to be at the con were using it as a way to be informants about TPTB and spread hate. I almost regret making my post about asking Moffat and Gatiss about garridebs - I have been curious to know their answers and I know many others have as well, but I asked them politely, had a polite discussion about it, didn’t use it as a way to be hateful, and still people managed to spin my post in a hateful way.

This is also lot to mention how many people, prior to the con, thought it would be appropriate to wank on those of us who would be going and “giving our money to Mofftiss”, and pat themselves on the back for being smart enough to not go. Some of my friends did this. I saw it happen. It sucked. Then, the whole tone shifted - those of us going were suddenly saints taking one for the team, and everyone expected us to dish everything that happened or that as said so that TPTB could be crucified on here. It’s so fucked up and childish and unhealthy and it would have been a ginormous waste of my money and time and planning to use the con for that purpose.

I spoke with every guest, some at considerable length, including TPTB. I didn’t feel as though I were meeting celebrities, I felt as though I had conversations and spent personal time with human beings. It’s vastly different to complain about Mofftiss online, and then to look Mark and Steven in the eyes, two feet away, sat at the same small table, and remember they’re people. My friend and I have the same views on this. Sue Vertue was a lovely woman to speak with in person and she actually addressed the hate they all receive online - and she seemed concerned and afraid. It’s unacceptable.

What else is unacceptable is how this sort of hate has just been tolerated in the fandom. Paige and I, and several other friends, had a very long and private conversation late in the evening with someone with the con, close to the actors and in with the BBC, that really enlightened me. Famous people often come under hate, harassment, obsession, etc - but hearing some of the awful details about Sherlock guests, given that I’d just met them as people, really hit me. I got to hear of some of the questions/rants that people submitted online, and they were hateful. It’s just not alright to send death threats to someone’s house, or tell them they didn’t deserve their real life partner just because you don’t like a character they play on TV, or to spend your time being a fuckwad that hates on people you don’t even know.

So, that said, I’m taking a gigantic step away from the fandom. I still have great friends here, I see that there are still (hopefully mostly?) civilized human beings in the fandom, I like writing and reading fanfic, I like fun theories, etc. But I take a look at all the negative discussions on here, the hate, the wanking, some truly pathetic and creepy behavior, etc - and I am just exhausted by it and want no part in it. I’m blocking or ceasing interaction with anyone who contributes to this. Nothing personal, you don’t have to agree with me, but I don’t have the energy for it anymore. Unfollowed me, please, if our views here don’t align! I’m doing what I think is best, I expect the same of everyone else.

Also, on a related note, to be completely transparent, I am disgusted by the “Ben’s family is fake” discourse that is lumped with Freebatch, perpetuated by welovethebeekeeper. If you support this, reblog it, or contribute to it, sorry, but I won’t be dealing with you. She and the others involved with this need serious help. I will never understand how someone can think that digging so deep into someone’s personal life, either because they want to affirm some creepy ship between actual real life peiple or because they act like Ben’s biggest fan and that they know him and that he even knows they exist, is okay. It’s not okay at all. It’s gross and creepy and some of the harassment associated with it is probably illegal. So yeah. None of that, thank you.

Anyway, I hate to sound like an asshole. I’m just fed up with the negativity. Feel whatever you want about Sherlock, about series 4, about queerbaiting, about Freebatch, but I know there’s a healthy and constructive way to deal with what you feel about something, and then a very unhealthy way. I can’t and won’t keep up with the negativity anymore.

Friends who are civilized people, let’s keep being friends! :) Tag me and share with me your fics, your art, your respectful theories, your shenanigans, your selfies, your everything. You’re all great and I’m glad there is still a positive presence hanging around! 💕


With the new “IT” movie this needs to be said:

Clowns are 100% a family pet!! They are in no way extra aggressive or more mean then other pets! This hyper aggressive/creepy monster they show in the movies and that most people think of when they think clowns is just plain wrong and actually really destructive. Clowns are extremely sweet and loving if you raise them to be!!

“But what if it bites my kid?!”

Well guess what?!? That’s probably your fault! Clowns are naturally defensive creatures because of the way they’re perceived. If you raise the clown right (even the venomous ones) they’ll just be big sweet babies!! In fact clowns are incredibly protective of human babies once they become used to them and have grown up around them!

And because of this harmful stereotype they’re less likely to be adopted from shelters which means they’ll be taken in by someone who wants them for something like a guard clown or to put them in clown fighting rings for gambling. Which just continues the stereotype. That’s not even taking into account the fact that clowns are put down more in shelters then average pets!

All I’m saying is when you consider a pet don’t forget about clowns. They really are the sweetest and silliest pets one can get. They need families too.

thirty days of skam fic: day twenty one
aka, the boy squad go camping

beginning. accusation. restless. leaves. rainbow. flame. formal. under. move. silver. prepared. knowledge. denial. cans. order. thanks. look. summer. transformation. tremble. tent. mad. thousand. paper. winter. luxury. letters. promise. simple. future.


There is an audible smirk in Even’s voice as he says, “Are you pitching a tent or are you just pleased to see me?”

Isak rolls his eyes as he finishes rolling the tent poles out of the back of Even’s dad’s car, which they’ve borrowed for the weekend after much bribery and several promises that Even would be the one driving, not Isak.

“I promise you, the only tent around here is not in my jeans.  It’s this pile of canvas sheets.”  Isak flicks one of the smaller tent poles towards Even, trying to thwack him on the leg, but it only ends up with the rest of the poles falling all over the place. As Isak tries to catch one that is swinging on its little elastic string and fold it back up again, he adds, “you could help, you know. This was your idea!”

It’s not that Isak hates camping. But it certainly wouldn’t have been his first choice of group activities over the summer – so when he and Even had sat down a few days after Sana’s Eid party to make a list of all the cute stuff they could do together over the summer, it was Even who had enthusiastically suggested rounding up all the guys and a few tents and venturing out to a campsite for a weekend.  They’re already going to Morocco next month, but apparently Even wanted to go on more holidays than just that.  Of course, that maybe has to do with when Isak had said I just want to do things with you and Even had practically melted, so Isak can’t get too upset.  Getting to snuggle with Even in a sleeping bag will make up for all the bugs and uncomfortable sleep and lack of appliances, anyway.

Magnus, Mahdi and Jonas had all spilled out of the car the moment they arrived, tired of being all crushed up together in the back seat of Even’s dad’s car, so they’re already laying out the ground sheet of their three-person tent by the time Isak gathers up all the stuff for his and Even’s – with minimal help from his boyfriend, who is finding all this too fun to be any use.  He goes to start laying their tent out next to the guys, but before he can even set it down, Jonas is waving him away.

“No way, bro!  You guys have to go at the other end of the clearing or something.  Or like, a mile into the woods.”

“Yeah, do you realise tents don’t have walls?” Mahdi adds.  “We don’t wanna hear you banging all night, bro.”

They have a fair point, which Isak actually hadn’t considered, but he still splutters indignantly, throwing up his hands as Even just starts laughing behind him.

“We’re not gonna bang!” he objects.  Okay, technically he hadn’t really thought about it, and they do usually get each other off every single night, but tent sex would probably be a bit uncomfortable and the idea that the guys could listen to every single movement is way too creepy.  “It’s not like we can’t go two nights, for fuck’s sake.”

Unfortunately he has a ridiculous boyfriend, because Even comes over and finally decides to pick up some of the tent – which had been so badly packed away by whichever one of his siblings used it last that it’s basically in five separate bags – only to start dragging it to the other side of the firepit.

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep, baby,” he says, trying to wink.  Isak rolls his eyes again, and wonders if this might have been a bad idea.

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ivy-raven  asked:

So, a prompt! First, do you write for IronPanther and StarkQuill pairings? If yes, I might be back with more prompts for them, but I'd really like Stuckony where HYDRA sent the WS to kill Tony before launching Project Insight, so he can't somehow stop it at the last minute, as heroes are wont to do. He's sent UC in SI, because that's the only way to get close, but Tony, exhausted, trips and twists his ankle in front of him and dozens of witnesses, so he can't kill him yet. (1/2)

He’s forced to pick him up and take him to the med bay, being the security guard and visualy strongest. But he’s desperatly touch starved, and really like touching/carrying Tony, and he smelled so good and was really nice to him, so he decides Tony must absolutely never die and tells him everything, declaring himself his new bodyguard. Steve/Tony is established, and both are aware of Bucky’s feelings for Tony (before and after regaining memories) so they invite him into their relationship. 2/3

And Bucky is super confused, like, punk, we’re already in a relationship?? Keep up? And picks Tony up and takes his two fellas on a date! - ok, that was super long and detailed, sorry about that! I can just imagine it and it’s so cute! You don’t have to include all the elements, I realize it’s a lot, I just really need touch-starved Bucky imprining on Tony and the ‘we’re already dating, punk’ scene! Thanks so much! (3/3)

Haha, this is adorable! How sweet. :) I do not write StarkQuill. In fact I’ve never even seen Guardians of the Galaxy! I should get on that, haha. I can write IronPanther though. I hope this lives up to your expectations! Keep an eye out for under the cut!

This work can also be found on my Ao3 here.

The Asset had barely even touched his gun when the Mark tripped and went down in a flail of limbs and loose papers. He had to fight a sigh. Some might think the clumsy marks would be easier to kill, because it could be made to look like an accident, but actually it was much harder—they were more likely to accidentally dodge attempts on their lives.

The Mark sat up, looking shocked. “Ow.”

“Sir?” one of the secretaries called, standing from her desk. “Mr. Stark, are you okay?”

“I think so?” The Mark pressed his palms to his eyes, letting out a sigh that betrayed deep exhaustion. “Yeah.” He took her hands when she offered them to him and pulled himself up, letting out a little noise of pain as he finally stood. “Ow!”

The secretary began patting him down, concerned. “What? What’s wrong?”

The Mark batted her hands away. “I’m fine, Ms. Carmichael. Just a twisted ankle.”

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EXO Reaction when they are watching you sleep but you suddenly wake up and scare them

It’s been a while! Blame college xD Xoxo, Ara~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Runs away* “I swear jagi! I did nothing! don’t kill me, please!!!” *Such a baby*


“I-I… I wasn’t staring! No way I could! I’m not a creepy boyfriend that watches you sleep every night and takes you pictures and…. never mind”


*He’s actually the one that scares you* “Heh.. did I wake you up jagi? Did you feel the presence of a perfect man staring you that I couldn’t stay asleep? “ *So much sass* 


*No one ever hears of him again xD* (Nah I’m kidding, he probably went to buy some Gucci to calm down)


*Can’t go back to sleep* “What if she scares me again… what if she stares at me while I sleep?”


*Man of steel* “why are you so surprised jagi? Of course I watch you sleep, I love that pretty face of yours”


“EEEEEKkk she caught me…. I’ll stay I wasn’t watching her… I was just… sleeping with my eyes open… yes”


*Doesn’t know what to do* “she…. saw me… staring…this is awkward… should I close my eyes and pretend? Or just say hi?”


“AAAAAAAnd she wakes up! Ahhh do that again! Sleep and wake up! I love it!” *Creepy mode xD on*


*Jumps out of the bed* “Jagi? You okay there? you startled me” *Looks kinda calm tho*


*Panicking Unicorn* “She was asleep! Why did she open her eyes! How does that work?” *He’s kinda confused too …*


*Graphical description*

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catja  asked:

ngl i was hoping you'd reblog the reunion prompts list, “you’re famous and just got asked if you were ever in love this should be good– WAIT WHAT” au seemed super bellarke and also super your thing, slight preference for famous clarke but either way is great

under 2k it’s still good it’s still good

Bellamy would like to say he doesn’t care that his ex-girlfriend is famous. It’s not really a big deal, after all. Her fame came long after they’d stopped dating, high-school sweethearts who broke up in the natural way when they went off to different colleges. They kept in touch for a few years, saw each other on breaks and over summer vacations, but then his mother died and his sister went to live with his grandmother, and he started going home to a new state for breaks, and two years after that, Octavia told him Clarke was a singer.

So now he knows that his ex-girlfriend is still beautiful, still bright and just a little too serious and not great at being a celebrity, and if he still knew her for any reason except that she was famous, he’d probably call her up.

But it’s the fame thing, so instead he just keeps track of her as best he can without feeling like a creep. He buys her album, which is amazing, doesn’t actually follow any of her social media, but instead checks her official Twitter, which she absolutely does not run, and keeps track of all her singles and public appearances. Which is, he has on good authority, hilarious, because he’s generally the least musically aware person on the planet, and now he is an expert on exactly one pop-culture figure.

“You should absolutely call her,” his sister tells him. “Like, come on. It’s not like you’re some random creepy fan.”

“Yeah, I’m a specific creepy fan. That makes it so much better.”

“You guys dated,” she points out, not unreasonably. “Not that I want to think about this, but I assume you’ve seen her naked.”

“I don’t think I’ve seen you naked is a great way to start a conversation with a celebrity, O. It just makes them think you’re threatening to release a sex tape. Which I don’t have,” he adds, quickly. “Don’t worry. Just–seriously, it would be weird. I probably don’t even have her number any more.”

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