actually otherkin

Meditation Tips

Oh my, I am the worst to come to for help on this, but I am happy to try! I have received many requests about meditation tips, so here you go!

I hope this helps at least a little!

you know what’s super great? otherkin.

fictionkin discussing memories from their canons.

therians spending time in their environment to feel at home.

monsterkin going out in the dead of night and running until they feel like they’re flying.

mythkin reading old books about their kintypes, watching movies and laughing together at all the inaccuracies

deitykin telling fantastical tales about their old life over a campfire, captivating audiences and sparking imaginations

you know what’s beautiful? otherkin. if you believe otherwise, please take a step back, reevaluate your choices, and ask yourself how you sunk so low.

Do you know how cool being otherkin actually is? Like, we have souls that aren’t even human. That’s the equivalent to dating a demon, hugging an angel and being best friends with a fae. It’s not something many think of, but when you actually let it sink in, think of the amazing possibilities. You can debate with a galaxy-incarnate, share drinks with a hellhound, pay for a god’s food. Hell, you could be the one to notice a spirit-incarnate and become best friends with them. It’s such an amazing idea and so much better than spreading hate. The world has enough senseless hate.

Angelic Self Care

Hello hello! Seems like I make these long posts more often!! I have received numerous amounts of questions asking for self care advice, so why not make a post about it?! This is just a broad post, really, so maybe not everything will be included, but I’ll try my best :)

Angelic self care

  • Baths!!! Baths are so lovely and sweet and calming!!
  • There’s lovely little soap you can buy!
  • Don’t forget that you are human so water is very important
  • Sleep!!
  • Food! Please don’t forget to eat, I know it can be hard
  • Please don’t try and fly! I know you miss stretching your wings, feeling the wind, but please right now you are human!
  • Talk with others, share what you experience!
  • Oh lovely little drinks that remind you of home!
  • Take time for yourself, remember what you can
  • For some, churches are like home. They can help you feel closer to father!
  • You will go home again, do not fret, sibling
  • Lovely aesthetics!
  • are okay.
  • Reminders
  • Reminders
  • Music!!
  • And some helpful tips!

I hope this helps any of you struggling brethren, or those of you just wanting some fun :)

friendly reminder to all otherkin to please remember to take care of yourself, not just mentally but also physically. your human body needs to be washed, hydrated and fed, even if your kintypes do not.

friendly reminder to all otherkin that your identity and beliefs are valid, despite your age and/or mental health. anybody who says otherwise is ignorant.

friendly reminder to all otherkin that your kintypes are hella rad. folks with popular kintypes: you aren’t a poser, you are valid. folks with unpopular kintypes: you’re not alone in the world, you’re unique and rare and you are valid.

friendly reminder to all otherkin that my blog is always, always, always a safe place, and you can drop by my ask anytime. i might be a vampire, but i don’t bite (at least not over the internet)

friendly reminder to all otherkin that i love you. you are not alone.

Friendly Reminder!

Your current body is human. Whether you were a powerful demonic being, a sword wielding angel, or a galaxy made of thousands of different colours, you are now human.
Take care of your human body! It is like another kin type. Treat it well. Eat yummy snacks, take baths, and relax in your new form. Everything will be okay

To otherkin and fictionkin

First of all, having even one kin type is absolutely absurd
But then, you people make LISTS of what kin you are.
Do you not understand the concept of FICTIONAL?
Do you not understand you cannot be a nonhuman entity, let alone 15 different entities?
It’s called relating to a character, not being kin with them
It’s called liking the clouds or galaxies or animals, not being kin with them
If you claim you believe in reincarnation, you need to realize it was a PAST life and you need to let it the fuck go and focus on this life
If you use it as a coping mechanism, please seek out other coping mechanisms. Believing to be a god or plant or animal or character is causing your mental state to deteriorate even further. I understand if you sometimes lapse into the state to prevent yourself from harming yourself or others, but you people need to come back to reality.