actually owning the whole outfit would be nice

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Why is Jane reduced to Gamzee's Harley Quinn. Terezi was the one who let herself get dragged into that situation. I get no one likes Jane and everyone thinks so low of her, but she deserves better than being some clown's punching bag, I'm sorry I just feel really passionate about Harley Quinn and Jane both. The art is lovely you did such a good job, but why does Jane always get the short end of the stick?

uhh mostly because Nanna got merged with an Harlequin doll? that was the whole ref actually (also she looks nice in that outfit)

I watched a bunch of superhero movies but I haven’t really read any DC or Marvel comics so I wouldn’t know the specifics of all the characters, and as I said they’re not supposed to be exact counterparts to already existing characters so she doesn’t necessarily have to be a “punching bag”

Jane and Gamzee would have their own duo dynamic based on their personalities rather than inheriting Harley Quinn/Joker dynamic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯