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Marichat May: Day 6

Marichat May: Day 6 - “I like someone else.”

Word Count: 1,124

Chat!” Mari giggled as his fingers glided along her sides and up her armpits, making tears roll out of her eyes. “I told you I was ticklish!”

“Sorry, Mari, but that laugh of yours is just so cute.” He smirked and finally stopped, realizing the current position they were in. They both blush and look at eachother with awkward glances. While Mari was laying on the bed, still recovering from all of the tickling, Chat was straddled on top of her, his knees on either side of her hips and his hands on either side of her face. He gave a tentative smirk. “You know I always love being on top.”

She blushed more and pushed him off of herself. Meanwhile, he rolled off of her and laid down beside her, staring up at the ceiling with a blush still on his cheeks. There was a silence in the air.

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They're Back ~An Everlark One-Shot~

This fic was inspired by the ever talented Leticia ( unicorn-feelings), who managed to create such a wonderful edit of Everlark that it actually brought me to tears. It looks so realistic, like something that actually came from the movie, so naturally, I had to write a fic to go along with it.

Essentially, I’m denying that the last part of Mockingjay Part 1 even happened lol, but I think that’s better off. Katniss and Peeta deserve the world, deserve to be happy.

So, without further adoooo~

“They’re back.”

Those two simple words are enough to send a bolt of energy, of anxiety, of relief, surging through my body.

I was petrified that the rescue mission was going to fail, and end up with fatal consequences. The moment we lost contact with the rebels, those brave souls who risked their lives for my request, I thought it was all over.

Not only did I believe I had lost Gale, but Peeta as well. 

The person who understands me in all of this. The person I would die to protect. The person I cannot live without.

But somehow, fate have it, they managed to return, safe and sound.

It takes me a moment to process what Haymitch just told me, before I’m barreling out the door, running blindly as I careen for the piece of my life that has been missing for far too long.

I think I can hear Finnick behind me, but I’m too wrapped around my own motives to pay him much notice. We arrive into the main ward of the District Thirteen hospital together, and immediately my eyes are scanning around.

He’s not here, or at least I don’t think so. But others certainly are.

I spy an emaciated feminine body on a gurney, and I find myself doing a double take.

“Johanna?” I weakly croak out.

She rips the breathing tube out of her nose, shoving medical attendants away, before giving me a sneer smile.

I stare at her agape, unable to say anything more. I’m absolutely horrified at her appearance; she has changed so much. 

If the Capitol was able to inflict that much damage on her, someone who wasn’t directly associated with me, then what they did to Peeta would have to be…

My throat clenches painfully, and I shake my head curtly to snap myself out of my thoughts.

No, he’s here. I have to remind myself that. He’s here in District Thirteen, alive.

It doesn’t matter if he’s completely bruised, battered, beaten and bloody; he’s Peeta. He’s my Peeta. And I will never let him from my sight again.

I jolt away from Johanna just in time to see Finnick crashing into Annie, their embrace tight and filled with tears. Is that how my reunion with Peeta will be?

Various nurses point me in the right direction, and I stumble towards the small hospital room in a daze. Giddiness has begun to flow through me, overtaking any fears I was once feeling.

Peeta. Peeta. Peeta.

His name sounds in my mind over and over again, causing my heart to race.

I can picture his shinning blue eyes, staring into mine with so much affection and gentleness laced behind them. I can hear the sound of his voice, the soft, sweet tone that never fails to soothe me. I can feel the strength of his arms, the solidity and warmth of his embrace.

It doesn’t even sink in that I’m crying, tears dripping periodically down my cheeks as my gait speeds up to a run.

Peeta. Peeta. Peeta.

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There was, or could have been, a sort of homosexual aspect to [the ending of TNG’s “The Host”] and we chose not to go that route with it. I felt that it was more about the nature of love, why we love and what prevents us from loving. To me the best analogy is if your beloved turned into a cockroach, could you love a cockroach?

“The Host” director Marvin V. Rush, quoted in Captains Logs: The Unauthorized Complete Trek Voyages by Edward Gross and Mark A. Altman, 1995.

This comment seriously made me do a spit-take. Those words, “the best analogy is…could you love a cockroach?”, actually came out of the episode director’s mouth. Just, no. It’s one thing to say Beverly couldn’t deal with Odan changing genders (though changing into one of her good friend’s bodies was totally cool), but to compare a same-sex relationship to loving a cockroach? Offensive and ridiculous.

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SnowBarry "I can't wait until this baby arrives" =)

“I can’t wait until this baby arrives.” Caitlin grumbles as she shifts herself carefully to sit besides her husband on the couch, one hand sliding gently down her growing belly, “At least then I can actually do stuff without Cisco or you having to shriek that I might fall any second. I’m pregnant. Not dying.”

"Honey, don’t play with those words,” are all Barry chooses to say while he turns to the next page, his other arm that was displayed behind her head came to envelop her smaller shoulders, his fingers naturally playing with the curls of her brown hair. 

“You’re not paying attention to me.”



“Caitlin,” he tries to hide the laughter in his voice, “I really need to read this.”

“You don’t really need to read that. If it was urgent, you would’ve fast-read through it in seconds.” She pouts. “I think I want cookies.” She turns to him, “Barry. I think I want cookies. Now.”


"What!” Caitlin shrieks while he starts to laugh at her neck, toppling his head near her neck. “It’s not my fault the baby’s hungry all the time! I think he got it from you.”

“You’re so friggin’ adorable, do you know that?”

“Well, at least we know one reason why you decided to marry me,” she begins running her fingers down the side of his skull, grinning, “right, Mr. Allen?”

"Yeah. One reason.”

She laughs. “Just shut up and kiss me.”

He does.

“And get me cookies.”

He does that, too.

(give me a pairing + a dialogue and i’ll write a short drabble out of it)