actually obsessed with u

anyWAYS im here to tell everyone that my favourite thing in the world rn is the fact that even though jean can be considered short compared to some muses, he is still the tallest out of squad levi 2.0 & that is the CUTEST thing to me okay thank you all. 

This is…”sort of” like a teaser of a request I’m working on atm….kinda…enjoy… (- u -) click for kind of better quality. Cuz I just realized how low i did it *facepalm* and the image is small ergh


WIP of more baseball/yandere Yoosung– oh boy what a mix. I drew too much today lmao I’ll finish this… the day after tomorrow bc I have work and I won’t get off until 10pm. TT n TT

And holy wow, I’ve been consistently posting my art on my tumblr for a little over a month, and I never actually planned to make this an art/personal tumblr tbh. I only used this as a reference/inspiration blog… But seriously, I’ve had this account for years and I’ve only had a few hundred followers, which shot up to over 2000 this past month, so I want to say thank you so much to everyone who followed me! I appreciate it so much and I’m really thankful for all the love that I’ve gotten from my Mystic Messenger art. I absolutely love this game and I’m also really happy to contribute to such a great fandom! <3333

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy remember when i said i might sneak in another actor content into this blog?? so that is happening and he’s stuff will be tagged “kng”

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I was tagged by the lovely and beautiful @zeloswaffles , @adiishere , and @daesperado to do the lock scren, home screen, last song i listened to and selfie challenge

Lock screen: a pretty sunrise i saw

Home screen: my picture of jongup from the concert aka the only picture i have from the concert and can also be referred to the moment my soul left the venue because jongup just hhhhhh wow

Last song: my boys black6ix are back with a bop (i’m actually so obsessed)

Selfie: em was like the last selfie u took and here it is em here it is….i was playing around with my phones timer and seeing what taking pictures on it was like but my outfit is a mess……shhhhhhhhhh

Tagging: whoever sees this post and would like to do it!!

do u think they gave hobs the green outfit for tht shoot or do u think he asked for it skdjfndn

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hi there! just wondering what LUSH products you've used and which ones you like best?

HI FRIEND omg i actually just went to lush today bc i’m obsessed…how did u KNOW… i’ve used so many of their products hm i’ll just list each one i guess??

  • cupcake fresh face mask: smells like chocolate and is very good for teenage (oily/spotty) skin. the first lush product i ever bought!!!
  • brazened honey fresh face mask: this one i did not love as much but it might be good for you!! if u just need a refreshing mask :~) it also smells p nice
  • full of grace moisturizing bar: put this on before a face mask (love lettuce…) and it will work 100x better apparently… makes u feel calm and your skin ends up looking brighter and clearer than ever b4 <33
  • love lettuce fresh face mask: THIS IS MY FAVORITE ONE!!! it smells great and is exfoliating (but i have oily skin and it’s not really made for that…but it works for me anyway??? idk) try it you might love it. it feels super refreshing 
  • cosmetic warrior fresh face mask: for spotty skin, it works well!!! has a smell you kind of have to get used to but i like it…
  • pink bath bomb: SMELLS SO NICE and make the water all pink and lovely and it just fizzes so well 10/10 would recommend. all the bath bombs are probably great tbh
  • creamy candy bubble bar: goes well with the aforementioned bath bomb. very sweet and comforting scent
  • dark angels cleanser: i Looove this cleanser!! it has a strange scent/color but you get used to it and eventually will love putting black shit on your face bc it’s exfoliating and is great for oily skin. it’s very gentle too and makes u feel bright and NEW
  • ocean salt face and body scrub: the actual BEST no seriously if u get ONE PRODUCT AT LUSH let it be this one. it’s so worth it. basically smells like the ocean/beach/summer and you feel like you just spent a week in fiji (lol i wouldn’t know i have never been but i imagine it to be like that…) makes your body/face so SOFT !!!
  • tea tree toner: use this after your cleanser. you just spray a little on your face and you’re good 2 go :-) it lasts forever too and smells like a rainforest
  • mint julips lip scrub: smells like…mint obviously…and basically just removes the dry skin on your lips. super exfoliating and leaves your lips feeling soft and tingly :~)
  • it started with a kiss lip tint: to use after ur lip scrub!! it’s a dark pink color, almost red but not quite, and smells kind of chocolatey and fresh?? and it lasts a long time
  • hottie massage bar: i have literally had this bar for over a year now lol…….(:::: it’s a trusty old friend, really relaxes my sore muscles!! you only need to rub it on you once and you’ll smell cocoa butter wonderfulness PLUS it’s oily so very good for the dry winter months. i haven’t bought any other massage bars bc i’ve had this one forever but i’ve tried other ones at the store and i really like wiccy magic muscles, tender is the night, and the black stockings body tint. all v nice
  • buffy body butter: an exfoliating bar, kind of like an extra addition to use in the shower after any body wash. makes your skin smoooooth i love it
  • ro’s argan body conditioner: it’s kind of like hair conditioner…but for ur body?? so u use it in the shower and god wait this description “cocoa butter, cupuacu butter, almond oil and argan oils, and the fragrant scent of fresh rose petals” wOW I’M IN LOVE it makes your body so silky
  • honey i washed the kids soap: smells like caramel and is so PRETTY and moisturizing….with aloe….my fav… lush soaps are heaven sent and so so so nice to look at  so i would def recommend trying one out
  • rose jam shower gel: goes with the ro’s argan body conditioner bc they are of similar scents…this one has goji berry juice in it and it makes you feel hydrated and H A P P Y i’m in love with it


it’s probably bigger on the inside (idk if this has been done before, but if he carries around ketchup and hot dogs, he’s gotta carry around other types of dogs too right)

* You pet the dog.
* You pet the dog.
* You pet the dog.

* It’s possible you may have a problem.

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Plsssss continue the Tyler seguin family story im actually obsessed with it and honestsly there's so much u can do with the storyline!!!

Haha! I’m glad you’re obsessed. I have ideas and I will be getting the next part out within the next week or two. I’m super swamped with life right now. Things will get back on track soon!