actually one of my favorite duels


And then a rush of cold air…

An exceptionally handsome man walked in with a confident yet courteous air.

This was Hélène’s brother Anatole Kuragin

I wanted to make another costume photoset, and decided to do Anatole’s since he has only two, and then I remembered that his costumes have changed colour over time, both ultimately making him more ambiguous through costume design, with the black jacket becoming white and his abduction coat going from a coat that is far rougher than future ones at Ars Nova, to red and eventually being made in green for Broadway.

But going through the show like I did with the Helene post, Anatole is in the vest through the Prologue, wears the jacket in the opera, back to the vest for The Duel, jacket in The Ball, vest and coat in Balaga and The Abduction, and jacket jacket again during The Great Comet of 1812 and the curtain call.

And bonus because despite so few costumes I still ran out of space because of photos showing detail:

The green coat: 

Original Ars Nova costume with a much more plain vest: 

Amber and Josh Canfield in one of the only photos of the vest buttoned: 

Hamilton act 1- all you need to know about  the songs basically

alexander hamilton: the one everyone knows, also bastard isn’t said in the context that you’d think ( but it still kinda is since alex was a fucking bastard)


my shot: if somehow you didn’t catch ‘’im not throwing away my shot’’ part dont worry they’ll repeat it. a lot.

the story of tonight: yo my dudebros we’ll tell our kidz about how tonight we started muthafuckin revolutionnn ayeee

the schuyler sisters: WORK …… and peggy

farmer refuted: DONT SKIP THIS SONG ffs its like the most iconic diss track ever

you’ll be back: for some reason this will probably be the first song that you’ll listen to after listening to the whole soundtrack ( probably bc jonathan groff has a voice of an angel and its catchy af)


winters ball: yo my dudebros let sing  about the l   a    d   i   e   s

helpless: and then he shakes your hand and says be true……. LOL THE FORESHADOWING

satisfied:one of my 4 fave songs in this musical.

story of tonight reprise: if alexander can get married theres hope for our ass after all+ raise a glass to freedom… something you’ll never see again

wait for it: the other fave and one of my all time favorite songs ever

stay alive. YOU TALKED SHIT ABOUT MY DAD ( i mean general oops) STEP THE FUCK UP BITCHHH

ten duel commandments: its literally ten duel commandments lol idk what u were expecting

meet me inside: ‘’ dont call me son’’ honestly all i can think about is you’re not my dad vine 

that would be enough: alexander pls calm ur tits im pregnant 

guns and ships:  knowing all the words of this song but not being able to actually rap them is an agony

history has its eyes on you: a really deep, meaningful song i cant even try making a semi-funny comment

yorktown: WHEN YOU KNOCK ME DOWN I GET THE FUCK BACK UP AGAIN ( also put this on while exercising u will feel like you are going to battle 100% guaranteed)

what comes next: a w e s o m e      W   O   W

dear theodosia: again such a beautiful song but also u can kind of look at it as alex trying to one up burr in ‘’ who loves his kid more’’ if u really wanna 

non-stop- one of the best songs in the musical, sort of a mess but like good ‘bohemian rhapsody’ type of mess ( also THE OTHER 51)

I’m rewatching one of my favorite operas, Il Trovatore, and I just realized that it’s basically the Hijikata-Chizuru-Kazama love triangle if Hijikata and Kazama were unknowingly brothers all along. also if Hijikata had a crazy mother and lost the duel at the end, and if Chizuru promised to marry Kazama but poisoned herself to remain faithful, but we just ignore that part [edit: Saito may actually fit this plot better than Hijikata but really I have no idea, all bets are off when I’m comparing otome to opera]

all right, I’m getting sidetracked (to no one’s surprise), but my main point here is that Count di Luna was one of my first fictional crushes and is basically the same person as Kazama. I guess I’m way more predictable than I thought. but why is some operatic villain my crush, you ask?? because

BEHOLD, the origin of my attraction to silver hair and villainy. I would probably die if someone drew Kazama in this costume ok. …I was struggling to find added justification for posting this on this blog, since it’s like 90% Verdi and 10% Hakuōki, but my mother just gave it to me.

My mother, unbidden, as Our Heroine brandishes poison: Nooooo! Don’t take the Water of Life! She just… turns into a fury and—well, I guess the Count already is one, because his hair is white… Never mind. Good match.

@bekkodraws I finished it! I know you tagged my personal blog but I popped it here to be organized. Thank you so much, this was a fun project even though I only did really simple portraits for each C: 

Sorry I had to change the fonts in the template, when I converted it it wouldn’t let me overlay properly sadly!

I put my reasons below the cut as well for anyone interested in reading.

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hey do you have any kyman fic recs??

oh boy do I (s is for smut) (some of it can be found on ao3 as well).

kyle in chains by dannidinmont (s): honestly such a classic. a lot of kyman fans have mixed feelings regarding this one but it’s probably one of the more infamous fanfics within the community and it’s one of my ultimate favorites.

the smoking section by shortstackedkyman/cheesecake (s): okay but shortstacked has a lot of amazing works but this is my ultimate favorite. I absolutely adore adolescent kyman work and it’s very emotionally appealing and it fits the mood they were going for just right. I would also recommend their works cold up there and lonely hearts club

don’t touch me by soul flash: soul flash has a lot of really good one-shots but this is their more popular work. I always enjoy reading this fic whenever I want something to reread. restraints is probably my favorite one-shot of theirs, for uh, reasons.

better left unsung by cutiepie9335: I like this fic. Features crossdressing Cartman which always makes me happy although I would say that it wouldn’t be my first pick off of FFN, but from what I have read of it, it’s pretty good.

the art of sneaking by yummykyman (s): An awesome fic, again adolescent kyman is really my thing and even though I love their work on series of left turns, this is my personal favorite.

one word to describe myself by xconfoundedx (s): okay but if you want really good characterization of cartman in a kyman oneshot, this is my ultimate favorite for that. they write cartman and kyle so well in this, like they capture their bantering schemes to the tee. very nice oneshot, and one that I constantly go back to reread.

kyle’s jeans by allzstar (s): another one of my favorite kyman one-shots, it reminds me a lot of owtdm. I love the writing style and characterization.

an education by hollycomb (s): I read this a while ago and I am actually pretty sure there is some stan/kyle in there too (there are a lot of duel style/kyman fics out there that are really good even though I am not too fond of style). but, anyways, I really like this fic beause it feels really genuine and I love the concept. the kyle/cartman interaction in this is really nice, and I actually don’t mind the style too much, either. 

the steps to success by llamajo (s?): I love this fic mostly because of the concept, and it takes a little bit for the ball to get rolling with kyle/cartman stuff but it’s fairly consistent and the latter half is where all the good stuff is.

everything changes by partipooper (s): I love this fic, they write the interaction between kyle and cartman really well and I love their style…I feel weird for saying style in a kyman-related post. I like their writing…dynamic! Their other oneshots are pretty good as well.

alright now archive of our own (some of these can be found of ffn, as well)

might last a day (minus forever) by cherryvanilla (s): Okay, so everybody in the kyman community knows about cherryvanilla and their work, and but is their more infamous one even though my actual favorite work of theirs is and broken glass. But I definitely recommend this one, it’s pretty lengthy and their writing style is just absolutely addictive. this probably is in my top five fics of all time, if you haven’t read this you really need to check it out. They are one of my biggest fanfiction inspiration, for good reason. 

the silent summer by libbywednesday (s): I really like the tone and feeling of this fic. Cartman feels very genuine and I love how Kyle and Cartman are closer as the chapters progress and you actually get the feeling that this makes sense and it doesn’t feel forced. I like libby’s other stuff, but this especially is pretty good.

how long till your surrender? by wettermark (s): the kyle/cartman interaction in this is just…oh my god. please just read this, it’s amazing.

backseat confession by psychedelicgoolash (s): all I can say it, give me more fics that deal with cartman’s bitter feelings towards kyle with other guys especially stan. plus the sex is a good and the entirety of this fic is just awesome. Definitely one of my favorites.

after hours by bookishtea (s): love, love, love bookishtea’s stuff. This particular fic is great. Definitely a good one! also check out a running start.

ultra-violent by wloky (s?): I personally haven’t read this fic but I have heard good things about it so if you want something with a good amount of chapters for you to read, check this out! I still gotta read it myself but I really enjoy the concept.

infra-red by synapticfirefly: dude. SF’s writing style is so amazing and these prompts are literally gold. I love the way they write Cartman. Everything about Cartman within these prompts is just so on point to how I imagine him and just…wow. now, out of the prompts, this one is my favorite but I also love, love green-eyed.

and yeah those are some I really enjoy! I couldn’t put down all of them but hopefully this will help with your sweet tooth! also, I can’t resist but here are some of my kyman stuff if you’re interested…

the king of your satellite castle 

if you were here (s)

just an instinct

and I have my multi-chap, broken road to recovery, but it’s more eric-centric with heavy kyman undertones.

Reasons why the duel between Kurona and Abara was awesome!

I think the fight between Kurona and Abara(:re chapter 80 Give me Teeth) was actually one of my favorite moments from the Rue island arc. Ishida actually did some pretty interesting things during that fight, and it had a lot cool little things that I liked a lot. 

First the fight happens in a forest as you can see. The surroundings and the environment overall has been drawn in good detail.  

Second, I loved the way Kurona fights here. At first she uses her rinkaku tentacles as you would expect, but after seeing that Abara has good reflexes and guard(and probably his katana like quinque) she changes her fighting style. Kurona tears out one of the sharp rinkaku tentacles from her back, and starts to use it as a sword! 

This displays good amount creativity, and by doing that Kurona combines the things she learned in the Academy in her CCG years as human, and her enhanced physical ghoul physicality. So the fight actually transforms into a battle between two sword users. There isn´t many sword versus sword fights in TG so when these rare chances happen, it makes me glad. 

The way she shouts “there there” actually reminds a bit of kendo(they do the shout there…right…?), and I think Kurona was shown training in kendo during the Academy years, so it fits. 

This third point is probably my favorite thing about the fight. A good portion of it is shown from  Abara`s first person perspective:

By seeing this from his point of view, it greatly showcases Kurona`s insane speed. At first Abara is blocking in a few of the blows, but then suddenly Kurona appears right in front of him, doing a headbutt. The page after this headbutt actually starts black to showcase that Abara probably had close his eyes because of the pain(you know the feeling when you hit you`r head really hard and you`r vision blackens a bit, you don´t faint but… oh well you know probably what I mean…). Then as Abara is getting up, Kurona is vanishes to suddenly appear with her sword yet again really close to Abara`s vision, hitting him again.

With showing the fight from Abara`s point of  view, I think Ishida tried to make the reader feel the same powerlessness that Abara felt against Kurona`s speed.  You were put into his shoes, trying desperately to block the incoming sword blows.

Anime Character Analysis: Yuzu Hiragi

Kicking off a new segment for this blog on character analysis is Yuzu Hiragi (Zuzu Boyle in the English Dub) from Yu-gi-oh Arc V.

Yuzu is the main female character from Yu-gi-oh Arc V, a anime about card games that changes the fate of the entire world. And are considered weapons? Idk.

What started off as a plain and rather annoying female heroine became one of my favorite Arc V characters and a beloved character of the show. She had her paper fan gag that quickly grew old, her damsel and distress act during the Sawatari duel (being saved by Yuya and Yuto in consecutive episodes dammit), and being the only one to lose during the duels for keeping her dad’s school.

Not to mention all the really obvious and cringe-worthy romantic tension between her and Yuya.

Originally posted by wendymoto

Activating the Spell Card … TSUNDERE MODE!

However, Yuzu, unlike some of the other female characters, does not stay standing apathetically in the background watching Yuya duel, nor does her motivations for dueling revolve around Yuya. Best of all, Yuzu is off dueling showing just how badass she is without the need for exposition to tell you she is a strong duelist.

First of all, Yuzu actually tries to improve. She does not sit around whining after a loss or is reduced to a pitiful side character after she lost a duel. Instead she goes and learns how to use fusion summoning and goes up against that character again and wins. Note this is without any of Yuya’s help or because of Yuya in any way. Yuzu just wanted to be a strong duelist for herself and no one else.

Originally posted by mikamatsumoto

Fusion summoning … BADASS YUZU

It was during the Youth Championship Arc that I realize that Yuzu was going to be one of my favorite characters. Case and point. Her escape from Yuuri.

Now it could have been easy for the show simply to get Yuzu kidnapped like Ruri or Rin. It would remove her from the plot and give Yuya motivation for the following arc. We could have her as the helpless damsel in distress for Yuya to rescue, and that was I had expected. 

Instead Yuzu fucking backflips away from that bastard and find herself with another Yuya look-alike that brings her to the Synchro dimension, exactly the main plot of the next arc took place. 

Originally posted by pdutogepi

Yeah, Yuzu isn’t going to let you put her on a bus and sit back and get rescued at any point. 

Of course, a lot of her screentime in the next few episodes was taken away by Yuya’s constant angst about trying to save her without him realizing that she didn’t need to be saved.

Well who would have thunk. A girl that didn’t need to be saved.

We see this in the time that Yuzu is on screen. What is she doing? Trying to tell people about the interdimensional war, dueling, and generally just trying to do the same thing the Lancers were going to do, try to stop the Synchro dimension from being invaded.

She’s not out there angsting about missing Yuya, finding a way to get back home, or getting something romantic tension with Yugo. Yuzu is trying to save the world.

Yuzu is what I think Yuya wants to become, not the other way around. She is a brilliant Entertainment Duelist as Yuya discovers during the Friendship Cup. She has a clear goal and a clear way to get there and she is strong enough to show him that she doesn’t need to be saved.

Yuzu supports Yuya, but goes on her own way. She shows that she is strong and more than just a pretty face.

Of course, this is only based off the first 80 episodes, and Yuzu could just be reduced to a damsel in distress and carted off the show… 

But for now, I’ll enjoy my badass yet adorable pink-haired duelist.

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yung-wook  asked:

So, do you think Dooku is telling Obi the truth in AOTC when he says he wants to destroy the Sith? And maybe that's why he originally joined, to destroy them from the inside out? And things just ended up not turning that way, and power went to his head?

(vulcanandkomihn also asked for my thoughts on Dooku, so I’m going to try to answer you both here.)

So the thing about Dooku, the thing that makes him so fascinating for fic writing purposes and so frustrating in canon, is that canon essentially gives us no information. There’s not so much as a hint about his motivations in the films. There’s very little backstory. We know he used to be a Jedi, but we don’t know why he left, or even when. Did he leave the Jedi for other reasons and only later become a Sith? Did he leave specifically to become a Sith? Does he actually think of himself as a Sith at all? We just don’t know.

And why did he join Palpatine? Maybe he wanted to take down the Sith from the inside. Maybe he didn’t care one way or the other about the Sith as an institution, but wanted to specifically take down Palpatine in order to avenge Qui-Gon. Maybe he originally joined for research purposes. Maybe he’s trying to play devil’s advocate, trying to galvanize the Republic into change by acting as agent provocateur. Maybe he wants to be Emperor himself and things he’s just letting Palpatine do most of the dirty work, while planning to step in when the time is right and end the war in favor of himself the Separatists. Any of those are possible, or even some combination of several.

Heck, one of my favorite crack theories is that Dooku never actually left the Jedi at all, and that he’s instead working a very, very deep cover assignment, and part of his increasing frustration with Kenobi and Skywalker in their duels is their absolute inability to pick up on clues and hints. He even flat out told Obi-Wan, point blank, what he’d learned about the Sith in the Senate, and Kenobi still didn’t pick up on it. And then Skywalker so completely fails to pick up his signals that the boy actually kills him, and Dooku spends most of the rest of the saga berating people from the afterlife.

That’s crack, obviously. (Though I would love to read that fic. Just saying.) But my point is, it’s only slightly less plausible than any of the other theories.

Ultimately, I think, Dooku’s motivation is left entirely in the realm of fanon and headcanons. So I can tell you my own personal headcanon, but I can’t really give you a lot of canon evidence to support it, because there just isn’t anything there in canon at all.

Aside from being obviously fond of the crack theory outlined above, here’s what I can say. I freely confess that I’m still disappointed Dooku didn’t actually turn out to be a political idealist. When that concept was introduced at the beginning of AOTC, I was so there for it. Jedi walking away from the Order because of philosophical and political differences? Yes please. Former Jedi pointing out the flaws in the Republic and joining a separatist movement on the Outer Rim, possibly a movement hoping to address the slavery and rampant economic inequality present there? Sign me up immediately. Sticky moral situations arising from the fact that Our Heroes are in the employ of the Republic but the Separatists kind of have a point? The dream, to be honest. (And still the dream, really, which is where my AU Fires on the Outer Rim comes in.)

But, of course, AOTC didn’t play out that way. The Separatists weren’t disaffected Outer Rim people with valid concerns; they were greedy capitalists and corporations grown so bloated that they had the same representation as actual planets. (Which is actually something I like, so this isn’t all complaints.) And Dooku wasn’t an idealist at all. He was a Sith Lord. Because of course he was.

(On a side note, this is one reason I’m so glad Ahsoka left the Order, because by the end all I wanted from the prequels was a Jedi who left the Order and didn’t turn evil. I would have preferred more than one, but I’ll take what I can get. The unspoken implication of the movies that outside the Jedi Order there is no salvation was a source of endless aggravation to me.)

So, working with what little canon gives us, here’s my current favorite theory about Dooku. It may very well change by next week, because Dooku’s nebulous motivation is the gift that keeps on giving. But here’s what I’ll say now.

First, I like the idea that Dooku left the Jedi quite some time before becoming a Sith. And I want him to have left because of ideological differences. And I think that he joined the Sith because his actual goal was to destabilize the Republic, break up Republic hegemony, and ultimately create a more loosely ruled galaxy. I like the idea that he didn’t care one way or another about the Sith as such, but that for the moment his goals and Palpatine’s coincided, so he went with it.

Dooku is by far the most independent apprentice that Palpatine has. He seems to function on only minimal instructions. “Start a war,” Palpatine tells him, and he does. For most of the duration of the Clone Wars, the Separatists are genuinely being led by Dooku. Most of what he does seems to be at his own volition. (Which is a great contrast with both Maul, who was essentially an assassin and acted only under his Master’s orders, and Vader, who seemingly has a little more leeway in terms of where he goes and who he commands, but in reality is a slave, and probably has the least autonomy and personal agency of any of Palpatine’s apprentices.) In fact, although Dooku pays lip service to Palpatine as his Master, and answers to the name Darth Tyrannus from him, I don’t think he ever really identified with that name, and I very much doubt that he ever actually thought of himself as an apprentice at all.

I do think he wasn’t expecting to be replaced, and he certainly wasn’t expecting to be replaced by Anakin Skywalker. Dooku doesn’t think much of Anakin, remember. He defeated him embarrassingly easily on Geonosis, and as far as Dooku’s concerned Anakin is just another Jedi general, and not even one of the brightest. His look of surprise at the end, I think, is mostly surprise that Palpatine is trading him in for Skywalker. But there’s also a kind of disgusted surprise that Skywalker is falling for it, which I think is mostly a cover for disgusted surprise directed at himself. Because he fell for it too. He thought he had all these other agendas. He thought that he was autonomous. He thought that he was an apprentice in name only. He thought that he could outwit Palpatine.

But they were never even playing the same game.

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HISTORY FACT: Andrew Jackson grew up without parents and was much more interested in fights and duel than grades and school. He became a judge and a member of Congress by force of personality and powers of leadership. ~Cue 1832~ Jackson is now Mr. President and the South (specifically South Carolina) were refusing to pay the high tariffs required of them and the violent tempered President was not one who should be stared down. (1/2)

i actually liked this one thank you history anon <33 i remember in eighth grade i said andrew jackson was my favorite revolutionary war dude because he was a huge asshole like me. now i know he was uh,,,,, a bigger asshole than i thought in all the bad ways lmao


“I won’t hesitate anymore!”

Things are heatin’ up in Arc V, and Reira FINALLY dueled this episode! I care way too much about card games. Anyway, I wanted to draw this since Reira is one of my favorite characters right now.

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I remember you talking about the movie I Saw the Devil so I watched it last night and loved it. Do you have any more Korean movie suggestions you think I should check out?

I’m so glad that you enjoyed it! “I Saw The Devil” is definitely not for everyone, but when it is your thing, it’s a goddamned masterpiece.

Luckily, K and I watch a ton of Korean movies, and there are a lot of stand-outs that we highly recommend! Fair warning, this list is pretty much entirely horror or otherwise dark films, because that’s just how we do:

  • The Vengeance Trilogy by Park Chan-wook (Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Oldboy, and Lady Vengeance) — Oldboy is by far the most famous of these movies, but each one is better than the last. If you enjoyed “I Saw The Devil,” these three are instant favorites. Of the three, “Lady Vengeance” is actually our favorite and is a very mature and satisfying wrap-up film for the trilogy.

  • The Good, The Bad, and The Weird — If I could watch only one movie over and over again, it would be this one. This comedy-action film is in the style of classic Westerns (if the title wasn’t giant clue already), with gun-slinging and badlands galore. The three dueling characters are intensely dynamic, the action is over-the-top, yet still believable, and the ending’s twist is as fun as it is surprising. I lament what happens to my favorite character, but them’s the breaks!

  • The Host — The only monster flick to make the list, this one blows most out of the water (ha!) because it paints the human drama as just important or more so than the actual monster. The special effects are exciting without lumbering through the uncanny valley and the whole thing is a darkly fun trip.

  • A Tale of Two Sisters — This one got an American remake (“The Uninvited” 2009), but as per usual, the original is best. A very fairytale horror with the expected dynamic of two sisters, a wicked stepmother and an oblivious father. As you’ll come to expect, Korean horrors tend to come with twists and this one is no exception. Dun dun DUN!

  • Hansel and Gretel — Speaking of fairytale horror, why not go for a direct reference! This film takes the classic Grimm fairytale and adds several more layers of modern weirdness to it. We spent so much of this movie trying to figure out what was going on, thanks to its surreal pacing, and it turned out to be a favorite!

External image

  • Arang — A cop-based horror with a detective haunted by her nightmares of a brutal crime. The deaths of an ex-con and his associates become tied to a missing girl case, turning a moody film into the outright supernatural. Another very satisfying end!

External image

  • Bestseller — Another film that got a less-than-stellar American remake (“The Marsh” 2006), this follows the story of a bestselling author who is plagued by accusations of plagiarism, so she moves to a remote home in the country with her daughter to write her next book in peace. Of course, things start to get spooky and plagiarism turns out to be the least of her worries.

  • Thirst — In an interesting take on vampirism lore, a modern day priest volunteers to take an experimental vaccine intended to cure a deadly virus, but the vaccine instead turns him into a vampire. There’s no way to pitch this movie in a way that doesn’t sound hokey, but it’s very far from it — this film is well-shot, well-acted, and just fascinating.

  • I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK — Hey, look! It’s not a horror! This film is about two mental institution patients bonding and experiencing the inevitable complications of juggling reality with genuine emotions and trauma. Very charming, dream-like visuals, and completely fun without stigmatizing its characters.

  • Snowpiercer — The only movie on this list that is mainly English-language, with Korean only being spoken by two Korean characters, but it’s still Korean-directed, so it counts! Chris Evans (aka Captain America) stars in this dystopian flick about the few remaining survivors of the human race trapped on a brutally class-dominated train that circles a post-Nuclear Winter Earth. Dark, dark, dark, and beautiful. One of those movies you watch once, feel glad you did, and vow not to see again.

So, that’s the list! So far, probably. I could really go on forever, but those are definitely the tops. I hope it helps and that you enjoy them!

one of my favorite headcanons for black butler is female demons are actually the dominant sex and are more powerful than the males not just physically but also in terms of rank. hannah had three male demons as her servants and functioned as a sheath for the demon sword, and i don’t know about you, but that doesn’t seem like something any old demon would be able to do. she holds her own in a duel against sebastian and even goes so far as to make fun of him when he fixes his clothes. however, one thing that i noticed in particular is sebastian- a VERY powerful demon himself- wears high heeled boots in his true form. high heels are traditionally labelled as women’s shoes, and perhaps sebastian chooses to wear them because of their association with females and thus makes himself appear more intimidating and frightening to other demons and as a demonstration of his power.

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hello! do you think you could ever write a drabble about da2 companions' reactions after hearing about hawke's death/remaining in the fade? perhaps about them gathering to honor their memory somehow? sorry if you have other things to write!

(I generally don’t take prompts because my writing backlog is enormous right now but… I really liked the idea of this. And I pretty much never get requests about DA2 characters. So here you go, anon.)

“To the fallen.” Fenris’ voice broke as he raised his glass, eyes focused on some distant point. Varric gave the man a sad smile as he watched the ex-slave take a deep drink of wine. Fenris had refused to remove the red sash tied around his wrist.

“Your hand is going to fall off if you tie that any tighter,” Isabela said, boots up on the table. Her body was relaxed but her eyes shone in the firelight, betraying the tears she fought.

“If it were to fall off so easily then I have no need of it.”

Isabela rolled her eyes before leaning into him. She spoke with a snarl. “Do you think Hawke would be happy to see you acting like this?”

“What would you know of Hawke’s desires?”

“Enough!” Aveline put her hands between the pair of them and shoved each to the side. She filled the vacant spot herself. Unlike the others, she had let her tears flow freely at the table. Silent tears. Stronger than the others’ stubborn tear-free cheeks. “We’re here to mourn, not fight.”

“They’re not always mutually exclusive,” Varric said. He rose from the table and refilled their glasses. He’d had longer to mourn than the rest; his eyes had long since dried. “How about you, Daisy?”

Merrill ran her fingers along the rip of her glass, her body hunched inwards. “It would’ve been nice to see Hawke again,” she whispered. “Talk about everything that’s changed.”

“It’s all right, kitten,” Isabela wrapped an arm around the other woman and pressed her cheek to Merrill’s forehead. “You can always talk to me if you want.”

Fenris opened his mouth with a growl but Aveline cut him off with a glare.

Varric reclaimed his seat with a heavy sigh. He wondered if it was a kindness that Sunshine hadn’t lived to see the last of her family die. He gulped down his own ale, wishing it did more to drown out the memories of sweet Bethany’s face.

“Enough of all this depression.” Varric cleared his throat. “We should be celebrating the life Hawke had! If Hawke were here, all of our asses would’ve been kicked twice already for all this glumness!”

Aveline crossed her arms, eyebrow raising. “And how do you suggest we do that, dwarf?”

He smirked, knowing the Guard-Captain liked him deep down. Deep, deep down. “Let’s share stories. The best. The worst. The most embarrassing. Everything!”

Merrill giggled. “There was the time when we were fighting the dragon outside that mine. At the end, I heard this great ripping noise. Thought the beast had gained some kind of second wind. Though, that would’ve been very impressive considering what we’d just done to it. Anyway! The noise had been Hawke’s trousers! They’d ripped clean open!”

Fenris’ lips lifted with a subtle smile. “I remember that. Hawke tried to use me as a shield through Hightown.”

“One of my favorites,” Isabela chimed in, “was when I had some of my usual moronic suitors spouting particularly bad poetry. Hawke comes in and challenges them to a duel of tongue-twisters. I still don’t know how but the idiot actually managed…”

Varric turned away from the conversation, eyes sweeping throughout the hall. The hairs on the back of his neck prickled with the distinct feeling that they were being watching. He almost missed the wisps of blond hair sticking out from under the hood. A man, tall and lean, sat at the nearby table, a staff leaning on the wall behind him.

Varric slipped from the growing laughter, muttering something about needing a stretch. He moved closer to the fire, hands held out to the flames. The man was arm’s length away.

“Tell me, stranger,” Varric said, “are you here to mourn the Champion too?”

Lips curled in a strained smile. “Just passing through actually.”

“Makes sense. The Inquisition is a place for all sorts.”

“Indeed it is.” The man paused, then added, “The Inquisitor you work for is worthy of the praise she’s received. I never thought anyone with such a position would give the mages an opportunity to work as equals but I am happy to be proven wrong.”

“She does all right,” Varric agreed. “Horrible at Wicked Grace though.”

The mage stood, collecting his staff. “I am so sorry for your loss. Hawke was very dear to me. I wish… it doesn’t matter what I wish.” He turned to leave, his words little more than a whisper. “Be well, Varric.”

Varric watched the man as he walked away, shaking his head the entire time. “Try and keep yourself out of trouble this time, Blondie.”


I’m back! I tried to write this up last night after my line tips post, but then I had to sleep for a decade and shower for a year because I SLEPT ON THE GODDAMN STREET. Anyway:

  • Tuesday was my birthday and I really wanted to get in that day, but alas, it was not to be. We were #7 in the line after the evening show’s tickets were all taken and some people went home rather than staying the night. I knew if we could keep that #7 spot, we had really good odds of seeing the show on Wednesday, since there are two performances, so I ended up staying overnight.
  • I didn’t think I could do it! But I did, and seeing the musical was my #1 birthday wish, so having to wait an extra 20 hours or so was worth it. The sleep deprivation did start catching up to me during the second act and I got the beginnings of a migraine, but I still enjoyed every bit of it and I cried my eyes out.
  • I couldn’t have done this without my amazing mom. She held my place in line, brought me BIRTHDAY CAKE IN LINE, brought me stuff to help me sleep once I decided to stay overnight, and made friends with like everyone in the line. I’m thrilled that I got to see it with her!
  • This sounds like an award acceptance speech or something, but I would also like to thank the other people in line for being awesome, supportive, and friendly. When I didn’t think I could sleep on the street overnight, their enthusiasm and excitement gave me a second wind. A+ humans.
  • On Sunday when we first waited for tickets, I was still hoping to get in without paying the premium price for really good seats–but then I realized how hard it is to get tickets for under $1000 AT ALL, so I decided I was willing to pay for the premium seats, especially since this was probably my only chance to see the OBC, and to see Lin in the title role before he leaves in July. So we got SIXTH ROW TICKETS, goddamn.

As for the show itself, it was just as amazing as I knew it would be.

  • UNDERSTUDIES! We had 3: Alysha Deslorieux as Peggy/Maria, Andrew Chappelle as Laurens/Philip, and Carleigh Bettiol as Eliza. I was a bit disappointed not to see ~the originals~, but also intrigued as to how the musical would change with different actors.
  • I felt bad for the understudies because every time an original cast member came out there were GIANT CHEERS. Lin, Leslie, Chris Jackson, Daveed, and Oak all got cheered during the opening number, while the understudies got nothing. They’re probably used to that, but still.
  • Alysha Deslorieux has a slightly less smoky, but still sultry, voice compared to Jasmine. She did a great job, and her “And Peggy”s had the crowd cracking up. Apparently she’s a standby for all three women, which has to be exciting.
  • Similarly, Andrew Chappelle is an understudy for five different people. It was a little jarring to see him instead of Anthony Ramos as Laurens–Ramos seems to have more of an endearing, sweet quality to him, while Chappelle is more, I don’t know, wacky?–but he was really funny, and my mom, who didn’t have any preconceptions about the role, thought he was great. (I didn’t notice as much chemistry as I was expecting/hoping between him and Lin, but that could just be my lams shippiness giving me unrealistic expectations.) He was hilarious as Philip, too.
  • Carleigh Bettiol was note-perfect as Eliza. Voice-wise especially, it was hard to tell the difference! She also had a great emotive face, especially during the “everyone cries forever” parts. Her face just crumpled up and I was like NOOOOOO.
  • I’d still love to see the three originals in these roles and hopefully I will once they FINALLY RELEASE A FILM OF THE GODDAMN SHOW, but the understudies were great too. The whole company is phenomenal!
  • Some actors apparently put their twitter and instagram handles in their Playbill bios now. What a time to be alive.
  • Speaking of which, Oak’s bio starts with “My name is Oak. I have done things,” and ends with “Shake and bake.”
  • Daveed Diggs omg. It’s almost a cliche to say so at this point, but he was amazing, and hilarious, especially as Jefferson. He milked that role for all it was worth and knew exactly how to charm the audience. His facial expressions alone! Also, I don’t know how he manages to be so tall and long-limbed and still bounce around the stage like an overexcited puppy. He’s such a star.
  • Also, there was an interview with Daveed in Playbill where he said his favorite part to perform isn’t any of his own songs–it’s the backup singing for “Wait for It,” because he loves how Leslie sings it and getting to be a part of that. <3
  • SPEAKING OF LESLIE ODOM JR. What a fan-fucking-tastic performance. He’s got this coiled energy throughout the whole show, and you keep expecting it to burst out of him, but he stands stock-still for almost all of “Wait for It” (cause u gotta wait for it, I guess) and it isn’t until “The Room Where It Happens” that he really lets it out. And he really makes you feel for Burr. All the little moments where Burr is insulted or ignored are so much more intense when you see Leslie act them out, especially at the end when Hamilton endorses Jefferson and then Jefferson refuses to work with him. It’s just heartbreaking. He’s the Smile More guy, but Leslie plays him so you can tell that often he’s smiling to conceal his disappointment and despair.
  • DAT CHOREOGRAPHY THO. I loved it so much, especially… well, especially all of it, but it gave me a new appreciation for “Hurricane,” which I’m usually meh about. While Lin is in the middle singing, the company raises various pieces of furniture and stuff in the air and dances around him really slowly, so it looks like he really is standing in the middle of a hurricane in slow-motion. I liked that a lot.
  • My other favorite bits were mostly where the whole ensemble was onstage/singing at the same time–the first ~omg chills~ moment is when they sing “you never learned to take your time” in the opening number, but there were a bunch of them. They also form a lot of excellent tableaus, like during Washington’s “check it / can I be real a second” rap. And the lighting was awesome throughout. I’m just so glad I got to see it on stage.
  • Also, the rotating bits of the stage were used to great effect. Sometimes really simple stuff, like Maria walking down the “street” while the stage turned underneath her so she took more steps than the actual distance she traveled. I think all three duels were done while the stage was turning, and I especially liked one bit near the end where Burr says the line “they row him back across the Hudson” and two ensemble members sit down next to Lin and “row” him across the stage.
  • One of my favorite moments that I wasn’t expecting was when Angelica and Hamilton first meet, during the exchange “My name is Angelica Schuyler”/“Alexander Hamilton”/“Where’s your family from,” the two of them are standing REALLY CLOSE, like they’re about to kiss, but then of course they don’t. It just gives the scene this sexually charged quality that doesn’t come across on the OBCR. Then during “The Reynolds Pamphlet,” they’re standing close again, but this time because she’s angry at him for hurting Eliza. It’s a great echo.
  • Renée-Elise Goldsberry reminded me why “Satisfied” and Angelica were both instant favorites of mine. 
  • We saw a #ham4ham! It’s one of the company members, Daniel J. Watts, performing a tribute poem to Muhammad Ali. Of course it’s already up on YouTube. There’s audience participation!
  • Rory O’Malley is doing King George III right now, and he’s adorable. I sometimes skip the King George songs on the OBCR because they’re kind of repetitive once you’ve heard them all multiple times, but watching them onstage is a treat, because he hams it the fuck up and makes everybody laugh.
  • The staging of “Farmer Refuted” is really funny. Seabury gets up on a box to speak, and during the “if you repeat yourself again I’m gonna scream” part Hamilton jumps right up there with him and gets in his face, practically pushing him off the box. Thayne Jasperson is adorable btw. [heart eyes]
  • OMG, Chris Jackson freestyle singing (whatever that’s called) at the end of “One Last Time.” Brought the house down. So many showstoppers in this show, it’s a wonder it ever gets to the end! (Get it, cause… showstoppers… stop… the show… no but seriously everyone clapped a lot)
  • I could probably think of more things to say but long post is long and I don’t want to just end up repeating things others have said in their write-ups. You all know about the missing scenes, the mic drop, someone giving Alex Lacamoire a Reynolds Pamphlet, etc. And if you don’t, go spelunking in the Hamilton tag!
  • ONE MORE THING THO: That moment when Leslie stands on a table, jumps, and WHILE HE’S IN THE AIR someone PULLS THE TABLECLOTH OUT FROM UNDER HIM BEFORE HE LANDS BACK ON THE TABLE AGAIN omg how many times did they have to practice that and how many times did Leslie end up on the floor