actually probably in a creepy way


Like many other fans, I was disappointed when it turned out that Whitley was just like his father. Mainly because it was really, really obvious that he was going to be evil, and I was waiting for RT to surprise me. Honestly, I thought it was going to turn out that he was a good person, just creepy and off-putting because learned most of his social skills from Jacques Schnee. And maybe there would be some struggle between how he actually is and how others perceived him. I got angry when I saw the episode because honestly I thought that him not being evil but just coming off as evil would be more interesting.

However, I realized why story-wise, it’s probably better that Whitley is the way he is. The main reason is that if he was a good person struggling against how he was raised and how he is perceived, there would need to be a character arc to show that. And Whitley is only a side character. His character arc could have cut into Weiss’, and thus left less time for her. The second reason is that that would make him too similar too Weiss, and there really isn’t a reason to have two of her. So, thinking of that, I got a little less angry.

I will end my overly long post by also pointing out that Whitley may not be truly evil, just corrupted. When he reveals that he wanted Weiss to lose her position as heiress, he says “It’s wrong not to listen to father.” Which makes it sound like he’s been brainwashed into following Jacques’ every wish.

smol gaster theory

so i just came up with this rly dumb undertale theory while doing my homework ahaha i had to write it down real quick before i forgot

what if gaster looks the way he looks (aka distorted and creepy/weird) bc his physical manifestation is a representation of the only thing in existence remembering him??

like,, the picture sans drew of PROBABLY him papyrus and gaster?????????? it said 3 smiling people???
idk how to explain it well but like.. maybe he looks all distorted and sketchy the way you see him in the game because thats how sans drew him,, and that picture is the only thing in actual existence that has proof that he was alive and existing at one point
gaster- before he fell into the core- probably didn’t look all.. Always Smiling Cracked Head Black Void Creepy
maybe he looks all weird because sans isn’t very good at drawing and his picture is scribbly and rushed,, he probably made it really quick before he completely forgot about him existing
thats why gaster looks weird???????????? i dont know aha i dont know how to put this theory to words i hope yall can understand


(Requested by Anon) 

The vampires were surrounding you now, all in one big circle that was gradually closing in. Soon enough you would be dead. Vampire chow. The only question left was which vampire’s meal were you going to be? You looked around carefully considering your options; there was this one big burly one that you didn’t particularly like the look of, he had a creepy smile and terrifying eyes and just looked like he’d enjoy killing you way too much. There was a little female one who you were 100% sure was a hell of a lot less innocent than she projected, she was probably more along the lines of sadistic bitch actually. Apart from those two they all looked pretty normal, ravenous perhaps, but normal. So really anyone else would do. 

As the vampires took a step closer you began to shake. You’d tried being strong, tried not to think about what was to come but it was hard. Staring death in the face was more terrifying than you’d thought and actually you were a lot more cowardly than you’d thought too. You did not want to die. Which is probably what made what happened next so amazing. 

He came like a flash of lightning, quick, silent and deadly. He struck two of the normal looking ones first. Their heads detached from their bodies with sickening metallic screeches and then Jasper was in front of you, his unnecessary breathing heavy. 

“Are you alright there Darlin’?” He asked a wry grin on his lips despite the circumstances. 

“I thought you weren’t going to make it.” You confessed as your shaking began to subside. 

“I-” Jasper jumped suddenly, landing softly behind you, and if the sound was anything to go by, detaching another vampire head. 

At the exact same time the last of the normal looking vampires jumped at you, knocking you off your feet and snapping at your neck. Suddenly she was ripped off you with a deafening growl. 

“Stay there.” Ordered a commanding voice with a thick southern drawl. 

Major. You thought. These vamps are fucked.

“Yes sir.” You replied, breathless and relieved. 

The Major grinned widely at you, eyes flashing as he ripped apart the vampire limb by limb hardly exerting any effort. 

“Now.” He said turning to the remaining two, the burly male and the sadistic female, the wide grin still stretched across his face, “Who’s next?”

It all happened so quickly. The male lunged forwards, severely underestimating the Major’s abilities and found himself sans a head faster than you could blink. He hadn’t even got within an inch of you. 

The female was much more careful after that. She made calculated lunges which, when paired with the Major’s response, ended up looking like an elaborate dance. 

The Major batted her away every time like a cat playing with a mouse. It was only a matter of time before he tired of the game, as soon as the female darted under his arm he turned and removed her head from her body in one swift motion. 

Faster than a bullet he darted around the clearing, picking up the vampires remains and piling them together before setting them alight. Then calmly and somewhat suavely if you did say so yourself, he walked over to you and offered you a hand. You took it instantly. 

You stood in front of him, breathing deeply as you looked into his eyes, waiting to see what was going to happen next. 

“Alright there sugar?” He asked. 

“Much better for seeing you again Major.” You replied with a grin. 

He smiled, lighting up his face and yet not ruining his commanding demeanour. “Well now, I couldn’t let Jasper have all the fun could I? After all, you’re my mate too, it’s my duty to defend and protect you.” 


[headcanon] Janna knows about Star’s crush on Marco.

Whether she found out on her own (because let’s face it: she’s Janna and Janna knows everything) or Star told her because they’re now friends is not really important, though I DO like that they’re indeed good friends now.

Gift Of The Card” begins with Janna helping Star (in her own, creepy, twisted way) finding some kind of deep / secret-ish stuff about Marco (probably Janna’s idea), because that’s what a good friend would do. She isn’t actually a big fan (like, not a tall) of the whole “let’s talk about my crush” stuff but any excuse is good enough for invading the dork’s Marco’s privacy (not that she needs any, as shown back in Season 1 during “Mewberty”).

It’s also interesting how she hasn’t any real reaction when Marco shows up with those ballet shoes. This is Janna we’re talking about: she loves teasing Marco about pretty much everything, in her own creepy/flirty way. And here, the dork shows up wearing freaking ballet shoes and bragging about his clothing choices, a scene that’s actually begging to be struck by one of Janna’s well-known snarky remarks. 

Except, it just doesn’t happen.
She just stares at him, unimpressed.
That’s her “I don’t understand what she sees in him. look.
Because she knows.

Yet another post full of forced Starco Trash™.

Will Poulter x Reader ~ Just a role, right?

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Will Poulter x Reader ~ Just a role, right?

–> Based on the One shot “Gally x Reader ~ Halo”

It’s fascinating how someone can be fascinated by such simple things. The way you swing the axe or throw your hair over your shoulder. “You are so damn creepy, Gally”, the actor right next to him says his line. Will looks at Thomas furrowing his eyebrows. “Why? Because I’m smiling?”, it’s not really hard for him to play this role. The actor actually smiles every time he lies his eyes on you.
Thomas nods in agreement, “Yes, because you never did it before. I probably upset you, but (Y/N) changes you. She is something like a saving grace for you, right?” If the actor would know how true his words are. Acting with you changes him somehow. It doesn’t feel like a job anymore… It feels real.
“Cut!”, the voice of the director snaps him out of his thoughts, “Good job!” Thomas looks at Will smiling like a maniac. “I have to agree. It looked like you literally have feelings for (Y/N).” For a brief moment his heart skips a beat. Of course Will gets attached to his actor friends, but he never fall in love with one. There is a thin line between reality and acting. Is he crossing this line right now?
“Wow, you are not even denying it”, Thomas notices the lack of answer. “Oh, sorry. I try to focus on my role. Didn’t even heard your statement”, Will tries to skip the embarrassing moment with a really bad excuse. The actor crosses his arms over his chest. “Sure, everyone can see the chemistry between the two of you. Just admit it already.”
Maybe this is the moment right now… “Don’t be stupid, Thomas. We are just friends and colleagues”, Will isn’t brave enough yet to admit that he feels something more than friendship for you. In his head you two are just friends. You are (Y/N) and he’s Will. The romance is between Gally and (Y/C/N). But his heart is telling him something else…
Will doesn’t wait for Thomas’ answer which he already knew. Without a word he makes his way towards the other actors. “Hey, hey! Ready for the next scene?”, you give him your best smile. Suddenly his heartbeat doubles, when he remembers what you mean. His character is going to admit his love to your character. That’s exactly what he needs right now. As if Will wouldn’t be confused enough already.
“Are you alright?”, you ask a bit worried as the actor just stares at you. “Sure, I just remembered my lines”, another bad excuse to cover up his nervousness. “Okay, then let’s go!”, you grab his hand smiling again. Maybe this is the moment right now… “Alright, I’m ready”, Will is sure he would never be brave enough to admit that he feels something for you.

Softly he presses a kiss on your head, which causes his heartbeat do speed up. It feels right and wrong at the same time. It’s just acting, right? His body tells him something different. It’s interesting how your voice sends shivers down his spine. How happy he feels when he can hold you in his arms. How your smile lights up his whole world within one second.
“Can you ask you something?”, you snap him out of his thoughts with your line. He furrows his eyebrows, “ Sure, ask me whatever you want, my angel.” This nickname got really stuck in his head. Even on the Set he calls you his angel. You raise your head to look into his fake red eyes. Will could get lost in your beautiful (e/c) ones.
“Why do you call me your angel?”, you want to know. The actor could give you a thousand answers, but he have to stick to his lines. Softly he strokes your cheek with his hand. Why do you have such an effect on him? The funny thing is that you don’t even notice it.
“Because you are one. The moment I lied my eyes on your for the first time I knew it. You and your halo changed me in a good way. Every time I’m with you it feels like heaven for me”, he explains with a few simple words. Will would love to say more, give you more reason why you are such a lovely person. You have to admit that he’s a really good actor. The love in his eyes seems to be true, but you know it’s faked. If you just would know the truth about his feelings
“Maybe I’m dumb for falling in love with an angel like you, but I’m happy I did. I love every single moment we share. I love you, (Y/N) - the angel of my life”, that’s the moment where Will realizes he isn’t acting anymore. He is confessing his love to you in front of everyone. It’s maybe not the direct way, but it’s the first step into the right direction.
Maybe this is the moment right now …
“Cut!”, the voice of the director destroys the romantic moment, “Wow, perfect at the first attempt. I’m impressed!” Will scratches the back of his neck awkwardly. The braveness he felt a few moments ago is already gone again. “That chemistry between you two is awesome. It’s like you are feeling something for each other”, Dylan comments the situation smiling. “They would be a super cute couple”, Kaya adds to his statement. This isn’t helping at all for Will. His nervousness is killing him almost, but the actor explodes if he doesn’t tell you what he feels… NOW!
“(Y/N)?”, Will takes your small hand in his softly to get your attention. He’s ready to confess his love in the most cheesy way that exists. “Yes?”, as usual you give him a sweet smile. It’s make it harder for him to think straight, but he wouldn’t run away like a coward.
“I know I’m an actor. My job is to fake feelings, but every word I have said a few moments ago is true. It isn’t just a role for me to love you. It’s reality. Every day I can’t wait to see your sweet smile, hear your laugh and enjoy the time we have. You are literally an angel sent from heaven to show me how much I can love a person. I love you, (Y/N) - the angel of my life”, Will confesses his love to you without trouble. The words are just falling out of his mouth. He doesn’t have to think about them.
Everyone on the Set is starring at you two. Especially at you now waiting for your reaction. Without a word you press your lips against his. Your movie character and you have a lot in common. There wouldn’t be the right words to reply. What he has said was just perfect in each way.
The other actors start to applaud and cheer. “I knew it! The ship has sailed!”, Thomas exclaims happy as Dylan gives him five Dollars. He was sure you would confess your feelings first. All of them know that you two weren’t acting anymore. There is something special between you and Will. Something more than simple friendship and chemistry.
“I love you too…”

For ateliefloresdaprimavera

Thank you so much for being such a great friend for me! You are awesome, never forget that! :) Hope you enjoyed it!

My evolving relationship with Sirius Black
  • <p> <b>Me, eleven:</b> wow a criminal going after Harry... Harry's parents FRIEND...unbelievable, why??? Creepy old guy.... oh he's actually innocent!<p/><b>Me, twelve:</b> It's so unfair what happened to Sirius and now Harry is stuck with the Dursleys and Sirius is such a great god father. All I want is Harry to have a loving family.<p/><b>Me, thirteen:</b> nope nope NOPE Sirius is NOT dead. No bloody way!<p/><b>Me, thirteen:</b> writes a ton of fan fic where Harry uses the mirror, Sirius doesn't die, worm is captured so his name is cleared and Harry and Sirius mini golf on summer holidays<p/><b>Me, fourteen:</b> and they probably get super sad about Harry's parents together<p/><b>Me, fifteen:</b> Sirius Black is an arrogant jerk and I would love to be best friends with him<p/><b>Me, sixteen until nineteen:</b> And maybe he can take me to hogsmeade on dates because he is a fox<p/><b>Me, nineteen until forever:</b> Sirius is a precious gift and James Potters BFF and he deserved better than getting arrested near his 22nd birthday and spending half his life in Azkaban listening to his dead brother's voice, seeing James' corpse, imagining Lily's terror as she protected her son, wondering what Remus thought of him, wishing he could have another shot at Wormtail. I'm dead, my heart has broken and killed me because of Sirius Black's story arc.<p/></p>

I was told that Nintendo saying “Link can’t ever be a girl because that would unbalance the triforce” was a mistranslation, and what they were going for was actually “we want Link to be androgynous”, that’s still problematic because it implies that being male is more androgynous. Women can identify with men but men can’t identify with women, so this way we make them all happy. When maleness is the default being female is “making a statement”, so we are of course avoiding controversy by having our protagonist be male and always male. Cause that does not make a statement at all.

Translation: if we made Link a girl our male fanbase would pitch an unholy fit and we must coddle those entitled babies at all cost our money depends upon it.

Northwest Mansion Noir (shipping and the apocalypse)
  • Me: (watching promo) What the heck? Dipifica, NO. Creepy ghost murderer dude? YES. Mixed emotions oh well I'll probably love it anyway I mean it's Gravity Falls
  • Me: (during beginning of episode) Jeez, Pacifica's parents are cruel. Who the heck controls their kid with a bell? Don't make me like her, Disney...
  • DISNEY--
  • Me: (Pacifica hugging Dipper) THE SHIP IS SAILING PEOPLE THE SHIP IS SAILING Wendip fandom run for cover...Oh, darn, this is actually kinda adorable...why disney why
  • Me: (Pacifica crying and Dipper comforting her) OKAY FINE DISNEY HAVE IT YOUR WAY now I ship it and I want to just contemplate life now...*starts Pacifica art I'll post it soon*
  • End of episode/my final thoughts: I seriously love Pacifica as a character now, she's got inner strength and could possibly become a severely important character--and yeah, Dipifica did turn out to be one of my favorite ships. Jeez, Alex Hirsch! I used to really ship Wendip (I cried over into the bunker don't judge), but the show did a good job of making Dipifica my OTP. Enough shipping info, let's focus on the apocalypse:
  • I personally am wondering whether the March 9th episode will have the apocalypse, since the "end times" are happening 21 hours after the party which could have a time frame between Stan's secrets revealed and Bill taking over. They could pull this off either way--either with a
  • Obviously, I watched and looooved Not What He Seems so yeeah

After watching 1.10 Nelson vs. Murdock for the third time (cause it’s definitely my favorite episode), I can’t stop thinking about graduation day.

The whole Nelson clan there cheering for Foggy and making such a big deal about him being the first Nelson to have a college degree, Law at Columbia actually, and Matt probably not having anyone, maybe a nun from the orphanage, maybe even Stick hiding out and Matt sensing he’s there but not approaching him at all, just smiling at his general direction and feeling Stick smiling back…in his own very creepy way.

Of course, Foggy’s family would drag Matt along to their celebration. A dinner or lunch at a family restaurant. 

Foggy’s mom, grandma and possibly an aunt asking all sorts of questions to Matt about how does it “feel” to be blind for the eleventh time, Foggy asking them to stop, Matt answering every single question with a smile on his face.

Foggy’s aunt trying to set him up with her daughter, Foggy’s cousins Cecilia. “She wants to be a teacher. You guys would make a lovely couple. Ahhhh imagine the children you too would have”.

Ugh, I’m getting very emotional about this.

I’m gonna stop now. I need to go to work.

In season 2, I definitely wanna see more of Matt and Foggy’s college years.

Sleep Paralysis

Many of you probably know what sleep paralysis is, and if you have ever experienced it you know how terrifying it can be. But for you folks who don’t know what sleep paralysis is I shall tell you in a vague way. Sleep paralysis is closely linked to lucid dreaming, but instead of a dream its actually happening. It is when your mind wakes up, but your body is still asleep, therefore causing you to feel paralyzed, as you cannot move anything due to it not being awake. Now that is sorta creepy on its own, but what makes it even worse, is when this happens, you tend to hallucinate both visually and auditory. On very rare occasions people get something funny like a group of penguins stumbling upon each other (just a random example), but almost every time what you hallucinate is terrifying. People often refer it to a very bad trip on some form of Hallucinogenic or Psychedelic. So if you have ever experienced that you can sorta relate.

Now to my story…

If I remember correctly I was around 11 years old when this happened, and i had just gotten a room to myself for the first time after sharing with my older brother for the longest time. I was never really scared of the dark, but like any other kid I did get nervous or creeped out sometimes. Now on one of my first nights, I went to bed promptly finishing my nightly routine and all was normal.

Now a little back-story. I used to have this one nightmare very often when I as younger. I wont go into so much detail, but basically it was me having to get something inside tis building, but there was always this devilish looking creature in there and it would chase after me.

So on this night I had this nightmare and I jolted awake, yet I didn’t really wake up. I had entered sleep paralysis. No at first I didn’t know I couldn’t move because I didn’t really try I just woke up and had this weird eerie feeling like something was watching me. As I examined my room something caught my eye. In the corner of my room, I saw a black figure standing there. Now having it be a new room and all I had no decorations or anything that could’ve been mistaken as a person standing there. Completely convince that what I was seeing was a person, I called out “Anthony?” (Brothers name) but got no reply, “Anthony? Is that you” “Dude come on stop messing with me.” Nothing, no movement, no sound, nothing. A few minutes went buy and I could do noting but stare at this…. thing. All of a sudden a huge pressure came over my chest, as if someone was pushing down on it, as I tried to reach and pull my blankets off and sit up, I realized that I couldn’t move. No matter how hard I tried I could not move, and then I started to have a panic attack, breathing heavily, as this black shadow starred at me, I could do nothing but wait. After about ten minutes of trying to spit out words to call for someone, and to move just an inch, the black figure fell, completely disappeared, and the white wall that rest behind it became slightly visible with the very little moonlight. It was over I thought to myself. A breath of relief, and a calming of my heartbeat, it was over… or so I thought. Thinking I could move once more I tried to pull the covers of and go and get a drink of water, but that was still not possible. This wasn’t over. I examined my room for the dark figure but it wasn’t there. I was so confused. But then the heavy pressure on my chest came again and as I lost my breath I felt as if a hand was crawling up my leg. I’m not sure if that’s what it was but I new something was touching my leg, stopping at my kneecap. This next part is something I still have nightmares to this day. I felt the cold “hand” hover over my knee and all of a sudden…1 finger…. 2 fingers…. 3 fingers rolled across my knee not softly, but so hard I could feel it through my entire leg. This must of shocked my body because once I felt this my body jolted out of bed and I jumped so high and got the fuck out of there as quickly as possible.

I haven’t had an experience like this before, and I pray to God that I don’t, because it was the most terrifying thing, that has ever happened to me. For those trying to Lucid Dream, make sure you know what you are doing, and that the method you are using is safe. I know of a few methods that cause sleep paralysis, and let me tell you, it’s not something you ever want to encounter.