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The Laufeyson Method

                                              Teach Me Happy PT.1

Bucky Barnes x Reader

A/N: aleingsoinoweidngoaenm thank u for ur response to the prologue

Words: 2242

Warnings: swearing, implied sexual situations, innuendos bucky is a lil shit

‘Teach Me Happy’ masterlist


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hunk headcanons bc i’m in a Mood(tm)
  • he is ur local pansexual 
  • he’s smart asf obviously but his best subject is chemistry!!! he loved doing the experiments in class bc he is a hands on learner (which is why he likes to build/work with machines 0:) and seeing the reactions and processes play out in front of him was always rlly cool!!! he misses doing chem labs 
    • also lance was his lab partner and sometimes they would fuck up experiments and make a mess but it was funny and they just got to talk about “source of errors” in their reports more extensively so it was fine lmfao 
  • he loves so easily and openly that’s not a headcanon that’s canon and i just wanted to point that out bc i love him wtf 
  • but he also doesn’t trust 100% easily!!!! he’s not like keith level wary but u do have to earn his trust. he is v good at sniffing out dishonesty & one of the traits he values the most in people is honesty and trustworthiness 
  • this is a lil contradictory bc we know canonically he is not the best at keeping secrets and can be a bit of a snoop, but he never does it with malice and is trying to work on it!!!
  • but ya he sucks at keeping secrets be careful what u tell a Hunk. it’s mostly cute ….if it’s something rlly serious and heavy tho, you can trust him not to tell a soul 
    • the secrets he kinda spills are more like: ‘one time in the 5th grade lance had a crush on this girl but he came to school sick and threw up on her shoes when he was trying to confess his feelings and i laughed and then threw up too’ ‘HUNK!’ 
  • similar to lance, he likes to be lighthearted and make jokes to help ppl feel better!!! this is also canon okay but i just. i love …….remember how he kinda is real casual about keith being galra and makes a few lil jokes to make him feel more at ease. ya, that’s our boy…..,,he !!!!!!
  • best hugs. 100000% a hunk hug can heal all wounds who needs a fucking healing pod am i right 
  • also the biggest platonic cuddler. he and lance would cuddle all the time back at the garrison (u can also take this as hance too bc Pure ™ but regardless he will cuddle everyone) like??? ur feeling sad ??? here come sleep in hunk’s room he will hold u !!!
  • shiro suggested he start journaling to help with his anxiety and it’s actually been rlly helpful!! he has also been opening up more to the team about his issues with anxiety and they have been v supportive!! his friends are always there for him when he has an anxiety attack. keith and lance esp know how to calm him down bc they are the closest to him. lots of physical reassurance and hey when did this turn into klunk idk but good stuff 
  • he used to be a tutor back at the garrison and was rlly helpful !!! hunk is a good teacher 
  • he is a heavy sleeper.  will sleep through an earthquake probably confirmed 
  • there are so many more but my brain is now fried so this is all for now but expect a part 2 sometime 

this was a little self indulgent and not requested at all but look me in the eye and tell me that u dont wanna go on 2 am seven eleven runs w richie ok

pairing richie tozier x reader

word count 835

summary richie may not be able to fly you across the world, but he can give you memories you won’t forget.

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 “Do you ever think about the future?” Richie asks.

 “Yes,” you reply, then pause. “I think about it a lot.”

 Richie wants to ask if he’s in it, your future, but he can’t find the sounds under his tongue when he looks at you. You’re staring at the night sky with such vigor, eyes tracing the unseen constellations. The stars’ light reflect in your eyes.

 “What do you think about?” He asks instead.

 You seem to think about it for a minute, then smile a little. “I don’t know,” you say. “I just… I wanna go on adventures with the person I love, y’know? I wanna travel the world and do stupid shit. Wanna get kicked out of a Walmart. Wanna go to Mexico and feel my feet in the sand. I wanna live.

 Richie’s been in love with you since you were thirteen, but looking at you now, underneath the pale moonlight, he doesn’t think he could love you more. You turn your head to look at him and he notices how your hair is wild against the blanket you’re laying on. Richie grins as an idea pops into his head and gets up from the ground.

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dating seokjin [realistically]

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important disclaimer: this part of the dating series is just like the others, based on my opinion and my imagination of “realistic” only. I don’t know kim seokjin personally, so you’ll maybe see points written that you don’t agree with. If you’re not open to stuff like this, I would recommend you to not read it.  

links to other pieces;
jeongguk | jimin | taehyung | yoongi | hoseok | namjoon

• seokjin is actually the one in bts that I can imagine being in a relationship the most out of all members

• that’s because of his age of course, but also because he is probably thinking of taking the step to building his own family as well from time to time

• I feel like jin actually worries sometimes if he will ever find someone he loves

• because he doesn’t get any younger and bangtan is taking a huge part of his life which makes it really hard for him to take his time to get to know someone

• I feel like seokjin likes a matured girl who thinks good of others and has good manners

• the cute type of woman

• she wouldn‘t have to be sporty, but have a healthy lifestyle

• I also feel like jin is the one who doesn’t get that impressed by the appearance but he wants to fall in love with the qualities of her & the personality  

• wouldn‘t care if she would earn less then him or wouldn’t be worried that she could be using him for money

• jin is a real gentlemen, honestly

• he is the one that your parents would be happy If you would take him home for the first time

• he’s utterly handsome, polite, tall, wealthy, kind, funny, good at cooking and has also a good body structure

• he’s someone who could be able to offer you anything that you need

• and I feel that since he doesn’t really want something other than happiness, he would be content with just having you by his side

• so if jin finally starts liking you, he would think about you a lot

• I feel like he wouldn’t talk about it first, but think about it on his own

• he would probably try to figure you out a little bit more and try to ease the tension with casual conversations

• and I can also imagine so well that he sometimes flirts with you but with that smile he has when he is about to laugh

• or you know how he acts like when he really tries to flirt seriously and he just looks so confident while doing it? yes expect that too

• based on your reactions he would probably continue doing that a lot during the pre dating

• so I feel like if he wants to tell the members about it, they would be really happy for him

• because of the fact that he is the oldest hyung and everyone knows how much he deserves to finally experience the feeling of being in love

• and the person he would tell first in bangtan is probably namjoon or hoseok

• so once you both start becoming close he would constantly check up on you and call you whenever he can

• you just know that feeling of really liking someone ? Like how you always think about them and want to call them ? all butterflies and stuff? even though this sounds cheesy I can imagine him having those feelings all the time when he is about to fall in love

• dates would probably be at a restaurant or at his or your place

• the reason why I think that with seokjin it would be okay to spend the first days at each other’s places is simply because he is more mature now

• and I think that since he’s older the steps you both would take in the relationship would be a bit faster

• but I feel like nothing would happen other than talking and lots of cooking on the first dates

• jin would open up to you quiet fast

• he doesn’t seem to be that kind of person who has a lot of secrets and keeps things to himself

• he would hug you so often
• I can see so much skinship actually

• of course not in public, he looks like a more private guy when it comes to his love for you

• if you give him the satisfaction of telling him he looks handsome or has nice shoulders he would probably get really flustered but cocky

• and cocky jin is a concept
• “yah, of course I am.”
• “you can always keep looking at me since you only have me.”

• just a really playful relationship

• but other than that, jin only says those things because he knows you’ll understand they’re jokes

• since we’re talking about jokes
• he’ll probably tell you a lot of those
• especially if you’re sad or having a bad day

• (unpopular opinion but am I the only one who thinks jin maybe came up with the dad jokes because he wanted to stand out/ have people realize he’s actually funny? because I feel like sometimes he feels unwanted?? I think about this sometimes)

• either way , he is so funny and has such a nice sense of humor
• and your relationship will most likely be filled with lots of laughter

• when it comes to fights though I feel like it would take him a lot to raise his voice against you

• he seems to have a really calm nature
• so I see him as someone who doesn’t really start fights easily

• and if you do have fights they are pretty small
• but there can also be days where he is really in a bad mood and just generally upset

• unlike yoongi or jungkook, I feel like seokjin is the type of man who would turn to his partner first if he’s upset

• so expect him to tell you a lot of things once he sees you
• he would buy you so much stuff

• but not only on special days like Valentine’s day or anniversaries

• nono he’s the type of man who will buy you a gift whenever he feels like it

• since we’re talking about Valentine’s Day and anniversaries ; he would take these days so seriously

• honestly I feel like out of all bangtan members he would think about what to get you as a present the most

• remember how the members said that jin is the most romantic among all of them?

• so many kisses; hugs; gifts; phone calls

• what I really have to say as well; you know how couples usually put a lot of effort in the relationship only at the beginning and after a while they just stop caring as much as they used to? like caring about what they should wear, what they should get as gifts, what they should do on a special date,

• yeah, I feel like seokjin would never stop caring

• (sometimes I imagine jin finally falling in love with someone and honestly my heart gets so warm because I want it to happen so badly, because I believe so much in what I write down rn)

• being loved by seokjin must feel so good; in every way
• the sex would probably happen faster than the other members as well

• jin in an adult so that explains a lot; I also feel like he has a least a little bit more experience than a few of the other members

• so sex with jin would be really good
• and I feel like it would last long too

• I really can’t tell what he could be into; so I’ll just leave that aside for peoples imaginations

• but I’ll just say that in my opinion he just doesn’t seem like the really dominant type who would want you to call him petnames and choke you to death (I’m sorry but I really see jin as a sensible person don’t get offended)

• other than that, just imagine his lips;
• his plump lips on your body,
• everywhere he can reach

• lots of cuddling! after sex

• jin could be such a good husband
• he wants kids too; so he could be a great father as well

• when he meets your parents, which would also happen quiet fast, they would love him so much
• because he really knows what to say to people so they would like him

• when you meet his parents they would probably already love you simply because of the fact that their son is always talking about how happy you make him

• and I feel like after he falls in love with you he would really not give up on you so easily

• no matter how many burdens they will be;
• no matter how hard it might be for him it would take him a lot to really end things with you

• and that’s simply because I believe that if kim seokjin falls in love;
• he falls hard

Apple Stems [Peter Parker]

Idea/Request Credit: @dusktillholland  // Soulmate AU

The beginning

  • Everyone’s heard the whole joke about twisting the Apple stem and whatever letter you get is the first letter of the person you’re meant to be with right? But what if that was actually a reality?

  • Everyone had some kind of tie to their soul mate, you always assumed that yours was the apple stem.

  • Each apple you twist you get a letter and somehow those letters go together to make your soul mate’s name.

  • Sounds crazy, but in a world where there were things as crazy as giant green dudes and People flinging around from spider webs it was a little easier to believe.

  • Ever since you were a kid you’d consistently got the name ‘Peter.P’, That was all you knew

  • While everyone around you was finding their soul mates easy as pie and living their ‘happy ever after’ You were stuck searching.

Meeting him

  • Honestly, on your walk home from school the last thing you expected to see was the hero of queens, Spider Man… Unmasked.
  • You also didn’t expect to make the poor boy almost jump out of his skin by screaming and dropping your food face down on the concrete.
  • “Oh god, no, no don’t scream shh”
  • “Y-you’re him”
  • It was hard to tell who was more panicked, you or him.
  • Oh god, Peters mind was full of doubt and fear- and how beautiful you were -but what was he going to do?
  • The both of you quickly manage to regain yourselves and you quickly promise the stranger that you won’t tell anyone his secret.
  • “Hey, what’s your name?”
  • “Y/N, Yours?”
  • “Peter, Parker”
  • You didn’t think anything of it at first, i mean there’s probably a million Peter.P’s out there.
  • “If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your last name?” Peter had, like you, spent years looking for his soul mate.
  • “Y/L/N”
  • “I think you’re my soulmate” He’d say, dropping his mask
  • “And I think you’re mine, Peter Parker”
  • You were initially shocked because, who wouldn’t be? Your soulmate was spiderman and he was so attractive.

Falling for each other

  • You two took it slowly, hanging out together after school (going to separate schools, you didn’t see each other much during the day
  • Peter would talk about you almost constantly to Ned and Michelle and they didn’t believe him at first
  • Until you showed up to congratulate him about a decathlon win and they were gobsmacked.
  • “Holy shi- Ned, she’s real”
  • “Peter wasn’t lying, she’s gorgeous”
  • Peter introduces you to them and as he does he’s holding your hand, he’s so nervous that his hands were slightly clammy but it’s okay because so were yours.
  • You two often met at libraries to study after school or small cafes, sometimes your houses just to watch a movie and relax.
  • By now you’re majorly head over heals for Peter and he is for you too.
  • One day when he’s walking you home it’s super cold so he gives you his sweater, assuring you that he’s okay.
  • You wear that sweater to school the next day and your friends gush over it, asking when they can met the boy to which you show them a photo of him that you secretly took and they already love him.
  • “Did you wear my sweater today?”
  • “Yeah, i hope you don’t mind”
  • “Of course i don’t, it looks better on you pretty girl”
    • It’s then and there that Peter finally asks you to be his girlfriend. The scene wasn’t overly romantic, just the two of you walking back to his apartment hand in hand.

    • Of course you said yes


  • Your relationship was rather slow paced, starting with small things like holding hands and him wrapping his arms around you

  • It took about 2 weeks of actual dating before you had your first kiss and it was as perfect as you’d always imagined.

  • You started hanging out with Ned and Michelle more after school and on weekends, they adored you

  • Your relationship with Peter consisted of playfighting, showing each other good music, helping each other with school work and sometimes, having to bandage his wounds
  • “I hate seeing you get hurt all the time”
  • “I know, it’s just a shitty part of my job”
  • One night, he got hurt worse than other times and you refused to leave him, that was the first night you fell asleep in his arms
  • Peter may or may not have stayed awake a bit longer asking himself how he got so lucky??
  • Waking up to your boyfriend still fast asleep but holding you tightly in his arms.
  • I mean, it was kind of awkward when May walked in and saw you two but she knows how happy you make Peter and just awkwardly turned around and walked out.
  • You and Peter attempting to cook breakfast together but it probably ends up in wiping batter on each other and making a complete mess
  • He truly adores you, to be honest everyone does

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ok i literally missed all my alarms set for the men’s free but hey i woke up in time literally just to see yuzuru and nathan lmaoooo that was pretty intense it was closer than i thought it would be 

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how was your mom during IT

  • God okay so firstly I’d been bugging her for a literal month to go because I didn’t want to go to the theater alone and like. She was so against this lmao
  • “You liked the miniseries and it wasn’t even that good!!” *Me, texting my friend later* ‘She’s literally gonna hate this movie so much the cursing alone will give her a heart attack lol’
  • We went to the movie tavern bc birthday giftcards, and she had never been there before but was immediately Sold lol. She ordered a glass of wine but with their portions there it was really two glasses and she was loosing her mind over that and the reclining seats lmao
  • (I got a big margarita, mozzarella sticks and m&m’s bc this is one of my favorite works of fiction and I Was Not Fucking Playing Around)
  • She almost actually screamed when Georgie got his arm ripped off and I was like? What were you expecting???
  • “How the hell does that lady not hear him screaming” “That’s literally a plot point” “It’s a stupid one”
  • A half annoyed/half horrified ‘oh come on’ when the arm stretched out from the sewers and dragged Georgie in
  • “Is that that Strangest Thoughts boy you mentioned??? Those glasses make him look like the Nice Gremlin.” 
  • Richie: *opens his mouth*
  • “Well, the Nice Gremlin would never speak like that.”
  • Ben immediately became her favorite, relatable 
  • Lmao every scene where he lowkey struck out with Bev she got SO DISTRESSED halfway through the movie I had to lean over and say “Don’t worry, they impulsively run off together in like 30 years” and she was like ‘Oh thank God.”
  • “Who just knows where their local sewers dump out?”
  • Omfg Stan’s first scene with the painted lady she was like “Stop backing up!! She’s BEHIND you! Have common sense!”
  • The library scene she was so proud for a second bc she thought she caught an actor slipping up and looking at the balloon and I’m like “She was looking at the boy that just abruptly got up and walked passed her this isn’t cinemasins” and she was very put out by that lol
  • “Molly you usually talk more during movies, having trouble predicting scenes this time?” She says, smugly,
  • “Ben’s about to be chased by It in the form of a headless body,” I said, not taking my eyes of the screen.
  • Two minutes later I could feel her seething lmao
  • When the Bowers Gang had Ben cornered and the car drove by and the balloon rose up in the backseat we got a horrified “Uh-oh
  • *Every time Richie does a Voice* “What the hell is he trying to do here?”
  • GOD the pharmacy scene with Bev and Mr. Keene omfg. When it started we got a quiet “ew.” When it continued we got a slightly harder “Ew.” When the lois lane/creepy smile moment happened we got a full volumed, disgusted “EW.“ I was trying so hard not to laugh omfg
  • “Who in their right mind starts smoking at 13!” “Mom…didn’t you literally start smoking at 13?” “Don’t talk over the movie, Molly.”
  • The burning bodies/bowers gang scene with Mike: “That was just unnecessary he seems like a nice boy”
  • Bev’s dad: “I don’t like him much at all.”
  • “Please tell me you never jumped off a cliff when you were a child.”
  • “No thirteen year old girl has any business being THAT pretty”
  • Oh God she was forcibly exposed to a lot of New Kids On The Block in the 80′s so she was literally dying every time there was a joke about them. Ben’s poster had us c a c k l i n g
  • “27 is just a weirdly specific number of years” “He’s a demonic alien eldritch horror that presents as a clown and eats people, but you’re gonna take issue with how long he hibernates?” “I don’t have to agree with everything Stephen King comes up with”
  • Omfg I forget when in the movie but there was some scene with all the bowers boys and my mom was like “…Why is that boy’s nose so small?” and I’m like “What??” and she goes “How does he live with that” and I’m still laughing about it
  • Lmao at one point she was complaining she had to go to the bathroom and I’m like?? Just go then??? And she looks at me and is like “I don’t want to miss anything!” and the sheer anger in her eyes over the fact she had to admit she was seriously enjoying the movie LMAO
  • So she ended up missing the entire Rock War™ and literally walked back into the theater just in time for “GO BLOW YOUR DAD, YOU MULLET WEARING ASSHOLE” her face I was dying
  • I tried to tell her what she missed but she could not comprehend what a rock war was omfg how many times did I have to say ‘they were throwing rocks at each other’?? Too many times.
  • My mom, reclined back in the chair, sipping her wine, “This is like the most relaxing movie experience I’ve ever had.”
  • Pictured on screen at this moment: A Child Being Murdered. 
  • “Why did he only buy one of his friends ice cream?”
  • Eileen…”
  • “Does the stuttering kid not realize he needs a plan before taking off to kill It?” “Have you ever met a 12 year old boy?”
  • asdfg I had finished my margarita by this point and she got mad at me for stealing some of her wine but I was like “We’re heading to Neibolt I NEED this” lmao
  • Every time there was a very small callback to things in the book, like all the turtles or Bev having the best throw or the Richie dummy in Neibolt I understandably got Very Excited about them and my mom was just like. Can you calm down nerd. 
  • “What if Tim Curry jumped out of that coffin instead?”
  • Something tells me his arm is broken
  • God when Pennywise unfolded himself out of the refrigerator to freak out Eddie she went “We didn’t need to see that” lmao
  • “It was real enough for Georgie.” “What is taunting the kid going to accomplish?” lol
  • Laughed out loud when Richie called Bev ‘Molly Ringwald’ lol
  • Suspiciously wiped her eyes when she saw Richie was the only one to turn up to Stan’s Bar Mitzvah 
  • ASDFGHJ WHEN EDDIE WAS PAINTING THE ‘V’ ON HIS CAST and they zoomed in on it she let out a heartbroken gasp and was like “Why…why would that girl write loser on his arm” I was dying
  • They’re gazebos! They’re bullshit!” “Sweetheart no it’s placebos-” “Mom, he can’t hear you.” 
  • When they were all going back to save Bev and Mike grabbed the gun: “Does he have to escalate like that?” 
  • “….Their friend’s life is in danger.”
  • “I know but didn’t they use a slingshot in the original??? Who brings a gun to a slingshot fight!”
  • When Henry started getting possessed, we got a deadpan “Oh no…not a balloon.” 
  • I fully admit to screaming slightly when It was LITERALLY EATING STANLEY’S FACE but she got so judgey @ me because of it??? lol Like mom I’m sorry you apparently have 0% maternal instincts but these kids are STRESSING ME OUT
  • Not to mention she screamed MOMENTS LATER at the heads floating in the sewer lmao
  • When Ben kissed Bev: “I’m not sure that was appropriate but awww.”
  • Was not a fan of Bill shooting Georgie but who was
  • Please tell me you never made a blood oath when you were a child.”
  • She sat through this entire film without ever once absorbing any characters name??? Lmao I was trying to talk about it when it was over and I’d have to be like. “The glasses/gremlin kid. New Kids On The Block Kid. Munchausen Syndrome Mother. Literally the only girl in the movie. Jonathan Brandis played him in the 90′s one.The kid who’s arm was ripped off are you kidding me?” lmao
  • But overall she went home and called her usual gossips™ to complain that she had actually super enjoyed the movie.
  • This is literally the first time in over two decades that I’ve seen a movie with this woman and she stayed awake the entire time. That speaks volumes to me lmao

Celebrities don’t have a responsibility to be a good example for you. If they do something actually bad (not silly or mildly rude), they should get the same criticism as anybody else, not more or less. And there’s an entire zone between saint and awful. Some fuckups are horrific and some are barely blips. Yet I see “acted slightly annoyed or immature” or “disagreed with my headcanon” put on the same level as “raped multiple people.”

Seriously, this whole putting people on pedestals thing is how huge abuse scandals happen, because first you get a cult of people who expect a person to be perfect and don’t evaluate situations concerning them in a rational way, and then if the idol is manipulative, they’ll realize pretty quickly that if they maintain the right persona and say the right things, they can do whatever they want.

Someone who’s famous for any reason isn’t doing it to be a role model for you. They’re still a person. And if you have a whiplash mentality where people are either perfect or trash—guess what, that is abusive (if you ever get into close enough proximity to someone you apply that mentality to, and that includes on the internet), and it’s probably a lot more dangerous than whatever the last-week’s-idol you’ve decided to hate this week did. I’m not putting up with that, thanks.

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I'm a new follower & new to voltage otoge so I want to ask, how do you play SLBP? It's f2p but have you ever paid for anything in it? I actually downloaded it & so far, it's good. Everyone seems so lovely and so I thought, should I speed things up to read all the stories (but my budget is limited :c). I haven't tried KBTBB bc it's p2p and I don't know what to expect. I've never had a p2p otoge. It seems worth it though. And OTBS! Anyway, I'm nervous abt the possible transactions for these games

Hi! Sorry for the late response because I wanted to save this for when I really had the time to sit down and reply to this. In regards to SLBP it’s basically a competitive game in the way it’s structured. You don’t need to pay for anything but you sure need to work for it. Guacameowle has made a great beginner’s guide to SLBP that’s really helpful and beautiful, so check that out if you’d like! How SLBP works exactly is a really big question and I don’t feel like I’m adequate enough to be able to explain how it works, but her FAQ/guide is a really good place to start. I’ve paid for stuff before but that’s mostly because I’ve been working as long as I’ve been legally allowed to. I don’t recommend buying anything unless you know you can afford it, and you don’t need to cut several corners for more than it’s worth. I’ve spent money on merch and once on love passes,  but other than that I’m an entirely free player. My advice is take advantage of the in game functions because they’re meant to be used, and you’ll be able to get a good pace for yourself too.

KBTBB is a godsend. My friend had brought up once that their writing is pointedly much better than SLBP’s due to the fact that it’s a paid app, so you see much more consistent character development in regards to a fluid story progression and whatnot. The writing is more consistent and smooth, everything is checked and double checked and it’s pretty obvious, save for the occasional dialogue typo or .pngt randomness which is really just a blip in programming, probably. KBTBB is definitely worth it but I understand the hesitation of P2P games because you pay before you know what you’re getting yourself into—and what if you end up hating it? My advice would be, if you can afford to buy a route, is to read up about what these characters are like. They have a tumblr tag that’s decent enough in size for you to get a grasp about how good their characters are, and even I’d be willing to give you character summaries and vague descriptions of their routes to help you out a bit (I have not yet played Ota and Baba and Mamoru though so might need to find another person for that, maybe @catchthespade or @kiserusmoke.) As for OTBS, I’m not familiar with it yet, but I believe that if Shauna keeps pressing my damn buttons, I might just become very familiar with it soon enough.

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Honestly salty bc I was so excited for this song and then she actually rhymed “mad” and “sad” and face with face in “I can’t say anything to your face, cause look at your face” like it’s LAZY and it’s so first grade learning how to rhyme. and then it seems repetitive the whole “older than my exes” and “he’s older than us” I expected so much more especially bc all the SSers were bragging about how good the lyrics were. Ugh I’m just disappointed bc we are doin a lot for her when it’s just mediocre

Agreed. Like it all just seems very underwhelming.. let’s hope that the singles are just particularly bad (?) lol

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Lol,I was so happy reading a fanfic and Rey, at first, was Luke's daughter. But when I went to read the update, the author had put "Rey S * lo"and I was: ???And then the person says changed (okay, do what you want) and said that the trailer gave Rey S * lo vibes, and people,whom she know agreed with it. As: ??? The trailer did not give any of this, no proof of that and even Kylo had a scene about it linking him to his mother, Leia. So many proofs that she is not, why do they still insist on it?

Besides the people who are open about liking Rey S*lo for whatever reason, I suspect there’s actually a pretty sizable contingent of H/L fans who recognize the problems with the theory but are quietly hoping for an OT-style awkward retcon. TFA looking silly in retrospect is cool as long as their OTP gets a good child. 🤷🏾 I was expecting Rey S*lo before seeing TFA but afterwards? Nah, let’s not try to replicate the “wtf” moment that was the Leia reveal in ROTJ (and I say that as someone who adores the SkyTwins).

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It's great to find someone who prefers Black Siren as a villainous OC than a "break in case of emergency" Laurel. I mean,they're very different from each other. Yes,Laurel had quite a dark side,but she doesn't strike me as someone who would willingly work as Zoom's lieutenant,and enjoy the killings. I'm all for making her more humane,and giving her a tragic background. But her "sob story" to Oliver reminded me of Malcolm(s1 Malcolm,not that butchering Guggenfuck did). Your Errow salt rocks!

I did not even know that they actually did it by now? As I said: I quit arrow over a season ago.

Really I have no problem with turning the Siren good. I am a sucker for a good Redemption story.

But we are at a point where even the most hardcore Laurel fan just wants to let it go. You cant treat an actress, a fandom and a character like shit for 5 years and then expect to hit the History-Eraser-Button and suddenly everybody is on board with you.

What fucks me up, even more, is that all this was fixable. They want Laurel back?

Then bring back Laurel. Stop wussing out. Stop being an asshole. Grab the Legends of Tomorrow writers and plan out how to do this. Put real effort into it. Shit make it a central point of the season.

It is still baffling to me that Sara lance basically ignored the Death of her sister till she had the chance to bring her back in the Season 2 finale of Legends.

And that was the perfect moment to do it. It was a ticket to bring her back without opening the “Nobody stays dead” can of worms. It was your golden ticket to do it…And they blew it.

And now they expect the viewers to buy what? 3 other canaries and the redemption arc for the black Siren? Just so they can have Laurel back without making her the Canary? If you think about it..that’s even more insulting!

“Yeah look we get want this character back but..Ok, we give her back but she won’t be the Black Canary on this earth! Because: fuck you!”

This is the exact reason I quit Arrow in the first place. It’s not only that the writing is bad, no it’s downright insulting to the audience.

Screw that.

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All of these VKs will only bring destruction and chaos to our peaceful land! I’d expect better judgement since you are the daughter of Snow White... I demand that you speak immediately to King Ben and send these villains back to that island as soon as possible! ~ A Citizen from Auradon who cares about the safety of their home.

How dare you? Speaking like that is judging a book by its cover. Yes the VKS have quite a bad background but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re evil. Just look at the Core Four; they chose good on live television in front of the whole kingdom and even defeated Maleficent! That’s the proof that they’re good. And about the others, I’m sure a lot of them aren’t even evil. Even if they are, so what? That’s what they’ve been thought, and that isn’t their fault. It’s actually Former King and Queen Adam and Belle’s fault for creating the Isle and making them destined to live a life of evil. Besides, anyone can change, who’s to tell that they won’t turn good if they want?

 And you say I have bad judgement? It’s people like YOU who are really judgmental that make Auradon so snobbish. It’s spoiled people like YOU who don’t care about anyone but themselves, who don’t think about other people’s conditions and who probably don’t even know how to tie their own shoes who create all the Auradonian stereotypes. I will certainly NOT speak to Ben about this, because on the contrary, I want to free the people of the Isle. They deserve a chance to live a normal life like us and it’s not fair that they have to rot in that prison while we have servants who do most of our stuff for us! I mean you don’t feel slightly bad when you look out the window and see the Isle?

You heartless freak. 


Sombra didn’t know what she expected from a man clad in leather and an owl-like skull mask. (my own shitposting about sombra inspired this)


IT (2017) dir. Andrés Muschietti

You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. YOU’LL FLOAT TOO.


My rendition of this fic by @destieldrabblesdaily.

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“When you try to do something with good intentions and hear it’s been taken somewhere so negatively it’s always difficult. I don’t think she expects that every time. She thinks “I’ve actually done the right thing and I’m the victim here,” yet she’s still vilified for having the last name. It’s tough for her, but she doesn’t give up. Lena’s not a quitter.


He finds Lance waiting on his bed for him when he returns to his room, and can tell from a single glance that Lance knows. That somehow— either because Matt or Coran told him, or because he just understands Keith that well, even after so many months apart— Lance knows exactly what happened while Voltron was fleeing Naxzela. What Keith had been prepared to sacrifice. What he’d nearly done.

Lance looks up at the hiss of the door sliding shut. He hasn’t even changed out of his paladin armor. Not fully. His arm guards and chest plate have been removed and discarded on the floor, but otherwise he looks just as he did when Voltron finally reached the Castle again— singed, disheveled, and staring at Keith with large, mournful eyes.

Keith can’t bring himself to meet those eyes. They’re even more blue than Keith remembers, and so full of hurt it makes Keith’s chest ache. Lance should never have to look that way about anything. Particularly not because of him.

Keith turns away and takes his time removing his black, Marmora armor. He can’t bear to see Lance so upset. Can’t stand the heavy silence between them. The thick tension just waiting to snap. Can’t stand it at all, but also can’t think of anything to say to dispel it. Words were never his forte, after all. He was much better with actions. Except, this time, his actions are what’s causing this situation, and he doesn’t quite know how to handle it.

He hangs his armor in his closet— the one spot of black among all the red and white he’s so used to wearing. A visual reminder of all he’s left behind. All he’s given up so his team can keep moving forward. Across the room, Lance shifts. He shifts, and he clears his throat, and Keith closes his eyes, waiting, as always, for Lance to cut through the tension. For the berate that’s surely on his tongue. For the angry words and endless rants he’s come to expect from Lance.

It doesn’t come, though. When Lance finally speaks, it isn’t loud, or enraged, or anything Keith’s used to. It’s soft, instead. So soft he barely hears it. And so rough and broken it nearly breaks his heart.

“Keith,” Lance murmurs, voice shaking even over that single word. “Why?” Why did you leave? Why did you abandon us? Why did you give up? “You glorious, reckless idiot. Why did you do it?”

Why did you almost let yourself die?

Keith swallows thickly. “Something had to be done,” he answers. “It was the only choice.” He glances over his shoulder at Lance and gives him a sad smile. “After all, the universe needs Voltron. It doesn’t need me.”

“We need you,” Lance protests, standing. He crosses the room in three quick strides and turns Keith to face him, hands gripping Keith’s shoulders like iron vices, and the most serious expression Keith’s ever seen across his face. “I need you.”

And if that isn’t the most ridiculous thing Keith’s ever heard. Because if either of them needs the other, it’s not Lance. It’s not this boy who shines so brilliantly, who is everything Keith has ever wanted to be and more, who could probably charm the whole universe into peace if he really put his mind to it.

Keith’s smile turns wry and he shakes his head. “No you don’t, Lance,” he says, emphatically because he needs Lance to understand. “You don’t need me. Just look at everything you’ve done.” Look at all the people you’ve saved and inspired and encouraged in a way that I never could.

It’s not enough to convey everything Keith thinks about Lance, of course, but he honestly doesn’t think any words in the English language (or any language, even) will ever be enough. There’s no way to describe the way Lance shines in his element. The obvious joy he brings to his flying, and the fierce passion that flares through his fighting. The excitement he exhibits whenever they find a new ally. The way he draws people to him without any actual effort. The way he cares and protects and gives hope wherever he goes.

He’s a much better paladin than he gives himself credit for, and much more valuable to the team than Keith ever could be. Keith’s absence over the past few months has proven that. Has shown Voltron can continue, and even thrive, without him. That they would continue to do so even if Keith had died. They’d still have their heart, after all— it’s right there inside Lance. He’s the drive that pushes them all forward, and the glue that holds them all together, and if Keith can keep that alive by sacrificing himself, he doesn’t consider death too great a loss.

Clearly, however, Lance doesn’t agree. “That’s not what I meant,” he chokes out, voice watery and blue eyes shining with unshed tears. “That’s not what I meant at all, you idiot. This isn’t about the team, or Voltron, or even the whole goddamn universe.” His hands shift, sliding across Keith’s shoulders and up his neck to cup his face. Keith fights not to lean into the warmth of Lance’s hands, but when Lance gently tilts his head back he knows it’s a lost cause. He’s so weak to the man standing in front of him. Weaker still to the way his bright blue eyes bore into Keith, more intense than they’ve ever been before. More urgent. More desperate. More filled with longing.

“I’m your right-hand man, aren’t I?” Lance asks softly, so close now that Keith can feel his warm breath against this skin. “We’re in this together, you and me. I’d follow you to ends of the universe. So just please,” he pleads. “Please. Promise me you won’t go where I can’t follow.”

And how can Keith say no to that?

The tears are falling down Lance’s cheeks now, wet streaks against his dark skin. And, this time, seeing Lance so upset over him, over the near loss of him, Keith’s heart does break. It cracks and shatters under the weight of Lance’s grief, and Keith already knows it will never fully recover. Even if he tries to tape it back together and pretend it’s all alright, there will still be fragments missing— little shards that will belong to Lance, and Lance alone, whether Lance realizes that or not.

Keith closes his eyes and lets out a long breath. He turns his head into Lance’s hand, pressing his lips lightly against Lance’s skin, and if Lance is surprised by the gesture, he doesn’t show it. Doesn’t try to pull away or even protest.

“Ok,” he murmurs against Lance’s hand. “Ok, Lance. I promise.”

He’d do much more for Lance if Lance ever asked it of him, but supposes this promise is a good place to start. And when Lance smiles for the first time all day, and then pulls Keith into a tight embrace, he wonders why he ever thought leaving was a good idea. Lance’s arms are warm around him, more comforting than anything Keith’s ever known, and beneath the palm Keith’s spread flat against Lance’s back, he feels the faint, steady thump of Lance’s heart. Takes comfort in the fact that Lance is alive and well and right there with him. Takes comfort in the fact that Keith himself is still alive to feel it.

And, for now, that is enough.