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13 Going on 30 (Part 4)

Summary: When your 13th birthday party goes awry, and you make a life changing wish - you wake up to discover you’ve flash forwarded 17 years ahead.

A/N: Shit gets real in this part. Lemme know what you guys thought about for this one! also yes ma’am let’s admire the beauty of this gif

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

@spidweeb you’re an absolute saint, and thank you again for all the help. 

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Can u help me explain the difference between liking a founding father and glorifying them bc ppl keep saying that its wrong bc of slavery and what not but, yeah theyre bad but like, idk how to explain it

ooooooooooh fuck man i got a lot to say on this subject but im teaching the kids at my church rn so i’ll make it brief using jefferson as an example:

As a black woman, I hate Thomas Jefferson. As a historian, I’m fascinated by him. While it would be easier to forget my own morals and ignore the horrible things that he’s done, it wouldn’t be correct of me, as both a black woman *and* a historian.
A common misconception is that if we’re interested by a problematic figure, we worship them, but that’s not always the case. I take care to recognize and keep in mind Jefferson’s [many maaaany] faults, even when I feel like empathizing with him.
However, I feel like the more prevalent problem (especially from Hamilton fans) is actively choosing to overlook the facts (for example, Jefferson was a racist, a rapist, and a slaveowner). With Hamilton specifically, the line does become a bit more blurred, seeing as the majority of the roles are played by poc and the personalities of the figures are changed to fit the moral expectations of our current society (to put it more simply, they don’t mention “the whole slavery thing”), but what I see a lot are white fans who refer to the actual historic figures as well as the hamilton!verse ones as perfect human beings, free from fault, which simply isn’t true and can be very harmful to people of color like myself


Hello y'all u/

Well, this must be my thousandth submission here but still my brain panics whenever I have to give people a first impression of me haha, so I’ll just introduce myself in a normal way this time and hope you won’t find me a weirdo (ow well, at least not a bad kind of weirdo). 

I am Matheus (you can go with Matt in case Matheus is too difficult to pronounce), a 17 year old, 5ft.6in. tall, male ape descendant who knows  what I’m doing with my life as much as a tea-leaf knows the history of the East India Company. And well, I live in a mostly harmless country called Brazil, down here in South America.  

One fun fact about me is that I hate starting paragraphs with a word I already used to start a paragraph before, so I had to add this unnecessary sentence just to satisfy my weird self, yay. Right so, I have an infinite amount of interests - from stupid memes to financial economics-, so just start talking about anything you want with me and I promise I’ll hold a conversation 🙃 Some stuff I really reaaally like though are: 

  • Cinema. I LOVE HORROR & DRAMA, but will watch anything, really. I also have a passion for movie post-production & dream of producing my own movie one day *cough* any movie producer companies over here? *cough*
  •  Music. I mostly listen to alternative bands such as Radiohead (Faust Arp is my alarm 😆), Keane, Coldplay, Pink Floyd, Arctic Monkeys, The Who, The Strokes, etc. & also I play the drums since I was 12 hehe
  • Writing. Not necessarily creative writing, just creating text out of anything. So hey, if you want someone to do your homework you can contact me too (neh jk, stop procrastinating on tumblr and go do your own homework ~ JKJK AGAIN, PROCRASTINATE JUST FOR A LITTLE LONGER AND GO EMAIL ME).
  • Reading. My favorite books are classic ones, specially Russian literature. But I read normal stuff too, like Percy Jackson, The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy, The Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter and such haha

Perfect pen pal: human being (actually not necessarily… aliens you can hmu too). I’m opened to snail mail (never did it but sounds REALLY awesome) or just exchanging long emails (my emails are INSANELY long, almost a novel, so don’t get scared), it’s all up to you, fellow :) 

Contact me via electronic mail:


Have a nice life, keep safe & don’t drink and drive (you can drink and email me though, that would be fun).


P.S.: Couldn’t find a good picture, so I’ll just upload a random one from my instagram.

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I genuinely really adore your comic. It approaches relationships as this non-fairy tale thing with problems presented with characters that feel like very real and fleshed out people. Everyone likes a love story about the perfect romance but seeing this with people actually being human and talking their way through things is so rare and incredibly appreciated when found. I can't wait to see more, if there ever will be, but until then just know you've made something very special and well done!

everyone has been so generous with writing me their thoughts and i love it. thanks for sharing! 

lost my mind

Chapter 2

Im Jaebum x Reader

Word Count: 1.8k

Genre: Angst

Summary: The one where Im Jaebum’s cold heart melts, just a little.

Author’s Note: This chapter was going to be much longer, but it felt too rushed so I kept this short. Not entirely sure anymore where I want this story to go so this is so shitty wow sorry bye

Chapter 1

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when your fave is problematic:

• scott hoying
— he can sing these crazy riffs
— his jawline omfg
— he’s actually a 6'3 ft five year old child
— an actual, real life noodle

• kirstie maldonado
— she literally looks good in every single hair color/style
— she’s an angel
— she’s the sweetest and cutest human being to ever grace planet earth
— an actual, real life disney princess

• mitch grassi
— he is a pure diva
— his high-notes and just his singing voice in general omfg
— his spunky, sassy attitude
— an actual, real life queen/boy princess

• avi kaplan
— his mesmerizing green eyes
— his deep, low voice (the type that makes the girls want to bear his child and turn all the boys gay)
— he is genuine and sensitive
— an actual, real life dork and bbq-loving dragon

• kevin olusola
— he’s the most intelligent human being ever (speaks fluent mandarin, went to yale, and he can beatbox like it’s nobody’s business)
— his contagious laughs
— he’s swole
— an actual, real life perfect human being

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Do you have camp camp oc

No. But I thought of a hilarious idea that in an episode they get a new camper girl named Mary Sue who is annoyingly perfect at everything. Like even David gets sick of how perfect she is. Then some government guys come in and reveal she’s actually a genetic experiment to create the perfect human being and she gets away.


Shakira: “Milan is obsessed with football. He’s the biggest Barça fan on the planet. He sleeps with the Barca jersey on, he sleeps with the ball, and he doesn’t miss a single match. He knows every single team, including those in the Premier League, and he wears all of their shirts.” The last time I tried to make a song was in the car with Milan. A melody came to my mind while he was singing the Barcelona anthem loudly, and I had to stop and memorize the melody until we reached home. But once there, my inspiration had gone! I had recorded it on my mobile but I could only hear Barça’s anthem.“