actually one of my favorite duels

#12 Favorite moment overall
Ooooh these are getting harder and harder! While it’s really hard to choose and actual favorite moment, the duel with Yami Bakura v. Yugi in the memory world arc has always stood out to me. The anime version especially because Yugi came down to one card and Bakura was like “I’ve got this in the bag” and then lil Yugi who had come so far had that awesome line- “I only have one card left and that’s all I need!” And summoned Gandora and wrecked Bakura.

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Gandora’s one of my favorite monsters btw.

Yugioh Challenge 7: Favorite Arc

Capsule Monsters

I love all the arcs, but this spin-off just might be my favorite! A lot of people don’t like it, which I don’t get. We get more Yugioh, folks! We get actual monsters, crazy quests, and I like how the characters still stay true to the ones we know. And Tristan and Tea aren’t just cheerleaders this time. They fight too. The Duel Armor is a cool twist too. 

I love Capsule Monsters, and I’m proud of it!

Okay so like, weapon wishlist:

•Schiavona, (preferably with rings on the basket, or a swept basket)

•Cinquedea (my favorite one hander, top priority)

•Flanged mace (preferably one with a good sized grip, I have long arms.)

•Katzbalger (So fucking PRETTY)

•Großes Messer/Kriegsmesser (BIG CHOPPY)

•Falcata/Kopis (inward curved blades do some serious scary work)

•Pole axe (like an actual one, I already have an 8 foot Halberd)

•Scimitar (I would absolutely love a shamshir, Kilij, or some form of similar sword, I have no experience with middle eastern weapons)

•Side Sword/ Dueling sword (god I love cut and thrust longswords, something like the Oakeshotte XVa)



“I won’t hesitate anymore!”

Things are heatin’ up in Arc V, and Reira FINALLY dueled this episode! I care way too much about card games. Anyway, I wanted to draw this since Reira is one of my favorite characters right now.