actually only best friends and nothing more

the signs as things my best friend has said
  • Aries:imagine actually living on a planet
  • Taurus:do you like panic! at the disco beacause thats okay
  • Gemini:everytime i see pizza i want pizza
  • Cancer:whats a dingus actually
  • Leo:my jaw locked around his dick
  • Virgo:princess dickhead
  • Libra:no seriously gossip girl is so ungeneric
  • Scorpio:i only recently started watching disneey channel
  • Sagittarius:job centre has no jobs
  • Capricorn:if my bf has kids that arent mine im stealing the first born because his baby brothers are adorable
  • Aquarious:but why not just put the crispy bacon in an oven
  • Pisces:there is nothing more pleasing than kebab pizza

i want a cute best friends plot where they hang out all the time and everyone already thinks they’re dating but they swear theyre nothing more than friends but theyre super close and share everything w one another and then one day one of them starts dating someone the other hates and it causes a big rift in their relationship bc not only is their best friend dating the person they loathe more than anything but they actually find themself hella jealous and let the angst ensue ! 

hm. ive been really confused lately, and whats even more confusing is i dont actually know what im confused about.
i really cannot get my head around it at all. life just feels… different? like completely weird. like something strange is going on in the universe. Nothing bad, just weird.
Its also weird how its only me and my best friend who feel like this, we both dont understand

You Belong With Me

Request: Could you make a Newt or Tommy Sangster high school au based on the song you belong with me by Taylor Swift? Thank youu

Warnings: none

Notes: I have nothing again Thomas’ actual girlfriend (are they still together?), Bella. She just fit for this imagine

You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift

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You stared out your bedroom window, watching your ultimate best friend argue on the phone. More than likely with his girlfriend. He was pacing back and forth in his room, using many hand motions and throwing his head back from time to time.

You knew you were better than his girlfriend. The only thing was, you weren’t popular. You were a band geek, wore sneakers and jeans, didn’t do your makeup every day, and didn’t style your hair. You did your homework, took the ‘nerdy’ classes, and got A’s and B’s on everything. You were the nerdy girl, and your best friend was not. neither was his girlfriend.

“You okay, Tommy?” You asked him from your window once you saw him opening his.

“No. I’m tired of stupid drama with Bella,” he groaned. “She wanted me to go shoe shopping with her, and I told her no. What’s the big deal about shoe shopping anyways?”

You shrugged your shoulders. “I don’t know, I don’t like shopping that much.”

“One of the many reasons you are my best friend. I can treat you like one of the guys.” He exasperated.

You frowned a little. You didn’t want to be one of the guys with Thomas. You wanted to be his best friend that was his girlfriend. You were about to continue the conversation, but Thomas beat you to it.

“I’ll be cleaning up the room. Talk later, Y/N.” He shut his window, closing his blinds.

You sighed, closing your window reluctantly. You turned some music on, the kind you knew Bella didn’t like. It was yours and Thomas’ favorite band. It baffled you how Bella didn’t like them. But you listened to the music, trying to get some homework done. Though it didn’t last long. Soon enough you started dancing around your room, recalling all the times you did so with Thomas.

You didn’t know, too caught up in the moment, but Thomas peaked from behind his blinds. He was going to see if your window was still open, but what he saw only made him laugh. You were cute.

That next day after school, you went over to the bleachers for band practice. The big game was coming up, and you had to practice on the bleachers with the other band members. That mean that Bella was going to be out practicing her cheerleading routine. You grimaced at the sight of her. Always wearing short skirts, even when she wasn’t in her cheer uniform. 

To make it even worse, Thomas surprised her on the field. Of course she overreacted to the gesture, squealing loudly and hugging him to death. You rolled your eyes at them, continuing to play your instrument.

A groan left your lips as you took a break from playing. You watched as Thomas and Bella kissed and madeout. You sneered. Thomas was not like that. Ever. You knew him like no other, and that was not him. He didn’t publicly makeout. He was never into the girls on the cheer team. Or the ones who wore high heels, or mini skirts. He never liked the ones who did their hair and makeup every single day, looking as if they were going to be on America’s Next op Model. He wasn’t into those girls. Yet there he was dating Bella.

What he was into were the girls who wore whatever they felt comfortable in. The ones who wore little to no makeup to school, the ones who didn’t exactly care what others thought of them. He liked performing arts kid, being a drama geek and all. And you were a band geek. You and him were perfect in your eyes. He should be with you, but his dumb head didn’t realize it. 

“Earth to Y/N?” Thomas chuckled. You snapped from your thoughts, completely dazed for a moment.

“Huh? Sorry,” you waved it off. You looked around, seeing that your fellow band mates were mingling, still on a break. Again, Thomas giggled.

“What’s cluttering that head of yours?” You. You said in your head. “You’re never out of it like this.”

He was smiling. You adored his smile so much. It lit up the entire town; entire world. He smiled so bright. You realized that ever since he started dating Bella, his smile kind of faded. It wasn’t the same. You knew it was forced and fake. But this one was true and genuine. It made you smile wide like him.

“Tommy, come on! I’m waiting.” Bella whined. You winced as she called him Tommy. You only called Thomas ‘Tommy’.

Thomas sighed. “Gotta go. See you later, promise.” His smile faded then as he left. He wasn’t happy with her, and you knew it.

“Y/N… Please, wake up.” 

You groggily woke up. It was pitch dark, the only light coming in was from the moon gleaming through your window. It was still dark, however. “Can I turn on the light?”

It was Thomas. He was sniffling, and his voice was croaky. Something was wrong. You sat up in your bed.

“Yeah, what’s wrong? How’d you get in?”

Thomas turned on the light in your room. His face was red, cheeks stained with tears. He sat on your bed, collapsing onto you. You held him, giving him a moment. He didn’t sob, he just cried and sniffled.

“Your window was unlocked. I climbed across and came in,” he started. “How many times have I told you to keep it locked?” He chuckled bitterly through his mess of tears.

“I’m sorry, I forgot,” you said halfheartedly. “What’s up, Tommy?”

“Bella.” Was all he said. Of course. “I don’t know what happened. We were arguing, and she came out and admitted that she’d been cheating on me. I feel so pathetic getting worked up over this, but we know me, Y/N. We know me! I don’t crush on people. When I like someone, I really like them and just… it hurts.”

“I know, Bud,” you said, rubbing his back as his arms wrapped around you. “It’s okay. Don’t feel pathetic. You guys have been dating for two years, that’s a long time. But you’ll find someone who’ll treat you better. You’ll find that love you need, get the job you want, and live your own happily ever after.” You grinned tiredly.

You knew all about Thomas’ dreams. He didn’t speak of them often, but with you he did. He wanted love, he wanted to be loved and love someone back. He wanted to become a pilot, he wanted to move into his own house with someone he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. In actuality, he belonged with you. And you wished he saw that.

“I don’t know. I think the love thing will be laid to rest for a little while,” he grumbled.

“Oh, don’t be like that, Tommy,” you chuckled. “It’ll be okay.”

“I know it will. There’s just… no one in mind. Also, I don’t want to just jump into another relationship. That’s not like me. Mine and Bella’s entire relationship was not like me.”

It hurt that he seemed to have no one in mind. Then again, when he was dating someone, he stayed faithful. He didn’t form feelings for anyone else. And he would never form feelings for you.

“You belong with me,” you whispered so faintly.

“W-What?” Thomas looked up at you.

You averted your eyes away from him, still holding onto him. “You… belong with me.”

It went silent, and you instantly regretted saying anything. You probably just ruined he entire friendship you had with Thomas. But you felt he deserved to know th truth about your feelings towards him.

“What do you mean?”

You rolled your eyes. “Hold on,” you said, blushing like a mad woman. He let go of you as you reached over for a marker and paper. You wrote a simple phrase on it that meant so much. You handed it to Thomas.

“I love you.” he read aloud. “I love you?”

“Yep. More than a friend. More than a best friend. You belong with me, Thomas. I’m sorry if that sounds selfish, but you do.”

You couldn’t look him in the eyes. You refused. You stared at your lap instead which was still covered by your duvet. 

Thomas reached over, placing his hand on your chin. He lifted it up so you could look at him. By now his tears had subsided, his face growing sticky and dry. But he looked at you with his dark brown eyes, a soft grin resting on his lips. He said nothing. All he did was kiss your lips.

“I guess… I love you, too,” he said once pulling away. “I kind of buried them since I never knew how you felt about me.”

You were blushing. This had to be the best night ever for you. “You’re my best friend, of course I had to be cliche and fall in love with you.” You giggled. Thomas playfully tolled his eyes, bringing you in for another kiss.

Am I the only person who really hopes that Korrasami stays a bromance, and nothing more? I mean, their bond is amazing and it’s so beautiful having female protagonists that are actually friends and love each other like friends should. I get the appeal of the ship, I really do! But I think the show could really use the portrayal of two strong, female leads who are best friends and GUYS IT’S JUST REALLY BEAUTIFUL HOW THEY INTERACT LIKE !!!!¡¡!!!¡¡¡¡!!