actually perfect human beings

As much as I adore scenarios in which Chara is saved from corruption post-No Mercy, I think something big is missing. Chara isn’t the only child in need of saving; Frisk is, too.

These two children were partners throughout the No Mercy run. Chara looked to Frisk for guidance and was gradually taught that their purpose was to gain power, that kill or be killed was the only answer. They fell into the depths together. It makes no sense for Frisk to somehow come out of the No Mercy run untainted while Chara is left in a corrupt state alone.

I think this ties back into the fandom tendency to absolve Frisk of all wrongdoing across the entire game. Frisk is not a perfect angelic human being; far from it, actually. And is it not more interesting to have Frisk struggle to be good in a world that’s throwing everything at them? Being kind in tough circumstances isn’t easy, but can they do it anyway?

If we want to save Chara then we need to save Frisk, as well. Both of them are in desperate need of healing after No Mercy, not just one of them. These children need to be saved together; they are partners, after all.

Perhaps, the you I miss never existed

Looking back it’s so depressing

because I wanted you so bad.

I always thought I was never good enough so

I was always the one saying sorry,

Always the one being there,

Always the one cheering you on with the loudest whispers I could muster.

I screamed and begged and asked why why why couldn’t you see the diamonds in my eyes?

Why didn’t you notice my horrible sense of humor or

The way I tuck my hair behind my left ear

Why didn’t you notice when I was so nervous to speak that i would

fumble with my hands and bite bite bite into my lips until they went numb.

I eventually discovered that I was right when I said that we were on two different levels.

Why did I try comparing the crud on the bottom of my trainers to an actual human being?

God damnit, I’m not perfect but holy hell who the flying fuck deserves what you do?

I looked away teary eyed every time you took my heart and spit on it. You broke it 

Over and over and over again

Without even worrying about if i’d ever be able to place the pieces together.

Why didn’t you notice how desperately my heartstrings were holding together the charred pieces of my heart?

Every time I used to close my eyes, I couldn’t help but picture you

Kissing her

Over and over on a constant loop

While I got to have first class seating.

Now I can barely remember what you look like.

I don’t think about you when I sleep.

I don’t think about what you’re doing or how your day has been because it’s exhausting. 

It’s exhausting being the only one who cares.

It’s exhausting being the only one who gives a shit about everyone else’s feelings but their own.

I said I missed you,

But what I miss was perhaps the tiny slivers of good qualities that you had twisted and contorted into a better version of you. 

Perhaps, the you I miss, never even existed. 


Wash: I am trying to redeem myself for the  things I have done but am not sure I am capable of being a good person again.
I am finally trying to better myself after years of apathy but it is hard to know when I am making the right decision.
When I am thrust into a leadership position I subconsciously emulate the person who has tormented me for years.
My pride was severely wounded by a man I don’t respect by exploiting character flaws I refuse to admit I have.
I cannot achieve my ideal of the perfect soldier because I am actually a human being with flaws and feelings.
La única persona quien entiende lo que estoy diciendo es el hombre loco que está tratando a matarnos.


I mean I’m fairly new to the Allison Janney tag, but I still can’t see anyone freaking out over this!?!?!? This being my new favourite video….

*looks around* is anybody gonna say it

~dead silence~

okay, i guess it has to be me: what Fidds did to Ford with the memory gun is NOT OKAY so u can no longer categorize him as the perfect cinnamon roll, he’s actually an actual human being who’s flawed, makes bad decisions and sometimes hurts people, asides from him being a victim of other things and a lovely gentle person. can we cut all the pitying part here, can we acknowledge he messed up big time there, just as Ford did towards him when it came to the Portal and addressing his general anxieties?

This gets me every time. Axl you just can’t. Please. I just can’t. HOW COULD HAVE EXISTED SUCH A FUCKING PERFECT HUMAN BEING BACK THEN? Actually I think about Axl and I get mad because I can’t convince myself that he was like this in that lapse of time. I mean, look at him. What do you see? I see a fucking perfect wiry body, long red fluent hair, perfect moves, beautiful/lovely face, perfect shoulders, perfect arms, HIS LEGS DON’T NEED AN ADJECTIVE OK, HIS VOICE, DO YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT THAT? Sometimes I just wonder if he really existed… I mean he existed but fuck why wasn’t I alive maybe I would have gone mad because of him ok I’m gonna stop now I’m annoying but I love him so much I can’t accept it